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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 29, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> this is abc 7 news. >> major flooding in los angeles after geyser erupt from his a broken main. look at this mess. you are lacking at water blowing out at 35,000 gallons per minute. went open all afternoon. millions of gallons in total. good evenin evening. the water main has been capped but the big soggy mess just beginning to get
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cleaned up. kirk has the stor story. >> how close the girs is to the campus nishtion this aerial video see the massive water main break that shut down the streets of ucla and westwood neighborhood on tuesday afternoon. >> i didn't really now know how bad it was until i see here for myself. >> firefighters say at least 3 drivers were rescued from several cars that were stuck with water flowing as high as the window. several cars students attempted to navigate the fast moving waichlts i would never expect something like that to happen. just right next to us. >> look at. that. >>reporter: parts of the track and field stadium on campus and the pavilion home to the been team were taking on water. it was renovated for 133 million dollars in 2012. but look more like a fountain with water cascading down the adjoining steps. >> when you have this amount of world trade center it's like a flash flood. never know what is going to happen. >>reporter: with the helicopter in the air and swift
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water rescue team on the ground firefighters look for anyone stranded in 2 parking structure flooded. officials say they have concerns the water main break may cause for problems for aging infrastructure that is at least 100 years old. >> hundreds of miles of these kind of water main so much of it old just so much that we can get done without bankrupting our residence. >> this is los angeles news. >> federal grand jury has returned a new superseding criminal indictment as it's called against pg&e in connection with the san bruno pipeline explosion that cost 8 lives and destroyed dozens of homes. this accuses pg&e officials of obstructing the the federal ntsb investigation that began immediately after the explosion in 2010 and charges pg&e with 27 counts of knowingly and willfully violating the federal natural gas pipe line safety act for poor record keeping about under
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ground nasa gather -- natural gas line. it nullify one filed in april that charged the utility with 12 felony violations. pg&e issued response that reads in part quote we have not yet seen the superseding indictment. however based on all of the evidence we have seen to date we do not believe that the charges are warpted. that statement from pg&e. >> moving on. there are now 4 major wildfires burning in california. latest one is the so-called web fire. several hundred acres in beauty couldn't up north. at the bottom of the map the french fire near mammouth pool in the high sierra a.couple campground evacuated and here's the ash on vehicle more than 10 miles away from the fire lines. sand fire east of sacramento now 80 percent candy but firefighters today discovered 6 more homes that have been destroyed. then the el portal fire now covering 3000 acres in yosemite national park. it's currently about 20 percent contained. yosemite
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valley still open but some visitors twice hour detour to get there as a result of the fire. brandy is on the front-line. 0. >> it's not the vacation many travelers were expecting. >> from us straighted family facing road block close camp site and heavy smoke from wildfire burning nearly 5 square mile since sachlts many expecting vacation memory of yosemite world famous scenery and not a fire fight. >> of these are the biggest weapon firefighters are using tonight. fight just a quick update on conditions. >> helicopters loading water and targeting the danger zone. >> most of this fire is inaccessible. >> continue to grow up checked if we didn't have the helicopter support. >> non-stop air assault of 250 drop each day giving hot shot crew on the font line time to get ahead of the flames.
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>> 100 miles to the north just east of sacramento evacuation have been lifted after another wildfire destroyed 13 homes. low flying drone nearly causing more problems by getting in the way of fire fighting aircraft. >> one of the most critical tool in this year already busy fire season. fight we are just getting going. that's brandy hit reporting. >> fire officials now say °fire this afternoon east san jose was sparked by car that wept off the side of the row. the fire broke out just north of alan rock park near sierra road. car lost control and went 30 feet down em bankment setting the brush on fire. as you can see from sky 7 hd 12 acres burned before firefighters did get it under control no. 1 hurt. crew now mopping up that area. >> things are calming down dra matly tonight after chaotic afternoon in hayward neighborhood. evacuation ordered after the bomb squad and s.w.a.t. team rushed in to help sheriff's deputy serving
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an eviction notice on gainsville avenue. sky 7 hd shows the enormous police response including snipers on roof tops. police say it started when officers saw suspicious note when they entered the house. called in the spwat team and the alameda couldn't bomb squad. after eight hours officers went inside and found no one and no sign of explosives ooetsd. hayward police say they did what they had to do. >> bottom line safety not only for our officers inside but for the neighbors both front back side. we care about even. we want everybody to be safe and we took every precaution nose ensure the safety of the public. >> police did find weapons inside but nobody arrested. however they would certainly like to speak to the homeowner. residents in the area have since been allowed back into their homes after being evacuated for quite some time today. >> san francisco police are holding a 19-year-old woman wanted in oregon for sex trafficking. julia len was caught after police were called
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out to investigate disturbance involving a gun in the mission district. police pulled over a car leaving the scene and found the woman inside with a gun. police say she is a former competitive cheer leader who recawted 17-year-old girl for prostitution. she pleaded not guilty to the charge but while waiting for trial cut off her ankle monitoring bracelet and then took off. >> if civil rights attorney john burris asking the justice department to investigate a series of officer involved shootings in salinas where those killed all hispanic men. he wants to know whether there is some sort of pattern of rac racism of officers in the department. vic lee is on the exterior. >> attorney john burris is asking the special litigation unit of the justice department to investigate whether 4 officer involved shooting death reflect a pattern of excessive force against latino. >> what we want here if nothing else is unjustified shootings stop. we want the killings to
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stop. >>reporter: there have be large rally and mochs in the wake of the shooting. at least one turned violent. that was after the shooting in may of gardener which was captured by beth cell and security camp r.they show 2 officers with guns drawn following carlos as he walks down the street holding a backpack and garden sheer. officers yell command. one of the taser malfunctions. as one officer moves to the side multiple shots are fired and he falls to the sidewalk. this is closer overhead view from a security camera just before the shots are fired. officers follow him as he moves back. his brother speaks no english. community activist margaret bone spoke for the family. >> the community is not trusting the local police department. we are here in san francisco because we feel that we get more justice her than we will out of the salinas. >>reporter: most race interest fatal officer involved shooting happened july 1st. frank alvarado killed when police say he used the cell phone to
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simulate a gun. his son anthony holds a picture of them together. he says it was the last time he saw him. >> i waited years for my father reless. salinas city took him from him. took the future we could have had together. >> police chief told us by phone that federal probe would find no wrong doychlingt i'm very proud of the regard of the salinas police department with respect to our commitment to social justice and equal treatment under the law. now chief told us he plans to send the findings of his department own investigation into the shootings to the monterey continue district attorney and to the department of justice for their review for the sake of full transparency. vehicle lee, abc 7 news. >> san francisco police released photo of suspected car they have they say is responsible for serious crash that sent 6 people to the hospital including himself. investigators say 25-year-old anthony wise driving away from police a stolen minivan around
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10:20 last night. police say the driver run a red light at host and jones and slammed in a taxi with a passenger inside. that crash isn't the vehicle into the sidewalk where a pedestrians and bicyclist struck. look at the damage by this. the crash also damaged the wpd of an apartment building. >> i can't immanuel. had to be going really fast. because glass all over the place and brick brick daniel. >>reporter: sure was brick damage. bicyclist on life support. everyone else involved had non-life threatening injuries including a william in the minivan. she cooperated with police and was not arrested. thoughts of jelly like fish creature have washed up tonight in at least 2 polices along the bay area shoreline. highly unusual actually for this time of year. happening tonight on san francisco ocean beach. if we explain what they are. >> this is what ocean beach lacked like yesterday. dead
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sea creature stretched out for miles. viewer sent us these pictures. today they still litter the sand. >> just coming on shore and dying. kind of weird and smelly. cooped of . >> they are not dangerous at all. rich with the california academy of science says the creature are called the this relited to the jelly fish but in harmful stichblingt every few years the bay area will see thousands maybe millions wash up but. >> it's a little unusual to have this bloom, this huge number of these coming up this late in the summer. >> wind pushed them here. they are also known as by the wind sailor that's because of their thin transparent fin that act as sails. >> when the wind blows on shore the wednesday will blow against the sails and push the little guys up on to the shore line. >>reporter: large number of them open the beach might seem alarming. >> we are kind of worried. >> make me curious why so many at one time. >> but there are plenty of them
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in the ocean and will continue to reproduce year after year. at ocean beach, abc 7 news. >> well more to bring you here tonight on 7 news at 9 coming up how much longer will the raiders call oakland their hom home? we have reports tonight that they have been flirt with another city. >> also future of plug in vehicle. you know you save on fuel. but how safe will you be driving one. new information on that next. >> spencer is here with the forecast. >> we have some high cloud coming our way once again much hoped foreign fall may not accompany the cloud. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks spencer. >> and before hit the beach health warning tonight from america top doctor. stay type spokesperson: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power,
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our latest creation is no different. with one exception... introducing the mercedes-benz b-class. it's electric! it's electric! the first electric vehicle from mercedes-benz.
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>> the owner of the raids mark davis has made no secret he wants a new stadium in oakland but appears to be looking at other options now out of state. this is a picture from the raiders web site of davis in san antonio, texas two weeks ago with his close friend and former raider great cliff branch who was beingen deducted into local sports hall of fame. that's former san antonio mayor open the right also a friend of davis. the raiders confirm today that during that visit, davis toured theal month dome and talked with the mayor. the chamber of commerce and other
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heavy weight about the possibility of moving the raiders there. no word though on just how serious davis might be in rae locating the franchise to texas. at the time raiders lease in oakland expires after this season. >> a sales of electric vehicle still very small part of the total u.s. market but they also represent the future of automotive technology and fuel efficiency. david lieu alook ahead and why all eyes on soon to be rae leased electric vehicle crash test. >> there are now 17 model of electric car on sale in the u.s. while annual sales are less than one percent owners among the most vocal tlvrment he's director of vehicle sale at nissan. >> up like any other vehicle and feedback is as i started with unbelievable. they are not afraid to call us to tell us to reach out to dealer and advocate group or something. >> feed back from electric
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vehicle or eb owner help shape improvement upgrade and new feature. engineer do their part too and results come out from crash test for ev for highway safety. chevy vlt and the leaf given most extensive crash evaluation ever. results later tonight and provide new cry ter why to influence buying decision. some consider sho shopper remain reluctant to shift. >> paringtally like i said because of the cost of the battery it's from my understanding very expensive to replace them. >> another consideration is whether to good with pure electric consider or one that also has a gas powered engine. >> if you don't need the engine for whether you did during the day it's best to leave it out. so if you have a consider that you commute in and don't drive long distances and battery electric vehicle is a great approach. >> research going in the next general rigs of charging stations. >> if a vehicle tell the charge are i need a certain amount of
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energy charger make a decision in a smart way that i tell my did he pr tour time it says i have 5 vehicle charging. i allocate energy to the vehicle in terms of their priority. can't be didn't rate now because we don't have the communication capability. >> this is 7 news. >> if electric consider to the man with the electric personality. how is that. >> hope you get a charm out of that. tape. live wear. okay. we'll stop right there let's go ahead and dot weather. here's live doppler 7hd. >> things are sparking here. if. >> sky are mainly clear over the bay area. we have a few thin high cloud moving overhead but check out the little areas of 0precipitation offshore off point reyes area. t weather service says there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms with a little bit of instability in the atmosphere and cloud buildup offshore. we'll watch it. in the sierra where we had numerous thunderstorms today like tahoe south ward flash
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flood watch in effect from into to continue p.m. up in the northern most part of the state over into southern other germ plasm red flag warning for high fire danger to 11:00 o'clock tonight. hot dry there. concerned about lightning strike which could spark fire. mean whale closer to home we are here live have you from the ex preliminary hearing camera at bit of downtown san francisco sky line with some of the low cloud beginning to obscure just the top of the buildings. 59 degrees rate now in san francisco. 64 oaklandment san carlos 70 san jose gilroy 68 and 67 half man by. view of the gelleden gate bridge where it was foggy earlier and not quit so foggy. 63 degrees currently in santa rosa. 61 novato. fairfield 64. 70 condition cord and 76 at livermore and live view from the sutro tower cam are over san francisco and you can see the low cloud moving in their partially obscuring our view of san francisco. these are the forecast feature partly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. we have high clouds lingering tomorrow but still expected to be another hot day inland and we
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have slightly cooler weather by the weaned but only by 2 or 3 might be 4 degrees. satellite image shows this remnant low pressure system whether had been earlier tropical storm the now just weakening low pressure system that taking the clouds moisture sknlly in our direction aiming more toward southern california and sierra. some of the cloud and stream of moisture will move into our area so we do our forecast animation starting at 11:00 o'clock tonight. high cloud passing through and again there is that chance of that thunderstorm isolated offshore or near the coast line. tomorrow partly cloudy with if filtered sunshine and another warm day despite the presence of some cloud. mild with low pressure mainly in the low 60's and then tomorrow filter sunshine look for high in the south bay ranging from mid 80's to mid 90's about 90 san jose peninsula mid upper 80's upper 60's on the coast. downtown san francisco right around 70 degrees to. north bay high high ranging from 91 at nap
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a.east bay high if 86 at free mont. inland east bay high in the mid upper 90's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. heat begins to recede just a little bit. after the weekend on monday but only by couple degree so expect mid 90's inlistened for the next several days. mid upper 80's aroped the bay. mid 60's on the coast. it's rather steady pattern. >> it is. thanks spencer very much. >> still to kilometer tonight on 7 news at 9:00 they are the men everyone love to hate talking about umpires. call the baseball games. but you know what in the bay area today the baseball games. but you know what in the bay area today
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about. >> passing, last surviving member of the crew that dropped a bomb on here 0sheem a tied in good. the man on the left was 24 years old when he sevened as navigator on the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb that hasten the end of world war ii. kirk known as dutch dade mopped of natural causes at retirement home. kirk received silver star and playing in cross. he joins his fellow crew men in unwavering defense of the raid. he was 9 93. >> baseball umpire are used to getting boo as you know but today fog but smiles and here's why. this morning the umpire crew from tonight giants pirates game visited young patient's at ucsf children hospital in san francisco. um pair went room to room giving kids build the bear animal and outfit. >> ump do to it mick kids feel better during a very difficult
9:26 pm
time. >> they have got the nurses having to do this. things that kilometer with being in the hospital and hopefully we are able to take their thoughts away and just get them back to just a little bit of normalcy of being just a child >> as you have seen stomach perfect the athletic mascot john walker lindh the um pir craw. this is 9th year maim league baseball umpire visited hospitals like this. they have made 94 visits during that time. >> really is in lovely gesture too. >> another half hour of 7 news at inspect:00 just moments awa away. stay here. come up. maim health alert big change on skin cancer. why it is getting worse and what doctors say you need to know. and do. >> also tsa feeds your help and they are willing to pay you. thousands of dollars for it. and seconds to spare. dramatic video of 2 will open the track with train bigger down on them. video of 2 will open the track with train bigger down on them. what h h
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>> this is 7 news. >> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with an urgent cull to action from america top doctor. surgeon general. diagnose something unprecedented. sending out an urgent alarm about skin cancer at the height of summer. if dr. richard vesser has more. >>reporter: this is what the surgeon gem call to action is training to kilometer about th the. skin. sun. and deadly problem. >> over the last 35 years we have had a tripling of the cases of melanoma in the country. >>reporter: in previous general rigs it was the surge on general leading the charge against smoking. avoid all forms of tanning. that's because skin cancer now the single most common caps interamerica. 5 million treated a year and deadliest
9:31 pm
form melanoma now the only common conditionser in america that is on the race. america surge on general is also a dermatologist. >> no such think as good tan. it's a seep of excessive uv exposure. >> look at the sun damage reveled in the uv filter photo of skin that looks perfectly healthy. all the spots permanent alteration in the lo lowest layer of skin. for children the sup is especially dangerous. we now know one blistering sunburn in child has had more than double the chance of melanoma lit interlife. so listen to the surgeon general. reduceen door tang. you should be using 1 ounce of sun screen every 2 hours. which means family of 4 spending the day at the beach should use app entire 12 occupies container of lotio lotion. warning not just for the fair skein. >> we find more and more skin cancer in hispanic pop litigation and african american pop litigation and reality this is a public health crisis for the whole population. >> i know the surgeon general
9:32 pm
well an it's clear he sees this as mainly health problem. thousands of people dying and largely preventible. bottom license i know a lot of people want like this. we need to give up on the tan far too dng russ. this is abc news new york. >> health note the british team of researchers says it developed whether might be a simple blood test that can detect all conditionsers. technique subjecting white blood cell to uv light that damages the dna. scientist from the university of broader ford used it on 3 types of conditionser with programsing results. they say item so early in the testing and much morris needed but they are encouraged. >> president obama stepping up the economic pressure of russia over put i hope support of remember nell eastern ukraine. did the president announce new sanctions against committee sector of the russian economy including energy, weapons and finance. that includes russia big banks. the penalty follow other new tanks -- sanctions that european unions agree to
9:33 pm
earlier did. if russia continues on the current path the cost to russia will continue to grow. today is a reminder that the united states means what it says. we will rally the international community in standing up for the rights of freedom of people around the world. >> ukraine separatistre suspected of shooting down the malaysian air lanes flight 17 killing all 2 98 people on beard. fighting in eastern ukraine has kept international investigators from reaching the crash debris for a third day now. see what happens tomorrow. >> now to the con applicant in the middle east. israel launched biggest assault yet and for the is israelis a new fear. palestinian an fighter emerge from tunnel on to her stripping. tonight new video shows whether am mass are fighters to mount up wrist an attack yesterday on israeli out
9:34 pm
post. faces blacked out. engage in fire fight. killing 5 soldiers. group shadow military leader policemening no says fire until is relevant lifted its blockade of gaza. this after the heaviest night of bombardment so far is relevant backing up it's threat to destroy happen hamas. flare lit up many targets. one of them the area right outside our whipped o. blast so powerful our whole building shook like an earthquake. more than 5 hours of sustained shelling. about time collapse camera from 4 to 5:00 a.m. whole neighborhood reduced to rubble. this afternoon we cautiously ventured out. this is gaza only power station. still burning hours later. they estimate it will be out of
9:35 pm
commission for at least a year. we also wept to the home of the former hamas prime minister t. >> this is his house. nominee more house flat ep but he was not home. neighbor across the street told me israel fired 3 warning shots before financially taking it out. >> whole family able to get ou out. >> yes t.all safe. >> tonight renewed shellings 2 sides at war. neither moobin moobinging down abc news gaza. >> tsa wants to pay to you show them how to make the airport security line less frustrating. tsa offering rewards up to 15,000 dollars to anyone who can invent a better security lean. agency is not looking for jaws rough skechlt it needs a complete working concept. tsa had ocean incentive here. deadline august get to
9:36 pm
work. along with the reward you can expect to 7 a lot of gratitude from millions of fliers. >> video out did show the danger of walking on railroad track. independent i don't know a railroad company released this video of train approaching 2 women who had trespassed on 80 if the tall trestle. now you can see one woman lays down on the track. the other thinks for a moment she might jump off the bridge and suddenly she lies too. taken passed rate over them. they were not hurt. they could still face trespassing charms but look how close that was. pregnancy can change a woman apartments figure but for some it can be extreme and last for years. the new procedure that is helping women bounce become into shape after child pirt. 7
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>> you are looking at the faces of some of the young people who have received disney abc youth service awards to ring the terrific volume up tier work. 10-year-old willised money 0so his local food bank could provide the clients with reusable grocery rag. very clever idea. children ages 5 to 18 are eligible to 7 1,000 dollars for the school or organization where they volume up tier. application deadline is this thursday. we have more information at abc 7 slash community. we very much want to ring and reward some young people doing grit things in this community. no did you tell that pregnancy can change a woman figure but for some women that change could be extreme and last for years after delivery. now new surgical technique help reverse the damage. cheryl has the story. >> some women might appreciate
9:41 pm
the attention people of direct at expecting mom. unless of course they are not really pregnant. >> people would literally come up to me from somewhere else and ask me when are you due. >> she's a mother of 2 from the south bay. she says her body changed dramatically after the berth of her second child. when she suffered a severe tear in the muscles of her abdomen. >> all through here. entir entiretors o. just bubble out. >> the photo show the accident of the daniel which chris taken says exercise says could not reverse. >> swimming yoga. walking hiking. nothing. all feels really nice and intact. >> christine finally turned to plastic surge on dr. sooiing he says the condition of result of severe but not uncommon side effect of some pregnancy. it's called muscle and the muscles are the muscles in the abdomen that make the sick pack and this is separation of these
9:42 pm
muscles which can lead to washington he canness to fullness and pro trawding appearance to the ab do machinement kind of like what pregnancy looks like. and this sash in the middle gets then out and stretched out. >> the doctor says common surgery pull the muscle back into position with suture your but in christine consist she opted to add emerging technology as well. protein mesh designed to support the rae pair. >> it's very strong mesh but not a permanent one. so her body over the course of 1 or 2 years slowly replace the protein mesh. >> she says the technique condition often allow peshts to begin the recovery process more quickly after surgery. strengthening the muscle with moderate exercise. >> wanted me to walk the day of the surgery. walking was good. so i was all in with that. >> go ahead and lift your head off the table. great. >>reporter: for christine the difference was noticeable almost immediately after the procedure. with the bulge from her tear flatten backn place.
9:43 pm
cosmetic improvement she considers life changing. >> i went out to restaurant and i didn't have to like ask someone to manufacture their entire table for me to get by. >> full recovery can still take several months but with work the doctor says patients can recapture the normal fivlingt. >> i think that she will have more if the results may even be better than they are today. >> cheryl jennings, abc 7 news. >> the even though the tearing is the result of pregnancy the rae pair procedure is often considered cosmetic and therefore not covered by insurance. >> coming on 7 nuts at 9:00. computer screen could make wearing glasses a thing of the computer screen could make wearing glasses a thing of the past. we show you
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>> little blue bird twitter playing in high. not turned a profit keep in mind. report addless of 1 frer million dollars but the number of twitter users is growing. proving to invest trs it has not lost the appeal. twitter stock wept up 30 percent after hours today. >> san francisco supervisor says the city condition did more to save water even though meeting water conservation goal this summer. there are concerns the city housing boom could lead to hire days mandy for water. regulators say that's not likely because of cons vision efforts. low flow fixture app changes to building code but still san francisco supervisor scott weiner think the city should moptor water use and individual units. >> terms of getting people to conserve. if not paying their own world trade center bill if not seeing their own water usage it's going to be harder for them to conserve. >> supervisor weiner also proposed the city to use recycle world trade center to keep golden gate park grass green. he says the items will
9:48 pm
be on the board of supervisor agenda when it reconvenes in september. >> by september when they rae convene unlikely we have any significant rain. >> spencer is back with the forecast. >> we hope for it but in the likely. however we look at deposit done we do see couple spots of 80's of precipitation just offshore. just off point reyes as a matter of fact and weather service says there is a slight chance ofize lited thunderstorm developing overnight so we see what happens. mean while tomorrow state wide look for hot conditions once again. high above 100 agrees at cheek oshtion sacramento, 40's no, palm spring and yosemite 93. her in the bay area another very warm to hot difficult in our inland location high inlicensed in the mid upper 90's upper 80's around the bay upper 60's on the coast and afternoon baseball tomorrow giants taking on the pirates at game time. 12:45 and does he have degrees at game tie. temperature climbing in the afternoon hours. very high
9:49 pm
uven decks so sup screen protections recommended. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. the heat will hold on inland for the next 6 or seven days not up to 100 agrees but low mid 90's through the period. >> thachltion spencer very muc much? computer screen of the future will not give us eye strain. in fact it can improve our investigation. uc berkeley researchers developingal go m. theto except said idea is to use the technology within computer screen. this is video are cal by adjusting intensity of each direction of like that emanate from a single pixel. >> part that i'm permanent very passionate about is not just the convenience of looking at the display were you the the corrective lens but being able to good beyond that and unable somebody to the see a sharp image who couldn't see witness eye glasses. >> researchers present the display next month at xawter graphic conference in capped.
9:50 pm
>> smart phones and smart screen unbelievable. >> sought phone will know my vision and correct my vision. what if i turn and show you the picture what happens. >> good question. the very they figured that out yet. >> come become when they did. i'm not impressed writ now. far beyond my mere comprehension. a save best for far beyond my mere comprehension. a save best for last. no hope at all. until
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>> coming up at 11:00. dinner time danger. terrifying crime targeting local pizza delivery drivers. tenant take on landlord. warning tonight for owners renting out rooms on air bnb. those stories and more. owners renting out rooms on air bnb. those stories and more. joins at 11 on channel 7. >> king of sports. larry here now with the highlights. >> elevated you.
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>> if you didn't see the memo. >> i thought i was the clown the jebing error something like. that i will give a regal performance. it was looking grim for the a's tonight in huh stop. lifeless down by 3 runs heading to the 9th inning then the eruption late. the fifth start for oakland here. he really struggled any. second batter of the game. here it comes there it goes. teeing off. this is right field and 1 nothing. fifth homer give up with the a's to the z.hernandez double to left. singleton in. if a 4-1 led. 1 out. alberto. base hit. for 3. there's hop hope. 2 down. bloop it into rate. john we are tied at 4. and one batter later moss with shift on and he beats it. the second businessman is playing writ field. he still gets it through there jed as a's
9:55 pm
explode for 6 runs in the 9th to win. major league best 11th victory drilling after 7 innings n.contrast the giants in 3 words giants fans may fear the most writ now. dr. james andrews. noted surgeon will see pitcher matt cain tomorrow to figure out the cause of his elbow pain. giants astros law enforcement tonight at at&t park. kiss from dad. baby still not happy. neither is tim hudson because he just got kissed by josh harrison. led off homer. giant fans 1 nothing. snyder and thinks up into the arcade. 2 run clout. pirates up 3 zip. bottom. morris in horrific slump as of lit but clear the wall. giants down 3 1. francisco remember when he was a giant way back when? nasty about torch get morris and then there is didn't. couldn't good figure writ now with the giants. struck out 11
9:56 pm
over 7. pirates leading 3-1 in the ninth. lacking at the sixth consecutive loss. davis con firments he has talked with officials in san antonio about possibly moving silver and black to theal month city. the question now is it real or just a leverage play. ridders stuck in the aging coliseum in oakland. love to figure out how to build a new stadium. dave us toured theal month m dome. could the expand to 72,000 but more than 50 luxury suite short of what the nfl wants. yes san antonio growing city much much smaller television market though. cowboy and texan and the nfl would all have to approve the dealed and also have to build a stadium in san antonio y.hard to see that being apply. ri ridders on the field running back competition should be very interesting this training camp in napa. first you have darren competing with jones drew
9:57 pm
former all star past couple years banged up and you also have a versatile but often under utah lazy asset. >> i like the depth we have if rung back position. i think it's a is in ballots to see which guy are going toned up may going 53 man roster. we have some depth and critical position. good feeling to hav have. >> sneaky move by the patriots and head coach belichek. pats claim rookie running back tyler off waivers after carolina a trade to sneak their sixth round draft pick through waiv waivers on to injured reseven. he suffered a knee injury over the weekend. need surgery out for the soap. normally teams do this move a guys through from waivers on to injured reserve and unspoken rule is you don't claim somebody like that. patriots did it. when he comes back you will be playing for the pats and belichek thumbed his nose at
9:58 pm
the rest of the league. good week for this. venus williams in the feature match tonight. but first let me take a selfie. okay. venus facing paul a of positive listened and all venus all the time here. first gale of the match. sec set venus bottom of the screen look at the forehand winner. blistered no chance for the 22-year-old challenger. williams and he hits at the net. so straight set victory and 6-3 and 6-2 and serena headlines tomorrow action. pretty much nobody pa pays atttion to the commonwealth games but this little clip is worth checking out. singapore blasting away at nigeria f.yes we spitd up because it's a 41 shot rally. he's like a wall. and then finally zing hits long. however he ended up winning this match in 5 sets. and the crowd loving it. 7 sports
9:59 pm
brought to you by toyota. >> amazing how fast can't even follow the ball. >> it's impossible. >> incredible very good. thanks very much. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20 for all of us here, we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over on time as always. hope to see you again in an hour over on the big 7. goodbye for now
10:00 pm
i had to get up e bus i caught what cinemax gets up to at night. subscription cancelled. i got that for eddie murphy, not stimulation. why the bus? what happened to your minivan? my ex-husband needed it. the person he's dating works at a club an hour from the city. i'll play a violin for them and maybe she can strip to it. kind people are always kind, britta.


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