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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  July 20, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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next at 6:00, a look at the live response from the mayor who tried to address a ralliy oakland. we'll hear from a guy verts -- diverse crowd, and the father of a missing toddler is trying to stay positive while searching for his young daughter. >> we have to roll up our sleeves and continue to fight. >> a call to actionful the family of trayvon martin wants to change the justice system. their teenage son was killed despite being unarmed. today thousands across the nation rallied against the
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verdict and callede from florida to chicago, new york to atlanta, and here in the bay area. we begin our team coverage with the john alston who is live from oakland with a look at the rally. >> a short time ago a few bicyclist took off. but about 200 or so demonstrators gathered in front of the federal building in downtown oakland for a peaceful and passionate rally, condemning the acquittal of george zimmerman in the shooting of trayvon martin. one of about 100 nationwide rallies organized by rev revved al sharpton, the protesters demanding the federal government file. civil rights charges against george zimmerman. >> we know -- african-americans -- goes a state of mind of racial
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perception of african-americans. and so the justice department has to look at that question. >> let's all honor what barack obama said. whether you're -- >> the mayor tried to address the crowd, praising president obama's speech on race, but she was heckled and intoed. unlike protests when oakland police admit they were unprepared and vandals smashed windows and injured people, this time there were many officers quietly watching the event, which went from noon until 3:00 this afternoon. there were in arrests, peaceful. no damage. there's a candlelight vigil at 7:30 tonight at lake merritt. >> as a precaution, several businesses kept their windows boared up in downtown oakland. bank of america and california bank and trust both kept plywood in place. the tribune building installed security cameras and lighting. >> across the bay in san francisco supporters of trayvon
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martin rallied peacefully. >> passionate but peaceful protesters rallied in front of san francisco's federal building against george george george ges acquittal. >> a real attack and neglect of young black children in this country. >> one day after president obama spoke very openly, saying trayvon martin could have been him, this group wants the conversation to continue. >> it is gratifying that mr. obama again is asking us not only to just talk about it, but do something about racism. and that guess for not just the nation, but san francisco. >> san francisco police were nearby, prepared for crowds and violence that never came. these trayvon martin support officers all ages and races
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joined thousands across at the country demanding the department of justice file criminal civil rights charges against george zimmerman. >> let's move forward now, to assure that we have justice, certainly for young black men. i have a son who is 33. i never had to worry about him being killed. when he was on his way to a store. you know? >> you're near crying. >> i am. it's hit me on a very deep level. i think because i am a mom. >> i fear for myself because i'm a youth just like him, black youth, so could easily happen to me just as it happened to him. >> in san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: to get developing or breaking updates on bay area rallies, check out our smartphone app on the web site at abc7 you can find the download link at the top of the payment. >> a san francisco man with a
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wayne for stealing a car is in jail tonight on charges of stealing an ac transit bus. authorities say 29-year-old justin moss stole the bus friday morning. chp tracked the bus using gps. a woman shot this cell phone video when the bus hit strips deployed by officers nearby oakdale. a transit agency spokesman says moss appears to have knowledge of buses and how to operate them. >> the parents of missing 21-month-old daphne webb of oakland are handing out fliers in the area where she was last seen. their baby daughter has been missing for ten days. >> i just want to find my baby. walk around here, by myself, like i been doing, trying to find her. >> family members and supporters pitched in to distribute the flyers. according to witnesses an with g
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daphne's description the day she def appeared. investigators have not revealed whether they have any clues. >> a body found in a car today has been confirmed as that of a missing orinda woman. mary garvey last spoke to her family thursday when she said she was going to a church memorial service. today a passerby saw a car in a ravine and notified police. officers saw the body, notified family members. police say garvey for some reason drove off the road and died in the accident. >> tonight the oakland police department is being accused of not protecting whistle-blowers. the san francisco chronicle is reporting a court-appoint edmond terzis the department is failing to protect officers who report internal wrongdoings, the accusation is in a report to a federal judge. experts say a code of silence is encouraged when who isle blowers are not protected. >> a burning car caused a grass
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fire along 580 in livermore today, happened near grant line road this afternoon. it spread to the field on the eastbound lanes. crews shut down traffic while they worked to put it out. fire burned 23 acres. the lanes are now back open. still to come at 6:00, we'll tell you why more california teens are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on the state's farms. why the giants are having such a hard time keeping away winged intruders from at&t park. >> it's come -- comic-con time. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. it was hot again inland today, but good news is, cooling will take place next week. we'll take a look at
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>> ama: next month 100,000 californians will have their federal unemployment benefits cut back by ten weeks. that's because the unemployment rate fell to .5% in june. federal funding is automatically reduced when the average is less than 9% over three straight months. june was the third among.
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ng unemployment will be limed to 63 weeks instead of 73. >> when you think of summer jobs for teensed and college students things like waiter, camp council, might come toman. now you can add farm hand to the list. a group of baseball players put their skills from the diamond to use, fills bins of water mel lops. >> definitely helps. going to help infielders taking a ground ball. >> used to think, just a minimum wage job, but everybody works hard for their money and you have to earn the respect, and just come every day and work as hard as you can. >> now at it's my money i don't spend it all over the place like it was my parents' money. >> patients are probably glad to hear this. they'll pick 7,000 boundaries water legal -- water mellons. >> a young bear cub had to be rescued from a tree in the
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sierra. >> and leigh glaser has the forecast up next. >> coming up in sports, it was almost like match play today at the british open as tiger woods and lee
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>> ama: the giants and their fans hope the team come up with a way to shu sea gulls away from the stadium. wildlife expects point out the ballpark is a bountiful buffet thanks to food dropped by fans, and the lights might attract the birds. it's illegal to shoot the birds and bringing a falconer in might be a bit gruesome. >> an abandoned bear cub has been rescued from a tree near charlie. charlie was hit by a car two weeks ago.
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his mother left him behind because he couldn't keep up. wildlife officials found charlie, malnourished, clinging to a tree. yesterday he underwent surgery, is now in a cast. charlie will be treated by a group called the bear league until he can be released. >> dozens of people packed the lawn at the griffin observatory to wave to space today because they were taking a snapshot of earth. it was snapped while orbiting saturn. it's up like -- unlikely anybody would be seen. >> the world's largest comic back and convention is underway in san diego. more than 100,000 people are expected. many wearing costumes of their favorite superheroes or tv
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characters. e' big news. man of steel director zach snyder said his next superman movie will include batman, and fans of "response upon a time" will see a familiar disney character, the little mermaid. >> listeners enjoyed a trip down memory lane in berkeley today. at kre. ben torres explained why radios still tract his -- attract listeners. >> people who love radio really love radio, and it's not just the old-timers. there are several generations here, and the think they have in common, they have a real bond with radio, the way they don't have with other media. despite the changes in radio, it's still very important to them. it's very special to them. >> today's fundraiser for the
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california historical radio society include an auction of radios and other electronic gadgets. >> time to turn to the weather which is toasty. >> leigh: you're exactly right. although inland locations today, near 100 degrees, but right near the coast and near the bay, boy, actually had a little cooling, and you can see why. live doppler 7hd showing you the low clouds and fog that pretty much just hug the coast today, and some of that marine influence really dropped temperatures, some locations down as much as two to four degrees and look the coast, temperatures down three degrees today. you can see how the area of fog is already starting to make its way over the golden gate bridge. but i do want to take your attention, incline village, heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightning strikes in that area of northern tahoe, also reported in activity from this cell earlier. this afternoon. and that has since push on
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towards the east. reno reporting a little bit of lightning as well today. here back home, our highs range from 99 in antioch, 94 in livermore, 103 in ukiah. the airport reported in ukiah 107. 106 in clear lake. compare that to a very comfortable 78 in sa 61 the high in half moon bay. san jose, 83. san jose right now still enjoying some blue sky. current temperatures, 76. san francisco, because of the fog, 59 right now. 54 in half moon bay. 55 in santa cruz. that's the golden gate bridge, also reports of a lot of mist and drizzle, and that will be on the increase overnight tonight. santa rosa, 75. 81, novato. livermore, still warm, 88. here's the chance for blue sky over san francisco, fog and drizzle overnight. warm to hot inland tomorrow, and then after that, temperatures
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will start to cool, especially as we get into monday and tuesday. overnight lows tonight, the warmest locations, antioch and oakley, generally mid-to-low 60s. the rest of us will be in the 50s with the fog and drizzle on the increase near the coast. we have been under the influence of high pressure, this bubble of hot air. tomorrow shifts a little towards the east. that will allow cooling inland and also allow this area of cooler air to move in as we head into the first part of next week. so inland temperatures slightly cooler. big cooldown monday and tuesday. tonight we'll look for the fog, 11:00, 12:00, in through the 8:00 hour tomorrow morning, to penetrate inland, and then it will burn back to just near the bay and the coast. we'll look for a little bit more cooler weather there. and a.i.d.s. walk, starts at 10:30. it will be cool. low clouds and mist and dries school then clear things up, low
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60s. sunday, fremont, 77. 76, palo alto, san rafael, 75. vallejo, 77. a look ahead to the accuweather seven day forecast, you'll notice that monday and tuesday, much cooler temperatures inland, in the mid-80s. 50s at the coast and then warm things up as we head into thursday and friday. back into the 90s. follow us on twitter for the forecast, "spare the air", and power outage info. >> ama: thank you, leigh. >> ama: rick is in for shu, and tiger is going to have a tough go to win this thing. >> he is in the hunt. right there but he hasn't won major in five years. for tiger woods to win his fourth british open tomorrow he
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has to come from behind, something he has never done in a major when trailing after 54 holes. let's go out to scotland. at&t park not the only place with a seagull problem. jiminez lead balloons to 77. tied for 11th. six strokes back. adam scott, 1-under 70. he is even for the tournament, lee shots back. >> lee westwood got off to a fast start. this game him the early outright lead. hunter mahan tied for best round of the day with a 68 from the fringe on 17. knocks it in. just two off the pace. tiger shot 572. -- shot a 72. he had a chance to take the outright lead with this putt, but no. tiger bogeyed it while westwood made his birdie, opening up a two-stroke lead. so after three rounds, westwood on top at 3-under, tomorrow,
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paired will mahan and then tiger and scott, and then zach johnson ryan moore, and angel cabrera round out the top five. >> i know what it takes to win one. and it's just a case of going out there tomorrow, and having confidence in the game, which i've got, and putting it to the test. >> i've been in this position before. i've been in that hunt and had that mix, and i'm in it again. hopefully i can play will and win the tournament. >> michael kim came up short losing in the 36 hole final of the u.s. amateur public links. he was beaten by new york state's golfer. the win temporary divisionally receives a spot in the masters. >> celebrity golf and football at lake tahoe. john elway goes long. scores. just like shu. hockey was his game. roanoke is a pretty good golfer as well. led for much of the day and now
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tied for second. his partner is steph curry. curry lead the tournament with 47 points. he was asked if this was his best round ever. >> considering the circumstances, definitely. putting back-to-back holes together and making some putts. definitely. with the gallery and the atmosphere. >> the giants and a's just underway. san francisco hosting arizona and oakland plays the angels in anaheim. >> the yankees in fenway park. 1-0 new york. the yankees added three more in the seventh. lyle overbay with the long single off the bottom of the green monster. suzuki scores to make it 4-0. the red sox try to rally but mariano rivera comes on to get the save. yankees win 5-2. the boston still has the league's best record at 59-40.
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>> well, are you ready for some football? rookies reported yesterday to 49er training camp at santa clara and veterans are due on wednesday. despite the injury to michael crabtree san francisco is the odd on favorite to win the 2014 super bowl. colin kaepernick is not just popular here in the bay area. his jersey was the nfl's top seller, russell wilson, seattle, was second, followed by blake rt griffin iii. >> the tour de france, the last day. the trek through the alps won by the -- barring any major accident, from should capture the tour de france. bradley wiggins won the event last year. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> ama: coming up next at 6:00.
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we'll tell you how google
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>> tonight9:00, i'll tell you what caused a large sinkhole that forced evacuations in southern california. at 11:00, new information about the tainted meatballs left across san francisco that killed at least one dog.
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the new reward offered for information. coming up at 9:00 and 11:00. >> a self-described gadget enthusiast believes the new wearable google glass computer could help people battling autism. he suffers froes aspergers syndrome. he won an essay contest to be one of the 8,000 people google chose to test the prototype. the glasses record sights and sounds. things that can help people with autism who find themselves disconnected from their memories. >> that's it for us at 6:00. i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us.
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