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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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this is some of the fallout from the election. we're live to see where crowds are heading next. >> don't get stuck and think you can't make a difference. >> tonight, we look forward with the rest of the nation at the direction our country is headed. >> and tonight, changes happening in california now that election day is done. >> the people have voted and hundreds of people are protesting across the bay area, good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. protests are underway across the country. >> here is a look over downtown
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oakland. the crowd estimated to be a thousand people. >> the school board cancelled the meeting and chp officers are stationed around the building. >> we have team coverage on both sides of the bay. >> that is right. we begin with katie in oakland, katie? >> a thousand people and growing. this rally started at 5:00 tonight and grew. the crowds from the street, it is spilling into the roadway. and you can see people standing on the street. it shut down the roadway. this is a diverse crowd, we talked to people who are angry and other people who are just plain sad about the outcome of the election. as mentioned the oakland school board was scheduled to meet tonight but cancelled because of the protest and safety concerns.
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i spoke with a school board member. she's excited about the win, but dismayed by the presidential election. >> many teachers had to deal with young people who are scared to death of what may happen, la tina children, arabic, muslim children in our school systems. our teachers are leaning in and supporting our students in deep ways. >> all we can do is fight. >> we have seen families out here. and you can see, the crowd continues to grow. oakland police officers are on scene there is a large presence tonight. and this is vandalism. there have been calls not to repeat the vandalism. there have been calls to keep
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this peaceful. and we'll bring updates and now, we're live in oakland. thank you, katie. 200 people gathered in san francisco to protest and hold a vigil. >> if you're wondering why it is quiet, behind us, that is because protestors have moved but let's show you video from just a short time ago. hundreds at the antitrump rally. you can see people with signs, many holding up cell phones chanting things like "not my president" and other variations. as they moved along market street, san francisco police officers moved along market street with them. and this protest was organized in part by answer coalition. that is act now to stop racism, and that group said this will be
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a peaceful march. there are plenty of law enforcement officers. speaking tonight to the crowd was san francisco supervisor david campos. >> to say we're not going away and everything that got him elected we're going to fight against. it's not just fighting against donald trump, it's fighting against the other interests within san francisco, that have taken over this city. >> feeling very scared and anxious. i didn't think it was going to be this bad. i was shocked when i woke up. >> and before we began, our evening here at market street, and fifth we did spend time at the foot of market street earlier today. speaking with voters, meeting very few trump supporters
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especially here in northern california, san francisco, most of the voters we met said they're sad and confused and angry. the people at this evening's protest have said this is not just about protesting tonight. they say they'll do this continuously over the next four years. live in san francisco, abc7 news. a protest is happening across the city tonight. >> demonstrators are marching toward trump tower. there is security tonight with the building surrounded by both nypd and secret service. >> in chicago tonight, demonstrators are marching through the city there. that protest began at trump tower and the crowd shut down famed michigan avenue. >> and this was the scene in philadelphia minutes ago. several thousand people marching down broad street in that city. and here is another live look in oakland at the crowd gathered
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downtown. estimates put the crowd at more than a thousand people. you can see them there. >> the protest group is set to march from berkeley to oakland tonight. we're live with the student protestors. eric? >> and these are folks who are upset about the president-elect's stance on immigration policy. they began gathering here at 6:00 and plan to start walking at 7:00 from here at telegraph to oakland to protest. but this is one of several protests that went on that began with a protest by high school students from berkeley high. >> there are angry signs, furious speeches. >> i am not a murderer. we are hard workers, all right? >> there were comforting hugs but little in the way of solace at this antruit protest. >> we don't believe his views. he's racist, sexist and against
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everything we've fought for. >> two thirds of the 3,000 students left class and marched to the uc berkeley campus to protest trump's victory at the polls. the principal says they began seeing plans on social media last night and got on board. >> i view this as a really rich learning moment for our community as well as an opportunity to process results of the election. >> a hand full of administrators went with them. the rest stayed back with a thousand students that remained in class. hundreds of students gathered on the steps for another protest, a silent sit in by a group representing undocumented students and families. >> there is a community that will fight for us for what we believe in, and to protect the most marginalized parts of the communities.
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>> these kids say at some point, america will have to put divisions aside. >> having a divided america, segregated is not going to help anything or any causes. but pretty much we've just got to stick together and stick out these years. >> those teams will be 20 somethings with the chance to put votes where their mouths are. once again, this protest is beginning to gather across the street here at telegraph and bancroft. and so more still to come later tonight. >> eric, thank you very much. in east oakhand, students walked out of class to express their displeasure with the results. sky 7 flew over oakland technical high school on broadway and was over the richmond civic center this
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afternoon when students from three high schools in the area converged for protests you're looking at. and sky 7 did capture video of police vehicles over the and after that incident. here is another live look at the crowd for tonight's protest. when news happens, remember, share what you're seeing it will help us find your posts oof it's difficult to take focus away from the election, but it's important to address 17 statewide propositions on the ballot. >> looking at how decisions made on two propositions will change capital punishment in california. >> what is changing now and later after californians voted to legalize recreational marijuana. and i'm drew tuma.
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record highs and warmer air arriving tomorrow before we track our next chance of rain. the accu-weather forecast is
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>> back now live with a crowd of a thousand people gathered in downtown oakland. sky 7 pulls back. you can see where the largest group of people there over frank ogowa plaza near broadway and 14th streets. last night it was more spirited and there was considerable vandalism and fires being lit.
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the crowd is larger than it was last night. >> two shared similar themes in their speeches to the nation since the election ended. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents, i say it's is time for us to come together as one united people. >> we must accept this result and then, look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead. >> new, local campaign offices are packing up and shutting down. >> we talked with both camps today, let's begin live with wayne freedman who spoke to trump supporters. wayne? >> good evening, the lights are out tonight. in novato, 24 hours ago, this place was hopping and they were celebrating and happy. they celebrated so much and came
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back today to clean the place up. in politics there has to be a morning after. >> definitely. >> i taught hillary had it in the bag. >> would you believe there are places where people expected this outcome? >> he told us they were rigging the polls. >> i think they were fooled by their own prejudice. the media establishment talk to each other and live in a bubble. they don't think much of the rest of us. >> welcome to what used to be donald trump headquarters. their winning candidate earned 16%, a one and a six, percent of the vote. >> i was in stress.
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>> phillip spent part of the day cleaning up and thinking about the future, including democrats and woke up feeling so sure of a victory that never materialized. >> i felt bad for them. i know what it's like to lose. >> in the post election, the supporters say experts are getting itwrong. don't tell michelle that uneducated white males won the election. >> i'm an educated white female. and i helped win the election. >> to victors go spoils. even in marin county. 16% minority feels like a majority. >> we won. haven't you heard? >> in novato, wayne freedman, abc7 news. there continues to be great disappointment among hillary clinton supporters in the bay area. >> yes. who wasn't there for her. lyanne? >> exit polls indicate women didn't feel they can back hillary clinton the way she'd
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hoped for. and african americans didn't show up insignificant numbers the way they did for president obama. >> i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too. >> hillary clinton supporters had other adjectives. >> i feel grief stricken and side swiped. and just incredible. >> clinton did better than trump among women but not enough to make a difference. >> some of her criticisms that she couldn't correct with voters. these things did have a gender quality. >> it seemed clinton failed to energize minorities the way president obama did. and abc news poll found 93% of
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african americans voted for mr. obama in 2012, 88 did so for clinton during this election. and despite offensive comments regarding mexicans, trump got more support among hispanics than mitt romney four years ago. again, that abc news exit poll found president obama did better in 2012. the focus now is on the 2018 mid term elections and beyond. >> we worked hard and there is a lot of work that needs to happen between them, we should get out there and do it. the national race overshadowed many state measures, capital punishment is changing but not going away. prop 62 failed to pass and prop
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66 about amending the death penalty and narrowly passed. vic lee joins us with what changes. >> the state supreme court and court of appeals won't be the only venues hearing death penalty appeals cases from the more than 700 inmates on death row. and by the way, their average wait time to get an appeals lawyer is 16 years. now, prop 66 is meant to expedite that. the state supreme court will now have to hear appeals within five years, most law enforcement agencies supported prop 66. >> i believe it will bring closure to these families who have lingered on for years. >> i won't live to see my son's
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killer ex-suited. i know that. i'm 68 years old. >> her son was a pittsburgh police officer, shot and killed chasing two robbery suspects. her son's killer is on death row. she spent a decade waiting for him to be executed. she supported proposition 66, which would speed executions. he sees a law school professor oppose prop 66. >> it's going to limit opportunities to assist cases including innocence. we might be risking wrongful executions to a degree that is going to be unprecedented. >> the five-year deadline applies to second stage appeals, those involving charges of misconduct and incompetence during trial. opponents say it may overwhelm the lower courts. appeals are handled from
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journeys. other lawyers will now be allowed to represent the inmates. opponents question their competency. >> what is expected to be a hotly contested race in the south bay turned out to be a run away way for ro cana. he leads over mike honda in california's 17th correctional district. today, cana and his wife took a moment to let the victory sink in. >> it's been a tough election year, we've got to bring people together and put the country first. >> anyone anywhere wants understand what matters to them. that is something he understands what matters and technology, and education, what parents worry about. >> in a statement, honda congratulated and conceded the race, political analysts believe the ongoing ethics probe may have weighed on the minds of voters. he says ease looking forward to representing one of the
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most-influential districts in the world. now, ballots around the bay area were long this election. we have results for all races on >> autumn warmth is with us, then, we track rain on the seven-day forecast. it's a quiet picture and mild night. it's going to set the lauvenlging pad for another are warm day, sunny skies, and 80 in san jose. well above normal for this time of the year. 75 oakland, and 79 in concorde. i want to fast ford, saturday morning we're tracking a weak cold front that will bring light sprinkles to the north bay. and what i am excited about, into tuesday and future weather showing a robust system, making its way into the north bay, and sinking across the bay area for scattered showers.
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there is a light storm, partly cloudy. saturday, a sprinkle in the north bay. and tuesday, rain across the region and something for everything. >> yes. >> thank you. >> now we're going to check in with spencer christian. >> that is true. it's the give where you live food drive. i'm going to show you a small donation can make a big donation can make a big
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abc7 highlighted the bay
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area food banks serving one in nine people not sure where they'll are getting their next meal. >> earlier, spencer christian presented sf marin food bank with a $15,000 donation from abc7 and disney providing 45,000 meals. >> he joins us live with more on what all of our donation dollars help provide, exactly. >> you know i mentioned a moment ago, a small donation makes a big difference. $1 provides $5 worth of food. and joining me now is the senior program manager here to see you. >> good to see you. >> many of us think of canned goods. all of what you have here is fresh produce. >> yes. 240 pantries in san francisco and marin, and fresh veggies and
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staples, you can get a protein. this is a fresh array of food. >> 10,000 meals that comes back to 400 community partners. >> and thank you for coming and a donation of $10 and texting the word. >> we've seen antitrump protests. one started in oakland. >> multiple rallies happening now. we're going to check in on them
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live. >> see who is right about the race and
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and hundreds of protestors you can see here have gathered in oakland. response to the outcome of last night's election of donald trump. >> in oakland that large, peaceful crowd is preparing to march. >> these protestors are getting more fired up as we speak. the car appearing there are many people mobilized in the park. i'm standing near this section, normally this area would be cmpletely surrounded as they try to block off access to the freeway. there is a diverse crowd here. and there are people concerned about immigration, and carrying signs. there are people that are very mad and others sad, and we have
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got a large crowd. we're going to keep on top of it. live in oakland, abc7 news. >> let's take a look at the scene from the castro district tonight. >> abc7 news reporter lillian kim is there and tweeted this photo showing a large crowd that has taken over the intersection of castro and market streets. >> they began at the cable car turn around on powell and market streets. demonstrators marched up market within the last hour. >> organizers say the event will be a peaceful march. police say they're monitoring this situation. >> motional demonstrators held up signs with campaign mottos saying love trump's hate. >> we deserve, no matter would we come from, who we love, we're all humans with rights. and we all deserve to be here. not separated.
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and i love seeing these people, because it means that other people care. >> these rallies aren't response to the presidential election. >> still, meaningful are the results of our positions. >> voters rejected five of them as a result, californians won't be voting on big state revenue bond projects and adult film performers don't have to wear condoms. >> state drug p to match the va. the death penalty remains in affect and plastic bag fees won't be funneled into a special fund. >> 12 other propositions, 17 total passed. california can spend $9 billion on bonds for schools. >> state bills must now be posted online. a high earner income tax is staying and criminal sentencing is changing. >> bilingual classes got the okay. voters told lawmakers to take action on campaign finance rules, ammunition purchases will
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require background checks and recreational marijuana is legal. the death penalty will be amended. of all of those, what is in place? >> california was the first state in the united states to make cannabis illegal. that is way back in 1912. >> steve made it his life's work to change that. >> that is like running a 42-year marathon, and winning the race. it feels good. >> he runs the harbor side dispensary. >> this is prop 64, giving a green light to adults who just want to buy pot.
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and down the street, that is cause for celebration. >> how do you feel about prop 64 pass? >> pretty good. >> once over, the real work begins, answering how prop 64 will work for dispensaries and cstomers. >> we're going to be preparing to do adult sales in a year. >> it's immediately legal to grow your own plants, the problem is where to get it. >> unfortunately, we're not able to serve anybody who does not have a medical cannabis card. >> medical dispensaries cannot sell until january, once that happens, harborside will serve everyone. >> you don't pay the tax. >> there are more questions, california police chief association worries about how to handle driving under the influence and regulate advertising but this community, there is a bright spot. >> cannabis is good for stress.
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coming up next, we'll have a debrief on the election with our political analyst. >> and compare candidacy of donald trump with another celebrity politician we know well here in california. of course, talking about arnold schwartzeneggar. >> you can see protestors moving in this live shot from sky 7. a big group are walking away from frank ogowa plaza.
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protestors in oakland are marching north on broadway. they left frank ogowa plaza minutes ago. >> the crowd is large and loud, estimated 6,000, but again, peaceful and that is what we're
7:40 pm
told. organizers wanted it to be tonight. you know it's been an absolutely 24 hours and to put a trump presidency in perspective is carla marinucci. >> we're never going to see one like this again. >> amazing. >> really. nothing like this in 100 years. >> no. no. this is one we'll remember and i think you know it's still shaking out. you're seeing developments tonight. how long these protests go on. how much this yes. let's talk about donald trump now. a little bit of his background as a reality tv star. very hill involvement in politics. >> that is right. >> no plying experience and no military experience.
7:41 pm
talking about his experience as a celebrity, television figure, that this is a different role and i think it's going to be something, he's 70 years old. >> the weight of that office affects everyone. >> you saw how much barack obama aged. what happened to his hair in eight years. >> and george bush, too. absolutely. so i expect make pence will take up a lot of that political experience. the fact is that there is no parallel to celebrity television or running hotels and properties to running the world's
7:42 pm
biggest -- the most powerful man onearth. >> let's talk about the comparisons being made to trump compared to arnold schwartzeneggar, being an action hero to running california. >> there is a lot of parallels between them. they've been dismissed and they were outsiders. arnold schwartzeneggar said let's sweep sacramento clean. for donald trump, drain the swamp. arnold schwartzeneggar talked about making california fantastic again. donald trump talking about let's make america great again. there are many, many parallels to the two. schwartzeneggar came into office, had no connection with legislation, and or legislators and had a lot of trouble establishing that in sacramento. >> they did make the transition to where people thought of him as a politician and leader before movie star toward the end
7:43 pm
of his term. >> he did and he became more moderate. it took a lot of time to do that. >> yes. we appreciate your insight. thank you. >> interesting time. >> election results, shocked people here, there are some predictions that were right. the last ucla, usc l.a. times poll showed trump leading clinton by 3%. that poll predicted results of the last three elections. and documentary film maker michael moore expected trump to win. moore wrote, quote, we live where the majority agree with the liberal position. we lack leadership to make that happen. >> votes are in.
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your voice still counts. we're hearing what you have to say about the election next on abc7 news. >> we're still watching a crowd of thousands in oakland. upwards of 6,000 marching up broadway now. so far, a large group, but
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you're looking at protestors marching in oakland. >> large police presence is there. so far this event is peaceful but numbers have really grown in the past hour or so. >> melanie woodrow spent the day talking with people on market street. >> we're shocked. >> makes me sad someone who treats people the way he was so proud of treating people. >> it's mixed emotions. i didn't vote for either
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candidates. i may be different than most people in the bay area. the attitude and office is like a natural disaster just occurred. i've been hearing marriages have broken up over this. there is this under current of >> i think change with trump might be interesting. >> the world is watching and laughing. they can't believe it. >> they're laughing why have you done this? is this where you want your future to go to? >> the same view. why did you make that decision? >> when you may a game and your heart and soul is in it. you lose, and you ti the world is ending but it's not. >> make america kind again and make america hug again. >> there is not one person that can change this. i'll take a free hug. >> we last the event through
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facebook live. >> nice to get responses from folks today, now, to something other than the election. >> yes. abc7 is proud of our 25-year partnership with bay area food banks. >> our thanksgiving food drive highlights agency efforts for 11 counties today serve our friends and neighbors in need. >> one of those efforts is provide hands on nutrition classes and cooking to clients. abc7 weather anchor spencer christian joins us live with a little taste of that program. spencer? >> yes. >> okay. that is one of the cool things. it offers those classes and joining me is the program manager, molly, good to see you again. >> good to see you, too. >> this smells good. too bad this isn't smella vision. >> absolutely. we've got a sweet poe tate yes
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apple soup and understand our work doesn't end once food is delivered. we want to make sure folks can utilize food so in this recipe, we used sweet potatoes and and apples. >> it's probably tasty and importantly, nutritious. >> we believe everyone deserves access to healthy food. but they also deserve the ability to use that healthy food. >> may i stir? >> yes. we've got to add garlic here. >> how many people are taking advantage of the classes? >> last year we actually did over 200 classes for 200 people. >> if you're interested in this recipe, go to and there is a link. molly, thank you. keep cooking. i'll remind folks you can donate $10 by texting the word feed to
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the number 80077. that goes a long way. >> thank you spencer. >> thank you very much. >> it's time to turn our attention to weather. >> drew tuma is back with the forecast. >> warm today, warmer tomorrow, highs into low 80s. oakland, 75. santa rosa, 77 degrees. you were quiet through saturday morning for a sprinkle but more wide spread rain coming on tuesday across the region. >> we'll take that rain. >> yes. >> thank you. >> let's talk sports tonight. >> yes. larry beil is here. >> warriors at home, playing dallas tonight and this is the return of a couple old friends. harris onbarns and
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good evening, this is the day after. we process results of last night's historic election, professional athletes among those looking at a divided country. >> reminds me of football. no matter how you feel we still have owe come together like a team. there is going to be a coach that you like. sometimes, that you don't like. sometimes there is going to be someone you wish you had before. and so all i know if you want to dominate, you've got to come together. >> he speaks for a majority of
7:56 pm
the people in this nation. attitudes about black people, and about muslim people, about women, just about every sort of political group you can name, folks agree with his positions, and you can't deny that. folks voted for him. >> david west there. >> interest there is going to be highly motivated mavericks tonight. they were traded to make room for addition of kevin durant. barns and mavs took on the lakers last night. andrew bogat a massive block. steph curry's little brother, seth is on the maps, scoring 23 last night. and barns had a team high 31 points. former teammates not surprised to see him excelling with the mavericks. >> he had skill sets, one of the things he's been doing, so you know, i'm not surprised and it's
7:57 pm
good to see him getting it going. got a long way to go as far as his career. still got many, many years. he's going to play. >> will be emotional. everybody goes through that. just stay the course and keep them particularly contained. >> if harrison barns shot the games in the finals the way he's been shooting in the finals it would have been different. >> who is thinking about that? >> i have not heard that one before. >> taking a look at oakland, the crowd of an estimated 6,000 people right now. >> they left frank ogowa plaza and we're at grand avenue.
7:58 pm
and broadway. tonight at 9:00, right here for abc7 news at 11:00 we're going to continue to cover a huge protest happening now in san francisco and oakland and across the country. >> also on abc7 news at 11:00, michael finney reveals a world of credit you probably never heard of, how could make your score soar. >> here is tonight's prime time line up. the goldbergs followed by speechless. and modern family. at 10:00, it's designated survivor. we'll be back with you for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we'll see you later at 9:00 and 11:00. ♪ ♪
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