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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 28, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it appears she was lured to the suspect's apartment willingly. tonight at 6:00 disturbing details on what happened to 8-year-old maddy middleton. triple digit heat and low humidity are keeping fire risks high. i'll give you the conditions of the fire. check out this new ride for first responders. happening now the wragg fire jumped containment today, and now burning 400 acres. 200 residents are under mandatory evacuation orders on sky ranch road and blue ridge
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road. the fire burned almost 7,000 acres and was 80% contained before the flames ignited again. >> brenda sent us this photo and patrick took this video. suk see that plume of smoke we've been talking about. if you have photos of the fire share them with the hash tag abc7 now. firefighters contained a 250 ache brush fire near camp parks in dublin. smoke could be seen from throughout the tri valleys. firefighters in four separate agencies had a hand in keeping the fire under control about 3:00 p.m. today. someone was flying a drone over the fire. if it collide was aircraft results could be serious even
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fatal. our weather conditions aren't helping firefighters much. >> they are not and it's about to get hotter if you can believe it. spencer christian takes a look at the forecast. >> we have sunny skies and hot conditions inland. here are the way things look near the wragg fire near lake berryessa. winds aren't very strong, but the gusts are around 50 miles per hour. here is a look at high temperatures today, numerous locations reported triple digits. 106 in antioch 104 in livermore. we tied a record high for the day in kentfield tomorrow is likely to be higher this is a spare the air day. so friday it will be hotter, tomorrow, high temperatures peaking inland well above 100
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degrees. >> spencer, thank you. a reminder from the palo alto fire department protect yourself in this heat. the department sent out a tweet saying it's been a busy afternoon and there is a lot of heat. they're reminding us to drink plenty of water and take it easy in this extreme heat. you can see how hot it's going to get with the abc7 weather app. we have more information at abc7 this water main break is one of the worst things that can happen during the drought. sky 7 hd is showing millions of gallons of water being wasted after a transmission line broke. the break happened at junipero county springs park. leanne is live to tell us why it
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took so long to shut off. >> reporter: you're right. the timing is absolutely terrible. this was a big transmission line. it wasn't easy to just shut off. first they had to figure out how to divert the water without turning off the system. an old pipe is to blame for this break. 15 million gallons of water, wasted making it's way into a creek. the creek was discovered last night in san bruno. >> the pipe dates back to 1927 with the original construction of the hetch hetchy system. >> reporter: crews were able to cap the leak after 15 million gallons of water. still, the san francisco public utilities commission decided it
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would be much worse to shut the line down used by the san bruno jail. >> it would depressurize down the line so all communities that were down the pipeline would no longer have water. it's also hydrants on the corner of the streets. >> reporter: keeping the system flowing helps keep the drinking water safe for residents. >> if water gets depressurized, it has to get chlorineated again. >> reporter: in san bruno abc7 news. now santa cruz police realize now that 8-year-old maddy middleton was dead before they were notified she was missing. this detail as investigators
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revealed how maddy disappeared and where she was murdered. we're live on river street where maddy and the suspect lived. david? >> reporter: people were searching for maddy for over a day, including here, where she lived at the tannery apartment complex. they found her inside of a recycle bin. police say they discovered the body after a second search of the complex where she had been playing outside. the body found deep inside a recycle bin in the garage area placed there by a neighbor a teen-aged boy whom maddy knew. >> we found her at ten minutes before 8:00, the suspect was in close proximity to the bin. we took him into custody. >> reporter: because he's a juvenile his identity is being withheld. neighbors certainly know the
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boy, they're dealing with sharing the grief with the victim's mother and suspect's mother. >> i just know him to be quiet and polite. he rides a skateboard around and plays with his yo-yo. he's been a good kid. >> reporter: police say the boy acted alone during maddy to his report. a pathology report will determine how she died and whether she was molested. it was thought she would be found alive. the dog did not pick up her scent around the recycle bin. police believe maddy was dead before they received the call before she was missing. the 15-year-old suspect is locked up at county juvenile detention center. in santa cruz, david louie abc news. police are looking for a missing teenager with autism
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arianna williams was last seen this afternoon about 1:00 wearing a pink hoody blue jeans and pink tennis shoes. if you see her contact hayward police immediately. penalty phase for a convicted cop killer has been delayed for a month. henry smith junior was convicted of murder friday in the case of vallejo police officer jim capoot. a jury is moving out of state on thursday. the judge declared a mistrial today. a new jury will sit in for the penalty phase august 31st. a public viewing will be held for fallen hayward police officer sargent scott lunger. on thursday, a police motorcade will escort his casket and a
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memorial service will be held at 10:00, thursday morning. friends and family are mourning the loss of a popular south bay hockey player. chris kyle was shot and killed saturday night and there seem to be very few clues in this case. chris nguyen is live at the police department. chris, you heard from his friends and mother today? >> reporter: his mom was in disbelief. the shooting happened in front of the family home. this tragedy left many people stunned, wondering why this young man was shot. they call themselves a family on, and off the ice. >> chris was everyone's brother. we host a brother. >> reporter: these hockey players remember their teammate. >> i am just going to miss just the energy he brought to the sport. >> reporter: saturday night san jose police say a man was shot to death inside of this mobile home park on sunbeam circle.
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>> it's not fair. just wrong. >> reporter: authorities have not officially released the victim's name, but his family and friends say it is chris kyle. police say a vehicle pulled up with two people inside. one got out, shot the victim got back in and raced away from the scene. >> i couldn't believe it. and i thought it had to be a joke. it couldn't be real. >> reporter: his band of brothers wandering why it happened to one of the team. police tell us the investigation continues. meanwhile, a vigil in kyle's honor will be held in fremont at 8:00 at sharks ice facility. friends have made stickers they'll be selling to raise money for the family. the number 90 signifies the number he wore on his jersey. >> we're going to celebrate tonight, the life of chris kyle.
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it's going to be great. >> reporter: in san jose, chris nguyen abc7 news. a grisly discovery outside of a building police found a dead man shot during an overnight confrontation. the suspected gunman arrested in san francisco. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, turf war resolved. will east bay mud customers get a rebate for installing grass? he was pretty scared you know? a frightening event. >> a test drive turns into a dangerous situation for a bay area car salesman, and -- a local woman is short changed in social security
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. some developing news in southern california. eight people were injured when a tree fell near a children's museum in pasadena. two victims are kids with critical injuries sadly. taking a look at pictures of the firefighters helping the people. the tree came crashing down at kidspace children's museum. sonoma county homeowners attempt to smoke out bees from a property, and instead, set the property on fire. crews were sent out to put out the three-acre fire that ended up destroying a barn. crews did manage to stop the spread before it reached a home.
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a hearing for a muni operator accused of breaking regulations of the americans with disabilities act. the encounter was posted on social media for all to see. carolyn tyler is live with the video and story behind it. >> reporter: muni says the vast majority of operators were courteous, but the rider today said some are nice, there are a number who don't like to let her get on the bus. she says she deal was rude muni drivers who don't want to let her, and her scooter on the bus. but the 46-year-old disabled woman was so shocked and upset by one experience last month she was trying to get to work that she filed a request for muni's video of the incident and
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lodged a formal complaint. >> they don't want me to be on the bus. >> reporter: 25 years ago this week the americans with disabilities act was past to break down barriers and ensure access. operators are trained. >> the vast majority are extremely courteous when dealing with the public. there are circumstances where there are complaints wex. we want to address those as soon as possible. >> reporter: muni received a thousand written complaints last year, one rider scrawled this message in the bus shelter in the marina saying an operator refused to stop her for. >> i think if they got to know us as people better they might
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understand. >> reporter: that operator could in line for more training or even dismissal. hundreds of affordable apartments can be now added to existing buildings in some of the populated neighborhoods in san francisco. they passed a law to have new inlaw units. they'll have to exist within the current space of the building and subject to existing rent control rules. phoenix police arrested a retired college professor who used to live in santa clara county for abducting her daughter 26 years ago. she left with the toddler in 1990.
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cps couldn't substantiate the case of abuse. she evaded police for years changing their names and social security numbers. a bay area car salesman is recovering from a test drive that turned outerry fiing. the customer drove to the home to show the family. the employee says the customer turned threatening as they left the house. >> the gentleman said we're not going back to the dealership. you're coming with me. and salesman was like no we need to get back to the dealership. the guy grabbed his shirt and slammed him against the window of the car. >> police officers tracked the vehicle to its on star system chased the van and arrested the driver after he crashed in antioch. a water advisory for 850
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households has been lifted for customers. preliminary water quality test results did not find e-coli. customers are being asked to boil water as a precaution. crews have been flushing water lines after bacteria was detected on sunday. cal water will reimburse customers the cost of bottled water during that time. east bay mud customers won't be getting an extra break on the installation of artificial turf. east bay mud customers asked the district to consider the incentive, but critics say it deprives bugs of a natural
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habitat. on to the heat. is it warmer tomorrow? spencer? >> one record we tied was 98 degrees in kentfield. numerous locations were close to 100 degrees. here is a look at live doppler seven hd. we have sunny skies across the area now. and here is a look from our high-resolution nasa satellite image that smoke is being generated by that fire. and you know lake berryessa is moving westward as the fire continues to wreak havoc. looking north, you can see smoke rising from the fire from this camera. these readings, 76 degrees here in san francisco. 80s across the bay and oakland. 89 in san jose. and 70 in half moon bay. from our south beach camera,
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downtown san francisco, you can see off in the distance smoke is rising from that fire. santa rosa topped out at 100 degrees today. fairfield, 98. 98 in livermore. on we go to our roof top camera looking at blue skies over the bay. the heat peaks inland tomorrow, it will be our second spare the air day tomorrow. and we'll have changes coming up on thursday in this pattern of excessive heat. here is what's happening in the atmosphere, satellite radar image shows a big hot air mass dominating our weather picture now. the weather for all of the state. forecast animation starts at 11:00 thursday night. we'll have high clouds rising up from our south, bringing some moisture with it. so we'll feel an increase in humidity by friday morning. if showers are generated by this moisture it will probably fall off shore to our best. increase in humidity will continue friday night into
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saturday. it's going to feel muggy but sit going to get cooler. overnight, this night upper 60s to low 70s and high temperatures around 98 in san jo 98 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, mid-70s on the coast and pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco probably topping out around 80 degrees tomorrow in the north bay, mid-70s on the coast. 97 in napa. on the east bay 92 in union city. 95 castro valley and the inland east bay above 100 degrees. 107 in antioch, 104 in livermore and fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be another spare the air day. heat easing on thursday, but not enough to keep some inland locations from hitting 100 degrees. we'll see temperatures dropping into the 90s inland before cooling, it rb less hot over the weekend.
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it's going to feel quite uncomfortable, even with the decrease in temperatures. coming up tears and
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opponents of california vaccine law turned to the ballot box in hopes of recalling senate bill 277 s championed richard pan, campaign to recall the state senator also a pediatrician has been cleared to
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advance to the signature gathering phase. pan carried the bill requiring full vaccinations for school children in california. proponents have until december 31st to collect 36,000 signatures in pan's sacramento district. they insist vaccines are unsafe. a boston woman who registered as a bone marrow donor on a whim was in the area to meet the girl whose life she saved. christine's bone marrow cured her of a blood disorder and freed her from blood transfusions. . >> i didn't know how big or important it was until i face timed with her, that was really
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powerful. >> she came here and gave her bone marrow to me. >> wow. the asian american donor program helped find a match for her. ethnicity matters in finding a match. >> they're both doing very well, we're pleased to say. and why drivers are getting ticketed in a record rate in a month. plus outrage after an american dentist is accused of paying to kill a famous lion. why he says he didn't break the law. the buttery jack was a huge
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drivers, beware of the red light cameras in millbrae. they're on a roll snapping pics of drivers rolling through that red light. >> that california stop. >> yes. >> vic is live with the story. >> reporter: four peninsula cities have gotten rid of the cameras, but you can see behind me this city, millbrae has their cameras and are churning out citations, left and right. >> reporter: mike showed us his
7:31 pm
ticket that will cost $400. three intersections have red light cameras. all of them on millbrae avenue. this one capturing drivers exiting highway 101 southbound was the most prolific, giving out 595 citations in june alone. most for making a rolling right turn. alex swan's mother got a ticket. >> she stopped and did a right. you know? like normal. >> reporter: millbrae as 155 citations in june, more than any month since the cameras were installed here nine years ago according to statistics analyzed by about 90%, the blog says are for turns, mostly rolling rights. they call the least number of collisions. >> i think it is legalized left.
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>> reporter: senator jerry hill's bill to reduce fines for rolling rights failed. >> they look at opportunities to increase revenue in situations where they're not dangerous. >> reporter: how much has the city made from the cameras? are there fewer collisions because of them? nfl commissioner today upheld a four-game suspension against tom brady for his role in the so called deflate gate scandal, concluding that brady played a role in under inflating footballs and tried to cover it up. saying brady hired an assistant to destroy his cell phone. 49ers hall of famer steve young says the league is sending a
7:33 pm
message. >> the league says look. you know, let's fight. and i think we're going to win. >> brady's agents called it a sham. threats are growing against an dentist accused of killing a famous lion in zimbabwe. he said he had proper permits during the trip and no idea that the lion was a well known animal. he faces possible arrests on poaching charges. this isn't his first hunting scandal. palmer has a felony on his record related to shooting and killing a black bear in 2008. california fined six companies for tainted food imported from tiethailand and
7:34 pm
mexico. six companies will have to pay $10,000 in fines. >> we warned them 5 or 6 times in our language, in their language. they just ignore warnings. we believe they're putting their customers who are californians at risk. >> regulators advise the customers to return them to the store and do not eat them. tonight's money matters stocks closed higher today after overseas markets steadied and oil prices bounced back. the dow closed at 17,630. the dow was up 49 points. chevron announced it will cut 500 jobs in the bay area following a drop in crude oil prices over the past two years. the layoffs are expected to be complete by november. and a roller coaster ride for twitter shares after the
7:35 pm
company released a strong earnings report revenue jumped 61%, though it was the weakest quarterly growth. the stock fell 11% over concerns twitter can't grow its mousse user base. it's like a batmobile or something out of a james bond film but the san francisco police department's newest vehicle is real. it's called quadski. sergio is live with the story. this thing is pretty cool. >> reporter: the san francisco police department has a whole fleet of marine vehicles. i'm standing aboard marine 17. marine seven excuse me. but that right there is the newest addition to the fleet. it is the quadski.
7:36 pm
this is the police department's new transformer. it goes into the water as a all-terrain four wheeler and converts into a jetski. >> it will do 45 miles per hour on land or water. and just changes from mode to mode in the push of a button. >> reporter: today is the official introduction of the latest edition. fans got a sneak peek this weekend for the giants-a's game. >> looks like robocop. >> reporter: two of these were tweeted by mark benioff. the fire department will be getting the second vehicle. >> we're all about safety. we want to make sure people have the proper equipment on the water. and it gets crowded and busy. >> reporter: there is another police department in the world that uses the quadski. the dubai police department to chase down speeding jet skiers.
7:37 pm
san francisco will likely use it for rescue operations. >> this is a two seater design. it's great. we found it to be very stable. >> reporter: tonight the quadski will be part of the giants'' games opening ceremonies for law enforcement appreciation day. from 7 on your side, michael finney helps an east bay woman get her money back. >> after a
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it took a bay area widow 15 years to get the correct social security benefits. >> and she turned to michael finney for help. >> bad thing is that she didn't get the money she should have been getting but the good thing is that she did. this is a reminder to all of us to keep track annually of the social security benefits you earn. one woman found out mistakes do happen. it's not easy for diane chang to stand up. one area of her body is in pain. >> starts from here. a herniated disc, and comes this way, down the sciatica. >> reporter: injuries are from a forklift accident in 1995. her husband died five years later. she received social security benefits as a widow and
7:41 pm
permanent disability. she went into the social security office with a question but ended up with so much more. >> i was surprised. i was shocked. >> reporter: turns out her widow benefit had been miscalculated. she was entitled to receive an additional $460 a month and would get a lump sum for $56,000 for the years she was underpaid. >> yes. i can buy food, go to the movies and buy gasoline. >> reporter: social security is her only income. she'd been getting $1200 a month. a thousand went to rent and $200 for everything else. she had to sell her jewelry her mother gave her just to survive. >> she gave it to me on my wedding. >> reporter: social security
7:42 pm
said everyone should calculate on the website. she waited for her lump sum check. the social security told her payment to her of $56,255 was returned by the bank. the bank told her it won't do that, so she contacted 7 on your side. >> they got the money in three days for me. >> reporter: turns out social security had been sending it to a bank account diane closed three years ago. i have a link to help you calculate your benefits and answer questions on abc7 go there check into the link and keep track of your benefits. it's easy. it's fun. like watching an account grow. >> thank you. >> sure. coming up at 6:00 a big day for this four legged guy in the north bay. why he was getting a paw print today. and a first for professional
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the latest member of napa's police department is just three years old. take a look. rocky became an official member during this swearing in and received a k 9 armor vest. rocky assisted in several drug seizures that resulted in
7:46 pm
arrests. his sense for criminal activity led to five other arrests while patrolling the streets of napa. and only three years of age. >> yes. >>. these days everything is computerized but one minor league team is using technology to replace a human umpire. is that going to be a hit? >> reporter: according to rules of baseball, a strike zone never changes. >> for some, it's game to game. >> reporter: you might notice tiny cameras on the pacific grandstand. they're not affiliated with major league baseball. >> we get freedom to do a lot of experimental things like having an auto mated umpire. >> reporter: technology is
7:47 pm
nothing but this is the first time it's been used by officials. >> i want to see how it works having a true strike zone. there is no question. >> reporter: if the auto mated umpire is a home run, selling to the big leagues could be a tougher pitch. >> there is a big human element to baseball. >> reporter: as for giants manager bruce bocci? >> i'd be curious to see how it goes. it's going to be strange yelling at a computer. >> how is arguing with a computer going to go? >> not well for me. >> sometimes, they get rattled. >> reporter: how do you rattle a computer? >> shake it. go find a power source. maybe unplug them or something
7:48 pm
like that. >> reporter: games are being played for charity. eric burn pledged $10,000 if anyone gets ejected for second guessing the machine. >> going to be a little different. >> definitely. weather is really scorching out there. >> and it continues. sunny skies and mainly high conditions still inland. then we have a beach hazard statement to tell you about. it's for our south-facing beaches, strong rip currents and light breakers are possible. right now we're looking at pretty intense inland heat, still. 101 in antioch. 98 in livermore. so if heat is slow to subside statewide tomorrow, 105 in chico. 103 in yosemite. here in the bay area, another
7:49 pm
sizzler. on the coast it will be mild with upper 80s to mid-90s around the bay. inland 107 in antioch. 100 off at santa rosa once again. and here is the accu-weather forecast. tomorrow will be our second spare the air day. thursday is likely to be one as well. the heat eases just a bit humidity rises on friday, it's going to feel muggy into the weekend but at least temperatures will decline. not by a lot but will get less hot. >> thank you. >> remember, if you go to work for the oakland a's buy a big house, settle in. deep roots. because you're not going anywhere. >> unless you're billy bean. but as a great man once said aloha means goodbye. well it was me. the a's trade away yet another player. the upside is one of the guys they got back
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good evening, we knew this is a coming ben zobrist is a terrific addition for the royals. they can put him at second base, or outfield as well. 34-year-old zobrist getting 268 going from worse to first, a team that is loading up for the playoffs. a's get back a couple pitchers eric brooks and sean manaya.
7:53 pm
his potential upside is huge. and billy butler is now with the a's said he's got tremendous stuff and thought kansas city considered him untouchable. now, he will wear green and gold. it's something to look forward to. south bay native troy tulowitzki was the heart and soul of the rockies, stunned to learn he was sent to toronto. tulo went to fmont high school. jays have not reached playoffs since winning the world series in 1993. they're apparently going all in. and nfl commissioner roger goodell upheld the suspension of tom brady in deflate gate and revealed the patriots quarterback destroyed his cell phone, revealing he had his
7:54 pm
assistant destroy his cell phone every time he gets a new phone. the nfl believes the phone contained incriminating text messages to equipment manager who's deflated the footballs. next step is that brady and player's union will appeal. arizona cardials have broken the gender barer as hiring jen welter, working with inside linebackers believed to be the first female coach of any kind in the nfl. she played for two semi pro womens' teams as well as running back for texas revolution of the indoor league. >> i could not imagine this day would come. i started playing football 15 years ago and i fell in love. i fell in love as a will -- a little kid. it's a dream i never could have
7:55 pm
had. now, it's a dream other girls can grow up and have. so i guess that that makes me a trailblazer then i'm on it. >> she's a trailblazer. >> i'm on it. >> that is very cool. hopefully, it goes well. and teeing up near washington, d.c., tiger woods ranked 258th in the world. woods ended up watching the final round on a snorkling trip with his kids in the bahamas after missing the cut, again. any notion of tiger winning four more majors that is a fantasy at this point. woods insists he's close to a turn around. >> it's frustrating not to be able to win golf tournaments. i'm not in contention very often. so that part is frustrating. i know how closest feels. i know i need a couple shots here and there and it turns the tide. every time i have had those opportunities i haven't done it.
7:56 pm
and people don't really realize how close sit between a american missing a cut. >> abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. a's dodgers, tonight in l.a. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. first ever double hand transplant performed on a child, at 9:00. and allowed back in, only to be pushed back out. a large wildfire near lake berryessa is now forcing people out of their homes. >> that is it for abc7 news. >> from the entire news team, have a great evening.
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