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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 6, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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the breaking news is from the slapped. this is a live picture that broke out on the island just over an hour ago. it is burning in a remote part of the island on the south end close to the bay bridge. we understand that the fire is
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burning grass and brush, no structures are involved. s in individual yoe we recorded earlier. the fire department has closed the two right lanes on the low are beck of the bridge to set up hoess to hit the fire from the bij. traffic is a mess. this is what traffic on the san francisco sky way approaching the lower deck looks like. san francisco fire trucks are having a tough time too getting to the blaze. so they're letting both of the fire departments battle boats battling them from blaze. the crews are busy working the more active one right now. what are you seeing there on the island? >> reporter: >> we apologize for that. we did have him on the line. perhaps we will be able to get
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him back in just a few moments. again, this is a live look of the burning. we'll bring you more on that throughout the new cast. good evening. we have another fire to tell you about. a blaze was snuffed out above larkspur, it broke out near ma reap in a visitor boulevard. home own hers with a bit anxious when they started bunning toward structures. >> the response was very quick. i mean, they were, you know, this place was swarming with between the helicopter, the planes, the strucks, the police, they were on it. >> because the fire was burning in such hilly terrain, water dropping helicopters did a lot of the heavy lifting. no injuries were reported and no
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structures were destroyed. there is a big buzz in the bay area sporting world. the oakland raiders could be packing their bags and heading east. they're looking at the normal naval weapons center in concord. >> reporter: it's no secret the oakland raiders are in the market for a new home. their lease expires at the aiming coliseum at the end of the season. >> we're pleased to have a site that is 20% the size of our city which is not developed. >> reporter: only days ago concord mayor dan helix gave a tour to the raiders owner marc davis. >> he asked a lot of questions. and i think that questions are kind of like objections. if you get them, there's interest. >> reporter: he told the mayor he es sperlly liked the close
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proximity near the bart station. >> many fans they they've followed the team before. >> we use to go to los angeles. so that would be closer. >> no they have to stay in oakland. they just came from back laux how many years ago. >> reporter: not everyone likes the identify. raiders' owner marc davis made no commitment to the property. but told the mayor of concord he would be in touch. the mayor is waiting for his call. >> now back to our breaking news. this fire on the island. you're taking a live look at it now. are you there? >> reporter: i'm actually just a few yards from where the fire is
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burning. i'm right next to the line the firefighters. the problems that the fire cruise have right now is that the fire is basically only has up to burn. so it's climbing up the side of the island. the hills right now, there are no struck furs that are directly threatened. but a little further up the hill, there are quite a few structures. old military structures up there, antennas and power lines and other things there that are pretty important. and unfortunately, there's a whole lot of dry brush and branches for this fire to burn through. i'm actually just a few feet right now from a small spot fire that caught and it's moving very, very quickly. and so one of the things that a lot of fire troupes here and even police officers are doing, they're trying to redirect anyone who is here to get out of the area. there are a couple of mirrors right now saying, hey you might
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want to move along. the fire is moving quickly. they have fire boats that are trying to get water on this. the reason why is they can actually see it pretty clearly. i can see the fire posts in the water. they are trying to spray water up. but the flames are moving very quickly. fire trucks here are trying to get to it and trying to get away from being in front of it. we're going to be driving off here. so i'll have to check in with you later. because at the moment, that fire is coming towards us. we'll be checking in in about five minutes. >> we appreciate that update. and the recording continues on twit developing news from the peninsula. the crews in can carlos tonight are gradually reducing the pressure in a controversial pipeline. it runs underneath the city along britton avenue. they question the integrity of
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the 84-year-old pipeline, specifically the thickness of the pipe. the you'lltity stresses that the pipeline is safe but will comply with the judge's order to turn it off. former president jimmy carter is at the pair month theater in oakland. a project in east oakland was the site of a problemry last week. eight people had their cell phones and wallets stolen and one person was pistol wined. former first lady will join her husband tomorrow. still ahead, harsh words from the treasury secretary about the looming debt ceiling deadline. his message for congress. and the eyebrow raisinged ads on the buzzes. and chess players crack down on their space to play. who they blame that's forcing
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back to our breaking news on the islandment you're taking a live look at a fire that is burning grass and brush there. no structures are involved at this appointment the fire department has closed the two right lanes on the lower deck of the bridge so it's causing a slowdown on the bridge. we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast. now to the latest the government shutdown. treasury secretary jay con lew says congress is playing with
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fire as they move closer to defaulting on the government's debt for the first time. >> it's very dangerous and reckless. the reality is, there are no good choices if we run out of borrowing capacity and out of cash. >> house republicans refuse to raise the debt ceiling without concessions. on abc "this week" they pointed out it was held by congress and ratified in a approximately election. he asked if there was any change in his position. >> absolutely not. it's time for us to sit down and have a conversation. that's what the american people expect. that's what i've offered for the last ten days. >> congress has 11 days left to raise the nation's borrowing limit. a new effort is under way to make the police watchdog bay more visible. the ads are starting to appear
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on the buses. the police auditor says it's all about being visible in community that experience high levels of crime and police attention. chess players protest today to keep their games going along san francisco's market street. they called it a chess-in. it follows a recent crack down from keeping people from playing chess. the chess players claim they've been there for decades and have never harmed anyone. the city officials have claimed the games have started to attack illegal drug dealing and gambling. coming up next, a boston mom pulls your son out of class for a baseball game. and taking a live look outside. changes in our weather. >> i'll colin rash. the dodgers move a step closer ♪
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and another live look at the fire burning on the island. no structures are burning right now, just grass and brush. but one right lane on the lower deck of the bay bridge is closed as they work to fight the fire. and the treasure island off ramp on the upper deck is also closed. a boston mom is under fire tonight for writing an excuse note to get her son out of the school so he could see the red sox play. they're huge red sox fans. on friday she wrote this note to
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his teacher, please allow brian to be dismiss the at 11:45 a.m. she said she wants to teach her son that hard works leads to success. just ask the red sox. >> so, did he go? >> yeah. >> let's go ahead and talk a little bit about that fire. you'll notice that that column of he smoke is going straight up, which means there's not a lot of wind. we do have the high clouds out there as you can detect from the live doppler 7 hd. we'll go ahead and show you the wind speeds. most locations are mild to calm. san rosa all the way down to nevada, even half moon bay. heading over towards oakland. some of the winds out of the north at only 5 miles per hour. as we take a look here over the
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bay from our exploratory camera, the temperatures mild, in the 70s, upper 60s around much of the bay area. and we'll take you in a little bit closer here. you can see some of the fire boats there putting the stream right on the fire location. and wul notice everything is moving up. because we really don't have a lot of wind out there which is probably a good thing. santa rosa, 63. concord 65. and here is a look at some of our forecast highlights. we'll continue with the high clouds overnight and a cool evening in the evening. a cooler weather pattern will begin tomorrow. we've been spoiled the last couple of days. and get ready for slight chance of showers developing as we head into wednesday. upper 40s overnight temperatures in the north bay. 50s elsewhere.
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the setup looks like this. high pressure brought us the night weekend and also helped to generate some of the high clouds. they'll be with us tonight, but it's going to be upstream. area of low pressure will start to slide south and with it a pocket of cooler air. that's what you'll notice as we head into tuesday and wednesday. throughout the course of the week, you'll notice high clouds from here to there. here is that cooler air mass slowly spreading south. and by wednesday there's a chance of an isolated shower santa jose point southward. highs tomorrow come down to as much as 8 degrees. san francisco, 68, 82 for livermore, and my accuweather seven day forecast, mild today, much cooler on monday, tuesday
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and wednesday are the cool left days come up and a slight chance of a shower on wednesday and dry things up this weekend and warmup as well. >> 49ers bounced back. the niners, 2-2 feel good about themselves. momentum trumped desperation at the stick. most the fans yet to sit down when the first score happened. ter main -- not th start he wanted. 7-3049ers. grang gore got a grab, with a one-yard score. 14-0 gore. a quick to the ball again. deflects the pass. runs under around it led to a two-yard touchdown. 21-0 at the half.
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ray mcdonald out with a injury. a page out of tre main's book. the first completion since the first quarter. the 64 yards, 8 yards in the game for vernon. the 9ers roll 44-2. >> it definitely lights up the team and gets the offense going and gets them in rilth a lot faster. >> i think this team is getting its confidence back. we ran the ball well. and we got a win. >> raiders and chargers playing right now. terrell prior with a pair of touchdowns since. right now, 14-0 raiders in the second quarter. lights out pitching but
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sonny grey to set up a best of three series as the alds moves to detroit. parkerer pitched well in game one last year but received little in the way of run support. he struggled in september though, 6.41 e.r.a. for the month. 9 days between starts, that could be good for him. >> i feel good. i think any time you can get some extra days at this point of the year, it's a positive thing for your ambassador. gives you extra time to iron out a few things. i think for me it was definitely a positive. >> he's so stowic you don't know if he's giving up runs or throwing a shutout. and i think that's going to help him out. >> game three, dodgers, braves, second inning, karl crawford, three run hot off julio teheran.
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and then the former giant, 13-6 the final justice cardinals and pirates, game three of the nlbs, carlos pell drawn another postseason homer. man this guy does it in the postseason. game tied at 3, bottom half of the inning. he drives in josh harrison, bucks win 5-3. and tonight raider highlights, if the game ends in time. and a one on one intervus after the 43-40 win over
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going back to our breaking news and taking another live look at a fire on the island right now. no structures are involved. we are told at this point it's burning grass and brush. there are some traffic issues. one right lane on the lower deck of the bay bridge is shut down. and the treasure island off ramp on the upper deck is closed. look at the traffic, on the left-hand side that's your traffic. no doubt some of those folks leaving the 49ers game at the sticks. a big backup there if you're heading south toward 101. of course, you can always get the latest at our website and the reporting continued on twitter. we will have more on the fire come up at abc 7 news at 11:00. raid yers fans who were tailgating for tonight's game
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might not mind waiting in line to use the premium port that potties. they can watch satellite tv while inside the spacious restroom. the release comes from the aging coliseum with issues with the sewage. and that is it for the abc 7 news at 9:00. thank you so much for joining us. again, our nest newscast is at 11:00 over on abc 7. have a great night.
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>> this is the show with all kinds of people doing all kinds of stuff. some call it crazy. some call it adorable. but everyone calls it bloopers. so stop for you are doing. a follow me, because what you are doing is watching bloopers. let's go. [applause] >> hi, dean cain, and welcome to bloopers, the show not to live by.


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