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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  January 24, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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>> i. in the hope this weekend for antiabortion activist marching the streets of san francisco. seek national oakland. acknowledge open forum. >> enseason blow warm weather drew people to the beach but they were forced to stay out of the water. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> thank you for joining us. check out the huge waves crashing down on ocean beach in san francisco today. the coast guard patrolled the area to make sure beach goers were safe. a high surf advisory was issued along the coast from sonoma county big sur. beach gores are being told to be careful because two sets of
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waves can stack up in accept cruz similar sight, white crested waves. for more about the waves and weather here's meteorologist drew tuma with live doppler 7hd. >> you couldn't ask for better beach weather on this saturday but the waves were churning and will be high through sunday. so high surf advisory in effect until sunday afternoon at 3:00. current wave heights anywhere from anyone to pen feet, wave heights up to 15 feet are possible through sunday. that means breakers washing over large rocks and jeties and with the active ocean current that means rip currents will be on the strong side. e ooh big story is the high temperatures we had today. both san jose and oakland setting new records in the lower 70s, and even warmer air is set to arrive for sunday. so the warmup is in the middle of it. >> as drew just said,
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record-breaking temperature in oakland today by one degree from this day last year. those enjoying lake merritt felt a high of 72. >> always nice to have a day in january where you can come out to the lake earlier you can wear shorts and tank tops-especially since we had all that rain. so it's been nice. >> abc7 news spoke to many people out and about today so i though they love the warm weather, they now the bay area need moore rain. >> oakland ski steadiers and community activists met to seek common ground. the activists want the city to strengthen policy condemning police brutality against minorities and allow them to protest without facing arrest. sergio quintana is live in oakland with more. reporter: this is a forum that was supposed to wrap up an hour ago but is still going on. this was planned about a month ago, back in december, at the height of the black lives matter protests here in the bay area.
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this afternoon forum was questioned by city council president. it included remarks from congresswoman barbara lee. one of the sessions examined studies on prognosis interactions with people of color in oakland. one of the more spirited and controversial moments came when council members called up protesters who chained themselves together during a black lives matter protest on a b.a.r.t. platform in november. their action shut down b.a.r.t. service for two hours. the council member brooks asked b.a.r.t. members to sign a policemen to have the charges against the appropriateses dropped. >> the $70,000 in restitution not be asked for and that no community service or restore -- any sort of justice be sought. >> at this time i cannot make that commitment. reporter: that is b.a.r.t. board member, robert rayburn, walking away. he says he was sympathetic to the protesters but also said these charges are in the hands
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of the district attorney, rayburn said the justice system has to take its course. the forum did come up with suggestions that are going to be shared with the larger city council during its regular session on february 3rd. reporting live at oakland city hall i'm sir gentlemen quintana. >> thousands of anti-abortion rights protesters marched through san francisco today. they came from all over the country to push for change to u.s. law and were met with resistance. cornell bernard is now live from san francisco. reporter: this year's walk for life brought huge numbers of people don't market street today and strong opinions from both sides. it began with a rally at civic center. thousands of anti-abortion advocates calling for it to be outlawed. steve and mary came from auburn with four kids. >> tell society their there choices other than abortion for pregnancy that are unexpected or
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unplanned. >> we support each other. and we shouldn't have to -- we should not be forced to support something we don't believe in. [chanting] >> an estimate eat thousand people then joined the walk for life west coast and headed down market street. >> to save life. >> the annual march coincides with the anniversary of roe v. wade the supreme court decision which legalized abortion. recently house republicans passed a bill to tighten federal restrictions on abortion but president obama warned he will veto. >> he is the president but that doesn't mean we can't take stand for righteousness. >> a small group of proabortion rights advocates tried to shout the marchers down. the police stool between the two sides. [chanting]
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>> we're here against all restrictions on safe legal abortion and we also are here for child care here for health care and we're here for women to be able to make full informed choices. trying to take away a fundamental right for women is just oppressive and doesn't make any sense to me. >> strong beliefs on both sides about this march was peaceful in san francisco cornellber marked abc7 news. >> works in an el sew brantty liquor store are cleaning up after car smashes the front window. the volvo crashed into the kick core store at 10:00 a.m. the driver was parking his car, got distracted while talking on his cell phone and hilt the gas. the car shattered the front door glass and knocked over a lottery machine inside, causing $3,000 in damage. no one was hurt including the driver. a woman is in jail accused in a hit-and-run crash that killed an 84-year-old woman acrossing the street in oakland.
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police arrested 30-year-old ann park this morning. she is booked in jail in dublin and has a court hearing scheduled monday morning. new details involving san francisco's castro district recently hit with a string of arson fires. residents who planned a neighborhood watch meeting tomorrow afternoon. investigators have arrested david diaz accused of setting fire to a beauty salon there last saturday. it's in the same building where he lives and near two other arson fires set the following monday. first "charlie hebdo" newspaper since this month's masser in paris went on sale in san francisco. one store nearly sold out weapon just checked. it's smoke signals. and out of 100 copies they have less than 40 left to sell. the issue show as weeping prophet muhammad holding a sign reading "je suis charlie." the people have been calling all
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day to reserve copies. one man drove in from sacramento this afternoon. >> most of the people who want it are not french, they're not french people. >> just to have a souvenir of that event that happened. >> the newspaper sells at smoke signals for 11.95. some copies are going for more than $100 now on ebay. ststill ahead at 6:00 why california judges are distancing themselves from the boy scouts of america. a bay area neighborhood comes together to solve a bright problem. you won't recognize this home after the work they've done. chicken wings are expected to cost more to serve at super bowl sunday. why you may still want to keep them on the menu at your big game party.
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california state judges cannot serve as leaders in the boy scouts. that order comes from the california supreme court because the group discriminated against gay leaders. openly gay boys can participate
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in the scouts but gay lesbian adults are banned from serving as leaderes. the rule is based on the rule that bans judges from joining groups with a -- >> neighbors in san jose have banded together to help fight blight and brick a home back to life. here's what the home looked like before. neighbors said there war garbage everywhere and they had problems with the owner. the neighborhood association came to the rescue. it facilitated the sale of the home and helped clean and remodel it. crews cleared out 27 tons of garbage. neighbors say day transformed the home and the block. >> the previous owners were very very horrible to the neighbors. so much so that children couldn't play anymore in the neighborhood. there was drug selling squatting going on. litter everywhere. there's so much happier now that this eyesore is now taken care of, that the problem owner is gone, so that we can have a much
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better street here. >> today potential homeowners got a chance to check out the much improved home at its first open house. coming up next on the abc7 news at 6:00, space expects the air force have apparently made up. why ceo elon musk agreed to drive a competitiveness lawsuit. winners feeling like spring. drew tuma has the forecast. >> patriots bill bill chick but a lid on deflate gait today before they leave for super bowl xlix in arizona and this young man just accomplished a feat for charity like no other. running
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the name of some of the grand canyon's most iconic ronalds could -- lodges could change. they are asking for exclusive naming rights for lodges. santara has been operating at the grand canyon for years. it's contract with the parks service expired. analysts say the move is to stifle competition or earn money for the company it says it has created the names. >> san francisco billionaire elon musk's company spacex, is no longer suing the u.s. air
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force. spacex dropped its lawsuit on friday. the suit cuesed the air force of not giving spay ex-a chance to get certified to compete to win a contract to launch military satellites. the two sides reached a settlement to work together moving forward. expect to pay a lot more for one of america's most popular snacks. chicken wings prices are higher now than the last three years. fewer chickens are going to slatter and demand for wings around the country is high. wings are expected to be plumper than usual. american chicken farmerrers giving their poultry extra feet thanks to lower corn and soybean costs. enough it's time to check in with meteorologist drew tuma for a raft. you like wings? not deflated wings. >> live doppler 7hd is a quiet evening out there. a live look at the embarcadero and downtown san francisco.
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it's busy out there on the embarcadero. with traffic and even if you're on foot, it's great to be out there. mild temperatures, mild overnight period. out there right now, 58 in san francisco, half moon bay 70. 56 in novato. 49 in napa. oakland, 58. after that record high this afternoon, and san jose right now at 62 degrees. as we take a look at the fog forecast overnight we'll have an active wind out of the east. that helps to keep fog limit but some dense patches could develop overnight through the carquinez strait and delta. by mid-morning the wind really going to help to get it oust here quickly. so sunday expect a lot of sunshine on the way. the reason why, satellite and radar, not one but two areas of high pressure. we call it the double-barrel high pressure over us right now. that creating sunshine up and down the california coast. and that is going to be the theme for sunday. temperature-wise, after a warm day today, expect a warm
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overnight period, a lot 406s on the board. then by sunday afternoon a nice south wind will kick in and look at temperatures. 70s, east bay upper 60s in san francisco and even santa rosa, warm once again in the mid-70s. so taking a look at sunday records, i think a few of them will be broken. once again looks like oakland and san jose will make new records on sunday, even gilroy. san francisco right now looks pretty safe. forecasting a high of 69 degrees. the record is set back in 1899. a high of 74. that one looks like it will stay in the 1899 category. napa well below the record high 72 the record 83. a "spare the air" in the forecast for sunday, with the warm temperatures and high pressure in control poor air quality in the north bay so for sunday no wood, burping once again. overnight lows, mild, 48 in san francisco, 38 in napa. 45 oakland.
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dropping to 39 in san jose. and antioch, 40 with patchy fog overnight. highs sunday, more than ten degrees above normal this time of the year. 69 in san francisco 74, san jose. the same in oakland, 75 in santa rosa. 72 napa. 75 in santa cruz. hoarse the accuweather seven-day forecast, record warmth on the way for sunday. then temperatures ease. as we get into monday, high clouds on the way 70s on the board. by tuesday there is the slight chance of a shower as a system moves to the east of our region could spill a sprinkle but nothing widespread. wednesday, sunshine on the board, and then temperatures back up friday and saturday, more 70s on the board. so looks like the record warmth for tomorrow could be back this time next weekend once again. >> would love it. love it more if we just got a little bit more rain. >> mid-week, and the weekends
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are nice. >> twould be it. thank you, drew. >> apparently there's a game that's going to be played on super bowl sunday but are we ever going to talk about it. >> maybe starting tomorrow. deflate gait is killing us so much mileage out oft this controversy. bill belichick felt like he had to break it down for us one more time today before they left for super bowl xlix in arizona. for those who have been nature rock, the patriots had 11 of their 12 footballs underinflate according to league rules. officials found out re-inflated them at halftime and the patriots win 45-'over the colts. after an internal investigation, nfl known for these bill bill chick is sure they did nothing wrong. >> i believe now 100% that i have personally and we as an organization have absolutely followed every rule to the
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letter. >> the outcome of the afc title game won't change. fineses or suspensions will be handed out after the super bowl so let's please move our attention to super bowl xlix. seattle loving this. senior bowl in alabama. college place trying to impress both times. henry anderson, had clear lane to the quarterback but alabama's blake sims able to get away. the stanford players were on the victorious north team. varga from yale with the seven yard touchdown. he had two. almost like a super bowl for him. north stars win. i'm going save some good news for 49er fans. lane kiffin the front runter for offensive coordinator announced he will stay at alabama for a second season. the niners move their interest to colt as i sis stand but not -- assistant but not a good sign when coaches don't want to
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join the staff. >> today is the anniversary of super bowl xvi. skinny little guy top of the screen. the only td pass of the gay from joe montana. we went on to beat the bengals 26-21. nothing like the first time you do anything, and hard to believe it was 33 years ago, drew. that's right. you weren't born yet. brent behrens, the lone sharks representative in the nhl all-star game tomorrow. he took a turn at the skills competition. the hardest shot competition. 108.8 miles-per-hour the all-time record. burns hardest shot, 97.6. shea weber right here. won the competition with a shot of 108.5 miles per hour. that's how fast we drive home. ten any anyone? th australian open down under. an judd set -- upset on the women's side.
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advancing to the round of 16. second down 45, madison rips the shot across the court. now triple match point. top seed, novak djokovic, looking to advance to the round of 16 here for the ninth straight year, second set the joker working the net. stays home. drops in a nice little soft touch down the line. taking the second set. novak had 11 aces. and there's another. moving on to the round of 16 win thing straight sets. pga tour down south. third round of the humana challenge. four-way tie for first at 17-under. 3-under 69 on the day. matt kutcher had the lead at 18ure but struggled down the stretch. check out 17. off the rock in the drink, nothing but net. 1-under 71.
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tied for fifth and one back. congratulations to san francisco's tim durbin. just before noon yesterday finished the world marathon challenge, seven marathons in seven days on seven constant inepts. last one was in sydney australia. he posted this instagram and done. ran in to hour 55 minutes. trying to raise money for cancer research go to the web site at to get involved. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. tim stayed in touch with me on the way. i think from morocco to sydney. he ran two in 24 hours. so it was a beast of a challenge, and congratulations to him for finishing. >> don't call him for a week to congratulate him. he will be sleeping. thanks shu. next at 6:00, old carpet ripped out of an airport. sounds like a big improvement. why the carpet's removal has thousands mourning its passing and rushing t
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kofy of 20. at 11:00 here on channel 7 an about-face by the dmv when it comes to uber lyft and other services. the potential roadblock has been removed for now. in port, oregon the antihours king and the most mundane items can become iconic. that what's portlanders are on the rush to get their behind on carpet. the carpet has covered the airport's floors for two decades and is being ripped out. the carpet has become a sensation over the last few years, making an appearance in thousands of selfies. carpet has two facebook pages with 12,000 fans. a beer is named after it along with t-shirts, pillows and bags and one woman as a tattoo of the design on her
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coming up today on "intelligence for your life," are people more honest in a phone call or via text. research shows that if you can't and straightforward, truthful opinion, ask via text. why people are more truthful when they're texting. we'll give you the science. also today, if you want to make more money, learn another language especially german. not only are interpreters and
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