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tv   CBS 5 News at 5  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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people who live there but again, that man was not found. the man who adamantly denies that he had anything to do with the serial freeway shootings [ indiscernible - intermittent audio ] violated a court order. >> we have some just-released documents in connection with the recent arrest of leslie merritt jr. >> he was arrested last month for violating a domestic order. he was arrested after reportedly being at an apartment complex near cities -- 67th avenue. and maryland. his ex-girlfriend to is said to be pregnant with his child lived there with her grandmother. they had him served with an order of protection. they call police last month when he allegedly went to the complex and made threats against his ex-girlfriend. during a short interview with him after his request, he
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[ laughter ] >> okay. >> you guys are together anymore, correct? she wants you in trouble or -- >> you know more than i do. >> he was released from jail the next day. his next court date is set for early next month. >> on the materials released are the audio requirements -- recordings of police knocking on it was obvious he was asleep at the time. he made no comment. a $21,000 award, phoenix police are hoping that money will live eight someone to help them solve the murder of a valley woman. >> silent witness has increased the reward to $21,000. dina farmer, a 49-year-old mother of three was shot to death while driving on state
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about 7:00 at night. she was on the phone with 911 reporting that she was being followed by three men and a white work type truck when she was shot and killed. >> we need suspect information. we need to know if somebody maybe has talked to somebody or put something on social media that concerns someone. we would rather you give us that information anonymously than sit on the information and have justice not be done. >>the police have not that this was a random act of violence but they said in the past evidence does not point in that direction. no motive has been determined. maricopa sheriff's deputies -- the america -- the maricopa sheriff's department is asking for your help in a crime. the victim had a buzz haircut and a short beard. you are asked to call the sheriff's office if you know who this is. detectives are still trying to
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find the government who shot a cold -- shot and killed a man on the front doorstep of his home. >> his family think this may have been a case of mistaken identity. my watkins reports. >> reporter: a cold-blooded killer on the run -- mike watkins reports. >> reporter: a cold-blooded killer on the run and a family mourning the loss of a loved one. the suspect shot and killed -- the victim was shot and killed last night at these apartments. his girlfriend and young grandson. this happened at about 11:45 when someone walked up to the front door, according to police, knocked on the door and when the victim looked through the peephole, the person outside opened fire shooting right through the front metal door. >> i heard for loud -- four loud gunshots. it sounded like it was right
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he got shot! >> that was very reckless and very dangerous. they didn't even wait to see who it was. that shows a latent disregard for the people inside of the department -- apartment. the victims -- victim's family members were at the apartment at the time. he was announced at a hospital. only description they have of the shooter thus far is a light skinned young man seen leaving the area. the victim's temelec -- family tells me they believe that the shooter may have gone to the wrong apartment last night. the investigation is ongoing and police are telling us they can certainly use the public's help on this on. anyone with any information is
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near 12th st. and indian school, i am mike watkins cbs5 news -- watkiss cbs5 news. [ name indiscernible ] admitted he was high on methamphetamine when he hooked a victim on the head. he's being held in jail on a half-million dollars bond. firefighters rescued a blind man in a wheelchair when he fell in the canal. take a look at this. the rescue -- the man got too close to the edge and fl he was able to stay in the wheelchair until the crews got to him firefighters say he was slightly hypothermic after being in the water for about 20 minutes. he refused a trip to the hospital and is recovering at home tonight. homeowners are on watch for what they are calling a pretty dumb thief after burglarizing a house coming back hours later and does it again on that bicycle. this shows us what one neighbor is doing about it.
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people in this mesa neighborhood learned this. leaving the door open is like an invitation in. >> he needs to be stopped. >> some call her lori. >> it's not cool. >> reporter: this mesa neighborhood, taking care of homes while others are away has dumped her the protector. >> i'm making -- i am not taking a chance. if the guy decides he wants to take another swing at the neighborhood -- >> reporter: a man stalled a $400 mountain bike from garage of one of her neighbors. hours later she saw someone rummaging through the carport. she realized -- >> he came back on the stolen bike. he's a special kind of stupid. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he took tools this time. >> look, a package. >> reporter: and then he hit the house next-door. >> i said, excuse me. what are you doing. he said, i'm just getting my
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that he didn't have when he arrived. i know that guy, he walks the kids to school everyday. >> reporter: they believe he lives in the neighborhood. >> a special kind of stupid, you conduct a -- you can duct tape it and keep it quiet but you can't fake stupid. i will watch my neighborhood. that's what you do. >> reporter: she puts him on notice. >>i will do it. >> reporter: police suggest putting up surveillance cameras and also signs of letting people know recorded as soon as a step onto your property. as for protecting your packages, they suggest letting your delivery service now a hidden spot to put them. in mesa, cbs5 news. let's change and talk about the holidays. some spots in the valley -- [ laughter ] -- they are getting set for christmas.
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the community. they are going to flip the switch on a big holiday display tonight. roommate -- who might be slipping -- flipping a switch? mr. paul horton. >>this is going awesome. are you ready for the greatest party in the valley?, and out to this party out here as we flip the switch to 3,000,000 lights. look at this. they call this a polar glide. these are polar glide ambassadors that are enjoying the fun out here. is all part of re it is all part of s'mores land. it's a beautiful night, satellite radar shows cloud cover. it's mostly clear skies in temperature wise we are into the upper 60s right now, light winds and your evening planner, take a look, temperatures at about 60 degrees by 9:00 and dropping into the mid-xts -- mid-50s by 11:00. the party starts at about 6:00 this evening., run out.
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switch to the beautiful tree at about 6:45. >> that's great. you don't even need snow for the tubes. >> he's got a wireless microphone. he needs to be on one of those inner tubes. [ laughter ] >> have you tried it, paul? >> the pressure, i tried it earlier today. it's amazing! >> we will check back in with you throughout this hour. kanye west is hospitalized tonight. we will tell you what he is
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the earthquake that triggered a tsunami yesterday in japan was an aftershock of the 2011 quake that killed
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earthquake could hit in the next few days. may want residents to be ready. it was a 7.4 earthquake that triggered small tsunamis. did not cause any damage. >> -- the suspect in the deadly shooting of a san antonio lease officer says he was angered about a child custody battle. wants to apologize to the family of a fallen officer. he now faces capital murder charges. >> a deadly accident, a steel beam being hoisted at a new york city construction site fell after a table -- cable snapped. two people were killed. there were 40 mile an hour winds when this occurred. dennis rodman has been arrested in connection with a hit-and-run crash. he was driving the wrong way when the crash happened. it was unclear if anyone was hurt. wrapper, yes -- rapper kanye west was taken to the l.a. medical center just hours after announcing he is canceling the remainder of his tour.
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these employees don't drive. mayfly. >> what makes it different is the dizzying high wire act they performed to ensure the rest of us have power. here is cbs5's amanda goodman. >> you have to be sure and inspect the stuff really good and make sure you are not getting anywhere and tear. -- wear and tear anywhere. you have to wear your protection at all times. >> this is just a taste of it takes to keep the power grid safe and reliable. >> we are doing the annual inspections. >> the primary thing we need to do is get a thorough inspection on the towers. >> >> this is all before landing delicately on a piece of steel
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this every day. >> reporter: they talk safety and to all of here -- check all of their gear before they do anything. we witnessed this on this november morning. >> safety has to be our nine -- number 1 priority. >> reporter: then they load up into this helicopter in the heart pounding work begins. >> they drop us off and we climb down. >> reporter: they are tackling the transmission lines west of the white tank today. srp foreman joshua cohen makes this sound like no big deal. >> it's just a normal job for us. it's like a bus driver driving his bus. that's what we do. >> reporter: no doubt it takes a certain kind of person to do this job. each of these towers are 150 feet in the air and there is no room for error. always within view and earshot, the buzzing high-voltage lines. >> these are 500,000 v powerlines. for sure, we need to make sure that we are doing things the
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get to this point. >>we all like going home to our families. >> reporter: what exactly are they doing on these towers? >> looking for broken insulators, loose hardware, conductor issues, anything that could affect the reliability of our power. >> reporter: for the most part they are just documenting issues they see pic if there is something they can fix on the spot, they well. if it's a bigger, critical issue, they will come . out ahead of things and hopefully we will find the problem before it actually becomes a problem. we can fix it before it affects the customers. >> reporter: the adrenaline pumping got the work rules on until the crews have touched all of these towers. >> it's an exciting part of the job. >> reporter: the vital part of keeping your power on -- >> these powerlines need to perform 100%, 100% of the time. >> reporter: in buckeye, cbs5
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that seems like a relative term. what are the most common issues they come across on these inspections? gunshot wires happen when people use the lines for target practice. they have to inspect each transmission tower every seven years. resident elect donald trump met with the new york times today, a publication that he criticized repeatedly throughout the election process. the tweeting was -- the meeting s he told them how badly they treated him. he didn't name any new cabinet members today. the white house confirmed he has been in contact with his successor. -- president obama has been in contact with his successor. >> they have spoken at least once. >> the president-elect is now headed to florida where he will spend the thanks giving holiday. we do more than just serve
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this is for families and are unable to provide for themselves. seniors who are home alone and just need to have companionship for instance. >> all of that would not be possible without the salvation army and their team of 1000 volunteers. they spent the day getting ready for serving food on thursday. nearly 4000 people will enjoy a hot thanksgiving meal. >> -- it's all about giving back this week. one arizona cardinal player is doing his part. laf campbell and a bunch of students from southpointe television school took part in a turkey trot. this is the fifth time he held this event. he said this is close to his heart. >> i know how hard this is for families. i wanted to help out, do my part, especially when it comes to these kids. it is our future. want to make sure that it's going in the right direction. >> he's not finished. he is now headed to the
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valley. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas at least in scottsdale. >> you don't think it's time, do you? i am with the princess because they are getting ready to flip the switch on their holiday display. paul horton is out there getting into the spirit >> reporter: hello chris. want to show you guys, this is the hottest ticket in scottsdale. i am with general manager scott miller. show everyone he set up. these are fire pits right next to an ice rink. yes, an ice rink in arizona. >> was set up! we're going to talk about all the festivities and how you can check out this portable fire pit. we had beautiful weather right
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unbelievable, upper 60s. it's nice to see the rain finally move on by. we have mostly clear skies. as you can see with the satellite radar, where did the rain and snow go ask it went toward colorado and you can see some showers towards parts of northern california. we have gorgeous conditions. happen at about 6:45 and we will cool down into the upper 50s. take a look at futurecast. we will stop in the morning hours, mostly clear skies and sunshine which will last through thanksgiving which -- thanksgiving. it looks pretty good for the holiday weekend as well. 42 sedona, 50 phoenix, there's your day in detail, low 50s in the morning and then 69 degrees by noon. by tomorrow will be 73 and the 7 day planner, mid 70s wednesday, 76 thursday, mid 70s over the weekend. it's looking pretty good. a few loud will roll in sunday into monday.
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years ago. this is an unbelievable set up. >>i could never imagine it being so great. what a better time to get together then at the holidays and what a better place than right here, 6000 ft.2 of beautiful -- 6000 square feet of beautiful, real ice. >> it's going to be great. you will get to the north pole. santa will be here later to help us light up the tree. >> reporter: you heard it here. the big man will be here to help like the tree. stay tuned everybody. if you're looking for something fun to do,, now to scottsdale. we would love to see you. let's have some more of those is moore's. i have duff duty -- those s'mores. i have tour of duty tonight. [ laughter ]
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top experts have with a list of the most popular toys. >> reporter: there are plenty of holiday toys that are for the young and young at heart. this is the nurse triple blaster. >> this is a robotic dog. >> reporter: she is the chief toy officer at the toy store. she says star wars toys are expected to be among the best sellers of the season. >> we know that the star wars toys are going to get on the
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>> reporter: star wars toys come in all shapes, sizes and sounds. >>this is the kylo ren voice changing kit. >> reporter: you do your homework. [ laughter ] there is also a flying millennium falcon, one of many drones on the market. this one is voice-activated. the breakout for this holiday season is hatchables, they hatch, grow up and grow up. they are sold out at most stores but they are being sold online for well over $100. >> there is going to be a shortage. if you see it on the shelf, don't think twice, by it. by as many as you can and don't think a second time. >> reporter: the industry is
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year in several decades.
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we have a warning out of
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ice from last week, you need to there without. >> recent tests showed the water had high levels of nitrate. some parents are now concerned. the city of peoria says the water system is all clean now but the question from some parents is why were they -- once they told about the tainted water sooner. >> reporter: lisa castro is taking another look in her fridge. >>this was the sweet rice we made. >> reporter: that's after we told her about an alert from peoria water. testing showed high levels of nitrate in [ no audio ] the city of peoria says it did the required notifications. it alerted customers today after results from a second passed -- second test certified the high nitrate levels. there was a notice to the media as well as on their website. high nitrate levels are especially dangerous to kids, and since six months or younger


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