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tv   Today  NBC  March 8, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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comg uer yr "oday" with kathy l gifford andoda kotb live a. a. >> this is gat song by the way by chris harmony. called "work from me" work work work i love when you hav to know one word >> we could have written it. >> we probably couldn't ha. if youike a legend, we have one here with us today. sally field is joining us. she's this movie called "hello, my name is doris" where she pys a woman who i mature in age whoas the hots for him. . magic moments you will see. >> shirts being taken off. >> some of it isn her head and
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we're going to talk t her in just a bit. ranger smith is here, his debut album dropped a few days ago, skyrocketed to number one. more importantly, he's from texas. >>e is from texas and he'll make youeel good. and we're going to answer your burning questions about relationship look at our guys. >> they're so cut over there. >> and your spinach question. everything you want to know about spinach. >> you guys matchtoday. >>lus we have marina mounos in the use. she and her mom are going to shar a tradional greek recipe. by the way, i want to point out th jenna and started off a little depressed. we're in the makeup rooms and both of us are is a weird thing
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>> mindssly. >> me assistant said yo probably eat ten while you're taing. i wonde how many calories are in e. >> what's your guess? what'sour gus? say it out lo. ten? thatas mine. >> tune how many caloriesre in one of these? you're going todie. 60! i ateten. that 600 calories o vers. at a wae. >> all of her food intake in fesavers. >> iouldt believe it. >> can i say somng else. >>o ahead. that fun. i'm on clnse, i lk at my juice. morng. juic call it ou t for breakfast. say . 690.
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okay? bub here but here's the thing. jo anne -- >> four. >> no. she googled. why a y listening to ch>>it. googled . are the the big ones? 60 calories. serving size isfour. it, you know what, maybe my juice, the serng size -- >> how man calories are in e? so 15? >> 15 in one. >> that's t bad. >> drop the mike, boom. but tomorrow let's play a game where we have different foods and let's guess the caes. i don't think people really know how many calories are in -- >> you're in. >> today is a cleanse but ian eat this. >> nional pancake day. i like syru >> this i probably 690 caries, the samealories as
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>> jus put som chips on there. >> here's the point of this. i hop is giving away free pancakes from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. you get to enjoy a short stack of buttermilk paakes. for free. they ask that you lea a donation behind to benefit childr's miracle network. years of doing that and th've raised 20 million bones. >> that's awesom find an i h if your area, go to i h h pan take a hugeeud is happening. ki kardashian ver bet midler. kim k. posted a picture eled and she captioned, when you're having like i have nothingo we, lol. so anyway, that was what she posted.
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if kim wants t s s a part of her tte've never seen, she's going to have to sow the camera. and then -- that was kra mattic reading. th after a few hours respon >> with this. sorry i'm l to the pty guys, i was busy cashingy 0 miion video gam chend trsferring $53 llion to our joint accot. hey bettele i know it's pa your btime b ifou're still up and reading this, sd des. #jusid l. >> thehe ote. >> hey, ttidler i didn't want to bring up how you sent me a gift tg to be a fake friend and tn come at eja vu vu. >> we wer wondeng wt the day jarau meant.
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maybe she doesn't know what deja vu means. not to attack her. i didn' mean -- i don't want to be i feud. i've never been infeud. >> kim k.t jenna bush hager. >> i don't want to get in a feud. kim k., i'll lose. >> take a bite. ting when you're strsed lps. lar sheaid she posted that pict as motivation and she said she liked it because i made her feel thinner. >> well, it was when she was5 pounds thner. lked good. i wouldn't wan to get in a feud with k k.r bette midler. she was fierce i "beeches". >> she was radical beforeone else. she is a talent. >> speaking of talent. >> guess who's going on tour? >> dolly parton. >> herirst tour in 25 years, also going to release a new
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tog through 60 city. we'r going top she's years old. soany gat ngs. but ts sg is calle "you cat make old friends" you can't make old frids >> isn't that beautifu kenny and doy. one moretime. >> why, jus bause i srted talking. you don't care about my favorite joleen. i love dally parton that much. were doing. that little bit. "islands "islan in the stream." >> we've been wondering what happened in "the bachelor" and
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>> 26 girls get to come in, confront the baclor an a explain their behavior on the show. the first girl that had tuble on the show is this e. she's the one that on allf our dates with ben she kept saying, i'm not crazy, i'm n cy ski. theysked h about that last night. take a look at what happened. i'm aware of when iake those faces. i watch expreions now. >>he expressions and the wor crazy. >> i don't use the word crazy. >> you are crazy, crazy beautiful. i have to show you this one thing. thing. >> i need to see the tattoo. oh >>hy god.
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>> so, soul mate or should she ru aw. >> tha was hoyi that was totally -- >> i think we need better curity becau that guyot into the taping. >> hopefully it's notreal. >> i know this is a show where peop like to be seen and known. but isn't tha like the epitome. now there's auy in the already yens who's ttooing? >> let's continue. >>via was villainnn show. sheot intohe fig wit amanda because she called amanda is teen mom and said that men should run away from her becau she's got two kids. amanda confronted her about that last night. let's take a look at her apology. >> being mom is being'mo proud of. my kids are my life. iust think that the fact that you just felt so strongly that guys should be runni the other way, a lot of people would be very, vy offended by that >> if there a gui book on like how to do this showight
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would have read it and maybe i would have done bett. but there's in way of kwing thou do this. d i didn't do it right. but ilearned. and then just to amanda like, i really am sorry. >> it's okay. >> and when i apologize to yo like, it wasn't fake. it was real. >> okay. fake or real? anytng? >> well, first of all, mean i always feel bad when i see someone crying but i don't think you need a guide book to know how to be kind. >>hen ben came out. usually this is the part that was a bdood bath. that didn't happen. everybody loves this guy. if there was a bacher mount rushmore, his face would be on it. he did ask him about that he
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take a look at what he sai to them. >> two women within you're in love with them. >> yeah, i did. >>o you realize what a mess you're in? >> thanks. i don't thin life ppares you for what this kind of puts you through. you've done it every ar, you've sn it. it was excruciating. i never thought that's where my het wld go. >> you're happy? >> i'mery y. >> you're in love? >> i'm more in love tha i've ever been ani w marry tt woman. >> what whauz that last part >> i wou marry that woman tomorrow in i would. she's incredible. >> that's good >> so he's confirmed - who is your guess? >> i thought her the wholeime but now i'm not so sure. >> i think it's the green. >>e seems to change hisind halfwa tough the proposal. >> i think it's defitely the - green.
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do >> do you wan to make a b or wager which one? >> i said blond. >> i'm going wild card, jo jo. >> what are we betting? >> a stack of pancakes. we spring guard this weekend
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one day... have youn your gardrn? it'll blossom. find lowrices the things that makeaer n and delicious. walmart p goooo@o good new if y're going tope movs ts weekd. two-time oscar winning actress sally field is back on theig screen >> shetarring onghe talented andhaso,@,@ el myy na is doris." max i inown for hisis r re on the tvit come, in this movie he's the new guy. 4( >> a a vereratoris les at she seue. tatata a loo
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,no i'm rr >> that'okay. lete help. i'm so sorry. so sorry. > delore ris, stop stop it. stop. you d d that on purpos didn't you= no. >yeah, you d. >> , di. p>>ou're e liar. i'm not. it's okay. >> that is hapaeninhi, lly. how a hi, max, doing lrt? by theay thaha s s can tak yoururreath a@ay. >> oh, settle down. >> w can't helpourselveve howas shooting that scene? >> it was just a dayt work, you know. a day at theheffe. >> not too syf a day at work>> wewe,, ye. > when you foundnd out thaha you wereng alongsisi the % iconic sal field, what went
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>>oh, shut up. >>henou fouout, w w did you think? icicel show walter andi, michael wrend directedhe movivi i h beennnttttttd to movie f f aeally long time, we found out sal was doing it. >> he h h tokayye basically. they ran down a lt oacto. he saii i i d rather have her, he ander but she's available. mean, y can't e e articulale the excitemt that we had. but then you also get rlly nervous because you go now we ve to doeallyy good. yourr chacterers camam k k k in ts m mo say the least. willouou@u describe her? i mean herer mothehehe who is her companion passesp away. dederibehe rest o o it. >> gosh sakes. she's kind of lived a very very veryry sheltered life and shehe gotome rsonality issues shss
10:18 am
acrosssshe board. she's kd of a horder. bu extrememe y. lives in h o imaginary world an becomes part of that imiminary world thahe lives in. >> wt' so appealilili aut her e takes risks. ne dai tine daily plays another character. o would you rather be? you wouldld muc rather be your chararter. >> my c cracter is at a transitional popot. erything cngedederhe those a thextremely painful times that you changend move on or deeper your shell. and because she needs jo she statas toeut thehe rstimeen herlili. 's reallll com of age of a person of age. >hes compliced butll youalll a cougar? >>no i wouldn'tt call her a cougar. >> , no,ust your ooman
10:19 am
i'm fixated wit mchair. >> you've bn goithis. >> y d >> y y don't likehe roroing? >'m gone. watch out, there she bws. >> max,ou have a new babebebe ho old? >> six months. >> any parentiti advice, llll r max? >> we've talald about -- >>anandle how cute. >> that's togreat. did your o child have an living? >> s s's fully away. >> s s's's's i i worked out. >>very o oe in while we'e' be outnd somody wilil ask for a picture. - she's kindfver it. >> well we wish you guys great lu withthis. thank you so much for joinings toda
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- i > it is teot fd outt ur man isll thinkin wn ouru guys tl all. >> first up a married father of two scott dixonho wil be race in the 2 26 indycar season which begins on april 2nd. >> w to go, s s sext wee have our cedian frfrnd, c cck nice marriith pthreee kids. a lot going on. >> jt got his license back. >> next upsared f fed who is singng and ready to mingle. >> good to be here on tuesday booze day. listst. >> what's in that? >> ts is tue bououonon dada are you in. >> he doesstandup here in new york. and last but not least, bob again y, performs with the againny and`drimes ba. wewewe gngoo start off acrs str witit aqueson. >> my ne is sar a a a a from knds
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what's the best characteristic u look for in a woman >> you've got toe a litite healthy unhethy. you cane healthy and fun don't gegethe saladn da ds aot for group situations. salare mea to be eaten free l lies. >> i look for a woman who h h a lot of cash. like i you have75, we're going to get along just fine. >>scty, t voice of reason, what d you lookfor? >> it'slways aghe. theyey got to be nice and kind.
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to gethe credit you deserve and great stuf for youramily. oh, not fingerhut. i got that at a garagegeale.
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eaeaeaea w wr back onhetuesesy. kathyyees jeje busagerng >> wehaveeurur mried dads, scott dixon and chuck nice andnd th jared frererendndndndnd gaged bob y. . > let's gososppp the street for aaesm north carolina. andy queionnn isis how lo u u ve a guy tprprpre? good question >>har@r@ youounkimeses threre >> y cakak t t r r r i wa m b liceyeyey neneonthsss c b b very go titio o keurhattsksk e question. . @ gotototototot it. scott, rlly what's the real ansner>> whaterrakesesuataononon elri ke,somepe w w eighgh mnohshsineths b i kv i had t t t tig man.n. and mememes,s,on't't't't't't why it t t tloloer have friejds -- > hre's 0% sheeidt avee p pbl
10:31 am
moment i saw her and it took m m veeyry toer t yes.pp . sayay youonant hn@to sosotoo ononice@e@e@ t meet you, wil you marry me, where a the bodi???>>t' jt rananananananananan nunu wueion t i myselflfav ndered ndyyyyy know why do m expe uieie to beromanananerererheyyyy noddddd t t t return@favor?r? >> let me give adve to all of me therer -i cently g g myk waxed and it hu( laeses howowrere dodng itit >> you r r ryididid ? >t8ookoko btter. brorier and levtoer, took m m mphirtrt o o in tartmentndndesaysou got hair on yo bk. l l l lowttt okok goespatazyzyzyzyzymnnn bririing thah uu
10:32 am
getting t t nonend a a thqhqhqhs`` very atatatti what i i yourr wife irivgvgvg sweats lot. just life i kno people who make sure 'rreniceweats totoe aroununththr r r an becassey don'tantthemmm turned f.f. >>ou never stopeieieiei papactedoomhehe sc lookokokfemimine and retty. thoseee t t t t tngnghatxcite us as a womananr a man, you should - do that. ii o@tililil putut on, y y andndfufu nn camisole. ikheheeirl dss eeooks comfy. you wt to grab on witheraaddle you got t put in the efrt. >qualresult>> we a gngngcrcrs the stererquestitn. ((>> hihi i'm shey fromigig hereewyork
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avmmmnanabebies.. >> a a ns ancr min menoununws her way around ththed corporate. buthelsls feeht atee in thehe kitchen. theestt s authos out w whewew ckbooooooledd "the eryyy rl's gui to cooking"g" it's dedicated to her mom lisa. >> it't' greekekek dish.h. fit ofll, how cute arerehe two o oou. how y/y guysecide t t team ando t t tboboether inin >> m is the best coo in
10:39 am
mang faster delelious recipes every nigh worng m mtiple@ jobsndakgaref a filyyy a a typtic huhud. eeo help pe figige it t. these simple spleedntnt t t you've heard of anhehethy. actually 70-plus of the reripip are gogo for abetics. most ofheserere really healthy, ts what weeea ppople asksk m wt to you eat to stay trend. my attribute mosos of my weight #pwewe loss tothth >> can s took, . . yes. sisie sha teeger@ pacal.
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i usus to cam owhwhanegeg were jars th w wd soardnd i would surpriri them with dinn. >> t' startokin >> lov cookg. bu i nots good as m stilele >> listen, y kw whwh? ever is reallyy busy. i i okp on sundays a bunchchf stuff forheweek >> here@ettt gr% fe'oiogutetehe ololol oil withheennel als. >> s s s the m m mr. you nt t t p p thepinana inn ere.e.e. >anou u u frororo spspacac >> yes, you can. >> this melts down very qckck d it turns into this. >> okay >> you're goingdd parsle and tint -- . is it mint? >> ye, mint. >> yeah, parsl and the mint.
10:41 am
>> you're going tohip t g, the ricotta. >> this is very important. >> all goes in? >> all goes in. >> can the ricotta b par skim or does it matter >> you can do anything y want. i give yolotsf sws. it peoe tbe ee. >> remeer,inish the cooldown beforeou create themiur >>nd then when you mak the dough. it's har to wor with but once you do it you'll be a master. >> are you re? a coo cloth over then whe then wn you' ready. >> -- youano butter your pan. >> can you use olive oilith that that that? which taste better? one by one b one a then
10:42 am
>> youe going to have a aut ten -- iunning out o mike ou'reoing to haen eets onhe bott. >> good girl.>> howo you k tooo at? p>> y u wt to layer ioff thth pside. on t f mix g i you want to pepet over.if it breaks off and the fst sheet ismessy, d'trry. >> we're goioioio come back. >> we'rere comingack here. >> wre oking. >> moving. on you get the ten lerss down, put the mixture in, put tenayers on top,old i i in, brush the topith the butt and you'reoing to precut this so thathehe it comes out of the oven it's rely easy toutlater. you want to cuthe top part >> itastes soo gogo. all iant to dosinky teeth into this wholeie right no >> the ks wou love this, jght?
10:43 am
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>> hee citii crt series on "today" "today" is proudly preed to you by citi. >> ifou'r'r'rreki for goodd ti you'vee tohe plpl gegemith isbout t t s for us. >> he's from tetes, baba.he f f f getng the inteationana r rogni h h h ( deserveses playingldout an cing o o whisis first yo label album called ington". your a a a s wotgp to mbererone. are y stilltthe p m asf y yrarrrrs itt starting t ink in? te.
10:49 am
- the wall,,, i amangs. >> what araryoyo going to fofofos >> numbmrne s sglglgl kauauau "backroaoa "bkr it. asasas wire fving hill side, cutting hesesesesn e mdayy sunun l l l ad fmeme i i windshiersrs i i i dusus 44 i lov thehy ofheld grey back top, s s s % whtling by steeee the wheel on oneann a ug that line got t windows down, nene serodingin' fedom is theiles i'm rollin' on out herer cruising t t t a a
10:50 am
iee t t w wel like a a strong stng com on, alongingon m m backroad son i i hate the bra f an old new hohoand, hammerow and pass himn he breremellsike a suerti hay eld'suseen cu anan got the windows down wayay outtt town singigi ree is t t miles'm rollili on out here cruising to$ pbackroadg - i fl wheel like melody, like a r rio diaiang i i stroro
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sing alggo my ckroadon the o oy wayould get better, gigi whai'm thinkin' is i can pickk you up, you slide insru 8nd c c hr you singing le hear you sing itit is the me're roroinn oinino babaroad song ( eel the wheeles like a melody,peadioialing strong ome on,ome oing along, singalongo my backroon %
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sini gg to myybackroro thi this is my backroad song theheeel the rhyththf, feelelhe rhym oft myy backroad s sg f flhethf it feel the rhyhym oft !7!7 >> ah. gr >>o? thana was t. >> tnknkouorthatat >>akes you wanto sinalg. don'to awherentild
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don 't as bere we say good-bye we'f- ing t mak fiveie very happy. >> it' time too giviv i awayay this week'sprprns >> the enood hohoamo gel mamaressss tells abouthe mattrere. >>degngngnrafted in thtusa. 1 incheshick provide diumirm suppororwithel fused memory f f to coooo you ne. . >> is a ao g a lerf new zealandoo that' l. comithoftboo covers.((hehe's iftheeirst yoo in f two. fifit winr is suzyf scscscn. wewe love u. >> loidsdotsononon o ohaon, arka. . t's coco. hldon. all ]it. here w go. i'veot john diyne from pennsyan.` >> ok. w i've got becky hence fro eclair, scsin.
10:57 am
amy jo phillips fmmontana. keure you gs enter every week weehrow i theheaynd we w new es t the connect buttonnd se enter. >> ay. >> tomorroww wre s excite, countryerstarciayear she's going toto s s h paion. >> t ter henleyyits d dnith th two of us. >> and t t best f fmm the hoewareshow you'rerengngo see inhe ss soon. >> h he anwesoso booay y. it's s snkty tuesday. >> i i could give you a snkg
10:58 am
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yoyo cheers appla >> annncerertototo on racelel ray... >ral! >> anounce c cck arounun for a gogoosh. firsrsrsrset sple fd d d sensationallyara i i ourp -to. when weant the latest a eattt, we goo grettata when wee w wtb - thehembo llere >> anuncer: go big or gome. and now, a you ready for chchl! heers andndndlausus >> rhaha thankk youoguys, and lcoo. i'm always soo excxced whehe myy rst gue t sps@ i can' belieie tt i b bnn about 15 yearsrs sinhe firstst time i met her. i was then,s i imno herer absolulu bigst fan, makes m m teary becau she's's the fststst


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