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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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ice from last week, you need to there without. >> recent tests showed the water had high levels of nitrate. some parents are now concerned. the city of peoria says the water system is all clean now but the question from some parents is why were they -- once they told about the tainted water sooner. >> reporter: lisa castro is taking another look in her fridge. >>this was the sweet rice we made. >> reporter: that's after we told her about an alert from peoria water. testing showed high levels of nitrate in [ no audio ] the city of peoria says it did the required notifications. it alerted customers today after results from a second passed -- second test certified the high nitrate levels. there was a notice to the media as well as on their website. high nitrate levels are especially dangerous to kids, and since six months or younger
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younger can actually died. >> reporter: lisa says the family will stick to bottled water for a while. >> it's very concerning, kind of scary. >> after the first test showed high nitrate levels the city shut off the well that they think was causing the problem. the city now says the water is safe to drink. another legal challenge to the freeway expansion has failed. court of appeals has denied a request for injunction to stop the construction. construction on the expansion is expected to start early in the new year. adot says it's the first time that a legal challenge to the freeway expansion has failed. federal investigators are on the scene of the school bus crash in tennessee that killed five children. the driver of that bus is now facing vehicular homicide charges. police say he was speeding when
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wrapped around a tree, killing one boy and 4 girls. >> also natural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father. today the city is playing -- praying for these families. >> six other students remain hospitalized in intensive care. this tragedy is reigniting the debate about schoolbus safety acrosthe country including here in the valley. one question is why our school is is still on the road without seatbelts. jason is looking for answers. >> reporter: questions like this have been asked every year -- parents have been asking this question for years. it seems like it's safer but it's not that simple. you would like to think your kid is safe every time they write a schoolboys -- schoolbus.
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many are wondering if seatbelts would've made a difference. >> do you believe seatbelts should be required on school buses? >> i believe so. >> the kids should be protected and required to wear them. >> reporter: brian henderson's director of transportation for the unionize cladistic. he says school buses -- union district. he says school buses are like small tanks. statistic show students are not significantly saver when they wear seatbelts. >> especially with the funds being lower and lower every year, it's a difficult challenge to be able to increase the capital cost and that it would take to include seatbelts for a minimal safety benefit. >> reporter: the cost to retrofit each school buses between $7300 and $10,000. most school buses do not of
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that have than to accommodate special needs students. there is currently no federal mandate for seatbelts on school buses. there are six states that require them, texas, california, florida, louisiana, new jersey and new york. safety experts insist that school buses are still the safest way that children travel. they only have 4 to 5 deaths per year. recent studies show that the numbers would go down if children were buckled up. a lot of it work if you are looking to get into the christmas spirit a little early, had to scottsdale tonight. the princess is getting set to show off its display and our paul horton is out there live getting into the christmas spirit. >> reporter: with one of our number 1 viewers right here, hi lynette. you in the holiday spirit? that i am. merry christmas. >> reporter: she's a special
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it's good to see you. we are at santa's headquarters and all of the kids, this is the cutest thing. they are writing letters to santa. we are going to take you inside his headquarters. we will show you that and a second. lidstock of in the forecast right now. you can see with a satellite and radar, we have sun cloud cover well to the north of us but mostly clear skies. we are going to see temperatures into the upper 60s this evening. then we will start to see degrees by 9:00. we will then get down to 57 degrees by 11:00. pentas help us write there, this is a most incomparable -- incredible set up. this is where the big man will be hanging out right air ricky even has this flight plan that he's going to give to kids and tell them about all the fun for the -- right here. santa even has his flightplan
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they will be having right here. >> [ laughter ] get an autograph ! >> i am speechless. [ laughter ] romance gives -- romance scams are a big problem across the country. seniors are especially susceptible. >> reporter: a senior should be able to pick up the signs of an online romance scam such as they are always unavailable to meet face-to-face. if you suspect a scam, you can always do something. kevin rolling into gabriel met for the first time. he just saved or $12,000 after suspecting that she was involved in an online romance scam. it started when gabriel met someone online three months ago. >> it was interesting. it was infatuated. you feel good. >> reporter: the online stranger knew all of the right
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$40,000 to pay fees on gold he wanted to bring into the u.s. she was about to send another $12,000 when she contacted a local shipping company owned by row when. he smelled a rat. >> i didn't want to see her get taken advantage of. i have parents micelle. i wouldn't want someone in this situation. >> reporter: he did the smartest thing a third party could do, get the police involved. >> i thought it might take someone of authority to explain the situation to her and conveyancer than it was in fact mesa police helped her understand and she never sent the $2000. >> be leery of someone being so quick to complement you can say he loves you. >> reporter: rowan says it takes persistence to get action. >>keep trying until you get someone who's willing to come out. send an officer so they will stop what it is they are doing.
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very grateful to rowan and fortunately she still has some of her savings left. that middle eastern scammer is counting his $40,000 far out of the reach of law enforcement. whether you are a family member or a friend or stranger like rolling, get local police to visit the victim. it may snap them back to reality and keep them from
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21 people were awarded the nation's top civilian honor at the white house today. that's one of our stories and
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those that were awarded the presidential medal of freedom. he recognizes -- it recognizes those who had made a contribution to culture and national interests. amazon is working on a deal to live stream sports program. this would be for prime subscribers and amazon is now in talks with the nba and nfl to carry live games. a new tool was rolled out similar to traffic apps but it's for pedestrians. it can tell you when a store more americans will shop online instead of on stores -- in stores on black friday. 20% will brave the black friday stores. 20-year-olds are most likely to shop. a luxury holiday catalog from cheetos. there's even a
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everything is available online. what about these perfect
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i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won?
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james corden has been tapped to host next year's grammy awards. he will take over the role from ll cool j who has hosted the last five grammy shirtless. carpool karaoke segments, the grammy awards will occur on february 12 in l.a. you will see that all here on cbs5. i am jealous. >> has to do that shirtless. >>you could pull that off. >>we have good news about the cardinals coach. >> he's been released from the hospital. he's going to be on the
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the well wishes and the prayers. coach says he's doing good and happy to be back. dissent out a picture of arians working at his desk. he is expected to be back tomorrow. a big week of football, asu and usa, five high school championship games scheduled on saturday at 10 am and running through the evening. joe pequeno kicks off our coverage. >> if you want heavyweights going at it, you get it in this six-day title game. 13-0 chandler that has one 9 straight. >> this is a rematch. >> [ indiscernible - low volume ] they are playing harder. there's a lot of young kids playing -- that were playing at that time. i think they have matured now. we are excited. hopefully it's a better outcome than the first time.
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>> they have a lot of great players but we do too. we are planning for this and it's been a great journey. we hope we can cap this journey off with a win. >> reporter: both sides are a lot different than when they met back in september. cameras on fire offensively led by 1800 yard rusher, t.j. green. theater discount is a little banged up. he is more than just a logo on internet meme. >> [ laughter ] >> the president was handing out medals of freedom. it's really big when bruce
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last year alone more than 50 million vehicles were recalled due to safety defects and concerns, lesson half of the automobiles have been repaired. we even found government vehicles for sale with open safety recalls. tonight at 10:00 we will tell you why that's perfectly legal. we will tell you what you can do to make sure you don't buy a recalled car it's a party out in scottsdale, the princess is getting ready to write up its holiday display. >> and just about one hour they are going to throw the switch. >> it's more than just lights. >> they have the ice rink we were showing off. here is the lobby where you can
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it's a gorgeous evening out there. the temperatures outside our into the upper 60s. in fact, you can see the winds are pretty light out of the northwest at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. here is the satellite radar. i want to show you there's a little disturbance, some snowfall in areas of colorado and some areas of northern california we will continue to see clear conditions here throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening and again for tomorrow. let's show you the forecast. as you can see with futurecast, there skies tonight. we will stop it here tomorrow morning. we will start off the morning in the lower 50s. we will have nice unchain ththt here are the lows. we are going to [ indiscernible - intermittent audio ] 21 in flagstaff. at 6 am we will be at about 51 degrees and 69 degrees at noon.
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by 2:00. the 7 day planner is looking good. 73 on wednesday, mid 70s on thursday and a high of 75 degrees on friday, plenty of sunshine to west to the weekend . you have to see his outfit. his job is to make sure everyone is excited for the holidays. tell everyone what you got this amazing outfit. >>i i got a right here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: we have kids already on the stage. 70,000 lights will be dancing with 17 different christmas songs and it's open to the public this evening. the festivities will started about 6:45. there is still space available. you can be a part of that. once we flip the lights for the tree, grimley and lights will
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scottsdale and all across the lagoon. , on out and celebrate the holidays, 32 days by the way until christmas. like it or not, selfies are a part of life for millions. not everyone likes the way they look in those pictures. >>we will see a procedure that's growing in popularity which is meant to make your face look thinner fo . >> reporter: this valley woman is having numbing cream provide -- provided for injections to the fat filled areas beneath her chin. >> i know my switch spot -- sweet spot is writing here. >> reporter: she is one of the millions of americans that takes selfies every day and is obsessed about how others think
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she has been happy with her appearance, specifically her double chin. she's being injected frequently with a fluid that helps her get rid of the fat i an injection. >> you won't see the bulge in your neck. >> she's had three treatments and this is or before the first treatment on the right -- and on the right is her after. on the left here is a mail client -- male client. 2 to 3 are recommended. >> we are seeing people that have fanta ad other cosmetic procedures thinking, i can get relevant -- i can get rid of this. >> reporter: there are some side effects. as you can see, she is swollen and could remain that way for a couple of weeks. or dermatologist says that the results are permanent once the swelling is down. it's worth the down time and pain knowing that the perfect sophie may be right around the corner. >> it's a good procedure and
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the procedure. to i would say it gives you way more confidence. >> each treatment costs $1000 in dr. stockton says it takes most people -- and dr. stockton says it takes most people 2 to 3 treatments to get the results they want. you can catch heidi, [ name indiscernible ] and [ name indiscernible ] starting at on weekday mornings. scott pelley is up next with the "cbs evening news". we hope to see you back here at
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