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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 20, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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next at 6:00 thousands of lightning strikes and more could be on the way. >> it brings danger on the ground. california wildfires burning now and red flag warning for part of the bay area. a shark sighting shuts down a popular north bay beach. was it following a whale that washed up there yesterday. >> back to school sticker shock. the price of school supplies is skyrocketing as you may have seen. where to find bargains.
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we can be in for another spectacular light show. thousands of lightning strikes streaked aconsiders the region last night. good evening. >> fire officials are on high alert again this evening in areas because of what strikes can do. >> we have live team coverage with sand kbratel tracking live doppler 7 hd tonight and david louie with more on that spectacular lightning show. >> counting nearly 15,000 strikes last night put on a prime time show whether at the ballpark or through the lens of a camera.. >> it was a true light show. abc news camera as top mountain tops captured the draum yaf lightning bolts. certified consulting meteorologist says low pressure system moving west
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across the state continued to light up the skies over pacific. >> had just write rite ingredients last night over the water. >> noel says thunderstorms and lightning are a once a year or every year phenomenon. >> everyone was home, or getting home.vk it wastazs across the middle of the bay. so lts of people saw it jason bw adveg firm. he took his camera capturing this image of a lightning bolt at 11:00. >> i may have taken 10 shots in 20 minutes. you know long exposures. >> there was hardly a bad place to capture the lightning on a digital camera. and bay area may have another
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crack of taking in another show tonight. if you're so inclined to try to shoot photos he offers this tip. >> shoot wide and long exposures and you'll probably catch the lightning. >> sandhya patel keeping track of the weather system and red flag warning it's sparked. >> yes. take a look at live doppler 7 hd i want to show you how different this scene looks from last night. this is about 194 miles away. as you i show you here strikes not as intense out here. we're still watching that area.
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and not expecting these to move into the bay area but there is still a possibility we may see thunderstorms in north bay mountains that area north bay mountains under a red flag flag warning. know whet threat will diminish here in just a minuteshl. >> if you capture photos in the bay area you can e mail us or share your images with us at 7 news, we also on twitter. >> wildfire forced two bay area camps to evacuate. the sthird on alert right now. san francisco camp mader
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cancelled a weekend event for teens. family camp sent 80 students and staff home yesterday. it's now more than 10,000 acres destroying two homes and threatening 2500 more homes, you can't get there on highway 120. it's closed in both directions. our dry conditions played a part in this large grass fire broke out this afternoon at camp parks used by army reserve for training. investigateors say a smoke grenade caught dry grass on fire. 157 acres of grass burned but the fire is out now. if driving along 580 you probably saw the smoke today. >> a jury handed down a guilty verdict in the trial of a serial killer.
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it was an unusual trial. we're now flif marin county. dan. >> he was back in his cell here probably rethinking that move to act as his own attorney n june i uncovered evidence of a possible fifth victim. the name of sarah dwrinl was brought up during the prosecution's case. now they're saying they'll bring of evidence of a possible sixth vismt a woman from a hotel naso managed in san francisco. it took td jury just 5 and a half hours to come back with the first degree murder guilty verdict for joe naso. he killed both in yuba county. roxine rogash and carmen colon in port costa. the verdict came quickly. the court gave 15 minutes
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notice. >> the fact they cam back quickly in my mind makes me think they probably made up their minds after the close of the prosecution's kaichls i think the prosecution probably had a mountain of evidence. >>wz8z the only family member there had to take several moments to kpros himself. >> it's not ease yeechl i was hoping it would feel better but right now, it don't. >> not help something. >> no. no. it won't help until i -- that man is dead and gone. he's just a waste of life right now. >> naso showed no emotion ask asked the judge for a mistrial. complaining the jury didn't take the case seriously and followed lead of the jury for person, an attorney. judge sweet denied the motion for a mistrial saying i think it's your invented kbrair noi yaf what happened in the jury room.
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>> he's guilty and knowsj]4ñ it. the only thing is to give up the names of the victims out there. >> naso's photos of the victims and writings played a major role in this case. he had a list of 10. when investigators say was his dump list whereof he placed bodies. so there may be more victims out there. sentencing hearing starts in two weeuu) >>. a pittsburgh mother is recovering after two men broke into the family home, beating her when she tried to set off an larm off north park sitd drive. police say the men climbed through a second story window where two young kids were sleeping. the mother gave them cash ask valuables but when she reached for alarm button they beat her up. police say the alarm went off anyway when they walked out of the front door a engineer died
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last night after someone opened nir a restaurant and bar. two other men were injured in the shooting. >> that is the nightclub behind me. i did talk to a friend who works at the same company in sunnyvale and he told me his friend was married had kids and that his wife is expecting. now, police believe he was not the intended target, that it was a random shooting. >> it's a shock to me. i -- i hired him to my group. and he's a great guy. works very hard, you know? hard worker. >> he did not want to us use his last name but says he was a friend ask co-worker of the man shot and killed yesterday.
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a dozen people were inside when shots were fired. >> from what we can tell early in the investigation there are just inside of the restaurant. >> had there were multiple spots shoths fired hitting three people. sean says his frintd's girlfriend works here. >> it's wild. not just a regular nightclub. you know girls dance crazy and wild in here. >> montarvo told us you have to buy a bottle and make reservation autos there are two security guards that are armed and wearing bulletproof vests. >> why do you think that? >> because they know what kind of crowd it brings he.
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>> he told us the club has karaoke, food, liquor and private rooms. police believe it was not gang related. the third victim is there. police say wounds are not life threatening. >> we've learned two tragic incidents neeft bay were in fact related one was a motorcycle crash just minutes litter police shot a man on the orinda side of the tunnel. we're live with the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. laura? >> well, chp spokesman told me the accident that occurred on no accident ask appeared to be deliberate. the family of rich fletcher wants to focus on the positive.
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his survival and recovery and want to thank those who stopped to help right here on the freeway. >> this kinld of stuff makes you realize how many good people there are left in this world. >> the family of fletcher wants to thank all o tose who stopped to help him but especially one man. >> he one man telling everyone to keep calm back up. and telling my dad to hang in there and he's not going to buy dye fletcher was riding in the fast lane through oakland a car he encountered suddenly sped up behind him, and ran into him. >> he shouldn't be on the road if they're capable of hitting someone and going and not caring at all. >> as the car that hit him spaed away the motorcycle
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burst into flames, and he lay on the ground, spinal cord receivered. >> he's so active. whether motorcycles or water sports. it's going to be a huge adjustment. >> the suspected driver of the car that hit fletcher was shot by a chp officer at the wilder exit in or yinda. the front tire of the car was flat. the front end showed clear sign of damage. the recover is at a walnut creek hospital. the chp obtain aid warrant for his arrest. the charge as tempted murder felony hit and run and felony -- mayhem. >> i'm glad they caught him. i don't want to spend my life wondering where he s i'm not too concerned about him. i am more concerned about my dead and -- dad and my family. >> the friends started a web site to help with his expenses. that information is on our web site abc 7 in oakland abc 7 news.
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>> well there is more still ahead tonight a north bay beach is closed following a great white sighting and possible connection to a whale there. >> ns also, bay area people who can say they were there. the anniversary of the march on washington and special awards being presented tonight. >> a look at progress that construction crews made today on the bay bridge. why hard part could be still to come. >> kids and concussions. efforts
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stintson beach is closed for the next five days after a great white shark was seen swimming in the surf by a life guard at the beach. the sighting led the park service to declare water off limits but the beach is still open. you can stay on the sand off course. officials think the shark may have been attract bid a young and slightly bleeding fin whale that died on the beach yesterday morning. experts figured out the whale calf had trauma to the sterning and bleeding around the heart they have found other signs of trauma but no broken bones they cannot say with certainty why that whale died. >> next week marks 50th anniversary of the civil rights march on washington, d.c.. two people there are sharing their memories and one of them is receiving a special award
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tonight we're live with the story tonight. carolyn? >> the person being honored tonight is now a professor here, back then he was a 32-year-old close advisor to dr. king. other person is a minister and local act ti vismt now they under their 80s with vivid memories of the march. it's been described as both a prot skbreft a celebration. the march was a of pivotal moment in the civil rights move oomt what did it feel like to be in the middle of that? >> felt like something was going to not only happen but that i was in it and made me realize i was to be a part of something that was going to really make history owe now 83 years old reverend cecil
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williams says it was thrilling to be in the crowd of the 250,000. >> and once that had been set and message had been begun i said that is it. i'm going to san francisco he had just been assigned to glide church moving that month to san francisco this, picture shows the enthen 33-year-old challenging unequal ed being for blacstk ents in the city. he says his activism was inspired by dr. king. standing on the stage was dr. clarence jones mlk's close friend and legal advisor. >> when dr. king spoke he was speaking as a moral compass of america. he was speaking to the
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consense of america. >> jones now a professor at usf and will receive an award for his work with dr. king and dedication to the civil rights movement. >> i want to celebrate the dream and i want to have a chance to kick butt when necessary for those who are interfering with the dream. >> we have seen a number of dignitaries here tonight. dr. jones going to be presented with a heroes award by san francisco human rights commission. >> we want to know if you marched in 1963 or perhaps know someone who did. you can contact us on the the phone number on the screen. >> what a moment in time. >> yes. >> spencer christian is off.
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sandhya patel is here with a lot going on. >> indeed live doppler 7 has been tracking thunderstorms. but outside of the bay area today. live doppler 7 hd we'll talk about the possibility here in the bay area all though things are starting to wind down a little bit. last night we had lightning strikes. 197 miles away, we do see thunderstorms there. notice we had more earlier now, the area is just getting smaller so some dry air is filtering in. scattered showers rolling through south lake tahoe area
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and we have a lot of pictures to show you. manny r sent this to you reports you can see two strokes there. incredible pictures sent from ed m. and we did have thunderstorms you can see mike m and you can see a shot of the strikes now like i said most of the thunderstorms off shore, good news for us because fire danger was diminished but still remains high. we have a possibility of seeing thunderstorms developing but it's a slight chance. you can see thunderstorms are diminishing and rain let up. it's light rain now. 64 in san francisco. 62 oakland. scattered showers tonight and
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no team. it's a beautiful day. low clouds coming back into the picture. 70 in santa rosa. 8234 fairfield. cooler today temperatures drop a few degrees tomorrow z from our camera, this is what you're going to have to deal with tomorrow morning fog coast side and bay side. still a threat of thunderstorms into tomorrow. fire danger remains high in the north bay z usual pattern cooler weekend as we head towards thursday, friday, saturday, sunday so as it lifts we're going see activities shifting so sheer what is going to happen. the best chance of thunderstorms will be tomorrow morning. it's a slight chance in the north bay heading into tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning watch out for fog. mid-50s mid-60s.
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and still warm inland. partly cloudy skies and we'll keep in the threat of thunder for the first half of the day. temperatures will rise a few degrees friday back to the usual pattern. cooler weeks. >> thank you. >> finishing touches o
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progress continues on the new bay bridge. the opening date approaches. the work being done is mostly at this point paving and striping and moving bare areas around. crews will have to demolish part of the original section that is considered the hardest part. >> i would say this is important critical work to connect the bridge ask open it to the public. but we've done more complicated work. >> crews will need to shut down the bridge starting a week from tomorrow night. it will be closed to connect the toll plaza ask tunnel to the new bridge we have full details on our web site abc 7
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>> a 4th grader attacked by pit bulls left the hospital nine days after being mauled. take a look. this is how he looked. two dogs remain in quarantine. one scheduled to be put down tomorrow, his mom says he'll go back to the hospital thursday why wr doctors will remove bandages and determine whether he needs a third surge rye wish him well. >> yes. >> a lot of kids gorg back to school this week but there are worries for preschooler. >> recognizing the signs of concussion in young athletes. the bay area clinic helping students and parents recognize those signs. >> and what does apple have up its sleeve?úoúo
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good evening, budget
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gridlock could have a major impact on california's education program for lower income children. how the head start program could be cut from thousands of children who need it most. >> in california head start has been beneficial to limited english speaking families, offering preschoolers preparation for kindergarten. >> without it i'm afraid we're going to have a lot of kids who are missing out on a critical year in development. >> early child ood educators are are worried about california losing the skplots say the number of words a child knows when they start kindergarten is a marker for future success. >> we're taking families that are vulnerable and cutting them loose with the cuts. >> the families can't simply go through other programs
7:33 pm
during the recession, california eliminated 100,000 slots there. the legislature approved $2500 more giving priority to kids who would have gone head start. supporters say other programs are not as effective in dealing with at risk kids. >> the prison rates. >> timing couldn't have been worse people are starting to find jobs again meaning more families are needing head start. >> we know a lot of the jobs are low income jobs so they're less able to afford child care and preschool on their own. >> thousands of struggling families will now have to make a choice of staying home for leaving preschoolers somewhere that isn't as good as head
7:34 pm
start. >> more kids headed back to school today and in one city, police officers were there to remind firnts slow down. a car parked in front of a elementary school reminding parents to drive carefully. students told to use crosswalks. in petaluma officers paid close attention to bicycle riders. >> with school starting back up we have a timely story for parents of children playing sports. abc 7 news reporter nick smith has a look at how ucsf is working to prevent concussions among high school athletes. >> 18-year-old gary lee enjoys his time on the court. after days of having a head air, he went looking for answers. >> the headaches weren't the kind you get when you have the flu.
7:35 pm
i felt sluggish all the time.5> >> doctors say ignoring injury after a head injury among teens is common because they seem like concern that's only play professional athletes but the truth is that fwhoin plays sports can end up with a bump that is more than a bruce. blade got up slowly, others helped him to the side lines then blade collapsed and taken away in critical condition spending 23 days in the hospital. eight in an indees -- induce coma. the teen came home looking fit but dealing with some problem as associated with being hit. gary can relate. he's part of a concussion clinic to study long, and short term affects. >> we're at the beginning of traumatic brain injury research. >> he says athletes like gary and even the pros like alex
7:36 pm
smith can suffer injury was long term affects. >> that is what this is all brks bringing highest cutting lechblg of care to people today so we're learning about things through research and are applying that to patients. >> he says all concussions are serious and ignoring them increases the risks of serious head injury. some something doesn't feel right get it checked immediately. >> just go see about the doctor. it's not worth it. >> at mission bay nick smith abc 7 news. >> the city could take the state of nevada to court for dumping bus loads of psychiatric patients in california. nevada accused of giving 500 homeless people one way bus
7:37 pm
tickets to the state. two[x+=v dozen arrived in san francisco. city attorney issued a leter to nevada's attorney general threatening to class action lawsuit if nevada does not reimburse california cities and counties for costs to take care of the patients. also oo well school is starting up again. have you noticed maybe you're going through sticker shock? >> how you can save if you know where to look. [ male announcer ] at sizzler... it's back for a limited time! fire grilled steak and golden all-you-can-eat shrimp for an incredible $9.99! only at sizzler!
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you nay have noticed it's a tough year to buy school supply autos this week, michael finney is here with ways to save money buying those back to school supplies. >> we're very happy if you're a parent be ready for sticker shock. the annual backpack survey finds prices are rising at five times the rate of inflation. and bay area parents are feeling it. moms and kids were out in
7:41 pm
force when i was at this target store. look at the list. everywhere you look, a back to school list. >> you you feel target is very -- priced very well. so why waste time driving from store to store? i can get everything here. >> these guys like target. if you do want to make rounds yubl rewarded. retailers are selling some items for less than what they're paying for them. they're sold at a loss but lead shoppers to stores. >> every store has loss leaders 10 cent rulers, these things. i can carry the list with me. as i'm around town i don't chase deals but i keep the list fchl i see bargain prices i'm going to check them off and buy them. >> look at office max.
7:42 pm
huge banners promising weekly penny deals. >> you buy those loss leaders at office supply stores. last week staples had notebooks for one penny. >> joe ride jout says look where others don't think to look. grocery and dollar stores sheer great tip from an unlikely source. pongo. the pawn broker. folks there say think like a college student. >> you just have to be a student somewhere. >> they're assuming if you're a student you're not probably trying to gain the system.
7:43 pm
>> dig through kitchen drawer autos shop your home for things like binders notebooks and pens. you can save money at the same time. >> now, the student body cards are powerful. most don't think about yugs them until after school starts. they're there when you don't even know bit. coming up at 11:00 what fi told you it's possible to put together back to school wardrobe and maybe school supplies free? yeah? >> i would say you've got our attention. >> that is what we're trying to do. >> thank you. >> sure. >> back to school in the bay area means those alarm clocks being set earlier. you can start your day with
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radar and traffic alerts just visit abc 7 slash apps. >> and what do we know about the next iphone? >> coming up we'll round up >> coming up we'll round up rumors including
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apple expected to unveil its new iphone and it could be critical to the cupertino company's future. >> what experts believe is in the works there and what apple needs to do to stay on top. >> walk into a san francisco coffee shop you'll find oodles of the iphone 4s and 4 ss. >> what would it take? >> to be cheaper. >> apple rumored to have a cheaper iphone coming with lots of colors most fluorescent. >> yeah. if it's plastic that would be good. >> yes y.? >> i swront to worry about it breaking. >> apple may have a pricier 5
7:48 pm
s that may have a fingerprint sensor to make it useless if stolen and will likely have a better camera and faster processor. >> faster, bigger screen. >> isn't that what they promise each time? every iphone that comes out is all the tame snaim. >> fans, it seems need to be wowed on the next iphone. if you ask, some will tell you it's been way too long since apple wowed customer autos people goring to look not for features but looking for evidence of the old apple. >> the couple hasn't launched anything new and different. apple says that could change but not with an iphone. >> i'm certain that personal wearable electronics under our near term future. >> apple watch tops the
7:49 pm
holiday shopping list. you can make another fashion statement. iphone 5 s might come in white, back and gold. >> would you get a gold iphone? >> i won't. i like the white on black. >> they'll have one buyer, i called steve wozniack. he said quote, if there is a gold iphone, i have got to have it. in san francisco, abc news. >> some developing news in san francisco. supporters of city college occupying part of city hall now. a group of 100 staged a sit in front of mayor ed lee's office demanding the mayor take a public stand to keep accreditation. pro testors say the they will not leave until returning with mayor ed lee. >> viewers have be sharing
7:50 pm
photos with us following last week's unusual storm. these bolts of lightning captured in the sky. take a look at the shot of a bolt lighting up the sky. vicky mark captured this one. and daniel took this picture as seen from tilden park. this image taken in belmont. >> get your camera ready. >> sandhya patel back with an update for use yes. no lightning showing up here in the bay area. lightning strikes diminishing away from the bay area. is temperatures tomorrow afternoon into upper 80s
7:51 pm
inland. partly cloudy day, red flag warning up for the north bay interior valleys. until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow isolated thunderstorms possible. drier, warmer only to cool off. cooler than below normal. midz to upper 80s inland. >> thank you very much. >> larry beil off but collin rush is in. >> yes. raiders football to talk about. >> welcome back was the theme today. defensive line getting healthy. line backing core getting
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7:54 pm
>> finally on the practice and defensive end jason carter are the only two who played in the first two preseason games.
7:55 pm
they have all sat out majority of training camp and it's been noticeable this past friday in new orleans. the push virtually invisible at tims. >> we've got a lot of new parts to the defense so i think having those guys here and giving them a chance work to together more we're able to do it between now and opening game. so if it's a start to have the majority of the guys back out here i thought it's good work today, i think guys have continued to work throughout training game. he waved him yesterday. he was a two time pack 12 selection talk about consistency thomas started 47 of 52 games. new lay qired wide receiver passed a physical and
7:56 pm
practiced today. he'll be wearing randy moss's number from last year, 84. minis the drop you're seeing here. i think size is the first thing you notice. he's got a good range, leaping ability. you know? great test radius is a great thing. nothing wrong with having a great catch radius. >>u7ú. >> chip kelly made a decision that is michael vick. vic, 13 of 15. the eagles four and 12 last year but kelly candid said it's vick's team. red shocks game two of the three game series no chance of seeing ryan dempster, one, he started sunday night, two he has been suspended five games
7:57 pm
for what he did on that start. he got ejected and vocal since sunday about dempster getting suspended which he did, today for five games. barns playing ping pong in chinatown. and in charge of one of the many basketball camps this video provided by warrior autos i think they can have fun in gok step by step how to get better at it that will lead to good plays during the games. >> this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. the great thing is that every
7:58 pm
member of the team gets involved in these camps. >> yes. >> join me tonight at 9:00 air r.a man watches his car go up in flames. >> tonight at 11:00 a program rolling out that will put hundreds more bicyclists on the streets. >> that is this edition of abc >> from all of us here thanks for joining us. >> connect with us on twitter abc 7 news bay area.a#+9 appreciate your time.
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>> in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories.


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