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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  April 27, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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tonight disaster in nepal. a bay area woman survived the earthquake and friends of a man who did not. >> is someone you know in the disaster zone? how silicon valley is stepping up by keeping tabs on the survivors. >> more video from our exclusive report on the violent arrest of a disorderly bart passenger. the investigation that cleared an officer. >> jail husband interview of a murder suspect. >> we're following that breaking news in baltimore. darkness on the city after hours of violent clashes between rioters and police. a group of nonviolent
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protestors are in the streets. >> the riots following the funeral of freddie gray, died of a spinal injury. police say rioters pelted officers with rocks and debris. >> 15 were injured and police confirmed 27 arrests. here is what the governor said tonight. >> as a result of the serious, violent, and looting which led to destruction of property and put innocent marylanders at risk. i have declared a state of emergency at the request of baltimore city. >> president obama promised federal aid for the response the curfew will run from 10:00 p.m to 5:00 a.m . anyone who breaks it can be arrested. good evening, i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley.
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now, the disaster in nepal. it's a race for time for a massive effort after an earthquake that shook 60 seconds and claimed 4,000 lives. 16 countries are helping in the effort. the first disaster response crew from the u.s. was set to arrive about an hour ago. the united nations says it affected estimated 8 million people, many tonight are sleeping in tents. 7,000 people were injured officials fear the number will be higher once they get information from remote areas of the country. >> four americans, including one from the bay area are being counted among the dead tonight. all four killed at a base camp at the foot of mount everest. among them, a 28-year-old doctor from new jersey, a documentary
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film maker from santa monica and a google executive from san francisco. sergio, we begin with you. >> now, as we have this idea of how many wer killed there are some americans missing and injured. right now we know there are lots of people from the bay area trying to get back home, including one man supposed to be on mount everest when the earthquake struck. santa rosa's scott holder was not at base camp when the avalanche slammed into the tent. >> i ascended mount everest on friday 22,000 feet. and descended because developed a head cold. >> that may have saved his life. he's planning on staying so he can volunteer with the red cross disaster relief effort.
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>> these people my experience has been terrific. wonderful people. and it feels right to give back. >> his friend and fellow santa rosa resident, john ryder is helping with people off the mountain. >> they're doing a fantastic job getting critical guys down. >> most of the americans who were killed were crushed by the avalanche triggered on mount everest, including dan freddenberg. >> dan is about celebration. he would want to us celebrate, dance, party and smile. and celebrate him. so the family is trying to keep some of that. >> and some are trying to figure out how to get out of the disaster zone others are trying to help friends and family who live there. >> there are remote areas people didn't get help.
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most of the part is remote. >> he has family in a small town near mount everest. he's asking people to donate to efforts. >> the american himma -- himma -- himalayan director says the people they spoke with say many rural villages are facing. >> there are no houses left in their village. no food. and just a blanket for support. there is no sign of relief. >> richard blum and two others have plans to fly to nepal this weekend for one of two.
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>> one seismologist says a far bigger earthquake could happen in western nepal. the professor says seismologists weren't surprised by the disaster and hopes developing countries learn from this 7.8 magnitude quake. . >> i think the lesson we have known for a long time, that needs heeding is that building codes save lives. earthquakes don't kill people. buildings kill people. >> the collision of techtonic plates have the region under threat of earthquake. >> silicon valley is stepping up to help the people of nepal recover from the disaster. >> there is a same web sites you might visit to checkup on your friends. but today, they're asking for help. not only that, but they're helping to reconnect families here with loved ones.
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>> facebook's founder made the announcement on his facebook page. the company is matching up to $2 million through donations. the dust hasn't settled from the quake, charities know they need to act quickly. >> it's driven by coverage from media. candidly. >> pay pal promises payments for countless charities. there is a ticker tallying what has been given. >> for next month pay pal is waiving fees for charities so everything you give goes to the cause. >> the donation we receive in the first week or two is what we use to fund the whole operation. once that falls from headlines, people are less likely to donate >> the american red cross has this prime placement on the i
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tunes store. >> they are very generous allowing us to put a button that allows people to purchase to the red cross. >> the red cross now runs one of web services. on family links you register for the disaster. >> in the old days it would be people go being to every shelter, writing down names, calling other societies and linking them. >> facebook has a service called safety check. google has person finder. working by text message. twitter is built for disasters. some users helped aid worker was out knowing. >> photos have location information so by seeing a photo, we can say that is passable or not passable. >> now, if you're looking to donate pay pal points out any charities have already passed a
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basic test to make sure they're a mondaynonprofit. the red cross suggests you might want to check with the bbb which does keep tabs on how a lot of these organizations are run. >> all right thank you. now, to contribute to a disaster relief fund we have a list of organizations that are accepting donations and you'll see it on our home page. later tonight, we'll hear from a woman who spends half of her time in nepal now leading efforts there at age 90. police are looking at muni surveillance video to identify a passenger that shot another man. the conversation happened just past noon the light rail vehicle got to stop on third street and oakdale avenue. the victim was shot in the chest, taken to the hospital the gunman took off into the
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neighborhood. >> shocking confession tonight to a sickening crime. a 9-year-old boy, stabbed to death. you're about to hear why. it happened yesterday at a home in discovery bay east of antioch. abc7 news is live with what the accused killer told journalists. laura? >> that is right, dan. he suddenly dropped out of high school last saturday as parents called and asked for a mental health evaluation. by sunday morning, a young boy was dead. >> occasionally, smiling. william shultz told the times reporter he killed his best friend's younger brother to see what it was like. there is a reason for everything that happens. the 18-year-old, shultz was arrested on sunday hours after police say he fatally stabbed a
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9-year-old and in the boy's home. shultz told a newspaper quote i wish i hadn't. i think about what if that was my little brother. shultz stayed overnight at the home. saturday he was at his family's home. >> the family wanted to check his mental health status they determined he did not meet the criteria for welfare and institutions hold you have to have a threat to themselves or others or they're gravely disabled. >> shultz did go to the county hospital for an evaluation. he was released just hours later. in the meantime there is a growing memorial in front of the home. a tribute to a popular boy with a big smile. there were counselors and tears at the school. >> i'm heart sick.
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and i can't imagine how that family might feel. >> to be a mother of something that would happen like this, horrible. >> he was the smallest kid on the team but biggest personality. >> mike coached his baseball team, >> we took a baseball there last night. and we had everybody sign it. and just said to our teammate, jordan. you'll always be an angel. >> shultz is being held in martinez jail at $1 million bail. >> happening now here on abc7 news at 6:00 campaign for marriage equality. the demonstrators hold a vigil we'll breakdown the case that goes to the supreme court tomorrow. >> later tonight feeding california drought. stream lining a partial solution that might be 7 or 8 years down the road. >> like summer today with a
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returning to breaking news out of baltimore this, is a live look. there are five-story residential building under fire, it is under construction, so no one lives there. there is no confirmation to the rioting we've been seeing all
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day, this, after the death of a man in custody is freddie gray, his burial funeral were today. we continue to follow this on air and online. >> moving on happening now in the peninsula, a group of demonstrators holds a vigil in mountain view, sup supporting same-sex marriage. it's now legal in most of the countries and the u.s. supreme court takes up a case that could legalize in all 50 states. >> people are lining up at the nation's capital wanting a front row seat to possibly, history here the supreme court has potential to define marriage for the nation. it's something the founder of a small law firm couldn't have imagined. >> respect the freedom of the people to debate this issue.
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>> the organizers say 15000 people attended the rally saturday in washington, d.c. >> one of the first time i went to court the d.a.called me honey. >> san francisco based attorney prepares to watch the organization he founded in the late 70s gay and lesbian advocates and defenders. >> i don't know if i'll get through the hearing without shedding tears you know? it's because it's in a sense my baby. >> the first is it requires same-sex marriage in all 50 states. >> currently, 37 states allow same-sex marriage. a dozen others have bans in progress. those at the rally take it further. >> people of every state should
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remain free to uphold marriage as union of one man one woman. >> the second is whether a same-sex marriage from one state should be recognized in a state that does not sanction it. benefits of a legally recognized marriage are tangible. >> that because he's french we had to go back and mother and it was a struggle you know? for eight years. it's like practicing martial arts and having all of them just coming at you. >> katie, thank you. there are more protests tonight against the archdiocese of san francisco over a proposed morality clause for teachers. this is what it looked like minutes ago.
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teachers are upset over a clause condemning birth control abortion and same-sex marriage. the archbishop says he's willing to adjust the language to protect teachers' rights. >> turning attention to weather forecast, stunning out there. parts of the bay are hot today. >> really warm today >> it was. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see cooling as fog returned to the coast. we're developing a sea breeze now. numerous locations with highs in upper 80s. and so question, it was warm.
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temperatures now san francisco a high of 76. dropping 19 degrees since high where that surging marine layer. here is a look at a marine layer over into the middle of the bay area tonight. you can see that happening now. will be cooler tomorrow and temperatures rebound again. here is an approaching system over the pacific deflected north. so that will not have a significant affect on weather. driven across the coast there.
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start our forecast at 11:00 notice fog surges across the bay and inland. and then retreating a bit tomorrow. still going to be a mild overnight. tomorrow, sunny skies in the south bay. high temperatures on the mild side. and upper 50s on the coast. downtown a high of 64 tomorrow. 76 in sonoma and napa. highs upper 70s to 80s here is the accu-weather forecast. so we'll have mild weather and cooler on the coast.
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then thursday near 90 degrees innd and 70s on the coast. so not much of a cool down. >> when will tickets go on sale? >> we'll have the answer for you just ahead. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and aold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot.
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>> apple exceeded expectations thanks to strong iphone sales. the company reports earnings of $2.33 per share on revenue of $58 billion. sales through 72%. ipad revenue fell. >> well thousands of bay area college students are wondering what to do next after the school closed down over the weekend. it did not announce it was closing until yesterday. some students didn't find out until arriving at class and were turned away the parent company was fined $30 million for reporting false job placement data. unable to find a buyer the for
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profit school closed all 28 campuses >> this is my education. a year and a half spent in this school. >> i was almost done. it was a surprise for me. >> here we go. tickets going on sale wednesday if you're hoping to see the warriors in the nba playoffs they'll play sunday afternoon or monday night. season ticket holders can join 12,000 others on a waiting list. tickets available wednesday afternoon. you can join the warrior insiders and maybe get tickets on thursday morning. if there are any left they'll go on sale thursday afternoon.
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>> still ahead, unfolding situation in baltimore. now, under a state of emergency. >> more video from a report on violent arrest of a passenger. tonight the investigation that cleared the officer. >> and
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good evening we'll begin with breaking news in baltimore. a large fire is burning there after a long day of riots. this is a senior center under construction engulfed in flames. police have not determined if it is related to the clashes between rioters and police. riots started following the funeral of freddie gray. rioters smashed a patrol car and burned another. they have booted businesses and
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set a cvs pharmacy on fire. >> difference between protests and the thugs only want to incite violence and destroy our city. >> the governor declared a state of emergency. citywide curfew begins in half an hour. baltimore schools will be closed tomorrow the kids willtay home. >> now, a woman suing bart charging an officer used excessive force while being booked into jail. >> after suit was filed bart
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responded to accusations of excessive force by the attorney. and the jail house take down was within bart policies and procedures the chief signed off on it. >> after a heavy night of drinking she ended up on a platform. sheehan arrested after she became drunk and belligerent. she says she's embarrassed but what happened hours later that left the 28-year-old bartender model in the hospital looking like this.
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sheehan was being booked. you can see her at the counter in the security video in the bart officer standing with her. then suddenly an altercation starts she is thrown to the ground the jail security cameras shows it happened quickly. here is another angle. a better one. a cop grabs her right hand and the officer takes her left hand and they throw her down, face first she was lying in a pool of blood. >> i don't believe they should have broken four bones in my face and knocked out some teeth. >> a sargent comes to her ward. he tells her he's conducting an excessive force investigation. this is video from his body camera. >> do you know what happened? you don't remember? >> sheehan believes the interview was inappropriate. >> i don't know what i'm saying.
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i don't know why they're asking me. who questions someone that intoxicated and sedated? >> the sargent ends the interview. >> we don't want to hurt anyone. we just want cooperation. okay? >> this is the police report that says she was quote violently punching unquote and that the officer used an arm guard take down and guided her to the ground. an aid group that worked in nepal for 25 years is gearing up to help victims of saturday's 7.8 quake. the founder is from sausalito. olga murray was getting ready for a 90-year-old birthday party
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when the earthquake hit. she said destruction is almost unimaginable. >> everybody was afreed to go into the house. olga's home was not damaged. >> olga is founder of the nepal youth foundation. the group eliminated child slavery in a large region set up nutrition centers, rescued thousands of orphans and sent them to school.
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>> there is going to be decades before they can build back. >> first they're trying to just see what is totally full. >> the foundation raises $2 million a year. expanding programs and starting new ones. >> there is a 46% that occurred. >> olga does not take no for an
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answer. stay with us for more coverage online and on twitter. >> once unthinkable is now a possibility. added treated waste water to the water supply because of the drought. a small plant is being touted to ensure caps won't run dry for the long term. >> elected officials drinking baekers of purifying waste water processed in this plant in the cities of san jose and santa clara. once people are ware they get more comfortable in order to be
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able to drink this water. >> the water won't go to your tap. it will be fed for injection in a nearby aquafer. the expanded plant will cost $800 million, taking three years to build. leaders will ask to fast track the process. >> we've got to ensure we have water to support residents and growth that is essential here. >> 55% comes from water sheds. there are programs and others that can help us offset the cost locally. >> we're going to do it quicker.
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>> the waste wetter goes into purple pipes for landscaping and industrial use. >> a woman gets an enormous hospital bill. and a
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if you have been to an emergency room, you know can be lled >> and the bill. you run into tens of thousands of dollars but like most this woman thought everything had
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been settled she got another bill. shaf shafon works as a dental assistant. >> it was painful. like i was getting out of a car. i couldn't make it up the stairs >> she recalls stomach pain so severe she couldn't move. >> and a security guard called an ambulance. >> they did scans and x rays. >> doctors couldn't give her answers but she did get a huge bill. >> the room was $34,000. and i was like what am i going to do about that? and a bill for ambulance, $1750. medi-cal agreed to pay foremost
7:42 pm
of the cost. she had to pay $1150 she made the payments. and another bill. the fire department says she ohhed $600 more. >> it was frustrating. >> she paid the money and a year later this notice arrived saying indeed shavon paid too much for the ambulance. >> she should have the money back. so she waited. it never came. >> the fire department tells us there was a mix up about whether meki-cal would cover the ambulance. a spokesperson says she has been stellar about the situation and i extend apologies for any
7:43 pm
hardship this may have caused her. this is a case of human error. >> i was happy. >> fire department tells us an outside company handles billing and the department handles refunds. if you have trouble let us know about it. ask for help, we'll deliver. >> just ahead, revelations from a candid conversation with bruce jenner. >> what you did d d listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool...
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just can't seem to escape... another sneeze attack... you may be muddling through allergies. don't get caught off guard. try zyrtec® dissolve tabs. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. zyrtec® dissolve tabs. muddle no more™. a judge in san francisco said a california prison inmate must allowed to have gender reassignment surgery immediately. 51-year-old michelle noteworthy is transitioning and a judge said a delay would be a violation of her rights. >> we have a segment of the interview with bruce jenner that hasn't been seen.
7:47 pm
jenner revealed he is making a transition from male to female. tonight, jenner recalls dealing with the paparazzi. >> this is you, convenient you'ring out for yourself. >> absolutely. nobody else. trying to be myself. >> looked like cat and mouse. you were daring them to? >> no. i wasn't daring them to. it may look that way. i wasn't. at all. >> jenner admits depression and isolation made him an absent father in the 1980s. >> some of the best athletes in the world are converging on stanford university in the name of science.
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the team will collect dna evidence. >> i hope it will be able to help people. >> tonight on abc7 news what the team hopes to with this information and how it could help you as well. >> well, you can see the fog just rolling in >> it was hot inland and over the bay. and half moon bay we have three quarters of a mile visibility. here is a look at statewide conditions. sunny and warm and 86 in los
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angeles. low to mid-80s. check out the seven day temperature trend in downtown san jose. upper 80s to near 80s inland. next two days will be cooler. >> thank you. >> we're waiting to hear word about the warriors. >> that is right. >> it's going to be memphis. i'm pretty sure about that.
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good evening this is a pleasant playoff problem for coach and the warriors. truth is that they do have a lot to work on. we've seen kerr asking what happened to the ball movement?
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>> our guys are up beat and there is a great series against a good team. i think this week off is perfect. gives us a chance to take a breather and enjoy. let's keep it moving. >> yesterday, he is standing on a torn ligament from bruising. look at the shadow there
7:53 pm
suspended for jay crowder. really a dumb move. the pga with a number one goalie mcelroy and jason duffner. >> kids 18 and under get in free. is that one child, so it's special to get them to get them to experience what is happier.
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hailey is the only five-time super bowl champion and was an unstoppable pass rusher. >> the angels paying the bulk of what is left of the $80 million left on the contract. they just want to get rid of him. so he goes back to texas. mayweather pacheau fight is is
7:55 pm
coming and mayweather pro claimed he is in fact the greatest. well mohammed ali would beg to differ and tweeted this. don't you forget i am the greatest with a classic picture of the champ. >> i agree. >> tonight heart stopping video from a security camera showing a driver coming within inches of running down three school children. >> then, science of super athletes. how findings could help you. >> now a march with protestors in baltimore. chaos after the funeral of a man who died in police custody. >> that is a live look there. >> our coverage of breaking news
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continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area. >> from all of us we amark for eight
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months and he broke up with me in a text message. i think what i did is a reasonable response. well, i agree that writing him that letter expressing your pain was therapeutic. what i'm not so sure about is... "wanting to light his hair on fire and put it out with a hammer." it just really hurts. i've never had to deal with these emotions before. this is my first time being the dumpee and not the dumper.
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