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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  August 14, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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outrage that brought a murder trial to a halt. >> thousand who's work for a silicon valley tech giant will lose their jobs toon. why many may be victims of anti-american backlash. >> this onstage assault against a bay area musician. there it is. the attacker is no where to be found. >> a rare look at google. a tool making it easy to google just about anything. >> my intent to get help to stay here and finish the trial out.
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>> the message nearly derailed a serial murder case today. thanks for joining us. >> that is the brother of one of the alleged murder victims. the message here came in the form of a sign. the judge was afraid the jury had seen. vic lee is live tonight tochl plain. vic? >> the sign was on the windshield of a truck here. the brother told us he had erased the signs on friday but the judge was worried the damage had already been done on the day that the prosecution was wrapping up its case. the 79-year-old listened as prosecution delivered closing arguments. he's charged with murdering four prostitutes decades ago. at the hearing larry rogast told us he doesn't want the
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death penalty for naiso. >> i don't want him going to death row. that is too good for him. there are too many folks in death row. he's got internet access, media access, books, libraries. i want a main line prison without, life without. >> the prosecutor tried to link each of the four victims to naiso by showing a list of the women and momentos including photographs police found at his home, and in a safety deposit box also reminding jurors of dna found on two of the murdered victims. the judge stopped the hearing, worried jurors may have seen a sign on this truck in the parking lot that said "joseph naiso murdered my sister january 11th, 1977" ending with a plea for money. the judge was afraid it may have influenced jurors who saw it which could result in a mistrial.
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most of the session focused on the potentially damaging affects of the sign. larry told us he was broke and wrote the sign hoping to raise money. >> my intent to get to the public to get help to stay here to finish up the trial. >> determining jurors had not seen the sign and closing arguments resumed. prosecutors declined to comment in this case but naiso sent a message to reporters when it's over. >> he says... i am looking forward to my opportunity to present my closing arguments and those will be conducted on friday at 9:30. >> there, you heard it. naiso, defending himself gives his closing arguments and should be interesting because he is refused to take the stand during this two month trial this is a special circumstances case so if he's convicted he faces death.
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vic lee abc news. >> vic, thank you very much. fallout after former nsa contractor. a major internet hardware company is laying off 4,000 employees. david louie joins us now with details how he is speen yauj is going to cut workers. david? >> those 4,000 layoffs represent about 5% of the global work force. many of those 4,000 point the finger of blame at edward snowden. >> now, they've been+'n getting banned with a lot of countries and i think they're anticipating a major fall out. >> the tech analyst is battling a perception they might have secret codes embedded to allow nsa to spy overseas that. can impact sales fueled by
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revelations by former nsa contractor snow den. >> when there are rumors of china doing the same thing, congress banned to do the same thing sort of blocking sales now nsa has been found to do this. >> this with economic weakness could be why they weren't allowed to meet expectations reporting higher profits today but with future growth projected 2% lower, cisco stock price dropped 10% in after hours trading. cisco has almost 17,500 employees global head count is 75,000. the company has a history of layoffs added 7500 work qlerers this year, march laying off 500 people, last summer, another 1300 and 6500 lost jobs in summer of 2011.
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cisco did saoédá it will free up money for what it calls growth opportunities and has been doing search and vemt on expanding the internet and may have a tougher pass trying to convince customers it's not a exclusive partner in u.s. spy agencies and would not indicate how soon pink slips will be coming out. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> california supreme court may have ended the debate over proposition 8 banning same-sex marriage. the court rejected what is current lit final appeal by prop 8 backers u.s. supreme court cleared the way for same-sex marriage to resume in california but opponents unsuccessfully argued ruling should only apply to two couples two took the case to court. dennis her qlera said it is
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fair to say their remaining options are absurd. >> a mother whose son died in a san francisco shooting returned to the scene today seven years later in herron going pursuit of justice. the 17-year-old was shot and killed at the intersection of grove and baker streets in 2006. his mother has been a tireless advocate for him. and for other murder victims flyers to help tips in the search for the killer. >> there is no mother should have to tolerate this pain. and if very to do this 20 years until the day i die, i will do it. >> you can see the grief on her face. a reward sk offered for tips leading to a conviction in this case. >> police say they're treating
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the case of a missing oakland child as a disappearance. investigators have now joined the investigation. the father of the 21 mold says a woman took daphne from the suv parked july 10th. this after the in, family members marked the fifth week of the disappearance marching to city hall. >> whoever knows, whoever is responsible, anyone with information we're ready to hear from them p get our baby back. >> police are being tight lipped in this case. police say neither father nor mother are suspects in the disappearance. ñ justice may take a while for a musician attacked on stage. a woman jumped on stage and went after the 73-year-old last month at the blues festival. this video shows attack. a fell nay rest warrant has
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been issued for the woman she's not from this area and police tell us today they have no leads on the location. chambers believes it was a hate crime and wants charges filed. >> a teenager charged with mowing down two bicycle riders was hauled off on a murder charge for manslaughter and reckless driving in connection with an in june. today, prosecutors upgrade that had charge to murder. a 58-year-old woman killed in the accident. her husband was also hit by survived. >> and the victim of an accident at san jose and gonzales is a former student and was on campus yesterday considering returning to school. she was hit by a tractor in a construction site and not the city manager of east palo alto. >> a major development for
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city college. the same acrediting commission that investigated the college is now its self being reprimanded by the department of education. what does that mean for the school that thousands of students depend on? we are live with the story tonight. leanne? >> well, dan, it means credibility is in jeopardy. does it change the situation here? people say not really. others say it should. the department says adding to the visiting team represents a conflict of interest. crabtree married to the chief executive officer of the acrediting commission. >> there is supposed to be a level of independence. the husband was on the team that came to city college in spring, 2012. >> alisa is with california
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federation of teachers. the report found oy one was a faculty member. department of education says there should have been more in a better claims the commission was wrong. still, the commission promised it will make the necessary policy changes to address the department concerns. the union says the ruling should be overturned including finding autos we're calling for immediate reversal and needs a do over. >> no one knows what this will mean. >> the department does not have the authority to overturn a decision. >> today was the first day of school at city college.
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>> sanctions should be lifted and taken away. >> we're still acredited and serve still going to school. so yes. very faith everything is going tok okay. >> the commission says it will respond to the letter in the fall. >> and still ahead tonight impending implosion and why this may be felt for decades still to come. >> a look at operation pristine. efforts to clean up marijuana farms around california. >> a magazine puts out it's last print edition. does this mean to you? 7 on your side coming up. >> i'm sandhya patel. a cool air mass one side,
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get ready for a loud boom this weekend. cal state university will say farewell to the old administration building saturday at 9:00 a.m. it will go down in spectacular fashion with a purpose. the signs on the fence do not lie. saturday, the structure will come falling down. >> could be a big empty spot. >> a hole in the horizon.
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warren hall some called it an. rúc others regarding it as an eye sore. >> cracker box? >> yes. >> is that anyway to comment about a piece of architecture? >> either way, saturday, this will be exstikt. explosives, the building collapsing becoming yet another spectacular implosion for video archives. it may look solid but it's the most unstable building in the california state university system. the hayward fault just feet away this demolition was a no brainer. it's also somewhat ironic. >> that is going to make a boom realizing the building will create a shock wave he wondered why not measure it? thens hence, these sensors being placed in neighborhoods as far as 25 miles away. the force equaling that of a 2.0 quake. >> they happen all the time
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but don't happen when they want them to. right? therefore, you know we can use the geo met tre. >> not likely. but when it topples zark we may have a better idea of what to expect when the big one does hit n hayward abc 7 news. >> wow, well, if you want to to be streaming it live. >> the santa clara county sheriff provided this cam videogy6?ú. several agencies zeroed in on a pot farm northzs[); henryco state park.
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>> they'll use military style helicopters to lift out large amounts of illegal marijuana. to try to clean up the environment. >> investigators found harmful chemicals on the water. deputies add there are numerous illegal pot farm autos officials expected to announce tomorrow when the new eastern span will open. last night caltrans tested lighting, turning on more than 1500 l.e.d.lights along the roadway and suspension portion of the bridge using half of the energy and should last 10-15 years, each. optimism is growing the span could open on labor day. after official as proved a temporary fix for the bridge's broken seismic bolt autos we shall see ask will find out tomorrow. they say that will be the answer.
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>> yes. a 31 degree spread. 94 in antioch.9ny doppler 7 you'll see fog just hugging the coast from point reyes towards the coastline. inland still enjoying shine. this is northern california smoke going up towards oregon. the american fire, smoke from that actually drifting towards the north as well. at times affecting south lake tahoe. tomorrow, if you're going to tahoe, areas of smoke in the morning then high temperatures 83 degree was sunshine. beautiful view of the sunny skies right now. san francisco,
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63. it's mild in san jose. here is what we're talking about looking towards sausalito. a thousand feet deep. the fog is not going to go very far. as a matter of fact will be mainly near the bay. still mild to warm inland spots. can't find the golden gate bridge it is socked n areas of fog near the coast. wide range of temperatures and going to be cooler into the weekend. there is low pressure a cool pocket of air northwest and we do have hot air mass to our southeast. we're going watch this one here. this system here will get closer to the coast and into
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the weekend temperatures fall. cooler pattern friday and saturday. temperatures down today. but then, you'll notice down turn into friday and saturday. tomorrow morning fog parkts of the bay. antioch 60 degrees. nice weather in the south bay. 84 redwood city. fog holgd you down. 63 degrees you'll need possibly a long sleeved shirt there. 90s around clover dale. 77 in oakland. 80 degrees in fremont. inland spots 91 pittsburgh
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accu-weather forecast featuring 60s to 90s friday. over the weekend upper 80s inland low 60s coast side then rebound monday through wednesday. >> thank you. >> coming up new development in rocket science. >> from the same entrepreneur ñáçwçñpes to bring us the
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battle over a new law is pitting state government against the federal government this, morning the court held a hearing to consider granting an injunction against the law. it took affect last month. bans the sale of shark fins in california. the federal government opposes the law sate saiing it violates a law allowing harvesting sharks in federal water autos does the state ban conflict with federal law? federal law says you can take sharks legally and use shark product. >> there is no way to tell the difference when you look at a dry, fin whether that product came from a shark that was
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skin add live on the water. >> the court heard arguments the ban discriminates against the chinese community consuming the shark fin soup. the decision is expected in 90 days. >> tonight money matters a disappointing day on wall street. dow jones fell 100 points after weak profits at macy's cast new doubt on the strength of the economy. apple trading at more than $500 a share. but clothe closed below that. zynga's new ceo dumped three top executives saying he's trying to take layers out of the executive ranks and get senior leaders closer to products they're developing. postal service offering free insurance, free online tracking and delivery dates for packages. they're hoping to drive growth generating an extra half a billion dollars a year and in southern california recovering
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housing market remains red hot. sales hit an eight-year high for the month of july. >> well, elan musk getting attention for yet another new pro jechblgt. >> check this out. the company tested out a 10 story tall rocket that can move side ways. it moved in mid air. isn't that wild? then landed on the launch pad. >> developing the rocket reusable. this week musk unveiled his vision of the hyper loop. he says would wisk passengers from san francisco to l.a. in half an hour. >> just ahead tonight we're going to have latest on crack
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down in egypt where dozens of head. people are watching closely. some tell us it's justified. >> problems for the 787 dream liner. >> the powerful female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. a state of emergency tonight in cairo. a curfew is in effect following a crack down on supporters of former egyptian president morsi. death toll now reached 278 with health ministry reporting 43 members of the egypt police force among those killed. the assault after days of warns that replacing morsi when forced out july 3 coup. >> well, abc 7 news mark math use has been listening to egyptian americans reacting front.
7:32 pm
>> there is a dmuch hayward we talked about the violence today. they are people who are paying close attention but who have a different take on what we're hearing, say from the state department. maria just moved here and has been up most of the night blogging about the crack down for a christian web site. >> been following since yesterday a legal procedure. >> telling me the army is justified in taking out supporters of the muslim brotherhood because it's been attacking koptic christian autos in two hours more than six churches have been attacked and burned down. >> well army is actually is replying to what the people wanted. >> in sunnyvale muslim egyptian american says l is no justification for what's happening in cairo. >> i don't think the
7:33 pm
jn]t to violence is more violence or this justifies massacre of 150 people today. >> in burlingame, she attended a demonstration in ha -- tahrir square. >> i'm torn between undersnding that morsi supporters have the right to peaceful demonstration. >> on the other hand she does see the muslim brotherhood trying to turn egypt into an islamic state. >> i won't support military rule but it's the lesser of evils at this point. >> koiro is under a curfew. military has declared a state of emergency. >> violence causes calm but drives violent forces
7:34 pm
underground. determined any for it's coup. >> that relates to a question will it radicalize islamic fundamentalists? every person we talked to said yes. >> thank you very much. >> the airline that flies boeing 787 found new problems in three planes during maintenance discovering%(7z3 fay wiring. the government grounded all dream liners because of problems that caused their bratries to overheat. >> an announcement from google brings us closer to the stuff
7:35 pm
of science fiction. abc 7 news explains new feature that will let you ask your computer a question and get an answer in plain english. to characters in star trek talking to computers is usual but there are trekies working at google. >> the star trek computer is a big motivator for use they've come up with this. >> what am i doing this weekend? >> here is your agenda. chicago hotel, tomorrow. >> data from your g mail ak. >> some great advances using neuronetwork technology using thousands of computers altogether to process and understand what it mean autos it's designed to make checking a flight time instant. working on any device as long
7:36 pm
as you're logged in. >> when is my dinner reservation? >> november, 9:00 p.m. today. >> the features will roll out over the span of a few days. some folks say they're impressed. >> if you can use data in a way making my exkbreerns better i'm for that. >> and tech crunch writer says it's functional. >> you're going to be able to ask all sorts of questions and feel like you're in skif eye. >> it is different from sir i.. >> google doesn't want that. >> trying to be your assistant to get things done for you quickly. >> we know what happens a computer becomes too human. >> in san francisco, abc 7
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news. >> that is like star trek. >> coming up next the end of an era. a man doesn't like it yes. a self described high tech nut turns if you're like me, you've been working you've been working like a dog all year. but you don't need to camp out 'til labor day to reward yourself! mattress discounters' labor day sale is on now! rest those tired bones on a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress
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zrou a fair rit product suddenly no longer made? it can be a hard break. >> it can. >> it's going the way he wants it back. so he came to michael finney for help. >> this viewer loves computers and loves technology. but also loves relaxing with a magazine. now that is not an option. ron herman is at home in silicon valley. he works on computers all day and reads about computers at night. >> what new toys they're coming out with. >> he's lie ree lied on this publication, pc world magazine. he enjoys it because he likes to get away from computers when he reads about them.
7:41 pm
>> here is a screen, six, eight hours a day. >> now, ron can't do that anymore. this notice just appeared on the august edition saying this is the last print issue of the magazine. after 30 years pc world will be offered only online. >> it was unfair we had a contract. i paid them in advance for subscription 12 print issue autos ron admits it's only natural to go digital. still he was upset pc world dumped the magazine without warning and switched everyone to online he digs there are times and places where you don't want to have hardware. you're not going take it to the pool. >> we're going to see fewer magazines. >> numy wilson is a journalism professor and says more publications goring online
7:42 pm
only because is expensive and ads, fewer. news week printed it's last edition after 80 years. and pc magazine sim tloor pc world did away in 2009. >> i think we're going see content by news week and others and going to see them m different fompls. >> pc world says print was noing oner financially viable but we think advantages of features in digital will be a hit with readers. ron says he'll just miss clipping pages and reading on the beach he never had to worry about running out of batteries do we adjust?
7:43 pm
>> pc world reader who's don't want to go online have until august 21 to get a refund. the publisher tells us at this point 8% have cancelled and 91% switched over to online. ron says he doesn't lost idea of pleasure reading on the computer. >> thank you. >> sure. >> still to come possible break through that could make it easier
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you've heard yourself going through life foggy. you've probably gone to the doctor and found a diagnosis can be tricky. a new test might provide definite answers. >> is there any place that doesn't hurt. >> nearly all of the points on
7:47 pm
blanca's armses tender. it's one of the ways doctor diagnose fineboro myal is gentleman. >> i cry for everything. i was in pain all the time. >> on average it takes three to five years to get a diagnosis. >> and soy was getting depressed because i didn't get anything accomplished. >> people shouldn't be looked as as if they're hysterical. >> this doctor developed what he says is the very first blood test to diagnose the disease. in the lab measuring blood markers, white blood cells produce numerous prot yeenz but when you have fibromyalgia, research shows less production. >> they were not producing these proteins in normal
7:48 pm
quantities. >> in a study the test was positive in 93% of the cases. gillis says a lack of the protein suppresses the immune system. >> it plays a role in why the person might have depression or develop extreme pain anywhere they're touched. why they have terrible fatigue. >> another doctor told her she might have fibromyalgia. for this story, they covered the cost of the test. >> only proof of what i have is how i feel. i don't have anything that tells me yes. you have this. >> other doctors say the test won't tell them anymore than a physical exam. and point out protein markers may be found in people with other conditions.
7:49 pm
the doctor's test costs $744 but isn't covered by insurance. >> there is controversy but have you to understand that there are those who have been benefiting from patients who have been earning thousands of dollars and here is this test says we don't have to spend that money. >> one week later she received results. the test was positive. >> i can just have proof. and maybe, after this test, you know there is a treatment. >> carolyn johnson abc 7 news. >> you'll find links to more information on this test and how it work autos jand patel is back. >> yes. summer warmth going to stick around. coastal spots with fog around
7:50 pm
will be held down. so 63 tomorrow afternoon. 68 san francisco. oakland, 77. summer spread continues friday but will be cooler into your aecrz upper 80s and 60s coast. temperatures rebounding by a few degrees. thank you very much. >> a little capper -- kaepernicking. >> look at that. >> not here. >> in other places. >> the latest magazine featuring the 49ers quarterback and his thoughts on faci
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[ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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good evening, colon kaepernick is everywhere. now appearing on the cover of gq image skeechblt you know it's funny he seems to forget
7:54 pm
his shirt. when he's taking these pictures. he just, oh, my abs. yeah. for his real job they'll northbound kansas city friday. he's facing alex smith.÷y#& >> alex is someone that helped me understand how we wanted to do it. so i mean i won't be as for without him. >> personally a great guy. a class act. he's always put the team first. >> the nfl taking an unusual approach in dealing with players using growth hormone. the league going to give out hgh. reports say the nfl wants to give dozens of former players hgh to determine it's impact
7:55 pm
under the plan 75 would would get hgh, 25 would get a placebo. it helps cells reproduce. here is reaction from a pair of x 49ers. >> the search for information everyone is educated and moving forward that better decision can be made. >> we need to level the playing field so if you've got talent and willing to work hard, you go out there and that way there is no second guessing. >> tom brady limped off left field after spraining his knee, the knee he had surgery on five years ago. he had one of the offensive linemen land on his knee. with giants out of the playoff
7:56 pm
chase it's all about next season so every tim lincecum start has potential to influence what uniform, and what he's going to be paid. sunsetting over washington monument. second inning a pitch up in the zone crushing it. it's 17th of the season. when timmy is up in the zone bad things happen. wild pitch scoring giants the giants rallied late. the a's will host astros tonight. was it fair or foul is in the game came down to this swing of the bat. he thought it's a home run. umps said no.
7:57 pm
marty riley tweeted mean aloha means you're a homer. dan said it, too. he's a homer also, marty. fair, kind of ticks off the foul play f you have an opinion, tweet me. his teammates playing in harlem. putting on a show. baysmore throwing down here with authority. base baismore with a dri. he misses. some giving him a hard time. not a lot of defense played there.
7:58 pm
but good time to be a warriors fan. >> thank you. >> tonight at 9:00 cable 13 coming up buzz kill. the blame may lie with a gardener. then facebook trying to gain a new audience. the target, how it could change the social media web site. that is coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us, follow us on facebook. fema narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head
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