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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 20, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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cloudy skies here in the valley and ran up north and west. our seven-day forecast is coming up in the first 10 minutes only on police are still trying to figure out what sparked a wild gunbattle at a phoenix apartment building. >> one person was shot and. stall is live near 27th avenue and glendale with the latest. derek? >> reporter: good evening. officers just wrapped up taking measurements in this parking lot outside of the apartment complex. they also served search warrants on to apartment units here. officers have detained four people for questioning in connection with the shooting.
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police say that man suffered a non life threatening bloomed. according to the lieutenant, they gunbattle broke out between two groups at this -- at this apartment complex. one group was in a second or third story apartment. the other group was on the ground floor. they exchanged shots back and forth. when officers arrived, they say bystanders in the complex panicked and started running around. police described it as chaotic. sent in a s.w.a.t. team to make sure people in each unit were safe. >> they had the place surrounded. cuffs set up yellow tape over there. i talked to one of the policeman. he said they were looking for someone in the apartment and no one could go back in until they found him. >> reporter: the apartment manager tells me by some happy
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responding to an unrelated call when the gunfire broke out and she thinks that is when police were able to swoop in and make arrests. reporting live, derek still cbs 5 news. >> thank you very much. we want to take everyone to charlotte where protesters are clashing with police over another deadly officer involved shooting. tear gas was used on the protesters earlier because were damaging police cruisers. you can see some of the police protesters still out there tonight. this was from earlier tonight after a man was shot as officers were searching for another man who had an outstanding warrant. officers did a man who was killed had a gun and he was a threat. police say they recovered a gun from the scene and they are interviewing witnesses to find out exactly what happened. that seem scene played out in tulsa after a father of four
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face charges after this video of the incident was released yesterday. it appears to show that an unarmed and had his arms above his head wind shot. the tulsa police department are still investigating. an -- answers on how to talk to your kids about this very issue from a valley man who wrote a children's survival guide coming up at 10:12 pm. pests have been a big problem. hundreds of homeowners are frustrated with faa changes and now pilots are frustrated too. department is reporting less than half of the 1200 flights that leaves sky harbor follow the correct flightpath out of the city. back in 2014, the faa changed the flight patterns but even those new routes appear to be almost more like guidelines. the phoenix aviation department says planes often deviate, flying low and loud over residential areas.
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asking to have happen is when you make changes that impact us down here on the ground, talk to us first and let's have an open forum or dialogue about what may happen. >> the city of phoenix and several neighborhood groups filed a lawsuit against the faa. it is still working its way through the federal court system. you may recall, arizona housed thousands of undocumented children from central america after they those kids were bust back and forth from centers all over the southwest. tonight, a judge has rejected a lawsuit filed on behalf of those miners. the lawsuit would actually have been filed two years ago seeking to force feds to appoint lawyers for the kids who crossed the border, mostly alone without parents. that lawsuit was thrown out today. two of the involved a judges are calling on congress and the president to fix the immigration crisis without
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what is in your drinking water is on the minds of many after a new study found a potentially dangerous chemical in tap water here in the valley. >> it is called chromium 6. it was made famous in the movie erin brockovich based on the real-life poisoning of tap water in california. the valley water experts insist that the levels are microscopic and well below the epa standards. >> the city of phoenix is well below those numbers and it is a putting out that can be trusted. when you drink it, it is safe. >> but experts say if you want to reduce the amount of chromium 6 in your tapwater, to buy a carbon water filter or reverse osmosis water system. a band of thieves ransacked a gallery in scottsdale. >> they got away with nearly $100,000 in jewelry. jeff van zandt has details on the smash-and-grab robbery.
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safe. >> reporter: instead of greeting tourists, southwest gallery is create -- is cleaning up after thieves ransacked the shop. >> they started with a sledgehammer here, here, here,. they started going back out and got those two last cases. the whole store was full of glass. the doors were locked down. >> reporter: early tuesday, thieves busted out the glass on the doors and used their pickup truck to pry open the frame on the door and go to town. >> each case has $10,000- $20,000 in it. >> >> reporter: silver and gold. >> pieces done by different artisans. really quality pieces. hard to replace. one of a kind. >> reporter: they were in and out before police arrived. >> they were in and out and about a minute 30 seconds.
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before. >> just don't really expect that here. >> reporter: jeff van zandt, cbs 5 news. we maybe a couple months from the election but they are already getting ballots in from early voting. early numbers show that more democrats are returning early ballots in north carolina. that could bode well for hillary clinton but in iowa, m ballots early, which could give trump the advantage. we are learning new details about the moments inside a cockpit just before a burning plane crashed in gilbert on saturday. that plane was carrying skydivers. it was part of constitution week. the plane caught fire and crashed into this home. the family inside, miraculously not hurt. the pilot, ryan kilgore's,
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even as the fire on board spread. >> he flew of the aircraft as long as possible and was burned while the skydivers exited the plane. >> as you see, the home completely destroyed by that modified cessna. the ntsb is still looking into what caused the plane to catch fire. it looks like major improvements are on the way. >> the city of phoenix is upgrade trails and trailheads. phoenix city counselors say when all is said and done, they will be spending about $5 million at desert foothills trailhead on the south side of the park. they are sprucing up the signage, adding seating and replacing the porta johns with personal bathrooms. other trails are getting similar or more treatment with lighting and landscaping and hikers are thrilled. >> there is a lot of hiking here and improving the restrooms and cleaning up the
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and doing some work on the trails to make it a little more consistent going up would be awesome. >> work is scheduled to start next year. we are told it shouldn't impact chill usage too much and we are finally getting hiking weather. >> the trails are going to be busy this weekend with cooler temperatures moving into the valley. we're starting to see some showers from hurricane paine bringing moisture our way. look at the rainfall across arcadia through scottsdale, fountain hills. the threat of showers will continue to be with us tomorrow. look at the activity up north around williams and flagstaff earlier today. look at the rainfall totals, close to 2 inches of rain in williams, 1.7 inches in chino, 1.5 inches in prescott, deer valley a 10th of an inch. that is most locations around the valley. around a 10th of an inch in
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average high 99 degrees. notice with satellite and radar, a big batch of moisture from winslow through flagstaff and all that rain falling across southern california. we have flood watches and warnings earlier. we will still see spotty showers north of us tomorrow morning. at 6 pm, mostly clear skies in the evening and we start to see dryer conditions push through the valley by the tail end of the work week. the first fall on thursday, overnight lows in the 60s and freezing in flagstaff. highs staying below average through sunday. enjoy. at 10:10 pm, you're caught up on everything you need to know for tomorrow. >> but if you have to fill up your gas tank, we have answers on why premium gas me be a waste of money. >> i think a lot of things are over marketed but it is a lesson learned. i don't think i will buy that
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gas isn't any better than regular. answers to save you money next. protests in two states over police shootings. >> we know this is a tough issue for parents to talk about with their kids but now, a valley author hopes to give you
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ent of this advertising. cbs 5 news weather is brought to you by the law tigers. sydney mclaughlin, chris pickle, you are watching cbs 5 news at 10:00. >> earlier we told you about a justice but department investigation -- department investigation into an unarmed black man in tulsa sparking protests and unrest across our country. >> in north carolina, more unrest as protesters took to the streets after another deadly involved -- officer involved shooting. how do we talk about the sensitive issue? >> one valley man has answers
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jason barry has his story. >> reporter: police say the driver did it on purpose. shocking news across the valley. surveillance video capturing three phoenix police officers mowed down in a gas station parking lot. police say it was intentional. >> i have never seen so many senseless, violent act targeting you know for -- targeting law enforcement. >> reporter: clearly angered by what officers are encountering on the streets. they have been marches and community >> it is important to remain calm at all times when approached by law enforcement. >> reporter: the author wrote a children's book he hopes could save lives. the book, published earlier this year is called a survivor of -- a survival guide for black boys in america. one of the topics is a hot button issue, how to deal with the police. >> obey the orders. >> reporter: the arizona native says the book is targeted at
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>> it's sad we had to write the book but it's necessary. >> reporter: smith would like to see or open dialogue between police and citizens following a number of high-profile deadly encounters some african- americans have experienced with police. last week, an unarmed black man was shot and killed by police. >> this thing is education on police need to be more educated about the african-american culture, and african-americans need to be coached more about what to do on a police stop and how to deal with police and things like that. >> i have been racially profiled i think by police. >> reporter: having a phd didn't stop doctor o neal lester from being victimized by what he believes is worship -- racial profiling. he teaches african-american literature and cultural
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adult talks to us about them or not. that is where our unconscious bias comes in. we give all our biases and we are not aware. >> reporter: doctor lester has conducted a privilege and bias awareness workshop with police departments in arizona and across the country. my experience was mostly positive that it was also surprising that that kind of critical work isn't really done often enough. >> reporter: we have doctor lester about the survival book. >> there is no magic number to have these conversations. it's mainly about the parent toolbox level. >> reporter: we asked but no one enforcement agencies agreed to talk about the book but the phoenix police department provided a pamphlet they put out years ago called what to do -- what to do when stopped by police emma containing tips" and ishmael's book. ishmael hopes the book will help
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book out to our youth to try to save as many lives as i can. police officer's lies and people of all races and colors. >> reporter: jason barry, cbs 5 news. lawmakers are calling for the wells fargo ceo to step down after the bank was found to have created millions of fake bank accounts to meet aggressive sales goals and get bonuses. some told the senate ranking assist customers affected. if you think you are affected, contact your local branch. millions of people do it every day and according to a new study by aaa, they are wasting billions. >> ashlee demartino is here to explain. >> reporter: everyone wants to save money where they can. everyone wants their vehicle to move and efficiently. a new study conducted by aaa
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unnecessarily using premium gas. >> we looked at things like emissions, horsepower, fuel economy. >> reporter: they wanted to see if there was a benefit to paying more for premium. >> we found absolutely no advantage to using premium fuel in a vehicle that requires regular. >> reporter: we talked to drivers who bought premium because their car manual told them to. >> i think things are overhyped hand over marketed but i don't think i wil >> reporter: other drivers were not surprised. >> those big trucks, i use regular. i always thought it was a ripoff. >> reporter: try saying that to diehard premium gas buyers. only 16% of the vehicles on the road require premium gas so drivers buying premium gas on a regular basis are being cost a pretty penny. >> $3.1 billion. a very large
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just thrown away because it really does absolutely nothing for your vehicle. >> reporter: ashlee demartino cbs 5 news. >> water gas prices looking like now? we checked with aaa of arizona and found the average price of regular unleaded is going for $2.12 and that is lower than the national average of $2.21. last year, arizonans were paying $2.40 a gallon. farm that apple has been building in arizona. >> it was else in the desert near florence as part of the deal with srp. the utility company promised if apple built a solar farm, srp would build the infrastructure to connected to the grid. the power produced by the 300 acres will offset apple's energy costs at its facility in mesa. >> it is unique in the fact that we are now seeing industry
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renewable facilities. >> once final plans are implemented, the solar panels will produce the equivalent energy needed for about 12,000 homes. struck the white house is already thinking about christmas. >> 18 from dc travels all the way to wisconsin to pick the white house christmas tree. they chose a folsom for -- for trade will be the obama's last time -- last year in the white house. >> if you eat too many cats, you turn orange and if you turn really orange, you have to say crazy things and ran for president. >> speaking of the first family, michelle obama joined stephen colbert on the late show.
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little fun at donald trump. the late show airs right after this newscast. >> always entertaining. if you've been diagnosed with lung cancer,
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with a team of specialists at cancer treatment centers of america in phoenix. one of only six hospitals in the country to be recognized by the joint commission for lung cancer care. we have a well-orchestrated team to help patients be treated well. we have tremendous technologies that allow us to treat patients in a very accurate fashion. the evolution of cancer care is here
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no dancing anchors, no pointless chitchat, no wasting your time. breaking news, your best commute and weather that makes you happy you live here. just the news you need to live your day. wake up arizona, weekdays 4:30 am to 7 am. >> well, just take a look at this gorgeous shot of the city lights. this shot was taken this morning from our penguin air news chopper. they were crews in the valley
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around parts of the east valley. doppler radar showing activity pushing through scottsdale. showers around arcadia pushing north along the 101 in tatum out toward fountain hills. the threat of showers welcome. -- will continue tomorrow. we will wake-up comfortable, 76 degrees for a low in phoenix, 46 degrees in flagstaff. highs tomorrow below average. 92 degrees here, mid-90s and casa grande. bruce arians is not afraid to call out his players publicly after the sunday 33 point win. he was all over dave johnson. on satellite radio, he chimed in on why robert campeche was inactive last week. >> the depends on the practice. of the guys who played.
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that line up and get ahead unless you have a hell of a week of pack this. the guy who did play this week had 24 pluses and one minus. it will be hard to get him out. >> you wonder what they will still will look like tomorrow. former wildcat linebacker scooby right is out there to be scooped up by the -- wright is out there to be scooped up by the bears. pac-12 play saturday t town. the sun devils 3 -0 but they are ranked dead last at defending the pass. here is number two, christian sam. he is having fun with his teammates. he practiced after not playing from suffering an ankle injury against nau. they hope to have sam back this weekend it sounds like sam is playing.
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some good receivers. we just got to show the quarterback, give him good looks because he is not trying to pick us apart. i am feeling good. >> major drama in los angeles. things appear to be spiraling out of control. offensive lineman ej price transferred. head coach clay helton had to refute punched him in the face. he may not be the only trojan transferring. texas rangers and nick martinez with the incredible behind the back grab to rob simmons. the unconventional 1 -3 double- play.
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o'halleran: i had some really tough cases as a police detective. but the problem in washington is as clear as day -- we can't trust our politicians to work for us. tom o'halleran has a plan to hold the politicians accountable -- no pay for congress if they don't pass a budget, and no more first-class travel paid for by taxpayers. i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this message
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can you believe this? soon, your computer may be able to read how you are feeling. researchers at mit say they have developed a device that can detect a person's emotions by using wireless signals that
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according to mit, it is actually 87% accurate determining if someone is excited, happy, angry, or said. >> there has got to be glitches in that. nothing is going to be 100% right. >> 87% is what they say. temperatures tomorrow, seven degrees below average. cooler over the weekend. >> nice. that does it for us here at 10:00. >> goodnight.
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>> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> sn: i brought her a lotus. >> floatus is on the phone with poetus. >> she'll upon to see me. that's what she got us. >> i want to see flotulc, and you can quote us. >>iment to kick you in the scroatus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. you're on notice. >> it's otis. >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay


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