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tv   CBS 5 News at Noon  CBS  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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to your money - with proven services that support all of your endeavors. midfirst bank. true to your money. vice presidential nominee mike pence in the valley today. unrest in charlotte, north carolina, where a second night
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what protesters are demanding now. explosions and flames light up a neighborhood and burn a mobile home to the ground. how the man inside is doing now. this is cbs 5 news. >> we begin with breaking news at this hour. a bombshell from phoenix police. phoenix police officers are in big trouble for forcing a teenager to eat pot traffic stop. the dip is under criminal and internal investigation. the allegations are disturbing and upsetting. this stems from a traffic stop at 3:30 in the morning last tuesday at 45th avenue and mcdowell. the officers stopped a 19-year- old man and found marijuana in his car. the officers then demanded that he eat that pot to avoid going to jail. they gave him a couple of
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did it. the chief is appalled and is investigating. we'll have more throughout the day on our mobile app and on the moon soon is giving us a rainy start to the new season. in mcdowell it was pouring earlier today. i just sneaked outside and a little drizzly outside the station. first day of temperatures and sweater weather. >> we've got the cold front moving through and moisture in the air and we're seeing rain showers. some people on facebook are enjoying the rain. they're liking the cloudiness and using the umbrella. in the west valley we saw some action in the morning. and in the east valley you may be seeing some showers. here's a live look outside.
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cloudy skies move in. and here's a look at the wide satellite and radar map. you can see the band that's been moving west. that cold front. and you can see the showers and we see things starting to dissipate just a little bit. showers in the flagstaff area. if we run you through the three hour loop the rain started in the west valley and has moved. we're seeing things die down just a little bit. this is what's going on now. a lot of the showers just east of the 51 and just west of the 101. potentially in the east valley you could see light showers over the next hour or so. and we have chances of showers throughout the afternoon hours. we'll talk more about that and have a look at the weekend forecast in just a few minutes. a story still developing. multiple explosions and major flames force a man from his home.
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rattled. crews continue to work out here to try to salvage what's left of this home. and neighbors called in with the sound of explosions. when the fire crews arrived this morning, they heard explosions as well. they went defensive on the fire and called it a first alarm fire. they determined that no one was home and there was a horse behind this home and we understand that neighbor as well as the homeowners' dog. and the home was being watched by their younger son. we were told by neighbors is just the fear they were in when they heard the first explosion. >> very traumatizing. honestly, it scared me because i really thought that something happened to the u.s. i really thought something happened as in earthquakes.
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>> left stand something the american flag. the rest of the yard in total devastation as crews try to clean up and get everything ready to go. there was a neighbor who hurt her head as she was trying to escape the fire. and the fire is still under investigation. back to you. north carolina is in a state of emergency this -n! afternoon. this comes after two nights of violence and riots in street. and one ys: shot overnight. kenneth craig has the from charlotte. >> reporter: protests spiraled into violence for the second straight night in charlotte. vandals smashed windows and looted businesses. >> somebody call somebody! >> one person in the crowd was shot and is in critical condition. police used tear gas and flash grenades as officers tried to
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hurt. >> we made a total of 44 arrests. charges range from failure to disperse to assault to breaking and entering. >> reporter: the violence prompted several major companies in downtown charlotte including bank of america and wells fargo to tell employees to stay home and avoid the area. >> reporter: the unrest follows the deadly police shooting of keith la witnesses say he was holding a book. >> a book fell off his lap. >> wbtv obtained a picture that may show a gun near the victim's feet. >> it's an active investigation. we don't want to release pieces of evidence that don't make a full picture. >> protesters are demanding it be ?rreleased to help to put to rest the controversy that's
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kenneth craig, cbs news, charlotte. organizers of a protest are calling it moral monday on the tempe bridge. they demand the department of justice investigation into the shooting death of hollands. the 19-year-old shot and killed in july. the protest is happening monday at tempe beach park and will start at 9 a.m. sheriff joe arpaio is after his deputies have been targeted. a driver pointed a semiautomatic at a deputy and the driver then took off. this happened on the same day. a man drove his car into three phoenix police officers at a valley convenience store. sheriff joe wants the armed volunteers to rise with deputies.
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presidential nominee mike pence will take part at a rally at the living world church in mesa. the event starts at 6:30 and it's open to the public. >> we'll stream the vice presidential candidate's speech live on our website. remember, it's free to download. scottsdale firefighters have important new equipment to keep them safe fires. the department received $1.5 million for 160 new breathing apparatuses. that's the air supply they cake into fires. the old ones were below fire safety standards. and the department took us inside to show us how new tracking technology could save the lives of victims and injured firefighters. >> we had our thermal imagers and now we have an audio and
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potentially downed firefighter. >> with this new gear an alarm goes off if the firefighter is motionless for 20 seconds or the firefighters can trigger it themselves. >> work will begin on a temporary nursery for native plants displaced by the south mountain freeway. neighbors are upset. adot plans thousand native trees and flowers. they'll then be replanted along the route of the expansion. the nursery is across the street from a dozen homes. >> i thought it was absurd. i know they have a right to build a freeway. but it's going to be like a junkyard. >> this is necessary to make sure that we can salvage these
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state savings so we don't have to bring in new trees. it just makes a whole lot of sense. >> neighbors are concerned about noise from the trucks that will haul the plants. they'll limit the trucking to normal business hours. drivers will have an alternate when commuting between east and west valleys. the opening day is october 15th. you'll get a chance to swim with the species and be part of the ocean conservation areas. it's prompting protests from animal rights groups who do not believe dolphins should be held in captivity. we'll introduce you to the hottest ship ever. and the woman behind the
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what brad pitt's sexy costar has to say. we're giving away tickets to monster jam on saturday,
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so issue number one is whether or not you have to come when you are issued legal process. and the answer is yes. issue number 2 is whether or not you have to and unless your name is jack bauer, you cannot force anyone to talk. >> that's a representative from south carolina. he and the rest of the investigative committee hold ryan pagliano in contempt of congress. he failed to show up to testify
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hillary clinton -- e-mails. it's unclear if anything will come of it. new information from hollywood. turns out brad pitt is not under investigation by the lapd after all. several news outlets reported he was verbally abusive and physical with his children and that's why angelina jolie filed for divorce. l.a. police say they have received any allegations against him. and we are hearing rumors that the breakup happened after pitt got involved with his costar in a new film. the actress is denying the rumors on instagram. to all the media and haters who are quick to pass judgment.
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recovery. separating the figures of brad pitt and angelina jolie at the wax museum. a spokesperson said they'll be removed a respectful distance from each other. blue bell ice dough over a possible listeria contamination. and chipotle is still trying to regain the trust of customers after bacteria outbreaks caused 500 customers to get sick this past year. the founder says he made
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safety processes. well, my friends, the world's hottest chip is finally here. that's if you're brave enough. it's made with reaper pepper and comes in a coffin shaped box and there's only one chip inside. the makers say that's all you can handle. the chip will rupp you five bucks. >> would you try >> i'm weak when it comes to anything spicy. i'll take a two on a scale of 10, maybe a one. and it's nice to see cool and weather. >> it's humid so we have to take that. it's nice to have a little bit of change of pace. the cloudiness makes you want to soak up the rain. and nice to see some desert rain and we know it was raining. but 30 minutes ago or an hour
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the roadways. >> ocean front. >> if only we were in san diego. let's talk about the weather forecast and show you the rainfall totals that we have seen. a lot of rain is in the west valley. one gauge picked up a third of an inch of rain. peoria, glendale, you might have gotten rain. you haven't seen any showers yet. let's talk about what we're seeing right now. here's a look at the satellite and you can see the showers move through the area. we've got the cold front that's been pushing through and that's what has caused us to have the band of moisture. right now seeing showers in the flagstaff area, and showers moving through sedona as well. let's zoom on in and show you the valley over the last couple of hours. the showers moved into the west valley. and then started to dissipate.
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picking up at this point. you can see the narrow band north of the fountain hills area and along the 101 in the scottsdale area. heads up. you could see rain showers. so we're going to keep in a chance of rain potentially throughout the afternoon hours and for the evening and into tomorrow we'll definitely dry out making for a nice fall weekend. take a look at the temperatures. in the east valley. 90s in mesa d in the west where they've seen the precipitation, temperatures in the 70s. 79 at glendale and 76 in sky harbor. and 50s in flagstaff. and 63 in sedona and 63 in prescott. and the dew point is what you'll notice right now. 71 in phoenix. so it's going to feel humid and sticky. 59degrees in sedona and 60 in yuma. so again, showers potentially on and off. we could see a few more spotty
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certain places. but we're drying out for the weekend and the temperatures will be below average. windy up north and show low, sedona, payson, flagstaff all seeing the windy conditions. we are definitely below average. 59 in flagstaff. and 92 degrees in the tucson area. and here's a look at the tucson area. after today, a nice lookin the first weekend of fall is looking beautiful. sunshine and temperatures in the upper 80s for tomorrow. and then in the 90s for saturday and sunday. asu has a game. >> go devils. >> and it should with a fun weekend and hopefully, you have some plans. >> hoodies, we haven't seen those in a while. >> or a parka. would you stand in line for
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a pop-up shop and to long lines. >> a double-double. >> so many choices. >> and i'm only allowed one which is a little frustrating. >> that guy there waited five hours to be the first in line to try the american cult classic. it's really good. and this place sold out in just one our. the in steakhouse for four hours, causing a frenzy and a whole lot of buzz. nike goes back to the future and finally delivers. we'll give you a sneak peek at the long awaited power lacing sneaker -- coming up. and a look at this week's community calendar. a new page of controversy for sheriff paul babeu.
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critics have said pcso's use of the foundation is like money laundering. and they've also accused babeu of using the funds to fuel his campaign. it may already be illegal campaigning with government resources. or if they're just being used to make the sheriff look good, as he runs for congress. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. if you've been diagnosed with lung cancer, explore your treatment options with a team of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america in phoenix. one of only six hospitals in the country to be recognized by the joint commission for lung cancer care. we have a well-orchestrated team to help patieieieiens be treated well. we havtrendous technologies that allow us to treat patients in a very accurate fashion. the evolution of cancer care is here
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go ahead and start dialing. we are giving away four tickets to monster jam at the university of phoenix 1(877)755-cbs 5. the 5th caller wins. >> great scott. >>r >> the high tops worn by michael j. fox in back to the future part two are finally here. and soon they'll be available. nike believes the promo video, teasing the release of the 1.0. the sneakers don't resemble the marty mcfly counterparts. but they have battery operated
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for the holidays. no word on what they'll cost but maybe put it on your christmas list. we'll have a last look at the forecast. and a big night with thursday night football. join the wakeup arizona team before the game. and at 4:30, thursday night football begins. the patriots taking on the
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d stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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you've looking at a live picture of the clouds. look how green the valley looks. a little bit of water brings it back to life. >> i like the cloudy day. i think most of the showers have moved to the west valley. and a chance of spotty showers this afternoon and a high of 88 degrees. and a look >> thank you so much and thank you for joining us at cbs 5 news -- online for news and information.
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? >> quinn: you say you'll never trust me or accept me. >> steffy: that's correct. you say you change. it's really just like white noise to me. >> quinn: except we both love love my son, so there has to be some common ground we can find knowing that they won't be happy without both of us in their lives. >> steffy: you know what you're like? you're like a chronic illness wyatt's just gotten used to managing. >> quinn: come to the wedding tomorrow. the rest of the family will follow your lead. it's only an hour out of all of your lives. i will not take it as getting


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