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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 8, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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>> a look at how long the freezing weather with lippinger in the bay area. >> we'll join the search for a shooter going on in the east bay. a new details about a bay area man's living conditions while he was held captive in north korea. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. the cold snap continues as people in the bay area deal with subfreezing temperatures for a fifth night. good evening, i'm ama daetz. let's go right to forecaster spencer christian for a look at how cold it is in the bay area right now. >> it is very chilly. the high temperatures today reached only into the upper 40s. nobody hit 50 degrees.
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clear skies right now, and temperatures will drop sharply overnight. a freeze warning in effect for all of the bay area for the next two nights except san francisco, from 10:00 p.m. to 9 al. -- 9:00 a.m. we expect subfreezing temperatures and exposed pipes could burst and there's an increased risk of hypothermia. right now as you're looking live from our exploratorium camera, here's our forecast for lows the next three morning. monday and tuesday morning, lows in the upper 20s around the bay and around freezing on the coast. also relief on wednesday, but just a little less cold, and adding to this, as we look over san francisco from the sutro car -- tower cam, tomorrow is our second "spare the air" day. i'll give you a look at when it might warm up a little, a little later. >> abc7 reporter cornell bernard shows how people are handling
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the cold. >> once again it is getting very cold here in san francisco. my abc7 weather app says 45 degrees right now. feels like it. want to show you a special coat giveaway happening right now in front of st. vincent depaul homeless outreach south of market. sikh families of america, nonprofit, making thousands of coats possible for anyone who needs one, and there have been a lot of takers tonight. elsewhere today, we found a lot of people dealing with cold weather, and it's causing some businesses to lose money. holiday music was in the air at pier 39 and so was the cold, making it tough for the youth orchestra to perform its annual concert. >> superfaction, especially when the music is blowing around and your fingers are frozen. >> some braved the cold and others chose to stay indoors.
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pedicabs were empty. >> we got a blanket. >> business was slow at bike rental companies. >> we have gloves and they can pick up sweat shirts. >> steve pleasant and his family rented bikes. they came to the city in search of cold weather. >> just come from 100-degree heat in australia so down here, just have to make sure you're dressed for and it keeping in the sun. >> in walnut creek, temperatures around a chilly 40 degrees. on a day like this hard to believe iceskating would be popular but it was. >> starting the christmas season off. you have to do it. >> we came across snow. but this accumulation was created not by mother nature but the ice rink's zambonie. in walnut creek, abc7 news. >> here a picture e-mail to us. is shows icicles hanging from a
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tree. show us your photos -- end your photos and videos to. us. >> happening right now in an francisco, massive tree has fallen on to pine street near lagoon new hampshire traffic is backed up, causing a mess. it was reported an hour ago. crews should have it cleared away soon. >> a pg&e worker was injured after responding to a power outage. the worker was trying to reset a transformer when it failed. he suffered minor burns and was taken to the hospital. utilities sent out another crew to replace the france tomorrower and power was row stored to most customers by 1:00. developing news in vallejo as police are on the lockout for a shooter. a man was found shot several times next to an elementary school. lillian kim is live with details.
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reporter: that man was found in the middle of the street, right in front of the main entrance of the school. it happened at 2:30 p.m. people driving by reportedly pulled over to try to help the man. they say he had been shot multiple times and had gunshot wounds to the head. yet despite his injuries the man was conscious and talking. witnesses told vallejo police that prior to the shooting two people had been arguing on the front steps of the school. it's unclear where the shooting took place. police found a blood trail to the playground area on school ground. they combed that part of the school for evidence but the gunman is stilled a large. one neighbor said he didn't see anyone running away but did hear the gunshots. >> five shots. and then went back in. someone came home, and then he said somebody ran into the middle of the street.
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and then i guess the ambulance came and the police came and taped it off. >> the victim was taken to the hospital. last we heard he was sll alive. live in vallejo, lillian kim, abc7 news. >> a bay area man held captive in north korea said he was kept in comfortable living conditions during his stay. merrill newman greeted a neighbor outside his home this morning. he was taken of a plane in korean in late october and accused of shying on north korea after fighting in the korean war. he said he was kept in a comfortable hotel room, not a cell. and was given traditional korean food. he was bored at some times. when asked if he would travel again he said his wife is now in control of his passport. >> there's a downed plane with four people on board in idaho.
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the missing plane was heading for montana when the pilot reported engine trouble last sunday, weekend storms hampered the search for dale smith and his family. the search resumed today with a witness who heard gasoline -- plane bank and drop. it's helping officials to narrowly row the search area. a judge could determine tomorrow if the school shooter is mentally fit to stand trial. he was last evaluated in june. at that time the judge said he was not competent. he is accused of murdering seven people at a university in oakland in april of last year. >> thousands of fans turn out today to pay tribute to actor paul walker. they garretted around a memorial set up where walker died november 30th. mourners brought flowers, candles, cards and stuffed animals. so many people showed up sheriff
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deputies had too direct traffic. walker was on the break from shooting the seventh "fast & furious" movie when he died. still ahead at 6:00, why some well-known musicians are canceling shows at sea world. details of a large recall that could affect your holiday party menu. you can help us feed the bay area this holiday season. just visit the abc7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge we'll donate one dollar in your honor to the bay area feeding america food bank up to $75,000. your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced december 19th. so spread the love and help us give where you live. we all have our little tricks.
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>> a california law on dna selection will face a major test in federal appeals court. the law requires dna samples be taken from anyone who has been arrested for a felony in california. voters passed it in 2004. the american civil liberties union sued in 2009 saying the law is institutional. the state claimed it helped
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solve so-called cold cases like decade old murders, the u.s. supreme court upheld a similar law in merchandize. >> ad heart to musical acts refusing to play at sea world. they're backing out of the show after a movie showing treatment of animals at sea world. willie nelson and bare laked ladies has also pulled out. >> someone spotted a mountain lyon in half moon bay this morning. it happened at 2:00 along way '2. the deputies did not find the big cat. lion sighting are common in the area. >> there's a meat recall affecting california. federal agriculture inspectors are recalling 2600 pounds or
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whole boneless hams, shipped by santa maria foods of ontario canada. test shows listeria pathogens in 50-pound becomes. the boxes are labeled prochute to gold. there are no reports of anyone getting sick. >> up next at 6:00, what niner fans said today as candlestick park is close to wrapping up more than a five-decade run. >> can we expect a warmup this week? spencer christian is up next with the forecast. >> what a day today. the 49ers take tear care of business against the seahawks, and it was frank gore setting up the game-winner. details coming up later
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the 489ers played one of their biggest games of 2013 today and also happened to be the team's last regular season day game at candle stick park. the smell of barbecue filled the
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air as the faithful arrived to tailgate. it's a weekly ritual 0 for some fans. >> i -- marry newt my food and choose the jerseys, week-long thing. >> the 49ers will play the final regular season game at thestick on the evening of december 23rd. the team first moved to the stick in 1971. the niners will move next year to their new home in santa clara. mike shumann will have highlights of the game in sports. right now we went to get to spencer christian about the cold weather. >> it's cold now. a couple more morning to go. i did enjoy some fillet of seahawk today. live doppler 7 hd, clear skies right now and it's going to bet real cold tonight. a live view from the rooftop camera on the embarcadero.
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39 across the bay in oakland, and upper 30s as los gatos and half moon bay. it's getting cold already. this is looking over the bay. 40 degrees at santa rosa. temperatures in the mid-30s in napa, 31 at fairfield, upper 30s, concord and livermore. another live view from the exploratorium camera. forecast features freeze warnings in effect for the next two nights from 10:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. the following day. "spare the air" alert tomorrow for the declining air quality, and chilly afternoons on monday and tuesday before temperatures start to moderate after mid-week, there's an outloan of the cold front sweeping through the bay area, causing cold air to spill in behind it. 7:00 this evening, won't see any clouds by overnight. skies remain clear. temperatures will drop sharply. another chilly afternoon tomorrow. even under sunny skies.
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high temperatures barely breaking 50 degrees. overnight tonight, cold all over the bay area, including san francisco, low of 36. look at the lows in the inland valleys. low 20s at napa and santa rows sacker livermore, low 23. morgan hill, 24. even right around the bay, where it's going to be cold, we'll see lows into the upper 20s. we have seen 30s around the bay lately but upper 20s, very cold weather for bayside conditions. tomorrow, under mainly sunny skies, highs in the upper 40s to low 50. and on the peninsula, highs of 50, and san mateo, palo alto, and mountain view, over on the coast, chilly as well, highs in the upper 40s, and half moon bay and pacifica. in and around san francisco, look for highs in the upper 40s. sunset district and daly city, 50 degrees in south san francisco and downtown san francisco. north bay, on the coast, o'dega
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bay and stimpson beach, 40s. inland, 51. and calistoga, 52. napa. east bay, highs of 51 at oakland and san leandro. 49, fremont. inland, highs of 49 in walnut creek, the highest of the inland east bay readings. and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. temperatures after two freezing morning, tomorrow and tuesday, start to mott rate just -- moderate a tad on wednesday and thursday. friday, temperatures into the upper 50s inland. so a little milder but a slight chance of rain on friday, and then over the weekend, unsettled weather but still relatively mild compared to right now. next sunday, temperatures reaching 60 degrees again. seems like a mighty long wait we have to brave these cold nights. >> thank you so much. >> shu is here with sports and
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says spencer's fillet of seahawk tastes like chicken. >> seattle seahawks in town with a chance to clinch the nfc west and a first-around by. -- bye. the seattle 12th man is everything. flying high over the sick. second quarter, 6-0 niner. marchand lynch takes care of that. after another niner field goal, russell wilson connects with another wilson, luke. 39 yards, 14-9 seahawks. the 49ers then go on a drive to end the half. a lone td pass to vernon davis. 16-14 niners. fourth quarter, a field goal put seattle up 17-16. and then frank gary is in beast -- frank gore. beast mode. 41 yards on 17 carries, and the fourth field goal of the game.
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good. 19-17, 49ers. and niners win 19-17, ending the seahawks seven-game win streak. >> tough to contain. held tome the 17 points. really -- a great team accomplishment also. i thought everybody played well, special teams, defense, and offense, great team win. >> the offense, we play together. take all the playmakers to do something in this game, and going to take it for us to get to the next level. >> we'll have another edition of vernon's view tonight at 11:00 p.m. when vernon sits down with a one-on-one conversation with larry beil. now you think we have cold weather. check out philly, eagles and lions in a blizzard. couldn't see the lines on the field. and mccoy took over late. running for 217 of the eagles'
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299 yards. 57 on this touchdown. eagles beats the lions 34-20, and take over the lead in the nfc east. >> oakland in new york to face the jets. raiders now lost 15 straight games east of the mississippi with today's setback. doesn't deter raider fans. they show up no matter what. rookie quarterback something i had not thrown a pass in a while. third quarter, look at this thread. mcgloin, to rod streeter, 48 yards, mcgloin, 245-yard two tds and a pick. fourth quarter, chris ivory. five tackles shaken. jets win, the raiders fall to 4-9. >> john fox back on the sideline for denver after having heart surgery on november 4th. witnessed history as hi kicker sets the record for the longest field goal.
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64-yards. denver wins 61-28. patriots down 12 to the browns. tom bridie hits julian with a minute left. a five-point game. after recovering the onside kick, brady to amendola. the one-point lead. then the 58-yard field goal to win it but comes up short and the patriots hold on for the victory. >> ravens and vikings, teams combined for 13 points after three quarters and then 42 in the fourth, including five lead changes in the final two minutes. patter -- ravens win 29-26. let's go to the indoor ice, sharks wrapping up a four-game road trip against the wild in minnesota. 1-0. pavelski gets robbed.
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then minnesota adds insurance. sharks with terrible line game. three-on-three. a wicked wrister. 3-1 the final, san jose, 1-3 on the road trip. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. florida and it and auburn for the national title game. stanford gets michigan state, and san jose shut out. >> coming up at 6:00. the surprise at the box office. the "the hunger games" movie knocked out of the top spot. what pre
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my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago. like in the 80's? join my tonight at 9:00 on cable 13. we'll tell you how alligator and crook dials -- crocodiles may use tools to hunt prey and the bay area city that wants to stop people from releasing butterflies as weddings and other celebrations and why it's dangerous. all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. an upset at thebreak office. the "the hunger games" has been. frozen came in first place. it's an animated comedy about two people who fight to end an icy spell in the frozen kingdom.
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it made $31 million. in the second place, "the hunger games", the star-studded crime thriller, out of the furnace, managed just five million in its debut. four and deliveryman round out the top five. >> that's it for abc7 at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. for mike shumann, and leigh glaser who is off, thank you for joining us.
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