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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 13, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: now in abc 7 live breaking news. >> our breakingnous tonight, popular scientists steven hawking died. hawks was a science icon and his battle with als has been highly chronicleland. and doctors expected him to live two years. he was a physicalicist and author add brief history of time and he died in cambridge, glenn he was 76 years old. good evening thanks for
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joining put. to our other top story. president trump arrived a few hours ago in los angeles attending a fund raiser. earlier he gots to the prototypes of the border wall he wants to build. danya bacchus tell us about the first visit to kr since taking office. >> the visit to california met by supporters and protesters this is the president's first visit to the state since taking office and comes one beak after his justice department announced the plan to sue california over obstructing federal immigration enforcement efforts. >> we are looking very much at the wall with see-three capability on the other zblied his first stop in california, san diego where he inspect protest types each one casting a minimum of , sr. 300,000. >> for those people, if you don't have a wall system you're going -- we're not going to have
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a country. >> ahead of the president's visit california governor jerry brown post-ing a letter to the letter to the president on twitter inviting him to visit other parts of the state saying we are focusing on bridges not walls. >> president trump later speak to marines and other service members saying he hopes for something positive to come out of potential talks with north korea. >> we are always have to be prepared for anything. but i really believe something very positive could happen. great for korea, north and south, and great for the world, and great for this country. >> and tuesday night a fund raiser was held at the home of ed glaser where donors paid $250,000 to attend. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. while promoting the border wall president trump took a moment to criticize the governor's leadership of the state. >> i think the governor is doing a terrible job running the state
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of california. i have property in california. i will say. i don't think too much about my property anymore. but i have great property in california. the taxes are way out of whack. and people are going to start to move pretty soon. >> later in a tweet governor brown said, thanks for the shout out by bridges are better than walls and california remains the sixth largest economy in the world and the most prospers state in america. >> there are efforts by california politicsens to slow down the border wall and that includes the attorney general suing over environmental issueses. there is legislation aimed at california companies taking part. carolyn tyler that is the details. >> the assembly firms says 375 firms nationwide has expressed interest in the president trump border wall. the san francisco democrat wants
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to discourage california companies from signing on. >> if they are making money by building this $$20 million wall they don't deserve a california tax break. >> the tax breaks they would forfeit would be a credit for hiring new kbes and one for buying manufacturing and research equipment. president trump looking at 8 prototypes in the says certain firms are begging to big the wall. i'm sure there will be. >> i'm sure there will more than enough company outside california to bid on build the wall it's empty rhetoric all it does is deny california employees and california corporations the ability to earn a gainful living in a legal way. >> teng says since mexico is the largest trading partner the border project could spur market
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instability throughout the state economy. he expects his bill to be heard in committee next month. >> we're going to keep fighting new ways to fight this wall with every power that we have. >> reporter: and teng acknowledges the measure is likely to face opposition in the legislature but he believes he has the public on his side. citing a 2017 poll showing more than 70% of californians surveyed oppose the wall. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler >> now use the news ach to send out this push alert when rex tillerson spoke publiclybout leaving as secretary of state. we broadcast his comments live this morning. president trump unceremoniously announced the news on twitter hours before informing tillerson personally. today tillerson spoke briefly about hits plans. >> i will return to privat live as a private citizen as a proud american, proud of the opportunity i've had to serve my
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country. god bless all of you. god bless the american people. g god bless america. >> now come up at 9:30 we'll look at the relationship between the two men and how it all deteriorated. we are on storm watch as another round of rain hits the bay area. as you can see it came down hard this morning and we are not done yet. we are expecting another wave tonight in what's shaping up to be a stormy week ahead. let's get to our meteorologist track going all. >> yes, dion, the next line of showers are moving on shore opinion there are downpours emedded about the brighter colors' we go to street level working through san francisco along the peninsula and moving through bay heavier showers to the north of sunnyvale as well. a line extending to fremont. wider picture shows moisture offshore will be moving on shore the next couple hours. the storm impact scale, it's a light system tonight, going
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through tomorrow with those -- the isolated downpours at times. and there is the chance of a thundershower popping up. tomorrow morning ut the door keep the chance of isolated showers. a lot of clouds and more rain over the next couple days. we'll time out the line into tomorrow and show you the other storms in the full accuweather forecasts. >> thank you. happening tount controversial commentator ann coulter is give a speech in mountain view. invited by the liberty forum of liberty valley. several police officers stood outside where she spoke. they were on hand just in case to keep the peace and manage traskt zpl koult are planned to come last year and to speak at uc berkeley only to have it cancelled. a large crowd protested anyway and there were a few clashes we have not heard of any problems with tonight's event. we will have reaction from kate larson on the abc news at 11:00 over on channel 7. seven men have been arrested for a string of violent
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burglaries resulting in a manhunt across novato. here is the suspects held in sonoma county jail all from north carolina or virginia. now three of the men were arrested at sfo last night try to catch a flight back to the east coast. the sonoma county shiffer says it was a cross country mission to rob north bay marijuana growers. none of the victims are involved in growing or selling marijuana. >> we want nothing to do with growing selling, cultivating marijuana. and now we had several residents that are tied up and pistol whipped and victimized, no liability of their own. >> a similar string of marijuana burglaries happened in santa rosa last february. one left a home owner dead. five suspects in that case all from the east coast have been charged. well sky seven was over the scene of a short police chase in napa. the sheriff says they amendmented to pull over a man who was a suspect in two
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shootings in san francisco. deputies say as the driver left the scene he threw items out the window, an ar-15 and bag containing ammunition clips a pistol with bullets and a ski mask and kevlar vest. he was eventually arrested. coming up tech companies get cat fished the activist group that argumented the twitter and facebook. and braisen attempt to get information. the huge mistake of a flight attendant that has united airlines issuing a apology. >> i want to turn the tables around so everyone goes to safe schools. >> children all over the bay area getting ready to join the area getting ready to join the fight for changing internet providers promise business owners a lot.
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developing new in monterey county. police think a teacher at seaside high school accidentally fired a gun injures a student. investigators say the student was hit by a bullet fragment or falling debris from the seeming. the injure isn't considered resist serious. the teacher is a reserve police officer and teaching a public safety plays at the time. prosecutor resist announced they will seek the death penalty
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against nikolas cruz. he is accused of gunning down 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high school. he faces 1 counts of pre-med indicated murder in the first degree and 1 more counts of attempted first degree murder. they call the shooting especially atrocious and cruel. students near in the bay area and across the country are getting ready to stage walkouts to demand tighter gun control. a month after the shooting in parkland, florida. the protests start at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning the east coast at 10:00 a.m. i should say on the east coast and continue westward through the day. bay area schools are preparing as well. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley met with students in oakland who staged the walk out. >> young students came armed with big ideas at elementary
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school. they got creative and. >> it was a big kind of reality check for me when they started asking me questions about why we had a lockdown drill. we had conversations as a school about why it's important for the school to be safe. >> the idea inspired the march. the oakland unified school district says they support the students rights to participate in the walkout as long as they stay on kafrpds. they're setting up assembly area was microphones. >> we decided as a result of what has been happening around the nation we wanted to provide students with some curriculum around education being a civil right. >> it felt good, you know we are marching for a change for no guns in school. >> i feel like it's important because more people helps more. and i want to -- for everyone to get a good education. and to learn. >> did did this march make a
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difference. >> when they saw the news crews they knew they were spreading the message beyond school and i know that matters to them. >> people will see it on the news and think about it. . and then realize that safe schools are important. >> in oakland, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. we do want to take a moment to thank you all of you who reached out to the news team about walkout that your schools pl share the experiences on social media with us using the hashtag walk out bay area. >> lyft is facing lawsuit according to a report from tech crunch. the case was filed in alameda county and accuse attention them of discriminating people who use wheelchairs. dift has a service called access designed for people with disabilities. however, the plaintiffs say the service is inadequate. lyft responded by saying it has partnerships and provide
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wheelchair accessible services in various parts of the country and is looking to expand them. united airlines is apologizing tonight after a dog died on a plane. a flight attendant told a family to put the dog in the overhead bin. abc news reporter david occurly with the airlines responds. >> it was a 10-month-old puppy. this mother forced to carry hers dead dog off a jet liner. they were told to put the pet in the overhead bin for the three-hour flight. another passenger on facebook saying the flight attendant insisted the dog be put in the overhead zblien in all my years of flying i have never heard of this. >> united appears to agree in a contrite statements offering condolencing saying it never should have occurred. pets shupt shouldn't ever be
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placed in the overhead bin pl 18 animal died while being transported by united airline. it carrying 138,000. it's rate of animal dying more than twice that of competitors. they say know the rules and talk to the airline before you arrive at the airport. the website gives mot of report conservative activists targeted. the project was looking for information to show that the social media network shadow ban use peppers a shadow ban is where a users post-s can't be seen by others and the user doesn't know it. gizmott they say let activists posed asset users. the information obtain main may have broken california law. drew tomba joining us again with the wet and really gray looking forecast for the next
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few days. >> ton, dion a lot of us falling to the sleep to the sound of rain drops as moisture moves on shore. it's taking a couple of stops in the bay. we have san francisco with light to moderate rain through the sunset over if the castro, the mission, the marina close to ingleside light rain. on the peninsula south, smata 101 light rain in the neighborhood. even around third avenue on the bay shore to the south bay. between san jose and every green on 280 and 101 light showers falling even around willow glen. a similar story in fremont. 880, 680 highway 238 light showers falling at this hour. and at this be look. a downpour near emeryville. look at 34th treat, 880 moderate to heavy rain, a cell popped up there. the wider picture is showing a fetch of moisture offshore and moving on shore in the next
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hour. we time out where it's falling right now offshore with the pops of yellow and orange. about an hour away from san francisco. and in fact we'll take you outside a live look at from the roof top camera. along the embarcadero. the roadways are wet. the good news, the rain falling right now it's moving out of here just in time for the commute tomorrow morning. not as wet and slow of a commute tomorrow in the morning as it was this morning. the storm impact scale will get a work out tonight and through wednesday. it's a light system moving through. we have scattered showers. those isolated downpours embedded within the line moving through now and tomorrow afternoon there is the chance an isolated thundershower could pop up in our vicinity. out there temperatures mainly in the 40s and 50s. 52 in san francisco with light rain. the same with light rain but 56 in san jose. 55 in oakland but 47 that current number in napa. overnight tonight we have the on and off showers.
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downpours moving through. temperatures not as mild as last night. they're dropping into the 40s as this front moves through bringing in cooler air the next 12 hours. future weather we'll get you into tomorrow morning early in the morning. scattered showers. isolated downpours dotting the landscape. into the morning commute tomorrow, you notice the activity diminishes. we have a lot of crowd cover, can't rule out isolated showers popping up for the commute. but as we approach lunchtime tomorrow then we see another line begin to move through san francisco. vallejo, along the peninsula. and approaching the south bay. but very quick moving system. and tomorrow afternoon the line moves out and behind it once again we have scattered showers. but the storm prediction center placed the region under of an isolated threat of thunderstorm popping up. if it does be the biggest threats is lightning and small hail. rainfall estimates with the next 24 hours, you notice most spots light in nature. but you see the numbers who high
9:21 pm
in san mateo and novato. the trend is if a downpour pops up you could easily see more than about a quarter to half inch rain highs on wednesday look at this. it's a cool day. have the rain gear. you won't need it all day process. but throughout the day. upper 50 in a couple of spots and mid-50s most. the winter storm warning in effect at 4,000 feet tomorrow morning. could see a couple feet through the end of the week. snow in the seer aire. ac rgt seven day forecast. showers tomorrow more the same thursday into friday. st. patricks day dry out in the around and as spring arrives on tuesday you got more rain working into the picture. >> i see officially on tuesday it's spring. >> officially bringing spring showers. >> drew thank you. just ahead, the new report that casts down on weather toys "r" us is remaining in business. and the san francisco sheriff confirms i.c.e. agents sheriff confirms i.c.e. agents went to the jail breaching baby boomers,
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new details tonight on the future of toys "r" us. the store remains open but bloomberg reports the company has missed payments to suppliers recently. reports last week had toys "r" us possibly holding liquidation sales before closing stores. no explanation has been given as to why the company stopped making payments. there are about 800 stores in the united states and more than a dozen in the bay area. well california lawmakers are looking to chart a much different course than the trump administration we it comes to trade relationship was china. lawmakers talked about the theed to strengthen and expand business relationships with the country at an assembly marrying in sacramento today. all of this comes as the trump administration explores tariffs
9:26 pm
and other economic penalties against china for what it calls unfair trade practices. >> it remains a largest market and largest trade partner of the state of california, the largest international tourist source and the international student source country of california. >> china and california exchanged more than $175 billion worth of goods last year, according to the consulate office. tonight amazon is one step closer to using drones to deliver packages. our media proton reports the company just received a patent to be cushions packages with ins flatable air bags. this lous them to be dropped from as high as 25 feet. the patentscription it's wild basically says a drone could inflate the air bag with a gas canister or from the air from being blown from the propellers.
9:27 pm
amazon has safety in mind as well. the air bag could be inflated should the drone loose power or fly out of control. rex tillerson is out at o as secretary of state. the signs he was about to lose his job and how his firing could have been months in the making. and the fallout from an oakland coffee shop to decision refuse to serve uniformed police officers. the reaction coming from the community. and a little later in sports, the warriors have been sfrugle without steph curry and it could be a while before they it could be a while before they get at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection...
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live, this is abc 7 news. after months of speculation president trump fired secretary ofstate rex tillerson announce going in a tweet. cia director mike pompeo takes over for tillerson.
9:31 pm
and abc news reporter jonathan karl looks at the latest bombshell and says more changes could be on the horizon. >> president trump is in california today reviewing prototypes of the border wall he hopes to build. a trip overshadowed by what he did earlier this morning, firing his secretary of state on twitter, no less. mike pompeo director of cia will become the new secretary of state. the president declared, thank you to rex tillerson for his service. as he left the white house, the president explained he just didn't see eye to eye with his secretary of state. >> rex and i have been talking about in for a long time. we -- we got along actually quite well. but we disagreed on things. >> as for the new choice for top diplomat. >> tremendous energy and intellect we're all aulgs on the same wave length. >> tillerson began flying back from africa landing in washington at 4:00 a.m. at 4:44
9:32 pm
seeing the devote the president fired him and minutes after that his spokeman putting on a statement saying tillerson wanted to stay on the job say the secretary didn't speak to the president and is unaware for the reason but grateful for the opportunity to serve. shortly after that tillerson spokesman was fired too. and a did he injected tillerson said the call did eventually come from the president hours after he was fired. >> i received a call today from the president of the united states a little after noontime from affairs one. >> the timing of the firing was a shot. but it's no secret the president had clashed with his secretary of state for months. on the iran neck deal and the paris climate agreement and most dramatically on north korea. tillerson was blind-sided by the hayesy decision to meet with king jong un telling reporters. >> we are a long way from negotiations.
9:33 pm
>> in a october trump mocked tillerson for suggest attention talks with north korea. saying tillerson was wasting time trying to negotiate with little rocket man. >> and last summer tillerson was recorded to have called president trump a more are. >> oom i'm i'd like him to be tougher with you other than that we have a good relationship. >> i guess we have to compare iq testing i can tell you who is going to win. adding all the drama the president hinted there may be more firings to come. >> i'm at a point where we are getting close to having the cabinet and other things that i want. >> for much of the day it was unclear exactly when tillerson would be leaving the job. he eventually announced that he would be turning over responsibilities for management immediately to the deputy secretary of state but he wouldn't be leaving his post until the end of march.
9:34 pm
jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. sfriz's sanctuary status didn't live up to the name this month. immigration agents were twice allowed 199the san francisco county jail to interview an inmate and immigrant. that is a violation of the laws. abc 7 news reporter vic lee shows us the result. >> i.c.e. apgts came to the jail and unfortunately were let in and shouldn't have been. >> the breach happened last thursday as two of san francisco's jails. frist is a sanctuary city. as such, the department has broad restrictions against cooperating with i.c.e. agents. sheriff vicki hency says it was a mistake and holds herself accountable. >> i was pretty shocked to hear it had happened and then i was extremely disappointed. >> i.c.e. agents interviewed one inmate. the other refused to cooperate. both are clients of public defender jeff hadachi office.
9:35 pm
he says i.c.e. placed a federal detainer on the one who talked to them. >> even if he is released from custody, i.c.e. would have a detainer and be able to keep him in custody. >> the sheriff has launched an investigation. the public defender says some of his lawyers were at the time jail at the time and called him saying i.c.e. agents were there and asked a deputy for an explanation. >> they approached one of the deputies and said why are you letting i.c.e. agents in? and they were told, well we treat i.c.e. agent us just like anyone else. >> a direct violation he says of state and city laws. hen he issy says he issued a departmentwide bulletin reaffirming the policy op i.c.e. >> the briefing is being read to everybody at every shift three shifts a day for seven days of the week. >> she says it seems to be working. >> the sheriff says i.c.e. agents returned to the county jail yesterday and requested yet another interview with an inmate. this time they were denied. vic lee, abc 7 news unchts early
9:36 pm
today we learned the latest effort to extend the immigration program known as daca was blocked in the u.s. senate. the issue has led to protests all over the bay area in recent months. this is the second time in just a week the senate tried and failed to pass a short-term fix for a so-called dreamers undocumented immigrants brought to the united states as children. their fate is still in limbo tonight with no sign of a deal. meantime mixed reaction tonight to a story we brought you last week of an oejd coffee shop stance on law enforcement. the shop is refusing to serve uniformed police officers. since word got out the community responded and some for and some against the idea. abc 7 news reporter has reaction from residents and police. >> the coffee shop in oakland has served up controversy over who they refuse to serve. last month an oakland police sergeant was turned away.
9:37 pm
>> they didn't want to talk to him and wouldn't even sell him a cup of coffee. >> the police officers association sent the shop a letter expressing a desire to start a dialogue. they are still waiting for response. but reaction from the community has been swift. >> we have been overwhelmed with the reaction. and businesses have been writing to us, a lot of messages from people in emails. we had a little girl and her mother show up line up over the weekend here in downtown oklahoma at to provide coffee and travelers to the entire line up. >> the coffee shop is closed today and the owners have declined to comment on their stance. but a lot of the residents in in neighborhood actually support them. >> it's spanish for until death posted this picture on instagram page showing the support they received. including messages that read everybody hates the police and keep it up. their supporters say they are against excessive police force on marginalized communities.
9:38 pm
the council member noel guy yo has reached out to the business hoping to resolve differences between them and the police. >> at this point they're not willing to sit down and define or redefine their practice. >> for now police say they will get their coffee fix somewhere else. in oakland, abc 7 news. the chp says rain and wet roads may have been a factor in a crash that involved a pittsburg police you know. abc 7 news was in pittsburg when a pittsburg k9 unit and a preeious collided and wound up in a ditch. chp closed lanes momentarily to recover the vehicles. both drivers taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the k9 wasn't hurt. new information on an attack happened on a bus headed for the bay area. one of the victims at the cent of it recounts of tense moments as a who are these people?
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the sacramento woman add stabbed on a dpra hound bus last week reveals new information about the harrowing ordeal that put her 3-year-old daughter in danger. any says the suspect was acting strange after boarding the bus in bakersfield. by the time the bus reached toleri county the suspect acted more erratically. that's when he she grabbed the 3-year-old daughter and held her at knife point. >> she held the knife by her head. cut her a little bit. i was like no, no, no. she was about to go more in. i stood up. i didn't want her to die, you know. >> just heart breaking. she wassed stabbed in the abdomen three times while trying
9:43 pm
to protect her daughter. she was thankful for the passenger who is took down the suspect. >> a south carolina man is alive thanks to a 9-year-old. allen clementens was working on his car when the jack slipped and fell on top of him. for 30 minutes he screamed for help and eventually his neighbor heard the cries and ran for help. >> i think he was saying he was stuck under something. but i didn't know what he was talking about. >> he push up on the car and tighten it back up i don't how he did it but the little fellow he put that jack and jacked it completely up off me. >> pretty remarkable he is so young. little malachi jacked up the car ran for help. authorities air lifted clemens to a nearby hospital where he is recovering from six broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. and he malkwie now share an incredible bond he says. it started with a school
9:44 pm
project. the long journey for a san francisco film make that could have her on the cusp of stardom. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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matt damon and ben affleck's production company is now the latest to adopt inclusion riders for all projects moving forward. the move comes a week after frans he is mcdormd at the oscars spoke passion knitly about it. inclusion ride is a contractual claws that requires diversity. >> it's not your typical hollywood movie appear that may be why it's gotten backing and attention of big names. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom talked to the san francisco sfim maker whose first film opens here friday. >> no looking. no peeking? it started out as a film school project writ a script about someone you know. >> when you are in my klos you are lucy. no more set scope. lucy lucy is the person the film
9:49 pm
maker knows best herself. >> it was pie experience as a foreign exchange skunt student when i was in high school in los angeles and and i couldn't speak english angle. >> i teach american english. in american english when you speak it you -- you have to be lazy, all right. >> the firm starts out in japan where setzko learns english and learns a different side of had her. >> hi. >> who the film make lucy is the adventurer in all of us. >> my aim is so peel off masks. >> no fear. >> with will farrell and adam mckay it has had a journey of its own. it's gearing up for a run at san francisco's embarcadero center cinema after three weeks in new york >> for a first-time film maker
9:50 pm
to release a film at theaters is unbelievable. >> though the film is set in tokyo and l.a. it has deep roots in san francisco. a good portion of that award-winning script was written here at the public lie berry branch here. >> it was easy to get distracted. i have to find a sanctuary. >> for weeks she came here in search of silence a tough things to find. it's no wonder she says oh lucy resonates with city dwellers. >> many more people concentrated and feeling we have to wear masks we don't kill each other. one last check of the weather .let's get to meteorologist drew tomb of an it's making me tired. >> the the pat patter on the won'ts one again heavier showers will could work through. live doppler 7 has the line stretching from the peninsula up to the east bay. right now to redwood you can see downpours right now. the pop of yellow and orange around 101 even approaching
9:51 pm
menlo park to the north and east bay downpours moved through oakland on their way south in san leandro. the occasioning showers from time to time isolated downpour and tomorrow there is the chance of a thundershower popping up. we get you through wds. tomorrow morning an isolated shower but really the best kmans is around midday lunchtime. and then into the afternoon peeks of sunshine and could be a thundershower popping up about 4:00 in the afternoon process. the accuweather seven had hi da forecast shows scattered showers more in the which of rain and lower snow levelled this. showers on friday in the hills. by saturday we bright uppen up for the holiday and the next storm on monday. >> all over again. >> thank you. >> sure. >> all right. steph busy boy on the yacht. >> his ankle appeared to be okay up there singing. steph curry enjoyed a birthday bash complete with a rival on a yacht. you'd have it the same way if you could. you will not see him on the
9:52 pm
basketball court for a while. that's next in sports.
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good evening. the warriors taking no chances with steph curry tweaked ankle. the team announced today that he will be reevaluated march 20th. the two-time mvp will miss at a minimum the next four games. warrior fans may be worried about a two-game losing streak. the players and coaches are not distressed. practice cancelled today because steph had a birthday party last
9:56 pm
night. >> pulled up on the yacht. big time. party. >> he turns 30 tomorrow. the big bash including the arrival on the private yacht. the whole team there. great have youed on so many. assistant coach mike brown getting down. klay likes to party. you can see that. who wants to practice after this? warriors back on the court tomorrow in a game at home. . the bid with shawn did. combs to buy the panthers. they teamed one michael ruben to buy the panthers. he owned fanatics one of three money bidders to qualify. and the fanny pack may be coming bab. the ncaa tournament started
9:57 pm
today. javale mcgee and alma mater. durant has to wear a fanny pac. if the other team wins mcgee has to wear a onsie pch. the tournament has begun. ucla and bon venture jaylen hansen with a three. 17-9 early. it's jaylen adams with the penetration. dhied, la darren griffin with the left. game tied at 51. st. bon a venture. from the back of the key. the ucla done. they record the first win since 1970. i'm not sure drew tomba couldn't have been born then. 65-58. drew wasn't in existence. st. marys number one seed in
9:58 pm
the. mckeen pavilion. emmett nar to cutting jock lan dale. jordan ford with the steal here. fast break layup. but the play of the night here it comes. ford spin cycle once and twice, and the floating finish. ford with 19 got to see it again. 360 after 360 it's like a 720. shawn white lyn dale led the way with 26 points. sets the season scoring record with 725 points. they advance in the nit. 89-45. all right so we knew kirk kurt cousins was paid by somebody. he agreed to a three-year deal worth $84 million with the minnesota vikings. the contract might be ground breaking because it is fully guaranteed ppt the crazy things about nfl contracts is most allow players to be cut at any time and the money is not totally guaranteed.
9:59 pm
that's why you see kbies get signing bonuses as a work around. in this case it's believed the viking will fully gaern the full total value of $80 million. if others insisted on this that would change the entire league. packers released aaron rogers favorite target cut jordy nelson to make cap space. est coming off a down season. but still at 53 catches and 6 tds. it's believed both the 49ers and raiders may be interested in jordy nelson. but he might want to sign with the patriots. we'll see. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> you didn't need to the whole segment you could have shown the yacht video. >> you soo it it online everybody wants to watch that. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 more.
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