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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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an unprovoked stabbing tonight, a young student rushed to the hospital after being attacked by a class mate. >> forcing inmates to fight, gladiator style. >> startling revelations about a fight club inside county jail. >> heroism of san jose's finest. who took down the man accused of killing a police officer. >> michael finney has a team of experts ready to answer your tax-related questions. >> a martinez teenager confesses to stabbing a class mate an attack officials happened
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without warning. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz it happened at martinez junior high school. we're live with the strange story. leanne? >> that is right. this happened before mid day. and this is a shocker for this very quiet community here in martinez. and school officials telling us that they don't know what provoked the student to do this. a medevac helicopter landed close to here. and police say both the 13-year-old and 11-year-old boys were in the locker area during p.e.class. for some reason, the 13-year-old attacked the other boy with a knife. according to official that's 13-year-old boy did not run away instead went to report the incident to school staff.
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imagine their surprise. police responded and detained the boy and he is in juvenile hall. >> there was no conflict between the students no words spoken. we do not know. we have no understanding about what this is. it's an isolated and bizarre event. >> and the boy taken away, his injuries we're told were not life threatening the school telling parents all other students are safe and do not need to be picked up from school school officials right now being left with the question of why a 13-year-old boy would want to harm or hurt an 11-year-old boy. >> thank you, another student was stabbed today this time
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just off campus. police say the student was walking down the street when the man ran up stabbed and punched him from behind. >> developing news this evening in san francisco. two people shot at 5:00 this afternoon. police say 5 or 6 shots were fired and three people injured. >> shocking allegations by three inmates in county jail accusing sheriff deputies of forcing them to fight other prisoners and the public defender presented evidence to support them. abc7 news joins us from the newsroom with more tonight. carolyn? >> well according to the public defender the deputy said to be
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the main instigator was accused of sexual assaulting inmates. that case was settled now these allegations about fights. this man's father tipped off authorities saying his son was injured while forced to fight another inmate and county jail. the entertainment and profit of deputies. >> i can only describe this as a outrageusly sadistic scenario sounds like it's out of the "game of thrones". >> deputies forcing me to fight. they're telling me that he was going to beat me up and cuff me and days me at once. >> the 150 pound garcia says he was pitted against a 350 pound inmate named stanley harris, who tells of the deputies egging him
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on. >> like get him get him. get him. he says he was asked to do push ups to train for the fight. it's impossible for just 2 or 3 or 4 deputies to commandeer the jail and stage fights without others being aware of this. >> sheriff mirkarimi asked the u.s. justice department to step in. >> i do not accept any kind of culture resort, to such barbaric or unlawful activity. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the woman who vallejo police say faked her own kidnapping is back in the bay area tonight to talk with investigators. she disappeared two days but
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turned up in southern california early yesterday. police say her reported kidnapping and ransom demand were a hoax made up by her and her boyfriend, aaron quinn quinn's lawyers say police are wrong. >> i can understand some kind of theory if they're trying to get money out of someone else, but the ransom demands were to his account. >> quinn's lawyer is waiting for toxology reports that he says will prove his client was drugged by kidnappers. >> now we turn to tragic killing of san jose police officer michael johnson we have new information >> the killer cannot take his own life but shot by officer johnson's partner. >> let's begin with vic lee.
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vic? >> reporter: he was one of the first officers to respond to the scene that fateful night. we learned he exchanged gunfire with got dunham. police first said it was a suicide. he was actually killed by an officer who stood his ground under fire and shot dunham in the eye with his rifle. sources tell abc7 news dunham crawled onto the balcony where he died >> he saved lives that day. >> officers on the scene behaved very courageusly amid the shooting. >> the calls continued today.
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this one again in east san jose resulting in arrest of this man, and recovery of a loaded rifle. police responded to a report of domestic violence and possible burglary in pro gress >> the victim said her ex-boyfriend father of her children had broken poo her house last night >> the woman told the dispatcher her ex-boyfriend had beaten her. what followed was a heavy police response, a bear cat armored vehicle and a dozen patrol cars and a s.w.a.t. team. on everyone's mind the fatal shooting ooch we want to make sure we do things thoroughly. and to peaceful resolutions. >> one supervisor had worked with officer johnson and was in his thoughts. >> we have families and wives and kids so you're thinking
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about that. >> the mayor asked for more money to buy breast plates fond patrol cars the city council passed his request the day officer johnson was shot to death. >> after the chief spoke with us he visited the growing memorial for officer johnson. this picture capturing that personal emotional moment. tonight abc7 news reporter david louie is live with how others are expressing their grief over what happened. david? >> >> reporter: many people have gone to social media to post messages of condolences schools, and government buildings lowered flags and this blue light will help more people express their sorrow a campaign is under way for residents to burn blue balls for a week to honor police heros.
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it's one way to join support for the family of officer michael johnson. the leadership of the santa cruz police department did its part today. it knows the pain. one sargent and detective were shot and killed by a suspect two years ago. >> the chief and 15 police officers arrived unanoens unanoens -- unannounced to express their condolences. >> this event is all day and night next thursday. his sister-in-law is an officer. >> we're going to have a barbecue here, a raffle. silent auctions and trying to raise money for the family. >> david whitlock says it's time to show appreciation for officers who risk their lives to protect others he stood on the street as the body was transported to a
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funeral home. >> most time police officers don't get respect or looked at in a positive way in the community. it's my way to show respect to police officers. as well as giving back to the family. going through this hard time. >> johnson's funeral is being planned a public vigil will be held tomorrow night at 8:00 in san jose city hall. >> and we want to take a moment to thank you for showing your support for officer johnson by sharing this facebook badge. 36,000 people are sharing this image from our abc7 news facebook page and we're grateful. >> shoppers in a 7-11 escaped unharmed when an suv smashed into the front of the store. police say the 70-year-old driver was taken to the hospital as a precaution. witnesses say he seemed confused after the accident.
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the store will remain closed for some time. >> badly damaged. >> yes. >> still head marin's unique hospital. why these marine mammal center's role is more important than ever. >> is the current drought california's worst ever? new data says it could be. >> after a day of record warmth across the bay area we'll have doppler 7 showing cooling fog making a return today's hot spots and the cooler weather ahead, in just a moment. >> do you have tax questions? you're watching the right station. i'm michael finney and 7 on your side has answers.
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marine mammal center in sausalito is celebrating 40 years of rescuing animals in distress with a mission to return them to the water like this little guy the center helped about 20,000 mammals since opening in 1975. tremendous work. and this year may provide the biggest challenge yet. >> it neither looks nor sounds like a cold war missle defense base that it used to be. here, they know the mission changed. 40 years ago now hence the celebration of the marine mammal center the work never stops for staff nor for volunteers. >> is there a secret to sorting fish? >> this is small. and this is big. >> it is an absence of fish off
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shore contributing to a large work load due to influx of starving young sea lions. this under weight yearling that became kind of a symbol for the problem. roughly 700 sea lions had been brought in this year, six times average for this season the problem appears to be climate related. >> ocean temperatures are highest ever recorded here. it's making fish move away and north to colder areas. >> sea lions are giving us a warning signal. >> but one small victory at a time. he's due for release next week. wayne freedman abc7 news. >> well if you have questions about your taxes tonight, really it's your night. >> michael finney is standing by
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with our tax experts. you're doing brisk business out there. >> you can call right now. they'll answer your questions. we're taking your questions up until 8:00 today. and we're taking them in three languages, spanish english, and chinese. if you have a relative that speaks a different language, we'll figure it out. joining me is norman golden. and you want to talk about what? >> about people calling in asking about filing returns they haven't filed for a number of years how to file to get refunds. and what i want to tell them is that if they waited too long they may in the be able to get their money back.
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>> so they overpaid they just don't file paper work? >> yes they said i knew i was going to get money back so i haven't filed yet i told them they're only entitled if they file no later than three years from the due date of the return or two years after paying the tax. so one person hasn't filed 2010 return. it's too late. >> 2010 return should have been filed by april 15, 2011. it's now four years. >> so there is a deadline looming out there for not just those paying taxes this year, but years back? >> yes. if they owe money irs can make them pay tax, but if overpaid they won't get the money. >> wow. >> people should file as soon as possible. >> great advice. we get interesting questions here. we want you to call with yours. we're going to be here until 8:00.
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reporting live from the 7 on your side offices i'm michael finney. >> thank you. >> and with deadline to file your tax return approaching, you can get questions answered with the 7 on your side tax hot line. >> thank you. >> well a $1 billion drought emergency bill is on the way to governor brown's desk. the state assembly passed the package today, which will be speed up spending on water projects. the emergency legislation offering relief to agricultural communities that have lost job because of the drought. the same day that shes the dry spell could be the worst in state history. >> yes. yes. bad and they're going to need to spend money fast. no rain is coming any time soon. >> no. it's so warm today. >> yes. >> record highs for this date.
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and absolutely hard to complain about it. we do need some rain. looking across the bay, clear skies now. at lake tahoe, 68 degrees. and gilroy, 90 setting new highs for this date. it's been warm. here already after this day of record warmth, cooling fog returning to portions of the coastline. that pattern continues overnight. blue skies and 88 in morgan hill. this view of blue skies it's 80 in santa rosa.
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petaluma 72. 80 in concord. and fog returns to the coast loont. cooler saturday. there is that big mass of warm air that is reaching peak strength today with our record warmth that will be followed by a cooling pattern tomorrow, saturday. so let's check out what is coming our way. overnight lows into low to mid-50s. north bay valleys upper 40s fairfield, a low of 49. coast, 48. expected low in half moon bay and fog coming back to the coast. here is our forecast animation. fog will have pushed beyond coastline but pulling back to the coast despite pull back of the fog, we'll have cooling sea breeze so cooler tomorrow than
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it was today. taking a look at south bay highs into upper 70s up to about 80s in morgan hill. and low to mid-70s and 60s on the coast. downtown san francisco warming up to 68 tomorrow. north bay upper 70s from santa rosa to sonoma to low to mid-70s inland east bay, upper 70s to around 80. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooler but still warmer than average days coming our way. saturday, then, friday, saturday, then temperatures bouncing up sunday to mid-80s inland. and the remainder of the forecast period, we'll still have above average temperatures. >> up next, the wrestling world tackle bullies in a school. we'll bring you inside of the clags room for the message they're sharing. >> and checking traffic, stop
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and go. metering lights were on. things moving well now. remember that song blinded by the light? not too bad. into the other way i
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the biggest professional wrestling event is this sunday but some of the stars are in san jose focusing on syria business. today, in san jose, these young fans were treated to a different kind of show. >> part of the wwe's be a star
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alliance, they spent time learning about bullying prevention the chief officer among those that were there to educate. >> i can reinforce to messages of them about what i'm doing. it's wrong and bullying. >> a personal connection to a message that he hopes will resonate. >> in school, i would get bullied and scared to go to school. >> representatives from facebook and 49ers stopping by to lend support. >> it doesn't hurt to be nice. you know? so anyone can do that. >> and ultimately good guys that my character is bullying are going to win. they believe in themselves.
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>> people have been trying to turn these people don't they did what they wanted to do. look now. they're doing their dream, what they want. >> in san jose chris nguyen abc7 news. >> well, there is more ahead in our next half hour. stunning revelations in the deadly plane crash in france why investigators are convinced it was the co-pilot that sent his plane into a deadly dive. >> carnage in new york city's east village. what likely set off a powerful explosion that shook manhattan. >> facebook internet
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a stunning development in the investigation into the german linked plane crash in the french alps. officials believe the co-pilot deliberately brought the plane down this, is the photo taken during a visit to the bay area.
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investigators say the recorder picks up screams of passengers the frantic thuds of the pilot trying to get in. and something else the co-pilot calm live breathing, not responding to anything until the moment of impact. >> they're listening to breathing and considering the pattern is consistent with someone conscious, and alert. >> some foreign airlines responded, changing their policies to require two people in the cockpit at all times. on u.s. flights if a pilot leaves to us yoo the bathroom a flight attendant takes his or her seat in the cockpit. >> now, officials think construction work behind gas and plumbing lines may be behind a fire and explosion in new york city. one building collapsed in the fire spread to other buildings. the fire was so big smoke could be seen for miles a second build soing damaged it is still at risk of falling
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tonight. >> overseas the crisis in yemen appears to be escalating as saudi arabia orders air strikes in the community tri. saudi arabia's ambassador to the united states says iran is maying a key role in backing shiate rebels. now, the uncertainty in yemen sent crude prices surging the nasdaq declining 13 points. and s and p 500 lost nearly five points closing the day at 2056. >> facebook is looking towards the future and the sky. jonathan blook was at the facebook's developer's conference for an announcement about putting the cloud up in the clouds. on the second day of it's
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developer's conference facebook talked about the people with no access to internet. face book has been hinting at to for a while. a year ago they published this video. just a concept but this is not. >> this is a solar powered drone. >> this photo from the first test flight. >> 60 to 90,000 feet in the air. and beam down back to internet access >> technology from a start up acquired for the longest solar-powered flight. >> it is a wingspan larger than a 737 plane. >> this is an effort to bring parts of the internet that is impossible. >> people have smart phones but need cheaper data access. >> he says it's a good
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investment for facebook. >> idea is that if it can become the way people get on the internet they'll become loyal users and will make money on them like everybody through advertising. >> no matter which takes if it gets÷ú more people online, it seems things are looking up. >> students at one school have plenty of reason to celebrate. both boys and girls teams are headed to the state championships the top players are from both teams are from east oakland neighborhoods and will go on to play with division one college teams. >> the coach gave a pep talk to the team before the state championship game. for many of these senior who's will embark on a new journey
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this is perhaps the most significant one. the boy's team will be facing southern california's mater dai. >> the feeling of what we've had to go through. you know? in that ring, i deal with the ring. >> two both have been highly recruited so. have two star players for girls teams who attended montera. their coach will rely on point guards. last year, the team was expected to defend the crown but
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disqualified over a technicality. >> we played hard and then nobody could beat us. >> yes. >> coming up all of your tax questions, answered. >> michael finney is here to help. >> seven on your side tax hot line is open. so give us a call with the volkswagen jetta is really fun-to-drive. go for it. okay. wow... woohoo! i'm dreaming... pinch me. no, not while you're driving.
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yours. >> you still have time to call our tax hot line. >> have you done your taxes yet? >> kind of. >> they're being worked on. >> you can a call up here. we're taking questions about anything to do with taxes we're answering these questions if you know someone that needs answers just let us know. we'll take care of that and hook them up over the course of the week. we want to talk about scams going on. here to help me is kelvin
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ramirez. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> scams. you're concerned about this? >> yes. this is a hot topic and one thing that happens a lot. one of the things we should be concerned about for taxpayers and professionals >> so what do we need to watch for? >> irs always starts with a letter, by mail. might troy try to follow up with a few but first contact is by mail. >> so they're never going to call me or e mail me. >> just a letter in the mail. >> these guys convince you we're going to send you to jail. >> right. they'll have phony badge numbers and some lengths might seem
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good. but just be careful. go to and will have what to look out for. >> thank you very much for your time. and they're going to be here until 8:00 so feel free to call between now and then. >> thank you michael. >> knowledge is power. especially when it comes to what you're eating. new wave of technology designed to let you know what you're consuming. >> we're keeping an eye on tract with our live 360 camera. driver back in the city now.
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coming up, stop and go here reaching broadway and san francisco exploratorium here. going back to the other direction. 360. it's slow. so trying to get out of female announcer: through sunday at
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>> if you are what you eat would it be nice to know what is
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in the food and drinks you're consuming? >> it would. and a wave of technology promises to do that, and more. >> we have everything from sports drinks to coffee. >> if you're serious about dieting you can read labels. but drinks a bay area start up called vessel believes there is a better way. just pour any liquid into the cup and sensors analyze the content and beam dooit data to your smart phone. >> this is how much you're consuming. >> the director says the datea provides powerful insight into what users are putting into their bodies >> it's not just diabetes and obesity. there are many conditions.
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you trace back it comes down to what you eat and drink. >> now, a number of competing devices are in development and could give an almost unlimit add built to analyze food or drink. >> i'm going start with this cookie. >> this demonstrates the device this is signed to alert users to potentially harmful allergens >> we also indicate to the consumer by giving them >> noernl offering promises to analyze food and plants and almost any chemical you come into contact with during the
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day. >> you can see protein, fats. >> if they bite or sip, developers believe results could revolutionize the notion of food labeling. giving consumers unprecedented controls over what is in their bodies. >> turning to weather, it's warm today >> it is. spencer christian is back with the forecast. >> yes. very warm is right. here is a look at high temperatures. oakland, 90 in gilroy. sfo, 79 tieing it's record for the date. cooling fog moving into our direction. temperatures down a bit tomorrow. statewide, 85 sacramento. 90 in yosemite. and in the bay area,
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temperatures cooler than average. so upper 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have two cooler days that will taper off into next week. high temperatures will remain above average. >> thank you. >> let's talk warriors basketball. >> right. >> and it's been a special season for the warriors they have set thei
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good evening, warriors number down to three games that means any combination of wins and losses equalling three means west has been won. the warriors raised their banner today. back to the grid they beat the warriors in their meeting this season. >> it's a fun challenge to play on their home floor. win or lose not going to be
7:52 pm
determining much for sure >> you want to feel good. you can see it get better and have done a great job of improving. >> stanford women taking on oklahoma city regional. the cardinals are seeded fourth and coming up a win over oklahoma. they're taking on one of the true super powers. >> you have to do what you did against connecticut. it's good to know they're capable of playing that team. >> touching story involving dean smith. in his will, sent out checks for
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180 checks were played out preferring to keep them for memories of time with coach smith. sharks scoring 15 seconds in. it's 1-0, san jose in a flash. patty marlo now late in the third. so if you have to see a guy dressed in black hanging around the fairmont hotel, it's just the undertaker. i'm and old school wrestling
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guy. give me hull being hogan king kong bundy. the new breed includes the miz. he says he's looking for forward to stepping into the ring. iets going to be incredible. and so i'm going to throw everyone over the top rope. i feel i'm going to win >> interesting first round at the texas open for phil mickelson. and this snaps right off. outside of that, a two under 70. you remember when raiders players started to celebrate against kansas city too soon? this is the soccer version of that.
7:55 pm
and they shoot on the empty net putting the ball in quickly they score and the game ends naturally in a tie. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> thank you. >> join us tonight. if you thought housing prices were out of control wait and see how much smn paid for this fixer upper at 9:00. >> a local safety officer caught on camera throwing punches. >> and at 8:00 it's grey's anatomy, then, we'll be back at 11:00. >> let's check in with michael finney. >> yes. and his team have been hard at work. >> we're going to be here for
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one more hour so i want to thank golden gate society of enrolled agents california society of cpas, united earn it keep it safe it and united latino officials of america. give us a call. i'm michael finney. >> great information. thank you. >> he said phones are ringing off the hook a lot of people have questions so call now. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage of breaking news discontinue as always, on twitter, at abc7 news bay area. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, have a good night. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00 leaving with you a beautiful look outside.
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