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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 7, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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. >> we intend to win this fight. >> battle lines are drawn. the federal government versus california over immigration enforcement. >> oakland's agenda is a thriving community. >> you are going to hear from the leaders about their priorities regarding prosecution. >> i will explain the accuweather forecast ahead. >> announcer: live, where you live, this is abc7 news. >> immigration law is the province of the federal government. it is in the constitution. >> that is the crux of the case
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that pits u.s. and california. >> i am dan ashley. >> i am dion lim. >> in sacramento today jeff sessions said that california rules are unconstitutional and common sense. >> just imagine, or the environmental protection agency looking after polluters, would you pass a law for that. >> quick to counter with their claims and struggles. >> let's begin with our team coverage. >> this is completely unprecedented. >> reporter: governor jerry brown minced no words in his response.
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jeff sessions filed a federal lawsuit against the state of california for its sanctuary policies. >> three lies. open border, protect criminals. >> we are going to fight these irrational unfair unconstitutional policies. >> reporter: sessions did talk about what he considers the missteps of california leaders like gavin newsom. >> california is using every power itself, powers it doesn't have to frustrate federal law enforcement. >> you are dealing with perhaps universally almost accepted one of the most insignificant attorney general in history. >> reporter: session's speech was met with protest and inside
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opposition. >> the lawsuit challenges some of our state laws which again, are fully constitutional and provide for the safety and welfare of all of our people. >> reporter: governor brown talked about the contribution undocumented workers made to california. they are vital to the california economy which brown called the quote engine of the american economy. rather than attacking the state, brown says sessions owes california an apology. in sacramento, laura anthony abc7 news. >> attorney general sessions called california effort's irrational and unfair. exactly the words i'd use to describe the targeting of immigrants who are working, paying taxes and follow the law
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instead of those with criminal records. >> and nancy pelosi tweets. >> now, during jeff session's speech this morning specifically called out oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> lyanne melendez continues our team coverage. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions wasted no time slamming libby schaaf. >> so here is my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: mayor schaaf remained defiant. >> how dare you vilify members
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of our community by trying to frightened the american public. >> reporter: sessions also said immigration agents failed to make 800 arrests that would have been made had it not been for her warning the oakland community. >> by i.c.e.'s own numbers the majority of those arrested had no criminal background. >> reporter: the mayor who is remitted by the city attorney's office announced that former u.s. attorney melinda hague was assisting that office. >> i am very thankful that advanced expertise in this particular issue has stepped forward and offered pro bono assistance to our city attorney general in advising me.
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>> reporter: mayor schaaf said hague is working pro bono for the city. >> the mayors of the bay area's two largest cities are not holding back. >> this guy is a moron. just because you comes here to threaten the state of california and make headlines and distract what is happening in d.c., we are not going to back down. >> at 6:30, explain how he reconciles his support of sanctuary. >> who will win this lawsuit, the federal government or california? >> voting is open now. it is at results are coming in live at the bottom of your screen.
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we will keep it open during the news cast. >> it is about 45% believing the federal government will win at this moment. president trump will visit california next week. his first visit as president. we sent out this push alert through the abc7 news app. you can be among the first to know when the news breaks. free it download and versions with both apple and android devices. >> we want to take a moment now this is at george bush intercontinental airport where a terminal has been evacuated. tsa cleared out the terminal and the bomb squad is there as we speak. we will keep on top of the story. now to a story that is only on abc7 news tonight.
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accusations against ethics violations against two san francisco judges. vic lee got the tip and joins us now with the full story. >> reporter: this june's elections are becoming contentious four incumbents being challenged by lawyers from the san francisco public defender's office and today this complaint made it even more controversial. >> it is not a level playing field. >> reporter: retired librarian and wash dog filed this complaint. alleging that presiding judge teri jackon and garret wang violated letterhead. they say we stand firmly behind the incumbents.
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the state's government code states government and other public officials cannot use public resoures for a campaign activity. but this year four judges on the bench are being challenged by these lawyers from the city public defender's office. >> basically it is my money, my taxpayer money, your taxpayer money being used to this. >> reporter: porter complaint is they violated the code. >> any juror is directed to that website and those are potential voters. >> we have a fraternity like system where they circle the wagon and they do everything in lock step. >> reporter: spokesperson for the superior court says they cannot comment on matters before
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the commission. if found guilty, the judges could be fined up to $1,000 a day each day the violations continues. as far as we know the letter was taken down the website but still could be on the server. new video from less than an hour ago. this all took place at 21st and capp street in the mission district. you may find the video disturbing. >> reporter: san francisco police commanding an alleged arm robbery suspect to show both of his hands. officers shooting once and telling the suspect they would shoot again if he didn't show his left hand and then this
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[ gunfire ] the suspect died on the scene. >> we are ready for some accountability. something needs to be done to stop the killings. >> reporter: a hand gun was located in the trunk of the vehicle. capp street in the mission was covered with dozens of evidence markers wednesday. the suspect vehicle with paper plates and back window shot out towed. >> reporter: not confirmed how many shots were fired. police left notes on their cars about the damage. apartment windows were shot out. >> bullet fragment in my apartment. spooky, wondering what would happen if i was there. >> reporter: one neighbor
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believes the use of force was justified. >> a woman crying said she was the cousin of the man who was shot. we are on storm watch because of a system ranking one on the storm impact scale. >> meteorologist drew tuma is in for spencer to tell us when it will arrive. >> starting to see showers that were off the coast to move onshore. some light showers just beginning to fall around 101 from clover dale and into the santa rosa area. on the storm impact scale it is a one, a light system, the big take away the north bay and the coast have best chance to see moisture. the south bay looks like another
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storm out of the system. video that makes you glad to live in california. also ahead. >> i am wayne freedman on treasure island. see all the water out there, it may be right here by the year 2100. the island is who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. a teenage girl died after she was shot when classes ended
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for the day in a high school in alabama. today's shooting injured another 17-year-old student a boy. investigators plan to learn more about the tragedy. marjory douglas stoneman held its first day of classes. bets sea devos visited the campus in parkland. >> some of them are doing quite well. but they all acknowledge it is a day-to-day situation. for students who were actually in the building involved, it is very tough. >> a grand jury formally indicted the suspect 19-year-old cruz. the broward county state
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attorney has not said if it wants to push a death penalty case against push. meanwhile, dwayne wade surprised students at stoneman douglas. wade tweeted later, these young adults get it. they understand the power of their voices for the ones that often go unheard. bay area is home to one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. under the new federal tax code, fewer benefits for homeowners. san jose could get hit the hardest. >> reporter: with changes to the federal tax code, more people less reluctant to sell. >> they have to look at the balance is the loss of deduction made up by the lowering of the rates. >> reporter: in east san jose
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real estate broker gustavo con g gal. >> as long as we have companies adding and adding, we are going to create more demand and unless we increase supply, we will have the continuous struggle to find affordable housing. >> mortgage interest deductions are now capped. and for state and local taxes 10,000 is the maximum deduction. according it a report released by search engine apartment list, san jose is expected to be the nation's hardest hit where the median home own will lose roughly $5,400 of tax deductions and san francisco and los angeles aren't far behind. >> in the bay area some homeowners could expect to lose
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over $100,000 over 30 years. >> reporter: home sales may take a slight dip but the landscape remain fierce. >> when a good home comes along, they will submit an offer or by anyway. >> reporter: in san jose chris nguyen abc7 news. expecting a level 1 storm on storm impact scale. >> here is what the day looked like in parts of new jersey where 11 inches of snow fell. parts of new england expect to get hit overnight. >> more than 2600 flights were canceled. >> let's get to meteorologist drew tuma with our forecast.
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>> nightmare in new england. here locally, just light showers with our next system moving onshore. live doppler 7 showing you green on the screen. go in tighter on live doppler 7. you can see the motion of the system. a lot of this moisture is going to end up in the northern half of our viewing area, it is light in nature and a quick moving system. sutro tower shows you can see a cloud that looks like a ufo. pointing north right now because that is the best area that can see rainfall in the next 12 hours. the storm impact scale showing you tonight it is a level 1 system. the big take away, the best chance of moisture will be confined to the north bay and right around the coast. unfortunately it is not strong enough to make the moisture
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widespread. ahead of the system, you enjoyed the warm temperatures and this is what you like. mild air in san francisco. right now 66 in san jose. earlier today san jose was in the low 70s. 60 in oakland and 56 in napa. let's time out the system. we are going to stop this later on tonight 11:00 at night on with our wednesday. light in the north bay and right along the coast. watch as it progresses to the east. falls apart early tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning for the morning commute it will be dry. the cloud cover is thickening right now. keeping temperatures on the mild side for early march numbers. mid-40s to low 50s. low 20s or 30s overnight tonight. minimal in the north bay.
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then you see that trend as you move south and inland. the numbers drop off to near zero in a lot of parts. 12-hour planner on thursday you do not need the rain gear tomorrow. 40s in the 50s. throughout the afternoon the clouds will be decreasing and by 4:00 a lot of sunshine on tap. mild afternoon with temperatures five to eight degrees above normal. the mild air continues. 70 once again in san jose. 66 in antioch. planning the next seven-days for you. morning clouds to afternoon sunshine. late on friday, chance of a light sprinkle mainly in the south bay. daylight saving time beginning sunday morning and then we go to tuesday. mild air continues the next
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seven-days. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. getting away from the bay is getting eas
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a travel theme takes us through bay area business watch. tesla semiheavy duty trucks are moving now.
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spotted on california highways and now officially in action. elon musk posted this picture. the electric trucks are going from nevada to fremont. service starts may 30th and gives oakland airport its most nonstop destinations ever. 65 total. ground breaking took place today. take a look, this is the future site of the pore tolla family connection facility. when completed the center will offer ride range of family services. it is set to open by early october and focuses on helping low income immigrant families.
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a new perspective on the federal lawsuit. >> don't cite every crime or infraction. >> san jose mayor sam liccardo experience as a prosecutor. >> our live poll is open right now. who will win this lawsuit. >> the federal government or state of c c c who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. governor jerry brown says the trump administration is going to war against the state of california. that is after attorney general jeff sessions spoke it a law enforcement group saying he is ready to bring an end to the state's pro immigrant sanctuary laws. the department of justice is suing california saying they interfere with enforcement.
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>> it is not about the truth or protecting our state, it is about dividing america. >> sessions also called out libby schaaf who warned the community of an i.c.e. raid. she says he is trying to frighten the public in believing all undocumented workers are dangerous criminals. >> abc7 news david louie took a walk today with sam liccardo. >> reporter: officers and prosecutors are allowed to exercise judgment. sam liccardo says his city is exercising that judgment. as a prosecutor, he specialized in sexual assault cases some involved crimes by adults against minors.
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>> to enable witnesses, the brother, the sisters, the best friend to come forward, to give a statement to testify in court, without the trust that you build up, those are people who never would have come forward and as a result we would have a child molester out on the street otherwise not convicted for the 30 years that we got him for. >> reporter: estimated that 8% is undocumented. >> it was really the peak location for gang activity in the city. it is now become more quiet, much safer because we had residents who were undocumented communicating every week with the local police. >> reporter: he says san jose was the first city to sue the government. we stopped at pomegranate cafe
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which closed because the owner was denied the visa extension. liccardo believes building trust with residents makes the city safer. in san jose david louie abc7 news. >> who will win this lawsuit? the federal government or california? >> at the bottom of your screen, the voting is open. you can see those results holding steady throughout the evening. >> 42% believe the federal government. 58 will win california will win. we have complete coverage of this story on our website including the full speech by attorney general jeff sessions from this morning. go to for that and reaction from local lawmakers. well, it was a mixed day on the market as investors continue
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to grapple with president trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. dow lost 82. nasdaq up by 24 points and s&p essentially flat. more than 100 republicans in the house are asking the president to reconsider his tariff condition. the white house says mexico, canada and other countries may be exempt under national security carve outs. the president wants to put in place 25% tariffs on steel, and 10% on aluminum. a new studies predict. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman explains it is not just about water levels rising, it is about land that is sinking. >> reporter: in 80 years or so, maybe this view will go into
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some kind of historical archive. they will call it reference video. >> it has not gotten worse. it just keeps happening. >> reporter: a uc berkeley professor now finds his field is merging with climate change as well as making predictions. here in treasure island, always sinking at half an inch per year. by 2,100, the entire north west section could be under water. >> information appears to be consistent with the information that we are incorporating into our planning process. >> reporter: director of treasure island will work on some 8,000 homes, the plan to build back hundreds. >> 20 years since the base closed so a lot of time to figure out the challenges we are
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going to face in developing the island. >> reporter: but it is not the only area for concern without modifications expecting flooding. any place combining water and landfill will be a concern. around san francisco bay expect a foot of sea level rise. and six feet by 2100. >> peak water level during king tides or big rain events or really wet winter will be higher than what we use in our study. >> reporter: the question now, what to do about it. on treasure island wayne freedman abc7 news. coming up next, "7 on your side" michael finney tackles a topic we are familiar with. we all know not to drink and drive, but what about drinking and shopping online.
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>> coca cola may get into the
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booze business. experimenting in japan. last year coca-cola launched a line of fruity mixers in spain. continuing with the theme of drinks with this next story, we know alcohol lowers our inhibitions and a new study finds it can be an issue when it comes to shopping. >> what appears to be a growing problem with buying things under the influence. >> i think people love everything when they drink. >> reporter: including spending money. >> online version of ana finds fascinating things to shop for online. >> reporter: now a study finds they are hardly alone. >> people do impulsively shop and blow out their budgets when they are drunk. >> reporter: the sur fay finds americans spent $30 billion
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while drunk last year. per person it has doubled since the year before. >> a concerning thing to see people spending more when they are under the influence. >> reporter: shopping online when drunk is nothing news. one expert wrote about it a decade ago. and says it makes common sense. consumer psychologist wrote about it in her book. it makes something you like feel like something you love. >> the combination of lower impulse control and more emotion is going to result in hitting that buy button. >> random things on amazon, clothes that aren't normally your style. >> put everything in your shopping cart if you want to, but don't hit the buy button until tomorrow. >> reporter: a free chrome plug in called icebox.
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>> allows you to put your purchases on ice for 30 days. >> reporter: that won't help in the real world. >> safeway is more dangerous than the internet. >> reporter: number 1 thing people drive -- buy when they are drunk is booze. >> too funny. >> onto the weather forecast. storms to talk about. >> the forecast next. >> today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella
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music legend lionel richie was memorialized. >> you can catch richie along with katy perry. >> as you well know every
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elevator comes with a panel for buttons and two at the bottom that say open door and close door. >> abc7 "7 on your side" michael finney joins us now. >> so you are there and the door opens and it stays there forever. >> like the one in our building. >> don't even start me on that. sometimes it seems like the elevator doors stays open forever. there is a close door button but does it work? elevators all around us. in and out of elevators constantly. which means we push the buttons a lot. we know those buttons work, but what about these two? do elevator buttons that close door and open door, do they work? >> yes. >> a direct answer but not everyone is so sure. >> i don't think it does much.
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personally, i like to think it does, but i don't think it does. >> i checked and the open door button do work. as soon as i push the button, the door opens immediately. but how about the close door button? do you think that works? >> like 65% of the time. maybe 50%. >> she is not alone in her skepticism. >> open door and close door buttons do they work? >> they are sluggish. >> people think it is a placebo button and it is not. >> executive director of the trade association national elevator industry incorporated. she says the button function changed in 1990 when the americans with disability act instituted rules to give them more time to enter the elevator.
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>> a combination of how far the elevator doors are positioned from the call button et cetera. but once that waiting time is over, then the door close button will have full functionality. >> it is hard for and you me to measure because the two elevators on the left here can have shorter open door times because they are closer to the button than the elevator at right. every three years the codes change. but the elevators are only required to following the code when installed. the "7 on your side" hot line is open on week days, (415) 954-8151. you can also reach me through my facebook page and on >> i agree with the woman. 50/50. >> thank you. abc7 news viewers are great on
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showing us what a beautiful place we live in. >> this is from yosemite and other spots around our area. adding the #abc7now. >> the motion of the rain is from a southwest to northeast function. it is very light in nature. and not everybody will see the storm system. light system on the storm impact scale. minimal to nothing around the south bay and the inland east bay as well. light showers along the coast. system along the east will fall apart. dry commute on your thursday. mid-40s to low 50s.
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isolated shower on the coast and in the north bay. accuweather forecast tomorrow clouds to sunshine and mild. chance in the south ay late friday night. everybody has a chance on saturday with our next storm system ranking a one on the storm impact scale. >> look at those 70s. thanks. >> all right. it is all basketball soon. >> and pushing and shoving. we are in march. let the madness begin. >> oh my. >> things get hot in the pac 12 tournament. going to be surprised who gets going to be surprised who gets hurt in the
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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if you're looking for anbloom incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross ko >> announcer: sports with larry beil. >> good evening, stanford hobly has to win the pac 12 tournament. great story, ty wisler honorary captain.
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ten point cardinal lead. cut it down to single digits. but the cardinals run away. sharma. davis steal coast to coast. the five seed stanford advance against fourth seed. open pac 12 action arizona state taken on colorado. buffs an eight point lead. next colorado possession. nickol ich. dunking again. oh, wait a second. asu takes offense. boyle running on the court there, strained his leg in the process. team wins 97-85.
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it was win number 50 for golden state. the warriors have 155 straight years. we dissect every win and we are looking for imperfections. the old time fans remember the joe barry years, the coles day. need i mention zarko bibbar. >> i think i was the only one here before pre playoff. so that reminds me, i know how tough it is and how hard it is to win one nba game let other than 50 in the season. >> warriors global brand. here he is supporting draymond
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green jersey. recovering from foot surgery. mad bum another strong start striking out austin hedges and new padre. long goria,. bullpen faltered and ends in a 44 tie. naming hall of fame rollie. fingers the world series for the seven time all-star. the leejd of boom might be
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imploding. receiver marcus johnson. money is a part of this. his arrival adds to already strong eagles defense. unclear of bennett's protest played a role. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on kofy tv. the big surprise when he caught up as a fake deputy. the new hope tonight it may not be a permanent goodbye. that is this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. i am dan ashley and we appreciate your time.
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>> i am dion lim on behalf of drew, and larry, have a wonderful evening. >> the job of even here to share your story. to tell the truth. >> help you understand the truth. >> empower you. >> empower your family. >> whether you are worried about your daughter at work or son at school, we are here to connect you with local experts and resources whenever you need them. >> anyone can cover local news but takes a trusted please keep your shoes on!
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stop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy.
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wow. what are you working on again? oh. geophysical survey. i have that presentation. i'm just, uh, going through the calibration procedures for a well bore. (chuckles) you know, when we got married, i thought i was the smart one. (laughing)


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