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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 12, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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a b.a.r.t. strike and the threat of a monday morning traffic nightmare is now 27 hours away. though, don't lose any sleep just yet. there are signs tonight that a last-minute deal could be worked out. good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm a ma dates. b.a.r.t. and the two largest employee unions have spent hours tonight trying to work out a deal. our reporter joins us live from
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oakland with an update on progress. >> reporter: for most of the day, both sides in the negotiation were not even in the same building. that's because they were going over proposals and supplemental issues, things that both sides say was very important. in the last couple of hours, they have come out to give us some information on some of p t progress that is being made. >> i think some of the supplemental items have tentatively been agreed to. so far, that's all that's agreed to. >> there will be another meeting tonight with a smaller group of people to look at the various proposals, see if we can agree on the various proposals would cost and how far apart we are. >> chief negotiators and the general manager walk into the building for the first time today. so far, neither side has offered
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details of the agreements. but we've heard from the b.a.r.t. leader and the trade operator's union is the most we've heard all night. both sides are under a gag order set by the mediator, it's no surprise they can't say much. we were told about the union they were expecting a new proposal from b.a.r.t. management and then suddenly everyone left and didn't give us a lot of information. it seems that today they have had a chance to go over some of that information, but we have been told this evening, all sides have sat down at the big negotiating table and they have had some pleasant conversations. so there is progress this evening. however, it doesn't seem that anyone is expecting that any of the issues will be wrapped up tonight. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. thank you, sed yoe. the abc 7 news digital team introduced dear b.a.r.t. as a way for you to sound off about the possible strike.
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we've received dozens of tweets and videos. stacy wire tweeted. dear b.a.r.t. workers, a win for you is a win for all of us without contracts. rachel tweeted. they should work through negotiations just like other folks. immobilizing 400,000 commuters is irrational and absurd. we're not just looking for tweets but videos. you can send them on twitter and instagram. use #dear b.a.r.t. you can send videos to the facebook page. riders were already friday in case there was a strike, ridership dropped by 20,000 passengers compared to recent fridays. trips across the bay down 11,000. >> this weekend, san francisco bay's ferry is on a regular schedule. however, enhanced service will kick in if there's a strike. 12 boats will pick up earlier. the ferry expects an extra 13,000 to 14,000 passengers per day if there's a strike. on monday, we'll be on the air
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beginning at 4:00 a.m. abc 7 morning news anchors eric thomas and kristen sze and lay lay gu lan will give you the latest strike threat and the commute looks. join us on monday morning for the news. a passenger door from a plane fell off and slammed into a hotel. it broke free from a private plan after it took off from the airport on thursday. the 75-pound door fell 1,000 feet. it crash landed on the roof of the motel. no one was in the room below. federal aviation officials are investigating how it came off. the pilot heard a noise but didn't realize it was the door. the pilot returned safely to the airport. a bay area costco is recalling almost 40,000 pounds of cooked rotisserie chicken that may be contaminated with salmonella. it involves foster farms, kirk
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land farms chicken. plus kirk land farms rotisserie soup and salad. they were sold at the costco on el camino royale between september 11th and september 23rd. the agriculture department says the contamination may be linked to a larger salmonella outbreak involving foster farms chickens that sickened 317 people nationwide. but costco pointed out today that outbreak was in raw chicken, not cooked. >> this is totally separate thing. this has to do with the rotisser rotisserie chicken. were the chickens that we were to cook from foster farms? they were. >> the nationwide salmonella outbreak has been linked to three plants in the central valley. other brands are processed in those same plants. consumer reports says to double-check for the brands including safe way farms and open nature. we have a full list of the affected chicken products on our website at abc 7 under
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see it on tv. san francisco's iconic bistro is back open today. it closed tuesday because of the government shutdown. the restaurant is privately owned and run but operates as a concession on national park land. local park officials decided it should reopen because it doesn't use tax dollars. restaurant's owner estimates he lost $70,000 while shut down this week. in washington, budget talks between the house leadership and the white house are going nowhere. the two sides are trying to end the shutdown, fund the government and avoid a default on the national debt in five days. abc news reporter susan sol any shows us what they discussed. >> they met in rare saturday sessions as democrats and republicans try to inch toward common ground. >> we're trying to see a resolution. >> why delay another day.
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>> house republicans disallowed a democratic petition to open up the government immediately. >> no deal as far as we're concerned. >> we're willing to talk about these issues. but they don't need to be talked about while government is shut down. >> in the senate, an attempt to extend the debt limit failed. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> it will be the senate that has to come to an agreement here because the house republicans seem so divided and in disarray. they don't have a plan. >> the gop seems ready to raise the debt ceiling. they've offered to stave off default for six weeks. the white house says no. because we'd be in the thick of the same thing in holiday shopping season and thanksgiving. there's a disapproval of republicans jumping from 63% to 70%. they're looking for a way out. a deal. president obama is keeping up the pressure. >> the pain of this republican shutdown has trickled down to their bottom lines. it's hurting the very citizens that our government exists to
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serve. >> we'll do everything we can to make the point that we want to negotiate and he took no offer. >> the president met with senate democrats. the focus is on the senate where a bipartisan plan to break this log jam could be taking shape in the next few days. abc news, washington. still ahead on abc 7 news at 9:00, why a protest in russia led to a violent clash with dozens arrested. plus, why a u.s. lawmaker wants federal authorities to investigate a new google policy. and space x sets a record with a rocket. how it could drastically cut the cost of shipping supplies to space. i'm meteorologist lee glasser. the sierra could see a little bit of snow, while the bay area warms
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dozens of people have been arrested in russia after a gay rights rally ended in violence. hundreds confronted the demonstrators in st. petersburg today. one of the anti-gay protesters ripped a rainbow flag out of a woman's hand. 67 people were arrested. a u.s. lawmaker wants an investigation into google's upcoming terms of service changes. on november 11th, google plans to put users' personal information in online ads, including reviews, comments or purchases made through google websites. representative ed march ki wrote a letter to the federal trade commission to investigate the changes. it examines privacy issues. coming up next on the abc 7 news at 9:00, why
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environmentalists are concerned about a new law aimed at protecting lake tahoe. there are more sunny days ahead. meteorologist leigh glaser tells us if we'll also warm up. that's coming up. i'm colin rusk. the last time they lost -- that wasn't an upset. today was. why kevin
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governor brown signed a new bill aimed to preserve lake tahoe. some environmentalists fear it leads to more development. the bill reviews a decades long partnership with nevada. nevada threaten today withdraw from it unless california allowed concessions. the new bill allows higher density and taller structures away from the lake and encourage
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getting rid of older structures near the lake. the sierra club and other environmentalists filed a lawsuit in federal court over the changes. spacex reached record breaking new heights on the grasshopper rocket. the unmanned rocket reached 744 meters, or about a half a mile. the highest an aircraft like this traveled. spacex has been testing the rocket over the last few months getting higher each time. the great thing is the rocket is reusable. it comes back down to earth and consistently nails its landing. spacex hopes to use it to resupply missions in space without having to build a new rocket each time they send one up. just send those supplies. all right. >> we're talking recycling here. >> we are. absolutely. leigh glaser has our forecast. it's nice feeling like fall but maybe a warmup? >> yeah, definitely warmup. by tuesday, we're talking a beach day. >> wow. >> in the 70s.
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we love this time of year in the bay area, folks. doppler 7hd showing you pretty much all clear. we have a little bit of high clouds right there. just by the coast. i want to take you up a little bit along the north coast. we have what we like to call an inside slider, area of low pressure that's going to track all the way down towards the lake tahoe area. you can clearly see some of the lightning strikes already being presented as this colder air mass is hitting a warmer air mass. of course, that's what's causing all of the convection there. as it gets closer to the higher elevations, it will turn over to a rain/snow mix. keep that in mind. here locally, some locations calm winds. other locations, boy, sfo gusts to 36. san carlos at 7 and santa rosa, strong northerly wind gusts up to 23 miles an hour. the winds are going to continue
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to be with us off and on tonight as well as tomorrow. already cool in the 60s, san francisco 55. 58 in san jose. the golden gate bridge getting fuzzy as we had a lot of dense fog there on the span this morning. we'll probably see the repeat of that. maybe not as widespread as this morning. but a repeat of some of that dense valley fog in some locations. santa rosa, 62. 50 in fairfield. livermore too at 56 degrees. here's a look at the forecast highlights. low clouds and dense valley fog. not as widespread as this morning. and for your sunday afternoon, get ready for a nice warmup. and as i mentioned, that beach weather will be with us next week. our satellite radar composite showing you the moisture feeding in towards the spine of the sierra. it's all due to this area of low pressure. it's called an inside slider and as it pushes down, it's going to move, boom, right in that
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direction and move right overseer a. depositing maybe a light dusting of snow at lake level. but it will probably melt by the middle part of the week. speaking of the week, 70 tomorrow in oakland by tuesday. wednesday close to 80 degrees. in san jose, we'll go 74 for you tomorrow but check out midweek. 80s for your tuesday and wednesday. we'll cool things down next weekend. here's a look at the fog forecast. widespread this morning. especially in the east bay. you'll notice that we'll see a little bit of it right near the coast. late in the afternoon, we'll return to plenty of sunshine and our lows tonight, the coldest in the north bay. very chilly. the rest of the bay area, upper 40s to near 50s. highs on sunday, we come up 75 for clear lake. 67 for san francisco. interior east bay, antioch 76 and 75 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day
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forecast -- monday and tuesday we'll be breezy and it will definitely kick those numbers up. tuesday, the beach day. 70s there. mid to low 80s tuesday, wednesday inday inland and then start to see the clouds return. cool things down next weekend. >> sounds good. thank you. leigh. colin is here. sports it coming. >> you didn't see it coming. leigh didn't either and i didn't see it coming. but it happened. was this a trap game. david shaw would tell you his team wasn't looking ahead to ucla next saturday. you have to wonder, the nation's second longest winning streak ending in utah tonight at 13 games. the utes better than shaw's guys in every statistical category tonight. ty montgomery, 99-yard kickoff return last weekend. he one ups himself, hits the 50, he's gone. about 100 yards this time. cardinals take a lead. travis wilson picked off six
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times last week against ucla. his receivers made him look good today. dress anderson back for the ball. game tied at 14. utah, 20 unanswered until this. kevin hogan, fade route. gets the foot down. 27-21 game. comes to this. fourth and few. hogan pressured. sails out of the end zone. never gave him the chance. david shaw says it's no time to feel sorry for themselves. >> i don't care about perspective. i care about the next game we play is ucla. we don't have time to wallow. we're going to come into palo alto ready to come after us. i don't care what the talking heads say or where we're ranked, that stuff doesn't matter. >> 12:30 kickoff next saturday right here on abc 7. the bears hanging in first half until the bruins go on a 73-yard
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drive. brad hunley to thomas duarte. 24-10, ucla at the half. newly renovated huskies stadium the site. hosting oregon. former coach, ron burgundy, aka will ferrell. huskies playing from behind. bishop sankey could drive a mack truck through that hole. touchdown. steve sarkisiasarkisian's squad. does he remind anyone else of colin kaepernick. 65 yards. mariota, 366 in the air, 88 on the ground. 4 total touchdowns. ducks look unstoppable. 45-24 the final. huge win for san jose state against colorado state. fran tarkenton -- i mean michael vick, i mean david fail buying time. catches the ball at the 30.
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has a blocker. one ram to beat. 83 yards for the touchdown and a lead. tied at 27. to winston. catch and run. 431 yards passing, 3 tds. 34 machine 27 sparty. they improve to 3-3. getting to bowl eligibility looking better. most would agree edwin moses was the best ever when it came to the hurdle until tomas came along for the san jose sharks. kids, google it pretty in pink. another '80s reference for you kids. hertl continues to tear up the league. just seconds in, the rebound. his nhl leading seventh of the year. three minutes apart. high glove on the power play. second of the year. sharks tied on the power play. loose puck. patrick marleau back hands it over len nar. brent burns scored. 3-2 sharks in the third.
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to baseball. the a's can empathize with the red sox. game one of the alcs. jhonny peralta breaks the scoreless tie. 1-0 tigers. sanchez, six innings, no hit ball. struck out a dozen including with the bases loaded. also walked six. bottom nine, one out. redwood city product, daniel that va'a breaks up the no no. he then steals second. benoit gives him the bogart. four pitchers combine on the one-hitter. tigers take game one. >> game two of the ncla. the dodgers lose a second consecutive one-run game to the cardinals. here's the only run of the game. jon jay the sac fly. former giant, rookie michael back a, eight ks in the game. 1-0. cards take a 2-0 series lead. two total runs in two playoff
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games today. tonight at 11:00, a former cal product in the hunt for the friday' open in san martin. >> i smile on the outside when ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it.
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we're monitoring b.a.r.t. contract talks and we'll have the latest at 11:00 on channel 7. also the computer glitch that had customers leaving shopping carts full of groceries behind. and -- >> they're in the car. margaret they're getting in the car. >> a frightening break-in for one couple. the rash of car thefts with a wild twist caught on camera. tonight on abc 7 news at
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>> >> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it adorable. everyone calls it "bloopers." stop what you are doing. unless what you're doing is watching "bloopers." let's go. [applause] welcome to "bloopers." i am dean cain. welcome to "bloopers." i am dean cain. gravity can be a cruel maste


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