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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  June 22, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, the u.s. team was seconds from history, nearly upsetting one of the best teams in the world. why fans are still cheering despite a draw tonight. what police in san francisco know about a string of arson attempts after another construction site may have been targeted. another rescue in the pacific. why the coast guard has had a busy weekend pulling people out of the ocean's rough waters. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. the crowd goes wild for u.s. soccer as the men are team nearly pulls off the historic upset against the fourth ranked team in the world, portugal. good evening. i'm ama daetz. the 2-2 draw means team u.s.a. gains a point and is still alive in the world cup.
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let's go live to leslie brinkley who joined fans to watch both teams put on an exhilarating show today. reporter: if you love up to the last minute sports dramas, this was the match for you. world cup mania is seizing fans here in san francisco. fans who have a passion for the action. >> team u.s.a. was down, u.s.a. was up. and in the end, it was a tie. >> already have a win in the books on your mind. that hurts. >> i thought it was dish thought we had it in the bag. >> oh, my god so disappointed. >> so much emotion in this crowd of over 5,000 at san francisco civic plaza. something about the world cup whips up the patriotic fervor in the fans.
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near the end of the match a san jose earthquake soccer star took to the world stage. >> it has a huge door open for our bay area native chris. chris is such a great inspiration to all kids. >> the u.s.a.'s next match is on thursday, so another big screen and plenty of beers to go around. in san francisco, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. coming up in sports we'll have the highlights of the exciting u.s. match as well as today's other games. today security was tight at the stadium in rio before the game between russia and belgium. this after about 100 fans were able to barge into the press box before the game between chile and spain on wednesday. today more than 3,000 security personnel blocked off the streets and kept fans in place. some in rio are in the dark after the power went out in a city popular for tourists. 0 spokesman says they department know why the power went out but crews are working to fix the
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problem. a sister network, espn and espn 2 are carrying the monday world cup mavs live. at 9:00 a.m. australia and spain, and netherlands and chile on espn 2. then at 1:00, croatia and cameroon and brazil on espn 2. we want to see you world cup fan photos. this is yogi, fan of team italy. you can e-mail your photos to, or upload them through our news app or at slash u report. >> in san francisco, police are investigating another possible arson attempt at a construction sight. officers surrounded the building at 11:30 this morning. one of several sites being investigated as a possible arson target. sergio quintana is live in san francisco with these developing details. reporter: the good news about
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today's fire is that there was not much damage caused. it was sparked right there on the corner here at 222 second street. right now fire investigators have not released details as to how many of these fires they're investigating. however, by our count, this is the tenth fire in this neighborhood in just a few weeks. today's blaze was sparked just before noon. this is a construction site for a high-rise building scheduled to open next summer. the police crime scene unit was called in to collect evidence. we have not been told specifically this fire is connected to all the other fires. however, earlier this weekend we did learn that a joint task force of police and inspectors and fire department investigators have been tracking the fires which up until last week had been minor incidents. but thursday, someone got into the parking garage at one rincon plaza and asset car on fire and then took off. there's a highrise tower under construction at the site but residents have been living inside the completed tower now for years, so fire in the
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parking garage was startling. >> it's scary. we're on a really high level so to get out of the building fast is kind of a scary moment for us, if elevators are not working but we'll do the best we can. >> today's fire happened at a development that does not have security guards patrolling the site. however, there are security cameras and we have learned that a lot of the construction sites in this neighborhood have been told to keep an eye out for a fire burg, and we learned more security guards have been hired at some sites andurity cameras installed. reporting live, abc7 news. a home in concord is a loss after a fire raced through it earlier today. it broke out at the house on detroit avenue at 6:00 a.m. no one was home at the time. the fire also damaged some of the neighboring buildings. contra costa county firefighters brought the fire under control
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in an hour. a small brush fire kept firefighters in san rafael busy overnight. it happened in heavy brush in the open space area. the san rafael fire department provided these images. it was kept to a less than a quarter acre. firefighters believe it was caused by residents of a homeless encampment. a rower participating in a race from monterrey to honolulu was safely rescued by the coast guard this morning. rescuers brought the rotor safety after his boat capsized self times 52 miles west of morrow bay. this is video of the rescue. the rower was flown back to monterey where he is recovering. the second rescue of participants in the great pacific race. four rowers were rescued yesterday when their boat began taking on water. they're all okay. the san francisco pride fifths kick off this week and preparations are underway.
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goats have been brought in to help munch away dry brush on the site of the gigantic pink triangles. goats are clearing the area to lower the fire danger. it's a greener way of tending to the problem. in mountain view, dogs will get off leash access to some of the city's public parks starting tomorrow. enough a new one-year pilot program dogs can roam unfenced areas during certains in mounta. signs will be posted at parks where the trial program is in effect. authorities in southern california are searching for a man they call the hip know 'tis ban did. here's his photo released by the fbi. the man isn't actually putting people under a spell. they call him the -- he stares
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at the teller's eyes and keeps eye contact until the enof to the robbery. the back did has been connected to three robberies in the bay area. >> stale ahead at 6:00, why a safe x rocket launch was scrubbed. >> the worldest greatest gamers converge this weekend at the world gaming championship. >> i'm abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. a beautiful summer day. sunny and warm inland, cool at the coast. i'll talk bat chance of rainy the
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heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop.rm? come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything.
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>> spacex had to scrub a flight carrying satellites into space nor third day in a low. it was called off because of a concern identified during prelaunch checks. falcon nine's mission is to take six telecommunication satellites into space and return to earth as part of a reusable rocket test. spacex hopes to try again on tuesday.
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>> america's top gamers are duking it out for top honors in southern california. more than a 1,000 hard core video players have convene ned anaheim for the championship. this is video of the event. it's a two-on-two battle of nintendo's super smash brothers. it may be all fun and games but this is the super bowl of the gaming world. an industry that saw 21 bills in spending. contestants are competing for $150,000 cash prize. tonight be ready to make your voice heard for the premiere of "rising star" that makes you the judge at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc7. the app is available now for free on itunes and google play. here's how it works. you can log in with your facebook or twitter. then after each performance you get to vote. we'll let a couple of ojudges show you. >> the song begins.
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swipe the blue arrow yes, the red arrow left for no. >> if you're over 18 your picture could appear unless you don't want it to, in which case you just opt out when you download the app. >> up next at 6:00. california's grizzly population was decimated a decade ago. a look at your work week's forecast. meteorologist frans dinglasan is up next with that. >> mere second away from advancing to the knockout stage of the world cup, this happened. team u.s.a.'s heart broken by one of the world's best. what it means to them and what the must do next. that's later in sports. >> don't forget you can find everything world cup on our web site, including the daily wrap that gives insights into key games and plays and how wins and and plays and how wins and losses will fact
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the grizzly may be emblazenned on california's flag but in reality that's the only
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place in the state where you'll find the bear but conservations are calling on the federal government to re-introduce the grizzly back to california, part of north america long considered to be its natural habitat. the grizzly is a threaten species. they survive mainfully idaho, montana, and wyoming. the last california grizzly sighting was back in 1924. it's time for a check on the weather heading into the work week. let's get to abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> live doppler 7hd showing us the coastal clouds that stuck around all day long. you can see it here along the peninsula, coast as well. it's been clear and sunny inland. you can still see blue skies over the golden gate bridge, with high pressure over the pacific come pressed. san francisco, 6 carlos, 59. san jose, 66. morgan hill, currently 76. did get up to 85 today.
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half moon bay, cool, clouds, 55. from the east bay hills looking west, you can see the coastal clouds in the distance. that will move in overnight. santa rosa, 72. napa, 66. novato, 64. upper 70s through fairfield and concord. livermore, currently at 70 degrees. we saw some 80s inland. blue skies over downtown san jose. we'll see the low clouds move in overnight, mainly near the coast, spilling into parts of the bay, slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow, and then cooling down and increasing clouds mid-week with a chance of rain. so high pressure over the pacific. this is going to build and bring us slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow. not much change expect over the next couple of days but there is an area of low pressure that might drop far south enough wednesday night into thursday to bring us just a touch of drizzle for some of the north bay counties. overnight lows in the 50s for the most part. 52, san francisco, 54, oakland,
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54, san jose. we wake up to the clouds once again all along the coast, near the beaches, some clouds as well into parts of the east bay, but clear inland. and then by lunchtime, mid-morning, most of the clouds pull back to the coast. temperatures much like today but just a little bit warmer almost everywhere. and your highs tomorrow in the south bay so look for a high of 79 in san jose, warm as well, morgan hill, gilroy, mid-80s, upper 70s on the lower part of the peninsula. redwood city, 79. low 60s in pacifica with the fog. downtown san francisco, 66. lots of low 80s through parts of the north bay. petaluma. novato. san rafael, sonoma and napa. so very warm and comfortable. then we see 70s, mild numbers, in the east bay. north bay, now east bay. 70s for you. warmest in hercules and castro valley and fremont, mid-70s, and we'll see upper 80s
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through fairfield and brentwood, and look for mid-80s in walnut creek and concord. also for tonight's giants game against the padres, definitely need a jacket because even though it will start off mostly sunny at 7:00, 7:15, temperatures will already be near 57 degrees, and then after sunset, 8:35, it will cool down quickly into the mid-50s. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can expect slightly warmer temperatures tomorrow, lots of sunshine. a summer spread on tuesday. increasing clouds on wednesday. cooler numbers into thursday. and we're just keeping an eye on a very slight chance of rain that might bring us just a few hundredths of an inch. >> thank you so much. >> colin is in for shu with sports and all the world cup action. >> we were all in the newsroom, thinking, man, another upset. u.s. is going to advance.
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>> right. >> tough luck. the world cup has long been known for drama. the u.s. men's national team, they're christianitying their fair share for sure. mere seconds from beating portugal, may hem announced the american -- things looked bleak early on. fifth minute, a moment in time jeff hammond will not forget. fails to clear nani. portuguese with the 1-nil lead. then germane jones, on the ball. not since 1930 has team u.s.a. won the first two games in world cup play. clint dempsey using his chest. could it happen? could they survive. five minutes of stoppage time. no. 30 seconds left, renal dough, the beautiful cross, ends in a 2-2 draw. heartbreaker for clint dempsey and team u.s.a. >> obviously disappointed but
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look at the positives, got a point. four points now. hopefully we'll get the job done. >> hopefully they do. instead of advancing out of group d they now knee a win or draw against german squad on thursday amount loss to germany and they need ghana and portugal to tie or have a better gore differential. group h, belgium and russia. no score until the 88th 88th minute. top shelf. don't pull a hammy. also in group h. south korea and algeria. islam, a one-man wrecking crew on this ball. over the keeper. 4-2 algeria. their first world cup win in 32 years. >> chasing her fir major title the one player michelle wie didn't think she would have to wore bit was stacy lewis, who started the final round of the u.s. women's open six shots behind wie. wie was probably more concerned
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with bay area native juli inkster, who was four back. inkster struggled. she finished nine back. he final opening of the career. the last time here, lewis is a shot back on 17 for wie. long birdie putt. goes two up. makes the par putt on 18. a a two-stroke victory. she's a winner. >> went out there and had fun. i had fun every week, but i really just -- i just thought this event was so cool. the golf course is spectacular. i had so much fun, and i just went out there and really prepared well for this event. >> a little of the bubbly. for a good portion of the season it's been the a's trying to keep pace with the giants for the best record in baseball. the tables have turned recently on cocoa crisp garden gnome day, oakland going for a four game sweep of boston. a win would put them 20 games ..
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rough day for tommy malone of five innings, gave up two hits, two home runs. 5-1, sox led 6-1, then the a's get three back in the eighth. we got a tie ball game six. extra innings. hangs the slider. big papi. it's gone. 17th of the year for david ortiz. that's the difference. >> balls were up. they were able to lift it in the air instead of having them on the ground. one of those things where i try not to -- try to continue to pitch my game, and whatever happens, happens. >> giants, and d-backs, madison bumgarner really good today. one hit good through eight innings. this is the one hit he gave up in the second. former giants cory ross. bumgarner goes eight, struck out seven. joe panic making his first major league start, helping bumgarner,
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scoop and flip in one motion. giants led 1 or into the ninth and tack on three. what a day for panic. first rbi in the bigs. 4-1 the final. giants a game and a half behind oakland for the best record in baseball. how about sonoma. in the toyota savemart 350. math kenseth dumped, hits the tire wall. front end dismantled. the fourth caution of the day. here's the fifth. six laps later, jamie mcmurray spins out christian bowyer, and then on he restart, carl edwards takes the lead. holds off a charging jeff gordon. his second win of the year, first ever on a road course. he always does that, the back flip, wherever he wins. good day for carl edwards. always fun up there. 100,000. a lot of people. >> thank you so much, colin. stay with
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>> join my tonight. a new law lets lawyers dig diaper into the background of potential jurors. then at 11:00 -- ♪ >> the rising stars of the future, the program that lets their talents shine as the learn the roaches, at 9:00 and 11:00 on abc7 news. >> a fear photo finish at the box office ends with a new
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number one movie, think like a man. analysts say the pint-sized comedian has become a movie star that is drawing audiences to theaters. his third movie this year. last week's winner, 22 jump street, came in second with 29 mill. how to drain your dragon 2, earned 25 mill. jersey boys opened in fourth with 13.5 million. "maleficent" came in fifth with 13 million. see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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[music] [music] >> welcome to "your guide to pride." i'm michelle meow. this month over a million people will come to san francisco to celebrate the 44th annual san francisco pride celebration, and thousands will come to the castro district, otherwise known as the gayberhood, to have good food, party, and hang out with their friends. so where should you go to have a great dinner or bring a date or the perfect martini? well, the perfect person to ask to me is the foody chap liam


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