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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  March 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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hundreds face eviction from a mobile home park. >> and an east bay court predicament. how it is now costing people their jobs in the bay area. >> that is happening at san jose. we have just learned a search for an escaped inmate has been called off. the inmate is still on the run. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> take a look. here is the fan they've been
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looking for. he was in police custody. >> here where they had been looking. deputies reopening streets in the area. >> the manhunt began around 1:30 this afternoon. listen to what we heard on the police scanner. >> code three. he is in a white shirt northbound. >> david louie joins us live now with the latest. david? >> a much-different scene now that road blocks are down. traffic being allowed to pass by the medical center.
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he overpowered a deputy in a clinic next to the main hospital here. he remains at large after search dogs were bright in to try to find him. sky 7 hd was overhead as word was sent out to reopen the search zones this is from moorepark. and for a while it included a day care center. he is, was under custody facing five counts of child molestation. it became an unnerving time for residents living inside and outside of the zone, saying they're prepared for events just like this one. >> i feel pretty save. there is heavy patrols on so
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it's nothing out of normal. i feel fine. >> doesn't make me happy. i know that is what they have to do. they have to che every square inch. >> the public began calling for possible sightings so it's possible he managed to elude deputies and blood hounds. he was last wearing a green shirt and brown pants he has a goatee and a freshly-shaved head and restrained by waist chains and handcuffs. two deputies have been injured inside of the clinic. another deputy in the streets of san jose the search for carter continues.
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we're live in san jose abc7 news. >> david thank you. >> more late news tonight. new video in to the abc7 newsroom shows where a teenager was rescued from a cliff. this 17-year-old boy slipped down a cliff in an area known as dead man's point. fire officials tell us the boy and friends just taken a picture when the boy tumbled down wearing flip flops the rescue happened about 45 minutes ago the boy is lucky injuries are not serious. mainly cuts to his feet. he may not even need to be hospitalized. >> disturbing video out of oakland unified school district. that is disturbing enough.
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laura anthony is live with the story. >> it's not often that a police chief opens a video but that is what this school chief did. this happened before he became chief. >> we shouldn't be putting our hands on the students. iet happened january 22, 2014. a 15-year-old has been called to the office at fremont high for a meeting. the student stands there and is approached by two school security officers who apparently want him to move. >> you're going to see the jacket come up and talk to him. >> the event shows them.
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>> put his arm around his neck. >> he is troubled not only by officers use of force but video sat in a file for 14 months. in may, this video surfaced showing a school security officer punching a student in a wheelchair. mitchell was fired and goes on trial for felony assault and child abuse. in this case the attorney for the 15-year-old is considering a civil lawsuit, quote there was no reason for security guards to engage with the student at all. and these guards have no business working around children and should be fired. he says he will call for more training and placing two security officers on paid leave and is going to review prior cases. >> every investigation has been conducted by the department.
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>> he will propose the district outfit officers with body cameras. >> in san francisco a big mess after a car crashed into a nail salon. these pictures sent to us by the salon silky nails. no one was injured. the salon is now closed >> a woman spent 30 years in prison will not have to stand trial again thanks to evidence in a series of bay area killings prosecutored dropped charges against kathy woods, now 64 years old. her conviction for killing a reno college student in 1976 was overturned when dna evidence indicated the real killer was this man, a a56-year-old. he is now charged with a string of killings known as gypsy hill
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murders in san mateo county that began barely a month after he was released on bail on a rape charge. >> the father of a 20 month old baby found near a sacramento waterway was arrested on drug and weapons charges unrelated to the death of the baby. police say they found meth, a narcotics pipe and ammunition in his home. he'd just been released on wednesday. his mother is charged with involuntary manslaughter. a santa rosa man pleaded to secretly photographing female co-workers in the rest room and put pictures of two women on line line. he may have to now register as a sex offender for life.
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>> the long labor dispute at west coast ports is offer but some say you'd never know it. >> the companies say the work slow down is history but headaches are far from forever. and the goal is to get them as quickly as she can long moremen are working nights and weekends. >> by have ships and truck trailers all in places we don't want them. >> frustration is hard to describe. >> dave weber's company distributes imported coffee means throughout the bay area.
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but there has been few cargo shipments available. >> i anticipate that will take. some workers have been laid off as a result. >> how are things at the port of oakland? >> slow. >> he has been spending the day just waiting for the log jam to end. >> for a trucker to do a transaction should take 45 minutes from the time he arrives until the time he leaves. >> right now, today we're taking about five hours. yesterday, six hours. >> there is a lot of work to do. we need to win their trust back.
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>> many have run out of patience. >> still to come, actor harrison ford's crash landing. a federal investigation is now underway. >> six kidney transplants in two days. how they're doing next. a bay area college student almost loses everything to a new group, targeting baby-sitters. >> looking at western skies. we might see fog there. i'll have the accu-weather
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which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. this is a look at sky 7 hd. the search for an escaped inmate has been called off and streets are now reopened you can see the traffic is open the inmate is an accused child molester. we'll have breaking news up tats on twitter.
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a young humpback whale has washed ashore. his picture taken by lucy woodley for santa cruz sentinel. she says she saw the whale floating yesterday but today it has beached itself. there is no word on how, or why the whale died. >> final surgeries in a rare kidney swap wrapped up today in san francisco. it was the largest kidney donation chain in california pacific medical center history. doctors say all were successful. >> everyone is doing well. and in terms of operations donors are making their way around the hospital at this point. you know? getting up moving around. and recipients feel great. iet came about because of a single donor and a software
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program created by a san francisco man >> people need transplants and a number of those have living donors that are incompatible with them. >> out of six patients, the longest wait has two and a half years. >> that is remarkable on many levels >> harrison ford's plane has been removed from the golf course where it crashed yesterday the injured 72-year-old has not within able to speak with investigators his publicist says he will make a full recovery. >> loss of engine power requires the pilot basically transition into a glider. >> investigators say that is what harrison ford had to deal
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with. >> when you land, you need to pick the best spots there are. >> just before 2:30 p.m near santa monica airport. owe officials say a doctor rushed to hip >> we tried to stabilize his neck. we were able to safely get him out of the plane. >> it's a bizarre day. >> the big question is it's too early to determine the cause of
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the fail. >> you're looking at flight controls and engine and instrumentation. >> the plane was moved this morning. the fact he survived is a success. >> any time a human being can survive an accident with a device is a good day. >> investigators say a preliminary report will be released in a month. >> final preparations for chinese new year parade in san francisco. this is the year of the ram. 100 floats and groups will take part in the parade including a 268-foot dragon taking about 100 people to carry.
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>> and mayor ed lee raised the irish flag to celebrate irish heritage. and michael finney will host the parade live on saturday. >> should be fun. >> yes. >> and good weather. >> if it's anything like this weekend. >> i see no significant change coming our way. fog may roll in. that is about it. taking a look at high temperatures, we've had 76 in santa rosa. 68 on the coast. live doppler 7 showing us clear skies across the bay area now.
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66 across the bay in oakland. 70 in antioch. and there is the after glow of the western sky. clear tonight, chilly inland. mild to warm and so here is a familiar picture high pressure a big strong dominant ridge bringing us mild weather. let's do a forecast animation at 10:00. into the day and evening hours, fog moving from north to south. and a cooling influence on sunday. it will be warm inland. overnight, clear skies chilly with lows in the mid to upper
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30s. it will be cool around the bay and coast. 76 in los gatos. peninsula, highs in mid-70s. 75 in palo alto. and 65 in the sunset district. 76 in santa rosa. 76 napa. 73 in san rafael. highs into low to mid-70s as well. and inland east bay, 75 in concord and livermore, here is the accu-weather recast. mild patterns continue with very
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little change we'll have cloudy skies but no rain expected to accompany clouds. dry pattern continues. >> coming up next, oakland rich lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday.
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>> negotiations about to begin to build a new stadium for the raiders in oakland. today, the team signed a one-year lease extension worth $400,000 to play next season. the agreement clears the way for the city and team to get serious about hammering out a deal. >> we needed to complete in order to buy the time to finish the long term deal. which includes real estate components. >> raiders said the team is
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looking to moving to southern california if no deal is reached. >> for decades oakland had a scene called the harlem of the west. now, it's being honored and 88 plaques remember music greats all played at clubs that line 7th street. >> you can leave something for your kids and grandchildren. >> the blues society raised $120 for the walk of fame. >> there is more still to come tonight. a symbol of the need for
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affordable housing in silicon valley >> apple joins an exclusive club on wall street. >> and the heart breaking story of a woman in need of a wheelchair.
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we continue to follow breaking news this hour in san jose. police are still looking for an escaped inmate. he's an accused child molester.
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streets are now opening back up, and that is where abc7 news is live for us with the latest. >> they ran out of clues they have been here over four hours, using all kinds of tools and dogs to search an area north of the valley medical center. and they did not find him in this confined area with interstate 280 north and # 17 interchange on the other side. after the searching they did not behind him so they are facing
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dusk and he will be able to move around easier without detection >> david, thank you. the tide may be turning for 400 people facing eviction from a mobile home park. hundreds of community members are expected in a rally as the battle turns into a symbol for affordable housing. why it is fighting government attention and money. this is the last mobile home park in palo alto. >> i like this place. it's a safe place to live. and must family is here. >> the four and a half acre park is a hodge poj of rvs, neatly-kept homes and a few studio apartments the rent is roughly a third of
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the average but the owner wants to sell. >> everything you know is going to disappear. >> she and her husband came back to this community she says if the park closes almost none of residents can afford to stay in the area. >> people are going to lose their jobs, kids have to move schools. >> buena vista has been owned by a family for 30 years. they've been trying three years to close the park and sell the land for luxury apartments. the property may be worth as much as $30 million. the nonprofit law foundation of silicon valley is representing residents for free. >> it's symbolic of how many working class families and families of color are being forced out of silicon valley. >> city regulations require the owner compensate current residents if the park loss but
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while this fight drags on a plan is taking ship to preserve the land for affordable housing. >> people are realizing these folks are seen shall part of our daily success as a city, counties and region runs on their labor. >> momentum is growing the board of supervisors authorized $8 million to help find a solution. and the palo alto city manager also set aside $8 million. now, the search is forn other partners. >> i don't think we know what the solution looks like now. it could be a mix of housing as well as mobile homes. >> i'm worry bud we keep fighting. >> an attorney for the owner sent an e mail saying the city
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should and can build affordable housing for residents but that is not the job of the mobile homeowner. >> residents are planning a rally before the city council meeting and are asking the community for support. >> in two weeks apple will replace atat on the dow jones industrial intex. and will give technology more weight. that is the number we track every day. apple went up lightly.
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>> the last thing a person need is a conartist. >> yes. this is a real heart breaker. it could have been. this student is working hard to put herself through school and wanted a part time job. she got targeted for a scam. >> lauren struggles to get by. >> dineed extra money. >> she carries a load of classes and squeezes in a part time job at whole foods market. still, cash is short. >> so i signed up on >> she got an exciting offer. >> a woman named helen. >> a woman needed a nanny and offered good pay, but what got to her is her heart breaking story. >> i a lot of my husband and
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four month old baby from the accident. >> the woman said she was deaf, her son disabled and she needed help. . >> i wanted to cry. dicry a little bit. she'd just lost a husband and baby. >> lauren e mailed back she'd love the job. >> then, without meeting me she said i was hired. >> it seemed odd. >> her boyfriend said this isn't real. get your head out of your butt. i said no. this is real. and i wanted to help out. >> she sent me a check through fed-ex for $3,000. >> she was supposed to deposit the check, keep $300 and send the rest to the company. >> i drove to the bank and deposited the check. >> she noticed atm receipt
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the deposit delayed three weeks. lauren notified the woman. >> she told me she needed me to loan her $500 that is when i got skeptical. >> turns out it was a scam. and the check is fake and the family fake and says it's added security measures hike a message system looking for fraud. and a spokesperson said overpayment scams are often targeted including care givers and we research processes to improve the safety of our site. lauren knows she came close to disaster. >> i'd have to sell my car and get another part time job. i don't have $3000.
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>> didn't happen. >> any time someone sends you a big check and tells you to send part somewhere else it's a fraud. i posted those tips. just click on the tab and select 7 on your side. yes. >> thank you. >> sure. >> a reminder for everyone daylight savings begins this sunday
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a freak accident recovering a shoe lace tonight. an accident sent sophia angelini to the nurse's office. then the er and to a specialist at stanford. well doctors found she'd broken off a piece of her kidney. doctors gave her home work assignments. >> there is lots of pressure. >> if all goes well she'll return to school in two weeks.
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>> 100,000 people including some from here in the bay area are expected in selma, alabama to mark the anniversary of bloody sunday 84 people were injured during a march, met with tear gas and beatings after refusing an order to disperse the president recalled sacrifice of the freedom marchers in south carolina today. >> selma is now, about the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they believe they can change the country. >> tomorrow, you'll be joined by >>
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this is what the bay bridge will look like for 10 or 11 months looking live, the light sculpture was turned off to be replaced with a permanent
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display. and caltrans plans to do maintenance on the cables and it should be up and running in time for super bowl 50. >> professional business women holds a conference next week. one goal is to support business leaders. >> salia bay is a freshman who understands why many black students avoid uc berkeley. >> i see potential but a lot of them are like what does berkeley have to offer me? >> by coming here, bay knew she'd send a powerful message to students younger than her. she's part of the black recruitment and retention program at cal. it started here at oakland tech.
7:45 pm
bay continues to mentor students at under served communities which connects students with leaders at uc berkeley. >> once a week she tell girls in middle school anything is within research. >> middle school is not everything. >> that won her a scholarship. every 4, 4 scholarships are warded. >> helping them create funts for networking with other women to see support structures progressing into their careers. >> i want to come back to
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oakland, my home, and help just recreate business within the community. >> in berkeley, abc7 news. >> next week's conference will be on tuesday. you can still get on the waiting list. go abc7 >> late news from berkeley just coming in. a new possible measles case. >> officials say a man with measles symptoms was at the library friday saturday and friday >> the city wants anyone at the library to monitor themselves until march 21st. >> right. >> let's turn to weather we'll hit the weekend with gorgeous weather. >> clear skies across the bay area and 80s in los angeles and
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palm springs. mild with highs into low to mid-70s around the bay and inland. and tomorrow evening, it will be a lovely evening with temperatures 62 degrees at the time it begins and dropping just a few degrees during the evening. we'll have a mild and dry week ahead with just a few more clouds in the sky last week. >> let's talk about sports. >> marshon lynch is all about that action, boss. and bunch a money.
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good evening marshon lynch might have a new phrase i'm coming back and i will get paid. believed to be worth $12 million for the upcoming 2015 season. and started cal, 1300 yards and
7:51 pm
13 touchdowns. . and he can't let go. giants and rangers today first inning. casy mcgee scored with the giants and a solo shot to left. giants crush rangers. womens' hoops a flip off glass had 18. nice pass in there. a 12-point lead. ucla paul liena ursular may have been tipped in there way short.
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griping and ripping on eight, launching for a ten for ten. his approach for tapping eagle. two holes later bunker up and down perfectly. two eagles with four under five behind the leader. robert gurerro is fighting undefeated tomorrow night. and collin rush talked about the bout. >> you know you learn a lot. >> it was the case for robert
7:53 pm
gererro. one time for his knockout prowss. he says he'll show the same respect as may weather did for him. >> it's one of those didn't come here to win. >> you've never been knocked out there is a contrast there. >> you know this poses a challenge. >> after mayweather he's seen it all. nothing will come as a surprise. >> he got some tactics under his belt. but it's how you react to it. you have to take care of business. to me it sounds like he's on the defensive.
7:54 pm
>> like i said it's how you react. we're going to see when i hit him. >> thurman says he'll go for broke. that is what the ghost is counting on. >> i bring experience. and in the bay area, we're stuff out here. like something out of star wars, a high-powered laser weapon. >> following breaking news out of the south bay. a molestation expect that escaped custody. >> finely tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. if the trend continues one person will be shot and killed in oakland by sunday one person is murdered there every third day. one of the people was
7:55 pm
14-year-old davon ellis, a well thought of young man shot down for no apparent reason thankfully, police have a suspect in custody, they say. like everyone who knew him, his uncle is devastated calling him a nice, humble kid and a great athlete with great parents. todd walker worked for years to reduce violence to protect people like his young nephew and asking a provocative question. where are the protestors now? you haven't seen one of them. it is appropriate to use force but what's happening on the streets of oakland other cities is unacceptable. and compel all of us to decide enough is enough and mean it.
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when matters are wasted young lives. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. >> very mild to warm. we'll see coastal fog around the bay, temperatures dropping on sunday. >> and thanks for joining us. >> from all of us we'll see
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