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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00. weeks after flames destroy their homes and fire evacuees could now be forced on to the streets. millions of americans are playing a new mobile pokemon' game and now robbers are using it to target them. >> sunday was windy in the bay area, forcing the national park service to shut down a top attraction. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. forced out of their homes last mock bay raging fire, san francisco residents say they're now being forced out again. this time from temporary housing. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. evacuees have spent four weeks in temporary house. they can't go back to their homes and are afraid they'll now be forced to live on the
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streets. sergio quintana is live where they want the mayor to step in. >> reporter: they say they've been trying to find some places to live until their home is repaired and that's not easy in this city. they're staying now in mow tells and are being told they may have to out into shelteres. this two are brothers and have been to oasis inn last week. they are like a few other displaced residents of the fire who say they're having trouble finding other rental homes to go to while their current buildings renovated following the fire. they're asking for help from the red cross and san francisco mayor ed lee. >> the mayor assured us we wouldn't be homeless. that was a promise. he goes, i promise, nobody in this room will be homeless. >> they're telling us that we
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haven't got an sro and monday is all we can do for you. and it's checkout time. and you can go to a shelter. >> reporter: the bernal heights for a die displayed 60 rots. the two households have not received much guidance an applying for other homes and know there's a couple of different funding out thrashings gofundme for residents who have been displaced and there haveline local businesses raising funds. they want know how they can access that money so they can use it in their search for someplace to stay until they can go back to their home that will be rebuilt. they expect that to be rebuilt next year. reporting live, abc7 news. >> the president will visit dallas tuesday to speak at an interfaith memorial service for the officers:thursday night. while some people are in mourning, tell mon straighters continue -- dome member straighters continue to protest.
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in st. paul demonstrate years blocked the interstate and threw rocks, bottles and molotov cocktails also police officers. 21 injured. police arrest 100 protesters. and in baton rouge, louisiana, police confiscated eight guns and arrested more than 100 people protesting the death of alton sterling. president obama defended the "black lives matter" movement but not to the violence. >> the overwhelming majority of people who are involved in the "black lives matter" movement, what they really want to see is a better relationship between the police some the community,. >> the loader was one those of arrested in louisiana last night and periscoped his arrest for obstructing a highway. in san francisco, maybes of the faith community joined protesters. cornell bernard is live in san francisco with more on the story. cornell? >> reporter: that faith rally
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wrapping up here at city hall. many came looking for answers and healing in the wake of violence. ♪ we shall overcome some day >> reporter: messages of healing at this interfaith justice and peace rally, organizedded by bay area faith leaders on the steps of city hall. moving forward, the toughest challenge, after police killings in dallas and the killings of black men across the country by officers. >> hoe we can bring communities together as well as the police. we need to -- we really need to have dialogue. >> reporter: san francisco supervisors say police tactical reforms are helping. >> last week sfpd had a standoff with an african-american man with a gun. he lived. >> in san francisco's bay view district. neighbors and activists gathered in the spot where mario woods was shot last year by san francisco police. they've say he refueled to drop
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a went. people want to vent their anger got police shootings. >> enough is enough, and that's the battle cry. enough is enough. >> teenagers, educated young people coming out. yesterday, the same thing. they're hungry. they're hurt. >> reporter: police mobilized with extra officers on motorcycles and on rooftops, ready in case protesters tried getting on nearby highway 101, like many protesters attempted to do on saturday. >> we definitely can't have this many police. why are the coming in full riot gear? >> question asked but got no response from san francisco police. this protest vigil was peaceful in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> tomorrow, a blue ribbon panel will reless a final report on the san francisco police department. the d.a. pointed the three-judge panel a year ago. preliminary findings in may showed the department is biased the way it polices communities of color and lacks transparency
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and accountable. greg seuhr resigned and was replaced by acting chief tony chaplain. a coverage of the shootings in dallas as well as the impact of protests near the bay area continues at and on twitter,@abc7 news bay area. a woman from san francisco died in a rafting accident this weekend. it happened yesterday on the south fork of the american river in el dorado county. elaine mao was on an inner tube and drowned while going through a section of heavy rapids. she was with several other people. in missouri, three men are in jail accuse ode robbing people playing pokemon. to advance player goes to different locations where they can catch a pokemon. police say the man anticipated where the players might go and then waited for the players and robbed them. police say they robbed eight or
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nine people over the weekend. a warmup is headed to the bay area, taking a live lock outside at our exploratorium camera at pier 15, in are clear skies -- there are clear skies above the bay area this evening. today was beautiful but strong winds in some areas. the national park service tweeted a warning to hikers at pt. reyes, the lighthouse was closed because of strong winds. let's head over to meteorologist drew tuma. >> a fine finish to the weekend. it's bright but breezy. this is a beautiful view of the bay area, but it was breezy, especially earlier this afternoon. your peak wind gusts, 37 miles-per-hour at napa, 32 miles-per-hour at half moon bay, and san jose, clocking a wind gust of 24 miles-per-hour. current winds out there still rather breezy. a gust of 20 miles-per-hour in concord. 26 in half moon bay. a gunfight -- gunfight of 21 in novato. the fog will make a return.
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i'll show you when in the full forecast coming up. >> you may encount deer lays if you're heading to oakland airport aboard bart. bart plans to close one track on tuesday and wednesday for maintenance project. bart hopes to resume the regular schedule on thursday. tesla's ceo emusk promises michigan big. the cryptic tweet. >> these boxes are one city's hope to stop the spread of mosquito-born illnesses like zika and west nile. ahead, stuck in a steel great. these rescuers released a trapped skunk without hurting it.
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>> today elon musk announced something big is in the works. he tweeted: working on top secret tesla plan part two. hoping to publish later this week. he did not say what he was referring. to it's similar to blahing posting from a decade ago.
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this comes a month after a man died using the auto pilot feature. >> regulator heading to florida to conduct an investigation of driverless technology. the ntsb rarely looks at the causes causes of cash crashes. this review will bet about what regulations need to be put in place to ensure passenger safety. >> this summer communities are sprayingmakes that could spread the zika and west nile viruses. a town in new york has a natural alternative. they're embracing bats. they have set up bat boxes, giving them a place to breed. bats can eat up to a thousand mosquitoes an hour which is more effective than a spray or pesticide. this week an elderlyth resident became the first zika related death in the u.s.
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wildfire crews helped save the life of a skunk whose heat was stuck in a drain grate. a wildlife emergency services crew used grinders to cut the the gate and used water to keep the metal cool. when it was released rescuers said the skunk was alert and actively trying to bite them, showing that it was in good health. i guess they used their nose to find that. coming up next at 6:00. not driving too fast and using little gas. take a trip to see these low riders in the bay area. a warmup on the way. meteorologist drew drew -- true true true is up weather the forecast. >> we'll show you how the a's did in houston and a critical two-stroke penalty allll
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people took it easy in the middle of streets usually choked with cars and trucks. we were in san francisco's tenderloin for sunday streets. one of the neighborhood's landmarks, glide memorial church, hosted the event. sunday street takes place every
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month across san francisco between april and november. low riders took over san francisco today. we were in the outer mission as some of the more than 300 cars and today's king of the streets contest made their way down to fort mason for the competition. must of the customized rides were low do the ground, some raised up in the airs. lots of classics and cars that can do trick like drive only three wheels or bounce up and down. that's something to see. let's check with meteorologist drew tuma for a look at the accuweather forecast. >> if you liked today you're going to love tomorrow. then we are tracking major changes to the forecast on tuesday. live doppler 7hd right now showing you the all-clear, just a picture perfect finish to the weekend. taking you outside and show you the picture, live look from the emeryville camera. not a cloud to be seen, even along the coast. this is hough it should be this time of year. loving it. 70 in san francisco right now. 73 oakland, san jose, 78.
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and half moon bay, total sunshine, too, at 63. so we'll take you to south bay. not a cloud to be seen. just enjoying the clear skies. 83 in santa rosa, 82, napa. 79 novato. 83 in concord and livermore. showing you the golden gate bridge right now. not a bit of fog at all but the cam race shake -- the camera is shaking, an indication of wind. we're bright again on monday with that wind becoming active in the afternoon, once again, but we'll lose the wind on tuesday and what that means the marine layer, the fog, is going to be allowed to move back in along the coast and around the bay. overnight tonight, plenty of stars, really comfortable sleeping numbers 52 overnight in san francisco, 60 in antioch, 56 san jose, 54 oakland, and 51 overnight in santa rosa.
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' perfect today. lots of sunshine, but a system to the north kempt us windy and -- kept us windy today and will do the same thing tomorrow. the winds become active in the afternoon and evening along the coast especially. we won't be surprised to see wind gusts over 35 miles-per-hour around the bay, about 10 to 20 miles-per-hour, but the wind is going to help to keep the fog away. so future weather, tomorrow morning, waking up, 7:30, sunshine, clear skies, a little low cloud cover perhaps in daly city. half moon bay, pacifica, but that at bit. much of san francisco will see sunshine and in the evening that fog will begin to break down if we see any. highs monday, 68 san francisco, 76 oakland. 81 san jose. 85 santa rosa. 88 the high in antioch. to the beach we go. a live look from santa cruz showing you folks are soaking in
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the sunshine. they're taking advantage of the cloud-free sky, and tomorrow a lot of sunshine on the way once again. calling it partly cloudy with a northwest wind sat 15 to 25 miles-per-hour, theurrent ocean temperature, about 54. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a duplicate forecast from today. tuesday the fog is more prominent along the coast. wednesday, coastal fog. warmer winds and thursday and friday heat up. the coast will be comfortable and then saturday and sunday, drop down with a nice cools breeze. >> thank you. looking at sports now, rick kiwanis for shu. >> a surprise ending at the u.s. open. many people expected lydia ko to claim another major title today. instead the u.s. women's open was decided in a playoff between american brittani lang and sweden's anna nordquist. let's go out to cordevalle golf
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club. ko lost her ball on nine and double bogeyed the hole. lang fired a final round 71, this birdie on 16 put her in sole position of possession -- sole possession of the lead but on 17 the gives the stroke back with a bogey. her first three-putt of the week. so in a playoff, nordquist touch this sand with her club and is assessed a two-stroke penalty. that put her in a big hole and all but gave lang the title. it's lang's first major championship. >> it's definitely a shame for anna to come down to something like that. never want to be because of a penalty. you want it to be because of better play. i'm ecstatic. i feel for her, but definitely took a little bit of pressure off me.
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>> in 2013en dimurray became the first british player in 77 years to capture the men's singles title at women don. today he had chance to once again please the home ground. playing before prince william and princess kate, murray was a favorite to win. raonic gave its all but murray too good. murray win thursday straight sets. so he has now won two of the last four wimbledon championships. >> going to enjoy this a lot more. it's ban few years since i won a slam and have had a few tough losses in that period, and just really happy to have won one again. >> the oakland a's were hoping to end on a strong note by take throwing out of four from houston. steven vogt got the day off.
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last year's cy young ward winner dallas keuchel in the sixth, broken bat single. the throw home is squad matt mcbride puts oakland on top. the astro were down their final out but ryan madsen can't but away good atis. he doubles home gomez and they good to extra innings. in the tenth, man on third, core -- correia hits a liner and is safe. the a's fourth error. over at st. st. park, the giants trying to complete a three-game sweep of arizona. madison bumgarner struck out four of the first six batters he faced. san francisco jumped on top with two runs in the first. buster posey drives in span. now in the fourth, the giants lead 2-0. at the euro cup championship
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finals, host france took on port gal. not looking good for port gal as its best player, christian chrio renaldo goes down with a knee injury. then port -- portugal upsets france 1-nil. this sports reporting has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00, pixar's "finding dory" reaches a huge milestone at the box office as it's bounced out of the top spot. the new champ coming up next. this years a aids walk san francisco is just seven days away. next sunday, july 17th in golden gate park, to register call 415-615 walk or script
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join us tonight on kofy tv 20. >> my babies are okay. but somebody's -- this is -- >> we're hearing from a mother who took a bullet for her children during the dallas
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rampage. then at 11:00 here on channel 7, will smith stepping in to help a local student realize his dreams. hear how the actor's kind gesture is helping a film major jump start his career, tonight at 11:00. this weekend "finding dory" became the top grossing movie in the u.s. so this weekend it was beaten at the box office by a new animated comedy. "the secret life of pets" debuted at top spot, it looks at what your pets do when you're not around. "pets" earned $103 million, blowing away expectations. the best opening weekend ever for an original animated movie. "legend of tarzan" barely beat out "finding dory" for second. new comedy "mike and dave need wetting dates" was fourth. and "the purge: election year" was fifth. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. for rick quan and drew tuma, i'm eric thomas, thank you for being here. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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>> today on "matter of fact." friends? or frenemies? putin pokes at the nato alliance. obama and the allies push back. are we on the brink of war? plus, road testing the contenders. who's still in the running to become a running mate? then -- ghostbusters and gender politics. who ya gonna call? whats behind the backlash when women take over iconic roles? >> let's go. i'll let you. .


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