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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  December 6, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>>g. the fight over same s in california. issue shouldges overoter appro in the name of r ban in the n
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>> c >>repoth sidesositionnstrated e today's hea theth circu appe in san franci. insiden 2 key . who has the standing to in this constitutional on surrounding . mor from ler>>e allamiliarthe plaintif overp. ate is in the hands of this 3 juappeal courth must decido uphold a distuling th 2008 on same s stitutiona-. to decideonsors to a case. since thestatesdecidedt to. er s an tion or an
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anythigesting th eral shouldear and app >> your we didn'.>>reporter: t also seal of an evide bycounty to interv at least one bout havin no one todefind prop >>he state doesn't itit is t inl e also reviewing e whether itolatesstitutiona right of g and lesbian. prrginalpped 1 lesbian access the supr f the united satedly charactethe most import in lifemost important life >> is whethe ofmarriage, thatomentous issuene the people themselves to resol through democratics. : lawyers sides of the case w
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ant to june butplaintiffay they are l. ery thoughtf in theng of thewyers.>> tha turning pointthink thatking 30 yearswe to wonder why was this n >> we b t people of goodwill n faith on t >> are praisinhe pace of legal proceedingough no ta for this s thouase could mak wa to the court by 20 inm the newsroom,carolyn tyle news. >>r schwarzenegg declared fiscal for californause dollar defic. is asking lawmakers to mee in a s session. and he'soposingtic cuts socialrection
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teps a new initia to pr local gnds ascap tondent annett reacramento, all of d the same day nlemnly swear>>reporter: not th crop od l were. >> the day iclaring amergency. >>reportsked them tohold a specialto dealwith theateiondollar def. eess thanonth before leaves offi, th lrnor thinks his respon to unthe very >> i took th to serve as executi until janu i will the peopl o californiauntil the second. >>repon isoposing abo 10 bidollars in s. near and a half billthat in cuts and a that in to the lfareprogram known as c work
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jup vision coverr omhealth mitescriptiontor visit for peopledi-cal. many ms mean thenation of subsidizedchildarn a r getob trainin. en broke ars. >> forget abouthe people hurtine family that ting. i him. >>at wh l the legtty much going to ig his while they wil spendis o te will l >>litys gone 30 days. e have a new govern c fo king withrnor >>reporter arned govern have littlechoice but to pro as well. >> matt how you at it will find mor money. ther nooney. er: ee elown takesnuary 3rders have 35 days froay toacthe fiscal ethey don't
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theynot work onanything bu. in sacramab. times and tough on inion. of californon today c sweeping reform to budg. amongtions itkes are increasi numbe outate students why three times in s es andowudents in some toaduate in 4. saving un and udents. nth afterpipelinesastern bruno victims are still f financial y have not rece and sizable re se up aften and eatherplains what isnglong. >>35noamily who verything in spenewhere this year and g many arendering why won't release
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llars w donationsended the . green tag ho is 550 feet frthelosion. o fight insura t r trated waityandling ldn't be involvedwiththat's bureaucracy not theirithkle that donate money wanted to goimmediately di to thele that sno money yet people are getti about it >> sintober councilwomo'connell has ng the . she says they did to to the money wai instead s pg&e a insu woulover. and there isn of how divided g different k s. >>ings i think the community ave had people talk memorial.porter: and s who ight now. are they insome kind of hey need cash at
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hand>> focus is. on tryingget through ever day because t i theiromes. r meantallymes. their me sothey have to to it b the city c i have aouple hundr dollar >>repothe bakery owner sbandaised 3000 dollarsndave it to theim fund. shes d mo yet >> i hyoran right thin >>reporters abc 7 news >>repois abc 7 con yout was 46 counts of chil molest53-year-ol thom did not enter pl at the ar be they toleharges wel was ar fohild pornographion charge inveifiedf s they sa a boy and 15 yearsofge. jewel is being ly 6 milli
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3 people who tortur atracey teenage wil each spen 30 yearse inrison michaelly and boegal guardian edg in o more than hargesteenager escapedg beat starved and burne for morethan to a fitness cen blee andpad to hiskle. theseures r days ago the firsttime. suspecundt month and no li spitetion democr obama i call for withrepublicans tax cuts. fram callstax ruts all am incl tt and as j reports l and as johnreports, it'g well with some dems. >> pre and leaders s 11th hou on taxts.
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>> f thisbipartisan thin he deal extends tax cut forone e years. i other itwas pu for. unemits for months r9 mill 1 tax c for from 6.2% to 4.2% 120dollarsh. s working am keep an adof thefirst 10600 dollars of their incomelowing businesses deduct 100nt of investment exten cr follegeen and earnedometax creditcrat thident simply c >> i think awondering why pt fight for whatlieves in a lot more. s like it go from zero to foldime.reporter: thesident answeredcritics.'m not will leting co b collateralge for politic warfare washington.
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>>reportnt obama iginally told voter t on ire than 250,000 dollars shouldase. we wi take tho breaks from the weaamerican and p in thecket of hardorkings. rter: now thaen. at least not for tw years. on t m democrus over surprisen the estate t republican sayingaven't agreed the dealnot yet clear t has the votes to pass it is of washi news of washingtonnews. ipped to the b ap newsjor staff shortage at thand pd. depart notalways cover the r patrol er the routinepatrols. plus thepass make over.>> and your side. worst cell p provid i spe chri weather fore ce. spring rain the corner. det
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accu-weat coming accuecast coming >> aou thoughthit the jackpo atrokenan now get a ticket. s :
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g fire destr vaant early th morning in wal creek. damage estimn good news n ities say ther is evidence the buildin was ed ess squat by homelesss. it had b ee. of the uninvestiga>> in oakladepartment short on nel that it can always coveome of the patrs. laura more on staff crne. in 2008 the oak poli declared itselfy staffed
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and swear newicers. bringing numb t8. believe our nu is 6 68 officers. now just years later according oakl offi associat d to dangerous s dropped to lees the 80 laid off 40 have left the. where arey going. >>er police de atple are taking retirement a lot leaving earlier tha they n >>reporterumber of officers i hundreds feweran the p de >>rouscasion ahat ourpartment minim and sa nimum we shouldhave in d25n the depart of the 6 68 ninrtment, 70 are o inj. about t normal number.eally low is in the police ment. a lotolice rseel city erment th >>lity
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>>rey l icers like all empl have their part. >>r already said think they ha star t on t. er: officers yesterday pensionning in 2013 the the ice forcebusiness lea c we need per of our c the way we do t is ma a saferlace. er: really is re in sight oak give of thegorward nextear is to a 60lars. l anthony attorn broke -- br settlement in the pasto save so birds anmoreefficient. wind turbieret mocades ago and they as you imagine. they
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majoght go ration ds of year iconeagleand owl. de should ma hsalt pond is to istory tonight. 330acrenorth of thel vis b m la a few y or so. heavy re y andrt of dent to turn c salt lkinto wet consume. rev the d the worst ce service prov th. 60,000 ubscribesers consumer report w determine es and theeyvers night with th good, michael toni good, d the ugl >> we onfidente t we have m to our nehones our plans.reporter: nt ceo confidence in the comp improvemveruck a chord w sprint
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customaccording report annual ce . >> for yeone of ted compan in our sur this saw ent izon most custo the >>t. cheap. small. . >>reer consumer r survey cellulest for custome satisfactions solidly in last place. for almostfrom supportsls to value mone myne bill is over the bi00 dollars. >>reporter: for phone no contrac a smallalled cons celles found it offers greatvalue butimit choi. ifa r selec of phones
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cons repo conside tbile ffers mo the p e nokeep mind a phone act, t a contracteport says t willost more. however monthly fe will probless. no contract erle whoke occasionals and 't surfthe web the phone e-. i'm mi 7 y sid >> great feel whe across b parkinter empt space time w. of cisco will n imposeon at broke. t you get a ti parking d s bet and 65. what ll now payceed the hour. yo th mete isat can you dot that. >>encer here the much lik we capta abouter.>> i think you will lake wha
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e in stor daytore next da so. mig rain later in the week mild. view from camera eastlookingver ing towards sa francisco cross the bayidge. mild ple evening alla evening al arealot of rai nd. at the total in the north bay particularhalf atd sain. nearly inch and thirdin san ow little in the b andter of annch and cruzn wouldot righte readings 49 los gato andredwood. rather i and 47 andlse iss right now. es will to off between o hoursrns tonight than last nigh. mild tomorrow rain esday morning. showers will taperff
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on friday radar composit s pressure b has i into thering another su d with few and this s moving i direction morn pro ay area. startast animation at5:00 o'clock wedne ain will alreveloped up inthe no may be lo front sweeps the bay area nesday eveni 8:00 or reorganized pu in overn in our iniddayurs. ect r total to b impressive norty where we see quarterh tonch a halfeninsula nothingt all tenth of an inch in tay. on w low pr. than. exactly coldee low at live.
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. mid upper 40's most location andw d day bay. sunny sk. ure in the camare on the l 65 60 60 thca and a hal manbay. downto san francisco of 62 set low 60's fouch of the nort bay butcoolerfarther up northear lake an ukiah. nearest bayl t. atlandnt and si in th inlan bay upegreestvermore. near monfind mild near montere mildes low 60d inland see 60's morgan hill, mid 60's morga gilroy aere's thecu-weathery forecast afteorrow sunnyild andalmost spring weather. rain on wednmor. drying ou frida
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and is. sunn skies. re in s the ea. ely.lready lod to the . to go. very much.there tonight utation hollywd a long dr s fi be to a >> fa start di findin >>twist on that o linee'll work for food. exp as
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1970 when we kept >>one local co lure per ee. the compan out taco at industry convention i san fran tody have option roung 1 ing jobs and say despite the econom ac tght people. >>ompeting with theter andhe face nd the google worldo gettentionve jobs too. we areand cool tech so actually ha compete.reporter: rig have afut 200 employees.>>ime you regu hea sh light tion in san neighborhood a around the. pr hahave b and nonomy. s shoot i and new meplacescause it is xpense to hat
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may ch. here's arts entertorter >> what year is >> about film goes the d about film goesance. new york an francisco her sc in actua than senti the so sons w shot film in new york e.she wantedere york eto shoot. e i have to here. thaom line. think wit economy theway todayt it is about money >>rehe says san sco has t ive. k is a realt. theyderstand how mat them industrygs your e.reporter: play. musica rent se in new yorkwas shotcisco. n years agt i oakl alamed 10 millionars inome. oakland core the past. >>adry spell fabout seven years. ested in the infornia with incentivelifornia
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with ta fitivet stillenough.porter: hat gaveack a ge of the mone roll he mayor says pa of was califog i heel butte has n dollars incentiv th year state fin says l roject costhe state los s of jobs. ther hope. allba alegacy great cla. ca for beinghollywoodorthith pixar le and to 3. pres and film home of the . things a changi part east eastwood here filmed in san fr.>> i think w make our >>report abc news >>res is abc 7. >>tinues. longest war >> are confident able
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4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network inhe world. >> good evgain. begin this half h with a headlines following tonighte breakingat is oakland. what is going on natural gas explosausedhe
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to collalf hour t half hour e hour and ago in east oakland atavenue and dow there was al f injure one man seriously d andd degree b apparentlyover percent of body. thepartmenttellslding owasnovating an thison happenedw cosion b we do know on work was underway. ver seriou. we ar this for oming s newscast and ift it and f on 7news a:00. and as i sai the other headli we areg here tonightvernorarzenegger today a because of 6 billion dollar deficitis nowcing. proposed dras the gnt to e the en to work in july welfare to w ju coverageror kids from health imit tionvisit for people on medi
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ewly elect lawmaksworn inthe state capi toda say they will ignore propos for a seal with the. port today whetheron violates c whether gatanding to m their. is expected a nths. >>president obamannouncedf bipartalhat would he bush for another two yearsill w atesss many of who don like ites not remov cuts forest americans. headlines>>o afnew news pollat finds supyous and ou over the hasopped signif while majori of afghan support governmealso finds thhe taliban d with the u.s
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charge david peoutessthe problems >> news organireceived a lett today from t to oftan. is that tr ell,y rae resrol so f establish allior leader outsidewe believe thasted theatthe n rec any areas untry not all ay the taliban is resili they are reou eaders they can co other they willekilled l not be as ey won't have theevel of experie. thisiss takeustained ialnt >> l talk about thetime line for u.s. involv hereinafte stan. wha would the wouldr significantdrawal in2011 >> welallowsition to beginty ofghan forc take on
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then we . the t is already seesition in soountry n the country,. ou'llbest exampleof state on the noccasionst think about wi afgh it's a bit diay winningworld war o conven notse see the you have. you take it. you pla theflag anome to a victory is muc complex ab than thatuires a very compre. it lookat >> wel it lacks afgh that cane and itselfis one i demonstratesyñinotenlyhiser of 2011he end of14there will b, again,a seriesof tra startingor
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like ove provinces. i se o 2005 i by the secretary o come through a a asse.nt to the report the secreta ighanistaning to be the longest campaign in the the confident ghanl be ableover, army t. >> i d confid think commander e confident can do this. i t that you tis, we this rea and how important is we t can t increa the chances prospect but a ink a thin kin hon with youandith the view didn't conveythat. abcopoulosplus with ge in
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eisraele a 14-year bo fo starti 42people and d0,000 acreof forest. po ss smokingater pipewhen ed get rid of f bre told was ran thout tellin anyone.renchurt has continen and thec guilty of hter forconcordasht killed 113 people 10 ago. udge debris droppe fromane gashed the ti into a n hotel. continent into a n says it will the >> hea n. maj hows one low dose aspirin a day significantl cut thesk ofh from sost formser. came hers were tak aspi tont hear disease.>> what w
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in 6 on averagk of dying ofeduced b 25% daily dose aspir foe death an arrayerudinghagus andstinal eof d possible side e inclu bleed stroke. andor decadesany canent's have their sad con of chemotherapy. ut nowy at sf it testogy could chang that. sciencertern e sto. >>reportert the oakland is use bay breeze trhick waivey hai eventer herdiagnosis oflting chemothe keepi has been a >>aved twins and they that i looking normal for
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is justportantthemo see a moth normalnd hasy. >>repo key the herapy drugusinghair to fall o she's to freeze h her husban unpack adevice known ae a cooler o ping her hair. first thing is tn . >>reporter: ht gel that stay soft eveld . in a littl over an er scalp w cout 31 degrees >> idea is tng d ittribingts dvery of tys to the hair fols.porter: the penguincap she managedpir throughvious round of chemoo. if th technic isve and used regularly indecade it use more widely here wellout t u doctors h safeabout the cold >> the concecancer cells in p andpy
9:40 pm
gete scam. rter: th sayse 30'se to those con the have not b tested u.s team just la a a comp t called dig cy aswedish companys a e to cool cap w wo than relying on a freezer.>>coolingcan seee temperatures >>reporter: can patient heather ezing procan cause pai ature is lowerhe wayave alw describi itickingyour in tahoe for sick >>reposhe says ite woacrifice to keep her hair. p ha writing a b the. item no the i'mate. don'tave to expl i have an. >>repo uc sf early stage ts for the who deet theiteria investin the
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pengcap ifand doctorsk theoutcomepsven to reduce h lossors believhat could less the co women have about chemotherapy >> really enormomatic their gro backt whats fascinatinmost universall women it's single over.>> i'm ghere. fight an i manyerge fromctorious vial er: this isbc 7 news >>res is abc 7. rchers at u to pan the tria they gobroaderrange cas. >>er won,000 andth sclogytition washi. lou took ace heed a
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nalysisprogram toove therstanding of organn andped a analyze geneata fiparts of the certai. he says when he gatethe iontart g college appl i expect he coming up neiest rabb and joint. whahe 3men wereay in new york that stor >> remember a mere monda night wasalways a partwe come embering o of thefirstbrity athletes. bacin a
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. about the elizabeth edwas her cancer t the adr doctors. they aeatment would be unproductiear-old was d wi breast c2004. it repoead frrds is resting in north cao pparently has just w live >> don m to hav fun. famous for the eldy he th the tha life per nd monday night football
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of borrhage at tble . lo ba >> wit hi eye andete trick off anyone earne name it was don . texas haylegend heon to be thedallas cowboyfirst big s he quit playing suddenly ate 31. soon lan i that w make himn more famou of inal mondht football hiing. ek. i haveed -- i didn'w you cared. >>repos a tv revolution. in pr timeen monday was ke a rock star with the t ch and
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andmoretertaining redith. once said howy i feel in if i r are si his . ty is over.ay that a things m en. about t is over. believe it. and tomorrow and ne the sam thing aga reporter: joh dandy do=c
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>> he called ic monk t the curse the yea half dozen restau and quickly in that locak bu some religi heavy w therefore ng nextek to start >>date the >>ght dan look back at some of todayaturesme of today hi temperatures day. umerousall the bay area and what a
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inition . is uns40 and sunsetof the yeagh is the longday ye. and we' nother time but eaf the. on we golock tomorrowrning. in the50's a60's by afternoon midday but miwe see temperattill's inst location the ther 7t andin and thursday. weekendemperatures in and sunnpencer very mu >>ike is here good day th r. yes anoth tough o >> looike theainers aren't making another c at quarterbacon. reports of smith seattle a smith that andhe coac his jus nex
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>> cht 7 newshelpful:00. hive news oakland reported hileo whether nd has sed ght down aere. aank leaves northelifornia drive through wo for tell you wha thos and more comings at 11 over is here all t and 4 re >> i youling >> i tell you channelinging ever looks lioing b to alec quarterbac jueection te attentionay
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status or sameion hebrought to the iners offens an star with a quar then they c dy are and. pas too ma to beplease i ohe coach just dean't stop anyone. p 0 t . e tack dash ng all the coach e speculation that will b >> things about ourciety toda isdy can say anythnde athen have responsibili re for. it tr true but irue on sereporter: thaan hile the chargerday in sanego. y
9:56 pm
are 4 and o in 2 b in the afc quarterbac me game like an all pro. for 25 again giving uply 81 yards week. campbell mad the bigwd to. knowingthis is his team foof the season ems hath his leadership.e came here was w everybody said w the knock t him i gu but thinke's reallyrked ated agood relatio with theteammate. that's somethin that is defenseh programpressive ev is is easespite playi withgedcondary he rivers 21 total yar cred de lin we were dotimes. buthimer 16 times
9:57 pm
i thought that wa quite you starte film the number of t that thewas gettingsqueezed around frohe side . >>right mondht a b fi pair of 9 and 2 kingats. should n a great match up. was a st the domifirst quarterurth and 3. banch . brady hitbranch. goes 17nothing t was on inhird. brady to wes won't beenied. t for 4h downs and patriollover the >> we fo nding a to new lastas runner-up gearhart. this year terback lot joined newt, james. drew threw for y andool record8 dowon may playing th game the o jan against virginia ideastanfordwl ble.
9:58 pm
ca win w and. harbauloped winning . >> didn'tas what likewin a ostently anhat's g that is going to ght we a coup being sidtake a couple year. >>reporter: a facing hot ing wingslosts alleasonks look to b san m first period. heatl nton. shelf. game at 1. then second e shark give the lead. firsthe 2 goals now 3-2. later in the second on. heast comeack. eetswardrk up a bign in d fin. fi rs rou nie weearr
9:59 pm
at the diey i florida abt yesterines defe me tth t pic caere with theck. ee th last touch un. that would bthenly about t pbut cong to th grt seasould be. >>houlbe make don repass he e announcin r the first time. h brn-foballgametselga itsf nighe than t in a pty ectlymond nigxactly. every nit.n the samee. >> tnks edition of ne at for ure thanks for wa appr time. ho toe yu ag1:00 over anne. now.


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