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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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trocadero marshall finished up the things we know his brother's house and went to box -- bus stop with it to go plate. when hungry stranger demanded his food. >> used to train still, it was more like taking it. he was serious. took a much smaller in size,. >> i might look little but i'm fat at heart. check it says what he did with anyone giving food would do. he defended. >> i don't have a lot of muscle but they work. >> reporter: at one point, the fight turns into a tagteam. with a woman punching marshall. >> she hit harder than him. check after five minutes, the fight is over with the things giving turkey on the ground. marshall says thanks to a bully . >> he didn't think me for that
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>> he was ungrateful for that. we're getting our first look at the driver arrested on fixed giving after police say she was drunk and drove for miles in the wrong direction on the loop 101. take a close look. police say ashley rager was going the opposite direction on the loop. it took them 6 miles to catch up with her hayden and cactus. she was arrested for extreme dy which means she tested more than two times the legal limit. . county deputy and his wife are in the hospital waiting for their lives after they were hit by a van on thanksgiving. friends and family are set up a gofundme account talbert medical expenses. the deputy and his wife were
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van. the deputy is in serious condition, his wife is in critical condition tonight. right now, thanks please search for a kidnapping suspect. they say the suspect for the woman into a car yesterday after an argument. they left an apartment near 35th avenue and thomas wrote. the woman has been found them are told they knew each other. police sayaylor is armed and dange phoenix police or someone is. the california mother missing for three weeks has been found alive after an apparent abduction. she's been reunited with her family. as michelle miller reports, please search for her captors tried to figure out who took her and why. she was down to the restraints. was able to summon help from a passing motorist and notified law enforcement.
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related with her husband after her alleged captors let her go thursday about 100 miles from her home. >> we're looking for a dark colored suv with two hispanic females. >> reporter: shall settle police the two females were armed with a handgun. so far, no word on a possible motive or where she may have been held all this time. early this month. her husband made an emotional pill for her weiss safe return. he reported her missing when she didn't pick up their children from daycare. >> bring her home. just bring her home. bring her home safe. >> reporter: investigators and volunteers spent weeks searching for her and a six- figure reward was supposedly offered to through a negotiator. >> you elitist to share and we give you more cash than you can
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they offer doesn't appear to be linked to her release. >> this investigation is far from over. this is only begun a new chapter in the investigation. has four people are looking for a new place to stay after fire tears through a scottsdale apartment complex. this happened overnight at the crown court permit your hayden. person living there noticed smoke and ran upstairs to warn neighbors. they all made it out safely. firefighters believe this was some sort of an electrical fire. it's nice man is under arrest accused of causing a deadly crash your hardware. 30 say curly braces driving on cuonzo when he crossed into oncoming traffic heading a van. the vehicle rolled killing his passenger. investigators say his blood- alcohol level was double the legal limits and he now faces manslaughter charges. woman instead of driving for miles in the wrong direction before hitting a greyhound bus head-on. this
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eye 10 just east of loop 303. we have what we are learning about that driver. a gofundme page tells me that sarah castillo is a peoria mom who leaves behind two young children. troopers say she may have been impaired when she got behind the wheel. pulled a picture of her from that fundraising site. troopers tell us around 230 this morning, they started getting calls of a driver going westboun lanes of i tenure the 101. x thing we know, there's a crash 6 miles away near the 303. the car hit the bus and 13 passengers on board are set to the hospital with bumps and bruises. to pursue direct could have turned out much worse. one benefit to this crash is the weight of the bus. the impact the bus is able to take on. had that been another passenger
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devastating. we're hearing the bus driver maneuvered the bus well enough to keep it from rolling over and causing even more people to get hurt. this was the third wrong way driver in the phoenix area and just in this past week. as counsel people head to the malls for black friday deals, another group is rallying. people gathered at the pet store is inside arizona mills mall buying and selling puppies from puppy mills. in those mills, the mothers are confined and bread. instead, they want people to get their pets from shelters. holiday dui patrols underway, police and deputies and state troopers are part of the crackdown which continues through new year's day. if you want to see where they
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the countdown is on. we are less than 30 days until christmas. all over the valley, those holiday festivities are getting underway. let's head to the biltmore, their light their tree and less than one hour. i would ask if this is a first for you, being inside a snow globe. but its use, so i don't know. >> this is a human snow globe or you can kick around the snow and the iv the arizona biltmore. look at the crowd. folks enjoying a beautiful evening. temperature wise, it's perfect. fire pits are set up and getting ready to light the tree. they been celebrating christmas here since 1929 when the arizona biltmore first opens and we are excited to be a part of it. there's the beautiful tree. let's get on with the forecast.
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the upper 70s and you can see the satellite and radar, mostly clear skies. we'll continue to see clear conditions down south around areas of to some of the big game is taking place, we're saying some big class. here's temperatures, upper 70s about wins breezy, temperatures drop to 73 degrees by 7 pm. upper 60s by nine. another nice day ahead for tomorrow. winter storm watch to tell you about. it to you. i believe it may have put you in there just to continue. check back to see where you are later. donald trump is not take a holiday off. he's announcing more hires to his cabinet. we'll tell you who's getting a job in the white house plus, likely have some leftovers from thanksgiving dinner but coming
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a man accused of killing people is south carolina church pastor will stand trial. a federal judge ruled today, dylann roof is confident to central. he's accused of killing ne people inside but i'm really black church in charleston south carolina. he could face the death penalty if convicted. >> the dow and nasdaq ended the shortened trading week at all- time highs. starks the rally as anticipate tax and regulation cuts under president-elect trump. >> for the first time, us service member has been killed in syria. pentagon says the service member was killed by an improvised explosive device. officials did not release any other details. the parents of a philadelphia toddler have been charged after the two-year-old was actually shot by a spiral cousin. police say they found two handguns in the home, that
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critical condition. florence henderson best known for her role on the brady bunch has died. she died last night from heart failure in los angeles. she was 82 years old. to the season, holiday festivities are kicking off across arizona. we'll tell you what's going on across the valley this weekend. that's coming up straight
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president-elect donald trump weekend in florida with his family but he is still working on staffing his cabinets and connecting with leaders. we have a report on his latest pics. from his barlowgirl estates, present let donald trump the tumor spots in his new administration. one will serve as deputy national security advisor. she's currently a fox news analyst. donald mcgah partner at jones day in washington will be mr. trumps assistant and white house counsel.
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reveal his choice for secretary of state. performers include former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, and really trumps supporter. in 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney. he and mr. trump aggressively attacked each other during the campaign. >> the last election should have been one except for me this one from the choked like a dog.>> reporter: mr. trump is calling for unity. another chapter of potential conflict is unfolding. >> the green pasa wisconsin is being filed. after the candidate jill stein reason of money through donations to fund the audit. >> the american public has come out strongly around us. same has to be done. >> stein was recounts in pennsylvania and michigan also. >> we need to admit these safeguards so we're not asking the question after the fact. >> the state she questions helped mr. trump secure the presidency. he will be back in
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was the first big case of the holiday season. all across the valley, they hold special events to get us in the holiday mood. >> there's santa claus, wine, free horse and carriage rides and a one-of-a-kind tree, it's all in old town scottsdale for a month long holiday celebration. as you see, it's called got dazzled. for small business saturday. were very excited about all the products we have to showcase and how people come down to support our small businesses. >> the fun begins in just a few minutes. they're going to light the christmas tree at 530 and different events will take place until january 1. there are usually leftovers after thanksgiving. studies show you may not want
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meal. marley hall reports. if you have leftovers from things given dinner, beware. that's all your favorite dishes may be safe to the heat and eat. critical dietitian lindsay malone of the cleveland clinic says don't save the rice. when it cools at room temperature, bacteria can grow rapidly. >> the criteria is resistant to heat. even if you heat it to normal temperature, it doesn't matter. the bacteria will still be there.>> reporter: another staple is aluminum foil. >> lending it cool is that temperature danger zone and keeping the foil on it to create a bacteria green ground. you may not heated sufficiently to kill the bacteria. foods like stuffing should also be thrown away. when it comes to poultry, malone says reheated to the proper internal picture to avoid bacteria. don't store the entire bird. >> that's setting a situation for bacterial growth.
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storage within two hours. >> took a very young, old and those with comp might immune systems are more vulnerable to foodborne illnesses. it's best to avoid having a traitor all of leftovers. >> for foods you plan on saving, make sure you get that food into shallow containers and into the refrigerator within two hours. reheated leftovers, use the oven, not the mac way. it's not the quickest but it cooks more evenly. it's time to look ahead to christmas. tonight, the biltmore will like it's tree. that will happen in less than one hour. our chief tree lighting correspondent paul and is there live. , can anyone light a tree without you being there?>>
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it's so awesome, it's us in the holiday spirit. we're here at the arizona biltmore. you talk about history in our states. the biltmore has been a part of tree lighting ceremonies. this is cool. you see the cottage in the distance. in 1954, that's the cottage and nancy and ronald reagan had their honeymoon in arizona. a lot of people know that they came to take the tour at the biltmore. irving berlin roads and jimmy applewhite the biltmore back in 1954? rate history here. the next time you hear being crosby sing white christmas, you can say, that was written right here in the biltmore. let's get on with our forecast. you can't be the temperatures today. we're still sitting in the upper 70s, winds out of the east northeast at 8 miles per hour. that show you the satellite and radar as you can see we have
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moving to the east, the developing system will bring us a chance of rain fall in the forecast. we're talking snow as well in high country. let's show that you can futurecast. saturday morning will see a few clouds move into the southern part of the states. in the evening hours will see the clouds and after tonight, we'll see a chance of rain fall in the forecast. we can advance teacher cast here. there's the clouds and showers pushing through. north as well. here's a dropping down to 54 degrees in phoenix. 22 in flagstaff. 7-day planner, plenty of sunshine in the forecast for saturday. the clouds and showers start to roll in as you see sunday into monday. temperature wise into the lower 60s. look at this video. 12 days of christmas. a shoe shuffle together a wonderful display of ginger woodhouse you can check out
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come be a part of the festivities. the vip has just shown up. mr. santa claus and mrs. clause in the lineup is pretty impressive to see them. we'll talk more about that. coming up at 6 o'clock we'll
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lot people at home binge watching netflix latest offerings. gilmore girls, a year in life came out at midnight. this is a four-part series of 90 minute chapters. netflix picks up the story nearly a decade after the original series went off the air.
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thought tool in the desert could decide the pack 12 sup. sun devils need when. they still can't center. >> are you excited? >> yes. >> reporter: it has in the season you wanted but will be the key to victory tonight? we came to play. yet the play for seniors and our coach. >> last year in tempe, we expect that a lot site because these two defenses had their issues meanwhile, there is an offense struggles. make it back up. tonight. he's good last week.
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sun devils five. >> the coaches know when would make the season. >> to our guys and our fans, we understand how important this game is. we're about to qb for championships. >> this is one of those most wins on the schedule. >> it's the biggest game we play irregardless of such mistakes. the territorial cup is the rivalry school. one of the greatest rivalries >> they really fired appear. worked two hours to kickoff. it's always nice when these two teams play. >> that they would make the season more than a win to bring that cut back here. it's been resting in tempe for the last year. these guys are excited. touchy more coming up at 545. this might be the biggest apple cup ever. washington tries to keep his
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the huskies played a hammer. 18 yard touchdown, 14 nothing. they weren't done this time. the huskies clinch the north of face colorado or usc. the pac 12 title game. receiving chorus, a loss to the vikings. more movie for. >> we can make those kinds of mistakes. we can't continue to let that happen. >> more on the cardinals of the dual the desert coming up later in sports. is black friday which means the madness that is holiday
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shoppers are in full swing making sure to get those black friday door buster deals. here's more about what we found in central phoenix. for david rodriguez, this is been a good one.>> we bought three tds for less than $700. it was a good deal. >> reporter: we caught up with him and other shoppers at this together 70 inch tv greg is fine. >> we looked online for black friday deals. the fund is to come here and do it in person. i like works at 4 am social come home to a big new shiny tv. >> reporter: according to the store's manager, tds and laptops were sold within the first hour of opening doors. >> we prepare weeks in advance


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