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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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it was one of the most contentious topics on the campaign trail. we are talking immigration. >> now many police departments across the country have come out saying they will not get behind donald trump's immigration policies. >> we wanted to find out how >> reporter: the big question is what are his immigration plans. many agencies say they don't want to speculate. >> i think you will see, probably, a trump administration saying we will define criminal more broadly. >> they are trying to describe which undocumented immigrants are under immediate threat of deportation. >> that is where the federal government can say, this guy is
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yet but we ought to get him out of the country. >> reporter: they may consider arrests and convictions were looking at deportation priorities. local agencies are waiting for the specifics. phoenix police say the department always has and always will stand by and support our local state and federal laws mesa police say they need something in writing before they can respond to an enforcement plan >> federal agents should have a priority and removing undocumented immigrants with aggravated felonies, murder, rape and drug trafficking. trump laid this out to voters to deport as many as 3 million with criminal records. >>tonight the mexican government says it's already working on a plan to deal with possible mass deportations from the united states. mexican leaders say mass
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mexican government and the trump administration. the 2 sides will hold meetings before trump is inaugurated. >>just as mysteriously as the pet lizard disappeared, the beloved pet has reappeared. he is now back in his owner's arms. the south american lizard was stolen from eric's backyard nearly 2 weeks ago. he says he is very mellow but he was worried to you would be sharp teeth could pose a risk to kids and animals. this weekend he got a phone call. so on -- someone told him to go out side by his doorstep and that's where he found the 4 foot lizard in a box. >> it's a great feeling like when you find your baby. our baby was kidnapped and returned without a ransom, and
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baffling as the disappearance. he says the lizard was slightly dehydrated but doing just fine. it's been a big talk for the past 24 hours, the coyotes planning to move from glendale to a new state-of-the-art stadium in tempe. >> while the valley is excited about possibly getting this, we're braced about what the future may hold. the future is a bit uncertain at this point. for the bars and restaurants in this area near the arena. they tell me that having the coyotes here promises 41 nights of good business per year which is the number of home games the coyotes play here per season. without that income, it could mean problems for business owners. >> next year, that's what we keep saying. >> reporter: the conversation usually turns to sports and right now it's about hockey and its future in the area. >> they have that other guy
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>> reporter: this arizona themed sports bar has been open for about two years. the owner picked the location because of the proximity to talk a major teams. >> , a night, we are about 50% to 60% capacity -- on a hockey night, we are about 50% to 60% capacity. >> reporter: they are worried about what will happen winds -- if and when the team moves. >> we are optimistic but cautious. repertoire they are already working with the management company to make this happen. >> we are concerned about the businesses at westgate. that's an important development for the city of glendale. that's why we are working hard as we can right now to keep the coyotes here. we will not forget about that area if they do leave. we will put all efforts in to get as many venues in as we can.
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relocation is not a done deal. they have until july of next year to come up with a final plan. i am lauren reimer in glendale. second warmer day today, temperatures record high, 72 degrees in flagstaff, lower 60s right now, 84 currently in phoenix, a beautiful sunset taking place right now. you can see the high thin clouds. we will continue to see off and on cloud cover through tomorrow. this ridge of high pressure has brought us warm temperatures pushing out toward the east and we are going to see cooler weather tomorrow. we will have one more day with temperatures above average, mostly clear skies in the morning. sunrises about 7 am and mid 80s will be the high for tomorrow. the winds will pick up in the afternoon and evening hours, a big drop in temperatures. how long will the cold weather stick around? i will let you know coming up expect new tonight we have good news. the cost to buy all of the fixings for thanksgiving is expected to cost less this year than last year.
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meal including turkey, sweet potatoes and dessert will cost just over $46 for a family of 10 . that works out to about $4.60 per person. those prices are down 3% from last year. i still really want to see the actual shopping because that sounds so low, $4.60 person. >> that's cheaper than u2
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lori says the door to her 2013 escape flew open without warning while she was driving. hundreds of ford owners nationwide have had similar issues. >> someone would've been injured quite badly if someone was in the back of the vehicle at that time. >> reporter: she says the latch broke on another tour i year later. ford recall defective door latches on some models but not on several others experiencing the identical problems including murders their customers had to pay out of pocket for the repairs. -- including hers. pocket for their repairs. the door latch recall affects the escape, ford focus, and others. what about customers that previously paid for the repairs? to i would get the money -- >> i would get the money refunded but there's no timeframe they've given me. >> reporter: she could bring the receipt to be reimbursed. she says it is shameful that it
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ford to recognize this defect. >>this took too long. someone could have been injured or died from this defect. >> reporter: it's says that they determine there was for accidents in one injury caused by this. you can check out the story online right now. don't delay if you need your door latch repaired. to any ford dealer regarding this. go to problem. you can hover over cbs advocates. you can submit it to me and i will get back to you.
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tonight at 10:00, hoas have many rules but do they go too far. we have answers coming up. if you are driving to your thanksgiving destination you will have plenty of company this year. aaa projects americans will drive 50 miles or more. that's the highest number since 2007. las vegas is the top destination. united airlines has dropped their shares -- fares, with a special economy ticket.
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being launched by mcdonald's to see if any restaurants are serving a. then you can share that news with your friends. lyft is shedding its iconic pink mustache. this will launch new year's eve. google is pushing back against fake websites, banning them from advertising. they and how this may have even influence the election.
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people magazine has named dwayne "the rock" johnson the sexiest man alive. in case you were wondering, his bank account is also pretty attractive. he's on the highest-paid actor
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>> he is such a nice guy. fans waiting for the nike self lacing sneakers. they are not going to be coming quite so cheap. the hyperadapt 1.0 will cost you $720. issues will be available late next month. >> they put out notice saying, it's not $1000 reported. it's only $720. they are trying to make it sound like a bargain. the cardinals are hoping the honey badger we'll be back. >> we would be shocked if he didn't play recovering from that shoulder industry that he suffered two weeks ago. he is a -- out doing good in the community. he was handing out thanksgiving meals to local families today. he also filled backpacks for
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>> it's important to do great things and be successful but this is a ministry close to me. [ indiscernible - low volume ] >> i'm very optimistic he will play this week. let's talk about todd graham asu heading to washington this week. no matter what happens in the final two games, the sun devils head coach is going to be back. he is in danger of back to back non-winning seasons. the semifinals this season, today playstation 'a title sponsorship, a multi-year deal. the game will be played on new year's eve and we will learn more about the final four at 7:00 tonight. brandon knight is unhappy with
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he's averaging 49.9 minutes a game. finally, remember playing in israel this season. he takes off his safety goggles and tries to give them to the referee. they are prescription goggles. he says take them. clearly you need some help seeing what's going on in the game. those prescription goggles are designed with that big lack rain. >> he had retinal surgery. i said you should get goggles design like that. six months later, they are designed like that here [ overlapping speakers ] >> i never fully took credit for it but now i'm taking credit for it. thanks mark. coming up at 6: 30, twitter cracking down on online
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these are sixth-graders at catalina venter elementary. do you know how to make your kids calm down in class? i learned this from the teachers. they are going crazy right now. then you ask them to do the
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>> [ laughter ] >> look at this. it is completely silent in the room. it's the most amazing trick you can try and elementary school. thank you so much to catalina for the invite today. if you want us to show up at your school, just log into the website, what a day today! let's show you the temperatures, upper 80s currently outside in tucson, a record today. lescott.up to 70 -- prescott got up to well above average as well as flagstaff. sunset is right around five back sunset is right around five:30 and it is still warm, wind out of the northwest at 5 miles an hour. it is a dry heat. relative humidity is 2%. the satellite radar tells the story.
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and west of us and will pass by. tomorrow morning we will wake up with a few high thin clouds may be in the west valley. temperatures will drop down into the low 60s. by wednesday afternoon and into the evening hours the front will pass through. behind it we will have cooler air. we will see a big drop in temperatures on thursday and friday. take a look at the overnight lows, around 59 degrees in phoenix, 43 in prescott, mid 30s in prescott -- flagstaff. look at these temperatures, 59 on wednesday and almost a 15 degree difference on thursday, 45 degrees. then dropping down to the teens on friday morning, a high of 48 on friday and most weekly or conditions of up north for the weekend. 84 on wednesday for us, beloved average temperatures on friday and then we will warm up again over the weekend. there's a chance of rain fall
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monday a high of 76. these devices are not perfect but they have saved more than 100,000 flights. you will find dozens of video online showing police officers having trouble with their tasers. what can go wrong when the stun guns come out? do they work every time and can criminals beat them? >> nothing is for a taser to function correctly a number of things have to occur. if there's a break in any of those steps, it's not going to work. >> we will separate fact from fiction and show you when a taser should and should not be the first choice in a police confrontation tonight at 6:30 and 10:00 right here on cbs5 news. speaking of criminals, some are now turning to dogs to commit crimes. they are training animals to act as vicious weapons.
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abandoned and neglected. one man is on a mission to rescue those animals and give them a second chance. >> reporter: cornelius austin scours the streets of los angeles six days a week looking for stray or neglected animals. >> i love working with dogs. seeing dogs in a comfortable place -- >> reporter: more and more he is finding abandoned dogs that were trained by criminals to become vicious weapons. >> i have seen dogs come to the shelr scars all over their faces. they had been in a battle. >> reporter: authorities say they have seen a surge of dogs used to help commit crimes. >> they had been using them in robbery, rape, assault. >> reporter: this attorney works exclusively on cases that involve dog bites. many criminals are using dogs instead of guns to avoid being brought back to jail. >> they know that a vicious dog can be used as successfully to
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>> to the left! >> reporter: austin works to reverse the training some of the animals received. he has helped to rehabilitate hundreds of aggressive dogs such as this pit bull. sumac this is severe dog aggression. he has done a 100 -- >> this is severe dog aggression and he has done a 100 degree turnaround. >> reporter: he says he owes it to the dogs to try. >> do tell you if they could talk. it's not the dogs. it's the people. >> reporter: chris martinez cbs news los angeles.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: transition trouble. the president-elect and a team divided trying to put together an administration. another top adviser is out. who will be secretary of state? >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i >> pelley: also tonight, the battle in the south against wildfires fed by autumn leaves. >> you fear that you're going to lose everything you have. >> pelley: the u.s. military puts its faith in a mustard seed to fuel this aircraft. and will the world hold still for the latest online fad?


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