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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  October 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:05pm MST

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. >> not a win, not a loss but a tie. that is how the cardinals sunday night showdown ended with the seattle seahawks. thanks for joining us. >> we want to welcome our viewers on 3 tv as well. both teams blew a chance to win in overtime. joe is in to look at what went wrong. >> a lo healing your breath throughout the game. a lot went wrong, especially on special teams. cardinals trying to move within a half game of first place. 3rd and 5, carson palm tore michael floyd who drops the ball. most dense pointing player on the team this year. seattle has to answer, they do. russell wilson, big throw to jimmy graham, sets up a 36-yard
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cardinals get the ball back, carson palmer stepping up, jj nelson burns richard sherman, takes it inside the 10 sets up a the 4-yard game winning fieldgoal. arizona nation stunned, everyone stunned. seattle drives down with a chance to win it. a 28-yard fieldgoal, thank you very much. arizona escapes with the we're going to have much more on the cardinals coming up on instant replay. tim will be live from glendale with reaction from the team. >> joe, thank you. >> right now 17 people are in the hospital after a series of crashes along the i-17. >> the freeway just reopened after that chain reaction crash
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hours. >> i-17 south bound is open at that point. it took hours to investigate and that left thousands of people stranded on the roadway. the name of the game, hurry up and wait. this is the most i've seen is that we're stuck down there and everybody is just standing around. >> reporter: bumper to bumper, brake light to brake light. this is i-17 south and it's a parking lot. >> you came around the rn >> reporter: some went for a walk, others sat on the guardrails waiting hours for the traffic to start moving again. >> take a nap. people watching because everyone is hiking. that's cool. >> reporter: because of the back-up, this massive chain reaction accident asemi hauling cattle side swipes 23 vehicles near black canyon city. 17 are take on the the
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13 others by ambulance. >> it's crazy. i feel bad for all the families. >> reporter: luckily nobody was killed in this massive crash and everybody that was injured is expected to be okay. the investigation is underway. back to you. >> yeah, so many people affected by that. jeff, thank you very much. >> we have new information about breaking news we brought you last night at 10:00. phoenix police say a man who was loop 101 and 7th street was not in a cross walk and may have been drunk at the time. the area was closed down for hours last night. the driver stayed at the scene and the man who died has not been identified. >> an internet date took a violent turn today. the man was meeting a woman he met online and he was
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one opened fire and he was take on the the hospital but expected to recover. two suspects are in custody tonight. >> a toddler is in critical condition tonight after a dresser fell on top of her. it happened in surprise this afternoon. the three-year-old girl was found unconscious and they performed cpr until the ambulance arrived. >> a mom fights back against a man suspected of molesting the mom found an sd card with pornographic photos of her child on it. it belonged to a family friend, charles garcia. she confronted him and he tried to get away. police found him and they also discovered there may be another victim. garcia is facing five counts of
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from election day. >> the candidates are making their final push to get your vote. at a rally in north carolina hillary clinton criticized her opponent for call the election rigged. in florida, donald trump told supporters he's not backing down. >> he refused to say he'd respect the results of this election and that is a threat to democracy. it's rigged, broken and they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folk, it's' a rigged system. >> trump also told his crowd not to believe the new polls out this weekend which show clinton leading in many states. >> hillary clinton got help from gabrielle clifford and her husband, mark kelly.
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vote early. >> come january i want to say these two words. madam president. >> giffords and her husband have been very vocal on the national stage about clinton. one of their talking points, tougher gun control laws. >> we're in the final stretch of the election so stay up to date by downloading our free cbs know locally and nationally before heading to the polls. >> you see the players, now the fans. >> i was cry the whole game. >> it's crazy. i've been waiting my whole life
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here. . >> some people that are like 70 years old have not seen this. >> i'm out of tears. i'm out of tears. >> they're not just satisfied by getting to this point. they want to win this whole thing. >> jared mentioned, they're all crying. so much emotion. chicago still going strong. the long drought is over. the cubs are headin world series for the first time in 71 years. >> we have a huge cubs following here in arizona. fans are reveling in this win. we spent the day with some of those fans and is live in mesa. >> reporter: seven months ago during spring training this is a place that it all started leading the cubbies to where
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this is the place that many dream. today we got to hang out with cubby fans and they say they're still on cloud nine from yesterday's win. >> that girl from chicago. literally everyone here is from chicago. >> reporter: here in chandler chandra -- many chicago fans. >> it was wall to wall fans. >> reporter: it was a packed house saturday night as cubs fans watched something they've been waiting 71 years to happen, the cubs big win over the dodgers to get them to the world series. for fans and staff here they say it was an incredible moment. >> literally so many grown men crying.
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it was emotional to be in here. it was lots of tears. >> i'm 27 and tears are coming out of my eyes and people that are 50, 60 years old balling their eyes out. emotions full. it was epic. >> reporter: fans still living in the epic moment today. >> i'm only 27 years old but i >> it've never seen that much emotion. >> reporter: not all here from chicago are cubs fans. many say it was more than just a win. it's part of a long awaited cubbies fairytale. >> to be a cubs fan for so many years, it's indescribable. >> reporter: they say they're anxiously awaiting game one of
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they'll play the indians. live from the spring training home of the chicago cubs, back to you guys. >> thank you so much. >> we've got gorgeous weather here in the valley over the next couple of days even though we've got a change in the weather pattern. 81 is the currepresent temperature, 43 in flagstaff, 69 in globe. winds coming out of the west- southwest, nice breeze out we'll see the wind as little gusty at times as we held into tomorrow afternoon. cooler temperatures coming our way for the start of the week. we'll increase the cloud cover, bring in a chance of showers and then by the mid part of the week we'll, once again, warm back up and dry things out for us. temperatures are going to go above the seasonal average. here is what it looks like
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vegas right now. that's where we've kept most of the moisture today except for the isolated showers here early tore day. we'll keep watching as the pockets of moisture move into our area. the storm system is sitting off the coast of northern california. the center of that system will stay to north of us but it'll drag up the moisture from the south-southwest and put enough to see a little bit of activity. futurecast models showing the cloud cover and all of the moisture moving in. not picking up too much now on the isolated showers but other models are showing a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. as we head into tuesday things clear out. we'll dry out and warm up quickly. temperatures for tomorrow are going to be sitting in the 80s,
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flagstaff 64, sedona 78. temperatures stay in the upper 80s for us tuesday afternoon and then we're back in the the 0s and warmest day of the week thursday at 95-degree, 10 degrees above our seasonal average. >> all right, looking good. now you have everything you need to know on this sunday night. up next, jared and i have never done this but have you ever faked sick to get >> no but we'll tell you the top reasons people tell those little white lies. >> speaking of jobs, what's the best work schedule for you. we'll break down how your work
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. okay, it's happened to all of us. some days you don't feel like going into work. us? never. a new survey finds people lie
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don champion reports. >> reporter: no matter how much we love our jobs we've all been there. >> sometimes you're stressed out. >> reporter: shannon white admits she's lied about being sick to get a day off from work. she's not alone. a new survey finds 35% of workers have called out sick when they were feeling fine. most fake an illness. >> the flu probably >> reporter: employers surveyed say they've outrageous excuses. one worker said the ozone in the air flattened his tires and he couldn't come to work. one claimed they it too much birthday kick. one had to attend the funeral of the pet of his wife's cousin. >> i need to go to oklahoma because i'm getting engaged >> reporter: he said that? >> i didn't get engaged. >> reporter: lying can come with a cost.
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confirm if workers are sick and sometimes even drive by their house. hawthorne says that's why honesty is the best policy. would you feel bad if you called in sick and weren't? yeah because i'm a pastor too. >> there's the guilt. the number one reason people give for faking sick day, just didn't feel like going to work. number two was a doctor's appointment and number three they jus >> our biological clocks have a way of regulating how alert and sleepy we get over 24 hours. working certain times of the day or night can jeopardize our health. tonight some answers about the best work schedule based on age. teens and young adult, later may be better. they go to bed late and wake up
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the schedule should reflect their lifestyle. consistency is key. ho and older a three day work week could be best. researchers found working more than 25 hour as week can decrease cognitive performance. bring that one to the boss. >> bad news ladies. you may have no control over whether you get hot flashes researchers look at this from ucla. the good news is findings could lead to new treatments. >> it will lead us to figuring out the biological mechanism
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women experience those symptoms. >> the american academy of pediatrics is out with new screen time guidelines for children. experts say the new recommendations address the modern digital age. the new guidelines, children under 18 months should avoid all screen timex september video chatting. 2-5 one hour per day and children have consistent time limits on how much time they get. you want to make sure entertainment screen time st. louis not replacing family meals or outside activities. >> experts recommend families develop a media plan to keep the kids screen time habits on track. >> a lot of people have their
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course. trick torrtrick-or-treaters will be knocking on your door. >> if a home owner is aware of a hazard that may not be obvious to everyone like wires or cords across the sidewalk, the owner could be liable. >> halloween is a fun time. the last thing i want to be is the fun police. the fun is also in the safety. it just takes a few moments of >> doing simple things like keeping an eye on your dog or using lights instead of open flames can keep everyone safe. >> a former miss arizona helped to lead the aides walk today. she is talking about her own struggle of living with hiv, hoping to send a message. are 20 years ago erin dolby was crowned miss arizona.
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addict and is hivszabia positive. >> i was so terrified with fear. at 21 days sober i was positive. >> reporter: she's turned her life around by sobering up, getting married and having a baby. know your health. know about your health. become compliant with your medication and then we can reduce transmissions. arizona, that's something. >> are 18,000 in arizona are hiv positive. it's estimated 3000 of them don't know they have it. >> with thousands walking here today the goal is to raise $400,000 and that money will go to 16 agencies valley wide that help educate, support and empower those living with hiv. >> the sweetest man. >> reporter: eldridge lost her
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he died within a month of being diagnosed. >> in my mission, my statement, get tested. gay, straight, it doesn't matter. because of the relationships is young people are having with unprotected sex, drugs, all of that, get tested. it can save your life. >> reporter: the city of phoenix mayor in the crowd today sharing that city officials will worldwide effort called night. >> we want to make sure 90% of all people are tested, 90% are in the treatment and 90% are getting right treatment. when we do that we'll eliminate
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2030. it's not just the city of phoenix. cisco around the globe are adopt the 90-90-90 policy. >> coming up next, brake check
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look - i supported joe arpaio for a lot of years... but lately, he spends so much time on tv or he failed to serve warrants for violent crimes. he didn't even investigate when children were molested. and lawsuits against him have cost taxpayers over one hundred forty two million dollars. we need a new sheriff whose top priority is keeping our community safe. that's why this year,
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. okay, caught on camera avideo taken on a wisconsin highway show as driver engaging in a dangerous behavior. >> it's called brake check and can trigger deadly accidents. michelle that is story. >> reporter: the video was posted on facebook and received plenty of comments. we took it to a driving instructor to get his reaction. >> oh, my gosh. that's life and death right there. >> reporter: instructor, john muller says many don't think on the how dangerous pulling out in front of a truck is. >> you have to think about what it takes to stop a vehicle of that size. you're traveling at 60 miles per hour, 90 seconds. >> brake checks and other dangerous maneuvers are
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heavyer but it happens a lot due to distractions. >> people realize, they get frustrated, road rage going on and they think i'm going to show this guy and hit their brakes. that's a bad idea. >> reporter: truck driving instructors say they have to compensate for others' actions. >> when a truck goes into a jack knife the trailer comes around the and takes up a huge amount of space. it will go into multiple lanes and off the roads. >> coming up after the break, a skirmish over a senior living facility.
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i learned as a police officer and a businessman you should never abuse people's trust. unfortunately, today too many politicians either serve their party or themselves, and arizona families suffer. disgrace. babeu spent $28,000 of taxpayer money at a five-star resort and was questioned by the fbi for using public money to promote himself. o'halleran: i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message,
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. this is cbs 5 news. >> a fight's been brewing in north central phoenix over a proposed senior living facility on church property. >> some say it would change the character of their neighborhood. >> are on this sunday more than the north phoenix baptist church's congregation was joined by protesters.
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phoenix home owner's association say they oppose the case. this would convert this area to commercial to make way for a three story senior living facility. >> a bar next to the pre school delivery trucks, oxygen trucks, ambulances, garbage trucks coming through the night. >> reporter: many fear this case would set a presence support of. >> reporter: many residents in the area will benefit from the senior living facility. >> the church as a right and they can do what they want on their property. this church has done more for the community than any other church in the state of arizona. more to come on that. >> right now a motorcyclist is in the hospital after being hit by a driver in surprise.
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behind a mini van at a red light when an elderly woman rear ended him pushing him into the van. he was flown to the hospital in critical condition. investigators say dui has not been ruled out here because the elderly woman was seen driving wreck lessly before the crash. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire inside a garage in phoenix. firefighters were called out to a home and found a car in flames. out quickly and stop it from spreading to the family's home. no one was hurt. many members of arizona's tribes have taken part in the ongoing protest over a pipeline in north dakota. there was another showdown over the construction site this weekend. more than 1 to people were arrested there and deputies fired at a drone which they say protesters flew too close to a
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will damage the heritage andesites. investigators are at a crash site in southern california trying to figure out what caused a tour bus to plow into an 18 wheeler truck this morning. >> at least 13 killed and 31 more injured. chris martinez has the latest >> reporter: a crane was needed to separate a tour bus and tractor trailer on i-10 in north the bus plowed into the back of the truck early saturday morning. i've never been to a crash with 13 confirmed fatal accidents. >> reporter: they said most of the passengers were sleeping at the time of the crash. first responders used ladders to get to the victims. >> the truck went about 15 feet
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the bus was traveling faster than the truck. the bus drive ever died in the crash as were dozen-and the driver of the truck was injured. >> the bus was coming from a casino near palm springs. the 1996 earlier this year. federal records show the bus company involved owned one bus and had one driver. chris martinez, cbs news, north palm spring, california. >> when she collided with the guardrail she vaulted into the air a good 30 feet. >> that driver is still in the hospital tonight after her caroled over near 40 street and
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airport. troopers say the woman suddenly veered off the roadway and the car landed on the roof. impairment may have been a factor. >> caught on camera, four people on a boat, including an 8-year-old girl, stuck there in the middle of the ocean in florida. they were all on top of flipped boat waiting for help. they called 911 and after 45 minutes the coast guard rescued them. no . also caught on camera here adramatic foot race shows a tempe detective catching burglary suspect and that detective told amanda he'd have
10:34 pm
>> i was sore the next day. >> reporter: and with good reason. this is how the detective spent his tuesday morning, chasing burglary suspect through a neighborhood, all of it captured on his body camera. molina knew the suspect from prior burglary calls. when this call came out they decided to come help out the officeers in the area. >> we were coming to contact with him. when i got out of the vehicle he began running. >> reporter: he wasn't going to let anything get in his way. molina followed suit. >> i hopped over the gate. at that point i was gaining on him. i hopped over the fence as well. didn't lane as gracefully as he did. i landed on my back but popped up. >> reporter: he chased over and
10:35 pm
nabbing him. when he caught up to him -- he started throwing up. he said his moth ever gave him that stuff and he knew the items were stolen and that's why he ran. he was booked on burglary and theft charges. he stole clothing from the home and left some of his own clothes behind including his under wear which had his name on them zzzzzz. >> a trail that will lead people to the site where arizona firefighters were killed in the line of duty is almost completed. the hotshots died while fighting the yarnell fire. the trail stretches to a ridge over looking the sight and will have plagues with each of their names. the dedication ceremony is set for november 29th. . >> both the clinton and trump
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voting. a 100-year-old woman in nevada is proving there is no excuse not to vote. saturday was the first day voters could cast early ballots and gertrude one was of the first to submit herbal lot. >> i've always voted. my folks made it very important that we always do that. >> she expects to be back at the polls for the next presidential election of to 20 >> north carolina is one of 30 states where early voting for the presidential election is underway. in a state where 27 people were killed by floods from hurricane matthew, many are struggling just to make it to the voting booths. >> like i don't have anything. >> reporter: it's been almost a month since hurricane matthew barreled down on north carolina but town, like fairmont are still feel the effects.
10:37 pm
out, full of model and water logged floors. >> i'm doing the best i can to keep my head above the water. >> reporter: mack nihar and her family are crammed into one home but they're some of the lucky ones. close to a thousand people were still housed in emergency shelters this week. many are lining up for food instead more than 550,000 registered voters live in the six north carolina counties where almost a foot of rain washed out so much. election workers are struggling to find places for people to vote. absent tee voting may not be the fix. a person need as mailing address where the ballot can be sent. i don't think the early voting
10:38 pm
enthusiasm due to matthew. a lot are not interested right now. they're just trying to get back into their homes. the stakes are high. in 2008, senator barack obama beat senator mccain by just 14,000 votes in north carolina. >> i'm focused on finding somewhere to live on my own again. that's my number one priority. >> in other weather we're experiencing warmer than normal temperature, there are places around the country seeing much cooler weather. the video on the right side of your screen, that is from alaska and the left is from northern vermont. >> that looks like fun. i can't believe we had that.
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they may get a few showers. we have a system bringing rain to parts of new york and pennsylvania. midwest, things are relatively calm for you and west coast dealing with its next series of system that is will begin to move through. that will affect our weather pattern as we head into the next couple of days. what we're going to be seeing is the moisture coming up from the southwest. al front moving through, tapping into the moisture that's just to the south of us. we've got the cloud cover out there, we just have not seen the rain. that system continues to move to the east and mixes in the cooler air for us. an increase in cloud, increase in winds, cooler temperatures coming our way. after to day, 96, we're done with the heat. 81 is the temperature in
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globe, 54 in show low. winds out of the west- southwest. we'll continue with breezy condition tomorrow afternoon. futurecast showing you all of the moisture that comes in throughout the day tomorrow. off and on showers could happen. very scattered and light in nature. we'll see heavyer and more moderate showers up in arizona throughout monday night. tuesday everything clears out by the time we head afternoon. for tomorrow we start off with temperatures in the 70s. by the time we head into the lunch hour 85 tegs, 88 is the afternoon high. 6 had is what we're extexting in flagstaff, 78 in sedona, 74 prescott and 84 bullhead city. take a look at the rest of the week, seven day forecast temperatures in the upper 80s for tuesday afternoon, back in
10:41 pm
95 thursday, warmest of the week. temperatures in the 90s through next sunday. overnights a little mixture. we have 6 0s and 70s.. i can't believe it's going to warm up again. >> i know, i was hoping it would stay. >> and it's snowing in alaska and vermont. >> thank you ashlee. thank you for joining us tonight. >> stick around for we'll see you tomorrow.
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. now on instant replay. >> 24-yard attempt. it's no good. john ryan to hold. he misses it. that's im possible. >> oh, my god. >> that's im possible. >> yeah that was the kind of night it was out here at the university of phoenix m. coming to you live where it all went down just over an hour ago. the cardinals and seahawks skate to a 6 all tie. the cardinals drop to 3-3-1 on the year, seahawks are 4-1-1. what this means for the nfc, we'll get into that in a moment.
10:45 pm
calais campbell, khan lehr, bruce arians and more. the cardinals, the special teams tonight, absolutely atrocious. this was lost on special teams, a blocked punt that was a huge play. we'll take you inside the locker room. bruce arians team trying 2nd quarter, scoreless game. chandler to punt a fieldgoal. brilliant play by wag fehr, bruce arians none to pleased, thought he should be penalized. at the end of the 2nd quarter, carson palmer, he's sacked, the ball comes out, the cardinals didn't lands on it, cost the cardinal as chance.
10:46 pm
crucial decision by arians. the seahawks turned them away. 4th quarter, the cardinal defense, chandler jones force the fumble on the sack. ryan, the punter, the punt is blocked by taner. it's a 3-3 game. cardinals had the ball first, trying to score a touchdown. michael floyd drops chandler kicks the fieldgoal, seahawks kick a fieldgoal, 6-6. palmer and nelson, 3rd and 7, nelson almost breakings it, 40- yard gain to the 5 and we saw what happened. chandler catanzaro clonings the up right. the seahawks come down with a chance to win it. you think they're going to do it. the missed tackle by matthew,
10:47 pm
steven, from 28-yard, that kick was worse than catanzaro. it's a 6 all tie. >> been a long time since i been in a tie. very, very well, hard fought ball game. i thought our football team, other than the three players in the kicking outstanding. what you'd expect for the most part just trading blow for blow, just a fist fight all night long. it's a great team and, you know, to end that way, it hurts. >> the one before that i had
10:48 pm
just a -- didn't do what i was supposed to do. . >> all right, bruce arians mentioned he can't remember the last time he was involved in a tie. we can tell you, it was 1989 when he was running backings coach of the kansas city chiefs. this is the third time in nfl history that a game ends in a e involved in all three. you talk about the blocked punt. that gave seat it will ball. again, their offense does nothing but they're able to kick the fieldgoal to tie the gamement we take a look at some of the plays that went down in overtime tonight. certainly the cardinals getting ball. they could have scored a touchdown. michael floyd with a big drop. he had a pretty darn good game,
10:49 pm
season. the cardinal defense cannot keep seattle from kicking fieldgoal to tie the game up again. just little things that happened in the overtime period that could have won the cardinals the game. nelson, if he breaks one tackle he could get into the end zone. larry fitzgerald said he should have got in there. could david johnson have gotten in for catanzaro missed the fieldgoal. it probably will come back to haunt them. bruce arians postgame press conference. >> when we play these guys it's always an emotional roller coaster. there are highs and lows because it's two good teams battling it out. >> what do you say after this? >> come to work tomorrow. you didn't lose.
10:50 pm
our kicking game let us down a little bit today. they've been carrying us for a couple of weeks and we left three fieldgoals out there. >> what explanation [ inaudible ] >> he touched him. did you see it? didn't he touch him? >> looked like it. sure looked like that to me but he definitely touched him on the last one. i'm sure, you know i'll talk to the league and we'll get some kind of explanation that's all bull [ beep ] like normal. the wagner blocked fieldgoal earlier in this game here. cardinals 3-3-1. the upcoming
10:51 pm
get into that when we come back. we'll talk about carson palmer's night statistically. not bad, he threw for 342.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
. now on instant replay. >> i would have preferred to win the gamement it is we quintanar on the opportunities. in the end we made enough plays to make sure we didn't lose. it was a crazy ball game. seattle is a great team. they play add great football game today. i'm very proud of my teammates. we came out here and left it on the field. things didn't go our way at times but we didn't panic. >> you've been here for a long
10:54 pm
all-time dominant performance? >> i have to watch the films before i can say that. this one has to be up there. 6 points, given the circumstances, turnovers and stuff like that, blocked kicks, you know, i feel like we fought hardaway and we let the game get away from us. in the end i think it's going to help the long run. >> that's someone up beat calais campbell in the locker room after the 6-6 tie. most of the cardinals players said larry fitzgerald said this game felt like a loss. most were up beat about their performance. the problem is this tie hurts the cardinals more than it does the seahawk us. it's a division home game and
10:55 pm
wins at home. car san palmer, i mentioned the big numbers, 342 yards passing. the inability to get his team into the end zone. the cardinalless were great between the 20s but palmer was not that sharp at all time, missing jj nelson for a long touchdown. carson palmer after the game. >> every guy in that the life of a kicker, just like the life of a quarterback. some don't go your way and some do. cat's made a steal inside and he's a great kicker and we have his back. same thing with mike. mike made tons of plays and he's a great player.
10:56 pm
offense. >> [ inaudible ] many. >> um, we'll look at the film and see exactly why. playing against one top best defense in the league, you're not going to be 100% in the zone. it's tough to do against a great defense like that. we'll look at the reasons we didn't execute well to get the touchdowns fieldgoals. >> all right, real quick before we get out of here, i know people want to hear from larry fitzgerald. >> i never played in the game. 200 games plus, including playoffs, i never played in a game as crazy as this one before. it was pretty crazy.
10:57 pm
in fact, three of the next four weeks, at carolina, minnesota and atlanta. i know carolina is struggling but those are three tough games. that's going to do it for us. i hope you enjoyed instant replay.
10:58 pm
allegations against pinal county sheriff paul babeu. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. accusations of widespread abuse at a massachusetts private school. she is sick of hearing sheriff paul babeu lie. another headache, the fbi has subpoenaed records. lawsuits regarding abuse and neglect. questions of babeu's integrity. new page of controversy. a question of judgment. ultimately voters are going to have to decide if he's the type of candidate they want in congress.
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eveviously on elementary: this is manny tarkanian. i'm gonna text you my contact information. are you gonna answer that? gareth lestrade, late of scotland yard. i owe you an apology. we've got to accommodate each other. i realize that now. apology accepted. you know, the company's not paying for my hotel anymore. you can stay here. just be quiet. we own chickens, don't we? (blows, sniffs) (device beeping) lestrade: holmes! your bloody rooster is at it again! 19 days. 19 days he has been here. watson: well, you were the one who said he could stay with us until he figured out his next move. lestrade: holmes! i'll pluck it! i swear it! he has offers, remember? course he does. he took credit for my successes at scotland yard. typically, a man is his work. in his case, he is my work--
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you said your friend made that for you? demolitions expert. he sends me devices from time to time. i'd hardly call him a friend. and what happens if it hits zero? i confess to not knowing. could be a spray of paint and expulsion of fumes. i have yet to fail... at defusing one. (rapid beeping) lestrade: holmes! i want to see what he wants. yeah. lestrade: holmes! can i get some help, please?! hey. hi, joan, brilliant. this one's got it in for me. i swear. was it... it was remus? actually that's romulus. every time i go for the remote control to turn the tv on, it spreads its wings and it comes at me. hey, romulus. you want a little treat? oh, here you go. ah, treat's in the pocket, very nice. (muttering): and then you go... oh, brilliant. absolutely brilliant. well done, you. thank you very much.
11:02 pm
asure. uh, joan? hmm? i wanted to say thank you for being so patient with me and all this, you know, the job's bullocks. sherlock's sick of the sight of my face, isn't he? well, you have a big decision to make, so... well, you know, actually, i got a... another offer today, in fact. here. largest investigation company in sao paulo, brazil, romero e blanco. oh. do you speak portuguese? do i speak portuguese? well... mmm... no, not currently. oh, and you might want to take a look at some of those offers on the table, you know? see, you might find one that you prefer more than... working for the ol' cock-handler. uh... uh, i know what you meant. it's me, okay?
11:03 pm
excuse me? i'm him. the guy you see on the news. i'm gordon cushing. that's what you're trying to figure out, right? did you do it? pull over here, would you? i'd like to get out. (footsteps approaching)
11:04 pm
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