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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 21, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> good evening i'm dan ashley. we have breaking news tonight after flurry of activity in the bart negotiations all day long and into the night. apparently a big nounlts is expected any moment now. we want to go to john live from the
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transportation headquarters in oak land tonight. john we are waiting. >> reporters here photographers here. bart representatives are her and union members areer hoochlt politicians are her. we understand from mayor kwan she tweeted out that an agreement announcement would be coming shortly. bart says some last minute want still needed to be worked out but apparently they have. our understanding is that atu earlier signed off on some deal upon the and members of the union showed up and they were initialing some of the last points earlier this evening as i said politicians did show up first mayor kwan who is celebrating her birthday today. who got back in town from china on saturday. showed up and said a great announcement. then lieutenant governor newsom came to the headquarters and gave a thumb up indicating that deal was close. union members large group showed up about 20 minutes ago. would not say anything but it appears that
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this is getting very close to an agreement. we are waiting for anyone to kilometer down to tell us what is going on. right across the street from the lake merritt bart station where picketers also still on the picket line waiting for any official announcement but again mayor kwan has tweeted out that an agreement announced that he is near other question remains if an agreement is officially reached when will taken run. bart says the longer we go that the tight that could effect how many trains are put on the track tomorrow. how often they respect and how late in the morning they will finally be up and running earlier bart said if a deal had been reached by 6:00 o'clock tonight that train would be running in time for morning rush but the official but bart has to decide in the morning when they can get train on the track and how many fending on when this announcement comes and when it does happen we bring it to you live on abc 7 news.
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>> thanks very much john. standby there if you would. as john said bart had said it takes as long as 16 hours to get the i system back up and run fully we wouldn't expect it to happen by the morning commute. but maybe some taken back assuming announcement comes here in the next few minutes. as soon as it happens we bring it tout to you writ here live on 7 news at 9:00. full report on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. of course follow on twitter bay area. >> live look now above interstate 80 if hours later barely moving eastbound car trying to get on to the bay bridge heading east. not so bad the other direction but it has been like this literally since 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. the ferry sets the morning ridership tripled today and expected to serve 19,000 passengers through this evening
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commute that was for this morning and tonight. compared to 6000 roughly that it carries on typical day. the ferry service has extra boat and staff working to accommodate the demand. to help with the commute bart says it made 114 bus trips this morning from the east bay to san francisco. carrying 5900 passengers. 1500 more than friday morning first day of the strike and walnut correct the lane started at 3:40 this morning at the 5:00 a.m. bus and 7:00 a.m. the bus were his full. charter bus workers are going to try to get more buses to service walnut creek tomorrow morning. well how is the bart strike affec affecting your commute? we want to hear from you and it starts with the word dear bart here's what people tweeted us tonight. john said beer bart traffic in san francisco is fine without you. really. as long as you didn't need to get anywhere tonight and think gas is cheap. and
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don l tweeted this. rough commute 1.5 hours from alameda to american canyon. want to know how long it takes to you get around the bay area. share video on license or instagram. use that hash tag that i mentioned. dear bart. also send video to the 7 news facebook page as well. again all of this may come to an end soon we hope. we are waiting at the podium announcement on the negotiations. give bart and union something to tell news the next hour take you back out there live. bring it to you here on 7 news at 9 as you have heard us say. we are expecting a major announcement about a deal having been reached. the mayor of oakland kwan has tweeted out announcement about a deal is coming soon. we have seen no evidence of that this moment except number of key poll significance shown up here at the last moment as we expect announcement to be made soon. >> either way deal or no deal joan us early tomorrow morning
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for the latest on the bart strike. morning news team will be here beginning at 4 a.m. look at how the morning commute is shaping up. >> well, again standby for announcement but in the mean time federal investigators confirm today that the operator controlling the train that killed 2 bart workers saturday was a trainee. 58-year-old christopher shepherd and 68-year-old larry daniels were hit about a mile north of the walnut creek station. bart said the trains that struck and killed them was doing routine maintenance. however ntsb con firments it was also being used to train at least 2 people to be train operators. that was not what bart initially revealed. ntsb also confirmed the train was in auto mode going between 60 and 70 miles an hour at impact. in addition the operator had been notified that there were people on the tracks. >> there is a system in place on bart to where they will announce over the system where people are out on the right-of-way and we have just
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begun to gather that data and what the announcement was when it went out. >> one of the other questions the ntsb couldn't answer is whether they were certified or qualified to be on the track. ntsb here for a couple more days. tomorrow they plan to interview bart manager and reenactmentçó of the act itself and take this information along with video for data recorder and video recorder and also information to the data recorder back to washington to continue the investigation. >> bicyclist who died when hit by a muni bus last friday has been identified. 78-year-old man died after he was struck by a bus as it was turning from 11th on to bryant street in san francisco south of market area. bus driver 10 year muni veteran. he was tested routinely for drug and alcohol. police still trying to determine who was at fault. city of san jose held meeting tonight to discuss what to do
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about the growing gang related crime problem. the mayor gang prevention task force is working on new 2 year plan to tackle this problem. david lou now with look at the city and how it relies on the community input. >> greatest concentration of gang related crime in east san jose town hall meetings held in the coming week. area with the highest number of cases is south of highway 280 on either side of highway 101. giving the community a chance to voice the concerns will give task force members including this person important feedback for strategic plan for the next 2 years. >> i think the community is from us stated sometimes especially when they are not given the time to vent and say wait a minute. you are on that side of the city and i live here and i have problems here. why aren't you here. >> san jose spending 4.6 million dollars this year on prevention and another million from state federal grant. they use the money is through
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intervention by sending staff member out to talk to any person who is a victim of a stabbing or shooting gang related. that and other program the task force fund are starting to produce results. >> 8 gang related homicide as opposed to last year this time. probably at 14 to 16. we end with the last two years with 18 gang related homicides. there have been quantifiable improvement. gang related vailt crime also down. there were 93 during the summer month last year versus 84 this year. school leaders recognize they need to make changes as well. >> our system has been around for 100 years and education traditionally slow to change. and so we have to create as many different path way for kids to be successful when they leave our system that they are college and career he had read ready. >> the plan expected to be ready in the spring. in san jose david lou abc 7 news. >> as you can tell it's a busy night. still to come on 7 news at 9:00.
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>> completely inexcusable. >> you hear from the outrage family of woman found dead in bay area hospital after new revelation of the case. >> technique game changer for treating baldness. we have the weather. >> we have mailed weather coming our which here in the bay area but we have a major hurricane on pacific coast of mexico. close-up look at hurricane raymond in a moment and the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> thanks. powerful story to see. why 2 north bay neighbors have been brought together for the first time by the experiences with world war ii concentration
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>> more heart ache for family of woman missing at san francisco general hospital only to be found 17 days later in a stairwell at the same hospital. vick lee tonight with latest information on the death of 57-year-old lynn spalding. >> lynn spalding body found october 8 in stairwell at san francisco general hospital. she was reported missing from her bed almost 2 and a half weeks earlier. at the time spalding being treated for an infection. now reliable source tells us that one week before spalding body was discovered
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hospital worker saw woman who appeared to be unconscious lying at the same stairwell. he stepped over her twice. family is outraged about the new revelation. >> what this tells us what didn't happen in the hospital. what should have happened. immediate care and assistance for someone laying on a stairwell. according to our source the hospital employee told the nurse what he had seen. that the nurse then contacted the sheriff's department which provides security at the hospital. unclear whether deputy respon responded to that call and physically check the stairwell. also unknown whether spalding was still alive when the orderly found her. spalding family spokesman reresponsibleed to new revelation this way. >> completely inexcusable. >> sheriff office declined to comment saying the investigation was still ongoin ongoing. vick lee abc 7 news. >> state labor board heard from both side at dc transit
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contract dispute how it could impact bait area. panel will decide whether 60 day cool off period should be called. same thing happened for bart as you recall. that would bar workers from striking and blocking transit from locking workers out. transit manager and governor brown to start the process for cooling off period latter week when strike was called. >> we are very close. we just need a little more time. more communication. we can work this out. >> yes we care about our public but our operators would like to think that the company cared about them. >> the investigators have until wednesday to give the trort governor brown about 1 80,000 people rely on ac transit every day. even more people riding ac transit now because of the bart strike. >> upset truck drivers at the port of oakland organize a work stop today about 150 non-union truck drivers part of the port of oakland trucker association picket entered front of several of the shipping terminal today.
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they are upset over compensation issues and they want the port to speed up the time truckers spent dropping off and picking up containers. >> we want to be on the bargaining table. have dialogue but want action to be done. >> the people here. >> sheriff deputy and police called out to keep exit and entrance mostly clear so other truck could continue the delivery. they convene working group to address the the trucker concern. no indication how long the stoppage will last. >> people visiting the beach bay area being warned to watch out for potentially deadly wav wave. national weather service says rip current and swell capable of sweeping people out to sea are expected until tomorrow afternoon. all the way from sonoma to monterey county. sneaker wave like these were blamed for several deaths in northern california last year so nothing to fool around with. beach goers are warned not to turn this be back
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on the surf and fishermen urged to avoid lot near the shorelin shoreline. all of that given this fantastic weather cap forget it's quite dangerous. >> very rough sea right now and we will be well vitsed to heed the warning to stay away from the coast line. >> look from a distance. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd and we'll do it close-up. we have some fog near the coast line rate now. mainly clear sky. over inland bay side community. let's travel down south. we have potentially dangerous hurricane hurricane raymond just off the south pacific coast of mexico is in areas like acapulco and points north of acapulco on north and west you should say along the coast line. this is category 3 hurricane. maximum sustained wednesday. one 20 miles per hour with gust to 150 and above. movement right now is very close towards the east at
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about 2 miles per hour expected to move west ward starting tomorrow and pull away from the coast line that is a good thing over the next 2 day and see if we can goat category 2 into the cooler pacific water. next 24 to 36 hours could produce flooding rain. flash flooding and mud slide along the pacific coast. south pacific coast of mexico. keep an eye on that 4. back in the bay area check out the moon over the bay looking for mount tam clear night at least from this vantage point. current temperature readings 51 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. san carlos 54. 57 in san jose. cool 50 at half moon basement another live we had a view but still the temperature i should have changed that ca for you. 50 degrees at both napa and santa rosa. novato 48. that's pretty chilly. fair field concord 64 livermore and live view at the golden gate bridge. foggy there but this isn't too
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bad. forecast feature fog near the coast overnight warmer next two days and turning cooler today on thursday friday but just by a a few degrees. we have the beach hazard advisory in effect until tomorrow afternoon. possibility of dangerous sneaker wave strong rip krpt please stay away from the coast line and avoid the out crop and jetty hazardous as well. overnight tonight mostly clear sky coastal fog and move closely beyond the coast. low pressure mainly mid upper 40's to around 50. tomorrow afternoon sunny mild in the south bay with high ranging from upper 70's to low 80's. 77 san jose. peninsula 75. palo alto on the coast only 58 at pacifica and 59 half moon day. downtown san francisco 59 sunset district and upper 70's from santa rosa to sonoma and napa and north bay. low mid 70's on the east bay from oakland down free mont and
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upper 70's to low 80's in the inland east bay. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast 3 mild to warm day coming our way through thursday. but cool counsel a few degrees on friday saturday. nothing dramatic. warm-up again on sunday monday so we still have quite mild weather picture next 7 days get in almost the end of october. hard to believe. >> thanks spencer very much. >> still to come 7 news at 9:00. president said today about the glitchy obama care web site keeping americans from signing up for health care. >> surprise finding for scientist studying the snow man what is the deal. >> let's take live to oakland once again. picture of podium at metropolitan transportation commission head quarter where the bart negotiations rather ongoing. they have been promising us major announcement any moment now for quit some time. last hour or so stay time. last hour or so stay with
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>> scientist believe global warming drying out the amazon rain forest in south america. university of texas study found that rain forest dry season now lasts 3 weeks longer than it did 30 years ago. they say because of global warming southern jet stream now block cold front that cause rainfall. also raises temperature making it harder for storm to develop and with less rain the risk of fire increases and the chance that trees will grow back decreases. amazon is probably largest written forest anywhere in the world. >> winter arrived in china
9:25 pm
tonight and so has the smog. look at this. this is what it looked like in northeast china today. smog so thick school had to be cancelled. road closed. planes were grounded. it was measured at 40 times what the world health organization considers safe. northeast china is plagued by air pollution all year long but in the winter heater turn on increaseings amount of coal burned imagine what the people are exposing themselves to as they walk around in northeast china. >> the snow man has been part of him lay a myth for century and scientist knows what it could actually be. relative of the polar bear. university of oxford in england look add dna from polar bear skull more than 40,000 years old and compared it to dna taken from 2 reported sightings in asia. a creature killed mum my 4 decade ago and
9:26 pm
the other is hair found one decade ago. he said the dna is 100 percent match for all 3 he believes the reported ones could be a new species of bear. >> coming up at 9:00. >> pull out a gun and shoots my friend. >> hear from kids who watch as fellow classmate opened fire on the school playground in nevada today. >> lack at new technique that led to brick through in treating baldness will this really work. >> 2 north bay men brought together today by the very different experiences in world war ii. why they say they have just met a friend for life in one of them. stay with us farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating.
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>> good evening again thanks for being here. we are following breaking news as we wait for birth and 2 largest union to make announcement on contract negotiations eminent apparently. we are live at the metropolitan transportation commission headquarters in oakland where talk going on. this is a live camera. you see the micro phone in front of the podium there. we expect announcement any time. state local lawmakers have shown up to join in this announcement. which they would not show up if it was not a good sipe i can tell you that. they come out ready to talk in the next half hour bring it to you life rate here but for the moment the strike continues and don't expect no matter what they announce for train to be up and running fully on normal schedule tomorrow morning. that would be very difficult to pull off. could happen but expect to michael alternative arrangement nonlts tomorrow morning and we have list of the resources for you at 7 to help you get around during
9:31 pm
the strike including alternate transit options and real time traffic map. you can also down load the exclusive 7 news ways app to navigate the freeway and follow us on twitter at this site for breaking news update. i'm on my twitter account writ now expecting to transmit message that the strike has come to some agreement. stay tune for. that we'll see. >> but we manufacture on. in nevada. student gunman opened fire on his classmates today. one of the victims is teacher who is a veteran of afghanista afghanistan. survived there only to be shot an killed here. authorities say he risk his life and lost his life saving students. cecelia explains what happened. >> just as school week about to again the sound of gunshots. students and teachers at sparks middle school in reno nevada under fire. >> active shooter sparks middle school they have at least 2 down. >> s.w.a.t. team rush to the
9:32 pm
scene students watch the seventh grade classmate fire rounds from a semi-automatic handgun. >> he pulled out a gun and shoots my friend and then he walk to a teacher and said back up. teacher started backing up he pulled the trying theer. >> michael math teacher and former marine and member of the nevada national guard hailed a hero. fatally shot trying to stop the ramp paechblingt it has been 10 months since the newtown connecticut somewhating this year alone 13 school shootings so far. >> investigators say the suspected gunman also shot one 12-year-old in the shoulder, another in the abdomen. those injuries not life threatening. then he turned the weapon on himself. 20 to 30 students witness it all both outside then inside the building. >> are the takeed running and screaming. i started are youing. another gun show. worried parents rush to the
9:33 pm
scene. >> before anybody else that's not fair. our kids are at stake. >> so far police not provide add motive. counseling is available but the school will remain closed for the rest of the week. sparks nevada. >> president obama is promising a fix to the on line problem plaguing the roll out of the afordable care act. president addressed the issue during rose garden appearance calling the problem unacceptable. a lot of people have been unable to create an account or even log on to the web site. maybe this happened to you. others say they have received confusing error messages. >> nobody madder than me about the fact the web sit isn't working as well as it should that means it will get fixed. in the mean time bypass the web site and apply by phone or in person. so don't let problems with the web site deter you from signing up. >> president says the nation best tech expert doing
9:34 pm
everything possible to fix the site. he blames the problem in part on the overwhelming response to the plan. administration says the web site has attracted more than 19 million unique visits sense the roll out on october 1st. then this. >> president had to pause near the end of the remark when woman standing behind him nearly fanted watch the woman over the right shoulder. carmel allison became a little wobble after 25 minutes of standing. her eye start rolling back in her head. in telephone interview she said dehydration and being diabetic and pregnant was part of the reason. >> i'm 20 week pregnant at this point and hadn't had that much to drink that morning because i was worried about possibly need to go good to the bathroom during the speech so i wanted to avoid. that the sun hit me i got light headed but everything is okay now. i'm back to normal. >> she's just fine. she was led away and treated by white house physician. president joked that this is what happens when he talks too long. carmel lives in san diego and graduate
9:35 pm
from uc berkeley. she was representing the american diabetes association at this event. but she's doing okay. >> legal battle has broken out in missouri over motherhood and juror duty. laura trickle told a judge she could not leave her seven month old son axle behind to serve on his jury. because she breast feeds. she brought her son to jury selection hoping to make her case. well that angered the june who charged her with contempt of court and issued a 500 dollar fine. the judge gave laura 2 options. >> unfortunately asked to take bowling. that's not an option for us. the other option was to have someone stay with me all day and then be able to nurse on breaks. but about i'm a stay at home mom and we don't have child care. >> hearing over this charge has been scheduled for thursday. judge has not commented on his
9:36 pm
decision. >> new study mean time claims that it is up safe to purchase breast milk over theen net. 75 percent of breast milk sample they tested contain high levels of bacteria that could cause illness leak meningitis or pneumonia. they say the research also found that 64 percent of the sample tested positive for bacteria cause array oven fix ranging from skin asbestos to. >> coliform bacteria yeah. staph bacteria. it's really concerning because that represents some sort of fecal con tomorrow nation. >> researchers blame the problem on poor shipping and storage practices as well as lack of available information regarding the doctor health and hygiene mevtd odds. >> more medical item find like this. new hope for bald men and women everywhere as scientist say they are closer to making a treatment that really works. researchers at the cent genetic at
9:37 pm
columbia university work on technique called hair transplantation. able to clone hair cell that get them to regrow on the scalp. key is clumpping the cells together in a 3d steroids instead of 2 dimensional lab dish. cell retrain the ability to figure out how to grow. researchers say this procedure worked open 5 out of 7 test samples. treatment could also be used for burn victims. the research is still in the early stages bit is very promising. still ahead on 7 news at 9:00. how authorities say professional baseball player wife got away with stealing wife got away with stealing nearly
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>> updating breaking news. as
9:41 pm
you look live at the podium in oakland metropolitan transportation commission headquarters where bart negotiations continued all day long today. we are expecting what has been billed as a mainly announcement by the mayor of oakland. major announcement about a deal to end the strike. that has been going on for the last hour and a half probably. maybe a little longer that. we keep expecting some sort of announcement so presumably they try to dot the i and cross the t before micking announcement but we hope to be able to tell you that the bart strike its coming to an end here fairly soon. stay tune. >> next time you are at lunch look around. you never know what brought together the people eating next to you. for instance today in marin 2 seemingly ordinary diners met for the first time after extraordinary circumstances. as wayne explains, it started in world war ii. >> it has been said that if time doesn't heal all wounds
9:42 pm
certainly helps to ease the pain. at 89 now retired army colonel raffle coal might attest to that. >> i still wake up at night thinking about it. >> at 84 had he beenert heller speak to it as well. >> it took me 4050 years before i wanted to talk about it. >> 2 may rip county men with shared experience who lived within few miles of each other for 38 years. who never met until today. >> i sure appreciate it colonel. >> in 1944 colonel coal helped liberate the first concentration camp. heller has been in one of the camps. lucky enough to escape dreaded experiment of dr. joseph and auschwitz. experience scarred both men for most of their lives. >> in my dreams i would see this dark in front of me and still remember my father and my older brother who i lost and 97 came back. >> the body were piled like
9:43 pm
this in a warehouse. lion the them. german hope that the bodies would disintegrate. >> 2 men met through the doctor who cares about the back story and patients. mr. heller came to the state's at 17 years old with just 10 dollars in the pocket. built successful business sell crib and stroll investigators new parents. colonel stayed in the reserve working as executive for at&t but today meeting was not about come mrernlt. instead empathy and mutual understanding for 2 men if from a disappearing generation. >> who wants to listen any more. >> no one. >> some one did today. >> brings back the past and in a pleasant way this time. >> 2 men and 8 decade first meeting. just lunch. >> as far as i'm concerned the he is my life time friend. >> sometimes after life time it is instantaneous. from san rafael, wayne abc 7 news. >> whether an amazing story.
9:44 pm
>> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. why rihanna was kicked for over 60,000 california foster children, extra curricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team. getting help with math. going to prom. i want to learn to swim. it's hard to feel normal,
9:45 pm
when you can't do the normal things. to help, sleep train is collecting donations for the extra activities that, for most kids, are a normal part of growing up. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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[s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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[people clap and cheer] pass. >> quite a story. wife of seattle mariner baseball player accused of stealing 200,000 dollars from a teammate wife who doesn't speak much english. neal explains that authorities were able to track her down. >> that thing is caught. >> while seattle mariner struggling outfielder carlos is doing his best just to stay in
9:48 pm
the major league, investigators now say his wife was involved in a maiming crime. maria is now facing federal wire fraud charges accused of using the debit card of teammate's wife to good on a wild shopping spree. this wasn't just any player stolen debit card while the victim isn't named in documents, the seattle times report that she was taking advantage of 19 million dollar a year mariner pitcher felix hernandez. >> wealthy people are vulnerable in this case there was a third party that if paid them. the victim didn't know this was occurring until after the fact. >> secret service agent say the 2 players wives had become friends. she stole the debit card number while helping hernandez wife who struggles with english shop on line. incorporating to court documents the secret service uncovered 179,000 dollars of on
9:49 pm
line purchase from sax fifth avenue including this 1700 dollar gucci purse. >> this type of evidence you post the picture on line in the clothes that you have fraudulently obtained. >> she pled dealt to shoplifting in 2010 pled not guilty in this current case. the victim who earn more than 1 million dollars a month didn't even notice the huge buying binge. nvestigators say it was the credit card company that tipped them off. this is seattle abc news. >> pop star rihanna got the boot from a mosque in the united arab this weekend. she was taking several photo outside of the mosque in the city of abu dubai when officials approached her. they didn't like her red lip stick and fingernails or form fitting coverup. and they said she was posing inappropriately for photo. she later posted it on instagram which is what you are
9:50 pm
looking at here. rhianna not commented on the photo controversy she was in the city for concert saturday night. >> spencer here dangerous on the coast but nice outside. >> we have the rough sea and the rough surf advisory but we have fog and inland over the bay and inland community we have mostly clear sky right now as you can see open live doppler 7hd and state wide picture south ward to l.a. we have a little bit of fog on the coast but most inland and interior community will have sunny sky warm conditions and that also apply to the bay are area. coastal fog tomorrow and cool in places like half man bay high in the upper 50's but mid upper 70's and to low 80's in inland community. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow wednesday and thursday nice mild to warm conditions but will cool down a few degrees on friday saturday temperatures bounce back into the 80's inland on sunday
9:51 pm
rather and monday. we won't get a coastal warm-up until sunday and monday. >> still really nice. >> beautiful. >> thanks very much. >> larry off and collin with all the sports tonight. >> nippers as we know are fichlt take in the sight and sounds. >> exactly. >> frainers working on their soccer skills today in london and hockey hadn't worked out
9:52 pm
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>> come up tonight on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. late breaking details on possible end to the bart strike the. we are still waiting for representatives of bart and the union to make a statement. all the negotiations this is live picture we are ready to go. as soon as they are. live update for you come up at 11:00 o'clock. new details on the death of 2 birth workers over
9:55 pm
the weekend. hear from neighbors of one of the victims who say he died doing what he loved to do. those stories and more for you coming up in an hour on 7 news at 11:00. hope you can join us for that. is he sports and shark are on the ru run. >> detroit. >> this used to be a really, really good rivalry. still is things change a bit. sharks red wings they had the rivalry we have come to will have however when the nhl restructure the division in the off season detroit moved to the eastern conference. now the teams no see each other twice a year game 1 tonight in the motor city. gets the shut out. impressive. stopping all 24 shots including albertson the quick 1 timer. lead with this and shoot out. logan snap by howard and that's the last robbing the pad look at that.
9:56 pm
best save. 83 meeting between the teams. first time they ended 1 nothing. sharks now hear. 31-17 win over tennessee distant memory for the 49ers. medley following the game they board add plane for london. capper neck, coach harbaugh landing early this morning. frainer fans there waiting arrival. they win the jaguar this sunday. team hosted a community event with premier league club the soccer field lacking for the team. offensive line and sum the trip up this year. >> we have done it before. about this is long road trip and don't get to spend a lot of time together as a team so we are excited. >> we think come over writ
9:57 pm
after the game and getting acclimated to the time change best way to do it and the coach felt the same way so we feel licensing this is the best way to do it. >> earlier this season. coming up. raiders welcome pittsburgh in the coliseum this sunday. both teams 2 and 4. 2 game we know streak here and defense allow 28 points in the first 4 games and surrender 22 total the past 2. >> do great job in protection giving our guys some giving at any time for throw the football and then we have to did a good job to execute the passing game and they play good brand of football. they play a tough physical brand of football and all 3 phases. we have to be able to watch that. >> 2 teams with various issues. meeting tonight. giants winless and minus 106 in point differential. vikings one win
9:58 pm
and starting at quarterback and signed two weeks ago. peterson 13 carries. 28 yards giants sack and minnesota you have to throw it to see us. block from teammate free man. vikings scored wins in the game. here it is. if special team coverage for sure. puppeter weather ford to beat. he barely does. 86 yards for the touch down. manning needed to be no more than average though. great effort by randall 24 yard touch down. 10-7 giants. take the vikings. forcing the pwawchl into coverage. one handed pitch. 20 of 53 no longer winless with an ugly win. after 3 division title 2 world series appearance in 8 years jim leland stepped down as manager of the tigers. announcement two days after the
9:59 pm
tigers were eliminated 4 games to 2 by boston in the american league championship series. fichlt informed my players saturday night after the game in boston that i would not be returning. i didn't know how to take it when they clapped. spent the last 24 hours promising myself i would not be emotional day and i'm not going to. warrior pre-season schedule continues wednesday night play sacramento. i think we have a tweet from andrew bogus do we have that. >> traffic is crazy in the bay area. who is this bart block and why doing to it commuter. >> i like that. >> i think that was hilarious. >> symptom up. who is this bart person any way. thank you very much collin. >> on that subject we take a lack at the bart person live at our camera in oakland. for spencer and collin thanks for watching. see the assembled dignitary we are expecting any moment. there's some smiles and announcement that the bart
10:00 pm
st - well, see you after the break. - what are you all doing for thanksgiving? i'm having andre's whole family over, though he'll be stuck working at the stereo store for black friday. - oh, sure, you get to say that, but we're stuck calling it "jew friday." - ugh, i'll be with my family, fielding the same old questions.


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