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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 20, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. and we are right at the start of a storm that could continue right into the weekend. you can see the shade of green showing up on live doppler 7. good evening and thank you us i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dashly. here is a live picture from sfo where arrivals are delayed by 3:45 minutes. >> it's raining hard on 101
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making travel difficult. let's check in with drew. we have light showers that are peppering the entire region right now. live doppler 7, we'll get to you tighter to street level showing the lifetime showers south so san bruno hopping over the bay into hayward. a downpour moving through union city with the pop yellow 37 fremont, oakland light rain at this hour. infld, walnut creek and concord you have the drops. san ramon and north to volume owe. but the wired picture showing you the bulk of the moisture will o with this storm really falls to the south. we're getting scraped by the ou edge of the even. on and off showers will be in the forecast for the next 24 hours. the storm impact scale, a level one storm tonight through tomorrow as well. light to moderate showers at times. won't be raining the entire 24 hours period. winds will gusty 15 to 30-mile-per-hour. and there is the chance of a thundershower tomorrow amp.
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early tomorrow morning the showers are still with us. as the commute gets underway o way light rain in the forecast. an stronger storm moves in thursday. we'll detail that in a few minutes. >> all right thank you so much. facebook battled fear head winds the second day in a are row. a research firm with ties the trump campaign allegedly accessed personal information of up to 50 million facebook users kwout consent. the founder of the firm cambridge analytica claimsthey influenced vote zbleers we were able to use data to identify that there was very large quantities of persuadable voters there that could be influenced to vote for the trump campaign. >> undercover video from the channel 4 shows the firm undercover reporter a sales pitch. they are promising a audit appear possible legal actioning a the stock lost billions of dollar in value np david louie
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has an kbooe briefing at men low park headquarters. >> reporter: a day of explaining for facebook a headquarters at in menlo park impede were briefs on the cambridge analytica situation during a routine gathering to discuss issues. lawmakers met with facebook's legal and policy staff where there was a call for investigations in the house and senate. the company didn't share details. >> facebook should have had a way of verifying everything. and not being sloppy about it. and apparently they didn't do that. so we'll to find out way. >> the issue of data privacy was the subject of a federal trade commission with facebook in 2011 required users consent for data to be released. the question is whether facebook violated that agreement as a result of cambridge analytica providing user data to the 2016 trump organization. >> as consumers get savvier about that and legislators get
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more interested i think both the regulatory market and the consumer market will rein them? >> investors have been hammering the stock. the company lost nearly $50 billion in value in two days. the hashtag delete facebook has been trending as angry users indicate they no longer trust the platform. >> i imagine that users voting with their own feet is what the company is most concerned about. >> dafny keller at stanford law krerpt the center for internet and society says facebook could face lawsuits over privacy concerns in addition to an investigation by european authorities. cambridge analytica suspended its ceo a as it under takes it's own investigation. mark zuckerberg and cheryl andrea berg have been silent. if you wonder what facebook know base you it's easy to find out. the company takes your likes and track what is do you on the internet to build a profile. you can see it by collecting on settings and ads. can you make changes to the
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settings. now to new developments. a teenager has been arrested for a shooting on 580 in sand rafael. it's one of three accidents in the last few days or so. another shooting happened on 580 in oakland about 8:30 machined night. and there was another shooting on interstate 80 in hercules on saturday. he while police say they don't appear to be connected there is a similar motive, road rage. here is our reporter wayne freedman. >> this is christian torrez perez, the 18-year-old road rage suspect facing charges after shooting a pellett gun in marin county last night. >> the suspect was driving a mass tang. >> charactered to the highway patrol andrew barkley the incident began when a driver honked his horn after being suspected. >> the he suspect responded by pulling a pellett gun and fired once hitting the victim's car. the suspect faces charges of
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brandishing a women. >> if you are a normal driver and somebody brandishes an object that to be a pistol that brandishing is done with the intent to create fear in that other person. a normal person driving down the road isn't taking the time to look at that pep ep o weapon and discern if it's a pistol, pet you will gun or fake gun even. >> reporter: in this case the driver copied down the attacker's license plate called 911 and that led to a manhunt. fewer than four hours later the suspect was arrested inter aire linda. witnesses say the pistol was on the seat of the car. one more sht apparent example of a of road rage in a angry world. >> road rage incidents escalate to firing weapon from a vehicle over something like a horn honk is absolutely dangerous, unacceptable and it's just completely careless. >> if convicted 18-year-old christian torrez perez could serve as long as one year in
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county jail. in marin county, wayne freed many, nbc 7 news. new details on the response to saturday's fire in san francisco's north beach neighborhood. the night supervisor aaron peskin criticize ds the fire department response and called for the resignation of of the chief. we received a letter to peskin seed she said completion refrain from engaging with the san francisco fire dp memberunless the incident is deemed safe. peskin issued a statement saying it was inappropriate to raze questions on the scene. >> and judge aaron persky is taking another step to stop the recall effort against him. lawyers for persky appeared in a appeals court today. they're challenging the decision on the recall vote. they appear that since% ski a state officer the secretary of state's office not the santa clara county registrar's office sh have jurisdiction here. recall organizers say persky is
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just stalling. >> we feel that judge persky's intention it is to confuse the rs and cost the county and state money, that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for his effort to avoid facing the voters. >> the recall movement started after persky sentenced former stanford swirm, this man brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in january of 2015. persky ace attorney says she is hopeful the judges block the recall, adding the recall's appearance on the ballot ballot are will negatively judicial independence. judges will be incliepd to rule in a manner preventing public backlash rather than sound legal judgment. >> san francisco is the piers major city to ban sale of new fur products. the board of supervisors passed an ordinance going into effect january 1st. it doesn't apply to second hand items or sheep or lamb skin. supervisor katie tang the skrult
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animal endoo durlgs for the purpose of becoming clothing isn't consistent with the values of the city. all right stay with us process. more to bring up. up next rescue if from four stories up. >> new video from a frightening accident. we'll show you the aftermath from the crash. >> at iconic record store branching out, its plan to jump on the cannabis band wagon. >> and the biggest part of the storm still to come. storm still to come. drew has the forecast
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five people were critically nurt in a three-car crash in san francisco this morning. partially caught on surveillance video. you'll see it here. the video shows a car slamming into a light pole at busch and golf streets at 5:30 this morning. firefighters had to use the jaws of live to get a passenger out. >> we were starting through the intersection. and the black car came flying through the intersection. he clipped the front of me and plowed into the silver car and pushed is into the pole. >> the intersection was close. for nearlily three hours. police are still investigating exactly what led up to the crash. an incredible rescue overnight in san francisco. if you look closely at the topic see firefighters saving a woman from a burning apartment on the fourth floor.
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the fire department provided the pictures. the fire broke out near jackson and polk streets. the woman is okay. a well-known perkily business is hoping to combine what they call the healing power of music with cannabis. a dispensary called high fid eliot opens next month next to amoeba musics. leslie brinkley explains why it's music to the city's ears. >> amoeba record stores may be ledge aerd. but the berkeley mothership is ready to dispense more than music at a new store called high fid dealt. >> nothing goes better a great record than a bag of weed. and vice versa. >> the music store next to a cannabis dispensary on telegraph avenue. seemed like a good fit. the city upped the permits from four to six to accommodate.
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>> it's to feature local groers. >> considering the environment of berkeley we want to have a lot of, you know, high-quality edibles, veegen, gluten free, clean green cannabis. that's what makes it special with the heirloom genetic and the small time farmers. >> it's significant for telegraph in that it's going to add another dimension of what people are using in terms of entertainment, et cetera, now that cannabis is legal in california. >> there are a lot of people coming back to cannabis, many who haven't smoked cannabis in 20, 30, 40 years. and want to get away from pharmaceuticals, opioids. can you buy joints and come next door and buy some louie armstrong. >> considering the opening date close to 4/20, the black friday of cannabis we are specking a big turnout. >> the area has been known for cannabis as far as walking down the street and smelling it in the air. now he we give you a legitimate
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avenue to go down. >> in berkeley, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. not one american city made it into the top 20 best cities in the world to live in. vienna austria was considered the best at the in the world to reside according to a survey by mercer. this video is from the tourist department, known for palaces and monuments of past emperors and other nobility as well as kossy coffee houses and wine bars. it has low crime rates, low pollution, excellent public transportation and health care opinion the lites zurek be auckland, munich and vancouver. san francisco was the first american city on the list though number 30, baghdad was considered the worst city to live in. all right. let's turn to the weather forecast. and a lot more rain on the way. >> drew is tracking it all. drew. ama and dan, it's a wet night out there. but the strongest part of the system arrives late tomorrow night into thursday. the picture you can see behind me a live look from the roof top
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camera at kgo studios in studio along the embarcadero. dops on the lens showers falling at this hour. i expect showers for the commute tomorrow morning. add extra time because it's slower than normal as the showers move through. live doppler 7 will take you a little bit bigger showing the full screen showing the light showers throughout the region, most likely we see showers of this nate tomorrow morning as well. through vallejo, oakland, right now, san francisco through hayward, sand leonardo of light showers and light showers in santa rosa. like we said this is the appetizer before the main part of the storm moves in late tomorrow night and early thursday morning. . on the storm impact scale tonight through tomorrow it's a one. a light system light to moderae showers winds gusting 15 to 30-mile-per-hour at times. and there is the chance tomorrow afternoon of a thundershower popping up. it's isolated. it's not widespread. temperaturewise, our numbers
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haven't budged at all today. really with the cloud cover overhead, and on off showers a low 50s right now. a couple of upper 40s on the board. and temperatures overnight tonight with the showers moving through, pretty much on either side of about 50 degrees. so certainly these are mild overnight temperatures for this time of the year. but thanks to the cloud cover overhead that keeps us heated kind of ins latd. future weather hour by hour. tomorrow morning we still vermont light moderate showers working through parts of the region, even by 7:30 in the morning as the morning commute is under way we still have to allow for light showers. meteorologist mike nika will be tracking those on channel 7 tomorrow morning starting at 40 a.m. as we go to the afternoon it's not widespread rain. however, isolated showers still in the forecast. a lot of cloud cover overhead for the afternoon. and then tomorrow night we'll start to track the heaviest part of the storm moving on shore. you can see the pops of yellow and orange on the screen indicating the heavier rain. highs are for within, it will feel a little warmer tomorrow
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than today. we'll tap into a south wind tomorrow that bumps the temperatures into the 60s instead of the 50s like today. 64 in san francisco. 65 in oakland about 68 in san jose, 63 in santa rosa. with the stater scattered showers moving through. the bulk of the moisture in california will fall for the south. look at the next four days. a soaking storm in socal. santa barb over 3 inches was that's where the flash flood watches are posted across california. the areas shaded in green. this is the highest risk of seeing flooding across the state of california. much of this region has seen fires last fall and the burn scars could see some flooding over the next 48 hours. then getting into thursday morning, the system gets upgrated to level 2. a moderate storm thursday morning. we'll track areas of leaf rain ponding on roadways and the winds higher at 35 to 40-mile-per-hour that's in the haefrt stornl.
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accuweather seven-day forecast shows periods of rain tomorrow. kbreez, thursday the heavier rain in the morning, wind with us, tapers in the afternoon but more scattered showers on friday morning and still a chance on saturday before we dry out the second half of the weekend and spring warmth returns early next week. see the on and off showers. >> thanks, drew. a former uber ceo travis cal nick his new company next. >> and the travel webster orbitz is sending out alerts to thousands customers. national puppy day three days away. on friday live stream the puppy cam on abc 7, abc 7 and the news app beginning at 4:30 a.m. we are helping find forever homes for
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travel booking website orbitz says one of the older websites may have been hacked. incident was discovered by the company on march 1st and may have exposed information tied to about 880,000 credit cards. the exceedia owned company says names and payment card information, dates of birth, email addresses, bilk addresses, gender within o and phone numbers may have been accessed. the company says its shall current site was not aircrafted. it's currently notifying customers who may have been impacted. the san francisco district attorney's office filed a false advertising case against home adviser and the parent company. the da. who was is accuse zing them of displaying false ads to consumeners violation of california law. specifically the complaint claims the ads provide false information about the background checks it performs on the service provider sent to
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customers homes. >> we have tried to get them to take the ads off and they have rfrzed we filed axe against them. and we to get a temporary restraining order order this stops the being presented to the zblurm home adviser says it doesn't comments on ongoing legal matters. the former krae of uber will soon be the career yoe of a real estate start-up. he bought a start upped city storage systems naming himself ceo. it plans on buying distressed real estate and remodelling for digital businesses. kalanick was thrown out as ceo of uber last junen after a series of scandals at the company. in the meantime amazon ceo jeff bezos is worth about $130 billion. that makes him the richest man in the world. amazon today passed up goog the as america's second largest
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company. amazon's market value climbed to about $765 billion. if can you believe almost 3 billion more than what google is worth. only apple is worth $900 billion. >> up next, an american city on edge. >> police suspect a serial bomber is connected to six devices. we'll have the latest. and students affected by gun violence get willing ready to make voices heard. president trump and his call to vladimir putin, congratulating him on his re-election. by
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>> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc 7 news. and we begin this half hour with the suspect the serial bomber in austin, texas. >> altogether there have been
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six devices, including one found today at a fedex office near san antonio. tonight a worker at a good will thrift shop was injured by an incendiary device. >> tom abrahams has the latest. >> reporter: central texas is on high harlt, another neighborhood was rocked by a new explosion. >> >> this incident is not related to any of the other incidents that we have had here in austin. in was an old military type ordnance that initiated this person's hand. it caused injury. >> this one supposedly not connected but an incendiary device nonetheless. the explosion happening hours after a morning blast at a fedex center near san antonio. >> ins lawn, the package was. >> the explosive package was shipped from the austin fedex facility swarmed with police, as hundreds of state and federal law enforcement agent race against the clock. finally what could be a breakthrough in the investigation. fedex says they recovered a
9:30 pm
second passage send by the same individual and turned it over to investigators. >> it's extremely important to have an unexploded package or bomb because it gives you the intricacies of how he built the bomb, which tells you expertise. gives you a greater likelihood of tracking down materials he used >> police say the new packages show the suspected serial bomber is growing more sophisticated. >> people are scared. you would be too. you know, random packages showing up, explosives going off people dying for no reason. >> despite the heavy federal presence with atp and fbi working multiple scenes here the investigation is unthe lied of the austin police department. reporting from austin action texas, tom abrams for abc us anchts high school student is dead another shot after a 17-year-old opened fire inside his school. the resource officer exchanged gunfire with the teenager. it's unclear if he died from
9:31 pm
that or by his own gun. the officer who doubles a a swat team member wasn't hurt. it happened before classes started at the school in great mills, maryland. students were placed on lockdown and moved to another school. >> i'm in math class when it happened. and we've been on lockdown about 30 minutes or so. >> got a call from my 15-year-old son that goes to great mills high school. he said mom and get me somebody just got shot. >> a 14-year-old victim is expectsed to survive. a 14-year-old girl suffered critical injuries. the gunman austin wyatt rolen huss a prior relationship with the girl. and school shootings are among the reasons why thousands will participate in the march for our lives protest on saturday in washington, d.c. making the trip are some oakland high schoolers. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez spoke with them. >> reporter: this student remembers watching students running from the stoneman
9:32 pm
douglas high school in parkland. that day 14 students and three staff were killed by a former student. >> i can at least start and tri to add or start something going you know and i can be a change. >> these students gathered here at the east oakland youth development center have been affected by gun violence in their neighborhoods. >> lost my big broerg to gun violence. and it took a toll on my family. and we are still, like, really affected by it. >> on friday morning, the group will fly to washington, d.c. to participate in the youth led march which is expected to bring in thousand of students from all over the country. >> what i really hope is for them to receive hope that is really what this is about, that they have the power to mobilize, that they feel empowered to come together and really push for the change that they want to see for their future. >> reporter: the march has a mission statement, part of it reads, "we cannot allow one more family to wait for a call or text that never comes.
9:33 pm
our schools are unsafe. our children and teacher are dying. we must make it our top priority to save these lives." >> we can't allow people to feel comfortable shooting a gun at anyone for any reason. >> reporter: the main march begins at 10:00 in the morning on saturday in the nation's capital. there will be sister marchs in other cities, including one in san francisco. ? oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. in the mean, florida governor rick scott says he wants armed law enforcement officers post-ed at every entrance to marjory stoneman douglas high school where 17 people were killed last month. the president revealed today that he called russian president vladimir putin to congratulate him on his re-election victory. when questioned the white house says russian mod meddlen a and the former poisoning of the russian spy and his daughter didn't come up in the phone cull. >> reporter: the announcement
9:34 pm
came from president trump himself. he will soon meet with russia's vladimir putin. and that's not all. >> i had a call with president putin. and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory. >> that didn't sell owe sit well with john mccain. he bashed the president saying an american president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections. the white house today refused to say whether the russian election was fair. >> we don't get to dictate how other countries rate. >> press secretary sarah sanders says the two leaders didn't discuss another story that's made international headlines, russia's apparently roll in the uk attack on a former russian spy and his daughter. and no talk of the other elephant in the room either. >> the president didn't raze the issue of russian election meddling. >> i don't believe it came up on this pesk call. >> reporter: it comes as the president ramps up attacks on robert muellerary probe into
9:35 pm
possible ties between moscow and team trump. today we asked. >> do you know if robert mueller fired mr. president. >> thank you very much. >> republican senator as i understand graham says firing mueller would be grounds for impeachment. >> if the president fired robert mueller would that be an impeachable offense. >> probably so if he did it without cause, yeah. >> and speaker paul ryan says he has been given assurances that president trump will not seek to have robert mueller fired, though he would not say who gave him the assurances or exactly what they entail. white house aides insist the president has no plan to fire the special counsel and they say he has not been discussing it. abc news, the white house. first it was the adult film star now the former play boy model who claims to have had a romantic relationship with president trump. she is suing so sheg speak. she was once fade porer story but it was never published.
9:36 pm
krs zbloots play boy model caron mcdounl is suing the publishers of the national enquirer saying he was tricked into signing an agreement to keep quiet about an alleged affair with president trump. >> mcdougal says she met trump in 2006 when the apprentice taped an episode at the play boy motion. >> come on over. wow. beautiful. >> she claims what came next was a ten-month romantic relationship. mcdougal never told her story publicly. in 2015 et at the time of the republican debate she tweeted this old photojust before the election she sold the rights to the enquirer publisher american media, inc, owned by a close friend of the president. she says she was told they were buying her story in order to bury, a tactic known as catch and kill. she says she was promised $150,002 magazine covers and 24 months of articles or columns and claims her lawyer urged her to sign the deal saying it would kick start and revitalize her career given that she was old now. she was 45 at the time.
9:37 pm
she insists many of the plomz are plomzing never materialize ds and it was only recently that she learned her own lawyer had reportedly discussed the deal with trump's personal lawyer miebl cohen. the same michael cohen who adequate nojd paying another woman stormy daniels to keep quiet about her alleged affair with trump. >> do you have a non-disclosure agreement. >> do i? >> today her attorney released this picture of a polygraph she took in 2011 when asked did you have unprotected sex with draufrp they responded yes. >> lindsey davis, abc news, new york. coming up next, a self-driving car slams into a pedestrian and it may not have been the car's fault. >> and meet bhrmt's new emplo
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new details tonight on the debtedly crash involving a self-driving uber car in arizona. tempe's police chief now telling the chronicle that uber was likely not at fault. the chief wouldn't rule out the possibility of charges fence the operator behind the wheel. we also learned today ha that the backup driver served four years in prison in the early twouss on attempted robbery -- armed robbery conviction, a self-driefgt uber car was on autonomous mode when it hit and killed a woman on sunday might while she walked a bike across a street. wal-mart is testing the use of robots in stores. >> they're not replacing the greeters but lending hands for mundane tasks in the store. >> chris wynn gives us a look at the automation in action. >> coming down the aisle it's hard to miss. >> i was thinking irrelevance like cleaning a floor. >> for the shoppers the reaction says it all.
9:42 pm
>> i'm in wal-mart and this thing is scanning the aisle. >> using technology to that of a self-driving vehicle they've scanned for out of stock items as well as mislabeled merchandise and incorrect prices at nearly 50 wal-mart stores across the country. the employees then stock thes shelves. >> the data we get is arming the associates. they have the information to do their jobs better. >> reporter: the robots are produced in san francisco which is currently working with three other national retailers in addition to wal-mart. >> if i can take images ever the shelves is there a way of mining the minimals to figure out the tasks? six years later we are successful. >> out of stock items are an issue for retailers since theyness out and sales. but some skmerps expressed concern about the role of automation and the possibility of jobs eliminated. >> and everything is automated service. so i don't know it's starting to be scarey. are machines taking over.
9:43 pm
>> reporter: wal-mart officials insist it won't affect the employee head count and many customers believe it will help ensure the smoother shopping experience. >> how many they don't have instead of having to come and check every so often or just bringing more than they need. >> reporter: the robots are being tested at three stores in the bay area. >> very nice. love to see, you know it's like a big toy for big people. >> reporter: the shelf scanning technology setting the stanl for advancements to come. in milpitas, chris wynn, abc news. a little weird with that beam of light. video game developers in san francisco are looking at new trends this year. plus o introducing the prime rib cheesesteak from jack in the box. with strips of prime rib grilled with peppers and onions and smothered in provolone cheese and i'm challenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack.
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>> drew tuma is here with the latest. just a taste of what's to come over the next few days. we have showers much of it light in nate. . but still live doppler 7 track going all. light green on the screen. i want to zoom into the heart of the recently where we have much of the activity at this hour. some showers moving on shore in san francisco from the sunset to richmond. light showers from sand rafael to mill valley. over to richmond. you notice getting towards walnut creek let's go in tighter on live doppler 7. you can see the pops of yellow. knows are the moderate showers that are isolated but dotting the landscape. moving to discover discovery bay and antioch lee o sees light showers. tonight and tomorrow polite moderate rain moving through. showers are in the forecast the next 24 hours. winds breezy gusting 15 to 30. there is the chance tomorrow afternoon of a thundershower popping up. the 12-hour planner on wednesday, scattered showers in the morning prepare for that for the morning commute. isolated at best at noon nothing
9:48 pm
widespread. still a lot of cloud cover in the afternoon and the shower chance continues into the evening. into thursday morning, the system actually strengthens to a level two storm. it's thursday morning that is the focus of our attention with areas of heavy rain. there is likely ponding on the roadways. and tracking snow in the seer aa. we'll meds it in feet. by friday morning two to three feet is a good estimate. could see locally up to four feet of fresh powder heading into friday. accuweather seven-day forecast periods of rain, breezy tomorrow. there is the heavier rain thursday morning. scattered showers on and offer fwrds into saturday before warming returns early next week. well game developers poured into san francisco today. >> tomorrow we hear announcement from big players in the game industry. as abc 7 news reporter jonathon bloom the game developer conference is about the little guys. >> reporter: 26,000 people.
9:49 pm
>> we take over the city. >> all here because they make games. >> every aspect of the game game. whether music production, gask design, artistry. >> there are other events for unveiling the games. but this is about building them. >> you see mosh of it as an art form. a lot of beautiful games, really creative. >> where wins is no longer the point. sky the friendly taggen is retaxes. >> creatures can you sing do. >> sky is an indy game west virginia. >> they do it for the love of it first and foremost. >> without a big company they can take risks pick a tofu tale. >> like many here at the indy megabooth pits ryan's first became. it has developer from ten countries. >> the story lines are becoming interesting and diverse. >> with so many people from axelrod aboutings able to create games the gamt o games are appealing to a broad err audience. >> you may not like video games
9:50 pm
where you don't shoot something but there is more out there. >> including virtual reality. >> putting people in places they candidate be in real life. >> game spot ben howard says it's slow to take hold. >> the head sets are bulky and a lot of wires. >> imagine trying to build a game in vr. >> i put on the glasses. >> it's rough around the edges which makes it perfect for passion knit indy developers. >> projecting interesting sophisticated graphics on the world around. >> you. there are knew ways to game friends. >> there is the idea that js technology separates people. but games can bring people together. >> jonathon bloom, abc 7 news. that's intense, right. >> certainly. all right we have a lot of sports to talk about. >> we do. schuh is in with all of you. >> different kind of games. things hopefully looking up for the warriors. steph curry could be wak.
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>> announcer: abc 7 sports. good news from the warrior camp. steph curry medically cleared to reassume full practice for tomorrow. if all goes well he could be back at oracle on friday against the atlanta hawks. steph rolled his ankle on march 8 and missed six games and 11 games in december. with the same sprangd right ankle. meawhile klay thompson is scheduled to be reexamined thursday as he works back from a fractured right thumb. now, the fourth injured draymond green took a knee to the peflis last night he left the game had x-raies at the arena that were negative but didn't return. i've never heard of this type of injury but it has to affect the lower body movement and reach. draymond is one of the tough oeft athletes i've been around and last night after the game he told the media he is not concerned. >> it's just never really settled down, you know, usually
9:55 pm
you get hit low it settling down over the course, you know, a couple minutes or. it just didn't settle down. so i'll be all right. i still don't think it's anything serious. >> all right the sharks hostiling the devils at the tank before the game as you can see behind me sj sharky sprung who action to help the san jose fire department put out the fire across the street in the sap center. hoping the good karm aire keeping the four-game one. jannik hansen behind the devils defender on the break away. and just like that shark up 3-1. same score second period. deferrals come undplud barclay goodrow on the odd man rush, easy money. moments later, virtually identical goal this time logan couture 30th of the season, san jose is up big 6-1 in the third looking for season high fifth straight win this season. all right. the niners prize free agent of
9:56 pm
the corner back richard sherman spoke with the media on camera for the fires time as a niner. the former stanford man will be a good fit for this team. the 7-yee yearn veteran loves to talk trash but he backs it up. he will will be a great presene in the 49ers young locker room. the super bowl champ is coming offer achilles tendon and had bone spurs removed this season. that's the only question mark of the signing. he has 32 interceptsens and 99 passes defended the past seven years. more than anyone in the league. gm john lynch broke the ice in today's presser. >> kyle and i would like to aapologize our taylor worked long and hard but weren't ready today we- we'll be dawning the are he had suits later. but proud and happy to announce richard sherman as a 49er. we are thrilled to do this. and we all know what he brings. >> i'm a pro's pro. like i said, you know at the end of the day, you know, the team -- the team that wanted me
9:57 pm
is the team whose uniform i'm wearing today. it's the decision that they needed to make. and the san francisco 49ers made the decision that they needed to make i look forward to helping them win ball games. at the end of the day the rivalry is what it is. it will be renew a i'll be at the center of it. >> looking forward it according to sources the raiders are hosting a defensive tackle on his free agent tour. the big defensor tackle cut by the dolphins this off season has had meeting with new orleans, tennessee, and the l.a. rams. this i mab the long-term free agent tour in the history of the game. a couple of reasons opponents to get the most money he can. and known to be one of the best to play the position. but he tends to take plays off. he also battles a reputation of being a dirty player. stay tuned. meanwhile the raiders traded fullback to the cowboys which includes a swap of draft picks. dallas sent one of the two fifth round picks in exchange for a sixth round from the raiders. coach gruden is stock piling the
9:58 pm
draft picks. this one part started with dallas in 2012. the ejts oakland a's kenle gray from the 2-year-old pitcher received the honor thaft last year this will be the fourth season in grown and gold. he is the longest tenured starting pitcher. meanwhile the a of an brought back bret anderson to a mienl league deal. they could have a nostalgia punch with the addition of trevor cahill. anderson has a 6.34 era with the cubs and blue jays last season. brought to you by toyota. steph back by friday and draymond back soon. kd and steph. and the fighting drew tuma ace lead marquette to the advance to the finals. sorry about north carolina. >> thank, schuh. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, as the storm
9:59 pm
building strength this week people in the fire zone are preparing for potential danger. we'll have that plus. >> there is a flower that doesn't have any color. because it is a controlled flower. >> she is just a kindergartener explaining the fundamentals of science, the showcase that has you cheering on the next generation. join us for news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> that's great. finally here drum roll please. ringo starr is now sir ringo starr. >> the former beelgts's drummer was knighted by prince william today. the only other surviving beelgts paul mccartny was knighted in' 97. >> for all of us here thanks for joining us. >> you again at 11:00 in one hour.
10:00 pm
- [announcer] the following program is based on a true story. some of the names have been changed. the program contains reenactments. - i'm former fbi agent joe pistone, the real donnie brasco. the mafia put a contract on my head, but i've got stories to tell. sometimes going undercover means matching wits with the devil himself.


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