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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 9, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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the midwest. one person dead and substantial damage. this image tweeted tonight by the rockford illinois fire department showing 1 building utterly destroyed. abc news reporter has the story. >> hail. wind. and tornadoes. tearing through the central state more severe weather than your average april showers. including this huge one m northern illinois. >> oh, my gosh. >> tonight the big concern is the swath of tornado watch illinois to texas. in missouri the national weather service is on the ground today investigating tornado reports stawsdz. >> not small tree. >> take a look at the hail hitting the midwest. >> massive hail storm right
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now. >> in cap says this windshield shattered by the froszen balance of ice and the drivers con fawsd. in the midst of the severe weather a silver lining. or rather a multi-colored one as a rainbow appeared in this tornado. >> in addition to this extreme weather rain and flash floods are affecting much of the country. this weather front is expected to head east over the next 48 hours. >> storm force cancellation of more than 800 flights at chicago o'hare international airport and delayed hundreds more. >> we are tracking the tornado activity. she is here with more. >> as you look at live doppler 7hd you still see that there are some strong thunderstorms firing up from michigan to illinois and even indianapolis. as i take you in closer tornado watch box thunderstorm watch boxes are still going at least one fatality has been reported. in illinois due to
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the tornadoes and there have been a number of reports, 17 reports of tornadoes so far. now when you take a look at the forecast animation here that cold front will continue to press eastward where we are going to continue to see the potential on the east coast from the south to the east coast of some severe thunderstorms friday but the biggest threat with this is going to be damaging winds and hail not so much the tornado threat. i'll be back with look at local fwhx a few minutes. >> thanks very much. new development tonight for some tenant forced out of the san francisco home. they showed up tonight to try to get the belongings but there was a lock on the gate. on monday the city had dlairtd building a safety hazard due to overcrowding and raw sewage that was reportedly leaking through the ceiling. the building was ordered vacated and the owner has reportedly refused to make repair. check were issued to residents today for relocation costs. but the tenant attorney tells us those
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checks are no good. >> tenant all relocated based on having the money to pay for the hotel and found out today that the check the landlord has stopped payment on them. so they are invalid yichlt would he do that? >> that's a good question. >>reporter: building owner apparently dropped cashier check off at the attorney office but we were told they were only for half of the agreed upon amount. note on the door says tenant can return tomorrow to retrieve the belongings but one tenant says he has to sleep on the street in. our call to the owner of the building have gone unreturned. massive clean up is under way in oakland tonight where creek was turned that a river of cement. the mess in the oakland hill after east bay municipal utility district crew left a valve open. there is substantial environmental damage say officials. laura has more. >>reporter: clearly never had a chance found dead just if you
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dozen yards from a contaminated creek. one pump full of cement. >> clean up crew shoveling and sucking out the goo in the creek right now. they will be here for another day and a half for the initial clean up then after that there's more to come. we have to restore the creek. >>reporter: sub contractor pumped cement into the pipe but it was up to east bay mud inspector to make sure all the valves were closed. as it turned out one that is non-standard was left open. >> instead of thinking it was completely shut it was completely open. pishtion once the initial klein is done and much cement pumped out as possible the long-term work to restore this once pristine water way will begin. >> not tomorrow tom not next week or next month. probably several month to a year to get this cleaned up. >> i think they are doing the best they can to clean it up. that's all i can say. human
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being impact the environment. if no matter where we are. >>reporter: mean time crew believe they have stopped the flow of cement downstream to glen echo creek that runs into like merit n.oakland, abc 7 news. >> family of motorcyclist who plunged 50 feet to his death bay area freeway is pleading tonight for help. they join urging anyone with any information about the fatal hit-and-run last wednesday on eastbound 92 near highway 101 the close to san mateo to please come forward. the driver larry pack plunged more than 50 feet to his death over concrete barrier. >> my dad. was just coming home from work. just like everybody else comes home from work. if any of them knows anything or if you have been told something about, just please do the right thing. and
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give my family the closure that we need. give my father the respect that he deserves. about. >>reporter: tough. police lacking for a dark colored suv. maybe a jane that may have hit the motorcycle then left the scene. doctors at uc student health center in northern california are on strike. 7 nuts was in berkeley when doctors walked off the job today. it's the first walk out in the union more than 40 years in the union more than 40 year history. doctors protesting budget cut and what they call unfair labor practices. they say they have too many patients preventing them from doing the job as well as they should. >> they can't just keep cutting more. they need to restore services so students can get the help they need when they need it. >>reporter: one out ends monday morning. student health centers remain open. uc medical center system is not affected. university release a statement saying l it disagree with the 81 claim that the strike are about unfair labor practice charges. >> we have much more ahead for
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you on this thursday night. >> unbearable smell in the south bay. why neighbors are worried stench that may be coming from the milpitas land fill business to get even worse fill business to get even worse. >> pretty shbingd to see waste water dumped on my property. >> thinks the video captured by her surveillance camera. 7 news asked the sewage company for an explanation. >> plus what is in store for the weekend weather
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>> this story proposal to expand south bay land phyllis drawing sharp criticism for neighbors who say it's the cause on ongoing odor problem in their city. chris is on the story. >> at the entrance of silicon valley recognizable stench many can smell too well. >> distracting. some day it is overwhelming. especially when it gets hot out. >> some say the smell comes from here. the resource recovery park in milpitas. as the complaints keep coming into city hall. >> i'm aware that this is the a accident and could even be a public health issue. >> mayor jose has made it his mission to holded land fill manager accountable. >> when you have a land fill surrounded by pop litigation it's very, very critical. this should think on what they should do. >> republic they say the land fill could be one of the odor sources but shouldn't take all the blame point to go neighboring property such as the san jose waste water
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treatment plant composting salt pond near by. it's been a lot of industry growth in the area. and the odor capacity of the area i think is kind of reached its peek. >> company spent millions of dollars on the pipes to clear up the fuvrjt it hopes to expand the facility and extend the land fill life through the year 2041. >> expansion does is allow us additional space for those things that can't be recycle to have a place to put those in the future so that we can continue to operate the materials handling facility. >> those who live work in the area say they are keeping a close eye on the project. >> it's part of life right. i don't know what else to really do about it. >> san jose planning commission will review the proposed expansion in early may. this is abc 7 news. >> bay area air quality district is holding a public meeting on the smell 2 week from tonight. april 23 at 6:00 p.m. at milpitas city hall.
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caught on tape. san jose woman says contractors were caught dumping raw sewage on lawn in her enabled. take a look at video from home security camera. crew were doing sewer work at house next door but what happened shocked the homeowner. you can see the plumber dumping a pail of liquid on to her property then 20 minutes later another pail is dumped at home across the street. woman believes it was raw sewage. >> very disgusting. yes. i don't want sewer water raw sewer water dumped on my property. i don't think anyone else either. >> should have been some other way to dispose of the sewage. >> corporate office issued the statement saying quote without the opportunity to view the video footage it is impossible for to us verify what is happening. however we want to be clear that customer safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. >> california state climate gave stark warning during presentation on the severity of the drought. michael anderson
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says quote you are looking at numbers that are right on par with what was the dust bowl. that drought caused massive dust cloud in many states during the 1930s. governor brown has been criticized for not diagnose enough to curb water use by farmer. with leaders from environmental groups and agricultural organizations to discuss the state rae response to the drought. well we haven't had any rain in a couple day but time to put the umbrella away. >> that's a question sandhya is here with the latest on live doppler 7hd. >> yes. you can pretty much put the umbrella await a minute it's disturbing especially with the drought. we need a couple good storms like we saw recently. not looking like it. let me show you if this and is what shoyping. few cloud like we saw earlier in the day and basically down around the san mateo coast. monterey by as we take a look at the latest on el nino o. advisory put out by the climate prediction center. you look at the water near the
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equate or in the pacific. el nino developing a month ago was there this week fast forward and the weak el nino continue also. 70% chance of the continuation of the el nino this summer. what disit really mane. no significant impact on our california drought. we really need a strong el nino and even then not a guardian tee that you are going to get a very wet pattern. temperatures right new all over the board. 49 in nap a.most areas though in the 50's. here's live picture from the kgo camera. a gentle breeds flag are swaying here along the embarcadero clear overnight chilly in the morning we look at sunny mild day through the weekend and warming trend will return late next week. it was a little warmer today. high pressure is in control of our weather and look is what happening to the jet stream. it's a big split. so this part of the energy is going up into canada. this low pressure system in the cold front is heading did you know to baja for sunday. where we
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left dray through the weekend. so we will continue to see the sunshine and the comfortable weather. temperatures will come around interaverage for most of the weekend and into next week. a little cooler. average high for san jose. 70. close to that. right through the weekend then you notice the 60's shows up with a sharp warm-up coming. middle to latter part of the work week next week. tomorrow morning dress warmly. you will need maybe hot cup of coffee or something too because it's going to be on the chilly side in nap a.3940 in santa rosa. looking at 40's really inland and right around the coast and the bay with mainly clear conditions toward morning. tomorrow afternoon few clouds will pass through the south bay but harmless. 68 in santa clara and south bay. 66 santa cruz. 70 in san jose. 73 gilroy. on the peninsula upper 60's red wad city. los altos. san m te'o 65. 57 in pacifica. hang on to the swatter in daly city might need witness a 57 degree day. 62 in downtown san francisco. north bay 50's,
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60's for the coast line. 68 in santa rosa. 70 in napa. east bay communities is in day. mild 67 in oakland. 65 hayward inland spots you will s the sun and enjoy temperatures right around where they should be for this time of year. 70 in san ramone. 71 fair feechltd accu-weather 7 day forecast a little bit warmer for your saturday. low 60's to mid 70's. we keep the temperatures right around there for sunday and a little cooling early next week. warming back up. spring warmth wednesday and thursday. so no rain drops and thursday. so no rain drops. sorry dan, amma. >> what a disappointment. >> thank you. >> still to come on 7 news at financial:00. going
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>> going bald for a good cause. abc 7 news at the university of san francisco today as students shave their heads to stand in solidarity with children battling cancer. all proceed benefit the foundation here that raise monies for childhood cancer research. foundation hopes to raise 6000 dollars from today's events. after the initial shock wore off participant told us it felt great to help those in need. >> i was like my gosh. but it's for very good cause i felt good about it. had a lot of support. >>reporter: cindy says she
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liked it so much she plans on doing it again when her hair grows back you don't have to shave your head 0to help. we have a link to this foundation on our web site the. >> that will help just to did that. warriors lee joining the fight against childhood cancer. >> he's host cancer survivor capri at tonight game against the port land trail blazers. the player visited saint judy last month and donated 75,000 dollars to help support that life saving work being done there. the warriors close-out the regular season next week. team first round my off opponent will be the thunder or the pelican and we remind you that abc 7 is your home for the in. about. a final. coverage begins june fourth. we have new video tonight offering new perspective on the shooting of unarmed african american man in south carolina. >> the and here tonight t.vic lee looks into why more bay area police officers are not wearing body camera. >> and 2 san francisco turn the
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search for housing into a rap song. >> stay with us another half hour of 7 ne
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>> police dash cam video has now been released following the officer involved shooting death in south carolina. >> video shows the officer making routine stop approaching the car then moments later you see a man running. good evening once again we begin this half hour with that police dash cam video. >> we have 2 new interview one with the man who shot the video and at mother of the accused officer is speaking. >> the steve has more. fight tonight south carolina police are sharing the dash cam video. moments before the gun fir that took the driver's life. officer mcal slager pulling
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over the black mercedes for broken taillight. at one point walter scott and the driver seat tries to get out. then seconds later he runs from the car. if there are 2 mothers grieving tonight. >> i can't imagine him. he loves being a police officer. i can't imagine l him doing something that just not like him that's not his character. >> karen can't bring herself to watch the cell fen video that everyone else has seen. where her son shoots and kills ab unarmed black man. >> shots fired. subject is down t.he grabbed my taser. >>reporter: here's new video of oldest child shortly after the shooting explaining himself the another officer. despite what people are saying she says she has to stand by him but she also cries deeply for the family of walter scott. but i just have to the i just -- the
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i just have to let it be. and hope god takes care of everybody involved. the fought only my family but the scott family. i know they are grieving too like i'm grieving. >>reporter: we learn more about the young man who may be the only known witness. record the only known witness. recording the powerful im achblingts he tells byron pit the account officer slager gave over the radio that scott trade to grab his stun gun not what he saw happen. >> was it a point where mr. >> was it a point where mr. scott was being aggressive towards officer sharing. >> aggressive in the way of getting away of the cop, no. not trying to if no he was trying to get away of the cop. would was on top of him. >>reporter: in the incident report police wrote they continue to performance first aid and cpr until ems arrive.
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santana says that's not true. you didn't see anyone perform cpr. try breathing into his mouth revive him. >> no nothing like that. >>reporter: other mother in the tragic tale wants justice. >> i pray this never happens to the another person. this is t has got to stop. >>reporter: scott family will bury their son saturday. slager family worried they couldless their son too. if he's convicted and sentenced to death. the this is abc news mount please apartment south carolina. >> here in the bay year many smaller law enforcement agency have body camera. but only one of the 3 largest police departments has equipped officers with them. vic lee reports from san francisco hall of justice. t.the. >>reporter: june 2009. 64-year-old peter mcfar land tasted repeatedly by a marin county sheriff's deputy after he refused to be escorted to a
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hospital. he sued the county charging excessive force. he ultimately settled the case for almost two million dollars. his attorney says the video said it all. >> camera is crucial evidence in every case. and yes, it was crucial evidence in that case. because the camera doesn't lie. >>reporter: many police agency like the camera because they can protect officers are false charges. oakland police say they were one of the first and largest police departments in the country to use body camera. the so far some 4 60 camera have been issued to officers working on the streets. san jose police on the other hand have yet to equip its officers with body cam even after several pilot programs over the years. they hope to start later this year. but san francisco experience is perhaps indicative of what many police departments are going through. no officer wears a body cam. the department received a grant 2 years ago that paid for a
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pilot program. they bought 165 body cam at 700 dollars a piece body cam at 700 dollars a piece. but administering the camera they found would be an added costly expense. >> has to be kept someplace sale. evidence has to be maintained. >>reporter: sf pd has grant money to cover all. that but the pilot ends in 4 years. then what? >> bigger picture down the road is the future storage of the video fail data if you will from the camera. that could be costly. that could be very costly. >> sf pd says theory vawing protocol like privacy issues associated with operating body cam. they hope to implement the pilot program this summer. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> school officials in tulsa, oklahoma released dramatic dash cam video with bus crash with the drivers injured. >> school bus hydro-planeing driving down a hill and flipping on its side. you can
9:34 pm
hear the screams. 10 students on board and some heard screaming and panicking. officials say the crash may have been caused by another driver cutting off that bus. 4 students suffered minor jersey. bus driver was also hurt. >> hillary clinton is expected to make it official this weekend. former secretary of state will likely announce her run for the white house on sunday. by video and social media. right now poll show clinton well ahead of both her democratic and republican rival. republican senator cruz and paul have formally launched campaigns. senator rub yo is expected to announce on monday. >> if you are excited about the new apple watch you have to act quickly to get one. pre-order those much anticipated watches any time after midnight tonight. apple expects to sell it in and out one. pre-order on line or good to apple store to try out the watch yourself. watch is in the cupertino company first new consumer product believe it or not in 5 years. >> up next. stroll down san
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francisco market street. >> it has become a festival idea really fefele annncer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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>> 6 sided ping pong table and giant rocking chair made of grass were among the things you may have noticed along san francisco market street. >> wild stuff. as john thon bloom explains it's part of a 3 day festival that could determine market street future. >> it's ping pong. in the middle of the sidewalk. on a 6 sided table that talks. >> no be were just trying to figure out how that would work. >> apparently works quite well. i have it. >> if you feel like you have seen this before think become to november when we visited the design team taking this on for the market street prototypeing festival. >> we have to did a lot more of the beautiful sidewalk that we have. that they can be much more dynamic social spaces.
9:39 pm
>> neal came up with the idea. three days of these off the wall out of the box sidewalk installation. >> i built this thing. >>reporter: what is it. >> it's a public musical instrument. >>reporter: play it alone but it sounds better together. >> it's about connection. it's about how people come together in way they weren't expecting to. >>reporter: so is the fountain only squirt when somebody stands directly across from someone who is sitting. team work. >> whole point and festival is to get people to notice each other. that is lacking in your been life. >> this advertise one big experiment. festival only last three days some of the best ideas from it could be immortal here for generation. >> 2018 we will rae build market street so big capitol campaign in the background. >>reporter: give the city three years to gather idea. one fare the best could be invited back for installation and permanent one after. that judges they are the every day people sitting on the grass furniture climateing the rubber
9:40 pm
mountains and talking to the digital tree. >> i think it's beautiful. i think this type of event should happen all year long. all day long. >>reporter: it could happen. >> wouldn't it be great if every couple years we swichtd up. rolling exhibit. greatest creativity that san francisco can bring nishtion san francisco january thon bloom abc 7 news. >> rent place to live in san francisco can be a challenge you know that. here's one bedroom in if the valley going for 2800 dollars a movement just 4 40 square feet. you can pay another 80 dollars per month for motorcycle parking if you want. now a couple of guy whose call themselves desk fan comedy put the respresentational experience in a rap video. check it out. >> who is that a lead in the mission? 2 bed one bath in a small kitchen slap on my dash and suit plan on bring than icap handle. dig deep ♪ ♪ say this world should be cleaner.
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>> guy in the video told us it was weird experience lacking for a rental but they finally found 1 in the outer sunset. >> up next on 7 news at 9 star war secret revealed frichlt light saeb tore darth
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jeans. >> taylor swift revealed today that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer. she asked her mother to be screened at christmas. and she did. she's keeping details of her condition and treatment private condition and treatment private. but she wanted her
9:45 pm
fans to know and urge them to remind their own parents to get checked for cancer. she says it could lead to early diagnosis and an easier battle. >> great message sending out. >> one last time update the weather forecast for you. >> we have the latest. sandhya. we have a few clouds on live doppler 7hd. no rain to speak of. lots of rain and thunderstorms from the south all the way up to the eastern along the eastern sea board. the tonight in traveling damaging winds are pretty much going to be a possibility with this. hail 65 in new york. 79 in dc. i would check with your carrier before heading out there could be some delay. atlanta 79 degrees. central and pretty much most of the western u.s. quiet except for some showers around seattle and port land. temperatures in the 60's. state wide we look at few clouds and sundown south. 69 in los angeles. pretty warm in palm springs. 87 degrees. yos night 66. tahoe 56. 55 in eureka a.heading to monterey nice day. 59 degrees. bay
9:46 pm
area upper 50's to the low 70's for our warmest spots. o a lot like today but a little bit more sunshine than we saw today as we see fewer clouds tomorrow. a look at the forecast for the a's and mariners at tomorrow evening. 57 degrees cooling down to 53 it's going to be clear. because it will be cool would i take a sweatshirt with you. accu-weather 7 day forecast will feature minor up and down in our temperature and really middle latter part of next week middle latter part of next week. we are not going to see any major swing but by thursday 80's. inland spots will be warm. thank you. >> it is one of the most popular movie franchise in history. spanning almost 40 years. now all the "star wars"movies are available to down load for the first time. including never before seen moments behind the scenes. if nick revalleys some of the biggest secrets. >> the projector and the hum
9:47 pm
from an old tv set. blend of those 2 is the basic bed that's under every light saber. "star wars"franchise owned by disney abc parent company. production designer doug change work side by side with saint lucas on episode 1, 2 and 3. >> key less sunny learn from george when designing a future you look to the past. >> princess hair based on an ancient style. chang now hard at work on the upcoming episode at work on the upcoming episode. >> i captain even tell my wife washington i'm doing. seems a bit ridiculous. dark secret of past episode now coming into the light. asteroid in the back? they are actually potatoes. also failed to find sound effect for star destroyer out of rocket range. >> i was back in a motel and i heard this rumble sound. this is great. it's the air conditioner that's the star of the show.
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>> fantastic. >> do or do not. >> there noise trying. >> this is abc news san francisco. >> tile for sports. >> yes it is. >> pi like it. >> i don't know where that if something if happening for the first time all year. what is it. sometimes one at bat is all you need
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you. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. glitch wipe away remaining time from parking meters in san jose. the surprising cause that led to dozens of tickets. >> plus caught on video. strangers rush to the rescue of drunk driver who gets out of her car and stumbles across a busy freeway. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. >> now find out what's going on in sports. >> warriors don't do? they correspondent lose multiple games. just doesn't happen. only handful of times this year. longest losing streak this season 2 games. happened 4 times. what has
9:52 pm
never happened is 3 in a row. seth and company trying to prevent it tonight. first bucket of the gym. andrew the cock it back and fun. then about uncontested 2 handed nruvrnlt blazers take over in the second quarter. oakland product lil yard flashing we need seth down 13. curry the he hears us. catches fire. break own record t-2 73 moments later his sixth of the game. 22 in the first half. thompson drawing contact and hitting a 21-5 run to go up 3 at the half 21-5 run to go up 3 at the half. down 9 this the third. blazer fight black behind the back dribble. the clears will lard 7-3 of the game. curry with 38. it's if warriors miniand a half to play warriors miniand a half to play. tiger woods won the masters 10 years ago but thank masters 10 years ago but thankfully he wasn't the tiger woods we all witness at torrey pines two months ago. tiger
9:53 pm
back from self imposed exile. obvious early that his hips dormant at legislature for davlt his second shot on the par 4-7. fade around the tree. vintage tiger on the green from 166 yvrmentdz 2 putt for par. but on 9 after tee shot to the first fir way. complete shank on the approach. able to grind out a bogey and plus 1. approach shot problem all day but not short game. after going into the drink on 12 take as drop knock it 2 feet another bogey could have been much worse. get it back with birdie on 13. tiger 3 under on the 4 par 5. 1 over 73 puts him in a tie for 41st. not grit by tiger stand ward all the short gym question coming in not bad either. >> way it should be and work my butt off all those months and hit all the thousands upon thousands of shots. become to being my strength again. >> see how he does friday. make the cut. rest of the
9:54 pm
field. mickelson can work his way around. fair way wood on 8 way around. fair way wood on 8. par 5. track to foot. if 2 under. the 6 off the lead. i love seeing the big easy near the leader board. fevrtless. setting himself up for eagle on 15. 5 under 67 for ernie els today. 96 players on the field chasing the 21-year-old flirt with course record today. cutter aunder the tree. off the flag. if what happened? 2 foot birdie put there jrd afternoon. also on 14. garcia in search of the elusive first maiming. if chip it close. it goes in. for the bird. 4 under 68 for the spaniard. today. really good at the masters over the years. could this be his year and rips off 5 straight birdie. if back to the jordan not for bogey on the
9:55 pm
15. ties the course record. close was a birdie. the 8 underscore. he's 3 shots clear of the feechltd justin rose and hoffman at 5 under. watson. 1 under as is world no. 1 mcilroy under as is world no. 1 mcilroy. baseball. good pitching. grit defense. the timely hitting t.raise your hand if you have read this giant script before. opening 4 game as near as san diego. dinner tame for her tim hudson dealing in the season debut. 5th inning. crawford and routine 6-4-they double play for the guys. in the z.runners at the corner 1 out. if i want at the corner 1 out. if i wanting ending double play. goes scoreless. something in the dirt. tosses it a at former a norris. back story of some sort going on there. few pitches later. triple with nobody out. but craig gets
9:56 pm
mcgee to ground in the inning ending double play. on to extra. big justin maxwell 2 outs. crawford. the giants hold on for a 1 nothing win and in a 3 and 1 on the why ung season. finale of 4 game set. trouble in the first here. low throw home by if brett and unable to make the tag on martin. rangers 3 on the board in the first. 3rd inning moore land opposite field 2 run jachblingt 5 nothing f.lit up hear 8 runs 7 hits. l he brings him to his knee. turns out that's a normal thing. next pitch gone. 3 97 of the career. texas 4 homers in the game. doesn't like it when take you the helmet off. 10-1 rangers. they earn a series split. sharks and oilers. brian bird debut for team field brian
9:57 pm
bird debut for team field. tied at 1. the toe drag. find for the first career goal with mom and dad in attendance. that was the game winner. shark if 3-1. good news shark fans they are out of play off the kings lost tonight the to cal gear so they too will miss the play off defend will miss the play off defending stanley cup champion. sports report brought to you by toyota. shark can't get in make sure the kings don't get in. little things. >> the little things. >> thanks very much. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us in. >> for all of us here as always we appreciate your time. >> yes thank you for watching. 7 news does continue now on line on twitter facebook and all mobile device with our 7 news app. >> have a great rest of the evening and make time for us at 11:00 o'clock on channel 7 if you can.
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