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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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we are following some breaking news now at 10:00. one man is dead. another is in the hospital. the men were shot at this light rail platform near 24th street in jefferson just a few blocks north of the air port salerno in phoenix. this is a live look at the scene now. >> police are still investigating. officers say a man approached them and a fight broke out. shots were fired and the shooter took off. officers are looking for him now. information as we get it. rain, snow, and cold we're seeing it all tonight. the rain coming down so hard sometimes that phoenix sky harbor airport had a brief ground stop because of wind and lightning. >> right now srp, aps workers are all out fixing downed power lines. the utility company says it should be restored in the next couple hours. and drivers having to take
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roads slippery. we have team coverage starting with ashley. good evening. >> reporter: hey. good evening to you guys. as we take a live look at the doppler you can see where it's raining and where we have snow now. most of the showers moved out of the valley. down through casa grande and heading towards tucson right now. we have snow up in the higher elevations all the way up into winslow. all is moving towards the east, southeast for us this evening. we have another chance for more snow in the high country heading into tomorrow. we had 2 to 5 inches so far. here in the valley a quarter inch of rain in many spots. so what did it look like up in the high country today? flagstaff was graced with the snow. it stuck around and we continue our tv coverage tonight from the high country. >> reporter: the snow is finally starting to come down pretty heavy.
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and even with the light flurries people really seem to be? joying -- enjoying the shift into snowy winter weather. >> i like snow. >> reporter: it's the first snowstorm of the season here in flagstaff. it started off slow with light flurries this afternoon. even with the light white drizzle, people enjoyed whatever they could get. >> it's pretty exciting. it's my first time in the snowfall. >> reporter: and these furry legged friends lov >> they love the snow. they have been waiting all summer for this. >> reporter: for some the temperatures were hot chocolate weather. >> we're cold. we're from tucson. we don't get much snow. >> reporter: for others it was more like iced coffee and flip flip-flop weather. >> i try to wear my sandals until i can't stand it anymore. >> reporter: people are definitely welcoming the white winter weather. >> i really enjoy the snow. came really late this year.
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this is why we live here we'll continue to track the weather and this snow and bring you the very latest. in flagstaff, back to you. >> reporter: thank you. developing tonight, new information on a man killed una -- in a 12-year-old seriously hurt after crossing a busy phoenix intersection. >> that's where we find jeff tonight with the details. hello jeff. >> reporter: police and witnesses say it appears that two were crossing the street while traffic had the right-of- way. we spoke with a witness who saw everything happen. >> brain freeze. trying to -- take in exactly what happened. >> reporter: watching helplessly as a man and 12-year- old are hit by a car is now seared into josh's memory. >> we hit the brakes. barely just missed a man trying to cross the road. the light was green. she hits the brakes and the
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>> reporter: around 1:00 in the afternoon a boy and man tried crossing the road. witnesses say they crossed against the traffic who had the right-of-way. >> looked down at the child and the man were both face down. both eyes closed. and the child was breathing but the man wasn't. >> reporter: josh and a friend tried to help. >> the person that i was driving with held the child's hand for a little bit and walked oever to the -- over to the -- to the lady that hit the man and child and to -- comfort her. involved in the accident stayed at the scene. josh says she was in absolute shock. . >> the law is the law. the rules the rules. that's why you should not jaywalk. look both ways before crossing the road. >> reporter: now police say that the driver involved in this was not under the influence and there is no word on if she faces any charges. of course this is still under investigation. back to you. >> reporter: jeff live in phoenix. thank you.
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hospital after a person fell the balcony at asu's auditorium and landed on people in the claires below. this was at gammage auditorium. two people were seriously injured while the other has more minor injuries. a man in the balcony stepped over the balcony wall to go to the bathroom not realizing there was no floor on the other side of that wall. it happened burg the show, beautiful. a 12-year-old boy involved in a crash last night passed away. he was one of seven people rushed to the hospital after a truck hit their van. this is near 87th avenue and deer valley road. three other children remain in the hospital in critical condition. also police have arrested the driver who hit their van. they say 23-year-old amber sloan possibly ran a stop sign. sloan was arrested for reckless endangerment.
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missing on monday was found dead today in a lake in chandler. 20-year-old jared branstead was last seen riding his bike after attending an aa meeting with his father. his body was found in the water near arizona avenue and chandler heights road. police are still investigating how he died. police believe a man may have been impaired when he rammed his vehicle into a parked patrol car. rj tells us the officer wasn't in the car. but had >> reporter: look at that damage. broken front windshield and a slammed in passenger side of the phoenix police suv. >> the officer and the suspect, the driver of the other vehicle were transported to a local hospital. >> reporter: this happened after this morning at 35th avenue and vineyard in south phoenix. officers were providing traffic comploechl the officer -- control.
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suv when a speeding car crashed into the patrol car. the officer and another person were able to jump out of the way >> it's scary. the officers are out here in the middle of the might working in the dark and all they have is emergency nights and in some situations flares to help protect against drivers driving at a high rate of speed. >> reporter: the driver was hurt but will be okay as well. police believe impairment may have been a factor. . ta through one of our a dot cameras today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. many of our friends and relatives are on the roads or in the air tonight. it's very slow going up north south of flagstaff on the i-17. that according to adot. if you know anyone traveling, tell them to be careful and as always check out our traffic map on our cbs5 mobile app. a plan to give a boost to
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a military honored decades in the making. it's all happening in the week ahead. nearly three weeks after the election, the official results will be res loo -- released monday. final numbers released after the election canvas in the morning. a big day for our schools on tuesday. the statesuperintendant will reletes the 2017 arizona kids can't wait plan. it will include several new funding for teacher salaries and increased support for the state's rural schools. the mexican ambassador to the united states will be in phoenix wednesday ahead of the upcoming trump administration, the ambassador will speak on foreign relations dinner wednesday night. thursday is sentencing day for a state law maker charged with food stamp fraud.
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this fall. and military honors for a sergeant that went missing during the korean war. remains have been identified 85 years after he disappeared in battle. he will be buried in youngtown. time to talk weather. let's take a look at how much snow we saw today. flagstaff five inches, williams four inches, belmont 2.4 inches of snow and more is on the way tomorrow -- for tomorrow. rain in the valley. everywhere right around a quarter inch of rain. most of this is fou moving out of our area. going through superior and kerny and a little bit that is headed towards stafford. the rain started and moved across the valley from west to east this evening. we have snow up through holbrook forest but again overnight hours, this band of
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that area and more on the way as we'll have another wave of moitsture that -- moisture moving through. this is 10:00 this evening. we have that winter storm warning in place until 6:00 a.m. in the morning we have a freeze warning that will begin on tuesday because as the system is moving through the cold air eely set -- really settles in on monday and tuesday. future cast, jump ahead to 6:00 in the morning. a little bit of drizzle and some moegs of it will be gone for 10:00 thun morning. -- in the morning. we'll see the next band of the snow beginning to move in from the grand canyon down through flagstaff and winslow for the afternoon hours. that will continue with the on and off snow showers and most driebing -- drying out overnight monday into tuesday for us. highs tomorrow, 60 for phoenix.
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42 peson. we are going to be dry. just a few clouds on thursday and friday for you. temperatures though are going to stay below the seasonal average. we'll start off in the low 60s and be in the mud 60s by thursday. >> looks beautiful. thank you. now you have everything you need to know on sunday night. >> coming up, answers for you if you're hoping to snag some cyber monday deals tomorrow. what some of the top toys are this year. also, dozens of shelter dogs are warm and cozy on this cold .
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people have their sites on discount shopping. >> that's all tomorrow on cyber monday. 122 million americans expected to go online and scoop up bargains. that's up 1 million from a year ago according to the national retail federation. retallers are pulling out all the stops to get you to open up that wallet. officials say retailers like
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more of their sales coming from the internet. they're now hoping to take back the market share from amazon and other online retailers. >> reporter: so many deal s. holiday shoppers spent a bit less so far this year. the national retail federation says more than 154 million people shopped in stores and online this weekend. that's 3 million shoppers more than last year. but each consumer spent on the average $10 less than they did in 2 so around $290 each. . . if you plan to use a cred card for any of that holiday shopping, it can cost you more if you don't pay ontume. the -- on time. the government is raising the limit on some late fees. starting january american express will be the first issuer to increase the late fee. charging customers $38 if
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payment in a six month period. cyber monday is a great way for parents tattoo -- to get great deals on toys. >> lance: my aim is awesome. >> lance: for the young and the young at heart, there are plenty of holiday toys that hit the mark. reporter: for the young andthe young at heart, there are plenty of holiday toys that hit the mark. we know the star wars toys will get on the shelf and nigh off. >> reporter: from oversized action figures to this customizable light saber, the toys come in all shapes, sizes, and sounds. >> this is the voice changing helmet. >> you can use this on your kids too. do your homework [laughs] >> reporter: there is also a
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one of many drones on the market. this one is voice activated. but the break out toy this holiday season, hatchimals. they hatch and learn to walk and play games. they are sold out at most stores but people are selling them online for well over $100. >> there is going to be a shortage. if you see this on a shelf, buy it. don't think twice. in fact >> reporter: with so many pop popular mrau things, toy -- play things, they're expected to have their best year in more than a decade. >> reporter: who will teach the kid how to fly the drone? ? >> they'll teach you[laughs] a powerball lottery player in tennessee just got a huge boost to their holiday budget.
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it's worth nearly $421 million and it was sold in the town of lafayette. the winner has not come forward yet but they have 180 days to claim the prize. should i put a blanket on it? ? >> reporter: on this chilly night dogs have warm beds to sleep in. all thanks to the hard work of a group of dedicated >> oh, she likes it, doesn't she? >> reporter: 100 shelter dogs will sleep in a warm bed tonight thanks to a special group of people that make up step up usa. >> i've been here many times. foster off the yeeth nagsa list. i know they need beds. >> reporter: inspired by the cooler weather, jill says this group of residents made the elevated beds themselves. >> this is my favorite event. all the kids and parents.
10:19 pm
almost had to turn people away. >> reporter: sunday they delivered the beds to very grateful pups. >> huge impact. the dog jumps right up. it was awesome. >> they're perfect for the kennel because we had stauralize them. >> reporter: at no cost to the county they can't say thank you enough. >> we actually cannot go out and solicit for donations and so the fact that these people said this is something we want to do, really helps us out. >> reporter: and not only do volunteers. >> i want to get the littles involved to make sure to give back at a young age. they love it. oit going to be -- it's going to be -- so used to it as they get older. >> reporter: the best deal you might come across this holiday weekend is a new best friend free of charge. the arizona humane society is taking part in a really large initiative offering waves
10:20 pm
more than 100 animal organizations across the country including our humane society are taking part. now to an update on the christmas tree controversy. a group of about 30 people spending hours hauling this 15- foot tree up to the top of camelback mountain friday morning. >> they say their holiday cheer is dampened a bit because the tree disappeared. >> reporter: for the past several years around this time, find a holiday treat waiting for them at the top. it's all thanks to the scottsdale adventure club. they say they do it to put a smul on hiker's -- smile on hiker's faces. >> 1, 2, 3. >> reporter: they secure the tree to a hiking post. decorate it and even toasted it eggnog. [cheering and applause]
10:21 pm
in the group relayed some pretty dispointing news. >> joel received a text message from camelback santa saying someone cut the tree down. he thought he was kidding. sent him a picture. and yeah. not a joke. >> reporter: the group tried to bring a second tree up sunday morning. >> people are excited about it. it's something people come to expect and it's a tradition. >> rr: stopped by a park rafker who -- ranger who said the tree could be a fire hazard. >> it's cool to see how many people just get so much joy out of it. >> reporter: we are still working to get some answers from the city about this but the club has started an online petition. they also say they plan to bring the issue to the city council meeting on tuesday. coming up next, a new playground opening in mesa. oit the first -- it's the first of its kind in the valley designed for children with
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the city will have a universally accessible playground. >> insuring that people have time to get out, spend time as a family and with their friends is very important. >> reporter: park director says the park will have hands on play areas encouraging kids to interact with large panels to sharon -- sharpen their motor
10:25 pm
noises. all sorts of stuff. >> reporter: this park is going to have really cool features including this zipline which will accommodate all kids. including kids who may be bound to a wheelchair. parents are thrilled about the updates for all children and about a new feature everyone can enjoy in the summer. a large canopy to block out the hot sun. >> yes! it will be great. awesome. very soon december 3 and was paid for by voter approved bonds. >> to see all the upgrades, check out our cbs5 news app. coming up next, cuba begins its official nine day mourning period after the death of fidel castro. plus why muslim leaders in california are requesting
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if you're just joining us we're following breaking fuse. one man is dead. another in the hospital. both were shot at the light rail platform in jefferson just a few blocks north of the airport. here is a live look at the scene now. >> police are still investigating. officers saying a man approached them and a fight
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shots were fired and the shooter took off. officers are looking for him now. a week of tributes for fidel castro begins tomorrow in cuba. >> the revolutionary leader died friday at the age of 90. . >> reporter: as flags flew at halfstaff over havana, some cubans could not hold back tears. victor said he felt like he lost a patriarch. the father the revolution, he said. havana's normally bustling plaza was quiet. workers busy preparing for two days of tributes to the dictator who led the country have half a century. thousands of cubans will pay their respects to national hero and a sculpture of chigavara. instead, prayer and reflection.
10:29 pm
helped us a lot, she said, especially the cuban community of the lower class. eddie cab driver hopes it won't slow progress. we continue to work hard, he said, there will be great moments for this country. people will gather starting tomorrow with the largest expected ob -- on tuesday at revolution square. his remains havana to santiago retracing the victory march he took with the revolutionary army. his funeral is scheduled for next sunday in santiago known as the cradle of castro's revolution. . (music) tomorrow trump will resume his work filling his administration after spending the thanksgiving
10:30 pm
to fill several cabinet positions including secretary of state. trump's former campaign manager made it clear today that she doesn't think the nominee should be mitt romney. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and integrity of trump now our president elect would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state. >> reporter: former new york runner for secretary of state. in her interview, conway said trump and president obama spoke for about 45 minutes yesterday about cuban policy. someone renamed trump's new york building on google maps. instead of trump tower it said dump tower. the name only lasted a few hours. it was back to normal this morning. now neither google or trump made a comment. muslim leaders are asking for more police protection
10:31 pm
mosques in california. jeff has more on what was in those letters and how mosque members are reacting. >> it's just sad to see that this kind of thing still exists. >> reporter: nodia says it's been hard for her to accept this letter that arrived in the mail at her mosque this week. one line said: you muslims will be wanted to pack your bags and get out of dodge. >> that ignorance is shocking to me that thereil ignorance in our sisity. >> reporter: the same letter sent to a mosque in the bay area. >> the hand writing is someone not with -- what they wrote. someone that doesn't have much intelligence. it's written on a childish level. >> the main tension is to intimidate people and make them feel afraid in their own country. >> reporter: the counsel on american islamic relation says there is an up tick in cases
10:32 pm
the presidential election. because of the anti-islam letter. nadia says half of her family is not muslim but the hateful words in the letter have effected that side just as much in a -- and a number of churches reached out to her mosque. >> it's actually beautiful to see how much support there actually is in the community from other, you know, faiths and other, you know, people. >> reporteo letter plan taclose their door -- to close their doors. (singing) (national anthem) this is video of hundreds of people gathering at amhurst, massachusetts, today to protest hampsure college's decision to remove the american dmrag. the -- flag. the boiling point was after the
10:33 pm
the flag was lowered to half staff and someone burned it. administrators decided to take the flag down. something veterans call unacceptable. >> spent time in (inaudible) air force base. i came home and there is no way i'll let anybody take down the flag. it meaness a lot ta -- means a lot to me and my brothers. >> reporter: the school's president says they decided to take the flag down because there was too much controversy on environment. this week a new state park honoring the granite mountain hotshots will open. people can start using the trail this wednesday. along the trail are 19 stone plaques. there are also six signs that tell the story. the area is now blocked off with steel and stone.
10:34 pm
fighting the hill fire in 2014. a special dedication ceremony will be held on tuesday. firefighters from southern arizona are traveling to israel tonight to help battle more than 600 fires ravaging the country. half a dozen firefighters flew out of tucson air port salerno this weekend. they are the first wave of around 40 u.s. firefighters who will make the trip at the israel government's request. this is not your typical compute to work. these srp employees don't drive. no, they fly. that -- what makes this crew different is the dizzying high wire act they're asked to perform to make sure the rest of us have power. here is amanda goodman. >> you have to be sure to protect your stuff real good. make sure you're not getting any wear or anything. we're not in any hurry. be sure to use all your
10:35 pm
protection at all times. be careful. >> reporter: this is just a taste of what it takes to keep srp's power grid safe and reliable to turn on your lights at home. >> we're out here doing the climb and shake inspection. >> make sure we get a good thorough inspection on the towers. >> reporter: it's a task that requires lineman to dangle hundreds of feet in the helicopter before landing rigt next to hot power lines. >> you just don't find people that do this every day. >> reporter: they check safety and check all their gear as we witnessed on this november morning. >> safety is our number one priority. >> reporter: they load up into the srp helicopter and the heart pounding work begins. >> drops us off and we climb down. >> reporter: they're tackling the transmission lines west of
10:36 pm
>> you don't find it anywhere else. >> reporter: joshua makes their dizzying high wire act sound like no big deal. >> it's just a normal job. like a bus driver driving a bus. this is what we do. >> reporter: no doubt it takes a certain kind of person to do this job. each tower 150 feet in the air. and there is no room for error. always within view and ear shot, th >> 5,000 bolt power lines. for sure we need to make sure we're doing things the right way. we have extensive training to get to this point. >> reporter: what exactly are they doing on these towers? >> looking for broken insulators, loose hardware, conductor issues. anything that could effect the reliability. >> reporter: they're just documenting any issues they see. if there is something they can
10:37 pm
if it's a bigger issue they'll come back. >> gets us out ahead of things and hopefully we find a problem before it actually begins -- becomes a problem. we're able to fix it before it effects our customers. >> reporter: the work rolls on until the crews have touched all these towers. >> just an exciting part of the job. >> reporter: and a vital part of keeping your power on. >> they need to perform 100% 100% of e >> reporter: certainly can't be afraid of heights to do that. one of the more common issues are gunshot wires that happens when people use the powerlines for target practice. as part of their transmission motnns -- maintenance plan they have to inspect towers every seven years. check this out. a cafe in new mexico has a menu
10:38 pm
the owners say they like you to pay whatever you feel is appropriate. the place is called food karma. . >> guving people -- giving people a safe place to come and have something to eat. >> reporter: i remember the wriggly mansion used to do this. >> i was there two weeks ago. they do not. [laughs] quite the opposite. the owner started out his philosophy in a food truck. now three years later he has this restaurant and hopes to expand further. our weather today, we had a little bit of everything. we definitely cooled down as the storm system moved through. 49 degrees now in phoenix. we have 26 in flagstaff. 34 in peson. 35 prescott. how much snow did we see? well, we capped our snow levels around 6,000 feet.
10:39 pm
and 2.4 inches in belmont. everybody here getting a quarter inch of rain. the rain started on the west side of the valley and quickly hit downtown and then moved on to the east part of the valley and it's continued to move towards the east. we're now nice and dry. under mroouz. we -- partly cloudy skies. we have the heavy rain and a wintery mix around globe. we have snow falling for sholo and holbrook forest now. the next wave of moisture will be moving in for tomorrow. so again this is going to be moving towards the east. we have a little bit of light rain moving into the tucson area and have that snow in flagstaff. don't worry, more is coming your way. we have the winter weather advuzry still in place until 6:00 a.m. in the morning tomorrow morning. little but of drizzle in the morning.
10:40 pm
you might have noticed it hovering around. it could settle in. we have to watch the dew points and temperatures in the overnight hours. as we head into 10:00 we see the snow begins to fall in the grand canyon area and starting to move into flagstaff. then very off and on and scattered monday. much drier air coming into the picture for tuesday. us for tomorrow. 64 phoenix. 34 for flagstaff. 44 for sedona. 62 bullhead city and 49 globe. this keeps the temperatures 10 below the seasonal average for tuesday afternoon. really begin to dry out and definitely warm up the temperatures but staying a little below the seasonal average heading into the oevend the week -- end of the week. temperatures at 65 on thursday and 64 by friday. you were saying how
10:41 pm
they're going to be live tomorrow morning bright and early. you'll get your chance. >> one of these days. [laughs] thanks for joining us for cbs5 news tonight. >> stick around. tim is up next with tonight's instant replay. we will see you tomorrow. nogetting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon!
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now on instant remrau. >> reporter: agony in atlanta. too many mistakes for the
10:44 pm
today as the falcons send the cards to another loss un20 -- in 2016. welcome to instant replay. the cardinals season has never been quite right from the get go. something missing with the offense and defense at times too. and now the attrition has really robbed the team of any chance of the magic we saw in 2015. let's get to the birds today. cardinals falcons, do or die now every game. laser sharp in the georgia dome. and a beauty. this led to gresham one yard touchdown. cardinals had trouble with this guy all day. the short pass. look at the speed. woosh. 45 yards. falcons up 17-10 there. third quarter, critical mistakes. has to make the pick.
10:45 pm
fourth quarter, 4 and 7, palmer to michael floyd right between the numbers. another drop. critical play. same score. cards force a punt. but campbell is off side giving the falcons a first down and from there here is the clencher again. gab real his way -- gabriel going his way 25 yards. pair of late touchdowns. the cards now 4-6-1. . >> st drop balls. dropped a big intersection. and the second drive, dj catches the ball 100 times and dropped it. -- drops it. i thought both the plays were the keys in the second half. evenly fought ball game. i thought the young offensive line played really well until they were pass pass pass.
10:46 pm
got enough pressure on maty throwing the ball quick. doing a good job at the play action. other than the reverse and that scramble we did okay on the running game other than two runs. and lost contain on the last one. but dus pointing -- disappointing loss. >> i don't look at this and say oh, man it's -- you look at this and find a way to write the team fighting for a wild card spot. we're fighting for a wild card spot. >> very frustrating. you have to start with yourself. and see if you're asking guys to do things they can't. i don't think catching the ball is one of them. blocking somebody that -- help maybe. >> one win. one win. i -- there is not a schedule we can't beat.
10:47 pm
tallies will be. >> reporter: he mentioned the drops and did that floyd play here not perfectly incapsulate the 2016 season? you don't make it. the cards vaunted vertical attack absolutely grounded this season. va addressed the wide receivers after the game as well. >> i don't -- if i had to answer i fixed it by now. they struggled all year. i think john brown was as healthy as he could have been and boom, he's out. mike, i don't know. tried to do everything we could to fix it. jj dropped the cover balls. and, you know, would have been a strength of what we thought the offense would be this year has been weakness. >> repoter: next up for the cardinals, the redskins at home in glen doll. dale.
10:48 pm
playoffs are a possibility. speaking of the seahawks, mike evans killed them early on. winston to evans three yards and a 7-0 buccaneer lead. 23 yards. auth catches on the day. sea hawks now 7-3 and one on the year. improve 6-5. game of the day in oakland, panthers raiders. picks it for the score. six yards. open it up 24-7. all the way to the fourth quarter, look at the catch here by benjamin. unreal. the raiders will get a touchdown midway through the fourth. they win it on a field goal with a minute 45 left. ravens bengals crazy like a fox finish for john harbaugh
10:49 pm
7 point lead. snap is made. punters hold on to the ball. just holding on to the bengals. holding on. committing penalties. the clock eventually hits zero. ravens called for holding but it doesn't matter. game over. they win it 19-14. . we may be seeing the end of thursday night football. after next season the nfl is considering dropping it all to. or maybe beginning it on thanksgiving and playing the four games on thursday nights in december only. when we return, asu football final thought from
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erik bledsol doing the nasty block there. for two of game high 25, nuggets up by 20 at the half. booker leads the suns revival with a couple three pointers. cut it to 5. denver put the brakes on that. nelson had 21 including a 3 here. nelson still playing in the nba. suns fall 120-114. coyotes, here we go. first period. scores here. how do you do that? the puck actually bounced off there. we'll take it. one nothing there. mulan beats mike smith. game tied at one. five minutes later, game winner and the coyotes win. they now pointed in 25 straight games against edmonton.
10:53 pm
had a lot of shots. i thought we shut them down on the rush which was a game plan to have against a team like that quick. and obviously the mcdavid line is a good line for them and want to try tocopy them off the -- keep them off the score board. >> reporter: coyotes on the road on tuesday. l thoughts on the asu u u u u u football season. trending in the wrong direction. year to write the ship. defense bad. u of a rushes for 512 yards. asu's defense looking like they were playing eight guys most of the night. the worst in the country. statistically. for the second straight year. you have to wonder if defensive staff changes are coming. graham was mortified after the game. >> that was the worst performance since we've been
10:54 pm
and that was embarrassing. and no excuses but that was very very difficult to watch. so. let our university down. let our program down. and it was very difficult. just absolutely didn't show up at all defensively. and gave up one big play after another. seniors tonight, you know, let them down. had them go out like this was >> reporter: we'll see what graham does. many times assistant coaches hang on until national signing day and changes are officially made. let's keep an eye on that over in tempe. finish up with high school football. congrats to chandler and salaro again for winning on tuesday. dynasty four state titles in a row. mans is actually winning on and off the field.
10:55 pm
these games it's special and important. all right? every game counts. >> reporter: inspiring young men to succeed is what coach possesses. >> there is nothing better than coaching football. >> reporter: he has become one of the best coaches in arizona. eight state championships. the last four as head coach. a legacy he cherishes as the fulaes aef is state -- philosophy is state title or bust. . >> i wouldn't want it any other way. >> reporter: he was destineened to be a football coach following his dad who coached at asu and with the chiefs and
10:56 pm
career. coached football combng for -- i think for 40 something years. was part of big time bowl games. i always had an interest in this. >> reporter: his life is not all football 24-7. he maintains balance with his wife sarah and the responsibilities of fatherhood with his 7-month- old daughter kendall. >> walk in the door and she smiles at me or reaches for me or making noises or doing something new and whatever dealing with or stress you can check that at the door. >> reporter: like the football field, this new dad is winning at home. >> he is great. he is always ready to take care of her. i can ask him to do anything and he jumps on it. >> reporter: and jason couldn't do what he does without his wife leading the way. >> i don't think you can be happily married as a football coach unless you have a woman in your life that takes pride in what you do and enjoys being
10:57 pm
>> reporter: the love for the game and his family. a never ending rewarding adventure. >> just a lot of fun. it's been an unbreveable experience -- unbelievable experience. >> reporter: he is young. that's going to do it for us. asu takes on number one kentucky in hoops tomorrow 5:00 local time. have a great sunday, everybody.
10:58 pm
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