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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 17, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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and was not outstanding. tonight that officer has been placed on leave and under two investigations. one by the flagstaff department and another by nau police. marissa morris is a 30-year-old mother from flagstaff. the video of the punch was taken on a friend's cellphone. and it has gone viral. she says that she is terribly embarrassed for herself and for her family even though she knows she >> he yelled at me that i had a warrant, and i said no, i do not. and he tackled me and i said i do not have a warrant, he punched me in the face twiesz and choked me. >> he refused to run her name to see if she was telling the truth. the officer is a 3-year veteran of the flagstaff pd. jody arias's defense attorney is facing a 4-year
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book that he wrote about his new infamous client. the state bar ruled his conduct surrounding the publication of that book violated confidentiality laws that should have protected his former client. arias was convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend in 2008. donald trump has vowed to immigrants deported. he plans on removing millions from the country. >> the president elect says he's focusing on immigrant who is have committed crimes. one city councilman says trump's plans don't go far enough. more on what the councilman wants them to do. >> reporter: the councilman wants the phoenix pd to profile certain immigrants. he claims he
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this case but he wants police to profile immigrants that they suspect or believe have committed crimes in this country. the councilman's comments come as donald trump has called for more deportations. the president elect has proposed removing two to three million immigrants from the country. trump's focus right now is removing those migrants who have been convicted of crimes says the plan doesn't go far enough and he wants suspect of being criminals. and that means more surveillance and aggressive tactics to basically follow the immigrants suspected of crimes until they find a charge they can book them on. >> yes , maybe it is profiling. if they're known gang members, i hope we're profiling them. we should be doing that. that's how you watch out for crime. you can't wait for a crime to occur and pretend like it never happened and didn't know who
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>> reporter: phoenix pd would not comment. i talked to steve gallardo and he says a policy like this would lead to racial profiling and the harassing of law-abiding hispanics and loonlts in the valley -- latinos in the valley. more than a week after the general election, all maricopa county early ballots counted. a body found at the river bottom near levine. they do consider this death suspicious. there is no word on how long that person has been there. we'll continue to bring you updates as they come in. >> the man accused of causing theax that killed a phoenix doctor says he -- accident that killed a phoenix doctor says he did not do it.
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he is accused of driving a truck that killed dr. robert arcrikri who worked at phoenix children's hospital. he was riding his motorcycle at the time. he died at the scene. last week lopez turned himself in. a lot of blou that map. and we've got -- blue on that map, and we've got freeze wnings to talk mid-sdaez by 11 -- 60s by 11:00. a very close call for firefighters battling a fire at a scrap motel yard. >> they almost female into the
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ladder truck. >> reporter: they needed the help of the crane krarts to pick up and -- operators to pick up and move them aside. one move almost killed those firefighters. it's not uncommon for firefighters to get help from crane operators when they're tackling fires at scrap yards like this one. they put a firefiger supervisor guiding the person running the crane. >> one of those struck our elevated later trucks with a crew in the bucket. >> reporter: three firefighters in the bucket had to get out and climb down the ladder truck. investigators are trying to
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and what went wrong with the coordination with the crane operator. in 2013 flames shot up into the air and could be seen for miles. it took hours to work through the huge piles of debris to put out the flames. the search is on for bold and care less about security cameras cameras. george sener gave us a play by play. this valley veteran says he never imagined a
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>> i want him caught there's someone that will know him. he ?= or an apartment. but he has to my knowledge the ability to be a thief. >> this guy was ripping off a veteran. if you recognize him call the department. mesa police need your help tracking down this guy. he used a croned credit card three different times at the safeway near main and dobson. movin was arrested in september for failure to listen
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avenue bridge in tempe as a response to the shooting death of dalvin hopkins. tempe police shot and killed the suspect saying they thought the teenager had a gun. no weapon was found. the officer did not turn on his body camera. a crook strikes while the oven is hot. a family remodeling their home left with nothing. even the kitchen sink. >> what happens when a deer
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>> took our kitchen sink, both >> a thief got away with everything and the kitchen sink. he was caught on camera outside of this texas home. the family was in the process of remodeling their kitchen. the contractor ran to get some parts and this guy pulled up, took everything. she hopes the individual will help police catch him. >> he had already tore up a lock and when i went back to try
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exit. >> a young 8-point buck ended up inside an oklahoma restaurant. the >> the owner got a call about a broken front window. he heard a commotion. he thought it was a person until he saw the antlers. >> when i seen the horn, my heart sunk. >> one of his friends grabbed the antlers and pinned the deer to the floor until the crews got there. they camely tied him up with rope so he wouldn't harm himself. they carried him out and were able to release him. >> good news there. still to
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mountain hotshots. >> paying it forward with a
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a new state park to honor the granite mountain hotshot is set to open soon. the 7-mile
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the firefighters died while battling the yarnell hill fire in june 2013. a special dedication ceremony is planned for november 29th. a valley mother whos military families car is falling apart. steve weinberg wanted to donate his nissan to s across debbie lee. she hosts goldstar families in her own home. sdmoe r >> amazing to see patriots who have such a huge heart. how
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devoting her life to helping abused girls get back on their feet, never ask forward anything in return. >> jason barry introduces us to a valley woman making a difference every day. >> reporter: they're young girls who have been abused, physically, sexually, emotionally, and have turn. janet olson is the director of natally's house, devoted to helping girls get a new lease on life. >> every child has a right to a afe place to be at night. and we wanted to create it. we have them learning to ride horses, and crafts and going on lots of outings, and things to help them feel good about themselves.
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seen what a difference janet is making. she knows it's not easy, especially with limited funds and an old van that barely runs. >> her no. 1 priority is the girls. if that means digging into her own pocket, she does that over and over again >> you know that you have impressed me so much with the work you do with your girls. and i reached out to channel 5 pay it forward. and is they came through for her. >> oh, my goodness. >> and i am here to give you $500. [ laughter ] >> i can't believe it! [ cheering and applause ] [ laughter ] >> thank you so much for everything you do for the girls.
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being proud of themselves, and succeeding in life and being happy. >> a go fund me page has been raised to help her buy that new van they need. if you want to nominate someone, head to our website. an update on obi has been returned. someone dropped him off after seeing our story that we aired last night. her dog is trained to sense seizures. he disappeared in the garage. but he was dropped off, no questions. she's just so
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valley canal. husky swimming in a canal near 48th and southern more than an hour. she couldn't get up, rubbed her paws raw. someone called in the humane society who pulled her to safety. the dog an owner rushed over and took her home. snowbowl opens it up tomorrow. this is all over twitter. doesn't that look inviting? drop down to 17 degrees.
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of snow in the high country, tail end of the weekend. temperatures actually below average. sitting at 66. winds out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. we had a front pass by, and that area of low pressure still bringing snow across areas of colorado. behind it clear skies and cooler temperatures. temperatures onc start off the morning around the upper 40s and the lower 50s. our average this time of year, mid-70s. friday high of 76 and 81 over the weekend. there are some changes, sunday into
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highs of around 68 degrees on monday as well. everything you need to know
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whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that? you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. stalkers terrorism their victims with threats and intimidation. >> that may be the beginning of
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>> reporter: our investigation found stalking victims getting fired from their jobs because their employers don't want to deal with the drama or the danger. >> it's like knowing that this person or these people have been out there. >> it's something that i kind of forgot about for a while. >> how did this person contact you? >> social media. i really was thinking. >> did the company treat you differently after you let them know about this? >> yes. there were definitely changes. and it was -- the changes were not positive. >> coming up tonight on cbs5 news at 10:00, we'll tell you what your rights are in case you are among the one in seven women who finds yourself the target of
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the flagstaff police officer who punched a woman in the face claims that she kicked him and kneed him in the groin first. he detained the woman for warrants that were no longer active. jody arias's defense attorney is facing a 4-year suspension from the bar over the book he wrote about his client. the bar ruled his conduct surround the publication of his book violated cfi you've probably heard about the manikin challenge. this video has gone viral.
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