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tv   CBS 5 News at 10  CBS  August 16, 2016 12:37am-1:12am MST

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covering is caring. because covering heals faster. to seal out water, dirt and germs,
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. that's really scary that could have been anyone. >> a horrible crime in a quiet arizona city just as college students head back to school. flagstaff police say that a man impersonating a police officer raped a young woman. jeff vanzant has the story. >>reporter: there are so many
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faith in our officers and criminals know this and they use that to their advantage. unfortunately in this case it could be a life changing event. downtown flagstaff with tourists college kids and locals. hearing about a rape nearby is a complete shock. >> can't trust anyone nowadays. >> that's really scary. >>reporter: a victim is sitting in on the 200 block of each per of after. a man walks up with a cap wearing the word police on. he said he was conducting an investigation he huard one of the girls out of the consider and raped heher the nearby woods. >> it's offensive someone would go to such levels to gain someone's trust. >>reporter: the flagstaff pd says if you think the person
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or a badge. >> i hope i would question the scenario. you're thinking fast. >>reporter: police are on alert with northern arizona university about to begin its fall semester. that's why it's important to be on your guard. >> i think we all need to be a little more cautious in those scenarios. >>reporter: police say this guy is described as a white male about 5'10", 5'11", muscular build he was wearing a ball cap that said police on it. he also had a large flashlight he was wearing glasses across his chest. if you have any information you're asked to call 911. i'm jeff vanzant cbs 5 news. >> right now police are searching for two men who tied up a woman inside of her home and robbed her. it happened this afternoon near 10th place and bethany home road. according to phoenix police the men posed as delivery lives drivers to get inside the home. one inside they tied the woman up and ransacked the home taking several items before
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police. a warning tonight if you have any plans to travel to mexico right now police are looking for more than a dozen people who were kidnapped while at dinner in puerto vallarta. two suvs full of armed men pulled up in front of a restaurant early this morning and forced the victims into their vehicles. we're still waiting to hear if any americans were among those kidnapped. also zika is inching closer to case of the virus 400 miles from the valley. a man from el paso traveled to mile where he contracted the virus. the virus stays in the blood stream for about a week. the el paso health insists the man is no longer contagious. a phoenix police officer was close enough to hear a deadly shooting that has now been linked to the valley
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revealed in police reports. eric staal has been dicking through those documents he joins us live with more. >>reporter: good evening these documents show a 19-year-old maryville high school graduate was sitting in his parked car for just 5 minutes when someone drove up and shot him multiple times. manny castro garcia was outside his girlfriend's house waiting to pick her up and dinner whens was ago wished. he particularsed his give he was outside her home at 9:25 the 911 calls started coming in. one witness described seeing a dark imported car driving slowly towards the victim's vehicle. another witness whose statement is partially redacted hinted there might have been more than one person in the shooter's car saying he was unsure which occupant fire. phoenix police say witnesses in two of the 9 shootings linked
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they saw other passengers in the gunman's car. but investigators say the prospect others are involved is unlikely. in the shooting of manny garcia one officer wrote she was fueling up her patrol vehicle at the nearby maryville precinct when she heard the gunshots. she got to the scene two minutes later but the suspect was gone. the documents also show police have collected a lot of surveillance video on this case. on one video they did work to enhance an investigators have not released any of that video to the public. derrick thank you. derrick staal reporting. police had a number of encounters with a 10-year-old boy before he disappeared. a newly released report from buckeye police shows that officers checked on jesse wilson back in march adding to the growing list of encounters between police and jesse's family we're learning about. last march jesse and had his
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for 2 hours by themselves. his mother told police she was at the school to pick the kids up but the school put the kids on the bus. one months later neighbors called list after they found jesse on a street corner in the middle of the night scared and hung rip. foul play has not been ruled out in jesse's disappearance. we are tracking the latest developments out of northern california. police have arrested a 40-year- old man charged with 17 counts of are somebody as a a massive wildfire burns out of l if their homes survived the night. the wildfire is about 80 miles north of san francisco. 3,000 acres have burned and nearly 200 homes have been destroyed. tonight emergency response managers are trying to get a handle on the scope of historic flooding in louisiana. over the weekend a strong storm system flooded parts of the state killing 6 people. tonight 11,000 people are in shelters.
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flooding the nation has seen since superstorm sandy in. the past 48 hours crews have rescued more than 20,000 people. a record breaking week for guns found in carry-on bags at airports across the nation. since august 5th. tsa has found 78 guns, 68 of those were loaded, and 21 had a round in the chamber. we have dramatic video of an attack this weekend ef k-9 officers wounded. cbs 5 jared dig handle has answers on the details of this mesa standoff. this video shows richard winn taken into custody after a violent stand off at his home in east mesa. our camera was rolling as swat officers yelled to winn to surrender. suddenly to dogs come tearing out of the home watch as it un followed and they go after the deputy's k-9. we've stopping
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officer shoots one of the attacking dogs. the scene then becomes even more tense. in the scuffle at least 2 of the dogs bit the mcso k-9 named marco. look at this injured and bleeding the k-9 bounces right back refocused. >> wasn't distracted by the things that were going on around him even being attacked by another dog. the dog stayed focused kept on his job at hands. >>reporter: he trains dogs for the mcso a takes a year or two or more of training to get a k-9 to baseball to react like this. he noted his rare for the public to see the kinds of chaos and ridge the officers and k-9 encounter here. >> it's disturbing to watch but sometimes you got to see those things to understand what these guys go through on a daily basis. >> the suspect in the stand off is here in jail. the injured k-9 was stitched up at the vet.
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the and-a-half hoe nation plans on taking the federal government to court over last year's massive mine spill that contaminated parts of the colorado river. the spill was triggered during clean up work in colorado then spread down river into arizona. a new era of education tonight in downtown phoenix. as city and school heers the center for law an seat. impressive new buildings opened near that's where sandra deo conure college of hall will call home of this is expected to be a boom for downtown were journal effort s an students have been studying for several years. >> i drove by some of the bridge over weekend. we did have activity earlier tonight south of the payson area. so some thunderstorms up north of flagstaff as you can see showers and storms passing on by even some showers just to the south of sedona and
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outside. we're still sitting in ripple digits. temperatures right around 100 degrees we've hit another lie of 110 degrees. here's the record 33 days above 110. we're four days shy of that. will we hit it? we'll have to wait and see. future cast it's going to be another warm one tomorrow dry conditions tomorrow morning a few clouds 8:00 we could see a few stray showers mainly out there around eastern arizona in the high country. take a look at your day in detail. we're going to make wake up toll morning 86 degrees by lunchtime we'll be right around 104. we're going to top off your average high this time of year is 105. so for degrees above ample bands going to stay above age on wednesday. few afternoon clouds in the practice.
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wednesday. temperatures cooling down around 105 thursday. below average friday this is just a too clouds and temperatures 104 through sunday. chris. >> turned down at a bank they are trying to figure out how i do fulfill my vision, my crime for building this new bit. they have run into roadblocks they look at as as hope. small disses can get a leg up turning every day customers into investors. bees scorpions and mosquitoes are mo arizonans are being bit abides erin sings we have answers what to treat now and what can wayment new biff on the left side of town traffic could be an issue in the last we'll be leaving the university of fee particulars stadium this is a live look this is in right now. going on right now so traffic is pretty light but you can get
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kickstarter and wall street. arizona entrepreneurs offering up steak in their companies in return for investments. lindsey reiser has answers how this could work an help our local economy. >>reporter: typical brick and mortar mattress store you test it out and maybe go home with it that same day. flu is cutting out the middleman shipping directly to you they are so convinced this is the future they are billing to be partial of the owner of the company to get them off the ground. >> it's a 15 billion-dollar industry. and it's growing 2 to 3% a year. >>reporter: but wes harrington with new sleep going foes first hands the vision also of running a business. >> every man, i talked to basically said you need to use
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friends. funds our business a your kids returning gaining he yet in the business. you actually own part of the company we're giving up 30% of our company and we think that the investors is going to come out ahead in this situation. let's say you bought stock what for 2,000 and that company increases in value 5 times less say in the next five years then that $2,000 turns into 10,000. that's nick andrews who created fund my business. a bill signed p?ne?d the way by the importantal this could make arizona a mecca for entrepreneurs. but like with any investment, this is risk he in that they could lose their entire investment. new sleep will rv a year to collect 80% of what they asking for, which so far is $200,000.
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consumer alert pit are vigilant. many tiles there are a pet up trying to steal your pots. if you're interacting with another person or you find yourself in a situation where that hair on the back of your neck stands up as people always say trust take instinct back out and move on. police say you should always meet in a public place. tell someone where you're going and who you're mutt mitt meg with and it's a good idea if you do you oral hotel operator hei says at least 20 properties in the u.s. colleague hyatt star won't and mariot totals have been happened pal wear may have collected customers names and credit card or deb wait dating as par gulf coast as march of 2012. they advise customers report
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those of you ha i marijuana many a trip. nearly 45 million passports are set to expire in the next three years which could mean massive weight tile. this you can federal law that russ outes. they sass he was an a to pilot. it happened wastriesed to ensour autopilot ills a trial. it's a self driving system. last week a driver in beijing was involved in an accident using out to pilot. the driver as happens baltimore ravens not detected on the steering well he. drivers but written and about prepare take over.
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direct result of policy decisions may by isn't as as of chin to about. as he might say t fumble ohio trump continue his claim that president obama and hillary clinton are responsible for creating ic coming to clinton's vest joe biden saying trumps comments are dangerous and shows he's not be fit to be commander-in- chief. >> to help give them coalition of hits panic leaders is 0 the push is called very much viver a the form new voters registered to the pont they can change the medical landscape of our state.
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why we come together we know youly know it can not do the work by it sell. he of fog the group helps to get 75 now show, but political april lifts say the real chan challenge will be getting them to the polls on election day. >> how do you know when you need to see a doctor? arizona pest biting and sticking a lot mormons. most years knowing how you form burning i irk rural tonight not to worry. >> when you start to see some hives if you're having trouble bretting he heart may be race ayesing you're saying signs of infection kiefer things that kind of that i it that is when
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s doctor johnston says i don't ump they do help keep the bugs from biting. google cyber may be considering a off to the this blaring to test a new we're less of many other city. >> questions ving but only which could be wrap new i ray. follow bringing i ans on the cbs 5 news at 10:00 then turning around and waking up on the morning for 2 fortune. let's somehow i a picture. is that guns an roses? this man is a plan. so this means he's at the conterritory who roll for he's
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shift. you know he's having a lot of if you. they were talk an roses a pew from his night rosess. wake up arizona 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. then we we'll see how he holds up tomorrow night at
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. quick look at your forecast highs and lows for tomorrow had a few stray showers up north. still seeing some isolated thunderstorms up around flagstaff and williams. here's the way we're going to wake up tomorrow morning lower 50s for our friends in flagstaff 69 sedona 88 low in lake half sue. 109 well above average in phoenix. 114 lake 77 your high in flagstaff for your tuesday. > it's so easy when everybody's trying to please me. axl rose of guns an roses are pleasing the massers in glendale. g n r's moves to the city caused the cardinals ho head outdoors. arizona got a feel for the sunny skies with sunday's practice at the university of phoenix stadium it was like
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train instead of a fight trainees headed to san diego to practice with the charges next two days. having have two good practices against somebody else looking at different schemes different players watch your young players grow in a different environment put them on a defendant schedule morning afternoon night practices it's a good change of pace for us. the rattlers plan on releasing their power fill soul. they will get in the rung august 26th. the rattlers lost to the soul but this time it's in arizona. sun division going out as yuba field is stacked with demario richard. mesa's mountains view high that could be making plays. on game day. >> i got it stalling out to me
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pointed out there's a guy that keeps getting better every day and i think has a role on team situations and special teams. >> diamondbacks season maybe negative like the tone brown the season feels lik er he . >> areas still finds in the first bartolo gabriella callender. two batters later cached veto builting fire forth as well. chris owings comes through part of a 3-1 first first. don't cry about the d-backs pitching tonight robbie ray oh, yeah humming. wilmer flores you ain't the first.
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evasion win 6-2. ours he say the team is bringing bank the 35-year-old who played
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. update from rio how team usa is doing. we have 75 medals 26 are gold. china last 46 medals and great britain is third with 41 me always. >> is the diving pool still gene? have they fixed that yet? all right here's your high tomorrow. 109 that's 4 degrees above average and yeah we're going to see temperatures around the mid 80s. li tomorrow better chance later in the week. sounds good. thank you so much for joining us. see how the team is holding up ate 6:30 tomorrow morning. we'll sigh you back here tomorrow. >>
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