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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 7, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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is we don't want to strike. we want it perfectly clear. we understand the disruption. we understand the impact of everybody in the bay area. we want it clear we are not intending to to that. we want a deal. >> encouraging words from president of one of bart union who announces tonight there will be no 72 hour strike
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notice. good evening. push to strike to get a deal is becoming more urgent by the hour two sides 3 day left before 60 day cooling off period and strike could begin. we have team coverage on this for you tonight beginning with 7 news reporter heather. >> atu president spokes for both union when he made this announcement at 5:00 p.m. >> we didn't want to strike. we do not want disruption of service. about and that is why we are not giving 72 hour notice at this time because we want to leave every opportunity open to try and get this deal done. we are keeping all options on the table. >> bart and union are crunching the numbers making sure both sides agree on the latest proposal and mead 88 tor has asked all parties to stop talking about details publicly, there is a tid bit from bart that increase the wage offer for the first time since the last offer back in august which
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was 10% over 4 years. >> we had a 10% wage increase on the table over 4 years and we have increased that. and we have also provided the opportunity for thousands os of dollars in what private industry we call bonuses. if ridership and economy meet certain measure 30. could be new numbers by the end of the day but for now bart says there is an 89 million dollar gap that has to be closed. the union think it's more like 30 million. either way a lot of money to sort out by thursday night cooling off deadline. >> won't happen today but hopefully get done by thursday at the latest. >> is the gap 89 million or 30 million. >> right now i'm not ready to talk about the gap but trying to get it done. >> atu president complains the yawn made 3 significant moves towards bart in the last round of negotiations while the union feel bart has not made any significant moves toward the union. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> look at this. the bart
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negotiations calendar week put together for you just 2 more days of talk are scheduled until cooling off period ends on thursday. talk resume tomorrow morning at 9:30. 0so keep your fingers crossed. >> while the union are backing off threat of imminent strike bart says commuters should michael alternative plans just in case. laura has the look at the preparation that you can make. >> most importantly we are at the table writ now. focus on deal. >> while publicly optimism behind the scenes bart gets ready for strike that could be much more challenging to bay area commuters than the last one. that include chattering 200 buses to carry riders from 9 east bay cities to san francisco. more than double the number used in july. >> this is really drop in the buck tote what bart normally carries so we want to make sure everyone understands the buses are for those who absolutely need it the most. >> bart pay 900,000 dollars in deposit for the first week of
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service. money that would be reimbursed by the mtc if no strike. beyond that bart has 12 manager already certified to operate skeleton transbay service if there's a strike. but there are no immediate plans to do that. other manager were tring on set of cars in vallejo. that effort now moved to the classroom. like last time the san francisco bay ferry service planning to temporarily increase its fleet. >> during the last bart strike we were able to carry about 1 19,000 plus customers on one day and for service only carries about 6000 that's quite a few. >>reporter: the ferry will be there. but ac transit may not. the union now rejected a second contract proposal. >> prospect of an ac transit strike alone of course is serious. the prospect of a bart strike alone is very serious. but the 2 together
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and it's terrible. >>reporter: casual car pooling another fall back for bart riders. those not wanting towing it at the curb check out several on line ride share site to coordinate. including uber, side car, karma and lift. in lafayette, this is abc 7 news. >> stay with us for the latest on the bart talk. obviously all over the story. we have assembled range of resources for you on our web site in case of a striking including latest update from bay area transit agency on how they are accommodating extra passengers. from list of park and ride lots to look at real time traffic and wealth of information and follow us on twitter at this breaking news update. we'll keep you up to date. let's move on. >> warning tonight for the department of ago about chicken possibly contaminated with salmonella. but getting details on the warning has been a little tricky because of the government shut down. the not
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as many officials to talk to. foster farms was proud at 3 facilities in california. so far 2 70 people have been sick posely in our state. packages with the following serial numbers may the cause. here are the numbers. they are listed the screen. check the packaging you have at home if you have any of this product foster farms chicken. we have posted this information on our web site. if you don't have a pen at this moment try to get more information from the usda where the chicken was sold and when but they are operating with reduced staff because of government shut down. workers are on furlough and don't know when they will be back as long as the shut down lasts presumably. >> power is off but frustration is still boiling over in san carlos. we have new details this evening on pipeline pg&e was ordered to shut down.
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after information surfaced about the safety of the welding done on the pipeline. tvl wayne has the story the. >> san carlos tonight the question continue who do you believe pg&e. >> our pipeline is safe. >> or concerned mayor and city official. >> i wonder what the answer would have been if you asked them the day before something happened in san bruno. >> for pg&e sap bruno the natural gas pipeline explosion that just keeps giving the public utility more headache. latest chapter began last week when the city of san bruno learned of internal pg&e memo from unnamed engineer who question add similar 3.8 mile line running beneath britton avenue. city responded by declaring state of mchblingt went to court. forced pg&e to depressurize the line. that process began over the weekend and concluded tonight. but the debate continues. >> well the paper lane was tested in september of 2011. so this e-mail business a year later after leak was found and
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repaired on the pipeline. >>reporter: where is the test to confirm the test. >> we commission metal report and e-mail was sent that metal report found the pipe lane in addition to the pressure test was operating safely. >>reporter: how can they claim it's safe if they don't even know what they have in the ground. >> with the line pressure down now this little field is safe and the homes and 5000 residents. pg&e insist they were always safe. mean time they rerun georgias in home using other main line and service will not be disrupted to customers. did you assume it was safe. >> slishltion building is safe. >> i don't know. i think hopefully they are doing the right thing and shutting it down and will test it and it will be safe and we can all forget bit. >>reporter: nothing would make pg&e happy in san carlos 7 new news. >> authorities question the homeless man today after half acre was burned. started at
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noon south of christy field. firefighters say started inside a gun battery left over from the old military base. authorities detain and question homeless man in the area but he was not arrested. >> 24 hours later investigators not any closer to figuring out what caused this fire on yurba buena island last nature. fire spread quickly but didn't destroy any building. investigators say they may never know the cause of the fire because the area is fairly inaccessible. >> hayward police officer turned himself in today to face charges of extortion. officer romeo is accused of trying to the coerce forgery suspect in become ago confidential informant. and when she couldn't come up with any information l for him he demanded cash in exchange for the dismissal of the forgery charge. today hayward police chief urban said she was shocked and disappointed when she heard of this alleged misconduct. >> any time you hire from the human race there will be human mistake. our response to the
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misconduct is what defines our organization. and we have zero tolerance on this conduct by any of our people here. >>reporter: officer rae signed today. he has been on paid administrative leave. >> detectives say they have dismantled major narcotics network in san jose and tonight they look for the man suspected of operating it. 2 year investigation led to major drug seizure today in east san jose. investigators recovered 29 pounds of crystal meth. 4 pound of cocaine along with heroin. drug street value of one and a half million dollars. detectives now searching for this man. 22-year-old jose jiminez of san jose. anyone with information about him is asked to contact the santa clara county sheriff's department. if you have seen this man give them a call. >> 5 months after oakland chief howard jordan abruptly quit the city is launching formal search for permanent replacement. council member brook sent out a
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letter tonight announcing that nationwide search that could take months. it will be managed by professional recawtment team withen put from the community. serving as interim chief last may and city hopes to make appointment by february or march of next year. >> a lot more to bring enthusiastic busy monday. coming up next. million dollar question. should san francisco close its park at night? the only major city that doesn't. >> we don't get as many hours of hard labor when we get a chance to see more people. thank more people. >> special cause former president carter here in the bay area. and we have the weatherism the weather is changing. talking about cooler weather in the days ahead. we tell you when those temperatures will bottom out coming up. >> thanks sandhya fans at the green gold get early call for the play offs. a's travel to detroit for pivotal game 3. despite the little melee work we all like?
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for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. >> san francisco one of the few large city in america that doesn't have consistent uniform closing hours for public parks. and with vandalism on the rise there was likely debate at city
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hall today about whether new law could help change that. carolyn tyler has the story. >> san francisco spends 1 million dollars every year with metal theft and vandalism in the city park. this bench was smashed over the weekend in this park. this tree wrecked in dolores park and occurs over nature and supervisor weiner believes closing the city park from midnight to 5:00 a.m. would help. >> park patrol you need to check out of the park it's 3 in the morning. and it becomes a preventive measure. >> homelessness objective say it protects them from the street. this priest comes to the park 20's a week to help those in need. >> i good east that we have to keep parks safe and they are for the public and there are rules but from hue map taryn standpoint where will they go?
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>> already illegal to sleep or camp in the park exploratorium park alliance of course late proposal and doesn't believe it targets the homeless. >> bedded did you know for the night. they are not up and about causing any daniel. they are not the issue. people up and about doing things that we are concerned about. all about protecting our parks. >>reporter: teresa tells us she and her dog often stay overnight if golden gate park and would not obey a new law. >> can't close a park like tha that. the people do sleep here and life here. >>reporter: pro and con during the city hall debate with several people pointing out there are law open the book against vandalism. police chef believes the new one would be another tool for law enforcement. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> former president carter is in the bay area tonight working up a sweat for one of the very favorite causes t.he made famous. he was right at
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homework with power saw as you can see. he and his wife rosalyn and building 12 homes in east oakland neighborhood. former president said congress could learn a lot from habitat for hue map ty work site. >> if they could see what happens on this site and use the pattern with everybody working together i think that would be wonderful development with a common goal. >> country music power couple brooks and year wood work right alongside the carter. still very active even in their 80's. >> working like i'm hoping he does not walk by and see us standing here. >> i have to tell you nobody works harder than him. i love him as a president he's 1,000 times more since. >>reporter: the mr. carter app his wife are marking the 30th annual work project for habitat for humanity. they do more home construction tomorrow in east is san jose. nice to have them in town. >> oakland a fans watched game 3 of the american league division series against the
9:18 pm
tigers. many of them dressed in green gold flock to places like oakland the sports bar at 10 this morning to cheer on the team. early start to the play off game in detroit meant fans were drenching more coffee than beer. >> the i have been working. nice breakfast zapped which. heart wrenching but i believe this year is our year. we'll go all wait. >> let's hope he's right. the only rowdiness on the field shouting match between pitcher and tiger batter so intense both benches cleared. no punches were thrown. game resumed after a lot of screaming. a's went on to win the game 6-3. mick will have all the highlights in just a few minutes in sports. stay tune. pretty good game actually. >> sand why is in for spencer tonight. talk about the forecast a cooling off already. >> it is. take one step
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outside and you can feel the changes in the air. temperatures coming down a little bit. some 80's up. but we take everyone down. next couple days all right. it's area like cool down. show you live doppler 7hd there's a wren for it and you will feel those breezes tomorrow as they come off the water and bring in the cooler air. we show you just high clouds shifted from the north bay earlier today. now across the east bay down to the south bay most of the concentration and emeryville camera lacking back towards sutro tower and visibility still good exploratorium 58 agrees and 67 in oakland. mild right now in san jose. 63 degrees one of the cooler spots half moon bay in the mid 50's. from our roof cam are we have a little bit of a breeze. trees are swaying in the winds but still not what we are expecting tomorrow. 59 in santa rosa. 55 in novato. 62 degrees in napa. still pretty warm in vacaville. 73 degrees and 68
9:20 pm
in livermore. sutro tower cam are san francisco looking good. no fog here. there is a little patch in half moon bay. cooler breezy tomorrow much cooler pattern for midweek. and expecting snow in the sierra nevada believe it or no not. it's early but it's coming. there is a cold system that is going to produce that. cold front is working its way down towards the bay area but it is dry. we are fought expecting any rain out of this. cooler air is going to accompany this front so you are going to notice the change in the air mass as we head into tomorrow. tonight the clouds with us. front guess through. the sea breeze kicks up and we will see filtered sunshine for your tuesday in the sierra nevada this is going to mean snow rain snow for the tahoe area wednesday morning. but south of tahoe we are talking about actual snow which is why winter weather advisory is issued snow expect at 6 outside
9:21 pm
with gusty wevrndz and winter driving conditions and check in answer before you head out there especially on wednesday. snow could cause some road closure. temperatures tomorrow morning upper 40's to mid 50's. other than a little touch of fog we look at clear condition conditions. you will want to definitely add that extra layer on for the morning and for the afternoon temperatures will dial back. 75 in san jose tomorrow south bay santa clara 74 santa cruz. milpitas. sunnyvale on the peninsula. occasional high clouds. plenty of sun still. 75 redwood city. 76 los altos. here along the coast line you will feel the breeze 65 degrees in half moon bay. definite change in our weather. downtown san francisco from the mid 70's to the upper 60's. daly city 64. north bay mid 70's sonoma no have the 0santa rose nice day in the east bay not as warm as it has been. 72 oakland newark inland area 77 in walnut creek and livermore. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast is high pressure for wednesday
9:22 pm
noticeable difference when only in the mid 70's inland. low 60's coast side. keep you close to those levels until the weekend when temperatures will rise just a few degrees. looking great over all. certainly feeling like fall. >>reporter: late fall. >> thanks very much. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00 exploratorium coyote tower to celebrate a major mile stochbility that story for you and unexpected consequences of robot design consequences of robot design turned jelly fi
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>> san francisco iconic coyote tower celebrates a big million stone tomorrow. live look at the tower on knob hill from
9:26 pm
exploring cam. coyote tower was built thanks to the generosity of miss hitchcock left a third of her estate to beautify the city. construction of the tower was completed on october 8. 1933. making tomorrow the 80th birthday. several will be there to blow out the candle. lacks like a giant candles. happy birthday to coyote tower. >> team of engineers developed robot designed to destroy swarm of jelly fish is well why they cause a cooling pipe at nuclear power plant in sweden to temporarily shut the plant down. well it uses camera spot the swarm of jelly fish and the video provided by the lab it micks them that jelly fish sou soup. researcher with dolphins island says robot may actually create more jelly fish.
9:27 pm
>> it increase the chance that more jelly fish will be making the problem worse. >> mr. ahead for you on 7 news at 9:00. up next. impact of the government shut down and more bay area worker temporarily losing their job. >> also. terror take down. mainly al qaeda leader in u.s. hands tonight after american special force go on daring mission on the other side of the world. >> first bendable screen. look at this. goes in production. what one electronic maker plans whlook at them with maker plans that u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> good evening once again. federal government shut down is now entering the second week and as the disagreement drags on in washington it's triggering more furlough among contractors here in the bay area. in fact david has more on the u.s. geological survey in menlo park where despite a small earthquake, seismologist row main off the job. >> the only vehicle here are government license plate and nobody to drive them. the the offices remain closed. >> no returning phone call or e-mail until further notice. >>reporter: nobody was monitoring the testing at least not here. government shut downshift that had work to uc berkeley and caltech partner. seismologist says it's workable solution for now but not for the long material usgs and cal operated separate network at sensors and both needed to pen point exact election of earthquake in more remote
9:32 pm
areas. >> who knows whether computer system continue to run and data goes down then probably in big trouble because berkeley has many the similar areas. >>reporter: they spread to government contractor. look heed martin send home employee as a result of the federal shut down. number of furlough in silicon valley not known. lockheed has the facility in sunnyvale under tight security and smaller office throughout the valley. a spokesman call was not return. the lab has 6000 contract employees here. decision may come midweek about furlough from the department of energy. in the mean time the jobs are safe until friday. however unlike federal employee the lab contract workers will not get receipt oh, active pay when the shut down ends. this is abc 7 news.
9:33 pm
>> shut down can be over soon they want to see a vote in the house with no provision to delay or dismantle the health care law. democrat contract say 21 republicans publicly agreed to end the shut down with clean budget bill. president believes there are many more. >> if republicans and speaker boehner saying there are not enough votes then they should prove it. my strong suspicion there are enough votes. and the reason that speaker pwaiper hasn't called to vote on it is because he doesn't want to see the government shut down over. >> there is no support from republican on this and says the only way to shut down to end is democrat accept a change to the health care law. >> american people expect when the leaders have differences we are not -- in time of crisis that will sit down and have a conversation. mr. president it's time to have that conversation before our economy is put further at risk.
9:34 pm
>> on october 17 justin days from now another crisis arrive arrives. u.s. lawmakers need to increase the debt little of the debt ceiling so the government will not default for the first time in u.s. history. >> wife of suspected al qaeda leader speaking about the u.s. military successful capture of her husband in libya. u.s. special force captured this man outside his news tripoli over the wean. he's suspected in the 1998 twin bombings of american embassy in kenya and tanzania. his wife denied he play add role and insist he left al qaeda in 1996. >> he did not take part in any bombing anywhere in the world. he participated in the jihad in after establish. member of al qaeda and he was personal security for osama bin laden. that's true. but he did not take part in any operation. >> happened near same time somalia unsuccessful. navy seal tried to target top
9:35 pm
commander of affiliate in kee keepia westgate mall. >> back here. there has been an arrest in the red ridge incident that rivetted so many american family. swarm of motorcyclist young family in the car and tonight the exclusive interview with one of the i think men reportedly at the very center when the whole thing started. tonight he talked to dan harris about the tape. >> new arrest in the attack on this family fred is the first person to be accused of the actual beating. this comes amid widening police investigation into whether off duty cops ride with the bikers witness the violence but did nothing to stop it. one undercover detective has been maced on desk duty. meanwhile we sat down for exclusive interview with biker accused of kick thanksgiving off by pulling in front of the suv slowing did you know and provoking a fender bender that led to the initial confrontation in which the man
9:36 pm
pulled out seriously injuring one biker and then chased and beaten. do you have responsible for whether happened after the accident? >> i don't think i feel in responsible but i do feel i do feel bad for the family this got hurt. >>reporter: cruz insists he never tried to pick a fight with lee. >> walk me through the tape. >> he says simply and those look over the shoulder that is searching for his friend and look like you are trying to slow him down. >> hi no intention of slow him down. >> brake light never wept on. basically this is a big misunderstanding. >> big misunderstanding. >> police clearly aren't buying his story. he's facing charges including reckless endangermen endangerment. >> are you worried about what happened next. >> yes. >> abc news new york. >> well new 100 dollar bill
9:37 pm
made day because tomorrow. bill tack more than a decade to develop and has array of high tech feature designed to make it tough on the counterfeiter and splash of color as you can see and raised printing a first for u.s. paper currency. bill introduction was plagued by production problems that set back the roll out 2 and a half years. could start seeing the new bill by tomorrow afternoon. >> this is wild. world first bendable smart phone screen has gone into production. lg electronic announce today that products using the screen will arrive some time next year. will. g says it expects the techno l ji to grow quickly into application like smart phone and display and tablet and wearable devises as well. >> well twitter the i p o that planned for the company has yet to launch but that isn't something financial analyst from giving the company a buy rating. robert tech with sentra recommending his client buy the stock when available.
9:38 pm
twitter stock will lakely fetch 28 to 30 dollars a share when the company goes public and trade at 50 dollars a share by the end of next year. so good investment. >> coming up next. bay area winner of nobel prize for medicine. >> inspiration here. global movement of pakistani teen ♪
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>> 2 bay area professor won the world top prize in medicine. randy from uc berkeley and thomas from stanford today received nobel prize no less. they were honored for cracking the pilz of how cell transport many molecule they need to function. scientist believe
9:42 pm
the research could lead to new medicine for epilepsy and diabetes. we are told it's overwhelming honor. >> first reaction was oh, my god my god i didn't have anything more articulate to say my heart was racing. >>reporter: he's 23rd faculty member to whip a nobel prices and he gets a parking permit in honor of the come president clinton and we spoke with him on the phone from germany. >> this is most wonderful the honor i have ever received. and so i am ecstatic. >> 1.2 million dollars with third professor and rock man from yale. parking permit is probably worth even more than. that priceless. >> tomorrow we find out who has won the prize in physics. after that comes chemistry economic prize will be awarded
9:43 pm
thursday and winner of the nobel peace prize will be announced on friday we have exclusive interview with peace prize nominee. row marketable story you have heard good deal about but not heard much from her. this 16-year-old girl of pakistan shot in the head point blank by taliban gunmen for speaking out about educating girls. she's recovered and youngest peace prize nominee ever. she spoke with dianne sawyer shot on her way home from school one year ago this week. >> all my friend. >> was that wise? it was brave but was it wise? >> i wanted to live my life as i want. >> remarkably the woman she tells dianne she thought words book pen had more power than
9:44 pm
guchbility more this criminal us little girl and special coming up friday night 10:00 o'clock over on abc 7 news. compelling television no doubt. compelling television no doubt. >> coming up next 7 news at 9:00. young football fan memorable touch down. remember this. app how he we all like?
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is. >> even bigger victory to talk b.josh elliott explains the big news. >> just maybe the most memorable run in football
9:48 pm
history. >> and the 30. >> jack hoffman 69 yard for the score. about into the air in a nation collective heart. life long nebraska fan jack was diagnosed with brain cancer at the 18 of 5. but last april during the team spring game he got a chance to lead his beloved team on to the field. but the surprise came late in the second half when the team called that special play just for jack. >> it was awesome. >> went out on the field for about the first time kind of let myself enjoy the. >> today the best news yet. after 60 grueling week of chemotherapy jack's cancer is now in remission. >> really happy. >>reporter: so are his parent parents. >>en incredibly proud of him. very brave along the way.
9:49 pm
>>reporter: further proof of young jack rare courage and iron will to make him a giant among us all. this is abc news new york. >> which to good jack. let's one last time check of the forecast. sandhya is here with that. >> as we look at life doppler 7 hd passing clouds across the bay area. we'll be watching for some snow in the sierra nevada starting late tuesday tonight going that wednesday. traveling tomorrow yosemite 61 in tahoe. cloud on increase. up to eureka a 62 degrees and down to los angeles sunny, 74, year in las vegas. look at the bay area high pressure they will be dropping. 79 in fairfield. 76 concord and cooler day in oakland and san mateo as well. 72 grease. 75 san jose. 65 in half machine bay. breezy at times and occasional hi clouds around santa rosa. 75 grease exploratorium coming in at 68. feel the change especially by
9:50 pm
wednesday if not tomorrow. well below average and low 60's coast side. temperatures don't really start to rebound until get a led of this. planned accordingly for the weekend. mid 70's inland. low 60's coast side. temperatures will still be running behind where they should be for this time of year. but really fine lacking fall weather. >> thanks very much. >> well check this out. a's in detroit today. how would you like to weekend up sitting with this guy on a bart train. excuse me, sir. know had you to show up. that's great shot. appreciate it. e-mail your favorite photo at this web sit site. share them on facebook or twitter. we get into many of them as we canon the air and social mead yeah. that's fun. big costume. >> reason to celebrate. >> a's getting it done. >> they get it going. the win
9:51 pm
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 11:00 o'clock. tonight aws at health alert and right now potentially dangerous food still on store shelves. how one woman credit us for helping protect her family. we have the latest on the story an everything you need to know about. >> fight between police and rowdy fan caught on camera. officers finally able to take a man down. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. hope you can join us for that. but mick is here with all the sports. one more gym tomorrow in detroit. >> that's right. good luck. a's will be moving open but we have one more to play. they have had heated match up in the post season and today in
9:55 pm
detroit no different. gym 3. of they bring out the heavy lumber. 2nd inning josh rip solo shot off an bell. up 2 nothing. now tied at 3 in the fifth. moss takes care of that. gone. too bad for smith. sap chez gives up career high 3 homeers and 6 runs. temper flare in the 9th. martinez foul off the. >> stairs him down have wards. no punch thrown. nobody was ejected. things settle down. shut him down. gets him to fly out. a's we know with a series lead and close it out tomorrow. game time 2:00 o'clock. the coach on momentum change in the 5th inning. >> hits home run these huge swing in momentum for us. feels lake more than a solo home run to get the lead again and get this. to get the momentum back in the dug out.
9:56 pm
big swing for us and continue it well after that was huge for us. >> all right red sox close-out the ray's we know at tampa. boston in the fifth. unload one off clay. 3 run shot all of a sudden tied at 3. mav ahead to the "newsnight"th. rays up 4-3. ground out with runners at second and third. good enough for the score tied at 4 but one more sting. bottom 9 back up catcher jose walk off home run and lands in the live ray tank. tampa bay played another day winning 5-4. boston ladies the series 2 gyms to 1. dodgers look to clinch the series with the braves. her shaw pitching on 3 day rest. tied at 2. jose live single to center. 3-2 lead. bottom 8 former giants juan unloads a two run bomb off david carpenter. oh, my goodness. dodgers up 4-3.
9:57 pm
complete highlights for you at 11:00. >> gym 4 pirates cardinals starter michael lock had no hitter in the eighth but alvarez takes care of that. monster home run to right but tomorrow hit they had. cardinals even the series at 2. frooner defense set the top in yesterday win with 4 turn over overs. brock got the first of the 2 pick. open the third pick 6 off matt. fears quarterback in nfl history to do this. 3 interception on the day. fumble recovery and they enter the game. today coach harbaugh liken the turn around to an olive jar. >> fv turn it over and if pack in there so darn tight but just get one to come out. pluck one out of there and then they didn't want to come out. just flying out of the jar. >> come up with the stuff.
9:58 pm
raiders beat the chargers improving and going so well here raiders quarterback guaranteed sex.5 million i don't know that is an expensive mistake. prior completed 18 of 23. 223 yards. 6 td leading raid investigators a victory. no turn over the past 3 games and 135 quarterback rating last nature. defense with 5 turn over. charles ties the record. with 13 defensive touch downs on this fumble recovery. also had an interception. fichlt our back up against the wall a little bit and came out fighting and came out swinging and we were able to get it don done. >> monday night football jets and falcons. second quarter. and avoids the tackle. finds pay dirt. is late fourth quarter. 37-year-old tony grab on fourth and 1 becoming second player to catch a pass at 200
9:59 pm
consecutive game. 2 74 here. marlins -- moments later levapor is found. touch down. falcons up with two minutes to go but the jets into field goal range and dress the game whipper. jets 30-28 over the if cops. fall to 1 and 4 >> it was quality not quantity. >> exactly. think about 2 74 games unbelievable. >> crazy. of thanks that's this edition of 7 news. for the all of us here, we appreciate your time see you appreciate your time see you again in an hour on the big 7.
10:00 pm
[♪] we are screwed. how are we gonna memorize this? let's just go over it again. kingdom, phylum, class. order, family, genus, species.


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