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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  November 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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a text meanwhile mixup ended -- message mixup ended in eye thanksgiving miracle. and people hunting down bargains on thursday night. >> a physical replica. >> printing 3d hearts is not science fiction. how this technology is helping doctors save lives children's. here's what's happening on this thursday night. the east valley grandma who accidentally invited a complete stranger to thanksgiving dinner made good on her offer today. this story went viral after that stranger and 17-year-old high school student posted the exchange on twitter.
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jamal has come to have thanksgiving dinner with us. >> reporter: it's the thanksgiving dinner of twitter's dreams. jamal and wanda strangers just a week ago. >> it hits my heart, from all the people out there that said the kindest things to me. >> i love being here. felt like we could connect more. and selfies ensued. >> it was not my grandma. and i sent her back to confirm i'm not her grandson, and jokingly asked for a plate >> reporter: people couldn't get enough. the people overwhelmingly supportive of making the dinner happen. >> i
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picture to a total stranger. >> reporter: hinton's family wasn't able to attend due to a scheduling conflict, and he almost didn't make it either. >> i did think about not coming. our family scheduled the same exact time. >> reporter: he figured two turkey dinners are better than one. >> there are more nice people out in world >> reporter: both s got a lot to be grateful for this year. including each other. catholic charities claimed to have the mayor serving meals today but the mayor was never scheduled to attend that each. our reporter was kicked off the property after questioning the treatment of some of the
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>> take me off the camera. this is private property. >> this started when this veterans complained to our reporter that they were not being treated fairly. others had nothing but praise about their treatment and for this hair. you might be recovering from your thanksgiving feast, others are out the doo for black friday deals. from the west coast to the east coast, experts believe one in six people will open their wallets this holiday weekend. jarvis johnson camped out in front of best buy for two weeks.
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everything else, i'm gonna go in there, get a couple tv's, and go from there. >> next year he wants to go bigger by hitting up 30 best buys in 30 days. it seems stores are opening earlier and earlier each year. a lot will stay packed all day long. >> reporter: we saw the long lines earlier a lot of people actually treat black friday as tradition. we didn't see anybody get in any fights. >> reporter: playing the waiting game, deciding what to get. it might be thursday but it's still part of black friday. at toys r us, the staff created maps to direct the masses.
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>> reporter: with everyone racing for deals, you never know what to expect. >> sometimes it's heblthic, sometimes people are orderly, sometimes they're not. >> reporter: last year brick and mortar shops raked in $10 million. down from $11.6 in 2014. online sales were around $3 billion last year, and expect to grow this year. >> we start started doing this. about our third or fourth year. >> a lot of stores remain open until about 1:00 am. >> we have a list of store hours for black tremendous. it's all free. on the front page of our website. doctor s are watching over
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sheriff's deputy and his wife. they were both hit while they were walking in a crosswalk earlier this morning. the woman is in critical condition, the deputy in serious condition. the cause of the accident still under investigation. less than stwourz earlyert trail -- 24 hours earlier the trail was the scene of a tragedy. a man fell to his death yesterday. >> reporter: the frafbel trail fetes more difficult the higher you guy. >> if you host your balance, easily something could happen remember >> reporter: wednesday afternoon a man in his 70s went out alone along a similar path. he wandered off the trail before falling to his death. >> i know i'm guilty of doing a lot of hiking by myself. and i know when i do it, i think i
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the mountain before.s me are still trying to figure out what happened this people around. >> how awful it must be to have something like that happen for the holidays >> reporter: it's believed the man lived in the community below the mountain. neighbors are preparing for the moment they learn whose family is grieving this thanksgiving. >> if they need know. >> reporter: this is exactly one year after another hiker was found on lookout mountain. that man was also nearly 70 years old and also died from a fall. police are looking for whoever duct taped this dog's legs together. he was discovered
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to stand. a good samaritan noticed it just in time because the water in the wash was rising after some storms. the dog is now fine. police want to catch the person responsible. seven people and six animals escaped this house fire in gilbert. investigators believe the fire started attic. happy thanksgiving, everybody. the outdoor patio picture, just terrific. best place to eat thanksgiving dinner here in arizona. high officially in the 70s. thanks for the great
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temperatures above average. 57, winds out of the southwest at five miles per hour. and the satellite and radar, across the country, some left over showers across the great lakes. the rain starting to come to an end around the east coast. a lot of rainfall from portland through seattle, along the i-5 corridor. this is an area of low pressure that will affe this weekend and to start the week next week. ridge of high pressure is the dominant feature. warmer temperatures for your friday. here's your future cast, 8:00 am, mostly cheer skies, clouds and showers starting to brace the area. and we'll stop it around saturday afternoon, a clouds around southern california. an increasing chance of rainfall.
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into monday morning. around noon, temperatures will be around 70 degrees. if you're heading out shopping tomorrow, temperatures above average. clouds and showers sunday to monday. and plenty of sunshine in the 60s next week. it is 10:10 and you have what you need for your friday. life or realty facing doctors at phoenix children's every day. but we have answers how researchers are helping them out. and a thanksgiving to remember. in a traumatic election year, hollywood takes on our
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a surgeon uses 3d printed hearts to practice a complicated procedure, but this isn't hollywood magic. this is happening in a handful of hospitals across the country, including right here in phoenix children's. >> we start with medical images, go through a process computer modeling. >> reporter: justin lyons prints at least two hearts a week. >> the same type of defect can be drastically different from patient to patient. >> reporter: and these models are used to help guide life or death surgeries. >> i'm attacking the distance,
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surprise elements away and the guess work away from what used to be done. >> reporter: and the small lab is able to print more than just visual aids. >> s. >> reporter: from the computer design to the printing takes about 9 hours to make a finished model. it won't be long before they're 3d printing hearts to implanted in patients. >> the next step is to start printing tissue, organs. so we're a couple years ago from having full-fledged organs but we're moving into that range. >> reporter: it's high-tech science for a guy who a few years ago was an animation major. >> he talked about his vision of bringing artists into engineering.
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processors >> reporter: now he's mentoring more art students in the 3d science of saving lives. a woman in new york says she has a lot to be dprafl for this things. she came a long way after her leg were crashed in a bad crash. she started using a walker >> sometimes it gets me. but most of the time, i'm just grateful. that i have my legs, and i have my feet. >> she still feels the pain but hopes by continuing physical therapy she can return to work as an usher at local theaters. president obama talked with
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phone calls to several deployed troops from the army, marine corps, navy, and air force. he wished them all a happy thanksgiving and thanked them for their service. more than 14,000 pounds of turkey, 8,000 pie were ed delivered. they started in april. pumpkin pie, ham, shrimp, stuffing, egg nog. two maricopa county constables believe in kindness this holiday season. they spent the day cooking and serving a
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this is what i do. i walk the walk and i talk the talk. i try to be a good person to the people that i meet. >> doug and carolyn hope to continue this tradition for years to come. thousands showed up to an annual thanksgiving event in south phoenix. owner holds the breakfast for more than 4,000 families. he has done this now for 23 years. they spent months preparing for today the powerball could be the answer to all of your financial questions this holiday season. the jackpot for saturday night's drawing is up to $303 million. if you won, you would get a ksh
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hollywood is taking a look at washington dc. >> reporter: a behind the scenes cut-throat world of political lobbyists. jessica chastain stars as sloan, a hired gun willing to blur legal and ethical lines for her client. >> she's always moving, five things at once. >> you can't possibly win this. >> who's with me? >> reporter: when she turns down the powerful gun lobby, she finds a personal and professional future at risk. >> for the first time in her life she really felt responsible
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s >> i think what's really interesting, as well as the issues in the film, is an explosion of ambition and female ambition and the drive to win and power. >> reporter: the film is part civics lesson about how government really works, but first and foremost entertainment. >> opens
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above average, fet used to it. above average for friday and saturday. changes ahead on sunday. temperatures will drop. 25 in prescott. 50s for gila bend. highs tomorrow, globe 63. 78 here. temperatures in the lower 50s up north. cardinals truly believe they can win them all. matt ryan having an mvp year with 24 touchdowns. it could be a shootout. and the offensive line has to play better. carson palmer got all beat up in the loss to the vikings. he can't afford another beating. >> things
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done better. i think for the most part, we gotta win the one-on-one battles. that's what it came down to last week in minnesota. we have a mental error in the red zone. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without the cowboys. the league's leading rusher and stud on my fantasy team. 97 touchdowns. the other rookie, 195 yards on the day, 1 touchdown. cowboys rolling with the best record in the nfl. vikings on the line, playing thanksgiving. matthew stafford stepping up to the
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gut and in, tied at 7. all fired up. sam brad ford down-field, picked off by darius clay, one of the best in the nfl. sets up that player for 48 yards out for the win. without andrew luck tonight recovering from a concussion, big red rolling in this one. antonio 33-yard touchdown. 28-7 win. one game left for the sun devils. this one matters the most. it gets the alumni fired
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>> asu knows how big this game is. >> any rivalry game, your energy spikes up. you just feel it. you know it's big for the fans and everything. >> there's gonna be a lot of emotion. go out there and execute and make plays. >> cats have some sick skills.
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the first november snowfall
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lot -- cold air mass brought a lot of snow to the capital. about two centimeters. >> the last time it snowed in november in central tokyo was 1962. >> jeez. >> fun holiday tradition at luke's in missouri. every baby gets to dress up who was thanksgiving. are those turkey hats? >> looks like turkey hats. >> they're orange santa hats. >> it's not christmas yet! [ laughter ] >> little turkey legs. >> not bad. >> going viral tonight in shoous, missouri. >> good weekend, and the possibility of rain. >> pretty good chance of rain showers sunday. and snow up in
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