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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 30, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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major developments in the golden state killer investigation. there's now a possible motive. tonight, the exfiancee who broke off their engagement just before the killing began. good evening and thank you for joining us. >> joseph deangelo remains behind bars do to the night. authorities believe he committed 12 murders and more than 40 rapes. >> and now the sacramento district attorney says she's open to moving h iz trial to santa barbara, ventura or orange county. with more on today's
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developments and that possible motive, here's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, investigators revealing new details about what may have fuelled the rage of the golden state killer, joseph deangelo. one rape victim in 1978 describing how her attacker sobbed while saying i hate you, bonnie, i hate you. >> that name told me that eh had some significant female in his life named bonnie and he had some anger against what bonnie or what he perceived bonnie had done to pimp. >> reporter: it turns out deangelo was engaged in 1970. the woman -- bonnie jean coldwell who eventually broke it off. as investigators were narrowing their search through a dna profile, another clue. they learned deangelo, a former police officer had allegedly threatened to kill his police chief after he was fired back in the '70s. the man accused of 12 murders and more than 50 rapes appearing dazed in his first court appearance. tonight, families of his victims saying it's all an act.
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>> in court, he turns into this incompetent man who can't even stand up. who can't even speak. what a coward. what a tremendous coward. >> one of the lead investigators in the case describing deangelo as an active and agile man. he was even seen wizzing around town on a motorcycle a week before his arrest. whit johnson, abc news, sacramento. facebook is investigating whether an employee abused their role in order to stop women online. at-bats abc news has confirmed the manlow park company is aware of the claim and is investigating. the company was alerted by jackie stokes from spy glass security. in a statement, facebook says we have a zero tolerance of approach to abuse and improper behavior results in termination. >> intertate 80 is back open tonight after a crash involving a chp officer. it mapped on the eastbound direction nord of vallejo.
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look at this wreckage. a white mitsubishi hit a chp cruiser on the side of the road helping another driver. you can see the roof of the mitsubishi was sheared off and it's sitting on the ground. these are pictures now taken by first responders. the mitsubishi driver, its right front and passenger were taken to the hospital with major injuries, as you can understand when you see the yekage here. the chp officer was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. not too badly hurt. three lanes were closed because of the collision. >> b.a.r.t. is working to stop turning station elevators into uinals. it's been a major complaint of customer, many of them in wheelchairs and mothers in strollers. abc 7 news reporter has more on how it will be done. >> reporter: we asked b.a.r.t. and muni riders to ze scribe what it's like to get into the
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elevator at the powell station in downtown san francisco. >> they are stinky. they smil like urine. it's a bathroom. >> gross, yeah. very gross. >> how are you today? >> meet steve suarez who starting today will spend an entire shift inside this variety at the powell station. one of several and munb.a.r.t. station used frequently by the homeless. >> we can't have some of the stuff that's gone on here in the past continue to go on here. we're still greeting the people and welcoming them and treating them all with respect and honor. >>. >> reporter: there are no bathrooms inside the station. for many, it's easier to use the elevator as a way to relieve themselves. he is one of the several workers who will be working here from 5:00 in the morning to 1:00 a.m. seven days a week. >> the civic center is really kind of ground zero for the
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frustration that riders feel about homeness, people who are mentally ill. >> all of the attendants work for a community based organization. >> we are d tasked with bringing a sense of safety and security to areas that have become chaotic. >> reporter: the cost of this pilot program is $600,000, paid for by muni and b.a.r.t. the attendants will be in place for six months. remember, it's a pilot program. after that period, both b.a.r.t. and muni will evaluate the program to decide whether or not it's worth keeping. >> let's turn to weather as we look at the end of april. >> can you believe it? >> as we turn our calendar to may, our rain chances begin to fade. april was certainly kind to us hateful wise, especially the first week of april. we had that strong atmospheric
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river event which pushed the majority of the region above average for april hateful. the only outlierp in redwood city coming in just below normal. the month really dominated by below average temperatures. only seven days the past 30, the temperatures reached at or above average in san francisco that time of the year. but things are changing for may. look at the outlook. not only mild, but warm tennessees look to come over us over the next 31 days. you'll feel that warmer air starting tomorrow. the numb biers and the first accuweather fore koos coming new a few minutes. san jose police have announced the arrest of a street gang suspected of carjackings, robberies and burglaries. these five adults and 11 juveniles between 15 and 17 years old are being held on charges related to those crimes. some were taken into custody months ago when police first targeted the gang in a major operation. >> back in january, we conducted
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a large scale operation against them and took a number of people into custody and uncovered quite a bit of evidence. evidence in january led us to these arrests last week. 350. >> police say the crimes occurred in late 2017 and early 2018 throughout san jose and the entire bay area. >> the 49ers ruben foster is still facing domestic violence charges involving his former girlfriend, even though she says foster didn't do it. he was supposed to enter a plea today, but prosecutors want more time to view a video that would affect the case. >> the linebacker was due in court to enter a plea for charges of domestic violence. in court, however, there was a request to continue the case for another week at the request of the district attorney's office. >> they are continuing to review the videotape that was provided to them. and i am willing to abide by their request. >> the videotape apparently was
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provided by attorney general stephanie ricard seen here at the hearing. sh erepresents foster's former girlfriend. she originally accused foster of assaulting her in february but last week she recanted her story. after the hear, the prosecutor would not discuss what's on the video. >> there was a video submitted to the people. it would be inappropriate to comment on the evidence other than in the courtroom. >> it has been suggested the video shows foster's girlfriend in a fight with a woman, not foster. a legal analyst said the video is likely to be analyzed by forensic experts. >> if they believe that's a possibility and the accuser is now saying for certain that's what happened, it appears the d.a. would have a very difficult case moving forward in court, regardless of what she said at the time. >> foster is chasing one less
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charge, for allegedly being in possession of a high capacity magazine for a rifle. a ban on such magazine is temp rirl under a court injunction. in san jose, abc 7 news. preparations are under way to pull a strapded sailboat off the beach in san mateo county. sky 7 flew over pacifica state beach earlier today. as you can see, crews are getting ready to pull the 33-foot boat out to sea during high tide tonight at 11:30, about 2 1/2 hours from now. the boat ran into trouble saturday night when the captain trip down the coast to san diego. a man driving by is being credited for helping rescue four people on that boat. b.a.r.t. isn't the only one dealing with a health hazard. nolan gallo tweeted this video. take a look. that's a live rat among the
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trash and filth encountered yesterday during a clean oakland day. volunteers helped clean up areas turned into dumps. gallo holds a neighborhood clean-up regularly in the fruitdale district. well, stay with us. up next, a murder mystery in the city of albany. >> hear from neighbors who never thought this would happen where they live. >> feeling shaky? a number of earthquakes rattle the area. why more people than ever are feeling them. >> and today's high wire act on today's golden state bridge, all today's golden state bridge, all for safe crystal geyser alpine springpasses through here, and is bottled right here. at the mountain source. naturally. crystal geyser is the only major u.s spring water bottled at the mountain source. naturally.
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geyser! [echo]stal! [echo] crystal! [echo] geyser! [echo] crystal geyser. always bottled at the mountain source. naturally. no one has been murdered in albany since 2015 until this past weekend. >> the victim was found with a gunshot wound not far from a b.a.r.t. station. >> wayne friedman spoke with people who live nearby. >> when a murder happens right next door or across the street or down the road, it's too close to home. that sets the tone in albany after yesterday morning's shooting beneath the b.a.r.t. tracks. >> i'm shocked. in broad daylight. >> albany say the victim tied died in the hospital after they found him shot at 11:30
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yesterday morning. authorities think he may have been a homeless person living here for roughly two weeks. they didn't know his name, only his demeanor. >> just seemed like a person who was homeless, but very tidy. i don't know how to explain it. >> reporter: it was notable as albany's first murder in three years and only the third in 15. earthquakes happen more often here. >> i would not imagine there would be a murder here. >> usually a peaceful, quiet town. >> reporter: but on the day after the murder there's no reassurance on whatever happens usually. >> you hear about people getting shot on the freeway for nothing. i don't know. it's weird. >> reporter: as albany moves on, the police tape gone. the bench, just a resting place again in a community where on the surface life has returned to normal, but now with a wary edge. in albany, wayne friedman, abc news. a dozen men today dangled from the golden gate bridge towers as part of an historic inspection project.
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sky 7 captured these heart-thumping images of specially trained engineers using ropes and pullis to inspect every rivet and seam for rust and other defects. this extra step ruz prompted by new federal regulations requiring areas known as fracture critical to be inspected at arm's length. >> the towers are not fracture critical so they're not kored under the new regulation. but as responsible bridge operators, we decided to add it to our scope. it is a really meticulous work that people have to be very carefully in. it takes a little bit of courage. >> and no fear of heights. bridge officials plan to do these types of inspects every two years. the current project will take about a week. if you live in the east bay, you may have been shaken awake this morning by a small quake. this morning's quake happened in alamo measuring 3.3 in magnitude. alyssa harrington spoke to
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people who felt the quake. >> i was awake, just finished feeding the baby and heard something that sounded like thunder. and then things rocked and rolled. >> reporter: awhether i slyssa s in alamo. the 3.37 tremor was an early wake-up call. >> i was here in 1989 for the quake. and i thought, this is the start of another big one. >> reporter: this follows a group of another small earthquakes in the same area over the weekend. this map shows the cluster all centered in or near the san ramon valley. >> it had a little rolling and then it was a big jolt. >> reporter: a similar but larger earthquake swarm shook the danville area in february. usgs brian kilgore said they're in between two fault lines, but
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the swarms boil down to a coincidence. >> the san ramon valley has produced earthquake swarms like this half a dozen times or more since, i think, 1970 when usgs started monitoring these things. >> reporter: kilgore says the small earthquaes do not mean a big one is coming, but they should be a reminder to everyone in earthquake country to be prepared. in alamo, alyssa harrington, abc ne news. >> the world surf league says rodrigo cosa rolled the biggest wave ever surfed. can you believe this thing? it's 80 feet tall. this is video of that monster wave back in november in portugal. he received the league's big wave award this weekend. the previous record was set in 2011 when a surf rode a 78-foot lead. he says this is a dream come true. >> a wall of water.
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>> our kbech beaches are going to be just dandy. that's a popular spot as temperatures begin to rise above average. we have mainly clear skies. its's a quiet night out in. in fact, the picture outside looks south. in san francisco right now, a little bit of a breeze out there. you see the flags atop the ferry building waving right now. and that breeze will settle over the next 24 hours. but we take a look at your pollen. tree pollen still running at high levels. trees that are blooming, oak, ash and sycamore. weed pollen, don't have to deal with that. grass pollen is low right now. that will rise later in the summer season. mold spores at moderate levels. the uv index is running high during the daylight hours. protect your skin, put the sun screen on. unpro-effect toed skin can burn in less than 15 minutes.
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number, we were in the 60s earlier this afternoon. tonight, though, we've slowly gradually fallen back into the 50s right now. 53 the current temperature in san francisco. 50 in free mopt, 54 in oakland. right now, concord checking in with the temperature of 58 degrees. here's the call from accuweather. over the next 12 hours, mainly clear skies, plenty of stars. perhaps a few clouds building up along our coast. otherwise, we'll drop to about 51 in san francisco. 47 in san jose. 48 the low in oakland. 42 in santa rosa. we'll drop to 48 in antioch over the next 12 hours. here's the bigger picture. live doppler 7, the area of low pressure brought cooler air this past weekend. we were still under its influence today. that is finally going to move out. so our winds will begin to relax the next 24 to 48 hours. moving in priegt behind it is high pressure.
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on tuesday, clouds here and there in the morning at 7:00 in the morning. most spots starting out in the 40s. by midday, sunshine will really prevail. by 4:00, what you'll really notice, it is a warmer afternoon out there. we'll start to see more spots away from the coast go into the 70s. by 7:00, we're still rather mild. the first day of may, sun going down at exactly 8:00 in the evening. so highs on your tuesday, we're finally back into that mild air. so enjoy it. 23 you like the warmer temperatures, 68 tomorrow, the hike in oakland. 72 in san jose. about 65, less breezy than today in san francisco. 77 in santa rose sa, 78 in fairfield and concord up to about 76 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow it's brighter, warmer out there. some coastal fog will develop midweek, but the very limited marine layer. so a lot of afternoon sunshine, both wednesday and thursday. by friday, 80s make a comeback
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inland. so certainly feeling like spring warmth around there. the upcoming weekend, a very typical pattern for may. breezy on the coast, but still widespread 70s and just a touch warmer monday of next week. so makes starting off much warmer than april did last week. >> stay with us, the feds are coming after california's high speed rail projects. >> what they're about to do also. >> it's a bird, it's a plane. no, it's a stolen personal submarine. a story of how this ended up floating in the bay and why it's now at an impoun
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no rain, but there was flooding in san francisco tonight. betwe 3rd and 4th streets. a water main break has now been
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shut off at the site. >> the. >> the federal government is going to audit california's high-speed rail project which is billions of dollars overbudget. costs for the entire project are expected to reach as high as $77 billion. republicans have urged governor brown to pull the plug saying that it is far from what voters initially approved. taxpayer advocates say a federal audit is needed as cost overruns and delays continue. >> what we believe the feds will do is they will do an objective assessment .of whether or not this project is even viable. we said for ten years the project is not viable, cannot be built, cannot meet the promises that they immediate in terms of cost, ridership, travel time. everything else. and so we'll see where it goes. >> california's high speed rail would be first in the nation. voters approved it in 2008. construction has been under way for about three years. by 2029, trains are supposed to be able to transport passengers
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from the bay area to l.a. in under three hours. >> well, up next, a standoff that's .haing right now at the mexican border. some of the migrants are being allowed to enter the united states. an update on this situation. >> also the i.c.e. director who lashed out is stepping down. why he's leaving the trump administration. >> and you'll hear from juror number one in the cosby trial. how cosby's own words led to his
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>> we begin with a standoff at the mexican border. >> the first eight members of a caravan have central american migrants entered the united states tonight to seek asylum after a month's long journey through mexico. >> the eight women and children
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walked into the port of entry from tijuana. at least 42 others are awaiting entry. >> supporters of the migrants including attorneys in san francisco are ramping up their efforts now to help them. >> caroline tyler has the story. >> we are a beacon of hope for many people. >> reporter: this san francisco attorney is one of dozens nationwide who travelled to tiajuana this weekend to advise the nearly 200 mie grants who are camped out there. the migrants, mostly women and children from el salvador, guatemala and honduras traveled through mexico for more than a month, but train, bus or on foot. they say they're fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries. they've now reached the border at the south dakota crossing, but have been told by u.s. customs that the processing center is full. it's a showdown with the trump administration.
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>> just look at our southern border and our weak and obsolete immigration laws. they are obsolete and they are weak. >> just because someone comes in doesn't mean that ire going to win asylum, but it's a lengthy and rigorous process and they have the right to present those claims. >> reporter: in san francisco, today was immigrant day. some of the celebration at city hall were thinking of the waiting game at the border. >> we're talking toddlers, babies, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sleeping outside of the port of entry. >> reporter: critics call it a humanitarian crisis. but howard epstein of the san francisco republican party believes it's an attempt to undermine the law. >> i don't think we owe it to them to process them. if they want to come here, they should abide by our rules and our regulations and come as we allow them. >> crossing the border would just be the beginning for these migrants. of the 200 in a caravan last
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year, only four were granted asylum. in the news room, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement director subpoena retiring. he railed against california's sanctuary cities and even suggested the leaders of those cities be charged with a crime. he was also behind the recent immigration raids in the bay area and claimed the bay err i can't have mayor allowed many to get away when she warned immigrants of those raids. he called the resignation bittersweet. white house chief of staff john kelly is firing back after a report he repeatedly called president trump an idiot. general kelly says tonight that he is committed to the president. abc news senior white house correspondent cecelia vega is in washington. >> reporter: white house chief of staff john kelly tonight making a rare public statement to defend his relationship with his boss. it comes after nbc news reported that kelly has repeatedly called
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president trump an idiot. in one meeting on immigration, kelly reportedly trash talking the president saying he doesn't even understand what daca is. he's an idiot. we've got to safe him from himself. nearly immediately kelly fired back in a statement he said, i spend more time with the president than anyone else and we have an incredibly candid and strong relationship. he always knows where i stand and he and i both know this story is total bs. he called it another pathetic attempt to smear people close to president trump and distract from theed a menstruation's many successes. one aide who was also in that meeting backed kelly's denial, telling abc news, he never said that. kelly has come under fire for his handling of the ouster of former staff secretary rob porter. kelly initially defending porter as honorable amid allegations of domestic abuse. month, the president praised his chief of staff. >> and you know whef general kelly here, four star. and he's doing a great job in
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washington. >> reporter: but they have had their differences. in january, kelly committed one of the cardinal sins of a confidant when he embarrassed his boss over his number one issue, the border wall. >> he has evolved in the way he's looked at things. campaigning and governing is two different things. and this president is very, very flexible in terms of what is the realm of the possible. >> reporter: the president fired back on twitter e, openly contradicting his right hand man saying the wall is the wall. it has never changed or evolved from the first day i conceived of it. general kelly has been on the job for nine months and during that time it is no question, there have been varyi factions, compete fors inside the white house. at times, certainly the president himself has been upset with the general for putting limitations on who can access the oval office, who is talk to
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the president. but in the wake of this story, sources close to the president are telling us these two men, for now anyway, are on solid ground. abc news, the white house. this was a key day for the trump administration to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on europe, canada and mexico. those tariffs were to go into effect tonight. but the president decided to delay his decision for another 30 days. it's likely those nations would have responded with swift retaliation on american goods. >>ic thatting to the stage and showing what he calls the actual evidence, israeli prime minister accused iran of lying about its pursuit of nuclear weapons. armed with a slide show presentation, benjamin netanyahu said that israel obtained thousands of secret files that he says prove iran sought to develop a nuclear program. >> iran planned at the highest level to continue work on nuclear weapons under different guises and using the same
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personn personnel. >> reporter: the revelation comes as the president faces a may 12th deadline to decide whether to withdraw from a nuke nuclear deal. he's also preparing for a meeting with north korea's kim jong-un. >> juror number one in the bill cosby trial reveals the words the embattled comedian said that helped convict him. abc news reporter lindsey davis has the story. . >> reporter: tonight, the bombshell revelation that it may have been bill cosby's only words that sealed his fate. what was the evidence that made you sure beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. >> i think it was his deposition really. mr. crosby admitted to giving these quaaludes to women, young women, in order to have sex with them. >> we're nowing hearing just what was going on inside the deliberation room during bill cosby's retrial, thanks to juror number one, harrison snyder. but when you enter the room for
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the first time, were you sure that he was guilty? >> no. >> the jury delivered the stunning verdict on thursday, finding cosby guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand in 2004. so. >> some people said i made the right decision and some people have said they still think he's innocent. and i just tell them if you were there, you would say the same thing. you would say that he's guilty. >> reporter: sitting here today, is there any doubt in your mind that you guys came to the right conclusion? >> no. i have no doubt at all. >> reporter: lindsey davis, abc news, new york. more to come here. ashley judd the act stress takes new aim at harvey weinstein. >> up next, the actress sits
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>> an abc news exclusive, actress ashley judd is fighting back against disgraced movie producer harvey weinstein. judd filed a new lawsuit claiming he damaged her career by blocking her from getting major movie roles. she claims it was retaliation for her rejecting his sexual advances. here's abc news reporter amy robach. >> reporter: to night, ashley judd sitting down for her first interview after filing a lawsuit against harvey weinstein. >> why now and what dpupt? soo. >> what i want is for mr. weinstein to be held accountable for his illegal conduct. >> reporter: one of weinstein's most vocal accusers now suing the disgraced former movie mogul claiming h her hurt her career for decades, retaliating against her for rejecting his sexual demands back in 1997 where she said she narrowly avoigted sexual assault. judd said a year later she was
9:42 pm
in talks with peter jackson to play in "the lord of the rings." weinstein, allegedly telling filmmaker she was a nightmare to work with and should be avoided at all costs. >> my rebuffing illegal sexual harassment in a hotel room that harvey weinstein lied about me and interfered with many i economic opportunity and blocked me from being cast in "lord of the rings." >> in an interview, peter jackson said he had been fed false information that he now realizes was a smear campaign in full swing. >> we heard directly from director peter jackson. he said that weinstein torpedoed your incredible professional opportunity to star in "the lord of the rings" franchise. what was your reaction when you heard him say those words out loud and publicly. >> i felt very sad when i heard that. i had a lot of processing to do. i felt, i'm going to get upset about it. it's very upsetting. then all of a sudden mysteriously, we never heard back. >> you thought you were going to be used in this franchise.
9:43 pm
>> i was being invited to consider which of the two roles i preferred. >> and then all of a sudden, poof. >> it was just poof. i was being maligned and defamed. >> reporter: judd's attorney acknowledges there are a lot of people seeking damages from har slee weinstein. >> the evidence from peter jackson, we have got strong legal theories. anticipate i think we're going to collect money and we're going to put it to a good cause. >> reporter: judd said she will donate any money won in the civil lawsuit to the time's up movement. weinstein denied any allegations of sexual assault and has not commented on ashley judd's lawsuit. he said while he and his brother bob were the executive producers of this film, they had absolutely no input on casting. amy robach, abc news, los angeles. > we'll be back in just a moment with a forecast. plus -- >> we pulled a lot of things out of the bay before. and this is definitely a first. >> the stolen personal submarine found in the water.
9:44 pm
what in the world was it doing there?
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>> this homemade submarine found in the east bay was first thought to be a plane. >> its owners needs the public's help getting it back. >> we paul pulled a lot of things out of the bay before, this is definitely a first. >> reporter: a scientist's homemade submarine is now on dry land. but over the weekend, it disappeared near the berkeley's marina. how did it end up in open watter? >> somebody stole it and took it for a joyride, we believe. >> the sub goes 30 feet deep sen
9:48 pm
is used for the value tier communi community submersibles project. >> it's about give people access to explore the ocean in a way they would never ordinary have access to. >> reporter: at least no one got hurt, but i mean come on, how the heck do you operate this thing? >> one of my biggest concerns when it went missing is someone might kill themselves on it, because it's a simple set of systems, but it's still -- it still requires some knowledge of how submarines work. >> reporter: the sub is now currently docked at barry brother's toeing, which poses a problem for the submarine project. >> they have to come up with $2,000 out of the impound lot >> we're sichking. >> reporter: in oakland, dionne limb, abc 7 news. >> learn more about the community submersibles project and to help the group get back their submarine. >> one last time, we want to update the weather forecast for you.
9:49 pm
>> the coolest air happened today. from here on out, numbers will gradually warm up for the week ahead, culminating friday into saturday. perhaps a few isolated coastal clouds. otherwise most of us, the next 12 hours dropping into the 40 s. your 12-day planner, start out a little chilly in the 40s. a few clouds here and there. by midday, a lot of sunshine. the sun is going to quickly open us up by 4:00 into the 70s. tomorrow you'll notice it feels warmer out there. the warming trend will continue for much of the week ahead. highs on yo you are tuesday, here we go. back to average, so to speak n a lot of spots. it's mild. inland as well, 76 in concord, 68 in oakland. less breezy in san francisco, 75 the high in napa. and 78 in fairfield. each and every day we gain a couple of degrees. as you head into the archl, a lot of sunshine by friday. we're in the 70s and into the
9:50 pm
80s. and over the upcoming weekend, really nice. temperatures slightly above average for the first weekend of may. >> construction of the warriors new arena in san francisco is well under way. >> it is. and today, the team are eleased new renderings of what it's going to look like. the arena will be named chase center. the image shows the office towers as well as the gate house. >> it's small building that will sit along the main entrance on third street. chase center will open in time for the 2019/20 nba season. >> we're hoping they will be 2018 champs by then as well. >> yeah. >> something to thanksgiving in the banister. the sharks need to get a move on. they fired 26 shots before number 27 gave them a 1-0 lead over the golden knights. vegas, couch. gave san jose a flashback to game one. the sharks need to pull a game two comeback. we'll bring you the hi
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jimmy garoppolo has yet to lose an an nfl starter. tonight, he shared the announma with the sharks. >> jimmy garoppolo -- >> he scores! >> firing and can't get it in the net early. that's because marc andre fleury was so good. in the second period, sharks on the power play. mikkel boedker with the shot. meier gets his rebound goal. his second of the playoffs. the offensive line loving it. yeah, the knights, though, they had another strong second period. a flurry of shots, three goals in five minutes for vegas. a 3-1 lead after two. the sharks get closer in the third. brett burns to evander kane past
9:55 pm
fleury. this one goes to overtime. we will bring you the highlights tonight at 11:00. can't wait. joe panik had surgery today to repair a ligament. he's expected to miss six weeks. this news comes as the giants began a three-game set against the padres in at&t tonight. this little guy loving his night out at the park. what's not to love? the first three giants got hit. and all of them scored. they all scored the cycle. buster posey doubles. andrew mccutchen run number two. the giants 3-0 after one. the padres take the lead in the sixth. manuel margo with a hot shot. pirela scores. the padres go up 5-3. at least the hot chocolate guy having a good night. the giants still trail by two in the eighth. the dodgers corey seager is out for the rest of the season. the star shortstop will undergo tommy johns surgery to repair a sprained ligament in his right elb elbow the issue has affected his
9:56 pm
throwing about since last summer. and stephan curry is listed as questionable. but steve kerr expects him to play. but he has to leave the possibility that something will come up healthwise. he has been off the court since march 23rd and only started to scrimmage with contact over the weekend. but so far so good. and kerr says curry won't be under any restrictions tuesday night as he needs to get his groove back. >> steph always brings that joy. he loves to play so much. ititititititititititit's contag. so i think there's a good chance that putting him in the mix will only increase our momentum. but we've got to play well to get that going. in. >> in between games when he was hurt, he was putting in major work. when great players like that leave the game, due to injury and come back, i expect him to be who he is.
9:57 pm
>> how about the semifinals between boston. drew bledsoe throwback for game one against the sixers. jason tatum backdoor. he had 28 on the night. marcus morris with the miss. but marcus smart gets the lay-up and one. celtics by 16. rose year finished by 29. settle ins win 114ttle ins wi17 a one-game series lead. the coach told him to run home as fast as he could. he's doing the slow motion action. >> don't rush me. >> i just love it. i just love it. 3 years old. he is from southern california. that's where this game is being played. we kind of had a little fun. saying maybe he's an angels fan and doing an albert pujols
9:58 pm
impression. >> he's cute, though. >> thanks. >> well, coming up tonight at 11:00, a grieving dog owner is shocked to see her deceased puppy advertised for sale online. michael finney has a warning online for looking to buy a pet. >> and 911 dispatch is being flooded for calls from facebook headquarters. why the mayor says it's not a big deal. those stories and a lot more coming up over on channel 77. >> that is going to do it, though, for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you for joining us tonight. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. hope to see you on one hour over on the bay 7.
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- i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real "donnie brasco."


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