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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> tonight, people in the path of a river of rain. >> looking at clouds darkening ahead of the storm which may be arriving soon. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. a crisis on the coast tonight. local business owners are feeling the pinch of a slow down at the port. >> some innovative start up that's become some day household names. >> sandbags are in place toond indoorways and store fronts throughout the north bay achlt powerful pineappl is due to arrive any time now. >> so here we go. right now this storm is bearing
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down on the sonoma county coast. >> the rain and winds will arrive by mid day tomorrow, south bay will get wet tomorrow afternoon. >> let's turn to spencer christian. >> from this view looks like threatening. all we have right now is a bunch of clouds but widening out you can see there is rain developing to the north. wind damage may see up to ten inches of rain. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the entire north bay and a wind advisory for the entire bay area from 4:00 a.m tomorrow to 4:00 a.m saturday. winds can gust as high as 50 miles per hour or stronger with potential for downed power lines and trees.
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we'll see pockets of rain along the golden gate. this will be mainly a north bay event we'll see a fury of the bay area. >> and carolyn heelsberg got hit hard in december. >> yes too much of a good thing. this community has vineyards here so they want the rain just not the way it slammed into them in december. >> there is a run on sandbags nobody wants a repeat of december, eight inches of rain caused the creek to overflow. flooding two dozen businesses including a restaurant. >> it was later up to the wall last time, in december but we're all sandbagged up.
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>> december was surreal with a flooded lot turning into a river for rafters. this 87-year-old and her daughter were filling up sandbags. >> it's better to be prepared and see what happens. >> we're in girl scouts the motto is be prepared. >> they're prepared at the store on heesberg avenue. before they didn't have sandbags and had to close because of the damage. >> no taking chances? >> no. no. if we have to lay in front of the door, we will. >> city and county declared a staft of emergency, hoping to qualify for state, or federal
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aid that could help businesses. the city manager says now as they brace for next few days of rain staff is being pro active. >> and is scheduling staff to work around the weekend. >> in march wrin county, sandbags are now available at two dozen locations we have them listed for you. some have merchants have taken some. drains and gutters have been cleared and caltrans is ready to close roadways if they flood. >> december's storm proved to be a headache to pg and e knocking out power to 200,000 customers. today today, the utility was busy trimming trees and the
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trees have wrapped their branchs an distribution lines. pg and e is urging people to report trees littening lines. >> folsom street is making sure the shoerm won't cause the same damage. businesses stocked up on sandbags this morning. this area is prone to flooding. they plan to stack higher than usual to keep water out. >> it's better safe than sorry. second flood is five sandbags high. >> two blocks away, workers were clearing out dirt and grime. >> if you haven't loan loaded the weather app, you can follow
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the storm on live doppler seven hd. >> we could have a rageor economic crisis because of a work slow down. a contract impass between managers has tripled operations from seattle to oakland to long beach. abc7 news reporters have team coverage on this tonight. this is a beginning. >> that is right. this coffee warehouse is one of many businesses impacted by the labor dispute. they tell me they've had to cut their deliveries by 75%. others have had to stop products altogether.
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>> there is nothing typical because much of the product is on the bay on a ship. the center supplies green coffees and teas to roasters around the area. >> it's making it available for roasters so everybody is frustrated. >> weber told us he's had to impose layoffs on imemployees. >> normally this section would be stacked. >> fairfield stepped up to turn regular bikes into electric vehicles but hasn't received a shipment in three months. >> small business like mine i planned for down times
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there comes a point to shut down. >> with this shipment does not have customers wanting conversion kits for bikes at this point he has no idea when this will end. last he heard the container is stuck this long beach and if he can't supply customers he worries he won't be able to feed his family. >> i'm frustrated knowing that an organization uses my family as a negotiating tool. he asked a shipping company if he can take a trailer to long beach and pick up components himself the answer was no. >> david, what is at the heart of the dispute? >> well this has to do with an ongoing negotiation stretching out now for nine months.
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truck drivers say they're caught smack dab in the middle of the dispute. they have no stake. loading and unloading containers with billions of cargo inside but the long shoremen have been without a contract since last july. there is no new deal after nine months of talks. both sides have been talking tough, threatening to shut down 29 ports as early as next week. dock workers have been engaged in apparent work slow down. trucker that's get paid for containers say they're losing money because fewer are moving. >> go and do something about it. customers are losing load. drivers losing their wage. these people don't do nothing
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about it. >> they earn $250 to $1500 for each container. >> if we're not bringing anything out, we're not getting paid so it costs us and it is stressful. >> a dozen ships anchored in the bay are waiting to unload cargo from asia. >> without an arbitration, yubin can do whatever they want. that includes staging devastating slow downs up and down the coast. >> that has the group threatening to shut down the ports. the last time was in 2002. >> it would be foolish. ports are moving and congested but they're moving and a shut down would be a disaster. >> contract talks continue in san francisco. at the port of oakland, david louie, abc7 news. >> a man arrested for molesting an 8-year-old girl in a $0.99
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store is a registered sex offender who committed an identical crime five years ago. how police found him quickly. >> the suspect was arrested last night. he's a registered sex offender. and oakland police sargent checked the state data base and found he lives near the $0.99 store where the 8-year-old girl was molested on sunday afternoon. investigators say a man touched the girl inappropriately in the toy section. sargent nelson says they're able to connect to that sexual assault. >> he had an ankle bracelet put him in about the $0.99 store at the time the crime occurred. >> images from a camera show a man whom investigators say is the suspect, walking out of the store after the incident.
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they found he went to prison for committing an identical crime five years ago at walmart store. >> he was in the toy aisle. and grabbed an 8-year-old girl put his hands down her pants. she ran and told her mother. he was tackled by a good samaritan. >> shoppers were relieved at the news. >> i'm glad they caught it. i hope they'd deserve time in jail. >> do not leave babies in the aisles themselves. >> so in the end it was a combination of good police work and a data base that keeps track of sex offenders that led to the arrest. >> police at san francisco state are trying to find the man who groped a student this morning. she says he grabbed her and pulled her into bushes and
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groped her. she had noticed him hanging out near the student center before the attack. >> an east bay man has been charged with embezzling $20,000 from the pleasanton little league. he quit when the investigation began in december. he is suspected of using baseball money to take his family on vacation. police say he tried to pay it back but didn't have enough money. >> still to come here a high-speed chase through the california desert. >> double trouble at school. concerns among parents of some local high school students sharing their campus. >> and tonight a twist on a measles outbreak and an important message to parents if you haven't had your child vaccinated. >> coming up on 7 on your side a new way to pay
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bulldo mattress discounters presidents day sale ending? get up to four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! and, get a queen size serta mattress and box spring set for just $397. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ >> we want to show you how a high-speed chase in the desert came to an end. authorities rammed this car a
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number of times before coming to a stop the chase went on around 20 minutes north of los angeles. officers took two people inside into custody. it is not clear why they had to start chasing them. >> some parents of students at one san francisco high school are concerned about their kids' safety after a student showed up with a gun. there is a meeting tonight to try to come up with solutions. leanne? >> issue is that o'connell high school is sharing its facilities with a continuation high school and there have been problems now, the meeting is just wrapping up and there are some disgrunteled parents. aracelli was shocked to receive this e mail that reads i just wanted you to know the school is on lock down. something with a kid, brought a gun to school. well, that is what we're hearing the police isn't telling us
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anything. just know i'm okay. and i love you guys >> i was worried but there is nothing i can do. >> the high school has been a mdel school but another school moved here while construction goes on at their location wells is a continuation high school for students who want to get a high school diploma. >> they never had problems you know? and once they moved, police have been in the school every week. >> the incident involved a student from wells the police report states the student was detained for possession of a deadly weapon with intent to assault the student resource officer and security had been told of the weapon by another student. they acted quickly. the school district just told parents we're committing to creating a safe children for
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students. >> they were calling homes late into the evening and taking a charge mostly around school safety and you know how are we going to continue to support our community moving forward? >> tonight 150 parents showed up concerns they're supposed to share with wells until december 2015. most want the district to find another location. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> san francisco's only all-male prep school is dealing with a scandal tonight. the principal -- >> how did it come up? >> look at this. look at this. what do you think about this
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one? huh? that is how it comes up. you know? like it's no big deal. >> two teacher accuse the principal of showing them a racy video involving a student. the school says it investigating twice and they're false. the i team investigates what happened on abc7 news at 11:00. >> hope you can tune in. one of the tallest trees in berkeley is about to be chopped down. here it is. it's a 144 foot eucalyptus that has been red tagged. the problem is that a fungus has caused fears the tree could come crashing down. no date has been set for its removal. it's a big one. >> yes. we hope this trees stay standing throughout the storm coming our way. >> yes. it's baring down on the north coast. spencer christian is tracking it
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closely. >> heavy rain and there could be trees toppling. clouds are thickening now. rain is approaching north coast and just pointed out we don't have rain hitting the ground yet. we've got mid to upper 50s inland. so taking a look at emeryville camera, cloudy skies. forecast features, rain arriving in the north bay tonight. spreads across the north bay, and into morning hours we'll see heavy rain and gusty winds and so going to last until next week. starting shortly. there is a second storm arriving on sunday in between two, a little bit of a let up in activity. not a dry break but showers in between two systems so what is going to continue. starting at 7:00 this evening
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notice spotty showers this evening we'll see rainfall spreading and by 10:00 in the morning reaching south and eastward into san francisco on to peninsula. and into east bay. it's going to be messy bear that in mind by saturday morning about 11:00 we'll see it tapering off just a bit after a brake. we'll probably have rainfall to ten inches 3 to 6 across the north bay. 1 to 3 inches throughout the central part of the bay area. and to five inches in santa cruz mountains. winds getting gustier as well. starting at 11:00 tonight,
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notice by 8:00, 5:00 in the morning winds on the coast gusting over 45 miles per hour in spots. and oakland 36 in san francisco. saturday is going to start out as a windy day and winds continue into evening hours. this is a wild storm up to a foot of snow. overnight, clouds thicken and tomorrow high temperatures. upper 60s may develop. wet weather continuing on saturday. periods of rain scattered showers will be a rainy day sunday. showers lingering into monday morning and then we'll get clearing tuesday with sunny, mild days next wednesday,
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thursday. so brace yourselves >> you can use free abc7 weather app and a feature let's you share pictures of the weather. >> you can access by tapping these lines on the top left >> and choose to take a photo. >> and this afternoon, we created it. the process takes about five sends. >> coming up next, hunter
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parking will be off limits during chinese new year celebration. these signs between broadway ant sacramento. vendors will be up against the curb selling candies and everything one needs to celebrate lunar new year. pedestrian safety is a big children. >> if we follow it when it's red and not jaywalk we're going to stay safe. >> there will be extra police officers patrolling chinatown to cut down on crime. >> in day when you get pulled
7:27 pm
over for speeding, an officer will ask for a smart phone. security and pry vagsy would be built into it. you can get a hard copy of the license. >> there is no such thing as off season if you're a star outfielder for the world champ. fans snapped photos and selfies with pence. >> that is fun. >> we're going to bring an important message that could help convince you kids should get a national shot. >> hackers break into insurance
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a powerful voice joined a push to get children vaccinateed against measles. the group released a statement saying vaccines do not cause autism. the organization strong stance is an attempt to debunk the myth linking childhood vaccinations to autism. some lawmakers want owe give parents no choice but to vaccinate. >> you can find schools where 30% or 40% of the children are not fully vaccinateed. >> outbreak spread to a chicago area day care facility. two infants were dying niezed with measles today. >> state attorney general issued a consumer alert in response to a data breech. if you're one of the 80 million customers you may have been hacked. cyber criminals have moved
7:32 pm
beyond. >> it a biggest health insurer. anthem's ceo is among victims targeted. >> anthem said it was from the outside. the insurance giant confirmed hacker stole birthdays home actresses and employment information that can with used for identity theft. the company says there is no evidence credit card or medical information was compromised. today, jackie speier released a statement. >> this attack could become a nightmare for millions of
7:33 pm
customers. >> law enforcement sources tell abc news that hackers sell stolen information. president obama asked to pass legislation that promotes better information sharing. >> we've got to stay ahead of those. >> all customers should be on high alert for signs of fraudulent activity. >> tonight radio shack filed for bankruptcy protection, said it has struck a deal to purchase up to 2400 of the 4,000 stores and sprint, the phone company will set up shop in most of them. twitter made almost $80 million in profits.
7:34 pm
investors aren't happy about how fast it's growing. a pretty good day on wall street the dow gained 200 points. >> there is a new way to buy tires. >> it may not add up if you have a limited income. >> yes. rent to own tires. >> it's best known for furniture, tvs and appliances you don't buy on credit sh you pay to rent. if you pay long enough you own the item. >> noel keeps his car nice but tires were worn. he lives in salinas a new job, a good paying job was over the hills, up the coast just above santa cruz in scots
7:35 pm
valley. 40 miles each way 80 miles per day, 40000 miles per week. his tires couldn't do it. >> going through hard times. so just barely got a job. >> he had no money to buy tires and no credit to finance them. >> low monthly payment. no interest. >> tires with low payments and no interest? yes. he didn't finance the tires he rented them. here at rent a wheel. >> you have to make a payment every week. >> weekly not monthly. rent a wheel is a major player. banks don't operate in this world. check cashing places do. so do pawn shops here financing is through pay day loans prepaid debit cards take the
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place of credit cards. it can be an expensive way to go through life. look at this wheel deal. $1102 cash or 90 days same as cash. payments are $42.40 per week, 52 weeks if the customer goes that long, the price comes in at $2200 how are those with low income supposed to pay twice as much as the rest of us? >> more people have the economic stress they maybe didn't have 20 or 30 years ago. >> this senator is concerned some operators are taking advantage of their customers. with long contracts and high he r prices. florida based r and r tires is
7:37 pm
eyeing the bay area and would like to have a store here, soon the owner says renting has advantages. >> if you change your mind they bring them back and boom they don't owe anything. no debt incurred >> but in the world of tires, what goes around comes around. if the customer doesn't make the payment, those tires westbound repossessed. james is a customer that didn't need tires he wanted cool rims. >> i just had heart surgery number one i didn't have money like i wanted to. i just relocated as far as my apartment. and what i decided to do, i wanted wheels on my new car. >> for james it was an option. for noelle, something else. >> what would you have done for tires? >> some used tires.
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>> remember, if you keep maininging a payment, you're going to pave something like double. >> good to know. thank you. >> sure. >> coming up the pope's outlook on
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immigration. u.s. attorney general eric holder trying to build trust between law enforcement and communities of color. the attorney general says everyone involved, around this
7:41 pm
issue wants the same thing. >> people want to feel they're treated in a fair way. police officers who we have talked to have said the same thing they want to feel safe. they're doing their jobs. >> holder pointed to new regulations on profiling and police wearing body cameras as a direction to improve conditions. >> pope francis will be making history when he comes to the united states later this year, accepting an invitation to address a joint session of congress september 24th. will be the first pope ever to speak to congress. and unissue, conditions along u.s. mexico border.
7:42 pm
he calls them inhuman. in a letter the pontiff appears to welcome my grants and says he wanted to enter through a mexico border crossing as a sign of brotherhood but his schedule wouldn't allow it. >>
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titans of tech are coming for the 8th annual crunchies. among the nominees, apple pay in the best technology achievement category. the game kim kardashian hollywood or can't stop won't stop and best start up of 2014, uber. some others are companies or people you might not know about. abc7 news entightens us. >> in front of the hall they're rolling out the green carpet.
7:46 pm
>> what began as a friendly competition turned into a competition. with a who's who of silicon valley. >> it's not always this big player that wins >> crunchies have grown so do people coming are from fatherer and farther away. they're up against apple pay and space x. >> we're the under dog. >> there is no giant card board check. the big prize is getting to say you won. for a small company, it can make
7:47 pm
a big difference. >> there is a really dedicated team. >> go see what a person did to process the photo. >> they're competing with apps like spotify. crunchies are decided by ordinary users. >> our community we love them they love us. >> just being nominated makes these teams winners. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> and you can see the real oscars right here on abc7 on february 22nd. >> let's update the weather the storm approaches quickly. >> yes. spencer christian is tracking it. spencer? >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd.
7:48 pm
moving towards mendocino into northern sonoma county. it's going to bring us a wave of rain overnight. and going to sweep south ward and eastward. heavy rain and sunny skies down south. here in the bay area, wet overnight and early morning hours in the north bay. by afternoon, gusty winds around 50 miles per hour. and going to be a messy afternoon and evening commute. here is the accu-weather forecast.
7:49 pm
second storm sunday making for another rainy day. showers lingering into monday and clearing and mild conditions. >> great. thank you. >> let's talk golf. >> it is a little golf but that is all he's able to play today. another set back for tiger woods.
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good evening, tiger woods shut it down again after finishing dead last in phoenix his back just locked up on him. woods has withdrawn three times two fog delays this morning he stood around and that chip starts with a bogey. grimacing on the tee shot. and you think he's figured it out, he's back. >> and he's fighting through the
7:53 pm
pain and on the 11th hole of the day just airmails it over the gene. so takes double bogey and thinking i'm pretty much done here. and had this to say afterwards. >> just my glutes shut me off. they don't activate and goes into my lower back. i try to activate my gluts as best i could. but they never stayed activated. >> key to good golf is ak ti vating your glutes i guess. shot of the day there 159 yards out for eagle. former 49er and inducted hall of
7:54 pm
famer has five super bowl rengs hailey appeared on something called talk of fame and asked if he was a gm would he choose joe montana or tom brady, he added joe didn't have to cheat referring to deflate gate and hailey did not stop there. >> i've lost respect when your integrity is challenged all of his footballs are tainted. nobody believes it's by accident i'm not going to take one of the ring as way from him but it's sad it has to be taken like people are doing right now. >> fresh off steph curry's 51.9
7:55 pm
warriors will face the hawks tomorrow. they will be participating if festivities in new york competing against jj reddic, james harden, and marco bellinelli. today there is video of curie. >> the league wanted me tobt first to tell you you needed to make a three-point shoot out. >> one of us have got to get it done. >> you don't want to have your coach, out shooting you. abc7 sports brought to you by
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the bank of the west. steve kerr is the all time leading shooter in nba history. >> nice. >> thank you. >> well join me tonight at 9:00, we're in for a dramatic change in weather. update on the forecast that is tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 >> and at 11:00 prep school scandal. investigating claims by teachers that the principal showed them pictures of naked women and a video involving a student. dan noyes with what happened. >> tonight here on abc 7 tgit. we have grey's anatomy, scandal and how to get away with murder then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> you can get all prograg on your smart phone, tablet or computer. >> that is this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on twitter, we appreciate your time. >> from t t why don't you come in
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and sit down. - okay. - the principal will be right with you. - thank you. - mm-hmm. ( sighs ) boy, being called into the principal's office - really takes me back. - just remember, it's not yours. you were just holding it for a friend. so why do you think the principal called you in here? what do you think sam did? probably nothing. she's such an innocent kid. sometimes i wonder
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