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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  April 15, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc7 news. >> a 5-year-old girl is recovering tonight after police say she was attacked by a homeless man. >> it happened on a busy street with her mother just steps away. and now parents in the area are understandably on alert. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. san francisco police arrested 31-year-old andrews cosdy. >> cornell bernard is on union street live tonight with details on this outrageous crime, cornell. >> it really was dan and ama and quite a scare for the little girl. she will be okay we are told. a walk down union street got very scary this morning.
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>> and two police cars came right here. >> it happened right in front of this restaurant. a 5-year-old girl walking with her mother assaulted by a homeless man. >> this man came up to the child unprovoked and grabbed her by the neck and off the ground and up against the building. >> the child was hospitalized with cuts and scratches. the suspect was arrested. he told police he was suffering from an illness. >> that is concerning because we live around the corner. >> parents on union street surprised it happened here. >> this is why i don't let you walk alone in the city. >> but angelo was not surprised. he called 9-1-1 three times in recent months because of aggressive homeless people. >> i had homeless people coming in the restaurant and demanding food and punching on the deli case when i told them to leave. >> it is a tragic situation. >> the coalition on homelessness says too many people with mental illness need help and can't get it. >> we have seen massive cuts to the mental health treatment
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center and as a result we have folks with untreated mental illnesses out there. >> he has a long history. arrested on drug carnlgs in 2002 in connecticut and a drug arrest in florida from 2007. police say he is now getting medical treatment. in san francisco cornell bernard, abc7 news. in the east bay police opened fire to stop a woman driving out of control. in oakland it happened on 105th avenue across the san leandro city line. alan wang is live at the san leandro police department. it was that city's police officers who fired the shots. >> dan and ama the police department is conducting the internal investigation to determine if the officer followed policy when he opened fire. the oakland police department will be the lead investigators because this happened in oakland. it was a part of oak ranked where neighbors say they see a lot of criminal activity. a san leandro plain clothed officers fired several shots
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at the woman driving this honda as it rammed his white pick up truck. >> the area that this officer involved shooting took place is at a dead end street. >> it happened just across the border on 105th street where san leandro cops arrested two burglary suspects the day before. at least 12 officers were back in the neighborhood today making more arrests. >> one of the officers discovered a stolen vehicle. as they attempted to stop the stolen vehicle, that vehicle rammed into the officer's vehicle. >> the officer fired multiple shots into the car wounding the driver believed to be in police chased down the male passenger after he ran off. lionel wilson college prop is miles away where the sound of gunshots are not uncommon. >> we immediately let families know what we know and we are always overly cautious. >> how often does that happen around here? >> too often. >> he says his suv recently got shot up after a night of gunfire. >> i am afraid because my kids
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are growing up. >> police are still trying to figure out if today's auto theft suspect has anything to do with the burglaries. in the east bay, alan wang, abc7 news. >> and remarkably this is the third time since december that san leandro police have opened fire on a female driver in a stolen car. the department tells us tonight they are seeing a pattern in stolen car cases where male suspects are being driven by female accomplices. one person is dead and another is homeless after a two-alarm fire in san jose. firefighters got to the home on gene avenue around 7:30 tonight. a neighbor shot this cell phone video of crews arriving. one person died at the scene, but an elderly man did escape the building. the red cross is there helping that man find a place to stay tonight. investigators are looking for the cause of that fire. a fire in east san jose burned this home to the ground. it happened near flint crest court. officials say the fire started in a tree next to a shed and
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then strong winds spread it to the house. the roof collapsed as firefighters were battling the flames. fortunately no one was hurt. four east bay high school athletes wil be tried as adults after being arrested forearmed robbery. clayton valley charter high football player miles hear rise son seen here along with teammates drew crabby and lucas and basketball player james dempsey, are charged with stealing marijuana and phones from a reported drug dealer at gunpoint last week. the 17-year-old students will be arraigned to hear the formal charges against them next thursday. more than 100 catholic donors are calling on the pope to remove san francisco archbishop. the group has taken out a full page ad that will appear in tomorrow's chronicle. they say he fosters an atmosphere of division and intolerance and is mean spirited. some people we spoke with today say they are resigned to keeping him as the archbishop. >> you can't change all of
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that stuff. you are not going to change it. >> at the same time you have conservative catholics, and of course to some degree they are going to defend what they think is important. >> in a statement the archdiocese says the ad is a misrepresentation and the signers do not speak for the catholic community of san francisco. a patient at napa state hospital who is accused of choking another resident with an electrical cord pleaded not guilty today to attempted murder. the napa valley register say police arrested him at the state psychiatric facility last week. the victim has recovered. for nearly a decade abc7 news reporter vic lee has covered stories on attacks and security concerns at that hospital which implemented new safety procedures in 2012. protesters took to the streets demanding higher pay for low wage workers. several fight for 15 rallies were held from the east bay to san jose. it was in support of raising the federal minimum wage to $15. sky 7hd was overhead as
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hundreds of people rallied at uc berkeley. it was a peaceful rally. deem upon stations were held in 200 cities nationwide. organizers say it is the biggest protest bi-lo wage workers in u.s. history. new details tonight. a scheduled auction of items from internment camps that outrage many bay area japanese americans is now canceled. the idea was met with sharp criticism from japanese families who felt it commercial liesed personal mementos collected by people forced into world war ii internment camps. the new jersey auction house is looking to place those items in a museum instead. there is still no official cause of death for the sperm whale that washed up in pacifica. the 48-foot whale was found yesterday at morrey point beach. they say it died a week before it washed up on the beach. the necropsy found there were no broken bones so it was not killed by a ship strike. the animal was emaciated
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about you had been eating. tissue samples were taken, but not fresh enough to determine the exact cause of death. a big loss for east bay little leaguers after thousands of dollars was stolen from their clubhouse. someone broke into the tennison american little league clubhouse in hayward. late sunday night someone pried open a window and stole a safe containing $7,000. the thefts could not have come at a worse time. it happened after a big fundraiser. >> the safe was missing and not much else. there is a cash register they didn't touch. they knew what was in there and were going after it. they grabbed it and took off. >> certainly seems that way. the league is looking for donations to help recover some of the money. they are looking into installing security cameras to keep this sort of thing from happening again. crews are battling a fast-moving brushfire. next, the dangerous conditions that made it tough going for firefighters tonight.
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>> live at oracle arena in oakland i think my ears have only just now stopped ringing. the excitement from the last regular season game and a first for the warriors. >> and what do the beatles pink floyd michael jackson and now you have in common? we'll explain. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. the temperatures are on the rise today. even warmer weather on tap tomorrow. i'll be back with the de female announcer: get on board for better sleep! it's sleep train's interest free for 3 event! get three years interest-free financing
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this is abc7 news. >> crews are on the scene of a wildfire burning in southern california tonight. it broke out after 8:00 near
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rialto in san bernadino county. the fire has grown to about 20 acres at this point. crews were concerned about the high winds in the area, but they were able to stop the fire's forward spread for now. a daring escape from the family of a fresno state professor. his wife and their two children were able to get out of yemen. they were living there with the threat of daily airstrikes and little to know food or supplies. that's thanks to a tip from the u.s. embassy they were able to escape. first they had to brave a 16-hour boat trip from yemen to jaboodi. >> when she saw me at the port she hugged me and said she didn't expect to see me again. when i heard her voice that was the happiest moment i had. >> they are u.s. citizens and they are now waiting until the u.s. visas come through for his wife and son. >> they have been under so much stress. let's move on. the warriors season ends with
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a win and it is off to the playoffs and fans are thrilled. katie is live in oakland with a story. katie, good stuff and i know a little hearing loss for you tonight. >> great stuff dan yes, except for that. it has been an exciting night. i met the self-proclaimed loudest fan and hence the earring and the potentially youngest and cutest fan and a futuristic and possibly future uh rein pho employee aiming to elevate the fan experience as if winning weren't enough. a big win for the warriors. fans are loud and they are proud. >> this team is amazing this season. it is probably one of the best teams i have seen in my lifetime. >> same for riley. granted her lifetime totals five months. >> how about this for a first
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experience? >> i swore i thought r2d2 just passed me by. >> that is relay the robot making deliveries. >> emma, jake, come here. >> oracle is testing the tech following sending gifts to fans in the suites. relay is programed with a map of the arena and it knows how to avoid walls and find doors and it maneuvers around moving objects. >> the robots not only create a great fan experience, but create a more efficient way of getting a food or product to the fan and we are thrilled. >> back on the court -- >> i am the loudest here at the game. >> with a little help from his friends. the warriors claiming the tight tefl second highest attendance in franchise history. 803,000 people pack -- packed the oracle arena this season. abc7 news. >> all of those three ponters did more than just win games. they helped the deserving children. they presented a $440,000
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check to eight groups that served local children. there was a pre game reception for the resill yents. they were thrilled with the financial help. >> kids love sports. they love playing basketball. it gives them something to look up to if they know a team is helping them out. they say wow, they care for us. >> the warriors have scored 870 three-pointers. >> that's impressive. let's hope they keep it up in the play of yos. the first game will be against the new orleans pellicans this saturday at 12:30 here on abc7 with a special edition of after the game immediately following the action. >> and the nba finals can be seen only on abc7. live coverage begins at june 4th. >> and we are confident that the warriors will be there in june. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> sandhya patel has the latest for us. >> it is going to be a slam dunk weather wise tomorrow. as we look at our sunset from
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our emeryville camera it was gorgeous at 7:45 when the sun went down. a few of the clouds came down over the top of the high pressure. that was it. no fog out there. live doppler 7hd is showing you nothing but clear skies across the bay area right now. as we look at what is in store for tomorrow morning, it is a beach hazard statement just in case you want to head to the coast and enjoy the warmth. it runs through friday evening. there is a bigger risk of rip currents and sneaker waves so be careful as the long-period swell arrives you could get pulled away by the large breakers. temperatures as far as the sea surface temperatures are concerned, they are running closer to where they should be this time of year. cold water upwelling is occurring as the wind switches off. you won't feel cold tomorrow. trust me on this one. there is a gusty northerly wind. 65 in antioch, but in places like napa, half moon bay in
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the 40s right now. a wide range of temperatures and the exploratorium camera showing you san francisco and the visibility is good. warm day inlands through saturday. coastal cooling on saturday and there is a rain chance next week. it is looking better now with the later computer models. the high pressure for the time being will keep us in a warm pattern especially inland and right into the weekend. if you do have outdoor plans, the inland areas will remain warm. as you look at thursday's temperatures, the warmest day is expected on the coast and around the bay tomorrow. 60s and 70s and friday with the fog along the coast. upper 80s inland. still warm and staying warm inland on saturday and staying cool along the coastline for the first half of the weekend. now this is what i'm excited about. hipts of -- hints of showers in about a week. i know it is a week out, but looks like a 30 to 40% chance of seeing wet weather in the middle of next week. tomorrow morning mid40s to the mid50s, so quite a range under clear skies and then for tomorrow afternoon it will be a nice day in the south bay.
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83 gilroy and 81 san jose. santa clara is a warm 81 loss altos and redwood city. 70 juan in pacifica and a great day to hit the beach. watch out with regards to the waves. 70 frief in downtown san francisco and 70 in daily city. 70s along the coast and low 80s in santa rosa and napa and 80 in vallejo. east bay is well above average. 81 oakland and fremont you will need the sunscreen. 81 pleasanton and 83 in livermore. the accu-weather seven-day forecast. fog comes in and temperatures cool on the coast and bay. by sunday everyone drops. next week it will be sharply cooler. look at wednesday. rain chance drops are on there. upper 50s to the upper 60s. >> let's hope. >> thank you, sandhya. coming up next on abc7 news. >> why the aquariumumum
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side effects include sore throat cough, dry mouth and sinus infection. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. to learn about spiriva respimat slow-moving mist ask your doctor or visit breaking news two people are dead and three injured in an accident in san jose.
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a car overturned on to the light rail tracks just before 10:00 near north capital avenue. no trains were involved in this accident. >> an aquarium's plan to control a dangerous parasite had a serious side effect. it killed all of the fish. the texas state aquarium in corpus christie treated the water that was supposed to be harmless to fish. all but two died including nurse sharks and the tiger shark and gruper. they tested it beforehand and it was fine. while the aquarium restocks, the admission is $5 off. >> what will they see? >> and now you don't have to be a music legend to step in the abbie road studios. it is a tour of the private recording venue, the legendary venue. you can see the spot where the beatles, pink floyd and michael jackson produced some of their icon thick tracks. there are interactive photos and games and you can even try your hand at the passive
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mixing board. that's a clever idea. >> it is. we have a lot of good warrior stuff to talk about. >> it is playoff time. >> you will get to see where mike shumann hides his super bowl ring and everybody will see it. >> the warriors finish off their best regular season ever. and they find out their playoffs. ge
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good evening. it looks like it may be best case scenario for the warriors. they learned they will face the pellicans and not okc in round one of the playoffs. they took the final round in a meaning less game against denver. the starters only played the first half and they watched. they did plenty of damage though. a nifty pass here to klay thompson. he went 25 points in 15 minutes. i guess we count this as an
11:58 pm
assist. the save as he goes out of bounds and does to the get injured thankfully. of course it goes to steph curry. getting much needed playing time and the rejection on one end. the other with two hands. that's vicious. third quarter and barnes and justin holliday. the warriors win 133-126 to finish it 67-15. 39 and two at home. it was a win and you are in situation for the pellicans who had to beat the sizzling spurs. anthony davis with authority. 31 points. a little shake and bake here as they built a 20-point cushion on the spurs who had won 11 in a row. the spurs make a late charge and 35 seconds left and denied. blocked by davis and the pellicans hold on 108-103. the spurs drop to the 6th seed. here we go. you can watch game one of the warrior hz of pellicans series saturday afternoon 12:30 here
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on abc7 followed by the post game interviews and live at oracle on after the game. it has turned into a nightmare start for the giants. timmy time is not a good time. oh baby it is cold outside. everybody wearing 42 on jackie robinson day. an 0-2 count and he made a great catch on the tarp. a three-run bomb off timmy lincecum. timmy went five innings and allowed four runs. matt dove tee providing -- matt duffy providing some entertainment. hector sanchez with the go ahead run. browns are out to end the threat. the giants get swept by the rockies 4-2. the a's were going for the sweep. lowry had other ideas. he drills it. 2-0 astros in the first. josh red -- reddick is back
12:00 am
and doing josh reddick things. he sticks the landing without breaking his wrist. that looked dangerous. they hit three homers and this one is from louis. he has a great name. the a's fall 6-1. playoffs on saturday with the


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