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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 9, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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over a dozen dead and many more missing. tonight we have the latest on the deadly mudslides in southern california. i'm spencer christian. we'll take a look at the impact of the latest storm in just a moment. raider nation, this is a big deal. >> 20 years and a day after the raiders introduced jon gruden as head coach, he's back. a deluge overnight creates flooding much like and wid spread destruction in california. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm di an limb. thank you for joining us. we're looking at the destruction
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caused by rains. >> it's caused 13 deaths and they're looking for 24 people still missing. this is montecito in santa barbara county where the thomas fire burned last month. >> it's a neighborhood swamped in mud with a flow so powerful it ripped apart some homes. it inundated highway 101, completely shutting it down. mud and floodwaters buried roads in los angeles county as well. >> the mudslide comes out of nowhere. out of the bushes here. pushes me over three to four feet. >> many were taken by surprise at the ferocity. in areas near l.a. and burbank. across the storm battered area at least 50 people have been rescued by air and dozens more on the ground. emergency responders called this the worst case scenario
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following last month's wildfires. >> we have team coverage of the effects of the weather in southern california and in the bay area. >> drew tuma is adding up how much rain we've received. but first a check in with spencer christian who is tracking the system across the state. >> spencer? >> it was a strong storm here but much stronger in southern california where there was heavier rain and stronger wind than here. some of the heaviest in santa barbara county which received 3 to 6 inches of rainfall. there were deadly debris flows in montecito. let me give you a look at montecito. more than half an inch of rain resulting in the fatal debris flow. in ventura county, a portion of shutdown of highway 101. dead dead -- drew tuma has more of that. >> it's not only the amount of rain, it's also the intensity of the rain falling that can cause issues. we got soaked here the past 36
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hours. finally, it was a slow start to the rainy season. but totals across the region. some of the hardest hit spots. 3.47 inches in san francisco. the south bay, you are not out of the woods with this storm. you saw 2 inches of rain. where do we take a look at the percent of normal and where we stand for the rainy season so far to date? you can see the heaviest rainfall, look at that, in southern california. we're talking about the percent of normal here. it was likely, one graphic want to get it to you real quick. i was trying to show you this. from oak labor day to san francisco, 70 to 80% of normal. while it is a slow start to the rainy season, it's all about how you finish in the coming months. spencer christian will be back to show you the latest much coming up. drew, thank you. it will take millions of
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dollars and months to repair. one example is a short stretch of highway 95 in the santa cruz mountains. it was wiped out by the storms last february. abc news reporter david louis was on hand for the road reopening. >> with roadblocks removed, local residents figured out that the wiped out section of highway 35 was reopened, bringing to an end 11 months of long detours and public safety concerns. >> means that cal fire can come through safely if there are fire or slide issues. this has been closed off to cal fire for quite a while. >> a series of storms last february triggered a massive mudslide that took out 220 feet of roadway. cal trans spent $10 million to build special retaining wall and restore the roadway. >> this 4 foot retaining wall is crucial to keeping highway 35 safe in the future. that's because the underlying terrain here is mostly sandstone. it's very porus and can give way quickly under heavy rainfall. >> you can see from two days of heavy rain this week how prone
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this area is for runoff. two new drains are under construction. this time lapse video, the contractor for cal trans shows the magnitude of the project. is parent company. >> we have three, one on the side and one down below which is -- you can see. this is very safe. this two-lane road doesn't carry high volumes of traffic, about 650 vehicles a day along this stretch. but with few options, detours can mean dropping 45 minutes to reach what's normally five minutes away. this truck driver was on his way to deliver a load to a winery. >> my gps was saying it was closed the whole way. kept telling me to turn around. i took a chance. >> near los gatos, david louis, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, proof that no one is safe from kaer break-ins.
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marissa castelli tweeted after a fun day hanging in san francisco, we stopped for a quick bite in japan town. a chief smashed the window to our rental car, one had my skates and our costumes. she was there for the figure squating cha skating championships. >> more than 30,000 cars were broken into in san francisco last year. the special teams will be up and running at all district stations by the end of the year. also new at 6:00 tonight, the man accused of sexually assaulting a teacher inside her classroom at san jose's middle school appeared in court. a judge set bail for andrew brock monte at $195,000. he remains in the santa clara county jail tonight. he's due to return to court next month. if he doesn't make bail, he must
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wear an electronic monitoring device and stay away from the campus and the victim. the date has passed to enter for mayor. eight candidates are vying for the position. the candidates include former board of supervisors president, aking mayor, london breed, jane kim and former state senator, mark leno. abc 7 news anchor caroline tyler is in the newsroom with a look at what's going to happen before the election. caroline? >> the drama shifts to the board of supervisors. the lawmakers are expected to decide who should fill the top spot until the june election. the supervisor brought this up. >> that it is our duty to have that conversation and most importantly to hear from the public. >> there has really been no opportunity other than e-mail. >> anyone who will run has done what they need to do.
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like sois jane kim who filed her paperwork today, well ahead of the 5:00 p.m. deadline. the sudden death of mayor ed lee triggered this contest and the next chapter in this political drama. between now and the june 5th election, who should serve in the top spot. currently board president, london breed is acting mayor for the city charter. but there are those like these progressive democrats who believe that gives breed considered more moderate too much power and a leg up in the june race. they're pushing for a caretaker mayor not running for the full-time job. >> we need san francisco cans to choose who our mayor is and not have 11 people in the board of supervisors with their thumb on the scale. >> it will take a certain number of votes. if they can't reach consensus, breed will continue. she has supporters and former mayor willie brown who said she
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should continue to lead. >> whatever happens will happen and ultimately what i want to do is make sure that my good relationship with my colleagues continues. >> political strategist david latterman says there's no right or wrong but wonders if a caretaker is in the best interest of a city always in the spotlight. >> if we have a true caretaker, they're not accountable to voters. they'll be gone in five months. the priorities will change. >> it's unclear when a vote on an interim mayor might actually take place even though aaron pesce kin introduced the idea today. as far as i know, a vote has not been scheduled. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. the oakland raiders introduced their new head coach today. >> jon gruden is back almost 20 years to the day when he was hired in 1998. >> our own mike shumann was there for both hirings and
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pretty exciting from what we understand. >> reporter: no question, guys. i hate to admit that i'm old enough to have been here for both hirings. it was just as exciting today as it was 20 years ago. i was old. i tell you, when he walked in the building, you could feel the raiders culture change. >> i never wanted to leave the raiders. i never thought i'd be back. but here i am and ri'm ready to to work. >> he coached them 1998 to 2001 and was traded for al davis for four draft picks and $8 million. raiders owner shelled out a reported $100 million contract for gruden over ten years. >> i felt, as i said, for six years that jon gruden is the person i want to lead this team. to me, the money really doesn't come into play here at all. >> gruden has been away from coaching for almost a decade. but he's seen the changes in the game and the players as an analyst for monday night football in holding quarterback
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camps. >> i got a lot to prove, i know that. but the game is still decided by players between the lines and we all have to adapt every year. >> i don't think he can change. i don't think he should change. he has to be who he is. you know, i told derek carr, i told him, its going to be a grind. it's going to be a real grind. but just hang in there with him and he'll take you places. >> gruden knows you win with quarterbacks in this league and getting derek carr back on track is his first priority. >> i think he's got a huge upside. i think with greg olsen and the system we'll put in place will demand a lot from him and that will unlock the greatness in him. >> coach gruden said there was only one team that would bring him back to the sideline. >> big reason i'm here is my passion for the city of oakland and this franchise. >> well, i just talked to jon as he drove off and signed autographs. he wants to get his coaching staff completed in the next two
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weeks and then hit the ground running. great to have him back. mike shumann, abc 7 news. it sure is. thanks schu very much. the flu season could go from bad to worse sniept the latest information from california's health department is next. also head -- >> reporter: a new san francisco startup is promising farmers market quality produce delivered direct to your home. direct to your home. i'm michael finney.
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evening at the metcalf energy center. the sniper attacked the same power station back in 2013. the gunman fired more than 100 rounds, knocking out 17 trans form f formers and a year later, thieves hit the facility and stole construction equipment. those incidents, that led to a massive security overhaul, including a wall around the clock security patrols. a news crew is headed to the scene of the shooting and we'll get you more information and details on what happened there as soon as we get them. we'll update you during this broadcast and also on our abc 7 news app. video shows a head-on collision that happened between a school bus and a pickup on san pablo dam road. several other cars were involved. the driver of the school bus is 34 weeks pregnant. she along with others were taken to the hospital. >> you could hear the metal crunching and the cars hitting their brakes, tires squealing. >> ran out to the bus to render
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aid to the children. the bus driver was pregnant, panicking. i did what i could. >> the california highway patrol is looking into whether speed combined with the wet road was a factor. yesterday president trump announced his administration is ending the temporary protection status program for nearly 200,000 salvadorans in the united states. today, oakland unified reacted by vowing to help the families of students who may face deportation. abc 7 news reporter lee an me len did he say has the story. >> they are concerned about the president's announcement to end the temporary protected status program that could send about 200,000 family members back to el salvador. many of their parents were allowed to move and work here following the 2001 earthquakes that destroyed thousands of homes and devastated that country. homeland security says el salvador has sufficiently recovered from the natural
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disaster. the original conditions caused by the 2001 earthquakes no longer exist. the district doesn't know how many of the families will be faeked by this policy change but they stand ready to support them. >> we're in the business of educating children. >> oakland unified is promising members of the salvadoran community, it will work with families to get the proper legal screenings they need. >> if it's someone with immigration issues, we'll get them the legal aid they need. >> she eventually became a legal resident. but many of their family members are here because of the temporary protection status program. >> so many of our family members don't have anybody in our countries. so they will be going to nothing. >> the trump administration now says the people affected will have until september 2019 to apply for and receive permanent residency, which can be a difficult process. >> their parents will have to choose, am i taking my child with me or leave them here?
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>> the salvadoran government has said it's not prepared to adequately handle the return of its nationals. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. former vice president joe biden is in the bay area. in less than an hour, he'll give a talk in san francisco at the jewish community center. all of this part of his american promise tour where he talks about his life and career in politics. california health officials are urging you to get a flu shot right away each if you haven't gotten one yet this sooeb. it released the latest numbers and are warning it's about to get worse. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze joins us with the details. >> hey, dion, this tweet was posted today urging everyone to get vaccinated. they say 27 californians have died from the flu so far this season and there are signs that things are worsening. flu-related visits to the doctor's office and hospitalizations have surpassed some of the most severe flu seasons on record. of the 27 flu deaths in people
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under 65, four were in santa clara county. top state health officials held a conference call today to educate the public. >> the virus is mainly spread by tiny droplets that form when people cough, sneeze or talk. these droplets enter the mouth or noses of people who are nearby. >> although flu peaks between december and february, the virus can continue as late as may, which means it's not too late to get a shot. that's especially important for the young, elderly, pregnant women and people with medical conditions. if you come down with the flu, the cdc tweeted this today. taking anti-viral drugs can mean the difference between a milder illness and a serious illness that could result in a hospital stay. dan andy on. >> great information. thank you. after days of getting pounded with rain here and in southern california, what is next? >> oh, boy. things looking to be drying out, spencer. >> things are drying out quite a bit. here's a look at live doppler 7.
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you can see the little patches of greenway down south. so the showers have pretty much ended here in the bay area. they were very isolated. here's a view at pier 15 looking back at partly cloudy skies over san francisco. it is 54 degrees here in san francisco right now and across the bay. in oakland, 52. gilroy, 53 degrees. this is the view from our rooftop camera along the embarcadero. looking north and into the inland east bay. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, santa rosa, napa, novato and livermore. a live view from the south beach camera, you can see a few clouds in the distance. these are the forecast features. we may see an isolated shower or two this afternoon, but it's pretty much over. a few light showers through the bay area tomorrow, mainly in the north bay and we can expect dry and milder weather beginning on thursday and continuing through the weekend. overnight, look for lows in the upper 40s.
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here comes the next rain, weak storm, a light storm ranking one on the impact scale will move in tomorrow morning bringing light showers. best chance in the north bay. most locations will receive under .1 inches of rain. notice how dry it will be in the overnight hours when clouds start to move out of here late tonight and during the early morning hours. then the clouds move in about 6:00 tomorrow morning in the ukiah area, along with light rain through much of the north bay between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. the morning commute will be impacted by the rain. looks like only in the north bay, if anywhere. only in the north bay. then we'll see the scattered or isolated showers along the coastline, maybe moving into the south bay by afternoon and pretty much fizzling out by late afternoon or early evening tomorrow. we'll dry out and have a dry pattern for several days. the 12-hour planner shows clouds around in the first half of the day, maybe even north bay
7:22 pm
showers early and some isolated showers in other parts of the bay area by noon. in the afternoon, we'll start to see clouds break up a little bit giving way to partial clearing at least. tomorrow's highs range from upper 50s to around 60. not much of a range. a 2 or 3 degree range of temperatures tomorrow. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. light showers tomorrow. a system ranking 1 on the scale. it won't clear out a bit. it will turn milder on friday and all the way through the weekend into early next week, we can expect highs in the mid-60s. maybe even above mid-60s inland by sunday. and monday is martin luther king, jr day. we'll have a holiday as the weather dries out and warms up. dan and dion. >> spencer, thanks so much. the bike share program will provide you a bike.
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alright, i brought in high protein to help get us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you. record setting day for the stock market. this is the longest new year's winning streak in eight years. today the dow gained 102 points closing at 25,385. the nasdaq and s&p both had minor gains nudging them to new records as well. online dating website e-harmony is paying over a million dollars to settle a lawsuit in california. the suit filed in santa cruz county court accused the site of
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misleading customers. the complaint says ee harmony did not explain the subscription fee policy leading to numerous customers getting hit with unexpected charges. they will pay an additional million dollars in restitution to current or former california users who enrolled in automatic bill for payments. going uphill will get easier with ford go bike. in april, the bike share service will add 250 e-bikes from a local company. the e-bikes provide extra power as you pedal. for the first year, the bikes will only be docked in san francisco and won't cost any more than regular bikes. motivate, which operates the ford go bike system in the bay area, hopes to expand it in the future. the system currently has 2600 bikes available and more than 260 stations. three-day tickets for the bottle rock napa music festival are sold out already. yesterday the lineup was announced. bruno mars, the killers and muse
7:27 pm
to name a few are headliners. at the twitter account posted that three-day tickets were on sale. about an hour and a half later, they were gone. sold out. single-day tickets go on sale next wednesday. the music, wine beer and festival will be may 25th through the 27th at the napa valley expo grounds. >> so many good acts. >> really. the music and lights are going to keep going a little longer in san jose. tonight, how much more time you have to enjoy this interactive artwork. and there is controversy surrounding a floating community of homes in redwood city. it comes with a cost. plus -- >> i had deputies running into burning houses to save people. i want to remember them. >> the north bay wildfires just unforgettable. today a simple token to remember and to honor those who provided
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this is abc 7 news. in the north bay, fire zone, tonight there is good news after the first heavy rains.
7:31 pm
no mudslides to talk about. >> instead, today was a day to honor first responders who fought the fire and still look out for the after-effects. >> here's reporter wayne friedman. >> in the north bay fire zones, flames are long gone replaced by new grass. even this morning, we heard sighs of relief that the ground is staying put after the season's first heavy rains. >> we were fortunate in the sense that we had a lot of time. >> surviving the rains without incident, yet one more plot twist in a tragedy that between three months and one day ago. when first responders convened this afternoon in santa rosa, they knew they'd take home good memories this time. >> it's a nice recognition. >> this fireman, one among thousands of first responders from across california, the nation and even the world who received thanks from sonoma county today in the form of this commemorative challenge coin as they call it. >> it's really a way of honoring a particular event. >> so many selfless heroic acts
7:32 pm
like this captured by the body camera on the deputy as he dodged flames and went house to house making sure people got out. >> don't hit me. >> the coins were a thank you for the county. it turns out the county did not pay for them. thousands of dollars to this came from one anonymous donor whose house was saved. >> frankly, there were so many heroes in this event and so many who came to the aid, we want to recognize everybody. >> first responders, like these coins, cast and minted and under stated and appreciated. >> in sonoma county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. we continue to follow the breaking news in san jose. police say they have shot someone at the metcalf energy center on blanchard road. you may remember, this is the same place a sniper targeted in 2013, knocking out transformers there. thieves stole equipment there. the incidents led to a massive
7:33 pm
security overhaul. weo have an abc 7 news crew heading to the scene of the shooting tonight. we'll stay on top of this and keep you posted with details as they come in. not only on air but online and on the abc 7 news app. today is law enforcement appreciation day. appreciation, of course, can take many forms. we've posted this on twitter. you can retweet it to show your support. look for us at abc 7 news bay area. it's pinned to the top of the page. abc 7 news was in hayward today at a fundraiser to support the family of chp officer andrew camilleri. a suspected drunk driver killed him on christmas eve. he is survived by a wife and three children. >> what we found is we formed this organization as a community really wants to support our police and firefighters. so we're a conduit, the avenue people can do it through us and our focus is strictly line of duty death for police and
7:34 pm
firefighters in california. >> the restaurant will donate a third of the proceeds to the fundraiser. the donated funds will go to the camilleri trust fund. it's in southland mall. it goes until 10:00 p.m. oakland's mayor and police chief today say they've got more to do even after revealing the violent crime plummeted for the fifth year in a row. homicides fell by 8% last year from 77 to 71. robberies, decreased by 14% in 2017. oakland's continued success fighting crime comes after city leaders adopted the cease-fire program in 2012. that's when oakland had 225 homicides. >> we're going to talk about homicides, that means 53 mothers did not have to get that call that their child was not coming home. >> 2012 was the year we decided to put all our eggs in a basket to save lives. >> the police chief promised to do more to reduce the number of
7:35 pm
car break-ins after they surged in to 17. redwood city's last floating community is becoming an expensive ghost town. the city will help relocate the houseboat residents. but meantime, the costs have skyrocketed. abc 7 news reporter, vic lee. >> looking back on it, we were naive to think we would ever prevail. >> that's what's on ellen savage's mind when she looks at the floating house she called home for 15 years. the home at dock town on the waters off redwood city. dock town once a floating community of some 100 residents is nearly dead. most have already left or agreed to leave. their photographs now adorn the cyclone fence in protest. no trespassing signs and locks identify vacant homes. a lawsuit by a resident in a newly built condo across the marina alleged dock town violated public land use laws. redwood city settled the suit. it would provide relocation
7:36 pm
assistance to boat owners. this man owns three houseboats here. >> originally was going to be 3 million, then 10. believe me, it's not through at 20. >> the city council said that's how much relocation may cost, double what it estimated last year. all of that at taxpayers' expense. >> $20 million of taxpayer money to get rid of perfectly good homes. a lot of them provided affordable housing at a time when there's a terrible shortage. >> the city declined our request for an interview. however -- >> there's a chance the remaining residents will be spared. there's still several lawsuits pending in court challenging the evictions. but it may be too little too late. vic lee, abc 7 news. real estate website zillow predicts that san jose will be the hottest housing market in the country this year. san francisco made the top five with seattle and two north
7:37 pm
carolina cities, raleigh and charlotte. zillow ranks markets based on rising home values, low unemployment rates and strong job opportunities. in san jose, zillow expect home prices to rise 9% this year. over the past five years, prices have gone up 78%. getting groceries delivered to your home is not really a new concept and there are plenty of options to choose from. >> 7 on your side michael finney introduces you to a new one that does things a little differently than the others. next -- >> a south bay restaurant shuts down after only four months in business. so who is to blame? i'm chris nguyen with that story coming up. don't forget, you can get the latest news with the upgraded abc 7 news app. it has enhanced live video features, push alerts to get more of the
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well, if you think this is cool, you're not alone. the sonic runway is getting an extension. the path outside san jose's city hall features 24 arches filled
7:41 pm
with l.e.d. lights that respond to music. it was scheduled to be taken down in a few weeks, but because of popular demand it will stay through march 9th. it's one in a series the burning man has for san jose. it was supposed to be a popular restaurant in the south bay is gone after four months in business. >> now, some people are wondering if it was the victim of bureaucracy or a case of poor manage management. >> chris nguyen has the story from campbell now. >> some thought it would be the next big thing to hit the bay area. >> probably my first burger in life being a transplant from central illinois where steak and shake was the routine diet. >> reporter: just four months after opening day, steak and shake, fast casual chain famous for midwestern steak burgers and shakes has shut down in cam bem. hundreds of residents petitioned the planning commission fearing it would bring unwanted traffic congestion to the area.
7:42 pm
that really never came to fruition. multiple sources tell abc 7 news a number of delays plagued the company during the construction process, including a power supply issue with pg and e which may have halted the hoopla surrounding the opening. >> i didn't really see the long lines and the huge crowds that everyone suspected. so i had concerns with their operation. >> as city officials did what they could to provide administrative support, downtown business owners say they also wanted to see the restaurant succeed. >> it was very important to have enough money in the bank, plan on things taking a lot longer, so when you do finally open up, you can execute and stay open long enough to build your brand locally. >> chamber of commerce leaders were disappointed by the closure. >> we are very supportive of our businesses. and to see someone come and go so quickly is not only shocking but it's very sad. >> the franchise operator who did not return our requests for comment also shut down his other location in daly city, which
7:43 pm
lasted a little more than a year in business. >> we were looking forward to having steak and shake today. unfortunately, that's not going to happen. >> an untimely end for customers hoping for a different outcome. in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. after a soggy day yesterday, today's storm has weakened but more wet weather possible my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies.
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a new san francisco startup says it can deliver groceries in a timely manner at a competitive price. >> online grocers are nothing new but as 7 on your side michael finney reports, there's a model that makes it a little different. >> colby holiday spends lots of time in the kitchen. >> we like food. we like to eat. >> he used to make regular trips to the farmers market in order to get the best and freshest produce. that changed after the birth of his baby nine months ago. now he orders groceries online using farmstead. >> farmstead is basically taking the same produce you get at the farmers market or same produce you get at a high end grocery store in the city and delivering it straight to you. >> farmstead produce, perishables and other groceries
7:47 pm
come from one of two warehouses in the bay area where the staff prides itself on keeping its inventory to only the necessary minimum. >> as you can see our chefs have just enough for the owners the next few days, not much more. >> the u.s. department of agriculture estimates grocery chains throw out more than $13 billion pounds of food each year. farmstead hopes to eliminate that waste by using artificial intelligence. it will take the data from its customers and only stock what is needed. it also sells imperfect produce which other stores may throw out. >> we call them ugly products. they're cosmetically challenged but taste just as great. >> it only delivers from san francisco to san jose and parts of the east bay and southeast bay. delivery is guaranteed within 35 minutes in san francisco, three hours elsewhere. the groceries arrive in insulated bags with ice packs.
7:48 pm
the company says prices are competitive. >> it's the exact same. sometimes it's even cheaper. >> by 2025, the online grocery industry is expected to reach 100 billion in u.s. sales and 20% of the market. >> we're a new visible grocer. >> delivery charges start at $3.95 and free if you make regular weekly orders. discounts are given if your groceries arrive to your door late. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. remember, the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. if you need michael's help. 415-954-8151. you can also reach michael on his facebook page a through abc 7 new pictures just into our newsroom from santa barbara county. take a look at your screen. that's aually not a pretty lake you're seeing but floodwaters sitting on highway 101 near montecito. part of the highway is still shut down right now.
7:49 pm
a little while before that beauty and destruction coming together there as a rainbow appeared over the mud-ravaged streets of montecito. >> they need that rainbow to brighten their spirits after a difficult day there. the question is how much more rain might be coming. >> for us, it looks like it's drying out. spencer joins us now with the forecast. >> one more look at the storm that moved through yesterday and produced so much half ak down south, the heaviest rain and the strongest wind hit southern california, not the bay area. although we got a pretty good soaking. santa barbara county received 3 to 6 inches of rain from the storm and there were deadly debris flows. that storm is winding down there and here in the bay area, we have almost nothing happening on live doppler 7 right now. we had isolated light showers earlier. overnight it will be dry, partly cloudy, maybe a couple patches of fog, low temperatures ranging from mid to upper 40s for the most part. we have more rain coming tomorrow. it will be light. a storm ranking 1 on the impact scale. the best chance in the noort
7:50 pm
bay, most locations will receive under a tenth of an inch of rain from the storm. tomorrow's highs will be mainly in the upper 50s. up around 60 at palo alto, san jose, march gone hill and here is the seven-day forecast. we'll have drier and milder weather into early next week. next monday, mlk day, a slight chance of a shower or two. for the most part, we are done with significant rainfall for a while. dan and dion. >> nice to see the blue sky again. we have a lot to talk about in sports tonight. >> all about the raiders, isn't it? >> yeah. the raiders introducing the savior today or should we say reintroducing. jon gruden. the one thing he absolut
7:51 pm
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
good evening. as we've been reporting, jon gruden is back in silver and black. the raiders introducing him as the new coach. you can feel the enthusiasm from the moment he walked in. raiders owner mark davis has been trying to lure him back for
7:54 pm
six years. he gave him a commitment for ten years worth a reported $100 million. that does include a no trade clause. abc 7 news mike shumann with more on gruden's return. >> he's back. almost 20 years to the te'jon gruden has been rehired as the raiders head coach. he said he cannot believe he's back in silver and black. >> i love the raiders. the brand is global. everywhere i went as a monday night football analyst, the raider nation would come out of ground. i love the raiders. i just in my heart, i feel this is the thing to do. this is what i want to do. this is the organization that i want to be a part of. i'm all in. >> gruden has been away for coaching for almost a deng aid. but as an analyst for monday night football, he's seen the different ways teams practice, the new look offenses and defenses around the league and all of the changes in the game and the players. >> i think i'm more big picture now than i was in the past.
7:55 pm
but i still want to be very detailed in terms of how we play offense. i want to be very involved in how we move the football. but i have had some opportunities that are unique and i think beneficial as a broadcaster. >> gruden knows you win with quarterbacks in the nfl and getting derek carr back on track is his first priority. >> i think he's got a huge upside. i think with greg olsen in the system that we're going to put in place is going to demand a lot from him. i think that will unlock the greatness in him. very, very excited to have him as our quarterback. >> coach gruden can't wait to get started. >> i'm so thrilled to be back here. i hope people understand the emotion inside of me. i feel unfinished business. i'm going to do everything i can to help this team get right again. >> jon told me afterwards, he'd like to get his staff completed in the next two weeks and hit the ground running. reporting in alameda, mike
7:56 pm
shumann, abc 7 sports. the warriors are used to being the biggest stars in the room. even they were in awe when they saw who walked into practice today. they were visited by dr. dre and jimmy ib. the billion dollar partnership is the focus of the hbo documentary series the defiant ones. it gave the dubs a chance to talk to two of the biggest players in the music industry. >> he made great music himself. like i said, the top three album of all-time. him and snoop got stuff we still rock to today. but his ability to make others great, that's what's special. >> some jaws dropped. that's tough to do in our group. our guys are -- they've seen a lot, met a lot of people and when jaws drop with our group, you know it's a special day. >> for sure. the a's are celebrating their 50th anniversary season in oakland with free tickets for fans. a's giving away freebies to the
7:57 pm
april 17th game against the white sox. tickets available tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. today the a's moved into new headquarters. new offices allowed the entire staff to work together in one location. they will keep office space at the coliseum for day of game responsibilities. we had a great visit with the harlem globetrotters. shows are coming up in the bay area. who knew dion limb could spin a ball on her finger like the globetrotters. that's on our facebook page and twitter as well. dion? >> you know, the hidden talents. you just never knew, right? >> never know. >> i think it's mostly them, not me. >> little assistance. join us tonight at 9:00 on tv 20. the tiniest wearable device. it could save your life. that's at 9:00. then at 11:00. >> oh, my god this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. >> an olympian's one of a kind items stolen. all of this comes one day after
7:58 pm
san francisco police promised to crackdown on this kind of theft. >> see you later tonight. that's this edition of abc news. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm dion limb. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
7:59 pm
my healthy routine helps me feel my best. so i add activia yogurt to my day. with its billions of live and active probiotics, activia may help support my digestive health, so i can take on my day. activia. now in probiotic dailies. color? >> purple. >> where is the craziest place i had sex? >> a circus. [cheers] jerry: don't you just want to have my job? [cheers] jerry: next "springer."
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all right, quick review. yellow light means? floor it. stop sign? look both ways for johnny law, then floor it. yield sign means? nothing to a baxter. [ chuckles ] let's stop right here. we're gonna go over your parking technique. the third spot from the end down there is the last parking spot you got, and you're trying to beat a tree hugger in a hybrid.


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