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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  July 29, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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immigration protes are happening right now. phoenixs trying to keep order as hundreds of people protest agains the new immigtion law. a live look at los angeles where 200 protestors have blocked a busy intersection. they locke arms and laid on the streets. so far it's been peaceful. the state of oregon is expeed to challenge the judge' ruling in the ninth court in san
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francisco. and here is a report. >> on the day the immigration law ges into effect, the governor jan brewer will ask a court to reinstate the original law. a judge stripped arizona's law of most controversial provision. >> the federal government got a brief from the court not to do those. >> the battle is far from over. >> what they argue, is gng to go t a supreme court review. >> the sheriff says nothing has changed. despite that immigrants won't have to walk around wi their papers and police aren't required to check a person's immigratn status while enforcing jobs. >> all the cop has to book them in the jail and we areoing to determine if they are here
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illegally, that is anybody. we will put a hold on them. >> that is why demonstrators continue to flood into phoenix. this group is showing support for the temporary chans to the law. >> the whole world is watching arizona and saying shame on you. >> the latino community is feeling a sense of victory is. >> during the ongoing battles. federal governmt will continue to argue that immigration policy is the federal government's responsibility, not that of the states. immigration rallies are scheduled in oakland and san francisco later today. hundreds protested yesterday in san francisco in opposition to that new arizona immigration law protestors briefly blocked traffic along sevth street outside the federal buding. 19 people. if you have video you would like
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to share of any event, upload to u report. troubling new allegations today about ongoing problems at arlington national cemetery. missouri democrat held a senate hearing that of you00 graves in the cemetery may be unproperly marked or mislabeled. the number is a massive jump from the investigators previous es magh of 211 graves. >> as a seni gornment official in charge of the cemetery i accept full responsibility for all my actions and for the actions of my team. i want to express my sincere regrets to any family who may have been caused pain. >> he served it for 19 years until he was forced out because of a scandal.
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right now dozens of san jose firefighters are working what maybe their final shift. they have been laid off because of the city's budget deficit. teresa garcia is live in san jose and the firefiter union has been trying to head this off? >> they really have, but you know, i spoke to the mayor tod and he says it's too late down to the wire. it's not o late to reinstate those men and women who are firefighters. san jose is tenth largest city in the nation but has one of the lowest staing levels. it respoed to more than 80,000 incidents last year. they try to get them in less than 8 minutes but firefighters are starting their last shift on saturday. >> san jose resident is frustrated public safety has come to the point that people may have to protect themselves.
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>> i'm just fortunate i live across the street from these guys. they are good people, some of the best americans we have. >> now 50 firefighters are being laid off at the end of this month and nearly three dozen vacant positns not getti filled because thenion and city haven't agreed on a labor contract. >> they have not been willing to give us the concessions, the amount would be somewhere close to 10% of the cost per employee in order to avoid layoffs. >> the mayor says the city is willing to reinstate the jobs if it's negotiated. they empathize with them.
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>> we don' want to put citizens at risk. our goal is to make sure that we provide safety of our residents from city limits and beyond if other cities need it. >> if they put to it public vote and they had to rai our taxes hundred llars, i could get you 10,000 signatures. >> the union is not commenting. firefighters we spoke with, residents will feel the cuts to the four stations as well as to the two ladder tucks. for example, one of the stations on the lis slated for cuts was one of the first to respond to a fatal fire last weekend. if an engine had to respond further away there could ha been more injuries. >> california public utility commission is hoing a hearing on a new policy that could make it harder for utility companies to cut off people's power when they can't afford to pay their
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utility lls. a propal is expected to be volunteered on today that would prohibit utilities to demand dpos dprits qualified low income customers. it requires companies to inform customers that they have a right to arrange a payment plan. a new report shows the congtion crisis on the bay bridge appears to be working. delays in reaching the toll plaza from near freeway ramp fell from 19 to 10 minutes in the first month of congestion pricing. the toll was raised to $6 for drivers that cross the bridge during pk commute hours. there has been an crease of had a00 riders for bart. carpoolers were required to pay 2.50 and the number of carpoolers on bay area bridges has also dropped. >> an ousted government employee fired for making racial commts
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is now taking legal action. >> look, we're trying to find a show that michelle actually watches. >> president obama talks hot topicsith lady of view. simply sitting (speaking in international language and he said unto them go ye into all of the world d preach the gospel preach the gospel ♪ every creature in the world. (applause)
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xx a former agriculture employ now says she will sue a blogger that posted a video
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online to make it appear they shoe was making racial remarks. shirley sherrod made the announcement. the edited video poed by andrew b. led to her resignation. she was actually talking about racial conciliion. president obama called for an apology. she has been offered a new job but she is still considering whether or not to take it. >> president obama challenged civil rights organizations and teachers unions that have criticized his education policies. he told members of the urban league that minority students have the most to gain from overhauling the schools. he defended his race to the top program that regards grants to states for innovative educaon reforms. >> we won't see results overnight. it may take a decade for these changeto pay off.
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that is not a reason not to make them. it's a reason to start mang them right now, to feel a sense of urgency. the fierce urgency of now. >> urban leaders have been vocal critics to the initiati. so is the amerin federation of teachers now, after that speech, president made history simply by appearing on the view. it's the first time a sitting president has ever appeared on a day time talk show and he answer a wide range of questions. emily scidt reports. >> this is something that has never happenedefore, a commander in chief on a daytime tv talk show. >> its departure from traditional press coverage. he hasn't held a prime time press corage for more than a year. he blamed the media for the resignion of shirley sherrod.
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he admitted the administration was at fau. >> a lot of people overreacd including people in my administration. >> he al talked about vacationing with the family and he talked about the flip side. >> well, where do i begin here. country is under a tough stretch since i took office. the oil spill, we've had two wars but you think th american people have gone through. >> he put his faith in economic turnaround. >> the reason i seem calm all the time, even if sometimes we're going throug turbulence, i try to take the long view. >> critics say the message may not resonate as planned. >> the say enough about me, now about you. i don't think it's going to play well. >> but it's gives him an opportunity to go beyond politics. >> and then you tweet?
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>> i don't tweet. i don't tweet on a regular basis. i think there is an official president tweet. >> he says he won't be a guest at chels clinton's wedding. he do keep his personal blackberry. >> still cloud hanging around the bay. you have flight arrival delays at sfo and it' going to slow the warming trend. we're going show you where it hits today. >> plus, park officials say they caught the bear that went on a deadly attack at yellotone. how one survivor says she got the animal to go away. and new feature of the iphone 4 that is catching the atteion of the porn industry.
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inopt monitor wildlife officialhave captured a female grizy bear at a campground near yellowstone park. they believe it's the same bear that killed a man and injured two people. officials say one bear ran through a campground. a person woke up just before the
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bear bit her on the arm. she reamed and then her survival instinct kicked in. >> something insidhe said i want to live. i just told me, play dea i went totally limp. as soon as i went limp i could feel his jaws get loose and then he let me go and he went aw. >> a frequen camper says his recove will take time but she doeslan on camping again. >> how many could go limp when a bear has got us? >> that would be difficult. >> run. >> they run faster than yo >> take a look at this, it's gray. >> an first by going outside and sh you where the cloud are, but across all of downtown san francisco, as we look northbound from south beach. as you look toward the east, you can see from the berkeley hills.
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back to mount diablo, temperaturesre warming quickly there. clouds hanging on in the north bay and to a lesser extent to the east bay shore but notice how the winds are coming out of the northwest. more indicative of a normal pattern and temperatures will start warming to normal levels. this is where the clouds are thickest. still in the 50s. low to mid-60s until you get to the east bay, especially land areas where we have upper 60s to 75 in anoch. sunshi and already 70 in gilroy. it wl be warmer inland this afternoon as the sea breeze will under cut the warminaround the bay. that will spread around the bay and give us all back to near normal highs on sunday. low pressure pushed through yesterday, it was the nice offsre wind thatught us
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sunday. the low has moved away and going to open the door for the high pressure. it will keep working its way west and eventually to the coast over the weekend. until it gets here, we'll have tempatures below average in the south bay, with low 70s around sunnyvale and milpitas. near 80 around los gatos. low to mid-70s three most of the peninsula. notice the clouds and lack of sunshine, back in the 50s for the sunset and only 60 in daly city. downtown south san francisco low to mid-60s no sunshine at beeps today. berkeley in the mid to upper 50s and around fremont relocation to mid-70s. notice how everybody is in the 80s or close to it in the east bay valleys. dublin, at 79. 80s around morgan hill gilroy. the game is this afternoon,
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12:15, first tch at at&t park, start at 62 and warm to 65 degrees. you can definite see the warmer weather moving into the central very valley. 101 in palm transition and that is warm weather that working toward us. before it gets here we'll have comfortable temperatures in the low to mid 50s. seven-day forecast, jump a few degrees tomorrow and by sunday through next we, we should be near 90 inland and mid-60s at the coast and about 80 around the bay. more like it should be we'll air is goodbye for a very cool july to all of us. >> the do you want to know about what the best restaurants ar in new orleans. facebook is tapping into the
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intelligen of more than 500 million members with new feature called facebook questions. it will eventually roll out to all users. >> the porn industry is hoping to cash in apple's iphone 4. they have set up craigslist ads looking for models that do video sex chats. in some places they ar offering a free iphone to any employee. they wou use a video conference app. the company has rejected apps that feature sexuity content. >> percussion legend is playing this weend, what's hot is next. i know. i know i need to quit this. - well, how about... - thatmokers' helpline? yeah, they can give me a an. - help me throug the rough spots. - so you're ready to.. quit? everye wants me to quit-- my doctor, my wife, the dog.
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- not good for the dog. - anyone els hm what? anyone else want youo quit? me! i want me to quit. ( rings ) - woman: smokers' helpline. oh, hi, it's me.
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today at 4:00, the thrift at thisest family in america explains how they do it and then the it on come of the puc hearing that could make it tougher fo utility companieso shut off the power when people get behind on payments and new study faced by many high school students with attention deficit hyperactivy disorde >> a popular children's book takes the sge. don sanchez has what's hot.
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♪ it cometo the bay area, piaf, love conquers all at the our rica theater. >> mrs. warren's profession at bruns amphithter. >> pete escovedo sound sensation with a free concert at plaza de caesar chavez downtown. >> the little engine sbin that could is the popular children's book classic. comes to life on stage. children's fairy land in oakland. contra costa civic theater celebrates 50 years, a reunion cast pty is saturday afternoon.
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carly ozard in bewitched bothered and bipolar at the razz room. >> mopt ri strawberry festival in watsonville. >> elvis on tour, tonight only, blu-ray of the kins performance will follow. >> looks like fun. >> from all of us, thank you for joining us. "who wts to be a millionaire" is next. have a great day. giants takeon marlins. ♪ hey, at&t u-verse tv? yeah, it's our new tv service. every y thousands of customers acro the nation are switching to at&t u-verse. [ female announcer ] visit a store today. hurry and take advantage of our summesale on u-verse tv. just $29 a month for six months. plus for a limited time, get a 30-day money-ck guarantee,
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