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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  September 9, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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>> reporter: earlier today the driver tried rushing through this point of entry. swerving and trying to run over officers. they responded with gunfire. the incident closed the point of entry for hours. they cleared up but there are still a lot of questions tonight. the suspect has been airlifted to a tucson area hospital after being shot multi border patrol officers. they say he tried evading them at the point of entry, nearly hitting relations. >> border patrol is not sharing his name or any indication as to why he was trying to flee investigators are still trying to figure out who he is and where he's from. the incident blocked traffic entering mexico from the us for hours.
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now after telling way of red pickup. no officers were hurt today. >> the protocol will be that they will be interviewed by the office of personal responsibility, the fbi. there will be placed on administrative duties for a period of time pending review of the incident. we go from there.>> there was passenger inside the vehicle today. that person only had minor injuries and they are in custody. what could she have done? to you that was so bad they took her life and shot her down. like a thief in the night and took off? >> investigators trying to piece together what led to this
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lane near thomas and caused hours a backup. 49-year-old dino farmar was on the phone with 911 dispatchers when she was shot and killed. she told dispatch that someone was following her. police are searching for three people inside a white truck connected to this case. snyder family tells us she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. her aunt took her in so she could spend what time she had left surrounded by family and loved ones. the fact that she died alone last nig on the freeway is especially hard for her family. she is survived by three daughters. >> that is such a scary situation. it could happen to anyone. what do you do if you are targeted in road rage? an angry person just starts following you? we asked phoenix police for their advice. >> it's important to come up
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city streets. stay on main street and make returns those are usually populated areas and it allows police to catch up to you much quicker. will continue to follow the latest allotments on the search for the shooter. tune in to wake up arizona starting at 4:30 am for any overnight developers. weird tracking owners of the gilbert kenilworth dozens of dogs died. the plea deal in this case and tomorrow they will learn their sentencing from that deal. the hearing starts at 830 in the morning and look for an update on cbs5 news at noon. asking congress to step in to help prevent cyber attacks on voter databases. >> hacks could just be the
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vote is safe in november. >> arizona got lucky that our systems were strong enough. >> reporter: secretary of state date says foreign actors are able to break into a county election officials computer earlier this summer and install malware. her cyber team is confident the crux did not get into the all- important voter education database. >> 99.9% certainty that this looks like not been tampered with. >> since the attack they been stepping up security including using two-step verification similar to when you log into a website and get a text message. >> a lot of measures won't be completely ruled out until after the next election. >> will we be safe from hackers november? >> we hope we will be safe. that's one of the reasons why i
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speak out. >> speak out to say that too much of the national conversation on election security has focused on the machines that counts ballots. machines that aren't connected to the internet.>> there's no way to hack into them. >> reporter: instead she said states should focus on the databases online. >> we're talking about a whole new level of threat out that did not exist when we were talking about hanging chads. we were talking about foreign intrusion believe the federal government needs to be looking at and take seriously. >> reporter: she says congress should step in and offer states guidance and funding for election cybersecurity. a major decision a few hours away. more than a week after the election, the republican rate for congressional district 5 is
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andy has a razor thin lead. we are talking just nine votes today a judge heard arguments from both campaigns are provided 300 ballots tossed out should be counted. the judge's decision is expected tomorrow morning and we'll bring you the latest. outcry over sex offenders in the northeast community as the state reverses course. >> there may be unintended consequences. truck after weeks of pushback and going concern, the arizona department of corrections announces they will no longer be transferring released sex offenders to the reentry facility. they say they made the move to address community concerns and protect public safety. neighbors are thrilled that save their work here isn't done. >> what about the violent offenders? offenders that have committed
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those offenders are still coming to this center. >> reporter: ideally they want to move to a less family centric offenders. they say will be better to parolees will be closer to services. one says it stability as he tries to get his life on track. >> there are few was actively seeking employment and trying to improve their statio taxpayers money and doing nothing and committing crimes. >> reporter: as for where the sex offenders will go after release, that's still unclear because the department of corrections has yet to respond to the question. just in, and earthquake reported near south korea. authorities think the seismic activity wasn't caused by mother nature but by and other
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korea. this to be the communist countries fifth test in a matter of months. >> it comes hours after president obama left asia. the president was in laos the asian summit. while there president met with lpn president who has been disrespectful to the president calling him names and speaking out against the us is influence in asia. the latino population in the us is slowing according to a new >> that fell between 2007 2014, population grew by 2.8%. that's down from her point or 4% earlier. >> the study found asian- americans are the fastest- growing population in the us. new tonight, a warning from the faa for galaxy note 7 owners who plan to five. they are asking passengers do not turn them on.
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this comes after samsung recoded millions of the smart phones worldwide. here's a look at some of the damage being done by these phones. the battery can catch fire and note the phone. happy thursday. hope you had a great one. one step closer to big friday weekend. a live look outside. temperatures below average, high of 96. pinpoint radar, very quiet conditions after all the rainfall. 90 degrees currently, wins of the west. a little sticky out there. relative humidity at 40%. clear skies and showers around eastern arizona but as you can see, clear conditions we will start to see temperature climb. average high around 102. warmer over the weekend, a few
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arizona. seven-day forecast within the first 10 minutes. above average temperatures saturday. cardinals home game, pretty good for tailgaters. temperatures around 102. hopefully we beat the patriots. monday, a high of 99, next chance of rain fall below average temperatures through wednesday of next week. about today's big rocket launch in the arizona election. >> third-party candidates in the spotlight tonight. one has a warrant out for her arrest and the other had an embarrassing moment during an interview not knowing a critical piece in the fight against isis. what would you do if you are elected about a lebeau?
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lift off of osiris rex. >> it was a gorgeous left off it heads in the space destined to land on an asteroid. >> scientists at asu and your way build a specialized camera that will help map out that asteroid. we have story. [ cheers and applause ] >> it gave me chills. i felt great. >> years of research and hard work. nasa launches into a new era. a spacecraft that will land on an asteroid. >> from asu, lindsay barbara watch in awe as a spacecraft clears the tower thundering through the clouds. piercing the atmosphere, pushing into space.
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to be a part of. >> they work hard they can do anything. >> reporter: it will meet up with an asteroid, map it out using an infrared spectrometer, a device that helps map the surface and will is built at asu. it will land, grab a sample and bring home. it could lead to unlocking the secrets of our universe. >> it's great to say i go to school that sends craft to the moon. to outer space >> reporter: lindsay's husband is a student at asu and works at the space program. here to skits will follow in his footsteps. >> we the next to me. these kids maybe one day walking on mars.>> house heats up. most of the attention is on trump and clinton. the two other third-party candidates are making news of
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green party candidate is wanted in north dakota. she is an outstanding warrant for spray painting instruction equipment during a pipeline protest. on the libertarian side, gary johnson is trying to clean up after asking, what is aleppo during an interview. that's the center of syrian refugee crisis. he went on to say he thought was an acronym and he just blanked during the question. workers nationwide and forced to pay $190 million after an investigation found bank employees open big accounts to meet sales targets. investigators claim the credit big pin numbers and email addresses to open those accounts. for recalling another million vehicles because doors can pop open while in motion. the expanded recall cold -- six
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glendale fire department is changinhow they fight fires to protect their crew. they invested $500,000 worth of technology to help prevent cancer. they say are fires are two times more likely to get certain types of cancer than the general public. part of the planets are firefighters to use new cleaning wipes to get the set of smoke off their care. >> traditionally it was cold heavy dirty helmet and show now it's not. they realize how bad it is for us. >> the department gets every firefighter a second set of gear so they can change after working a fire. coolest story of the day. going file for this patent to fight wildfires with this fire retarding artillery shell. will be fired out of cannons. they think it will be more successful than dropping retardant from the air because they can pinpoint this shell
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miles, day or night, wind or rain would not act these drops. they think it's much cheaper than the airdrops and what does the four service say? they say ethics of extensive testing would be required before we approve this. this weekend marks 15 year since the atta of september 11. the flag raised over ground zero is on display museum. it had been missing years. synonymously turned in at a fire station in 2014. when the attacks took place, an artist whose studio overlooks ground zero didn't know what to do so he grabbed his paintbrush. >> my wife was with me said, your job is to witness.
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>> he's his watercolors and as the towers fell, he wrote to the dust into the artwork. images he painted that they are on display at the 9/11 museum. it allowed me to have a physical connection to the loss suffered here by putting my hands in that dust and rubbing it into the paint. >> he paints frh where the one world trade center. first responders to take part in the 2016 power charge which benefits the 100 club of arizona. the sky dome at any new participants will find over 2000 steps symbolizing the 110th floors of the world trade center. amazon was to take his
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the tech company announced a service similar to siri will be available for their fire tablet. it can shop, check messages and order takeout by speaking directly to it. this one said, is that fire grounded allen to generous. >> that is creative lates host james gordon put out a call for captions for his photo with justin bieber. see the rest, catch the late late show tonight. i wonder if they did the carpool karaoke. >> if not, that's a great idea.
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a quick look at the forecast. clear skies, we wake up tomorrow morning 78 degrees. 47 for low in flagstaff. temperatures at 78 in gila bend and 79 for friends and bullhead city. high temperatures, not as humid , 77 flagstaff and a high of 90 in sedona. dogs. they let anything that goes
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tire commercial. i get nothing for that plot. it's driving along fruitful football career. there's so much motivation, is only two touchdowns away or hundred per square. locked and loaded for another super bowl run. >> is a big difference between being a hunter and being hunted. we're not sneaking up on anybody anymore. people respect is when we come to town. >> the patriots come to town with tom brady on the bench. gronkowski could join them. is a sore hamstring is giving him problems. the media caught him after today's practice and asked him if he's 100%. no. it's been a week to week. with a little hammy thing. what do we, day by day.
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i can't put a percentage on it but i'm feeling better every day.>> off the season. denver rise from 10 down. cj anderson, 92 yards busting into the end zone. different as of 21-20. pat's last chance, 50 yards, hooks it left. they take the rematch and 21- 20. asu's secondary better have track shoes on because they are in for a serious saturday workout. they might go undefeated in september. we are very familiar. we have competed against this system for a lot of years. that helps a lot. it still boils down to match ups and personnel. our guys will be ready. mount point hosting chandler . get going early. junior kerry bragg strolls in
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check in tomorrow's traffic but just a reminder disclosure in place tonight on grand avenue around the road is closer to lichfield. if you need to get around this from 9 pm until 5 am tomorrow morning your best alternate will be surface streets. you can continue southeast on grand avenue. this is an overnight closure for richer. join me on the morning i'll have all your early-morning >> he's not a good listener. that beer bust into a sheriff's office looking for a snack and the deputy gives him a scolding.>> that's a brave deputy. >> i'm not going to run. this was the sheriff's department near lake tahoe.
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for a friend are common in their neck of the woods. high tomorrow up to one of two, start the morning in the mid-70s, nice cool start to the day. temperatures are really nice right now. thanks for joining us tonight for the >> will see you back here
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