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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 4, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> developing news in solana county. grass fir burned more than 1,000 acres is 70% contained. unfortunately -- fortunately no homes lost. but it left a smokey haze over the bay area that you could see and smell for miles. you probably noticed it. thinks oakland. just barely visible in that
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shot. >> because of the smoke and fire the air quality issued air quality advisory late today. the haze was still there at sunset as you cane from the picture looking south from the camera on mountain tamalpiais. pretty pronounced. sandhya here with more on wind and red flag warning in effectism the wind are really dialing back. let me show you live doppler 7hd our radar here on cloud 43 conditions right now. no fog either. the fire burning near fairfield obviously created the heavy smoke and that heavy smoke traveled all the way down across the east bay towards san francisco. peninsula. people talking about it on social media. look at the time lapse from kg o roof cam are you can see how heavy the smoke was and visibility was poor at teams because of the smokey sky. at one point the smoke was really at the peak at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. these are air district levels exploratorium.
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70 mick row gram per cubic meter at 4:00 p.m. and then sharp drop-off as we saw the smoke starting to disburse but could you still smell it and if you have respiratory problems you are probably still feeling it obviously. nose. chest. here are the current wind gust not as giingt as earlier. knoxville creek 29 miles an hour and oak land hills 20 miles an hour and very dry air mass in place. you can see lower elevation wind really dropped off as well. fairfield 21 but with this dry air mass in place even a little bit of wind can keep the fire danger up with dry fuel from las lack of winter rain. red flag warning for the hills until tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. gust the 35 miles an hour overnight really dropping off and humidity will actually increase but it is running low. warnings for the sacramento valley the straits and delta 11:00 p.m. tonight with the gusty winds and low humidity. this wind direction is bringing
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us the warmth which we felt today. we were out and about you know what i'm talking about. let you know how warm it is for your out door weekend plans in a few minutes. >> thanks very much. >> we talk about the smoke. let's talk about the fire that caused it. broke out just outside ferry field. highway 12 and branson road. lillian is on the fire. >> human plume of smoke seen from miles away. fire started on highway 12 just outside suisun city. portrero hills. dozen homes evacuated. she left her property that she says has been in her family for 5 generations. >> if it's gone it's gone what are you going to do. >>reporter: in addition to homes several outbuildings on each parcel. flames destroyed one structure barn full of hay with several pieces of farm equipment. 100 firefighters called in. from him neighboring counties. >> whether contributing to our ability to cell the fire we have humidity bottoming out in single digit. humidity levels and winds gust up and over 40
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miles an hour. >>reporter: chose call for co cows in the area came close to few dozen of them trapped in a corral. fortunately someone eventually let them out and cow rap from the flames. for containing the flame, firefighters have plan. >> in 40 miles an hour winds we won't catch the fire. it are than into natural barrier red marsh and slows down the areas where it doesn't agree as rapidly we can get some containment on the fire. >>reporter: no firefighters have been injured but 2 employee at explosive manufacturing plant suffered smoke inhalation. one was treated and released. the other remains in the hospital. in solana county, abc 7 news. >> most of the whipped brought down branch topple tree and create a real mess around the bay area. maybe this happen at your place. san leandro big tremendous fell overlanding across this avenue. crash right near police officer who first heard it. then saw it come down on the road. >> a lot of practice on this
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one. and then it's like watching a fill numb slow motion. it just comes straight down. >>reporter: this is what one of the men found this morning in front of the neighbor home. didn't cause any daniel to the house but another tree in oakland tore through a fence as you can see here. other fallen tree knock out power and caused small fire in the oakland hills. >> well because of weather condition point reyes national sea shore issued fire danger warning tonight. park closed because of the government shut down but issued its warning for ka and another one could be issued tomorrow. fear warnings no fires allowed in beach or picnic area and smoking prohibited on the trails. all fire permit are null and void and mount vision road closed to traffic. park officials say that these restrictions are in place already because of the shut down but reminding us of that because of the fire dange danger. >> keep tab on the conditions yourself with the abc 7 news weather app any time you wish.
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down load it writ now at 7 new slash app. >> oakland police are looking for gunman who robbed 3 businesses in oakland today. each time l firing the weapon. hold up on fruit vale avenue in the district there and then in the diamond district. vick lee is on the story. >> news of the brazen robbery spread quickly. she opened her cafe in the diamond district just 4 months ago. she says there has been a surge in crime here. >> i know a bunch of my customers who actually left the neighborhood because of increase in crime. >>reporter: first robbery took place at about 8:45 this morning. here at the mexican restaurant on the 1400 block of fruit vale avenue. manager toylsd the robber fired at least 6 rounds in the wall then demanded money. the only worker there said there was noing in the cash register so the robber took 2 bottles of
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tequila instead. >> he didn't fire writ away he asked for money. and you know i gave him the money. >>reporter: robber hit stephanie butte salon in the diamond district. neighborhood of shots and restaurants many of them small mom and pop businesses. just lake the restaurant, horn had uses opened the shop so she too had only small amount of money in the cash register. >> they want more. i said base open at 9:00 o'clock this is all we have. >>reporter: that was not the gunman wanted. >> i was writ hear. he fared there i don't know. >>reporter: i see the bullet hole. >> yes. >> woman fortunately was not hit by the gunfire. robber then ran out entered the subway sandwich shop demanded money from worker here. >> i heard 3 shots bam bam bam like that. >>reporter: this pedestrians who did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation told me he saw the robber run out the door after
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he heard the shots. >> guy come bracesing out of subject which waving a gun. get the heck out of my way man. start chasing my friend. then passed him up. jumped piled in a car and tack off and jump on the freeway and left. >>reporter: tomorrow is the octoberfest celebration here. sommer chant concerned. armed robbery today may put a damper on it. vick lee, 7 news. >> men time oakland police have artd a suspect in the murder of man after fender bender 2 years ago. 23-year-old charles butler junior was shot to death near his west oakland home in december of 2011. nearly 2 years ago. butler had just completed a training program to be a merchant seaman. this video show him bumping another car parallel park outside the store. detectives believe someone saw the car killed him short time later. made public for witness to come forward. >> a lot of people called to
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express their anger they are and others just to tell us what they know. >>reporter: police have arrested this man 21-year-old l douglas. they say he was driving the car that approached butler. they are still looking for another man this one 23-year-old hunter who police say actually pulled the trigger. if you have any information on this man's whereabouts oakland police are asking to you call them medley. >> police in san carlos may have stopped sexual predator. officers arrested 50-year-old transient daniel brickman charged with annoying minorities sexual battery. police say he inappropriatelyly touched 3 children ages 4, 7 and 16. in separate incidents. he was picked up at san carlos and elm street last night. well big gap separates still both sides in bart labor talk but how big depends on who you ask. bart says there is 89
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million dollar gap at least one union official says it's a 30 million dollar gap. that's because the union and bart disagree on how long a new labor contract should last. bart officials want 4 year dea deal. union prefer 3 year contract course good on strike again after cooling off period expires on thursday. meaning one week from tonight we can be facing another bart strike t.we'll site. coming up next. this friday. the big name perform this weekend and there are some real surprises, too at the blue grass festival. >> biggest snowstorm in history in this town in wyoming t.incredible. >> why president obama decided to grab something to eat at to grab something to eat at this restaurant
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>> winds and wildfire it was snowing in wyoming colorado and south did coat. some areas picked up as much as 33 inches of snow this early in the season. all flights in and out of rapid city regional airport cancelled today. conditions made navigating nearly impossible. biggest october storms in wyoming history. in casper school district
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officials told students to stay home for the first snow day of the season. >> in golden colorado heavy bap of snow fell creating beautiful scenes like this one just outside of denver. look like a program dion people. mandatory evacuation now in place on grand aisles louisiana head of tropical storm karen moving through the gulf of mexico. high surf pounded alabama coast today where tropical storm watch in effect. alabama. mississippi. florida and muse an have all declared estate of mm. just in case the coast guard has been has seen stronger storms but these not stopping people from getting prepared in towns like l bilox biloxi, mississippi chld karen will drop 3 to 6 inches of wren through sunday night. up to continue inches possible in some areas and what has been a very quiet hurricane season so far. >> well very different story for us here. wind is subsiding
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as mentioned and weather perfect now really for a weekend of blue grass music exploratorium 13 annual hardly strictly blue grass if he is have up and running. opened today. festival free and held in golden gate park helman hollow named after man whose gift make the annual gathering possible. tl wayne has more. >>reporter: local employers who showed up to work today trying to exercise a little bit of patience he says because if you were missing a few employee we know where some of them may have been. did you my linkie today. >> no i just pray all day. i'm not working right now. >> no nobody says they have. yes, i did. >>reporter: chances are plenty of exercise with all the music being played in the 13 annual concert in golden gate park. all the that dancing do you know who he was tichlt multi-billionaire blue °lover
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and philanthropist passed away 2 years ago but gave enough money to keep this concert in the park going for at least another decade. >> this was if best could you do he loved being here. thinks his idea of being in heaven. >> he's in heaven with every single one of the acts. >>reporter: beginning with mc hammer who open the show once again and brought san francisco middle schoolers right in his act. >> i think they all know the word because of the parents. music got passed down. ♪ situation. at this concert good music gets discovered. invite play here says performer arrived or will soon. so says old school blue band jessie and band. they drove all the way from boston for this. >> it has to be worth it. if
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good circuits was it. >> it was for me, yes. >>reporter: it was good for everyone. just lake the weather. if charlie they let pets in for free too. >> might get an ice cream if he's really good. >>reporter: in golden gate >>reporter: in golden gate park abc 7 news >> that lack like fun. >> yes it does. >> also performing bob skagg loss lob owes steve martin and string cheese incident like that name. >> yes. >> but it should be sand why in for spencer tonight. should be a great weekend. >> absolutely beautiful weekend. if you are going to check out the music, use sun screen that's all you need no. jack it no coat. tm a's tiger play off game tomorrow night. it's mild. we have the 9ers in town sunday. niners playing excuse me against the texans raiders playing the chargers on sunday and it is going to be absolutely gorgeous. baseball football out door plans, it's going to be absolutely
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beautiful. live doppler 7 hd writ now not seeing any fog. not seeing any moisture and we are not expecting any any time soon. relative humidity has started to come up. remember in the single digit earlier today. you probably are notic noticing the air mass not as dry as it was earlier. still, though, low 18 percent humidity in san jose. oakland 20. santa rosa 20 percent. 28 in livermore. here's view from the mountain tamalpiais camera. breezy over the higher terrain and peak gust east bay hills berkeley hills mount tam over 50 miles an hour winds. 49 in fairfield. napa 44. if you are out and about you probably felt had you rough it was open the road which. from our roof cam are tree not really blowing whole lot so lower elevation lighter breeze. 72 right now in san francisco. it's still mild out there. oakland 73 degrees along with san jose.
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from our camera here it's clear out there and 66 in santa rosa. notice napa. sheltered from the win. dropping quickly. cooler night tonight. 53 degrees. 70 at antioch 65 in liver month. view from the exploring camera. sparkle view of san francisco. dry breezy overnight tonight elevated fire danger into the morning and warm weather is with us this weekend. here's look at the satellite radar this is what brought us the warmth. high pressure in the autumn time build ins and we get offshore flow down sloping wind that brings the warmth to the coast. beach will be the place to go. really packed this weekend. 27 miles an hour wind gust in fairfeld and 11:00 p.m. tonight we are expecting the winds to continue in the 20s and some part of the bay area. really quieted down quickly so tomorrow you have plans lighter winds. arm weather for your
9:20 pm
saturday and here's a look at the morning. few upper 50's. breezy. cooler starts than this morning under clear sky so you need a jacket or sweater in the morning. it's warm. 85 in the south bay. 88 in santa cruz on the peninsula mid 80's. 80 pacifica. 80 half machine bay. warm day downtown san francisco. 80 degrees north bay mid 80's santa rosa and napa. east bay. 84 oak lap. castro cell and you will feel the warmth inland. yes walnut creek. 7 day forecast getting close to 90 inland sunday. that is hot summer like. mid 70's coast side and temperatures really fall early next week. slight chance of showers wednesday. there you have it dan. >> the by the way in a nutshell. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. what is the nelook at them with is the that u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> well, before you order chicken nugget next time something to consider. scientist with the university of mississippi medical center perform an autopsy on nugget from 2 unnamed fast fad restaurant chins and found just 40, maybe 50% of the nugget were meat. the rest is fat and connective tissue blood vessel nerves and bone fragments. researchers say they were floored when they saw it unthe microscope up close. read the findings in the american journal of immediate. won't help the chicken nugget industry. >> robotic company unleashed new cat named wildcat. movements were inspired by cheat a.look at this thing. see it tear around massachusetts parking lot in
9:25 pm
this video. pretty wild. runs on all type of terrain. inventor says fastest time is 16 miles per hour. up lake some robot wildcat has its own power source interestingly. eventually could help human with emergency rescue firefightersing effort as well as disaster recovery in military open rigs. pretty wild. >> coming up next. chaos at the capitol. what we learn about the driver mother with her baby in the back seat the whole time. >> get back in the car for me now. fichlt these how it stavrments you will see the dramatic shoot out also on camera. incredible. >> the maker hands on demonstration about everything from making do nut to building stay with us. another half
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>> good evening once again. we start this half hour on the east coast. we have new information tonight about the woman shot dead in washington, d.c. after a high speed chase with police. as you have hear her young daughter was in the car the whole time. pierre has more on her mental state from family and friends. >> we now know that mile an hour why kerry the woman behind the wheel. toddler in tow who led police on high speed chase that ended violently. this man just saw her tuesday. >> everything was okay. about joke. wept about her business. >>reporter: but we learned kerry had a history of mental illness. appeared to intense if i after baby was burn in awshtion 2012. it was then her mother told that you say she was diagnosed with postpartem depression n.december according to stanford, connecticut police
9:30 pm
report amanda called in and safety of the daughter then 5 month old. he said kerry was dilution nachlt emotionally disturbed. boyfriend claimed kerry believed she was approve it home under 24 hour survillains by president obama and national tv net work. she was taken to the hospital at least 2 other times that month. report by connecticut authorities describe her as on medication for unknown mental illness with family history of schizophrenic why. she seem to stabilize but something went terribly wrong. by yesterday she was battling police who killed her firing more than a dozen shots. she was apparently unarmed. but police believe she was a threat what were police thinking right at that moment. >> they are thinking she's about to use this car as lethal weapon and so that justifies deadly force to shoot at her. >>reporter: police searching through her computer looking for clue. any clue this would pony to motive. but tonight
9:31 pm
will you enforcement source tells me they may never advertise cover a saint answer as to why this happened. this is abc news washington. >> staying in washington house democrat contract come up with a plan to end the government shut down. east by congressman miller today announce the petition drive that upped house rules could force this amendment to reopen the government. vote cope be taken for 10 days but miller says it's the best they can did. unless the republic condition leadership gives in. that is something speaker boehner is not ready to do. >> the american people didn't want the government shut down. neither do i. all we are asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and bring fairness reopen the government and bring fairness under obama care. >> president obama told vice president bide tone lunch in washington cafe giving 10%
9:32 pm
discount to furlough government workers. >> this shut down could be over today if speaker pwaiper will simply allow that vote to take place. we can end the shut down. i'm happy to have negotiations with l the republicans, speaker boehner on whole range of issues. we can't do it with 51 held to the head of the american people. >>reporter: democrat contract think they have enough support to force the vote by attaching the petition to bill that many republicans want to see passed. >> shut down of the government is impacting many home buyers and sellers whether face uncertainty about when mortgages can be approved and the sales quote. we continue the coverage of the government shut down. alec put it bluntl bluntly. he is ticked off about the government shut down. >> every single manufacture on their part i think is a far far as and shameful. it's completely shameful which to
9:33 pm
behave. >>reporter: alec bays and says home for a living. popularly known as flipper. he buys distressed homes. rehab them and sell them for a profit. latest sale was made last week but the government shut down has put it into doubt. >> puts it uncertainty that is serious because that's my source of income. >>reporter: here's why. before the low pressure cap close the buyer social security number must be verified. social security administration is under partial shut down. with 29 percent of the workers fughed. transcript of the tax of the buyer is also needed from the lisa for income verification. but the agency is only staffed at 10%. >> we need to get past the social security check and the irs check in order for the vet run administration to invest the time to go to the rest of the loan prosecute says. >> they estimate that 1 out of
9:34 pm
4 loans in california are government backed by the va or federal housing administration. those loans are now in limbo about due to the shut down. other lenders the same requirement that are being more flexible. some lenders reportedly waved the transcript rairment to check with yours about how it is handling the government shut down. alex is fell more pressure. >> we need the sale to good through. need to good through quickly. the money is tied up. we want to roll into the next project as soon as possible. >>reporter: also today we received word that cal vet home loans not affected by the shut down so at least some good news. this is 7 on your side. >> shut down also affecting sunday bridge to bridge race in san francisco. organizers are being forced to move the finish line. the 7 k run rusted to 5
9:35 pm
k. 10 k stay the same length. now other events could cause roadway of san francisco this weekend golden gate park hos hosting the hardly strictly blue grass if he is have we mention shortly ago. castro street fair on sunday and 49ers will be in action at campbell stick park early sunday night. evening game. another big event this weekend that will cause traffic problems. rock and roll san jose half maratho marathon. 16,000 runners are taking part on sunday morning. probably the biggest roadway affected is 8 80 around this area from 6:00 a.m. until the run is finished by noon. >> let's move on. police in oregon reless fat am of motorist shooting at patrol officer after pulled over for speding. let me warn you it's intense. not too graphic but intense. watch this. >> police get back in your car for me. you were speeding. i need you to -- sir, get back in the car for me now. if sir please get back in the car for
9:36 pm
me now. if i told you you were speeding. if sir. >> shots fired the shots fired 53 26 shots firedism gunman was john allen. he was shot in the chest believe it or not and drove for about half million before he pulled over and died. worst his kids ages 10, 13 and 15 were in the car. they are okay but obviously they are old enough to understand what was going on. trooper was hit in the side he's all right thanks goodness. shooting ruled justified. this happened outside portland. in august. pretty amazing. >> well it has been a scary start to the new school year for students at portland, other gone high school. this is what lincoln high school students say they saw almost every morning during the bus ride to school. bus driver barely able to stay awake. brother nick an
9:37 pm
lewis told school officials who then toll the direct but nothing was done. even watched the driver heading in the wrong direction down one way street. >> this is a one way street, right? yes, i did. and he's like oh, yes. oops. >> well despite the complaints nothing was done until the boys uncle told them get some proof. that's when he took the video on his phone. they showed it to the district and the official then showed it to the private bus company who financially removed the driver. >> you have probably heard about the major movement all about building things yourself. this weekend it's taking over san francisco forth mason and the movement itself is high tech, jonathan bloom explains that this is not the typical tech crowd. >> in front of the sprawling if he is have pa ville i don't know at san francisco fort
9:38 pm
mason stephanie make a giant size out of lego. >> we have 385 pounds of this. >> is this a care. we picked up the pallet and came in from denmark from the lego company. >> lego is one of the sponsors of remake. brand new conference accessible maker movement that largely attended by women. >> i love this tech audience. if men rest room completely empty. >> this is the founder ichltd inspiration that grew up with airports no home ec. class and maybe elective and also so overwhelmed this year we need a break. we need to make. >> lego and velcro paper and scissors an build things while listening to key note with lego of course. item in the childhood building toy for generations but today kids also have a different kind of building toy. building things out of block but building
9:39 pm
things straight out of their imagination. >> next generation will be the kids getting printer this hollywood. they i hope is is new is the time to get a 3d president clintoner and form in shape one layer at a time. they are changing the way we make things. >> don't need to know your work. press me out it comes. >> while section of remake devoted to 3 day principaler.incipl >> being able to print things that moves is incredible. open the boundary of what you can do with this. >> not just practice or 3d printed. >> this is full out metal belt buckle like this free and open to the public exploratorium jonathan bloom abc 7 news. >> him if coming up next. movie everyone is talking about. what happened when disaster happens in space? tonight real life hero who ♪
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[ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. >> movie everybody is talking about. 2 hollywood super stars trapped in space. now the real life hero who helped inspire the movie tells us what it's like to be just one step away from disaster. here's is david muir. >>reporter: new movie gravity pull us back into a world of breaking through boundary of fear of what is possible. the sandra bullock blake an astronaut that comes loose from the shuttle. astronaut by george clany a tale of what so many real life astronauts have prepared for. including this
9:44 pm
team 2009 shuttle atlantis to repair hubble telescope. same they traveled to in the movie. in real life one of the astronauts. >> fl he saw the movie and sawhill self in it. >> even my tools. one of a kind cutter tool that we had to cut a wire inside one of the instruments. it's floating by sandra bullock hay. there is my wire cutter. >>reporter: mike went on 4 space walk of his own with 30 hours out there on a ledge. the have you in this movie financially help to describe it at home. >> the only sad thing about being an astronaut david when you look out the window or through the advice or app seat earth. the stars how can i describe this to people. tell my family about that. >>reporter: sandra character faces challenge far beyond what he lived through they did prepare for it. >> he said we lost this before
9:45 pm
we may last another person during a space walk. it's dangerous business. >>reporter: watching each other space suit. >> make sure when we button each other up everybody is coming home. so we knew that that set the mad. these sorts of things can happen. >>reporter: moment in space when mike was known for. trying to physical the telescope to be a simple bolt wouldn't come free. >> power tool. tl one on the left came out fine. one on the right could wasn't coming autopsy. it was stripped my heart just started because of sfl this is pretty bad. this is pretty bad situation. >>reporter: spent hours dangling in space. trying to figure out what to do finally telling him to grab the handrail on the telescope and pull the whole piece off. st. >> good tug. gave ate good tug and ripped the they think off. >>reporter: chris's averted. tonight this new chris's plays
9:46 pm
out if looking down on the family. you have kids. >> do i. >>reporter: tell them about the lights on. >> if you were in heaven this is what it must look like. i can't imagine anything more beautiful than our planet if rare have you had he. david muir reporting. gravity in theaters right now opened
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>> one last time with sandhya on the weekend forecast. >> it is a chamber of commerce weekend. done top clear skies right now. warm from coast to inland. mainly 80's across the entire bay area. 80 san francisco. 86 santa rosa. 84 oakland palo alto, 85 san jose. 82 in antioch. 88 in santa cruz and if going to the a's
9:50 pm
game tomorrow night weather could not be better. as they take on the tigers there at the coliseum 78 degrees. pretty warm. dropping down to the low 70's. i would say a's will win this one. all right. making prediction. here's look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. take your picnic to the park or something this wean. it's going to be warm sunday even warmer inland cooling off next week. more cloud cover. slight chance of showers. >> forecast weather and series. >> and the series. >> all right active sports new feature. >> fans rooting for the a's tonight look at the hats you see one is plaid and one iing plane. very nice. e-mail us at this site t.also share them on our facebook page or on twitter and we would love to get them on the air and on a plate. larry is with us tonight. where it rolls i think it's 85 degrees. okay.
9:51 pm
>> that's all right. >> i don't know about the game. because i look at the radar. >> live doppler 7hd. >> yes. >> tl tough to come by. if provide hope. packed house. 48,000
9:52 pm
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that's a lot of coffee. skip the warehouse. charmin is $13.99 for 24 double rolls. and lean cuisine entrees are just a buck 99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> coming up tonight open 7 news at 11:00 o'clock. developing news on the heels of 2010 gas explosion in san brown of the another bay area city has just declared an emergency and wants to pull the plug on another gas line. we explain why and what's going on. >> twitter initial public offering is already causing major confusion on wall street. stock that went up 1400 percent today all in the name of twitter. we explain what's going on there. more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7 but larry
9:55 pm
is here. >> fun energy. >> grit crowd. just waiting for few hits and a's tonight. max the only pitcher in baseball to win 20 more games this season. of nasty. at the aim tonight the tarp came off. 48401 in attendance. most coliseum 2004 and c o l o n roughed up. right through the wicked back up the middle and jackson 1 nothing. later in the first. avila right underneath the glove at first base of martin into right field. victor or bart should have had that one 3 nothing after one shirt. throwing smoke. 98 miles an hour. get going and like it. 7 inning struck out 11. he settled town but gave up 10 hits in 6 innings. single to right
9:56 pm
that's only bad idea. l bottom of the seventh. l zappedia is involve. now gone here. cut the lead to 3-two in the bottom the 9th. find a rally and xheetd highlights at 11:00. game one red sox and ray led until the pride of petaluma. big john comes short swing double off the green monster. 5 run-ining and 7 boston players at least one rbi in the game. them ladies the way with 3. 2 on the double and 50 could hear it off the wall. red sox take an opener in a cruz 12-2 final. reds to the best dress for success they are old big red machine back in the 70's. cincinnati fired mapger baker f.reds failed to get out
9:57 pm
of the first round of the play offs third year in a row when they lost on tuesday. ended the regular season by lasting 6 in a row. pl maybe it's just too time to have moo on her a different voice. in the to be confused with our director because he doesn't hit that well. rbi single 2-1 braves. knock ins a pair that's the win and ties the series. may not be able to hit but can do the rest. game 2 blasted in game 1 yesterday returning the flavor today. about and 1 nothing then in the third. alvarez downtown. the 2 run over all pittsburg in game 2. 7-1 the final tied in game. college
9:58 pm
football. stanford hosting washington tomorrow. both teams coming in at 4 and o. 1:00 o'clock kick off in berkeley. won't be raining and pl he was pwovrj the last week in other g.o.p. after disaster first quarter of play. he gets it tomorrow new day new opportunity to win the first game of the pack 12. >> went through part of the schedule. it was tough. now we hit league play after other g.o.p. just see what we can d do. big game. all are big games. just focus on winning. >> be should you are to tune in to lexus after the game and northwestern kick off at 5:00 o'clock. we will be on 8:30 after the game on abc 7. look at the squirrel. he's become unofficial mascot team usa and davis love tried to get sammy
9:59 pm
new home. makes it sad. although squirrels are dirty also animal. any way phil mickelson and bradley on 8. set up this birdie. take down day and stellar 4-three. action for awhile then darkness came with 4 matches left. so still going team usa leading the international 4 and a half to 3 and half. about. >> this is our cue. don't want them near you. >> no you don't want them scratched. pretty fierce. >> that's 7 news at 9 for all of us here see new an hour on of us here see new an hour on channel both:st friends ma.
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wait. ah. both: best friends making a cake. pow. i never thought i'd miss it. how come i'm not best friends with anyone? both: aww. don't patronize me.


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