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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 5, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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the grim task goes on. firefighters continue to search for victims in oakland's fire. >> i remember going up the staircase and not feeling safe at all. >> tonight ashg woman that knows the building that burned and the landlord. >> and onef o possible cause that's could be found across the bay area. >> reporter: the work continues to find victims and those responsible. >> two dozen families are going
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to start a new life. for them this, is day one. >> and new questions about what went on inside of this warehouse. >> we'll leave no stone unturned. >> tonight, abc7 news is searching for answers as the story continues to unravel. but first, where you live... >> this doesn't make sense. man, it doesn't. >> a community begins to heal tonight. by saying good night. >> i'm ama daetz. >> dan ashley is live at the scene of the tragic fire, dan? >> reporter: the scene is developing and changing with every hour. families are still learning whether their loved ones are alive or dead and the reason. the cause of the fire remains largely an unanswered question at this point. the number killed in this tragedy is at 36. te number may still inch up.
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this is being handled as a crime scene. we're standing here in the warehouse known as the ghostship that caught fire friday night. we're in the fruit veil neighborhood and several blocks of international boulevard in and around this area are closed around 31 avenue because of the fire. let's go to laura anthony with the latest on the investigation. >> the search, officials now say, 33 of those had been identified and 22 families notified. the sheriff said there could be more victims inside of the building he does not expect that
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will be a large number. >> the charges could be murder to manslaughter. >> the district attorney nancy o'malley announced possible criminal charges in the fire that claimed 36 lives. >> the investigation will include individuals like the building owner and founder of the art collective as well as entities, up to, and including the city of oakland, charged with enforcing the building and safety codes many claim were violated before the fire. >> i assure you there is information we will be providing but we're on a day by day basis, responding to the changing nature of the very complex and did he have stafting event.
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>> after an overnight delay, the difficult work of searching for bodies resumed, requiring crews to sift through the rubble by hand, one bucket at a time. it's a process shown in this photo released by the sheriff's department. they include the teen-aged son of a alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> to imagine the loss of your 17-year-old son is horrifying. it touches people that worked alongside our deputy. >> the sheriff talked about a number of unaccounted for people. he puts that number at just under 50. he clarified that at this point, based on the investigation, and the way tips came in, there is
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no reason, at this point to, think many, or any individuals of that 50 were inside of the building on fridaynight. dan? >> reporter: thank you, laura anthony. to think how many people are trapped as claims raced through this building you can only imagine how terrifying it was. authorities have been able to reach 16 families. the youngest victim is 17-year-old draven mcgill. he was in the 11th grade.
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lyanne melendez joins us live from san francisco. >> reporter: very upset, dan. i is heard people say sinc tragedy that what happens in oakland affects us all. that is why, we have, as you can see this vigil here in the castro. because someone knew someone in the fire. that young life, draven mcgill. a campus known for having students who are lively and musical was understandably subdued. 17-year-old draven mcgill was a member of the vocal ensemble in san francisco. >> i knew he was going to a rave. i didn't know that was the one. >> but this student knew. they were inside of the
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warehouse last friday night. west said there was total darkness but he made his way out of the building. >> i'm in shock. i'm trying to process what happened. and glad to be with these guys. >> it was here where they found the needed support. >> we talked about how we're going to use art to come together and help kids cope through art. >> students began thinking of ways to honor his memory. >> we left candles and wrote messages. that helped a lot. >> he is the glue that held us
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together. it's just, you know, you didn't want to hear us argue or bicker and be unhappy. >> counsel yoelors were called in. >> we have wellness staff that are here every day. we want to make sure we call in additional support. >> he was such a spur of the moment, if there was anyone i wanted to have an adventure with, it was him. >> so far, the 17-year-old is the youngest confirmed victim to have died in that fire. >> many powerful stories we're beginning to hear three days after this tragedy. there is a vigil for 8:00 p.m. tonight. abc7 news reporter katie is there with a preview.
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katie? >> reporter: sound crews are setting up here, but first, let me show you a map. there is another event, there is a community prayer at 2121 harrison street. then, people are walking to the pergola along l embarcadero. organizers are asking for glow sticks and flashlights. and 4500 people plan to attend. i can tell you it's busy and parking is difficult. so if you can, take public
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transportation. >> thank you very much. you can share your support by sharing this badge on our website. and they're doing something to honor victims and be supportive as best they can. i'll have more from the scene here as the hour continues. let's go back to the studio. >> the man who leased the building has not given a statement now. those interviews and a search confirmed the city knew about possible dangers in that building and didn't take action
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to clean it up. >> mariah benevitas worked as a nanny, she tells me the couple would leave their children with her for days while they organize raves. >> they'd be gone 3 to 5 days leaving us at the house with food, and kind of just okay, have fun. >> she tells me after the couple started to rent the ghostship warehouse, she visited and the interior looked more cluttered than posted. >> what you see now looks like organized chaos. before that it was almost post apocalypt apocalyptic. >> in this video, the dj would set up on the second floor, reach by this rickity staircase. >> i remember going up that staircase and not feeling safe at all.
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>> really? >> yes. no. >> neighbors complained abo the regular parties and the i team confirmed that six complaints came into the planning and building department about habitability and blight. >> this is hard for everybody. i don't want the same issue to be happening again in the future. >> he owns a building close to the ghost ship and told me he clained about the parties and dangerous conditions there. and that city inspectors came and failed to follow through. >> he is not permitted. >> the interim director of the oakland planning and building
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department said there is a lot of work to do to find out what happened. >> i don't have a time frame right now. we're with the fire department and police department. it's important to build a story of what happened at that property. >> firefighters say many people died when they couldn't make it down that narrow staircase in time. the daughter of the building owner told the l.a. times they didn't know people were living there. and some artists confirmed they'd clean up the place any time the owner would come to visit to hide what he had going on. >> the warehouse is common in the bay area, now, others are worried. >> how som neighbors are doing in the fruit veil district. in the fruit veil district. we've got chilly, wet weather on
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today, lawmakers paused for a moment of silence to honor the victims of the oakland warehouse fire. >> to dan ashley tonight at the heart of the tragedy. dan? >> reporter: the fire behind me here at 31 and international boulevard has people calling forecloser scrutiny of oakland's warehouses. there are said to be 200 throughout the city. that has some artists worried about a crack down.
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>> reporter: oakland artists are grappling with being priced out. these condos are being built in the arts community. now, some like this photographer, steros have another fear. >> i'm scared. there could with a crack down. >> he thinks many cases could be subject to code violations. once a warehouse for boat manufacturers, there are 26 live-work units. nearby, there is a work space for artists. he believes they're following safety rules. >> all of the space owners and property managers do a really good job. >> cynthia tells us that is the case at the ford street studios where she lives.
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this is now live dshg work lofts. >> that there is going to be knee jerk reactions. >> the mayor reiterated her support. >> the oakland mayor plans to to unveil a plan tomorrow to try to help keep artists here in oakland. >>ery been passionate about deserving a lifting up the incredible creative community. we know 36 people died in the fire and abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom went to get more information and perspective. >> studios at cal x are at the center of the community affected after the fire.
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three were volunteers here, including chelsea faith dolan. better known as the dj, sharushi. she was scheduled to perform and hasn't posted online. also missing is griffin madden a uc student, another volunteer, that worked across the way at cal performances. he was at the party with a friend, david klein. klein did not make it out alive according to a letter from his brother, who said he recently graduated with a double major. two other members of the community, donna kellogg and nick gomez hall are also known to be among those killed in the fire. jenny morris and vanessa plotkin remain unaccounted for. the university is not commenting on the search for those missing referring inquiries to the authorities. the chancellor wrote a letter to students offering condolences
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and counselling. this is such a moving scene down here as you can imagine. a lot of people that live and work in this area and others from far away have come to pay their respects. i spent time talking with people who just had to be here and see it for themselves. including this woman, karen benjiman who came with her young daughter. >> karen, why are you here today? >> i heard about the tragedy and we decided to come take a look at everything. >> you felt compelled to see this firsthand? >> yes. and passionate for the families. >> you're a parent, i'm a parent. we see young people, having a good time, this happens. we can relate.
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>> yes. because i, my daughter if she he was in that situation, and i'll be worried sick, too. i understand how they feel. as a parent. >> a lot of people can relate to the anguish many parents are going through with these losses here. and because of the number of people here, and the places around the country, and world they came from, the media presence here is enormous. >> reporter: if you need help, here are the options you can call 1-800-985-5990. that is a 24 hour disaster help line. jfk university is providing in person counsellors and we have a list on our website go to
7:22 pm and search the word "help". >> rain returns mid week this week and could last several days. live doppler 7 showing you we're dry, but much of the day has been a blanket of cloud cover and that will remain as we head into your tuesday. hour by hour, we go on your tuesday planner. there is a chance a weak front moves through could have an isolated sprinkle that will not be anything wide spread. a lot of cloud cover, limited sunshine and cool afternoon. temperatures in mid to low 50s. we do expect wide spread frost in the interior, sheltered valleys so there are areas of frost and protect the pets and plants. future weather picking it up wednesday afternoon, we can see return of light rain, a light
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storm after the sun sets and into evening hours, the rain blocks to become wide spread. showers do continue into thursday. future weather showing you a wet commute thursday morning, 7:00 in the morning rain discontinue. into thursday, we go the storm will intensify. so when a storm impact scale gets upgraded to a two, a moderate storm thadown pours ab evening. so accu-weather forecast going to show you we're tracking just a few a.m. sprinkles, limited sunshine and cool temperatures. >> seconds count when a fire breaks out. how smoke, heat, and flames can
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escaping a burning building quicksly could mean the difference between survival and tragedy. the ghostship had been described as a maze of living spaces and studio was materials like wood,
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carpet and paint. many items like that can produce thick, toxic smoke. >> smoke got to them. they lost their sense of where they were. and they end up making a wrong turn in houses they've lived in for a long time. >> firefighters say it's important to locate where exits are when you first arrive somewhere. that way, you won't waste precious seconds looking for them during a fire or emergency. michael finney explores a possible cause of the fire, stolen electricity. hear from a woman who used to live in the warehouse about what she saw that could have caused the fire. >> there is a need to cutoff the powers because the crane has to come in. next, an update on the investigative staff that knocked out power for hours. live once again, the ghostship warehouse tragedy, coming up, we'll get you caught up in the next half hour with the latest developments as this
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story continues to evolve here at 31 and international boulevard. stay with us for more.
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abc7 news anchor dan ashley joins us live with the latest information. dan? thanks, right now investigators are trying to locate the source of the fire, they believe it started in the back of the warehouse. 33 bodies have been identified. and searchers have gone through 75% of the building. they stopped body recovery efforts about midnight. when work resumes they'll be removing debris bucket by
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bucket. the building is considered a crime scene. the d.a. says charges could range from voluntary manslaughter to murder. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains. >> reporter: crews work to preserve bodies and evidence, officials say it could be necessary to turn power off to nearby homes and businesses and could begin as early as noon. >> this spokesperson says 50 to
7:33 pm
500 customers could be impacted. >> it's imperative to take care of our community. >> neighborhood service coordinated were expected to go door to door. alada says someone came to speak with her. >> we worry. if it has to be like that we'll understand that. >> she said employees were concerned about the phone shall for missed orders than spoiled milk. >> we're going to have to close early. >> the director at fruit veil health care center said they're prepared with back up generators and crews cutting power to do the difficult work necessary to recover loved ones, and investigate what led to their deaths. in oakland, abc7 news. and this scene beginning to turn from a recovery effort. there is about 25% of the building to search, into a full scale investigation into how, and why this happened. this story is interesting because of the number of people involved and who died and from
7:34 pm
where they came brought media from around the country and you can see the burned out shell of what has been called the ghostship warehouse. because of the number of people and number of countries victims have come from, media interest is enormous. they're conducting a live briefing now. and you can see dozens of cameras covering this event. if you look, this director, you can see media has come in for
7:35 pm
understandable reasons. >> staggering presence here. and that brings a great deal of scrutiny to make sure this doesn't happen again. we can show you a crane standing here and they're lowering temperatures they're working into the night and will continue to do that. and for the moment, back to you. >> dan, thank you very much. a family and friends of some fire victims whose names have been made public have been telling abc 7 news about the lives they led, including two who worked with young people in the community.
7:36 pm
travis hough and 30-year-old sarah hota taught at urban montessori school. >> two were accomplished musicians. cash escew part of a musical bureau and brandon chase
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flags are at half staff due
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to the fire. >> dan ashley is in oakland tonight. dan this tough, not only for friend faenll friends and families of the victims but also the first responders that have been there around the clock. >> it is sad work in a lot of ways. it is what they are trained to do and they are responding brilliantly but it is not easy. business answers community organizations here in the fruit veil distri veil district are doing what they can during tragedy. many have walked up offering to help, including this group offering grief counseling. others like spanish-speaking citizens foundation is opening its doors to first responders and news cries working long hours at this fire site. >> anyone who needs coffee, a break, bathroom, we're very close. this is an opportunity for us to say, we're here, and this is what community is. >> the spanish speaking citizens
7:44 pm
foundation wants it make sure the tragedy doesn't get repeated. that's what a lot of people want. it is working on a flier to inform residents in the area about the fire danger of illegal electrical hook-ups which michael finney just talked about moments ago. so many unanswered questions. so much work on the askrgenda. this is in many respects a huge eye-opener for this community, and the entire bay area. more to come on international boulevard, but now back to you. >> all right, dan, you're so right. thank you very much. >> meteorologist drew truma will be back with the forecast to show how temperatures will drop over the next
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let's go back to dan ashley at the scene of that tragic fire. dan? >> thanks very much. let me recap the new information that we have learned here tonight. 3 36 bodies have been pulled from the warehouse. searchers cannot defect any more on side. they had to put the body count on hold after the struck war was not safe last night. crews are carefully removing debris to reserve it as evidence. the d.a. says it is too early to speculate if someone will be charged but said if it does happen the larges will range from involuntary man slaughter to murder. the next official briefing is set for tomorrow morning. now from the scene, of so much sadness and death, to see this scene on television is shocking.
7:49 pm
but i can tell you to see it in person is surreal. the so-called ghost ship warehouse so tragically and prophetically named, became the tomb for at least 36 people. quite likely more. friday night as flames devoured this building before dozens could escape there was a sense of horror as the scope of what was happening began it register. then of course the overwhelming grief that moved across this neighborhood and this city and this community of the bay area over the weekend. now amid those emotions, and in this community, anger. anger over how this was allowed to happen. the building was permitted as warehouse. nothing more. it was not supposed to be used as a drens sresidential buildint space. no one should have been allowed to live there or party there. but that is not the responsibility of the innocent victims of this tragedy. that burden lays at the feet of the people who owned and
7:50 pm
operated this place. the young people who perished here fray night and those lucky enough to escape were just doing what people do, enjoying a night of music and fun and how many of us would in the the lack of notice. it is instant tragedy. ghost ship warehouse is a solemn place and a crime scene. we honor the lives who died by taking action it make sure dangerous conditions inside this building friday night are not allowed to happen anywhere else. not at this city or on the bay area. i would be very grateful to hear your thoughts about this tragedy. please connect with me on facebook and twitter at dan ashley abc 7. we'll wrap it up here with one final word. in a few moments. but for the moment, back to you in the studio. >> all right, dan, thank you very much. let's get one last check on our weather withdrew. >> yeah. we are tracking at least a cool day on the way tomorrow before rain makes a come back on wednesday. highs on your tuesday, take a
7:51 pm
look at a lot of cloud cover out there. temperatures in the 50s. 54 for san francisco. same in san jose and 54 for napa. wednesday afternoon light rain arrives first in the north bay and then becomes widespread in the evening hours. a light storm on the storm impact scale but we do anticipate light to moderate rain continuing into thursday and thursday itself throughout the day this storm will actually intensify so we raise the rating to a 2. moderate storm on thursday. and you can see that heavier downpours and dark shadings and green you see through the heart of the bay area means heavier rain will arrive on thursday. total rain through friday morning. can you see in the heart of the bay area one to two inches. little less in the south bay and little more in the north bay. a few a.m. sprinkles tomorrow. rain arrives wednesday night, into thursday and friday, and a chance of saturday and sunday. >> thank you. >> mike shumann is here with sports.
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jazz blew 32 saves last season. ending san francisco's play off run. today giants sign closer. he has ten blown saves in three seasons and giants had nine in september. their top priority was adding a premier closer and he fits that bill. 47 saves last year for the pirates naengs yals and most saves of any major leaguer since he became a closer full-time in mid 2013. giants say it is a four-year deal. espn reports close to $32 million. he is an all-star and hopefully continues that with the giants. a five-game road trip with two back to backs. but in today's shoot around, stef curry wanted to talk curling. steph and clark have a regame ritual trying to play other
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sports with the basketball. you see them curling saturday night. canadian curling club offered steph a lesson. he knows a little bit about the sport but needs to work on his terminology. is it the rock? see, releasing the rock on-line and get my brooke out there and what do they call that? it's not called a broom, is it? it is? need to work on my vocab. >> he's got the rest of the season. derek carr is the first to have five game winning touchdowns. when trailing in the second half in ot, 13 touchdowns, zero interceptions. derek did it again yesterday. finding cooper in the fourth quarter to put the raiders up for good after trailing 24-9 to the bills. this kid has ice in his veins. this is why he is an mvp candidate this season. leading raiders to 10-2 record. biggest game of the year is thursday for first place against afc rival chiefes who have already beaten the raiders at
7:57 pm
home. >> competition bring the best out of everybody. it's been like that all year. we have all been right there with each other and all pushing each other. so it's fun, man. all a competition. and that's what makes this game so fun is when it eli's like th. i think we have the best division in football. can you see when we get together and play each other, no matter who is playing who, it is a good game. >> sunday in buffalo, and the snow, niners with six net passing yards. second lowest total in franchise history. colin kaepernick had one completed pass in three quarters. chip kelly left the team yesterday to be with his family after the passing of his father, paul, anded no decision on next week's starter until later. but he did explain why he benched kaepernick after the third quarter. >> i thought we needed to spark the phones and goffense and get going. knew we would be throwing it every down. both teams played in the same weather so i don't look at that as an excuse. we had the same weather that
7:58 pm
they had. they dealt with it better. >> have your pacers highlights, colts and jets at 9:00 and 11:00. i guess if you play that well as warriors you can think about curling if your off time. >> i got to work on the vocab with you can be steph. >> joining us on coffee 20 cable 13 on abc 7. >> the newest on the tragedy in oakland. our crews are working multiple angles to the story. coverage on the vigils, investigation and what happens next at the ok9:00 and 11:00. >> that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for more on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> i'm dan ashley reporting live under oakland at the scene of this weekend's devastating warehouse fire. in just a little while now, thousands of people are expected to gather just a few miles from here at lake merritt for an 8:00 p.m. vigil for 36 victims of
7:59 pm
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i can't believe i get to spend the whole day here. when do i get to shoot the crossbows? well, you're 13. i don't even think it's legal. so we should do it after lunch. yes! welcome, welcome. what a pleasure. mike. eve. i love "take your daughter to work" day...


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