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tv   Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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www.vicom >> a 2nnncerfr nbc news this
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with khie e e giord and hokotb live fstst 1a rockelr pla. >>h,h. rit. e justlappinfoof oucara tommywho does at eve day and happ it wedsd it's mch it's 2 ths "thi of you.". hrouwenow,nd caadeee knoome ic wha d deaveday? weeave greatig show.. fitpof @all,ook whs cleaning inheitcheh 'm tjng i wo >> from "fuller house," uncle joey igoing to visit with us.% >>8 it rks. tiss r%btufu ovehe >> a r rl.l.l.l.l. alslsactotosthen babawin n hehe. 're into talalalalimimbouthis neca.
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>> he's got tt t utut >> wllllsk h about that. >> do you have a pout, dada [ [ ughter >> you gng to bring all yoyo es oveveto u utoo? p>> i ion't even owhat you're talkg abright t w. like t tse lads are cuckoo or something. impersonatinin j j phy ] who's this guyuy cown n n omededng? beliaz,tisuy. believab. >> w wvevelso gogogoxe for l l l ia wilal u abo sp tresnd wheeanfi thefounse >> 'm rdy i' >>e we go. y? chan is noprocesthe imen chans not's by barbara rehold. can we say happy bdato
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'ser bthdadatoday.>> i s s s wearingf th -- yes, she is. that's wha we wear a the -me. loohoy you l ok. >> happyirtrday to beautiful girl >>he ibobo your odldriend 0 mie thatt t thers s ? > , it doesn't. eryonenethsame plalang n we'r order.>> j.lo was with u yesterday -- >>'s been evheren new york. do the wom sleep? >he w on with seth meyers lala night. she's fun to beund. e talked about howlose shehe is with h r mo he's what she told sh about how mucher m lovov vegas andw she comes to see herer perform. take a look. >> i heard youe spending some time in ves. verdr mother is gambler. is this srue? >> yes. >> has she nowowen your vegaga residency as aortydodohi>> wheshunt, wquite excid.
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oh, i'll come and see eou! i said, i know you will. [ [ hter ] not e loto come e y shows anyway. i dot know if ananof you saw kathie lee andnhoda when she came tmy show. hoda c cto my show oe e ening night and my mom was there. ththe was a loof felebties whoame opeve nig and bieber was there. p p hoda next tbieber. she saw my mom and hung ouwith my mom. she was like, leavbiebereri'm going to h hg out t t je momom she's ving a ball. my mom w danan a loloing -- i meaea she was being lupe. 's h name. lupe. p>> justo cla@afy. what doe what does th mann? >>8>h, iant toe partf th famimimi >> you a you are. yoyoreestieses ok you ow, just in ca you
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>> look at hoda. >> n n l lupe.e. she's frojun ca pu' wringeverword.come on, lupe. ra t tl.a. >> ion knoesword i'i'be embarssed. oowho's behind her.rel on. >> i't tell. well, , e puts on ite a show. all the yea i was sinijngng profsialal, 40 years, myom d dadbnever ssed a sw. >> they dn't? never gis i were doing it tototh and they'ayo wareey'd'de ehal >> they di didheno all the words? every word, they did you lolo yr kids now,le -- somebody craing gs or the? wh'sngng >> i foundnd some @gs'm kinda crafafng over here.
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and yoha eyeballs.s. >> adele opened h hor tou in belfast ts week a fans ekiki about it. they s don't expect the big production like j. lo. no costume changes at all. shjutathere in the ddle of the stage and d ngs. not evenoing to chanaf her dres. y y,heheid wear that same drere dg the entire concert whh h weme. whs changing in betwn songs unless you're j.lo or beyonce? >> cher. >> allighti i wear e same ces a i get it. > but you have newhoes on da >> woth do. youe@ bee weang your t ty birches birchess f fht years. switcd to the -- t a th j jnerir thupith these oes anftftm us dowtair >> i nev wear a heel this highghththe mfortable.e. >> ianve i
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all righ.soalwawa s h hn okg rega p ds s gone rococand rollll s in shapelke los.>> lk at her faded jeans and thoss.>>he has aatto evythi. he rock shirand blue nail polh. >>s s s lu gorl. s is woerfu >> s >> andreomebel loo dferent that we haven't sese in awhile..rere noto gng show john goodman? >>eah. >>e weweheer 400 pnds cely. now look at m.good for him.he said he g ge up alcohol. he gave up swe ugar he looks like a different peon. >>e ke half th pers >> god blele him. >> ohgosh! >> he'slready la hundd poundsokthfond he'ady stuned pounds >> tdieastyldiet wt erybodys. >> and he's walking all overerheplace. six da week hexees
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>> lasnigh i qyou didn she w psheas t end of herer blind audition, none ohe coaches had turnene for aook at what happened p yeah i sai hell yeah oh [ l`ughtht lauger >> s b didn't. ima ilike le sesends. , my god, she's happy. heheup. adamndharrl. e endeupicking christi as her coach. >> she sououedikjajoplin
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b t way, whenn watch meone getet lififd up, i haha getting picked up. becausfeeli'a big persrsenenomne tri to o m - -i i n'n'ow w w i'm thinking t tt. when i'm hoisted upv-u e onlyeeisted a fe tmes. laughter ] is sfmp d. and hunk day. and our big hunk ofhe d is andhe i dot know iyove sn s abs, this guy works we fring today because tonit hes celebrating his 1,0th epe "wawh hap." t bee s bo let'st te . cacae that's p ptty -- >>had's hard to ok a a because next to thth is s r own josef. i thinky phoshoppededhent by. hi it happened. >> oh, , that's m epod-- the episode
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riteaguen. >> okapot kissing? i think it's re poant. combed through studies to find out. peleememr theieikiki more viv t tthe first ti theyere in pghkeepe, if you know what an.. who was first kiss? >> john n e. i was 12 yrs o, it w behind somt entaryschool ande laid it one. hast? he was good kisr. pi'd d vebeen enent t tk edy. >> d d his ls?>> i don'tnow. jus took my surpse. i s justtaing the. i was sof shock. >> we yohoisted? in't hoteuntiny s later. e yohoister or a hoistst
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i was going to say i'm an n st ister, but it just rhymes.i don't kn w meaea >> 59%f men, 66% o&owohahaend a a ipipause someone's a bad ss >> one g g w w wrazybout o time -- won'y na ll tell you in commereral eak. alughts the cas me, my mheed y. ll, came at mand practica praccally broke ey teeth. that was not 's'sot rantic? somebodcos at youith theimoh alady en. i hadomeone who did that. 's ke, wha areou doing? >>e wanted tdevour you. >t's susu a turnoff. it's liki you'r looki a a this opouthomin a lot odentnt`torin there. >> a lic@cking is not od. ah. nobody wants all tt. >> anyway, the amot t couple is proportional to their lel of relatioiohip satisfacti. >> a stuound men w kissed
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iv fivrs loloer,r make 30% more money and f ssssikelyo car acdent. [ laughter ] >> we ha neahyhat papar bue. >> youe not goto wrere the kisurife. ss your wife in the e rning. >> i ihink that's it. e eal huhuand ck in 56 is still mideaf a rfect sband. >> here's hothey described it. fe magazine came up th a eyfy this is whatfies a great husband. taskeunmarried won th.tallllnd blueyed nest andinivic affair athlic lpl arou hou. steady p pioetre and d yeah. musba had a of ose gs and it's true turned them off,
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> it was it was one of the most las hely 0s. so popul still in syatioioinan hundred countries.we aalking about "full us ere me a aor dave cor t eiseasons as joey joey glglgle.e. yno dave b bkk inhe nenex rebo"fhouse." >> and it wouldn't bmadedede without thtag line. ta a look.k. onef ishis 1989. thisy never went out of style. bsener in style. >> jess, cut it t t. >> weird. >> weird?
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kekeou said should have been called "full circle." because t becaususwe're right backk where wetartededm. aift t t t k withhese people. we're like a real fblycameme. it's rememkae.>> and youemd clos throh h e year very c os stamos te to s hotel room last ght and d dered room service. d he h problem.he aas proem >> i )his room or? >> no,e had a gaproblem. heas proud of that because usually it me. >> what t e u -- >> first of isn't john am supposese b ba a t y who could venyanwa es bubua ofpln'ow ishe he ls. d >>ndndasle aas pblem andirgs w seen n n legs weawm pic eah, i s thapicte?e? >> ney hffththlegs >> t the. cause it'sotott rvy. ve sn itot. ti t we' see it a t more.. yoveoowss g. right?
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this gues'rbaororeaongrgrgriohat means huge suess tnyove been arou the blo longnotonow at d'twa >> yes, i know it ry excing. d thth jlove thew. and really nted to a shoror fans. tok th t ttics. they'vnever likeusver the years. weanted to make something the ns wouoy. d ty're enjoyghe heck t of it. the jokes hold up. wahing you do that again, e jokes -- >> funny, isn't it? >> yeah. >> what the ck have been doinall the yes since?>> fisng. i likeo go fisng% play a litjte golf. i fly airplanes. - ou go`t@ n pa valley.p.p i like to go toapa vaey wherthwateis cedikikik this sffffe. that. buthatasas i i like the fit - >> likik were therere any nerve when you gotott back onhe set?
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othe. weere on twotages ov from where the original ow wa i hao ll youhen vianthtcn, i arteto tupit bit. aslly emotl. enalck there, okood y y e-ime myselflfbut it was as if no thad passed. we all clicked back into our silly jokes with each other, our carters le milyeuon. >>o yoha't hd upwell >> ihink john stamos' butt.. i thk hjbutt ho. you knkn, john doeoe i the rst episode where he said damn we l look it's ni.pele s how do do it?00i just dri outthe same coffecspspsp stas. t theherick. veli a a ple ararwonderg @re two litt g wer >> we ve t t.
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whe my ttis mhee h h h vevb e's busynew ni hefaempi.[ ugugug ] littl > it'aying g netfl rig no >> the grammar police willing -- will be handing out viations right after this. think k shouldovo jen a l%ft at thrive tarzan know whertarzano! tarboes sot knowhere ta go. hey,y,xc5ce me, younonowherthe waterfl is?? alalal
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> all > righ to take a pop iz we hope you're up yoyr grammar. >> here's a ququti to t stwhich of t t or expressis was not recognized by oxforordictionary in@2015. awesesce, , oggior we o'clk. >> don't sayay ng. no cheating. streetet >>hen u' n n nwh
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bayer asasrin.,,, it's it'sinesday wednesday also own t daye playwh knew and case it's not on your ndarthriis national graar day. mark it,t,t,y? tho ibe funo give
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hoda is across the street t ad hand to hanout $1 to anyone who gets t questio rhtnd those whdon't,hey t onon r gned ebody's'sinner. wie isosof therammar @ podst and authoof rammmm girl'quick any chz - - tip for bet wrwr" love that t tle. l rightyt bebere the bree asd quti. ich of these wororr exprsions norecogned by o oornaes i2015? awesomesauce, gish, and wine o 'cck. whats the answer? >>@wewe is bggisidn'tt ma it in. people think that dictionaries oose w wds bause they're pr mostly they chse worecause use tm. if somne goeoook thehe ,hey want the word to b thawomesauce
2:37 am
>> yh.theye appantlysed engh@ ford's cf beinnclude i the dictiona. maybe it'll makithiyear..what you g?(>>nkveve school acher. wh yname >> beth anderson. m fromrince georor, virginia >> nprret albut the stentsre behd her. goo luckith hh. wh do you h? nglish oos w wgo. seni elish. which faus movie t tle is not grammaticallllcorrect?t? cah h if can,oney i shrunk the kids, guardia of thgala. >> hey i shrunthe kids. >> yes! >> so is in the verb? what's theroper pronunciation? >> i'm not surpred an english teachegot it right.
2:38 am
thekids or i sclk the ki. oplhaharorole mbin d u it often. th dn'n'n'x it before it nt`tiv maybe it was more l vabab.(( itit about a famy that was ll it fiti t most people didn't realize it. >> il ke youwo for >> allgh what's next tne? >> we haveots of people th lof ququtions here. i have no sun ther bute'school suride. what's youscol? emck schoodistct. is iading adoks thoh you're homon a snow da >> no pressuret all. >> n nprsure! ere e o. rey? all l ght. did tt on , wawahat. ready which h h hese wort generally accepted as proper grammam_m_ cicitiouns, . regaless. ich o e?
2:39 am
>> no there isong! ad whh on >a." [ buzzer ] [ buzzer ] >>hat a a eat day! u wanted t t b >> ion'tnow kidding or n n but tell h thenswer, ease.p>> i think his studeare e going to give him a hard tim >> h hsupeis >>areses t w wng rd. a of peoe usit tug ele thinknkople h confused iespeivth rerd aedhe two togeth to makeegardless. op will i't tuly a word. bubuiker talkingng about before,s used so oen tha - in t donar but it's a word that -- 's ard, but you shouldn't e it if youanto be e ken sesly. onee,a. >> just e? we have so many y ngry peo he. t aty. pppp40irthday. >> thank you. what'yo name?
2:40 am
from ise, aho. >> y yr pal here. > just met. okay, here we go. which hese song lyrics i straalorre? loves a a ttleeld, c c't get noisfaction,r who you `gonna ca? "a." _es. >> all righty. ana thanyoveryh.h.rehifrids onal grmar y. > absuty. and tcagoo o ururdcast. g gmmar girrc oy.. good f yliiana the hottesthas rhe sunny spring days. andnwe'lt get organized as we have a bl wh jill mararn and stephenenaldwin right this[ chrsnd alae ] degravwomeamotictivededristband tonderd t(eyeyov... and crtetedegree wiwi mot.ensese
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it's. itime to iji's shping b.. now thatatt's march, it has us of ng canin >>f course.sowawa to get std ananorganiecido rr frootr itn. it'sime to ueil our spring cleaningchchneet.@
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>> h re's the deal. u come here. anery y meou me a baet, am goireve affent organization t t that wgo into our brarke so y yearnrnomng buinsomeg, you have to o"ke ihappen. >> what if we don't ke any? ometimes youl chea right? >>o. ave to dit fan sq. >> but to make it, we know w verougn ry b stephen baldwin. >> oh,h,y. >oh. >> put on thshirt, brought his whise. ananjuevere timee y yaka basket. he borrowed that fr are gostein. he's mad.. h g u go first.>> n doesn'n't. o i keepoi? oh, me on.n. ths the >> hold . yea >> for hoda. so let's startith your
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pwe'll reveal that. pthis is om t t ctaer store unr $20,angs rht i your closet. yoyo have a aersi of thihi in drereggro sosoouaneveryby. because iyou don't see it, u'rereot going to wea so tha ouririr one. >> gokathie. >> yes. you got it." of crse you did. >> that was a a od one. >> makeup. we all he so much ma okay ke t tt you haha s oully fiintotohi anything beyond this must go sosohisss gnheadhroom. ititan -- it pretty ough to gogohere y have yoyo jewel. his ifrom bath & beyo$2$299. o. >> this is amazing. so mes vha tor glasand ur sunglasses because they get l scratched. so tse a pernalilifrom
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yodot ratch thtm.ea t iyoururse>> oka ihihi yav.. es>> bthe y, nng n nhi nen. i finying xt tobed so tisemorganizeitase fotwmos. yoca your ke, chge, everoud next oubeyoyouldnkeext .t maybch yin pt or lip bal can kpourgan nt to bs from amazon f $30 comon. >>'rjudgg. >> y! o now sce ejejt nobobobobs. >> oh, wowow tsthisisisgsgsn thdodondndnd everybody has a slot -- >> where doeoe it hang? >> inside the door.. so you opeit. it will merge nicely.okokow n nthey'ring.g.g. >> and yanee them all.
2:47 am
papas, hoda? >> in pile >> we're on our last one to cocolete organization.>> npressure. yes!s! >> good e. >> o o o this ifor ur backyard d organization itit a pop-up shed.d so it stores wn you donon need it. if you do need it, it ps up.% upup ve tha thths sharper image $99.99. anthe's a place for stephen ifou have a p ace for hihe table. >> bye-bye. >> why did we have steph? i mean, rely at was t t point? >> well, hwantededo we it tv. the tight sht. he told me. >>e >>teenenill ststk around, tes s t w vie, hisand d yot av ith. righ a thth. but ally what washe point?
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(k(kcking door) honey? i'm dying my hair mom. hair dye? no, not in my th. rela honey, just let me i ino tiany! ! tiffany!!! it's jusrp e daught? rug 9.f ges deyrt a gri.
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fromom >>fromne othe e stamouoe and lentedilieie llywowd,phun balalinins pthe yngesfhe baldwini brhersnd he's starring in a a new ith-bad lm >> it ckles thissue of separation of church and s ate.. heries to reinstate a bible % club at his high school. ta a loooo in two days we launchur new e .. >> thas going to have some consequencnc >>ell, i rembebthis sllll ina froury. what eopldot be wt you beliin you thininit's fair to s s it down t tir throats? >> no one's forcinan to come to bicl- >> well, if f ey d i'd be very careful what you do oray t ththe ki. >> o oy-y. >> this isot your firs fabasemovi is it? >> . veone out ahas to them other thananour own person faitwhich i know is strong?
2:53 am
compelling storiesold fil and tele and television as we s mark rnett kindf ching bibl stuff d ristiaiacontent. ananat'secome que popular @ @ and succsful in hollywood right now. >zeah. big-time paying attention. so for wdo wanmy legacy to be in film i'een veryss annow o keff that communicates who i am, stufrelevantnto o o amily valu, ingsike ririian fifiare e content. >> who else is in this fm with . yoyo >> corbi >> corbin burnson. i lo you. loream ani'm maki -- staking a claim m ght here. >>. >> this)ve young gal that pls my daur hem who's fabulous, i ve discered herfffflld
2:54 am
i'm just making that claim. >>heet? s goi to b she'ry talented. s ungethai % % daerf but t s great actress. thisildo g gd things her. >ou brought up yo dghte ou did. butou'rnot allowed to taboersohy'd ininher r >> she's sposedly dating justin bieier. and a lot of pe d be t. if their daughtmrasin justinieber. but you' notllowed to talk about it, right?>> i'm sor.- i ha a heariri loss s oblem. sometesse with yourar piececece she toontinuhi reretion with his dahter. no, weunderstand. listen, i i have a gag oer abo mykids i get it.
2:55 am
>> so is she d ding jususn or nonoo my dgh,p2323nd a-->> t ty're beautul >>eah,hey're doing great. theyey m melg g hail is d dng great.t we're just glala that every other day she's's on th phoneithh eier m k kffrmom. p thagrea > checking in. >> at 19, to be really successful, been tre don that. >> yeah. a ahis industryryulls at andnu u out, run around, do ts.( to me th to me therers kiki of better@ confmaon of the job b ife and i did than we really have an op honest mmunicicio p k ks. you kn, evenenhough they'r out of t h hse. which byhe way officially as
2:56 am
years in june which in hlywo airle. d and fo iju amazing to be an empty nester bececse now my wifand i, it'like we're dating again. e rebout yx 0 lile. wt to know about juin pbieb and your daughter. alrigh we got tgo [ laughter ] >> theilm is available now on dvd and online in digital . >> ustin bier >> look for my new m mie i'm proding llyoh gr th aonrfulujor named th ramming lers . >> okayll ght. >> neeom new sprin hhes?
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