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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 8, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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it's becoming very wet march in the bay area. this is live look from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15. kahn see the green here begin to show up on live doppler 7 hd new storm moves n.good evening. the we want to get to the race to the white house. results are coming in on this super tuesday too. donald trump is the big whipper in michigan but there's the big
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surprise of the night. we project that bernie sanders will win the race. poll had shown hillary clinton ahead saying she was way ahead. in mississippi donald trump is projected to within the republican side. senator ted cruz took second and hillary clinton overwhel overwhelmingly won the democratic primary over bernie sanders. let's get the latest from megan in detroit. >> good evening. shaping up to be a big night for donald trump with winds in mississippi and michigan. those two states alone there are almost 100 delegates. critical day in the race to the white house. and biggest prize of the night michigan. >> i think it's important for everybody to vote. vote for the one i really want annie think it will make a difference. i know definitely whoy want and who i don't want. hillary clinton sounding up beat during the day at detroit coffee house. by night she took the stage in ohio. >> i'm proud of the campaign. that senator sanders and i are
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running.jt >>reporter: rival bernie sanders now facing tough math. >> next tuesday here in florida let's show the world that the democracy is alive and well with a huge voter turn out. >>reporter: republican side donald trump may have benefit from independent voters in michigan. >> i want to thavrngt people of michigan and thank the people of mississippi. >>reporter: but also answering questions about this. >> do you swear that you will vote for donald trump tom reyes that hand. i love you. >>reporter: asking supporters to raise their hands and take an oath. some claim it looks like a nazi salute. ted cruz in north carolina taking aim. >> the kings and queens demand that of their subject. but in america no man is above the law. >>reporter: meanwhile rubio and kasich holding events in the home state of florida and ohio. where both of the campaigns are betting big. >> here in florida if you vote
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for kasich or cruz you are voting for donald trump. i'm the only one that can beat him in nraishtion interesting twist on next week republican contest. ohio florida and illinois are all winner take all states n.detroit megan s abc 7 news. >> now back to the weather. let's check in withdrew. >> we are tracking at least a couple of sprinkle overnight in. we have mainly over cast skies. what we are watching for the cloud cover warm front that is surging across the bay area and what it will do throw showers overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. stormy packet scale this is light storm. very weak system moving through. half inch of rain possible in the north bay but we are expecting very light wind. future weather as we two hour by houvrm you notice tomorrow morning sixth okay in the morning morning commute yes it's lateed light showers in the renal so expect agent bit slower of a go as you make your way to work and school. midmorning the showers will
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fall apart much of our wed afternoon is cloud cover overhead. very light rainfall with this warm front moving through. most spot right around quarter inch of rape or slightly less than. that north bay may see higher total as the rain will last longer there for much of the overnight period. stronger storm will move in for thursday and friday bringing us a soaking of rain. >> l remind me of the movie the fuji. >> harrison ford. >> scene out of a movie that's how paenlts describe commuter train derail in the meantime pinole. rescue crew say it was a miracle nobody was killed. service only ace train resume tomorrow morningment shut down today as investigators cleared the track and debris. we were overhead as the train was slowly pulled away. here's more from abc 7 news reporter laura anthony. it was elaborate process involving a giant crane several
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other rig and dozens of people. almost looked like a toy laying on its side. this was a 30 ton train car that needed to be lifted off a muddy em pwavrjt and back on the tracks. >> look like something out of a movie when you look at the scene. when i heard a train derailed in the canyon i thought we were going to be hearing of massive loss of life. >> people were out actually on the track at the time. so many pwreem in the cars. >>reporter: cal fire captain duffy among the first to arrive last tonight after the 5 car ace train derailed and the front car plunged into the alameda creek. first priority getting to the passengers trapped in the car that was nearly submerged in the frigid water. >> it was tight quarters in there because the carries on it side and then you can't really tell from here but there is kind of two levels. item on a hillside. very slippery in there. a lot of mud and debris in. >> no class for under water taken derailment in the police alaska. so these deputy had time pro
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vice and that takes courage and quick on your feet and they did that. >>reporter: in pinole, laura anthony abc 7 news. two passengers remain in the hospital tonight. total of 4 people were seriously injured in the derailment. vic lee talked to passenger today about what the man saw in the train. >> by the time we got to fremont everything was fichbility i was like okay i'll just take a nap.( >>reporter: john took the train from santa clara as he always disto his home in pleasanton. >> i was reading a book. yes. that's what i usually do on the trairngs he got on from great re near tracey. >> then boom boom. it was two loud jerks. >> i saw tree branches hitting the window. and timothy the window cracked. >>reporter: he was in the third car of the 5 car train. terrified passengers managed to open the doors soil. basically there was mud by the side of
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the door then we open it kind of came in the door. >> reality sinks in. it was just like amazingt8úñ. the scene was ridiculouszs that emergency vehicljwq)ever. >>reporter: wong live tweeted updatesug andi video all night. when he got off the cary couldn't believe what,0 he saw. first two cars in front had derailed. one was half submerged in the creek. >> at that time i can see like people coming off the window. the damage window and i can hear like help help and people were just rush to go help them. >> reminded me of the movie the fugitive with harrison ford. >> we were just praying at that time that the people safe in there. abc 7 news. >> latest development on the ace train derailment down load our news app and unable push alert. engineús trouble force south west plane to return to oakland airport. 12 miles after it taking off for seattle.
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sky 7 hd over the airport as flight 2 88 listened on the runway around 5:30 p.m. without incident. details haven't been released but appears there was trouble with the left engine. san jose police officer shot and killed a man accusedj of stabbing his estranged wife and her male aquaint. started around 6:15 last near night near martha street. neighbor try to help a man bleeding from stab wound to the face and neck when the suspect come out to tint attack. suspect stabbed his estranged wife when she tried to stop him. >> i ran for the police when get to here and told him he need to stop this guy because already stabbed two people. he asked me where i pointed it out. stishtion officer shot the suspect several times when he didn't respond to request to drop the in. both stabbing victims expected to survive. berkeley police department is stepping up effort to catholic church a sexual assault suspect. police believe a man who attacked and raped a cal student saturday morning may be connected to 3 other assault.
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this is video from the previous incident tha man wanted for questioning. today officers created fliers and gave them to students near campus so they are aware of the sdichbility police want the community to be on the look out for the suspect. >> we just went out. created a crime alert flier. wanted to remind people that the assaults were occurring and to give personal safety tips. >>reporter: if you have any information on the suspect contact police. >> investigation under way after an oakland man was mistakenly arrested and then died in jail. oakland police arrested melvin stub sat after they found his wife dead in their home. stub is a double am pew tee. he was nut a medical ward because of dangerously low blood sugar. after he died sunday morning the coroner determined his wife died of natural causes. clock particular on this apartment building in pacifica. gountd way to demolish the structure. city spending 200,000 dollars
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to tear it down. cliff erosion accepted it crumbling to the beach below. precaution is precaution. >> that need to be handled with certain level of precaution and removed prior to the actual demolition of the building. >> tear down will start on thursday. rain won't slot democrat initial. crew say it will actually help dust down during that tear down. >> we get a pilot view of the helicopter rescue. sonoma county sheriff's department shared this video of the henry one helicopter rescuing a hiker in trouble on remote flail fairfax. last week the pilot flew a deputy attached to 200 foot long line to the hishing. man secured to the deputy at the ep of the line then flown to landing zone half mile away. hishing is okay. >> much more ahead for you on this tuesday night. p. how we were able to watch tonight's eclipse from 7000 miles away snoochlts how much rain will we get. drew will be right back with
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the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox® if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects. ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. >> millions ofyó people watchz tonight total solar eclipse in indonesian and the pacific a.lot of us here in the bay area were able to see( it because 7 partner up with ex
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mrer tormx to bring enthusiastic event. wayne with more. >>reporter: back in the dark ages this site struck terror into the hearts and mind of men. . as a matter of fact the word disaster comes from bad star. >>reporter: here's the 21st century take on solar eclipse instead of running from it. >> if it doesn't come to you then you go to it. >>reporter: hence this crowd came to the exploratorium tonight to watch the work of exploratorium team that journey more than 7000 miles to the typey speck in the pacific lying right smack dab in the eclipse path. backyt5uxtá+$'d%uw5 all the link held. . i can show-j a handéu drama if u want to see it. itemal really complicated. every part of the path you could have a potentials fail. >>reporter: instead a triumph in real time as tral event unlike any other among all the moons and plan net our solar city. david lane
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had seen an eclipse in person. >> takes one of the global constant and tirnts off. sun goesup away in the middle of the day. and that's really dramatic. >>reporter: that's one reason why when eclipse crosses the united states next year the exploratorium intend to follow it with not one crew but two. >> twice the chance of seeing it if the weather doesn't cooperate. >>reporter: one last note. with the moon receding by 4 sent meetary year not even these eclipse wills last forever. only have them for 500 million more yearso. at the exploratorium wayne, abc 7 news. >>[ñ the interim executive director joined us live during the eclipse on our 5:00 o'clock news he watched day turn into night from micro neetion. >> yes. it's a thing people don't ever see and so used to seeing the sun and so used to seeing the sun set to have something happen in the middle of the day
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was pretty frightening. in fact we heard on the island eclipse many, many yerts ago 100 years ago and people ran inside their houses because they were afraid. this time no one is afraid we have done all this education work with the student here on the island and they are all out hereen joist. learning about solar fix and having fantastic time. like a big party big rave on the island. >>reporter: later in the newscast you are going to hear from nasa scientist who told us what he is hoping to learn from sdwroop a lot of excitement. >>l÷kh96[a/iiiñi pack with peo. they were so excited when it reached totality. cheeringfu and clapping. tell awesome we cheer the return of the rain. >> we are. rain dance. we see days ahead that will feature some very heavy rain. that could bring flooding concerns in the northon bay.ñ only spotty light showers. just light speck of green. on hercules el cerrito and fairfield that the hour. steady light rape to our north
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right around ukiah right now. all along the warm front that slowly press to the south and bring rain over tonight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning but already the month of march look at the numbers. some locations already approaching the monthly average in just the first full week of march. san francisco over 2 and a half inches of rain same in oakland. same in san jose. #3 and a half inches the santa rosa and almost 6 inches in some part of the north bay and we are going to add to the numbers in the next seven days. right now thater 40's to lower 50's. 53 in san jose. 48 santa rosa. holding at 50 half moon basement 51 san francisco oakland at 52 degrees. outside live look from the exploratorium camera. over cast skies over the city of san francisco and a lot of clouds dominate our forecast. that weak system moves in overnight tonight and first thing wednesday morning much stronger storm works through here thursday and friday and with heavy reap flooding certainly a concern we have so in the stormy packet scale our
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storm moving in thursday and friday with the heavy rain and heaviest in the north bay we have some flooding concerns. this is a moderate storm that is moving through the bay area. time stamp off overnight wednesday night thursday morning here's the first round of rain. by thursday 11:00 o'clock in the morning most areas are just dealing with some lit showers out there it's going to intensify as we go through the day on thursday then if you heavy band setting it right now over fremont into the south bay and parts of the peninsula we get a brief break in the moisture and then heavy rain will move in once again on friday with the pops indicated on the screen. sought system essentially kind of stalls over us and yes with we seat heavy rape at times. three day total for rape fall look at the nuchls. rat impressive. 3 hatched inches in the city of san francisco. 4 inches in novato. inch in san jose and 2"in oakland that's why we are open the watch for flooding to positive tejsally occur in one renal. river at guerneville may reach
9:19 pm
flood stage by saturday morning 9:00 o'clock in the morning with all this rain moving in thursday friday. it surges the require to 32 feet cause minor flooding in the area. keep you posted on. that spotty showers moving in of night. upper 40's to low 50's. where we are right now. lot of cloud in the sky. shower first thing in the morning. temperature on the mild side thanks to the warm front everyone into the 60's. here's the 7 day forecast a.m. shower is a one. the stronger storms move in thursday and friday with the waves of heavy rip at times. scattered showers saturday sunday and don't forget to spin your clock ahead one hour t.daylight saving time then the chance of sprinkle monday partly cloudy on tuesday. a lot of rain. not so good for some areas. we watch for flooding. >> thank you drew. >> quick note. niles canyon road just reopene reopened. it was closed last night after ace train derail many. more ahead on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> still to come in. facebook
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wants to help ease the bay area commute. local trouble spot and possible
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is. thinks it. 7 news was on the embarcadero in san francisco as crew started demolishing sinbad the waterfront restaurant shut down nearly 4 months ago. the city evicted the restaurant and the owners and replaced with expanded ferry terminal. facebook funding 1 million dollar study to help with traffic on the bridge and connecting roadway. study being conductd with ac transit and san mateo alameda county transportation agency. possible short-term exclusion include traffic light timing
9:24 pm
and using the old rail bridge south of dumbarton for buses. long-term include as transit system on the corridor or installing h o v lanes. >> dance the swang song according to the media partner at the mercury news. resident dance company have con firnld the troop made up of 32 dancers and 32 staff members shutting down. cash strap ballet founded in 19 86 has to face financial object stock nell recent years with loss of major donor. ballet school will likely continue under new management. >> apple new space ship campus is coming together in cupertin cupertino. sky 7 was over the massive building today as crew installed the glass panel on the roof. right now construction is about 33 percenté. complete. building will feature theater that will serve as the venue for future apple product launc launches. apple expects the building to be finished bit end of this year. 13,000 employee will fill the
9:25 pm
building set to open next year. >> another 30 minute of abc 7 news at 9:00 is nechblingts why a school that opened to serve chinese immigrant in san francisco is closing the doors. >> also new problem for chipotle. 4 employees are sick and store shut down. company ordering a full sanitation. >> new mom teach her pup new >> new mom teach her pup new trichblingt the
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one of the oldest catholic schools in the bay area says it will suspend the elementary school operation in june. st. mary's school told parents in e-mail last night enrollment and look of money driving the decision. melanie has more.
9:29 pm
>> since 1921 st. mary's school has offered a bilingual education. >> it'svb saddening that there's not going to be this staple that has been in the chinese community here for years. >> sam stephens 5-year-old daughter charlotte is in preschool. >> our plan was to keep her here to eighth grali >> plans interrupted by a disheartening announcement. catholic k through 8 elementary school will suspend operation in june. decision comes down to low enrollment and rack of finance finances. approximately 80 students. 8 faculty members and 6 support staff impacted. >> i feel for the parent and the kids that are six sixth seventh grade. >>reporter: preschool will continue operaitng a few years the parish will consider reopening the kindergarten or other grades if there's sufficient demand. >> big loss. >>reporter: florence chin better known by classmates as lucky was on the drum in bell core for 70 years from 1940 to 2010. school reese thanly presented
9:30 pm
her with this piece of her old uniform. >> alumni people try to help them out by donating them and they still. >> how much did we reach out to the community here in san francisco with all the tech companies. >>reporter: it's a concern steven says he will share at public meeting tonight. department of catholic school plans to help parent find alternative. in san francisco melanie abc 7 news. >> san francisco supervisor wants the city to declare state of emergency on homelessness. the we were on pigs street as supervisor david stood in front of homeless shelter to announce the plan. emergency declaration speed up the opening of navigation centers like the one you see here. >> navigation center allows them to get housing and services. substance abuse. mental health. it has work. created housing for more than 300 people. >>reporter: the compost wants 3 more navigation centers opened in the next 6 months.
9:31 pm
he wants san francisco to pay for it with emergency reserve funds. director of the mayor office of housing said the city is already working to open two new centers. he says the location node to be carefully studied and fought rushed with an emergency declaration. >> over seas now. american tourist was killed in a sta stabbing attack in israel toda today. vanderbilt university student taylor forest was on a school trip south of tel aviv. police say the attack were carried out by palestinian an who run through traffic fran frankcly stabbing as he ran. attacker shot and killed. all our student and staff on the trip are sale. vice president biden arrived in israel today to meet with israeli statesman perez not far from where the attack happened. bide than office con temperature the attack and ordinary con toll tones taylor forest's family. massachusetts chipotle voluntarily shut down after 4 employees got sick possibly with norovirus.
9:32 pm
the spokesman said the restaurant would undergo a full sanitation. no customers have been reported sick. chipotle issued a statement saying it wasn't sure if the employee were his sick with the virus but they are off the job if they fully recover. restaurant chain implemented new safety procedures last year after dealing withtj multiple fo food borne illness after norovirus outbreak. acdc postpone the u.s. tours because they say front man johnson is at risk of losing his hearing. the band web site said doctors told him to stop touring right away or he may go deaf. the group will make up the show with guest vehicleist but no word on who the singer will be. he's been with thet band since 1980. jet blue looking for a few good pilots. airline launching a pilot training program that requires no flying experience. candidates have to have a high school diploma or equivalent and must be at least 23 years
9:33 pm
old at the end of the 4 year program. jet blue says the program is designed to promote diversity in the profession. program cost 125,000 dollars. the today judge ruled against group of central valley farmers and resident who oppose the high speedh$zr& and sued to stop the construction. attorneys for opponent said the state projection on ridership and construction aren't reliable. they asked the sdwrouj block the state from spending any money on it. ruling now allows planning and refing of the prison tobingt go on. bart trains are getting more crowded but not everyone is alaska good sport about squeezeing in to make room. as the scn thon bloom explains one bart board member is now proposing a heftyy finance for rideers who top more than their fair share of the seat. >>reporter: after long day at work sometimes you just want to sit. >> if i need a seat i need a sit. >>reporter: but seats are scarce on bart trains and for some people one isn't in.
9:34 pm
laying down taking 2 seats i see people up thanksgiving bag on the seat next to them nishtion train packed withstanding passenger the duffel baggies riding first class. common site. >> asked them to move their stuff and they are like give you a disgruntled look. >> thisen this commonly called man spreading. >> sometimes they are sitting like super wide stand or a lot of women are like stretched like this. they makeptáuq) about it. stopd the spread please but the bay area mightlo take it a step first, allow the police tone+g force one seatx one rider. >>reporter: bart board member says right there's nothing police cani) do proposing 100 dollar fine for the first 0fichbilitys would i rat have the police having a thool would allow them to intervene rather be these disagreements escalate into something more serious. >>reporter: pretty much everyone agrees+ hogging seats should be illegal director keller may be in the my never. >> don't need more ticket in society. we are paying enough taxes and
9:35 pm
got enough going on. >> into the good idea. we have enough. >>reporter: there is concern it could hurt the homeless. >> criticizes he need to find a shelter. what,+ if he couldn't find a shelter. it was this trairngs he will work tone sure it doesn't target the homeless. he want people to have mappers. >> i think they just are being lazy and not very nice nishtion san francisco jonathan bloom abc 7 news. sdwroo up next. moon and the sun work together to give us a sight to site. it's unique and amazing opportunity to do science. >> how nasa scientist hoping to >> how nasa scientist hoping to seize this o
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e-scientist use highway tech equipment to learn more about our solar system during the
9:39 pm
eclipse. matt spoke with nasa about what they hope to learn. >> meet alex young. >> nasa solar astro physicist. >>reporter: looking forward to the moon completely blocking the sun casting a 100 mile wide shadow across indonesian. team of nasa scientist there with special tell scopes and camera that will take 59 several second exposure of the sun if just over three minutes. image taken through the color filter will allow them to measure the temperatures and wind spichltd the reason that we are studying this area is bus it's really where all the action happens. the sun is producing huge eruption. solar weather that sends out impact the earth. >>reporter: nasa scientist u sy >úof the sun during a total soln eclipse beczcse the sun overwhelminglyúz(ight face is completely8÷ blockedñs by the mñ total eclipseáx happen about ong nasa scientistg÷ in indonesian
9:40 pm
won't havem@ much room for erro. solar eclipse last justgz longer than 4 minutes. >> it's unique and amazing opportunity to do science as well as for large number of people to see this wonderful event in nature. >>reporter: next total solar eclipse takes place in 2017 visible from oregon down to south carolina and last longer than take's solar eclipse. this is abc 7 news. >> scientisték in mountain view were also paying very close attention to the total solaruug  dr. david hathaway told usti wht theyzñ hope to learn. atmosphere this chromeí that was described#@ asy pearl crown arod what@e looks like akk hole in te sky#.÷ sun outerk[[> atmosphere freedoy the surface is okay only 10,000 degrees. so one thing we like to know is
9:41 pm
scientist is why the chrome is sot hot and it has to do with the way things happen right nearum the surface and it'slb y during total solar he kl(ju5ó÷ s we can see in the visiblec cloe to thá surface of the sunéí to allows[ us to understandsñ whye sunau chrome is sowf hot.
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sea otter that just gave
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birth at the monterey bay aquarium heading back out into the bay. the otter mom spend the next few days teaching her pup how to dive, check food and other skills needed for life in the wild. her mom started grooming the pup almost immediately. help keep the pup warm in the water. they were amazed by the birth saying they never seen one up close like this before. take a look at the transformation look at. that kint making after just two most of recovery. first brought you the story of smurf in january t.dye blue and cover ever in bite wounds and laceration. shelter is asking for any donations to help with the move when their lease expires this summer. we have a link on our web site listed here. new study on so:00 on chocolate claims the treat helps our memory and concentration. the we are cheering. we could use more of. that
9:46 pm
here's more from clayton. >> we all know sometimes chocolate make us act a little strachblingt just ask homer simpson. or afuss tuesday. the. >> my beautiful chocolate. >>reporter: new study show it was not paid for by chocolate company says everybody favorite indulgence may make us smarter too improving memory and concentration. >> roachers tell us the natural ingredient may increase blood flow to the brain. feeling smarter already. published in real science journal claim chocolate may be good for your heart. reduce stroke and help protect your skin. >> here at denver chocolate crisis center yes there is such a thing. they only claim one health ben fight one indisputable claim about chocolate it put a smile on your face. fot check on the weather for that
9:47 pm
we good to drew. >> we track light showers furs thing tomorrow morning. live doppler 7hd immediate bay area dealing with over cast sky an see the light rain well to the north of the region and north of ukiah. sink to the out of the so far night tonight and bring showers witness. it's a weak system. lit storm moving through over tonight tonight. light amounts of rain and very light winds. so on our day planner for your wednesday first thing tomorrow morning you notice 7:00 o'clock in the morning we have scattered showers out there. so there will be some damp spot have umbrella and rain company as you step out the door for work and school. by noon the showers out of here. mainly kloyed skies peak of sunshine at 4 ochblingt upper 60's to near 70's mild day. look what happens in the next 7 days. much stronger system move in thursday and friday and really soak the pay area over three inches san francisco. 4 inches in santa rosa. san jose mountain view hayward 2 inches of arabian in concord
9:48 pm
and three inches of moisture. into the weekend we track showers. saturday 10:00 o'clock on future weather at light and night rain in the renal. and throughout the day sunday not out of the question. have a light scattered shower. 7 take forecast show you one on the scale tomorrow much stronger storm thursday and friday the two on the impact scale with rain wind flooding. come a concern by friday. saturday sunday just scattered out there spring ahead 1 hour as daylight savings begins monday scattered showers and dry out first thing on tuesday. >> all right sounds sg. thank you so much. facebook says this is a mix of games next season. report in variety says the social media giant is bid to go live stream thursday night football games. amazon verizon and others streaming leaders are also said to be i wanted. it isn't clear how much a company will pay the nfl for wide stream football game. thursday package is worth 4 50 million dollars. warriors superstar curry in
9:49 pm
oakland today talking to group of students about the benefits of drinking water. instead of sugar drinks. no harm there except he vep was sponsored by brit a and some say th%j kind of pro hose doesn't belong in the schools. lee ann was at today's watern fest. >> stunt like this one allowing students to pour water over him that make curry one of the most likable guy in sports. many see him as role model with clear sense of is what important to him. >> great leader. the play basketball and good at it. >> warriors basketball star came to martin luther king jr. elementary in oakland to pitch water instead of sugar drink. student seem to be guest the mess 8. because it will get you healthy. >>reporter: but not everyone thought it was appropriate for curry to be here. it's not that they don't agree with curry's message they did. what bothers them is that his message is sponsored by the water filter.
9:50 pm
this company owned by oakland base clorox paid for curry appearance and donated brit a products to the school. >> it is selling our children, 0 >>reporter: curry$l has saysaw he's rejected other sponsor;: selecting/i on the ones he feels passionate about. >>kñ i'm very privileged7- and blessed to have thatwm principal a some one is validating her work. >> so( it meant that there's some one that's believes in the work that we are doingv in this community. >>reporter: curry never once endorsed the brit a product to the student. in oakland, lee ann, abc 7 new news. >> all right. well, from that basketball to college hoochlts it is march by the way. >> it is march mad nechltz i thought that was the eclipse today but it's basketball coming. college hoops creeping in on march madness. one local women team back for
9:51 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00. more than 24 hours after ace train derailed alameda county there's major progress on the track. live report on what commuters will face tomorrow morning. >> and abused animals now getting a second chance. bay area animal shelter now caring for the dog mistreated in a u-haul. join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. we have shoe in for sports and more warriors to talk abou about. >> can't get enough of the warriors. how scary sthchlt golden state warrior 56 and 6. the set a record bysñ winning te frivt straight game at home yet they are not playing up to their potential. it happened when andrew hit the loose ball to curry. site here in a minute took off down the court knowing the 3 would be good. just takes off. and curry finished with 41 point 13 rebound.
9:55 pm
certainly a character now golden state also matched season high. 24 turn overs and that kept the magic in it until late. steph hit 7 straight. the warriors win by 6. now the big message to the club they need to focus. the. >> steph is bailing us out an awful lot but we can't count o on. that can't rely on. that we need to get back talk the best defensive team in the league which we were a year ago which 94 not anywhere close to. this says a lot about right now we are dependingía lot on our talent to it works now against other teams but in the long run it won't work. >>reporter: west coast conference tooil title game t.kyle the 3. done saying by 10 in the first half. he had 20. second half. the triple. cuts it to 5 then kim of three
9:56 pm
of his own to cut it to two. game high 25 but no closer. eric 3 make it 75-67 with two and a half minutes to go. he fishes off with a dunk. last two of the 20. gonzaga win. going dancing. wait and see but you would think with 27 and 5 record they make it into the tournament. find out on sunday. push by purchase sell÷ú. it's loose/>. they areja going to ncaxn tournament(mtm. pain theén town greenq gold. conference tournament for the first timeé since 1997. >> and thaj height ended in las vegas with woiq' fichbility 16ñy at usf.-x byu. tell led by head coach
9:57 pm
jennifer. play by play map on theál call% george went there for 20 years. san jose shark whip interover time against last place calgary and last place oyrls hoping to put it away in regulation against long time shark coach. he shot. stopped by goalie but can't find it. he keepsqq getting. l in for 1 nothing shark lead. 5 minute later. sharks on the power play. again. that's a no doubter ringing i have off the post. 2 nothing shark 20th career. 2 goal game. second period. redirect the martin shot from the team leading 31 goal of the year. 3 nil san jose. he falls and back up goalie 31 save for first shut out with the shark and 3 nothing the final. well spring keeps creeping closer. baseball season less than a month away.wç giant with home opener a month
9:58 pm
from yesterday against the dodger. spring training continue against the reds. madison on the hill in scottsdale. firngs mad balm a two run homer. parker climb theko fence but couldn't get there. the 3 innings. 5 hits. 3 twrouns strike out. 3rd inning parker. matches 2 run shot of his own. last year as rookie first giant since willie mays. trying to make the first opening day rosterment final 1 16-7 g men as forth a's they lose 10-3 to texas. just before the superbowl came word that lions all worldwide receiver johnson aka meg tron would retirement he made it official today. the hanging up the cleat after nine years in the league. among the 15 record and ridiculous 1964 receiving yard in 2012. i didn't have tham yards in my career. medical tron has 14 other
9:59 pm
recordment career of 7 31 reception. 83 touch downs but battling nagging injury the last few sochbilitys 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. all right. >> thanks so much thanks for joining us fit. for all of us here at abc 7 news at 9:00 thanks for watching. see you again over on channel 7 see you again over on channel 7 at 11:00
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today on "corrupt crimes," from whiz kid to rogue broker, how one scamming financier plays


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