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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  May 4, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc right now investigators are trying to find out what caused an explosion at a bus yard in emeryville. >> the blast shutdown streets for hours. i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. the ac transit bus yard at 45th and san pablo, secondary school cancelled classes and sent students home >> reporter: this happened at 7:45 this morning many one of the hydrogen tanks at the ac transit yard began leaking. we have good video. initially, there were reports of a fireball, but emeryville police say they found the tank
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leaking. great because it is highly combustible. let's show you ground shots. firefighters and haz-mat crews from emeryville and oakland responded. they closed the feeder line to that tank and they let it meaning the hydrogen tank burn off, i mean they allowed it to vent. >> there was a loud pop. possibly an explosion and one of the hydrogen tanks at the fueling station of ac transit began leaking hydrogen. currently, the valves have been turned off to the tank. what is remaining in the tank is currently venting. >> reporter: several blocks from 40th to 45th streets to san pablo and hollis were closed. some have since reopened. police ordered the evacuation of a number of businesses. a lot of people were waiting on the streets. the biggest employer here is pixar, their headquarters are
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near to the ac transit yard. 10 a.m., the employees were told to go home. here's what a few had to say. >> walked down went to my office, in there for about 5 to 10 minutes then they came pounding on the door and said we lead to evacuate. i didn't get much work done. >> when he evacuated and left things in the office. hopefully we will be able to get our stuff and go home. >> reporter: when this was first happening, at 7:45 the kids from the secondary school began arriving and what the school did was told all the kids to go to the field behind the school. parents were notified and told to pick 'em up. right now crews are allowing that hydrogen tank to empty out. of course, an investigation will follow. live in emeryville, leann melendez, abc7 news. in san jose don't be
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surprised if you see a large police presence for this weekend's cinco de mayo celebrations. the department is staffing up, starting today, hoping to head off potential problems in light of rash of recent gang violence. >> reporter: san jose police getting ready for the cinco de mayo weekend expecting huge crowds in downtown san jose. it is among the crowd more police officers there to make sure the party is a safe party and nothing but a party. a manager is making sure there's a big supply of special orange sauce in anticipation of the big crowds. here big crowds mean big business. not big trouble. >> i trust in the police they are going to a magnificent job. i think everything is going to be controlled. the last couple of years they've been okay.
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i'm not concerned. >> reporter: san jose police think she is right. they say just for cinco de mayo there's extra staffing and planning. "police have a motor vehicle and pedestrian diversion plan in place. that plan will own be implemented if the situation warrants such as vehicular gridlock for pedestrians creating an unsafe situation or disturbance." police base tear approach on previous celebrations like this one in 2006 where 56 people were arrested. there were more problems in 2008. the city cancelled the parade and festival in 2010. it is not just the past, there have been five gang-related killings in san jose this year most recently last friday when 14-year-old heriberto reyes was beaten by gang members he died from those injuries monday. the mercury news reports the mayor's gang pro tension task force is -- gang prevention
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task force is working behind the scenes to calm tensions. >> probably not because i'm pregnant this year. >> reporter: next year? >> maybe. [ laughing ] >> reporter: downtown san jose and towards the eastside represented by a councilman who tells me he doesn't expect any trouble this year. san jose has proven over the past several years it knows how to party sail. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. -- the university of california has just released a report recommending 50 changes in the way officials handle civil disobedience on campus the report was put together in response to clashes between campus police and students during occupy protests last november. the report makes rebel s in nine areas. they include -- recommendations in nine areas including rebel -- better communication between
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protesters, administration and police. training police in how to better respond to civil disobedience. limiting the use of force against protesters whenever possible that report is open to the public comment for the next three weeks. if you would like to read it we have a link on see it on tv. new snapshot at the economy, not great news for job seekers or president obama. in april employers added 115,000 jobs, below expectations for this time of year. the jobless rate dropped by only 1% or .1% to 8.1%. >> reporter: the numbers are being interpreted ditchly by republicans and democrats. the president -- differently by republicans and democrats. the president is putting a positive spin on the report. his number one opponent calls it poepbgt. the numbers were lower than analysts expected the unemployment rate ticked didn't a hair experts say
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because thousands stopped looking for jobs. despite the seemingly bad news president obama used the numbers to rally high school students in virginia this morning. >> the president: after the worst economic crisis since the great depression our businesses have created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the last 26 months. >> reporter: presumptive republican presidential nominee, mitt romney spun the data in the opposite direction. >> it hasn't gotten better at the rate of speed they've been told it was going to get better if part because the obama policies didn't work. >> reporter: one expert is in romney's corner. >> these are not good numbers. 115,000 jobs, you need twice that to actually be adding real workers to this economy. >> reporter: president obama acknowledges too many people are still out of work. he says that's why congress needs to get to work. >> the president: my message to congress is going to be just say no to ideas that will create new jobs not an option.
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>> reporter: stocks took a hit after the jobs report came out. you are looking live at the big board you can see still down more than 160 points. the city of oakland celebrates its 160th birthday today. festivities get underway less than a half hour from now. the model of city hall was vandalized when occupy protesters broke foot building in january. a cake-cutting ceremony and concert will mark the occasion. police are welcoming the community inside their department headquarters in a first ever open house tonight. visitors will get the chance to meet chief jordan and other officers. it will be held at the police administration building on 7th street starting at 5 p.m.. still ahead, a look back after a rap pioneer passes away. hoping to make something good out of something bad the family of legendary football
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player junior seau hopes to do in hopes of unraveling the mystery of his suicide.
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rapper and musician of the beastie boys has died he co-fonded the beastie boys --
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he co-founded the beastie boys in 1979 he had been if treatment for cancer. -- been in treatment for cancer. he was 47. >> the family of former nfl star junior seau will donate his brain for research into repetitive head injuries. the chaplain for the chargers says the family made that decision to allow for the possibility of helping others. he added the family was not speculating as to whether concussions were a factor in his suicide. family members and friends say they weren't aware of any issues that may have lead to his suicide wednesday. no note was found. in santa clara, 49er coach harbaugh headlined a breakfast of champions event today that will benefit the only cause he supports outside his sports
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world. amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: his audience is usual fully a locker room. coach harbaugh made it clear to this audience he doesn't usually do this. >> i support no cause foreign nor domestic, other than the greatness of the san francisco 49ers or whatever football team that i'm playing for or coaching on. i gotta admit, except this cause, except this one right here itch >> reporter: this one is job train. a nonprofit that provides job training -- job training and career placement for free. programs range from computer classes to training in construction work. robinson says there is no waco afford this type of education. >> i'm going to take it to the bank. maybe in the long run own my own company. actually give back like they
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gave to me it >> reporter: job trainer ofed 8,000 last year and placed 76 -- placed 76% into jobs. the coach showed the crowd those are jobs to be proud of. >> i wanted to share this with you. [ laughing ] >> i got nothing against the white collar people out there. i got nothing against the white collar jobs. at the 49ers we prefer to be blue collar, we want to do the hard work. we want to fix things. >> reporter: the executive director of job train was so pleased with coach harbaugh as keynote speaker she has already invited him to come back next year. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. looking cool. all sunny san jose the clouds have gone away. need sunscreen this weekend it is going to be a warm one. we'll talk about when breezes
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big news in the fashion world. vogue magazine promoting health i images of women banning the use of models under 16 or those who appear to have an eating disorder and urging designers to stop sending small samples. vogue executives say they are trying to show a more healthier represent tails of women's bodies and good health is bull. weekend is here. -- -- looking to the west from emeryville this morning, alcatraz, treasure island, yerba buena towards the golden gate, let's talk about
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temperatures, we are already 61 in santa rosa, fairfield, los gatos, 60 concord and napa, mid to upper 50s elsewhere around the monterey bay and inland upper 50s low 60s. breezy today, clouds are fading most of them gone except for puffy cumulus clouds may hang around for a couple of hours. warm weekend, everywhere in the afternoon. today jump of 10° in santa rosa, 70, six degrees concord, oakland goes up four. san francisco loses a few degrees down to 61, three degrees cooler than yesterday. mid throughout the bay shore upper 60s to low 70s inland. winds over the ocean and bay water, gale warnings there same around the monterey bay.
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58° here's a look at what is going to happen tonight, 39 napa, 41 santa rosa, everybody else in the mid to upper 40s, 5 to 10° cooler tomorrow morning than it was this morning. it is going to get dark tonight as you can see high pressure behind this cold front going to bring us a long period of warmer than average weather especially away from the coast. high pressure building over the land, the offshore wind going to start the warming trend tomorrow. you can see we'll jump four to six degrees tomorrow, another four sunday, a couple more degrees monday. monday mid 80s around our inland neighborhoods, low 80s around the bay.
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low to mid 70s at the coast. sierra a lot of sun in the low 60s at tahoe, 70s around yosemite. fantastic. thank you very much. this weekend hundreds of mothers will be marching in san leandro to take a stand against violence this is video of last year's mother's day march. the founder of 1,000 mothers to prevent violence lost two sons to gun violence at the same time. i will be emceeing that march at the san leandro marina, registration at 9 a.m., just $20, the money will help provide counseling. want to visit dozens of bay area museums for free? redwood city announced if you get a library card you can reserve your museum tickets online and print them out for
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free. tech museum, california academy of sciences, oakland museum of california, lawrence hall of science and bay area discovery museum. we have more coming up. >> friday's perfect pet. >> mike will introduce us to sue. 
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>> we want to meet your mom. go to facebook, up load your family pictures and tell us why you are lucky to have your mother. >> you would be lucky to have a perfect pet today. a couple new friends. >> a couple, krista nice to see you. >> thank you. >> you brought sue with you. >> sue is a chihuahua-mix she is swrut a little over a year old. she gets along well with other dogs, i think she would make a good family pet. >> kids, age range, any issues? >> with chihuahuas we recommend the kids are very careful because they can be fragile probably overfour, five. >> that's good to know. you have a lot of wawas tell us about the big event -- you have a lot of chihuahuas, tell us about the big event this month.
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>> we do we have special adoption fees as well as spay and neuter discounts at the east bay spca in oakland. >> if you want more information call: nice seeing you, thank you. >> thank you. so cute. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a great day!
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