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tv   Today  NBC  March 2, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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tighning theie grip onnhe nonaon. ncnc wee get allf this % fininied, i will go a aer one pepeon at'sillary clinn. insteadadf buildg walls,e will breaknbarriers. thth well enough to stsyb the ce. >> a new piece of debebs has found t tt couldrom laysia air flight 370. miss are foring forrlrl twooyearar >> >> astronaut scottellyeturns to earth aftft s snding more titi paee than a oer american. shocng ght. the mome a toddler fls o pof a m min vndndting up p d d asing after r e vehicle. w a odamararan helped the
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>>nnouncer: from nbc newsws thiss "toda"with ma lauau savannah guthrie live from stutuop 1a in rockefelleaza.a. goodor. welcome to "today" o o wednesday morning. grab some toothicks and openn savavaah's eyes.. >> we had a aoue of bags unde theseyes. . @'s still tueay nht t let's g tth ret let't' start with the republicans as we have donald trump wh seven victcties.s. ont, massachusetts, virgigia, nnsee, alabama, georgigi a kansas. tete c had the big fivef ptexaxa hisome state. heheoes alolo with oklahoma and alas. rco rubub tookminnesot his first of the race.
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ptrump with 2 and 8 for cruiui andnd 88 for rubio. >> a big night forhillary. virginia, tennessee, alaba, xasmassachusetttt bernie sanders wonon vermont as wewe as lahoho, minneneta andlora. keoooo t f deletes. hiary cnt has 97 to2 for berni sandeds. we haveomplet coverage fromurteam. leles go totot correspondent peter alexande >> r rorter: i iwas super tuesday for donald trump with wide appea from t deep sou totohe northeh. donald trump tentates and llljtedd more delegates than both marcoubiondd tededru combinededed
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>> we could w w six or seven eit or nine. >> theillionaireboefing victorfromma t ssachusetts. idinustt ary but t ur @party. >> i ifier. ce we get it finished, i will - fter hillaton. >> combini naysayershod was toc. he tonede down the b bhingnd papay. >>he repubcan pty is mor namic and diverse ande have a lotoree le. state. >> byockingna up wins inn his home state of texexbnd oklahoma along with an earlyorning call for alalaa,ed cruz had to be the b equipped to chaenge
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e have not racked up gnificant ts. i askskou to csider while coming together. that is the onlayay to beat donaldtrump. >> i lov you,u4miamam marco rubith sights set onloririri captured a speratelyy need win in pminnesota and targetedtrum >> the party is lincoln and agan and the presidency of thee united statell ner b b hd by a a cococoist. i will campaign wherever it takes to enenre i a t next president of the united stes.>> o o of e bigstways would be t turn out. 15 states hav n n vote and5 blican states have h h % record turn out excxct for prmont when back obama swept the victory i the uted stat to 20.
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th democococ with 8.2 million voters in t stata thahat voted on s ser tuesda theepubcans with fifi milllln. thth tim the exact opposi. the repubcaca wit 8.3 m pvotersurnine t. ththocrararara with 5. million. thank you very much. dona trump saiai he deserves loloof credit@ that >> it's a telling n nberith thee@sow. hihiarylinton had taken command of thth democratic race with victo in h h sights. the campaignn iss increreinglyy focusing on donald trump. kristen welkerer focuses onthat. hillary clilion has major moment afterer victories inhe south due to huge riamerican support. bernie sanders insists he c suffer, but that willee toughererer w.
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front-runn status sweepepg theuth uth south, wning seven statas in all. en pullingff a vicicic in massachusetts defeang the vermont senator in his back yaya. >> this couryelongs to all of us, not justtomof us. as clintonarches forward, sanders has it growingng increasingly narrow. >> i am so proud t briri veveontal a across thihi couny. >>sday hee claed vicicry in his statete of v vmont andinsssn oklalama, coloradoon minnesota, vowing to fight on.. > by t end oftonight,e are going tin m heds of . dedegates. >nton isettingng her sights on the battle wit a off
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>> americaca never stopped being great. wewe have to make a arica wh paiingg herselfss the - an-trumpmp >> believe what w w need in america today is me love and kindness. >> theepubcan front-runner returning fire signallinggf nomited, heillse t pcontroversy over her e-maiai as on o o o o biggest weon. act.t. if she is allowed to n will be ver very surprised. >> the rhetoric we are hearing on the other sideas nener beeee lower. >> clintjs leading by hundreds of legas. she won't p p it o o of reach. nderer will lay out theheath forward,d, a sign he has no tention of getti outut any me soon. >> weill look at h the
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chuck todd is t modator o "meet t e prprs" and alsop all@ night. if someoneon all the ely es, people say the race is over. >> the party leadersrsould be falling allr each othe this leader who i bringing n n ters and doi all this voting. >> we are remaining look at difffficulttath f t t nominati. what can theyy dome. >> you@u havav overrr a1000 delegate ladad thth's likelyo growoq even thougthatat 10nd that can't be that much. that is significt. they hav days. ere is a lot of prirind caucuses by mar5thth. we arere spendinin lot o o time
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marco rubio. the game now, theyan't g the mination on n their. >> they c c't g g g theheagic nu. donaldump,hehehave totart being h. i dot know if they are going to d dit. i don't knowf john kasich can win. cruz mightxet few. trumumark myy wd is going to n most of these states starting with perhahc a big oneh mganix days ro now. >> we will@ontinue w wh that let's lookthe decratat they need to look athe gateses and see wh they are ying this getting to be a totoher and t tgher rd for rnie nd > tre i that g g there. even if y y te ow the ser delegates, party leaders that endorsed her, she would have a
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ely isurmountabab. this is a lot africacaicicoterer that nate. rnie sandersrdid patheticcith these voters. if youan't w t tse there yo the you go. >> hee is sentive abouthe map. yy don't weome over here and let nicole and matt in on this. >>e e republican y. > cruz better ththth expect night and n n great ghorarco rubio en though he won minnesota. ma your case for stangn the casasfor@ him. >> he is a aicated by trump. he has tru he has trump from reaeaing the gic number and that is all
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of results and delegates. he no longer can g the 1200 himself. >> if donald trumpook to the stage, who was that guy? as n the donald tru th weave seenveve the l ltt six mohs. he complimented teded cruz and didn't calhim a liar. a couple s ststamco ruo.o. w long holongngananst i&i thi chacte >> i ion . ifife can jpsttctikee a a statatmafor minu, h h did it for a few minutes @y.y. throroem w wh ump,f thatt trumumcan stainin that mpererent for 13 more days, thatat allll h t do. for 13oreehays until march 15th.. he will l theomimee and won be able to stop. the trump we haveeen h never been able to sustain
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>> youd i i amm trying to o more stasman like. he wasatching t t trd.. you u ck y/yr sults. e isisislways the uestf could a third party candidate emerge. last night we ccined a tm estahmhmtfanty. is that what it is? >> it is a possibilityty bececse thehe yclele erythingg is possibib. evything is on thetablbl you would call thehe cononntntn an imssility three mo ago. that i i o ohe ble. >>rying totohisqui[k w, the plala h h is topp dknald trump athe convention. wouldn't they wantt t tuys stay in the race tnn keepp diving t t delegas? >> hopetting romney too ilee late and find other ways
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will thehe be a p pk bweenen cruzuz rio and kakach. we wt t r voters t tvote for u. kasich said i i iantn all m or to o te f farco rubio.o. i don't thhese three c crkogher like tt. p it' a reay,eall ha 's ryiffilt t deprive some oththe nominaon. nonobeusef thenununus,s,ut 0 the ferocityf hissuppters. threveryyy committed. >>@marcoio a aost w due to strategiccvoting. itid rk. >> that's a a a q qck answer hat was like2.55 minune >hat >> t tt wawas short. t tnk y very much.
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good moing.g.>> good@d@ morninin d cruz is looking t t kansas where he willl be t t t aft thehe oklahomarimary at the victory partrt here hee did wha he h t t win an% win d made thehe caso blicans whicarin rivs thth u aro t t bebe shot attoin donald% trump. >> wherere do goromhere? >>t thisoint there have been 1515 f fes andndnly o oante beat donaldtrp. at's usus>> did someone dropou alb of theseeople are putting ts country first. if it'slear tha candidate do not h a path to the nomination andas not won a state ,15 nteses, there comes a point where youave to
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obbebed. opleleillook att the numbers and thehe rults and considede what to doo and itjisis@s myy hoppe atatat as a a party w say stop thihi madndndn lf. >> howow doou beaeaald tump? >> we hav to o t one on one,head t head to fad. everer else iseing fractured and d dided and hope the pty willay it is recess at timehen the stakes have neverer been gh. it's reckless to roll the d ds and he may ze the oneandndate thatilry clilion can beat.- e dememratstsre celebrating and weigh can't let thatt ppen. i d n't think they want the
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ri new y yk liberals. nominate a real cononrvative. >> in n ronversatn, cruz dn't specically call for anyone to dropout, buthe mee wa ea cruz i i@ n particulay wall liked colleaguesein the sesete, butt i a twist h seemed to get reltant back k from@ ndseye grahama they need to raylarou ted cruz to stopaldump.. cruz said he wld welcome t t sut. >>ore@n the impmpmpmpuper esy on t tay in a l little ile. >> we ve b bakin new in the search for malaysia flight 0. instigatats believe aerer pipie of debriss m have been found off f e coast of ricaca
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>> it wa >>t wa discovered on a sand bank in the mozambique channelel neae nearmadagascar. it couldldave e en come fromm mh 3737 e w wds n step are seen o eie and it coulde bebe yes. it was fouou boy anmerican m thehe arch for mh-370 b b t s is sisiificant. you may recal the first pie of c cfirmrm debebs from mh-3 shed ashorehe othererere of madagascar, on reunn iand st july. the ocean curres would h h carriethis new piece to the & african ast. it's'sht ite from t plane' tail section, t & rizontalstabiliziz. ininstigators malays australiaand u.s. have l lked at thehogrhs of the debris d sourceslose t t the
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looks lik a piece from a boeing 7777. 7777. boeing loong athth & & photototphs but declinini to comment. mh-370 w w a bing 777, ppea disappred@ two yearsgogo n n n % we, andhe src been focusenn aote secti inthth iian oanan buthe stiti haveotnd t temaif eples.. straan command center tel nbc ws it'sware aieas founun off deis. aringgor thoro investigations. soces s yngineers whoooked at this debris s s tre'ss od chanc@it cee70. tyou. i kw you'llepp eye on i i rr us. thank you. >> it was raining here a le while.- itedough. >> /ur traturerewill srtrt drop. take aoot what i iid down abama. strormmomothugh. is ijacounty. alitttt e e huntsville, abama.
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pick up tpieces the good news i iworststss nowl done. well, gotot warm air a it s beenn warar winterer rmt o record for over 20 spot fromecembebe 1 1 to february 299, theortheast and new enan but look, it evenn goes a a f wesasorth dakota dakoko, rginia. e got t t tratus dropopng 51 inewewk ty rhtw.he te we gehis te it will own i th 3. e tras ithe e ki tir w wo e eathth's what's goingn aund the country. wee going toetet to your local recast cominup ithe next 3ecds. with the rigououshment... ...patatnce.e. .care.f. ...oay... haha y y seen your garde
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fi low prices on the things thahake easter funnd delicious. lmar >> that' >> that't' y latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you so much. coming , just ts morning, the antm of thee seas rivingngk in por a eer cucuing yet another crurue short. wewel hear from pasngers about theeill-l-tedoyagerororoe controversy surroundinghend the voyaya.
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erin andrdrdr the extrem pruuecauti s now takes at hels after%jng sesretly record d her alkeke6we'elav the later rert.
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the colorado caucus. with 98-percof p fcincts reporting-g-beie holds a 19-point leaer hililry clintoto bubutionly... hillary clinton is way ahead of bernieanrs. shshwon seven ststes, includg texas. oklama, and vermrmt.( on the repububcan side... doldmp lost texas to teded uz, as expected, but w w st evevywhere else. cruz, took texasoklahoma, and asasf isornilaska. he's begging eveveone else to drop out`now. mamamaruo woonononinnesota. we're waiting toear more abobo the death aas animaunty s deputy. . state patrol s ss 44-yeaold puty travis russssl was killed in a crashshesterday in trinidadon stonell avenue ar prospect ststet. acrdg totoeportsts.p the deputy was oduty when he was drdring his uacar and veefed across the s st,t,t,ting an empty paed carefore the caca roed o or.r.
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lt-- but later died at the hospital chief morning meteorologist -- spepn bobors j jns us now w th a look ar r cal forecaca.. stephen. a red flag warning i iin eect r nearar all of the news viewing area eof the motain a a f fntntpprohing from the st will bring winds of 20-0- 35 mph wh higher gusts. ththwind will warmrmhe air and wer e hudity. conditions w wl be favorable for fires to start easily and spad rapiy. the warminwillllontie with moststunnynyo partly cloudud skycs thth morning. . temperatures will warm fm the 30s and 40s to the 50s and l s bybybyamamnlolodo springs b baks into the 60by noon wi lower 70s0s
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a ststy rain showe can,,,,,,,,,,, , >> 7:7: onn ts wnesday morning, march .
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ofofocfellerpaza. gogo morninio o em. >> a lot of people this morning, ofofcourse,, talkiki a aut politics. thoseuper tueueay resultltx donald trump dominated the repuican side, winin sen ates. marco bio picked up his firir vctoryt taking the minnesota caucus. lstered by ththe victories of s own,n,n, /ruz is calling o o hisivalso drop out and letet him go onon-o agaga trump. >> so long as the fld remains divided, donalaltrp'ss path to e nomination remainsnsore like. and thahaha would b disistefor republicans. for r nsvatives and for the nation. >> over on the democratic side, hillary clinton addededoo her masse dege lead. e wleven states, l by a rong swing in the south. during a r rly las nigh she started to l lk like a candate lookinahead to the genenal
7:31 am
have neverereeeehigher. and the rhetori wre h hring onhe othere hahanever been lower. trying rying to divide america between and t tm is wrong. and wewee not going to let it wowo. >> meantime, bernie sanders won pfour states last night. he vowed to take his fight against clinton to theend, allll the w w to theconventi. let'set more from peter $alexandede good morning. reporter: hey, mt vannah,,,d d rnin to you. we want to b bak down some numbers from lasdqnight. - ese are som things t tstuck out to us during nbc's exit polls. look athis when you conside how welllhe didmo republics w wut college degrees. he has narrow advantage among those who have college degrees but among those who don't have a colleg degree, donald trump
7:32 am
night, winning 54 of e vote. he stitiacac s se@ challenges. is i i frommmm t cruz's homee statate biggestrize lasasas nht in texas. 25% o o voters i i tas said that they were dissatisfied with donald trump. 25% said they were satisfsfd. 70% said they wer dissisfied with d dald trp. slili o er quickly to e democrats, if we n. hilly clinton with another stro showing last nit.but to win thiss fall,he's ingo sistetoveo bting togetetr yog d young democratic vors. under the a a o ,pilryry clclton won barelyy a third of thememamong thbetween 30nd , s 62 ose 60&yrsrsfff a endolder, % o them sidedith h hlary cln. st couououoatch as weo tt and savanaah,ack to o you. >> tnkssflu inn o o news,
7:33 am
seserrived backn portn n jersey after its second ill-fatetevoyage in a month. those thosos 4,000 passengers had thehe vacation cut or >> reporter:assengerre cmiff the vessel and are very angry. telling o honeymoons, vacations, annnnersaries c shsht. 160 are sick withhe nororirus and that' leading t t conflictingeportsbouthy this vessereturnedarly it's hap i happene again, a ather ilinfad voyage f one oee world's largest cruise ships. "ahem othe a" cut short its tribecausus royal cabb said, storm recasd. i wteddo cryecauseyou it so long and so m mh y.y.
7:34 am
res s dozens crend ssgere sk withor row@ bod frususus one passenger eeng, no@ o to clean.ststf in quarantine and told not to talk t t the press. anher eeti wish royall caribbean andrcl corp were honenebout whyhy wee turned back& myonon was cut sht.t. the cruis line twtwted, t norovirurudidn't affect the decisi to turn. just few weeks ago "ahem" iled int a wellorast storor rricane-e-rce winds, pouing seas andngry pnger >> i think 5,000 peoeoe lives at . >> reporter: this morning another trip to paradise e t short.. royal caribbean isacing a pnegligence lawsuit fro thaha strews that came bac early. yal caribbebe says theuit is without merit and that it turned back this timim because it wa folllling its new stormrm
7:35 am
into plalafter thahalastst cident in bruary. matt and savannah, back to yo >> janetetet new jersey s momomog. thananyou. noerase we'veee following, erin bndrews' $7$7 milllln civil trial is one ste closereto going to e jury n n after s tk t t stand f f a second saight day. she fac tough questions from defse attorneys. vb mororn i at courthousus in nashshlle. goodmornrng. >> r rorter: good mog, savannah. in fact, four new witnesses arere scheduled totoesti here in this courtro today.. at's as tx defefse scrambled ake its defse as to why the marriott sdn't get sck th a $75 million tab. th juryy in the erinnrews se wl h hr from mor witnesses today but the t t days ofmotional testiny from andrew herself likely madehehehehe
7:36 am
hokkeytar j jrett stste. she describib herew elaboratete routine wverhe stays aa & hotel. -- check-inhe asksor aerenen roooo fro the one that wa @prookekeke e doesn'tet aonen her omiv bsr food and ts her obybyrap to knono if tre were any iniruders. >> i pup piece off p dowow by the door sohen i ave,e, if sosoone comes into thehe room, i can tll. . >> rorter: andrdrs,owever, was less fthcoming whe question by the lawyer for the nashville mamaiott. >> i didn'ttnderstandd t tt'ss how yousked. >> i dononknow. >> can youou repeattourr q qstion please? >> r rtete the denseseryin totohow she hasn't been rioislslslslagedy the secretlyecorded val video. >> y alslsgot an endorsement forrebook. >> s.p. >> floridarange ice? >ye >> r rorr:he j j j heard froro ananspn alyst. did you see a athing from the
7:37 am
>> repr:ndreree saiai monday the n n gave her an inte >>yy bosst en sai beforee you go bk on air for lele fofoball, you need tdiviv sit-down intervw. developments in thease have ben interereted byome to mean that espn was unsupppptiti of erin andrews. nonoin could beb further froro the tth. andrews says that videotill haunts hehe >> i wll always beb therer alwa a remind. >> reporter: a arews says'lll mbererherapypyor the rest of her life. soon a jury wilil lrnh how much thainnn isforth illars, if an >>hank you. let's get a check of th her nromal. llll we'rekit big ch coming ar r theest ast. we've been talng about el nino. it's about to reay fuelpome t wthern souououn lirnia. a couple of big storms t t cicic coast. 've had a big ridge much high prprsure dominating, pushing the t streamamp to the north.h( thatav kept muchfalalornia
7:38 am
but look out, thaharidge brea down. we'reeeg all offf m m mur amownoenal andndd souohern califoia, e eeciclly saturday int suay. 're@ looki f urbay floodi on t tweend, i bur a a andainfalal thatouldqual to 3 inches outherncalifornia. as yetnto northern cafornrn, rds o of 7 inchch of rainver thehe next,,,, >> that't'
7:39 am
happenen th shock moment a toddler fall out off a movinin van. that boy's emotiona reunion with hik family. fir, t t end off a & et advaag ericanan arona scoco kes rerere to earth overnighgh as he
7:40 am
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triumphant return for america % astrtrautcott lly. h h@anin kazakhstan overnigh ernight.m costello s ceredeellyly missn for the last year. good morning again. >ood moing, guysys scott k kly and hissi roommate for t pastearr lalaed inrozen kazakhsta earays morning. now h begs a v lg journey to the o side thth plan bkooousthe l aive latee tonight. >> reporter: iwas just befor :30 a a. local tim when tht syuz capsule tchch d d i & zakhstan. >> scottellyacknothehe rth aer 340 d ds i ter: for k kellynd a russian cosmonaut, the end of a 344-4-y mission. ly six hours early are, hugs anan good-nhe international spa statiti as
7:45 am
yuzz space ule. >> tatch is closed. reporter: then closed the hatch for the return@ thomeme kellyadad been onloaince march 2 th of lastp year, tweeting stunninphotographph palong thway. >> havingg no running water, you know,, kind of like i've been in the woods camping for a ar. >> reporter: nasa is hing to learn t longerm effects b b comparingco klyo h twinrother mark who hasas been onhf grod this pasyear. bobo menubjecting themsels to a batry o sts, informationl nasa hop o use in preparin for a future trip t mars ilel a340-dayce mission man a aricacarecordrd atat n a world record. that'seld by anoer russian cosmonaut. but this morngngcotttt@t kelly is baba onerra fia. >> it's a magnificent place. mixedemotions. >> kly will unrgo mom
7:46 am
on the ground,is twiother mark, joe biden's wife, dr. jill head of nasa. nasa. >> it's shh cool story. di't nas jt have a r rord apppicatatn class for pplehowant toecom astronauts? >llet even if they had the l lding sisisi say, n nc. >oo news is you're me. bad news isis you're in kazakhstan. >>hey,y,oodtime @ to tnk u. comg, where@arts are inin thrhrteneithriso titif theypost picicres o o rhildrenonlili. coming up ne, carson phere. he'll explahy cis christiee and canadaaere tig @ime last nit. rst, these messages.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
then concern escacang, ryan st genuinelyelieie chshrtie is being held hostage right now. rosieeiteses ger chstieie blink k icicif you're in ououe.% now, ade f c c for herer was thether pmet wassui cle nht onoughhe night. go s sss forhe phph, how can io canada,"skyrocked apoint. th canadian goverent websiteteteststl hng thi banr tss p that reads, you may perienceceels w wsing e website. we areki too lve thihi isis now, we'e'ayinee canadian gernment crash has anythi to do with the google sear bututt'ss a coincncence given w wt's going on l lt night. >> h manab g ggle searcrcs from pchris chririie? if it w wen'to seriris. e-on-one with caitlyn nner, why sheheays she can finally wake up hahay. (vbine the right things. sprinkle in the details.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
com coming up\p essssal asasu're w asd you'u'ith us! ! mingngp he t t of f e hour,2i'm shellene cockrell with thihi totoy show update. in our state capitol... lawmakers s e ping to convince governrn hicklooper to keeperrorism suspects out oe stat ase' been reportin.. fedel authorities have
7:56 am
e r rponsto esident oboba's plans to relocaca detaineesrom guantanamomoay. officialalsay the onon vacant corrections compound in ate... is located in n non city... d e ority to sell orasi ... liitthe veveor. . today... the sena considers a new resoluti... advising hickenlper against giving the facilily totohe& fefe. if it's adopted.. the resolulu will be sent to white house.@. and lorara springs mayor, johnhn thers, will beosting a ns conferencecet 3:00his ternoon. we don'tavlo d dai right w.bubuknit iolvevethe city recec o o on rececnition yooffici ss mo infoation will be releaslatethis mororng. ththconfencecel hd in e cidministrataoaobuilng southevada avenen. chief morning meteteologis-- stephen bowers jns us now with look at our local forecast. stephen... a red flag wning is in effect r nearly all of the ws5 viviing area east ofofhehehehh mountains.p.
7:57 am
the e st w ol brg ndof 20- 35 mph with higher gusts the wind will warm the air and lowethe humidity. nditns will be favable for fires todstart easild d readad dly. ththwarming llllonnue e e stly sunny to paly cloudud skies this morni. mpereruresesill rm n nm m e 30s and 40s tohe0s and lower
7:58 am
7:59 am
coloradodoprings bres to the morng > i:0:0 o "to" ngup, nig f f front runners, hillary clinton
8:00 am
>> tnk you s smuch! whatuperr tuesday. beat. you very much, erybody. bh cdites movg closer to securingir parties' nominations. their competition vowing fight on. then,ss ca ready t dada life after her transition ersso questions everyone is paskiki. >> tre's aevelat in thee very firstpisode that you may be ready to start dating? >> i know peoplre always interested in that on top of e world i'mpthe worldld >> andndakingg the >> there you ` y it it'notown yet. b b thanlyalf the b. e' s s ian handlhe susu on m m m i ihihihinsid jfk's air traffic controlol towewe
8:01 am
2016. i cocodn'tet one for >% thisornini fraleleh, north carolina. >> goomorng, maplevalley, washington! my 40th birthday wishs a pictur with you! >> celebrating my bthdayyro knoxll >elcome back to "y" on this wednesday momoingn nini crowd of peopl tsid 'll g outo say h h h to them >> we're there. got it do ao get to in ts h hf hour, binnini with the results from supup tuesesy. hereree@ go. as peed, dond d p hihihiy uiing s senins eac yesterdby. wast enengh tealhe al@falitr o o them? nbc's halal jackson i i
8:02 am
evening with t cuz's campaign. llll good monng t >> reporte heyeythere, matt. good morninin pted d uz is arguing t tt he can @ the one toring thearty togethero try and slodown donald trump.but t tmp looks tou to stop, making t casee can unify the party andakingg really a more measured, thoughtful t after his big nit. t norththst to the deeee so domin fm donald trump, rkingng up seven wins and more imimrty, racking up delegates. >> i t t is awful to say that's not the person we wantntoeadhearty, righgh r rorter: skippgh thehe victory lapss for newss confnfence, tmp sounding momomo io. >> i wantt toongratulule ted on the winning oftes. he wked hard on it. >> but at time defit, dismissing a gop staeth volt against him.m. >> theyecan always dothat. anhe ty'll just le everything a a thatt wld be --the - - - thatould be the work of a loser.r.0 >> reporter: h couldn't resist a d at m mco rubio.
8:03 am
>> reporter: who ioting h rst a nlymieses >> we've o hive dayayow toxpinoeople won titi d dd trump ,nd you aladyye seen the impacacross the country. i never said we e re going to wiwiwir close out thisampaign superuesday. ted cruz @ >orter: t crcr, winning his he state, texaxa and cking u twowoore victoriesn oklahoma andalaska.ka to his camp, a sign this is comingng @two-man race. >> did s sebody dr out? >> it is my ope as aartye me together and say,top this mamaess. do n n nominate a candidite w w will driri thetyffff a cliff. r rortete on the democratic de - - what a supep tuesy! >> rter: hillaryrylintonon sweeping t sout plus,assachusetet inerere sandnds' backyard the front runn, barely ntninger democratic coitor whoicked up wins in four sates ead, clinton'ssiming att her potential repubcannrival.
8:04 am
erica gat ain. erica nevertopped being great. clinn.0 >> make america great again is gogogg muc h heoe america wh >> make america great again is going to mh better than making americacahole again. >> repororr: s s linton seeeeng to solidify the front rner status. on theeplican side, a big stororine,gu. turnout. the numr of republica v ving or c ccusing on s seruesday broke records in eve single state, excepep for vermont. it's wtte ha seen soar throhhhis primary season, o. >> all halle jacksoso thananu so much.h.h >> with natalie out in l geles,amron hereee with ecec other t t stories. >> let's get you caughghp on evevything. eaking news thihi mningt & & rert ithe sh for laysia airlines flit 37 whh dappepqeded two years ago nextwe. c ns has learned ttt veigators belie another
8:05 am
f t coa of africa, between mozambmbmb and dagascar. it washed ashornn the o other side. the flilitas tveng f fm malaysia to chinana when n vashed w wh 239 peoplenn boarar olice in lososnsel say they h he cght the ugive who escsced aftbnhours-tong chasas and andoff. the 35-y-yr-old hadeen on t t runince monday. was arrested near a bus stop tuesda polili ay t t hummer dver led themslow-speed pursu wi his kidpplfritwouou peoeo i e. eyere not fanff i brush rra anan.f erfying scene caught on cara ended without any serious injmrieses thik iss unbelievable. a toddlere- lookk at this video. tumbles from theack h h grandfather's van on a byy highgh in chcna. u see t childp d star running aft the n. a goodamaritan rescued that little bo reunited him with hisfamily.
8:06 am
rear-ended aew d dsago, and the accident mustave loosened hiseartch.h. >> thtt shodn't have been in that sectiononithout a seatatltlt >> there a a so manynyquestions. it's incredible.. e little boy is . and i've got one more story for you. when youe a aaararar evt, t best seats in th hoe have m myperks about butut pthere are rks involved. pthis happened at madison squar garden lasttnight. anan errrrt pass makes its way to the front row. he man trieses to block the ball with his arm buthe q qck motion sends his full beer oooong int he air a cascing on top ohim.otthananeedidi a all, he seems to be inn gooiritit w wett pt-irtontestt madisonon square. ok at thth. >> i i't thehe r re nevevut the beer in the zon of daer? >> prote be >> thas their ty protec the . >> not the head,he beerer $ay.there youee i think g gsehind
8:07 am
next,s jenner r reals@s@ hw sheheound out aboutut the rder of hernd, nicole brown simpson. we're going to hear from her. > andhe matttt hh ses at arafficicontrot tower. wh he wiwi never l lk at flying theeame w agagn. first, tse m msages.s.s. >hat'sh easier. no. a a eaough froavavno absolutely ageless ig c cam wiwi aive naturala b bckbebey co... ... a whwhw wato k kp skin looking younger long .....startivg tonight
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it ao hate driver technololy. it even mutes the rarao ununl e seatelts are buckled. i'veryryurious what it is. this is the 201616hevy mibu. and sells for? stas t tnty-two ve oh. i anh alalth technyn th a ge an is ia jofor , is is,his s my life. is imy f fily. being a part o&ohelping oplelenenes whi am workrkg at brookdale for me is nojust a job, it's a life for me. i love it. i foed many nnections th tht resints.feel liki art of theifalyndndhehere pt of mine. ifou c c get up in the mornrn ykn shshe the dustnd go up t tre and makekeomebody happy, when i go to sleep, i did my job. > it' t's 8:1212 you know what that means? time to trend. >> o oy. he a prpvocative qstion for parents in the social media
8:12 am
sted a pictu of your young child online >>yeah. ll n j jt the identitytt yeah, i'm >> quest is, are you olatgour chd'sriva by p t online enchuthorities y, yes,ou are. they're urging parenen too s sp it. warninghat under the countrtrs lala,hen your children`row up, t could later sueue you for viololing their privacy. wow.w >> or even jeordizingheir serity. penaltiesld include a a year in prison.or a fife o nearly 0,0000>> sms excessi i me,, most parents would have% theirhich i wuld'd' beses interest at h h and n n n want to do s/sething that invaded their privacy, right? >> youou cannot predictctow your - child is goioi to feelut th later on. >> ion't thnk we should overdodo it.
8:13 am
photos ofs nakedhenn thewewe young, blalar, it'll ben embarrassmt.t. u' gng t t s sme?? oh, yeah. tub time. >> we decided toal abouthis withthomeoneer than cn anan a aed you otwr, s suld papantststst p paled for ptiti `photos o kids onne 86% said no. 14 say s. itiotion of privacy.$% kids should take pictus of their pents andost i online. seeee yououikeit. >> my 1-year-old cou st. sheeent pictures to t t other day. >> she did. >> younono t tjng the coi ( the public fountains? >> >orood luck. >> pchologis say it feels good. g ges lifififo ourhopes, dreams andshes. do youantt tnowowuchhe coinss get?$ >> who gets it theh lake at t bedeagio in
8:14 am
the mall of americaca fountain,, $24,0. both of osepdonanaoocharity. buckinghamountain oy gets $2$2 a year. ththay it's tlolo big and p ppl can't see where thehe coins land. the park districteems that moy. >> nakes sense thouou. .& >> raise your hand if you reached in if youou n nded spare cpangege >> feed your te. eed the coios. >>eople w w eat at c cck-fil-a are n j jt g gtingng a sid dede of frie they'relso getting a goo helping ofamily time. this is a good idea. the fast food chainn unve a ne challenge. everyry tabn e restau there i i a litite bobo called cel p pne en you w wk into the restau pououou cne in the le box and pce i sile. then y're supposese to enjoy didiractions. do somomng like t tk to your children a your fam members.
8:15 am
the challenge, thehe get a aee e cream cone lalar. one owner has n nedore chatter in the restaurant. >> this is theest chicken in theega. >> incredible. it't' a good s sdwich. the bunnesescily. >> t warm b is verygogo. >> thaha the onl reason this stoto, to oet t frf chicken chicken. >> these have been in your ocketetince yesterday. that's's they' warm. >> i got two hours sleep. juju a discoaimer. so theolling sdones s t t make histoto again.n. carsov, t tre's's a mighty pop stt. >> we'll srt with ks jennnn pand more of her interview w wh len, refefctingn the mini series authe o.j. simpson murder trtrl. shod y somomfhe interview on da inhe newewclclkrisis eininin whwh s f%fls s faid nicole brown simpson. >> we were supposed to have luh the day afterhe was murdered.
8:16 am
somemehings andnd talk about what was in h safe. now,unfortunely, it a makes sens that that's probably w w -shsh wanted tol rereal t me t t t next day.y.wichhhroke my hea because i'll alws feel horrible t i dn't pay enough teteten. importata s s.. you'retalki about crick fillhick-fil-a ng the sound bite no,t wa an impororntt interview. >> kris also talkedd about caitlyn jenner whohod s was ing to date n. krisinds it nfusing. in the next half hour, natalie down witit caiyn hersrsf. > rollele stones are heading toperform a aoncertnn havava. they'l be the biggest to play sin the 1959 ref gsvolution. the stones will be arriving in cuba fourays after presint anan mrs. obama m me their own histic vit.
8:17 am
the coachesulling out all t ops. ononon parti ararar.christa aklomanger rke t t house w wererke o o ed n nkkmama" of my farite. . e m get aig y the re necec gls l le me iai hehehe yeahh oh h >>etting three c cirs totourn around. at t t lastp minute, christinana tried to lure her to her tete... pwiwi a b b kissight on n ee lili. pharrell wasas in shock. she' now a p pud mememrm chstinin ththe'e' your pop ststst >> aot goi on on the "voice." >>ounded lik joplin. >> that's my jam. one of m m karaoke numbers.( go-to.
8:18 am
>> fstop starthere wve alll been thrn uer the bus. thanks carson. ion't mind becacae e u worked all nht and y ydeserve it. >>ha u. >>e have aittl bitf a lipper tt'ssoing to be comini acrshe next few ys.. thursday, fa-movingtototo down to the south. accumulati snow for ded chicag uth nd, diana. frid, heavy rain for the mid-atatntic coaoa. it makes its w up p e coast a northe how much?
8:19 am
betweethuray and friday.% da pids chicago, columbus,maybe 2 to 4 inches. rk city, 1 t t 3. heavierw a youou get dow into the delrvrv peninsulul that' >hat't' you`tthe - sava? >> thank so ch. thismorning,e hahaoree of our series, up for the job today. wewecame terns. matttouou hadad adjojo >> i iwas coolol for my tftfship, i was l . en t twork at jfjf airport here inn n nkkkh one othe presesre-packedffices aroundnd itit@ air traffic control tower. >>epor >> reporter: jfk isne of e buest airports i thewod, with more than1,1,0lights chchday. 90 airlines moving 150,000 enge in and out of th city skieie so i head work in the contro wer, 17 stories up. >> it's my first day as an
8:20 am
they gave me s surity ss. watch. cocorol towerpre.. cry. >> reporter:y b bs for t y, dave, k' air traraic nager. >>ood t have you herere repter:e man a tm of controlrs t ttun a hig wire banci ving planenelong s mis of runways aaxi . >> jet blue on runway now. another two behind m. >> landing planeneas theigig awaw over a derting plane. . >tilloue tostop >> repororr: controllers he esosos 5, a aesndnd ry - on rar, to >> theheherereimes when thee tower i i up in the clouds. when you look out, ald@douan e t t wite.e. >> is ititerve rackwracking, knowing there are hundreds ofof plalas and you can't see them? s it for u,ll?
8:21 am
you gettreseed a ltle bit but youan't lett get to u. eporter: this isne cl grdedntpressu. contntsssngng n potton mans60nn b bwewehe wihi one mistake@a norsetbutton. >> bebauau ss is o hihi, i i theyp work nutes, then they'y' getetaiaiy g gd ch o time off, is s at rit? >> ecec wewe neverant them w wng than t tou a one time without a break. >> it's also a bit of a young man'n'b, i i'tit? i meme i reaea that , you're @ dodo in re youlize i'm an intern for a job velreadygedd out on? >>yes. gre repter:hey put me work anywayayaytartingg with stuffin riri. a cputer prints out flight details from p pots wit requests too papa o land. willl works cleance. information below it is the type of airplane, 737hey@ flfl altitude they want to clili to when they get to ththruis altide. thisiss theoutehey'll fly from jfk to minneapolis.
8:22 am
atheyal the sisi my instructot,,, >> we're gng tbe landing onn runwnw right, rht o o the window here. >hese are planes waiting land on 31 right? >> this one ishihie. reporr: it doesn't take long for me to understd the tensity y the job. >> del 70, this is kenne fwer.r. wind. >> wind is 310. >> a a >> att !.!. >> runw >> 31 right. >> clear to land. >>nd you're clear to land. >> you did it. >>s nototown yet.t. >> thassnly half t`e b. now,hishole line is@ oveve here,,matt.. -if you l lk at t radarwe ve an arrivor the runway about eight miles out. we have to mak surehi departe is airborne before th arrrral get . >> ineading my homework,, gap? >> this is s ooting t t gap.
8:23 am
planout. imago shoot agegeagag agegeag - mananeo s@oot the gap. gaga this takes fus to a new level.l.$% >>meririn151515 t ts is kennedydy tower. 3232left. turn l on victor.. winds 310 xi lefalpha.a.>> reporte it's a he adrenali . firirne aw. p the o t nw.>> rte whe i tnknk'm getting f f thiss happens. >> iet some rain a liliing lilitning? now you lost visibity. . >> i can s s a a pla l ldi w. i donon even see the e e off 31 le,,,ere inow'v'v g ref or four pnes wting tot takeoff. >> youan see it over here on your groundadar. >> this havav g g g fro bad to worse here kenen. it was raining,hich was b b ough for me. couldn't see a t tng. now it's snowing.g. >> ing. make suree t ts don't't get worse. we have a a arrival five m mes t, and w whqve somebody
8:24 am
>> imanage to leaeaea the simulalarithoho caung maj accidents.s. controllers say the vieoesn'tge d.d. 's s sctacular onhe ground,@ too. where t t rubr m m mts the road. cleara foror keoff andndnd clear to land. it all aboutha >> repororr: s s ass a fting end myy intern, , , gn o&o. >> hopyou enjojod interning here today. >> are y y kiddin i ledit. >> thank you for@ h hping with h the strip. >> least i couldlddo. >> interesting. >> it wawa really coco. felt t t pressure? >ou o oyear abobo t tse peoflehen something g gs wrong.g. onon daily sis, the do the job so ll. dada innd >> what's amazi, , e little ststpsf papap suc hihi-tech world. that's what they use. >> it's part off it. othersrsre on computer. there's one great radar gddd traffic. uee eve plane moving on e runways, on this piece of radar. >> wow. >> unitete used to have o o chnel 9 you c cldisten to
8:25 am
i listened to it on the ane, ready t te ofof it's'smazing how much these people have to kp in chece >> i ithe simulatororhen youou earr plane to takekef lath talk back t youyoyore le,ow whatt ido? i praiced my part. >> is this mt lauer? love theshow. >> want t t thank themmor their leration. >> thahawas awesome. just ahead, caitlyn jenner willllalk to natalie aboboerer gigi squad and od w wnesday good wednesday morni! at : st tour, i'm shellene cockrell with this today show update... it's official... democratic presidential
8:26 am
the colorado caucus. with 98-peent of p pcincnc reportin- bernie holds a a oint leaeaeaer hililil clinton. "pt naonally... llary cltototo way a aad of bernieieandede. she won sevevestates, including texa sanders won colorado, minnesota, okla, an vermont. on t r plilide... donana t ltpte ted cruz, as expected, b%t won almomo everre else.( cruz, tookomexas, oklahoma, and as of this morni alaska+ he's begeong everyone else to dropoput n n. marcbio won only minneta 'rwaiting to hmorerebout the e ath l animas county shf's s puty. . ste patrol says 44ear-old dedetyravis russell wakilled in a cshesterdayayn trinidadad on stonewald avenue nearrospspstreet. according to reports... the deputy was on n ty when he wa driving his sqd car anveered acro t street, hitting a empty papaedar befe the car
8:27 am
beltlt butatat died@at t t hospit. ief moininmeteorologist -- stephen bors j j j us nonoth a look at our local forecast... stephen... a red flag warning is in effect for nearar all othe news5 viewing ea east of the mountains.s. a coldront approqohingrom e west will bring winds of 20- 35 mph with higher gusts. the nd will rm the air and lower thhumidity. conditionsill l favable for fires to start easililanspread rapidldl thr g g c ctiwith stly sny to part cloudy iethth mororng. temperatesill warm from the 30s d 40s to the 50s and
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coloradodogs brere t byn th ler 70s > g good morning, everybod eat c cwd on t t aza. dnesesy, marndnd,, 2016. happy rthday. we have a lot of great fol o rlaza ts ing. was ing. >> temperatutus are goio stopping >> getng lite cy. morn er ve youou o aer es peingfper,ill insiit aer scialaleals and heals. tryi to m eve day sentls moreeafrdab, ining annbelievable r gain, gain,,in, ladyies, on a handbag. >> it's nice. plus, what hbppenenhehe y y combine cinnamon r rl with a rich poundcake.. you get aven. at's what you getet we're t to learn thehe rece
8:31 am
that's l le handbag, st-have of th day. >>hat's mygmt! lucky. l it , check oeeweweher? don'to [e[eher.r.go bace pououkekeke yay let's sw youou what's going on. >> i lov pound cake. >> who doesn't? fofo todada wininconditions, snown northern new gland.rain moving into the pacific nortrtest. snow showers through the great lake sunny skies i i ie gulul coast. tomorrow, we have a mix through the mid misisis and ohi river valley.. snow across tht great lakes. littleleclipper. we haveore wet weaththth in your centnd northern california, pacific northwest with the snow. pl of sunine throroh texas.s. warm as y y get to the southwest, 90 desomorrow in phoenix. nny`ndnd 81 i imiami.
8:32 am
th >>e have got nicic friends here. ititourrbirthday.. ppat y yr na?? >> m menzie. >> where are y y fr >> knoxville, tennessee. >> we have anotherbirtay... ln a minute. ,th carolona. >>s. >> fantastic. right next too pepsi. >> yeah. >et's headack i iididthee ng. >> al, thank u. after coverin tscscs fo us thiss weekend, natie stay out califoia.. she g a a interview witit kakan caitlyn jenner-- goodmorning. weis you.
8:33 am
i needed to find n friends a visited d itlyn jenner.. tererer ch-t-tked autut trants sigs,aitltl!katete trantion, i we talked about evererrom dating politics >> o, lalaes. >> i'veeenn a aund womenlly fe, and theyould have girls nights. they'd say, you can't come. i always ththght, well t tt's just not fafa. . >> reporter: that'sll changed. hanging o wititththirlss now p off caitlyly n n n wowowo i w se uppp`he oerer rnin d i thought`t myself, itas en sog iny life when i woke up ha >> reporte it'been@n a whirlwd ninemontnt. she's not only revealed h h ansition to the world,ut faced pububccrinynd strong crcricism fm evenithi her new transgenr mmunity. >> yours is pla of privilege.
8:34 am
able t afford thehet of the 0bestdoctoror the bt therapistst to help youou transition. m m m t tns people, ay, haven dealithheir pissues in privat minene was beingublicly displayed arnd the world. reporter: in sson n o of " " am cait" onururister channel the 66-yr-ol iseen developing friendships w whnd arningromertransgende wo who shealls herirl uad. >> there is aevelatioio in th very firstpisode that you may be ready to start dbtingngnot just bngng but datingmen? >> s,hehe isss a revelationn that i know peopop are alw ininrested in that. right now,w, i a usttobusy, kind of dng whaha i'm doing. butu it would b b nic to k kd of she yourr lifif wit somemedy. >>yeah >> but, hey,'mopopop reporter: somhingngt
8:35 am
a staunchpublican which l l totoeated ehanges ding t t pouous b b travels acrosshe countr >v i'm not blaming it republs or tiveve >> i i sat on n erepublin side t t bus. when we do get a ndidide, i certainly be talal lyyly willltalk to themem i admit t democrats, as fafaas anan issues, are better than therepupuicans. >'ve grown up in a democoati part we'v neverer bn one to listenn toepublicans. pbut havinin ttonversatn with c ctctually did on up my eyes to somomthinin viceversa, likeheas opev tsteno some things. >> sinceaitlyn told her storo came f fward andd transitioned in@ fro o othe publbl, what has tt done? >> it has allowow the kids to coco out at a muchounger age. aot o o doo h he been opened,
8:36 am
>> i can't describe how much it changed, you know, whe caitlyn came,out.t( it was a differert, more respectful, tookay, ts isis something rere. >> i thinkk whate should do, since it is anffial gir nighgh i think what we should do is we should have a vote forr new mber. >> what? >> are y yidding me? thats such an honor. >> a v ve rightre. hands up for . i'll throw her in. >> okay. >> you're officially into gls night. re's yourr@fficial girls n n n bracelet. well got them >>amazing. >>guys, i have a new s s of friends out here. chec it out. i'm stilleariririy girls n bracelel this rning. it was just really just a great conversasaon with all of thee ladidi, a a i reallyy do feel
8:37 am
sues tt affect them.>> it wass fascinating,nb ank youveryy much. reallyreciatee th g >> y got it. the new se of "i a cait"mies@s@s on e.e.>> w wn counting c cleororss becomes a dangerous obseioio onon man's sugglgl wititxtrere etinin
8:38 am
8:39 am
first, this is "today" o o o nbc. e are bacac non. 8:3939 we've got part thrhr of our ek-long series callele compelling compulsions. >> einin disorders are thoughthta pboblem t onlnll impacts wowowo but you'r aooo meet a young manrom texas whosese obssion ove himselflf t t l le h body weweht. here is today'snbc rrespondentt cramelvin >> reporter: bo isusyy counting ductio asse studieses to o an accountata, but t tre was a titi he was obsessed wh unti calories.
8:40 am
ag he forcecehif on to a starvation diete to get w wt he thought wbs t t ideal physique. he reality y s unhealthy and horryingngo family and friends. as a boy,y, as a aaynene of theeaviest kids in hisclass. in high hool he bulked to nearly300 pounds to playy football. but he w!s never happy with howow he look>> i w w inchoir, and ih nene show on stata and saw a picture o myself i said, onceootbl i ne i'm notoingng@be tha big nene year. >> reporter: he lost5oundss fore h hding off to coege. >> t t fear ofl getting big again really took me to an trtre.e. th whe i started doingike 700 calors day. >> reporlrr: thahaha riri whilel many first-year college udentsooo aiet of p pza and chicken ngs, bo srted ting between 600 and700 lories aday,y, s days a week. >>hat does 700 calories looklike?
8:41 am
lunch was 3ces of chien anan a cup of grere bebes. dinner would behe same amoun - chicken, 3ounces, aaragus andd m mbe brcoli. >> reportrr: gotowow to1600 pounds on h h 6'4" frame.his family wiwnesseded theh c c ges eachime@ h hcamemeome on eak. >> it litallyd . ould sspin vertebrae, his ribs i'veeennn the missionlnand i'v'v been to africa, and i have n seen tt k kd off skinny exctn anoished chd. >> reporter:bo's fher bruce rried his son w susly ill. >> w wt bacacnny bededed andnd i wtp bse i i i thohohoho my son is dying right in front ome. hehe w't listo me.e. >> i waw miserle but i thohtht i looood good thth scary thingis, i thohghtt weight still to lo... rre bo wouldn't listen to his dad but heeg havg ubts wn higrandfather, a
8:42 am
that'shere trainer jus came? >> how did he look? >> if@ you can imagigi s meb th doeoe't e e andndllllllxhey do issexercici that's wt he lololike. lookedsi. sick. r r rter: j jtin gave bo wowoouts a a aamam plan to get healthy. you have to eat properly. if you're not plalagutut you nutrion, lik you wouldlan t yournces then you're ing to fail.l. r%rorter: bo i of 10 millioiomerin men who havav eati rdrds. >> b bau these illsses are stillery misundeto a giss womessusu,s muc hararar fors and meme toeachut f hehehecaus there ishisst.. >> repter:'s mesge t t ther guyss struggling i i lee, don't'tarryry the weight all on your n. >>n you l lkn theirrorr now, what do you see >> now, i see someone that's happy. and healthy. rerely is havg areat time.
8:43 am
i'eeeeeen my fe. >> rorter:r: "t"t", craig melvin, c news. >> takes a lot of uragagto tell tt ory, as well. >> it do. >> if yant to get a closer look at eating g sorders an i i i you'rereoooong for help,ead toto todacom. sft gears, we ve eals a dls.
8:44 am
8:45 am
there is a hdb sellingor like nothing.. t,is "y" o o c. >> we arere back with an n l nene steals andnd deals. jill martinn is s baba to basics what we call everyday sentials. these areasics that you need fofi youou wardrobe. they are meant t tbebeer your in a c ctain way.
8:46 am
you@ s s sdndn be w tha bra f fm 7thrade>> eve nine to22 mons becacae thty give l ls support. e are one s s fits all@ t tt souorararara but they y retctctc to y y andeave de a story thesese b bore a they reallll do rk. the retata iss 744 too $86. there four sets. if you gontay wt m, you % can see the difference. the ps r rememababnd they areeersatile andsupporve.. theeretail is 746. the rereale $4. >> for o bra? a s of two. >> okay, good.. >> and you get all these fferent colors.. thth s s ismovi w w go orhere.. i want tooo corrrctmyselfl it's a set of ur. >> that't' a screaming dealal >> hehe's my p. when yourep and you feel good about urself, youu are moroductive t toughght the dadb whwh you are me, iou wear
8:47 am
comfyynd cuteinin youou will feel oductivett me thee ils iss cssic set andou can mimi a mat@h@h t weat anhe ichch c wrrro bot prpructy. thee reil iss136 and theeal $41,1,% off. wear aot of these and they are comfortatae.e. >> iill amm still w wbingngine from a cououe of years o. >> i'm impmpssed with thth. roroy missedht medical ots. >> the@ newewtement necklace is laiaring. youo a lot ofthis. ese are necklkles andhe rereil is @$252525 all the letetrs are avaiaible. if youp look close, hererere a
8:48 am
either 22 karat gold or rhodium with aat finishfulul the dea 48%,%, 79% off. >> you do you kids'snames. >> jm. have it on ckwas. i wish thehe s. who is mj? >> the ystery manan i ion't'ttknow. >>ou are really spod to replenh anythg with wandnd erer three to sixmonths. cocoear a a fououation depending o o h o oen/y use it e rail is 30. ur cho of setsts go on to seeee the different sets u cannget. it amans withhhend comessith three shaha retail is $130.
8:49 am
lasas b not asas the - you havavbeen telelng about.t. >> can wear this and i will ar it as a fold over. you arengo buyuy a statatent battle,ssore to be rsatile. make suree itsith t robo. can` itll ti rereil 85. a foldl over bag. you are wearing it up like this you don have a lotot thihis in your g. movable strapap andix colors retata is@ $385 a it' 79% o o.. >>a i n n n n ather. i will r throughhe deals o o more time.
8:50 am
nanaonal limited, ble pose, a the hand bags from not rational. go to steals and deals on todacom. >e searched t t country for great discovered injentis. the next g g g in our studio. you you arere o the look >> this time ararmd, theres a twis we are looking for venenrs or what we cl momo. you h hee a bigididid y y wl a chance toea live inn studi the winner will sellir product t t next day. we arehe onlyneto dothis e n xt thing live on qvc. hurry up because intervrews are due by frid.
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here'stoday" on nbc. >> annnn >> announcer: today's food king basics isisponsored by brooale. ingingewewifto senior living. wiverydy what'm cry about >> b b w forhihian hr
8:53 am
today, our week of bababa,, bakingls onon on , we'e' got a s set eat comni t t classic pound cakendinmon rolls. jocelyn,he ahor off "grandbaby cakes," good to see you. thaha yououlkavg . >> look wnwnairs. we have tse people at the tae. they going too c c d dn the chick-k-l-a sasawich we just de w your c cnamo cake.$- lolot the ingrednts. >> g gredies. theset of typical but we have er, o bututror a good pou ce. also got twoypeses of flour. i love to use aakeo t makeke nicndder. pthen wese theurse t js is b mama'a' recipe. >> yeah, my granother. love h somuch. shmy inspiraraor bakingng i added a modern twists is gatatat people, mienls, too. >> let's get srted wit mixing
8:54 am
are yo pan. i alsoed fur tooake sureitsn't stick. >> talk abobw ain things tototh. . 2> ts g gs inside of e cake. we've se meleld butter, a our. smth. it going t your inside we're g to abbreviat theprpress. ininedednts. >> absutely. fre,,e've beenreing our ttererntil it's nice a a fluf. gettinin asucuc airirs possible. we'lldd the es inne at a time.. make suree ially incorporated. once you've got that in that's en we get to ain our flour.@ autiful batr. h h buttul iis?? >>re nsisisncy.y. >>n y a i iour creaea supemot cake. add thattin. along white l, too. this makesure that if you even like ovbake i a little, ill be totay,otal moist. thanyouo ch. >>nilla. >> abablutete.
8:55 am
you also make seou doot erfrkehis or overmimimi in. en at,nother layeye right hre we're going t t
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