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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  November 4, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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presidential preference election? this is what was happening behind us. voters in the valley were not gonna wait till tuesday to cast their ballots. s. >> all right, we're gonna move onto the voting lines. theerpz coming in from -- these were coming in from the chandler city clerk's office. line wrapped around day of early voting. voters were frustrated. the wait was up to three hours. >> make some changes! so people won't be frustrated and won't be discouraged. >> this was a similar scene that happened in tempe. this is the publicity library there -- public library there. the lines were out the door. the wait was estimated to be three hours. we were told that the people that got in line before the doors closed there at 5:00 would still
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>> let's break down the numbers we're looking at when it comes to early voting. there are two million registered voters on maricopa county. and at this point, one million have already cast early ballots. county election leaders expect about 460,000 voters to show up at the polls on tuesday. there will be 724 voting stations. democrat s are celebrating a decision from the 9th ingersoll circuit court of appeals. law which makes collecting ballots a felony. that means people can give their ballots to someone else who can turn it in for them. >> it's a ridiculous law that was there to suppress the vote in our community. and today we're here to let the community
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efforts, you can trust us and give us your ballot. >> the attorney general appealing the decision. donald trump jr. made his case in the valley today for his father. he held a rally this morning in gilbert. this is the second time in eight days that he visited arizona. he told the crowd his father has the guts to change the system. bernie sanders will be back in phoenix he'll be campaigning once again for hillary clinton before the election. doors will open at 10:45. >> and you can get the latest campaign updates straight to your phone by downloading the cbs5 mobile app. at 6:45, we'll have answers on how prop 206 could impact homeowners in arizona. developing tonight, more charges could be filed against a caretake who are allegedly
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surprise police said the child died this morning from a serious brain injury. he was thrown to the floor twice by lizzet moreno by crying and refusing to eat. a man accused of ramming a police car. a chopper was over the scene near mcqueen and rae. detectives from the gang unit tried to stop the vehicle. that's when the driver drove into a group's patrol car and sped off. they later caught him after aoo what led up to the traffic stop. a man in the west valley shoots a burglar twice in the back. that suspect was a 15-year-old boy. it happened this morning in tolleson. the man found two people inside burglarizing his place. he opened fire strike the 15-year-old. >> we just heard some gunshots. i heard some gunshots.
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>> you have to do what you have to do to protect yourself. >> the 15-year-old and the second suspect have been booked into jail as juveniles. eight years in prison and lifetime probation, that's the sentence for the teen terror suspect accused of planning terrorist attentions in the valley as well as in tucson. >> he is the first person convicted under the terrorism statute. >> reporter: the courtroom was packed with family members there to support him. the arizona attorney general was also in the courtroom. this is a first of its kind case. the prosecution
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to hurt other people and poses a danger to society. before sentencing, nearly a dozen people addressed the judge. one of them khan's sister whose face we were asked by the judge not to show. she says the terrorism charges do not define her brother. >> i think he never intended to nor is he even capable of harming anybody. the mahin i know does not have an evil bone in his body. what he does have is a family who loves hymn immensely and miss -- him immensely and misses him. >> reporter: after the sentencing, the attorney general said that justice had been served. while khan did not get the maximum, which would have been 14 years in prison, the big win here was that he was sentenced to lifetime probation, which means that they will always have someone monitoring him when he does get out of prison. new information tonight about two phoenix police
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charges. donna rossi has learned that the two are accused of filing a false report. in may, officers pepper sprayed a woman who was trespassing near 31st avenue and mcdowell. they claim they stayed with her for more than five minutes to make sure she was okay. evidence shows they actually drove away 40 seconds later. phoenix police are looking for the man who tried to steal an americ downtown phoenix. video shows the man trying to take the flag. can't get it off the pole there. millions go back one hour this weekend. why that actually spells bad news for retail stores.
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weight. how a urine test can help pregnant women. >> and health violations that could shut down some valley
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[ crowd noise ] long lines for early voting. you're looking at tempers flaring at scottsdale city hall as a handful of early voters verbally sparring with police officers, city workers as
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on people who had been waiting in line to vote. they were even handing out numbers. we have a crew in carefree were people were shut out of early voting there when the doors closed at 4:30. they had not been told to extend service hours. we've got a crew headed to the office to we want to bring you some breaking news in the west valley. there has been a double shooting near 67th and van buren. one person is dead. the other, in his 20s, is in the hospital in serious condition. we'll pass along more information. most of the country will be turning back their clocks this weekend. some businesses could
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people spend less money when there are fewer hours of sunlight. grocery stores and retail stores see their biggest drops. again don't touch your clocks here in arizona: we don't participate. a urine test could help pregnant women influence the weight of their newborn. >> simple lifestyle changes could make a very big difference. they looked at urine samples and lifestyles of 800 pregnant women. eating protein-packed food third trimester when babies grow the most, a 50% increase in nutrient-rich meals could mean weight-gain of 2.5%. >> if we modify the level of met blights, we would be able to help ensure a healthy birth. >> reporter: those protein-packed meals include chicken, fish, eggs, beans, lentil, soy protein.
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would raise the minimum wage. why some think that could impact your hoa dues. >> food at the wrong temperature, some valley restaurants are not keeping a clean kitchen. >> it is a great evening to get outside with some partly cloudy conditions. temperatures in the
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>> one of the most powerful tools to protect the border is floating high above our desert. it's called tars, tethered arrow-radar system. they carry specialized radar that can detect low-flying aircraft and drones. >> our law enforcement officers that see that on the radar will then engage and get the get the bad guys waiting for the drugs. >> if the smuggler makes it over the border, the technology helps track down the drugs before it gets into the wrong hands. the debate over the minimum wage in arizona is heating up tonight. some say it will help struggling families. others insist it will cost homeowners money in the form of higher hoa
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concerned that if arizona raises the minimum wage, it could lead to higher dues. >> continued raise our assessment between $5 and $10. >> all the studies on previous minimum wage increases have shown us that that was absorbed with very little i. increase in 2006, and that had no negative impact on homeowners. >> supporters claim that arizona raised it ten years ago with no impact on homeowners and nothing would change now. after the rain and the wind and the storm yesterday, we definitely had that cooler air settling in over the valley.
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degrees. under some cloudy sky, cleared out throughout the afternoon. and pushed that moisture you have to the north. seeing that line of showers pushing toward the flagstaff area. light to moderate rain expected for you as we head into this evening. headed out to the high country, here's what you the start of the week. flagstaff, temperatures in the 50s, low 60s, sedona upper 60s to low 70s. payson will have upper 60s to low 70s as well. not too bad if you're getting out of the valley for the weekend. even though our temperatures are looking relatively nice, 80 to 85 degrees here in the valley. temperatures warming saturday, and that starts a warming trend
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throughout the week. we'll be seeing the temperatures back into the low 80s by thursday. no soap, chemical bottles not labeled. >> reporter: four major violations. the health employee handled dirty dishes then clean dishes. chicken not cooked at a proper temperature. sip coffee and bar house in phoenix. four major violations. the health inspector found raw eggs over ready to eat turkey, no soap in a sink. zip's sports grill on warner road in phoenix. four major violations. two cans
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utensils with food debris stored as clean. five major violations. the health inspector found water not hot enough to clean dishes, a sink not draining properly. and the place with the most violations, the hillside spa. six major violations. the hillside spa had toxic substances not labeled. soup with expired date marks, and the staff handling ready to eat food with their bare hands. the place is on notice to clean up or could face legal action. the places with perfect scores make our dean's list.
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line and country club in mesa. and smash burger at 99th and mcdowell in avondale. see how your favorite restaurants are doing by downloading the cbs 5 app. everything you need to know
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one of the most popular hiking areas in the valley. and also one of the strangest names and weirdest histories. >> just crazy, yeah. and you could go crazy with it. >> wasn't always such a pleasant place to be.
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it's a story you may want to tell on your next hike. tonight at 10:00. tonight 's takeaways, big problems on the last day of early voting for next week's election. this was the scene a short time ago at scottsdale city hall. city workers closed the doors on people who have been waiting in line to do early voting. it also happened up in carefree. they said they were following regular service hours and had not been told to extend them. they're sorting through the problems with earlt for you tonight at 10:00. a tucson man will spend eight years in prison after pleading guilty to terrorism charges. they say he plotted to bomb in mesa. the d-backs have a new manager. heel be introduced at a news conference on monday. he spent two months at the interim manager for the boston red sox. he also had 16 seasons of
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14-year playing career. be sure to connect with cbs5 on facebook, twitter, or instagram. the chicago cubs held their championship parade today. a hydrogen turnout, and this could -- huge turnout, and this could be the best selfie taken during the celebration. david ross took a picture with his teammates, and he scores! the fan in the several million people attended today's rally, and they waited more than 100 years for a celebration like this. >> 15 years ago tonight, we were winning it all again the yankees, game 7, 2009 of the world series -- 2001 of the
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paul babeu is abusive. and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. disturbing. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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? ? macgyver: when i was 12 years old, i found a stray dog in the woods behind my house. he wasn't much to look at, but we got along. i named the dog archimedes, after the famous mathematician, and my grandfather said i could keep him if i did all the work. sounded like a sweet deal. i mean, how much work could one dog be? but i quickly realized that this dog was a born escape artist. at least once a week, i found myself chasing him all over the neighborhood. jack: (panting) what is this guy, like an olympic sprinter or something? yeah, didn't you read his file, jack? special skills include stealing top secret information with his phone (singsongy): and 100 meter dash. yeah. i hear the sarcasm, i'm just too tired to appreciate it. riley: he's heading for the northeast exit. you might be able to head him off if you turn right... now. riley, how much longer until you fry this guy's phone with your space laser? okay, first, stop calling it a space laser. second, i'm writing a code complex enough to wipe a locked, encrypted phone from 7,000 miles away. whatever, riley!
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aah! mac, just let me shoot him, please! can't. thornton's orders. pentagon wants him alive. he won't be dead, he'll just be shot. come on! jack, keep up! okay, guys. we got a problem. those stacked containers he just ran into? they're blocking the line-of-sight from the gps satellites. i'm going blind. actually, i-i got an idea. you go! wait a minute, you really have an idea, or are you just trying to get out of running? jack, go! you're just trying to get out of running! ing to contain archimedes, but that dog jumped fences, chewed through cages, even tunneled under walls. so, gramps had an invisible fence installed around our yard. he said the next time archimedes tried to escape, his collar would give him a good shock. (grunts) ? ?


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