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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  October 9, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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talks wrapped up about an hour ago, bart's unions accuse the transit agency of pulling a new offer. i'm carolyn swron son. >> and i'm dan ashley. heather ishimaru is live in oakland. hetter, walk us through -- heather, walk us through what happened. >> anyone concerned about a strike the latest developments are disappointing. the kind of thing that makes your heart sink. the unions are accusing bart of pulling the rug out from under neat them and bay area commute -- underneath them and the bay area commuters at the last minute. after back to back 12-hour bargaining days, bart's hired
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chief negotiator left at 9:45. tom hawk said see you in the morning to reporters and followed by grim-faced union members who said last night they had actually been closing in on a deal. >> today the unions came to the bargaining table with a hope we could close the gap and reach a final agreement. we were taken a back when bart management backed up and withdrew their offer claiming to be confused the day before. there was no confusion. instead bart's hired gun hawke lied to the unions and shattering the fragile framework of an agreement. >> it is not true that we had a proposal on the table that was withdrawn. i think it would be -- it is more of a case of miss communication involving the mediator and working between all three parties.
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>> both sides say despite this, they will be back at the bargaining table tomorrow. that's after the board of director's meeting at 9:00 and includes a closed door meeting and update on the negotiations. in oakland heather ishimaru, abc7 news. >> heather, thank you. we have been soliciting videos from people who are stressed out over the possibility of a bart strike. here is one posted on instagram. >> hash tag, dear bart, please don't go. hash tag, fail. >> hash tag, dear bart, you are letting me down. >> you can post your video 20* twitter -- to twitter with the hash tag dear bart and you can post videos to our abc7 news facebook page. >> if there is a strike check out our website. there is information to help you get around including how transit agencies are planning for extra passengers. you will find realtime traffic maps and our exlieu sigh ways
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traffic -- exclusive ways traffic map. follow us at abc7 news bay area for breaking news updates. a family friend of the woman found dead at the stirwell says that foul play is not a factor. but the family wants answers. how could lynn spalding turn up dead two weeks later on hospital property. nick smith smoke with the friend and he is live for us thousand at the hospital. nick? -- and he is live for us now at the hospital. >> san francisco general is considered one of the nation's top hospitals, but tonight they are getting attention for all of the wrong reasons. she disappeared and her body was found in a stirwell. now friends and family are asking how that happened. >> great girlfriend and great mentor. >> she creates jewelry for her boutique. it is here she met lynn spalding and now her friend is gone. >> i am really sad i will not see my friend again. bottom line. >> spalding checked 23450 san francisco general for
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treatment of an infection on september 19th and two days later despite bed checks every 15 minutes by the nursing staff, she was gone. confusion among family and friends turned to anger when it took the hospital 10 days to admit publicly that lynn disappeared. >>- q. i this has -- -- >> this has shaken up to our core. the staff is devastated jie. the family recalls her room highlighted by this box. the red arrow showing where her body was discovered one floor below in a fire escape. >> lynn spalding died alone in a stirwell in one of the finest medical institutions in this country. i hear the san francisco sheriff's department initiated a search, wut it wasn't a good one. >> they say she was thin, frail and on medication that may have left her confused. they believe had the hospital looking sooner maybe they could have done more. >> maybe we would have gotten a hint or someone would have
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walked on the balcony and they could have gone from the outside in, something that would have found her the night she went missing. >> the san francisco coroner's office has not released the cause of death. the sheriff's department is conducting an investigation of the security measures at the hospital. in san francisco, nick smith, abc7 news. another developing story we are following in san francisco. police searching for a gunman who fatally shot another man. it happened near mission street and brazil avenue. it was around 4:00 p.m. those streets were closed, but they are now back open. witnesses saw a gunman running from the area, but so far there is no other description of the man they are look for. more developing news. the search is on for a prowler spotted several times wandering the campus of uc berkeley. police hope this photo will help nab him. he was pretending to be on his cell phone while looking for opportunities to enter unlocked offices and labs. he may be responsible for a number of recent thefts on
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campus. a dangerous form of drug manufacturing is known for exploding two homes. the most recent blast happened the other day. the man was critically burned. they blamed the explosions on butane hash oil made by blasting marijuana with butane. >> tomorrow is day 10 of the government shutdown. 18 republicans will meet with the president at the white house to discuss a possible short-term fix to present an unprecedented default. the obama administration announced a solution to allow the families of fallen military members to receive death benefits. the fisher house foundation will make payments to military families from its own funds. this decision came right after the house voted to restore the payments. the charity will be reimbursed when the shutdown is over. families of 26 fallen service members have been affected by the delay in benefits since the shutdown. one is first lieu tenant -- lieutenant jennifer moreno. moreno and three other soldiers were killed in an
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attack in afghanistan on sunday. their bodies were brought back to the u.s. today. moreno's friends and family had to raise money to pay for her funeral. >> she sacrificed for the country and for her family. there is no excuse. >> a memorial service for moreno took place at usf. she graj -- graduated before enlisting in the army. breaking news, armed rebels captured libya's prime minister and currently holding him in an undisclosed location. this comes as groups are upset about a u.s. special forces raid that lead to the capture of a libyan al-qaeda suspect fnlt. earlier this week the prime minister called on the west to help stop militant groups in libya. three poultry plants linked to a salmonella outbreak could be shutdown. foster farms has until tomorrow to come up with a fix for the problem. in a statement released today, foster farms says it is
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dedicated to solve any concerns by the usda. we are fully cooperating and responding with newly i'm plaw meanted practices -- newly implemented practices in the plants. consumer reports found salmonella in a sample purchased by one of the plants connected to the outbreak. the consumer group is calling on foster farms to issue a recall. >> we think 300 illnesses is simply too much. other companies have issued recalls for far fewer people getting sick. we think it is about time that foster farms issue a recall right now to protect public health. >> so far the usda and the cdc has not been able to link the illnesses to a specific foster farms product. a warning about the dietary supplement oxy elite pro after hepititis cases in hawaii. officials are looking at 29 cases that lead to two liver transplants and a death. 11 patients have been hospitalized. there is an investigation to see if it is linked to other
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illnesses and problems nationwide. 49ers line backerral -- line backer alden smith is expected to turn himself in on felony weapons charges. they say they found three illegal assault weapons in smith's home in san jose. these are the makes and models. the guns investigators say they found. the search came after a fight broke out during a party there at his home last year. smith is in rehab following a dui arrest. if convicted he faces up to four years in jail. it is a suds shutdown. how it is affecting beer makers. >> and a warning for parents. the rare rating consumer reports gave this stroller. you will find out why. >> and are you putting your pet in danger? the potentially deadly condition affecting half of all dogs and cats in the u.s. and what you can do to prevent it. >> i am abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. skies are clear over san francisco and most of the bay area tonight. we will check out your wake up weather and a look at a
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warming trend as we inch toward the weekend
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lysol. mission for health. the federal government shutdown we are learning of another casualty. michael breweries. they cannot bottle the new brew without government approval.
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alan wang explains what this means for one north bay company. >> so it adds an extra rich chocolate and dark chocolate >> this chocolate hazel nut is one of the latest craft beers. the only problem is you can't buy a bo the tell of this in stores. >> until we get that label approval, we won't be able to put out any new beers on the shelves at stores. >> the government shutdown has closed a little known federal agency that approves the new beer labels for the market. it is the alcohol tobacco tax and trade bureau. >> we are always trying to create new things to try. >> the shutdown is impacting mostly craft brewers who put out quirky flavors and seasonal beers for beer tbeeks. >> it is nice to have a change with beer. something with flavor and character. >> what burned these breweries is that the agency is still collecting the permit taxes from them. >> even though we are not able to put out our new product had
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until the federal government is back in business. >> irritating? >> very irritating. >> this is a crucial time because they are in the midst of expanding from 1600 to 3,000 barrels a year. without an approval label they can't sell more beer. it is another economic side affect caused by the government shutdown. in fairfield, alan wang, abc7 news. the father of a 9-year-old airplane stowaway says his son has a history of behavioral problems and the father is desperate for help. he tbot past the security on a plane in minneapolis and boarded a plane to las vegas. his father didn't want to be identified, but talk i had with reporters saying his son stole a truck last week and crashing into a police car because he wanted to play grand theft auto in real life. his father says he has been seeking help with his child -- for his child since the boy was just 5 years old.
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>> if i want my son i get locked up. if i let my son do what he does, i get in trouble. please help me, please. >> the boy is expected to return to minnesota on friday and child protective services is now involved. >> baby stroller with a celebrity name is being called a safety risk by consumer reports. take a look. this is the heidi klum scrumptious system. the harness failed to stay latched during the tests. the carseat function performs well, but advises parents not to use the stroller. it sounds bizarre, but they think some day diagnosing alzheimer's may be as simple as spelling peanut butter. they discovered that people diagnosed with alzheimer's could smell peanut butter fine with the right nostril and not with the left.
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scientists hope to one day use this test to predict which patients will get alzheimer's disease. allowing your pet to over indulge could be harmful for its health. 52% of dogs and 58% of cats. too heavy. a pet fitness industry has popped up as a result. veterinarians say the culprit is our culture. pet owners giving treats to show their love and affection. >> it has been a good day, let's have a treat. you are feeling blue, let's have a treat. >> obesity in animals can lead to higher risk of arthritis, heart disease and respiratory problems. you should be able to feel their ribs, but not see them. >> even our pets are pudgy now. that's too bad. a cold weather system brought a dusting of snow to tahoe. >> the snow has melted, but look at what it looks like a bit earlier. you can see on the cal trans camera that some snow was along highway 50 today. >> meteorologist sandhya patel
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is here now. >> it will be a week before we see anything reappear in the see sierra nevada. it was an early season snowstorm, but not much of a stomp. it was a couple inches in the sierra nevada. live doppler-s did showing a few clouds. here is a look back at the sierra nevada from earlier when we saw the snow showers develop. really the ground was too warm so most of it melted quickly. down in southern california they had their share of snow in that area and some light showers, but that is all winding down. look how beautiful it looks in san francisco. no fog out there. 56 in san francisco and 59 in oakland. it is 57 in san jose. cooling off quickly in half moon bay where it is 45 degrees at the airport. you know we are headed toward a cold night. they are looking at san francisco and it is a little breezy over the higher terrain. santa rosa 56 and 55 in novato. mild in fairfield and 64 and 55 degrees in concord and live
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more is 53 degrees. today's highs a good 5 to 10 degrees below where you should be. not many people complain from the exploratorium camera. clear and chilly morning. mild pattern for your thursday and friday and it will get warmer as we head into the weekend. this is the cold storm that brought the snow to the sierra nevada. it is now moving out of here. it is taking the cooler air with it. behind it we are going to notice the air mass change. you will feel the difference. chilly nights certainly, patterns change. tomorrow morning you will want to make sure you don't leave your coat or jacket behind and it will be a cold start. mid40s in the coldest inland valleys and we are looking at low to mid40s along the coastline here. inland east bay, upper 40s. bundle up and make sure the kids have their boots on or jacket or coat. cupertino 64 and santa cruz on the peninsula, mainly sunny.
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64 in half moon bay and it will be breezy. 67 downtown san francisco. north bay mid70s. novato, santa rosa, east bay, 71 in oakland and union city is still not where you should be, but pleasant. 76 degrees inland and fairfield. 75 walnut creek. livermore and tomorrow is a big day. it is the a's' last game against the tigers. 68 degrees and sunny at 5:00 p.m. and dropping to 60 by 8:00 p.m. i think you will be fine. just take a light sweatshirt with you. accu-weather seven-day forecast. the temperatures are inching up. back to average and 80 inland on sunday and mid60s coast side and we will keep you in close range early to middle part of next week. thouing but sunshine out there. -- nothing but sunshine out there. >> as sandhya mentioned, a huge game for the a's. >> they can get it done and we hope they will. larry, you will be there. >> i was just about to jump in. you said it is the last game
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of the series. i thought you were going to say last game of the season. i was going say, no! stop her. somebody stop her! it will be the last game of the series for sure. a rookie with 13 major league games under his belt could win the the biggest contest of the year. the skipper on why he is going the skipper on why he is going with the kid tomorrow
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bartolo colon has pitched 2500 innings of major league
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innings. grays has pitched 72. it was the last eight thrown by the rookie that convinced the a's manager to start the kid tomorrow night. gray will take the ball in a winner take all game five against justin verlander. he struck out 9 against detroit in game two of the alds. history is not on the a's side. they lost five straight in the division series including last year to veer verlander. he explains why he will go with gray. >> we looked at it in a bunch of angles. we have a lot of smart people in our baseball operations and the short of it came down to sunny's last game he pitched. object yously -- obviously in similar conditions in our ballpark. that's the route we are going. >> game five, pirates and cardinals and the buck did stop here. he hits like king kong when he gets into the playoffs and smacks a two-run jack and cards up 2-0. and great defense on both sides in this game.
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carpenter goes down the line and this is just stolen by marte. then cosma with a diving grab to rob neil walker. cardinals pad their lead in the eighth. big, burly, matt adams gets uh hold of one. he flies a long way. saint louis up 5-1. adam wayne right went the distance. cardinals take the series 3-2 and advancing to the nlcs for the third straight year, 6-1 the final. after 412 yards passing in the season opener, the air has been taken out of the 9er offense. currently ranked 31st in the league in passing, but the only number colin kaepernick cares about is wins. they won two in a row and host arizona on sunday. they pretty much ditched the read option business and gone back to the traditional power running game with frank gore. like the nippers the cardinals come in at 3-2. >> they added a few players
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and it is a new time in that regard and this is a good team and a well coached football team. >> raiders in kansas city. must win game for the earthquakes. he was robbed to keep it score less. the header off the corner kick and look at the celebration. the earthquakes win it 1-0 trailing the rapids for the final playoff spot for two games remaining. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> pretty exciting moment. >> that was really exciting. for a 1-0 game, a lot of scoring chances. coming up on abc7 news, playoff fever. >> look at this face. the bay area is
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here is a look at your wake up weather.
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you will definitely need a coffee or hot drink in the morning. the chill will be in the air. clear skies and light wind. don't forget your jacket. low 40s to low 50s. we will keep you in the 40s, 50s at leyla is here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks a lot. >> it is do or die. game five for the a's against detroit tomorrow night. >> we are counting on do. fans judy and thomas from walnut creek are showing off their pride on abc7 news. we want to see your team spirit. >> e-mail your fan photos to you report at and you can share them with us on facebook or twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> love to hear from you and see the photos. coming up next on jimmy kimmle live, kanye west and the word is tense. >> should be interesting to watch that one. that does it for this edition of abc7 news. that does it for us. i'm carolyn johnson. >> i'm dan ashley. it is our abc7 news app.


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