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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 1, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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[ rs and applausndppppus] [ cheers and applae ] >> jimmy: myhanks to margrg robbie, michael mckean, kevividedeney, purdue universi. jimmy een and the roots rigjgj ere, ladies and gentlemen. gi it up for the roots. [ cheers and applause ] ay ted for "late night with se meyers." nnyou for hing have a gat.. hope to seseyoyotomorrow.
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[ chee andnbpplae >>nnncer: from 30 rkefeller plala in new w rk, , 's "late night with th meyers. tonight fromsewood,","ctor morris chestnu tony and academy award-winning actor, author joel grey, featurininthe 8g band with patrick k rney. @ [ cheers and applause ] lalaesesnd gentlemen, sese meyers! >> sh:h:ooooevenin evevybody. i'sese meyers. is is "late night." hohos s eryby y toghgh [ cheeeeee applause ] ththwondererl to hear. in that case, let's get tohe news. e 12 states, t sup tuesday imy watoday and over mililon p pplin the midst were subjectct to ththderss and d il as they triri t xhead tohe p pls oing everything i ca said god
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"j tried to stops." e 14th and fin batch of over 52,000 eai on was probabab all wortt it her 0juststo see is.@ "oh,o nice. oh,pgettttg that zero is s ni." dona trump said in a new interview th the's nobody & that done so m mh for equality as he has. ll, he doeoeappear to be doing everything in his power to m me acacaasts firir female president. [ laht laughter ] so, he has a bit of a point. [ cheeee and a alae ] a new wfpo has found that t per paupportg rcrcrubibid ted cruze spcer $7 millioioon ads tryi to bring down donald trump, when they could & ha just spent $500 on a nd mainen laughter ]
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picture i'm sorr [ lalahtht ] a vermononlllle nnhe energy yrinks r%d bull a 5- energy from campus for their alleged link to high-risk seal activiv alou, , ouhe e ergygy r five hours, yoyoigst risk i iobably from chafing. [ laughter ] ] a catholic priest t ireland has sign after a videoeourfafad of h hrting coinin om decorated wit memorabili [ ughterer's what catholic officicls are calling "still not the woror caca scecerio. lahter th'tctuauay okay." [ plau ] that's right, a catholic priest in ireland has resigd after a video surfrfed of hihisnor cocaineninin room decorated@withth naziemororilia he wasaslso the first priesto er tell someone at confeio "ah, i thi got you beat. [ laugugur ] that's bad, but t t nazi cocaine bad."
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today isorld ciment sa kan w w "kim, ye a a ve lucky wom." l ughter ]today is world compliment day. to celebrate, re's a montage of dald ump colimenting his favorite people. >> people lo me. and you know w wt? i've bee sucfsl. everybodves me.e 're getting record-setting numbers. i think i veveomhing to do th that.t. went to an ivy league scho. i'i'veri highly educated. i'm e worst thing that's ever hahaenedo . i have had tremendous success. i'm really rich.lahtht ] >>eth: he's veve gooatatt. he'sy good at it. [ applplse ] he's like santa claus of world compliment day. shioexpes are reporting ere e a newre of attaching mini pom-poms to modedengernails. it's theererct accessory to say,i'm difficult." [ lauger ] a w study hahafound that talal
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pmoreonononhan n ei co-workers and in other bad news for shoror n, shelveses [ lalaer ] and finally, nasa isurrently reuing people r theieirest studieprram in which participtsill be p p $18,8,0 to spe 7days in d and sme dierent types of rijuanan bu far, they've only h h [ laughter ] la aentnemenwe have a grt show for you t tight. [ eers a applause & from n's "shades of ue," $& jejeiferez is back on thth show$" chchch andndlause so happy shehe bacac om "rosewood" on foxox morris c cnunujoins us this eveng. cheers andndpplae ] a fafatitiacr. and he is the thororf a nememoir, "masteof cemonies," author joel grey is s ining us
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author, and need i saylegege. now,efore we get to all of th, in everyrye show or triviv contesteaca queststn has a corrt aner.$- but t ret "late e ght," w believe that there isn't jt one answero erqueseson.there e r r es that maybe aren'tight but aren't exy g,g,ithe and to prove i it's time for alsoould davaccepted."" [ [ eersrsnd applause >> seth: t t tis where we ask a question, give torrect answer, anantheneneveal any other swers we ao would ha& acceed. fifit upuphere's an interestg question -- according to a rt in the ashington post what h officially gone out of stste? the rrect ananers, "skinny jeanan welso would have accccte"the bush familil" [lighghlaughter ] "the bush family" also would haveeen n cept for the qu"wt has officially gone e e of stylyl"
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lahter xtxt lauguger ] e next up,p,n scscnce news -- a teamf phphicists r rentlyl claimed that by using super r sensite e uipment, they ha managed to capre the souou of what? the rrect sw is, ack holecolllling."" wewelso would have accepted, "dr. bn's speang voice."" [ laughter and applause ]try to teach himim lesson on how@w jokesework spng of the presidenal election -a videdefrom 13 of rnie sandede sfaced recentlylyshowing the presidential cdate d dng what? thcorrect answer is, "being arrest at a civil ri rally." we also o uld have accepted, "sdingis eggs back a !a diner." [ laughtht ] "sending his es baba a aa diner."
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about donald t. recently, the pope suggested atatonald d ump was not christstn because of what? pthe correct answsw is,w(at he e saidbout buming a a ll on thmexicaf!boer." we also would havecccsted, "what he s sd about muslims, and women, and rosie o'donnell." [ laughter and applause ] any of those. any of thoho we wod have acacpted. mattel -we'r'rl familiar withattete thtoy company, mattel. all kmael. [ lighughter ] ma has come out withth new prodthat wililallow kids to their toyusing what? the correct answer is, "3d printer. welso would ve acce@ted, "loophole e childldabab laws. [ laughter ] becaususififhe kids mamaheir own toys, it is noillegal. thanks to a loowhole in child labor r ws. [ lalahter ] hehe's a real puzzr! is what th is what the scriptellse. e to a risk of exploloon, wh
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w yorkers not to s sepith? the correct swer i "llll phone. o would have accccted, "hehenstairs neighbhb." laht ] i can't emphasize enghow plosive e couououe if you sleep with your downstaiai ighbhr and then change your pnd about tm, 'cause they still downstairs. [ ughter fifillou guys, travel news, everyoneavititkindndf news. that's'shyt s s own seion n theewspap. according to a new repept, what could cause trsatlantic c flhts to taklonger?? e correct answerer- "climate pchange." we also would have accepted "sitting next to a mth breather." [ laughter ] this has been "we also wowld have a aepted. p[ chee and appppuse ] we'l'lbe right back with mome "late night."
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[ cheeee chrs and applause ] >> set welme bacto "late night,t,everybody.y. ease, givet up fororhe 8g 0nd right over r e! [ cheeee and applalae also, he'e bacacwith us tonigh andnall we long, the drummer fofothe ackeys, patrick carneyeys here. ank yososo-- >> t tnknkou.. [ cheers andppppuse ] >>et -- for r ing g thths this wk,k,atri. now, as you knkn, 16 esidtial debate seon -- full s sngsuper tuesday today. anif you're like me, the only
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debas sosoar is thth there haven't en neaeay enghf themem -- [ laughter ] ] sosoexcid aounce this.s we're going g hosanother on right nono d d m me e ings more exciting, we've invited the candidates from boboboarties. they're all here and ready to go. so, without further ado, here is the e ate night mopublocratic pridential debate."( [ chchrs and apppp] >> s sh: >> seth: welme t tthe "late night demopublocratic & presidential debebe.e. i'i'i'oderator, seth meyers. [ clrs t toaoaoa excusee. t's get ststted.d. mr. trump,p,he first questisis fo u'u' coming ofof your thd straight primary vtoryrynd polls show you're gointo have big night tonight. what do you thininthis means for the future of ououcountry? >> iis goi to a disaster. >> sh: tnk you.. [ [ ught nator sands, how do u
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>>heirir's intelctct develomay haeeimpacted. [ lauger ] set makak sense.senar rubio, john kasich refuses to drop out of the race. whatyothink`his s me pn >> to o ntinue t ttry somothing thatas no chance of happening. [ light laughter ] seth: dr.arsoso i you u re elelted, what would yoururecret seseice coco name be? >> fit salad. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's a good one. that's a super good one. [ cheers and applause ] fruit sal? senator clinton, whataare two st imptant t t ts you exexct tarn from a dra song? >> where do wewetart from m d d& ere do we e d up [ laughter set the bottom, to here [ applse ] ] senator rr, if y y arelectet president, will you bring sese back? >> i would notring it ba in ( any s/rt of widespread use.@ >> seth: we apeciate thaha [ lahter and appppuse ] the americ people apprpriate th. mr. trump, you look kind of re
11:54 pm
night? >> i h it vev] hard. [ lalahter ] ] >> s s s well, thank you foror g st. senator rurmo, inow you're married, but if f weren't, atouou be yo favorite pplacacto use tinder? n florida, where t tre are a lot of peopllike my motherer [ lilililauger ] >> set okay. toach h f)own.n. senator sanders, i'm casting a rat packckovov. i'll let y b, if youant. you can bebeean main. >> but let me be frank. >> seth: allllighthtfine.fine. [ laughder ] you can be frank sinat. governororasic do you think u ulululululn martin?? >> i do this ala theime! >> seth: aig, grt. so, governorasich, in your stean martin voice,@,@ll us what youhinknknkthe group candates on this stage tonight? >> it looks ke the b brd of dictors of a massage parlor. >> set whoa! [ laughter a applause e that was very good! >> thank you. [ laughter
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i g gng to se >> you wilsestars of davids s anananosses, but yououill also seescent moons. [ lauger ] >> seth: y y might be eatititin off-and l%ckchchmsms [ laughter ] mr. trump, where is your favorite p,pce to have your birt parties? p>> medieval titis. [ laughter ] >eth: senator cruz, mr. trump, and senator rubio, for econds, i uld li you to behave like petulant ildren guing at a playground, startiti now.. >> donald airere >ouounow why -- [ talkhinover each other ]> i u uerstand ruleare e ry hard you- >> i have hihibook -- >> oyourureali tshow - [ lklkg over each other >> thank you for t book. thank you for the ok.. >>o ahead. >>onal y/yank t'a lo f fp hereretonit.t. havetete y y. la ] >> seth: thaha you ys. very wel.[ chchrs and alalae ] ry wl done. dr. carson, the ne qstion's foyou.
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ridinghe new york city subway? bodily uids, like sala ananurure.e.[ laughter ] [ audi ooh] >>eth:kay. mrtrp, why y y t atou are? at's yr secr? >> it's the tremenenusmounof drugs. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeaea we got this. senaruruo, i hea youound donald trump gickekeout of a ststclubast ninit. what happened? >>ond ucucon one of th. [ [ ughter ] 0 >> seth: oh, y you can't -- you can't totoh on any of them. [ light ughter ] it's, like, one of their rules. . . ump, do yoyowap the crowd at y y yralls? >> we haveeople opng t ads off many other p pple. >> seth: wheid y getett & idea? [ light laughter ] >>ededvavatime >> setet okay, yh,hat makes nse.e. [ lauguger andpplaus] all right, we're all out of time. on behehf he candites,s, hvvvood night. 'lbe right bacwiththjeifer lopez.
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toyoyo. let's places. [ rs and applause ] >>eth: our first guest tonight is a singer, actress -- let's beones
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you can s%hehestarri as deteive rleeeeantos on the hit popoce d dma "#ades of blue," whi a a athuray nigh a10right t reren nbc. let'take a loo you use for. in a m me hunt. u leme s it t t onono loman'shooting k kwing thawe re c cer harley. told you. it'compmpcated. >> wrongnswer. ifou'r'rgoing b bngng- our circle, then yoyobettermnmnelust him m re tn anyone. >>e ought usn. he delered50,000usfor ststg. we'r'rnonocommtetetil know e details. >h, a how do yokekeim s f? >> seth: pase welcome back to the shshshththways lovy jejeifer lopez. cheers and applause e thk yo
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>> i kno i kw! saw it there. >eth: youaw a aittltl pstiyogot it off. set are you?? lovely to s sou as alwa >> yoo, w ve yeen? >> seth: ie beenenezy od. d congrats o ithe show. this is a very fun part r you, i would imagine. u u to plalaa corrupt cop -- i io.(& eth: -o'w w rking >>h: - - -cause you got 0 h, it's coewlicacad, and she's great charar yoknow, wh i first got ts s project, was j-- to produce it, and thth, , ju kind of -- in my mind, kepep aying g leadadharacter. you [ laughter ] i was like, "y"y kwhwhwh is could actuaua a good thing. >> setet did y get to the point whereryoauditionededther people aroug them ininnd sasa, "now, do it l)ke m m? ughter ] n bututnce i dededed to do it, i ditioned@vith all the ma characters, almlmt. >> seth: and you got fantastic actors, ray liotta. >> so go. >>etet drea matato. >es >> set who intastic as ll. >>8> iazing t t sw, dreawarren kole.
12:03 am
>> set rayays fantastic, and ray iserfrct to play aop pwho'o'a litt dirir.@$>> rightht >> set because he -- believe ray isoth a good perso th his vgood at playini @ mebedydyho's got, like, that -- >> h hunderstands family. >et yeah, verododn family. >> okay? ananhe is, you know, intntse.he'sough, he cplicated. but that's the t tng abobo the whole show, ishat it's about pit's'seally about human nare and how, you know, we can find oursvewith the besof rselves s theheorst of situations. > s sh: yououe veryogd ---- g works very y od. bebeevevyou u u what t u're ing. >es..>> s sh: s setetet watchop showndndounkhat p%rson doesn't >> oh, n no, no. you know what? ththththhe thing. i would think on allops -- on rseveryby'y'always`sike, "am i holdininthe guguright? do i look stupid? are cocw going to ink i'm an idiot?" [ laughththt pit's'slwlws about, like, are we inthugh the door the rig y? you know, those lilileleetails e what makes it. >> seth: well, yououe getting t. want to asabout ----ecse again, you are sbusyd i' sompressss at ththlevel do
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"amemecacaidol" seas 15.5.last sean. >>es, lasteasoso >>eth:s ititite otiojalause e ' the last sas? >>t is. it is for me. bubiu guys k i cry everhingngng [ laught ] ouounow -- ijust -- it's been such aazing show. i've watched it since the first on. and now to think that it's going to be gone is hard, you know? it's jest brought us so many great moments. >> seth: it really h, and i thk yoyohad one of t t all-time gre momomts this st week with kekey clar. >> oh, my god,d,es. >> seth: now, , also am crier, th really t me. >> no, it was. >> seth: so, she came out. she sang a song shshwrote about her d cacaed, "pieie by piece.e. >> rig.. p>> seth: s h d trorole getting thugh it. yoyo were a ss, e judges. >> wwerere mes how abouou-- i d dn't even - like, was so into r peorornce and wahing herer and feinso much for her, i didn't e en realize meith h ban was falling apart next to o . laughter ] >> seth: falng apart, ye.. i watched it backckater at home i was like, et me see hoth shsh looood togh"
12:05 am
idio" >>eth: i hope afterwar, yo all l idid- >> i didt evev go like thinot one time did i i ik at him and noti he was sobbing. laughter ] the grown man nfxt to me was sog.g. i had d ideaf >> seth: ihould clariv i'm'm somewhere tween where you were and keith. >> right seth: in'go fl urn on it. [ lalahter ] lili, i kept it together a lile bit. >> rht, righht and i was kiki of f st likik "oh, my y d." i coulstill feel it was about her husband, h dad, r unbo child, hererhild tt e alady s. set yes >> it was a great song. >> seth: and obviolylykelly' boththop and country, i will say y ere is that wonderfufu ing oflike, coy backckoundndif yououeveravto thabouwhat the song'g' about. it just tells you ststy mu. >t's veve on n te.. seth: you're like, "what's this about?" you're like, "oh, no! this is like readingngngiary." >> yeah, it'uimpmp. [ laughterer yeahahin thehees y.y. >> set ilys. d e ---- havso mh love fofokelllllthougugi -- causi had the worsrs situation watching it, because my wife walk in. d so, i'm, like,e,ryryg, and
12:06 am
, itit aong about and it's not jusme, , nniferer - >> "'s evevebody!" >> seth: " "d should skeitba" [[b[bhter ] >> urbrb's a m ms! yeye, yeah. >> setet and now, you also h he a vegas show. >> i do. >et so, h often a a you doing the vegas show? >> i'm doinghe show -- i do 40 shows a year for the nextew yearar thrhrears and we@eust started. opened in january. it went azazgly y ll. > setet and what de@you dede tdo i i had you do a s sw inegas and rereized, "t"ts is the way totdo it?" >> no,o, i actuay did do -- last new year's, theheasked me to come and do sho athere.but no, i think when i wenon ur, the kind lfadoo our knmw about throroslin v vasand d theyfyere ke, "you n do shs.s.d ndndf planted thse anhen n hecamemeo mfi s li"wow y k k thought, "wow, fravk sinatra, elvis esley,y, these people." go and do a show and cat something rely special.& >> set also,he scale of , , @ imagage ecause uike touring, whehe you don have to
12:07 am
everything in onace. >> rigig. h:t must bnice t tdo showexacacthe showou want to do . >hat't't'y, youw, creatingngt was so much n. >> set ieabyououefer -- you wted d tbe, like, a bnblocpay. >elel yea sethi lilil thth [ lapter ] >> sh: okay, now i -- i'i' nna statt by saying, never - be to on >> rightht >eth:h:'t know ah a b b bblk party would d le. >> well,llust e energygyf at. >>etet okay,ood, becauau is this approtetf bro ock k rtrt [ hter t'clos >> seth: oka if i had a bronx block party, that's what would be likeke >> seth: wel nowowt not backck is this brx block party?y? yes. [ chrs ] ph! ish! >>eth: to o o i bebe - right w, you c yld gto a bronx ock papay e e lili --- [ eers ] seven girls dressed like t tt. > by thway, thosesere guy >>8>eth: yeah. >>eah. okay, me. i'm m g).. seth: oy. p>>ou said, "vegirlrl" was s ke -- seth: no, i'm saying, like, right now at a bronxlockpapay, i feel kerere sevegirldresesd li y y. >h, okay. >> seth: i know those are gu ere' like, mustaches and bearar[ laught ] 's reaeay od. t,o, tl melikehow many stumchanges do yououo? >> we e a lot. there's, like,even sections, and so there's a change for each
12:08 am
and thenenithin ththseions, we, you know, gehange. weake off a jacketwewedd, you knowagrobe, you ow, diffffent thingn happen.>> s%h: a n n nrdbe unctns or anyt clo? >> well, i hrdad o, i dn knononohae. seth: o no. that's thehestind. [ laught ]>> yeah, i kno it w w ie last num thank about itits late then i was likiwho cares?" >> sh:eah,hat's ininhehe pastst >>etea d. >> seth: yeah, exactly. ift waout thwhole time, pople would have en like, "that is notogd." >> yh, )was not t t.t. >> seth:h:t was s out. od good dep what rorou we in, bxactly.p >> sh: so, i'vheard -- obviouslou'rspendidi some in vegaga i' heaour ther is a galer. is this true? >> yes. >> seth: s lik tgamble hahashe noken ur vegas sidedey as an opportity to d some of this? >> y ynow,hen n e found out i was gonna be dngegas residency, she wasasuite exexted. >> seth: y ah.
12:09 am
pi said, , now yoy wi." [ ughter ] no, but she loto come to shows anyw. i don't know if of you guys sa kathie and hoda, when she came to my show -- hohoame to the show ononhe opening ght, and my mom m s theren and d e was a loo& cebrities who memeo showopeng night, andndndwas thtte. and we put ha righghnext bier. e w my mom, and e went and hung out with my m m. [ laughter ] >> sh: yeah, exactly. >> she was like,lee e eberer gointo hang out t th jennnner's mom.b shshs hang a ball! [ lalahter ] >> seth: thereou go. >> my m wawadancing and ing -- >>eth: oh, thqt't'eat. i mean,he w beingngupe. >h: now, you -- >> thahas her name, lupe p[ laughter ] >> seth: good, you ularififi >> "e was beinlupe." "what do that mean?" laughter ] h:hat is a name, not a adjective.e. - you have kids ofour own -- twinwho just turnedeeight. >> lupe.t. what c cld it have meant etetethe was being lolpy. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >eth: you havtwo eight-year-olds. >> i do. they justurnight. seth:hat do you do foan eight-year-old twins' birtay?
12:10 am
they just turned eight. weent t/ disney. wasast their reques was tough bthday r keke bee i i the first rtrt w wre i realilid, ,ik th're ally gti - ey're not babiesmore. >> sh: gt, okay. >> you know what i mean? that happeneat eight for me. you would thininit would be at, like, at five. you'rereike, "oh, they're nono baes a amo."or six or seven. >> seth: thehemainta b by until eight for you. >> night beforeieit -- the nighfofo they turned e eht, , i'm m ke -- >> seth:nd did y manane -- >> kell\l\larkson. >> seth: did you keep it together untilheir birthday? >> urbaning. >>eth: becauseo eieit-t-arld wants to watch eir mom sing thrhrough their birtrtay.& >> no, no, n n i diititmyse. you you waitititil thehego to beded you know howowt is.& >> seth: they thinineir r m's & gonna in the othth rm,m,nd if & they see her crying, it's fr . [ laughter >> yit's'sad >> seth: n w, dohey knkn yet?do thehaveny sensef yoururcelebrbry?is that methg that, like -- asight-year-olds >>%ah, t ty know, and th've heard fromchool now, b bausesekidsill l y things at school,
12:11 am
you, is big fan," you know,w, things like that. p>> seth:o, they ha t# # me home constantly, blike, "i ththk e's muipip@ptalkers ataty scscol >>ight, ght. but know, ey knothei dangs. thth've se us rf you ow >> s s s r they j jt n't her peofleo. hey've slike on "idol" now. i t ththven er tibefo this year ve don five years. >> set arey impresser are juslike, "eh." >> ty don'n'care. seth: y yh, that't'good. [ ughter ] that's the best, thoug i g gss not cari. y dodot care a aall. i'm like, "mommy needs to work." they're like, "why?"i'm ke, o o eatnd stuff," you knowow [ laughter ] >> seth: "'s w m h sen jonc " "mmy'y!aland e nes s woror yeah."" >> s s s well, thank y y yo mu for c ng bacac 's alws s lit see yoyo >> thank you. [ chrs and applause ] >> seth: cgratulations. nner lez, ybody! "sdes oflue"s thsd nightstst 10:0:0onbc. we'll right b bk wi is cstnunu d, you can jus dad, you can just drop me off rhthter n n'll l you uto e frt of the schl. that's where y iends are.
12:12 am
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[ eers and alause ] >> seth: welcome`eack to "late night," everybody! our nextxtuests a talented actor you ow frorofilmlike "boyz n e hood" an"the best man."" 's currently s srring in t 0medical procedural "sewowo," which rsrsednesday nights on fox. let's take a look. strtrtrt toto silicone in the messsse. is silicone gng thelps catch thisis?ususif not, we still hav serial kililr t the o` t t t >>he kr us a s sicon ld to make the fingerprints. with the indnd fger r have e prprounced radial looping. we have the scarar >> rosie, we're ruing the rints.. >> you d'teed to run them. these prinreine. on't knonoat. when i s 10 yi abbed my fr'scpel l e wrwrend,t ft a scar. these ar pris.>> fm exposing hypocococ to stalkingyo
12:17 am
rosisi i d thit't't'e @reets we have totoorry about. great, , ll explainhito the chf.f. ta good, lonlook at my ass. it's about to get chew off. >> seth:h:lease lcome e hehe showoworors chestnut [ chrs andndpplaus] s welcome! >hank you f havin. >> seth: s shappy re herer'm >> i ilad to be re. seth: you look like a million bucks. >> tha you, sosoo you. >eth: thahaou so o ch. >> i g/wta get one of these, man. >> seth:eah, plelee, you canan tahis e. it w w't fit, but n take it. now,w, -- i want to talklkbout thisis "r" w show ts ae. es. sh:h:nd our bd leader fredrmisenwhen he's s s , willllecap epide television sws fof us. >> oh. >> seth: now, "rosewood" hadn't been on long -- >> okay. >> seth: -when i asked fd to ll me about pisode of "rewoooooo so i want show it and y y telle hoclose we came. okaka cool. let's it. sh: here's fred.& >> i like en people talk about our show.. lauguger ] red: and theheliveveear this island clelelesewood. the facty owowr mes back and
12:18 am
she's li, ongratulions." and he's like, " wha" she'e'e'ke, "oh, didn't know itasi t t veveve glses." [ laughter ] pso h hwas like, "who`oere yo ( pping toongratatate?" and she was like, "oh, no, nothing, i don't'tant to talk about it.& it's like --t's kind of a surprise and it'no one you know, but ononof our employees, i'congratulating himor someing."" and he's l le, "what?"?" pand she's like, "why are you lling?" laughter ] and so, they he this quiet fight for, like, the who half hoho. >> seth: that does not seem right at all. u u---- that's not que accurate, [ [bughter ] seth:ececec basededn the @ip,pthis seeee tbe medidal ama,a,es >> yes, itir a medal drama. it's basically abo a private ologiswho teams up with a a pt, s sy detectiv solve crimes in n ami. >>eth: got you so, you're the pathologist. you'reot the hot, sexy -- >>o, i'm n t t hot, sexy detective. that was jaina l l ortrt. >> seth: it would have beefea loworse ififououd a dedective teams up with a hot, sese pathologi. [ laughterer
12:19 am
but thateviuw, that critiqiq, and thatnalysisisisiot exaly rit. sh: no, n that wasot fred's best. now, yoy deal with not actual ad bodies, but thererere cadavers sn ththow. >> right, ghg( seth: now, ononhowsike is, , g actors as ur d%dd op?ka so, here'e thinin so, if the episode statas off and the character's alreadad , thth wjvse a aake bodyny >> seth: got i i >>hahappens , some actors start off playing the people who are going to die, and then once die,ethth we use thacal bodies sn my slab. >> seth: right, they've gogoto play it unless there's aummy thbt looks just liki them. >xactly. anansowhwh happens is, y y ow, , eye ying o othththslab for, i meanansometimes like@ six hourat a timem so, , times wewee e the middle of the scene, we can hear the stomach grgrlingngthey start snoring. one time we werereorking on the t body, and we had been doing this scene for a lontime. pititas take after takefter ke. and i think the guy actually fell asleep, b b he wasn't snoring, andll of a susuen, he woke up in t t middle e the scene. [ laughter ]
12:20 am
- scared. [ [ ughter ] i was like, "who" wain charaer.. i in c ccter. >> seth:h:eah. thatould makakfor a very special l isode of "roseod,"," where the gujust c c c bk tot/ fe. [ lauguger ] ] >> comom b bto lifif e ectct. >eth:h:ell, you mentitied you were in "boyz n the hoodod >> )es.>> s a aonme -- was that your first film? >> thawas my first mie, yeah. seth: now, thth mt have en iimididing for a a fifi t tbe -- i an, i guess a loof peoe in it, it s theifirst. >> well th actuauay -- no, it was a lot ofofeople's first,ut it really wasn+t intimimating at the me, bebeuse whenever i went to the audidi, john singleton was mage.e. so, ) wasn't reading for a director, like, a spielberer 0 meone who was much older. it was jn singleton. wasasy age. then on thehprojojt, it was cuba's -- ititas one o ihis firsmovifs. heheheeen working in hoywoo bute d -- you knkn, no one really knho he was. and fishburne was s ke "pee wee's s ay house," butut angela bassett, all those pepele, , eyeyeally weren't who ey aoday. >> set yeses >> so it really wasn't tha intimidating. i was just always bugging ba.. 'cse he e d the experien. i was always bugging him, king m questions about the industst. d he'd'dalk t the trailer, i'd walk out the trailer, he'd wa bk inhe trailercause e e(e( heaw me, it'd be f%nny
12:21 am
>> seth:ou a aed t tt ny lost when aw y y? i w w always asng him questions, because i was really green and he had worked quita bit in television. and i was always askinhim ququtions. @if i seuow'll wawa away. [ laughtht ] >>eth: did you have any sense while you u re m ming - )i mean, guess, you k k bei ur first fm, anyone's first film, you d think iss ine a big deal. did youbve any sense of how long film would endure?? no, i iad nidea, and d didn't thi it was going toe a big film because i was in it, and nobody kw me you know, it'sne of ose things, i'm justtartininout and d m in a movie, i'm i'm m craft svice everyryry gettininsweees and a thahatype of stuff. i'just happy to be there. seth: now, is it movithatat cam if f 's o otv now, , willllou w w w it? have you watched it -->> actually, i iadn'seent in yeyes and it was on in my hotel om a aut a month agogo anani was flipping channels, it wawaon, so i thoug, "o"o let me w wch it," and i s just cringing. i was like -- i s such badadad acbackckhen.p[ lauger ] it was really haha to wawah, butut appriate evevebodydylse's performance.
12:22 am
>> seth: also, '91, not the bestpstste clothes-wise. th's the other thi >> n n t bt t t e clothes-wise ahe part t me getting shototthat wasd of tougugeal l th. setet yeaea >> seth: that was ice firit moe asell, yeah? >> it waice cube'sirst momoe, yeae- but i was a huge n.w.a. fan at been surpred -certainly, his - career after, buduat the time what a gooooactor wasas>> oh, yeah. it was great. and s just s srtinout,o i really c cldngngcrcriqueue anybody. i was s stststpy t tbe t t bubuhe did a g j j. d i have to say thiswhenen atch the fm it ds tata me back toomentsnd everything thahawe had. and all had such a great time. >>h: well, you'rinedib lucky, because a lot&people's firsing something that nono wants -- you nevewant anybody else tsee eper agaga. >> that's ue. >> seth: and it't'nice t thaveve started d d classic. congrgtulalaons. >> thank you s smuch >> sh: a thank you so much fofobeing here. such ahonor. - thank you fororinme, i i appriaia it. [ ch and applause e >> s sh:ris chestnut everybody! "rosewood"d"irs dnesday ni fox!
12:23 am
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,,,,,,,, cheers and applaus] >> seth: welcoco b bk to "l"le night,everody. our xtst w an ademy awawd d d a to zoris rtof emcee agd reee versionof "caretet his ir, te remo,"s aila bostor. please wcome to ththsh, el grey. [ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: >> seth:h:lo! how w e you?>>od!! >> set i so ppy u're here no donant -- i dodot nt to ke you fee uncomfortable. you are a broadwayegend.i i i you know that. giggles ] no, don't let it go to you head. so, you're a broadway ----nd leie odom, jr., who pl ron rr in "hamilton," a show
12:29 am
@ckets to -- whene was here, he t td story that wheey doing it at the public, sold o o shows, impossible to get tkets, you w wked up to the ticket counter, id your name is jojo grey,y,nd thehejust handededou a ticke and you went in. bels d to a ter inew yondst g tket sw. trueuer fae? true. [ laughter ] [ cheers a alausus] set fantastic.what a life. whate. >> and i i a big liar. [ laught ] >>et are you a aig liar? but is i )true? d you get a cket to -- >> that, i did. >>eth: oka worked thereat thpublic theer, on a few s. but i just -- i warey to pay. and i just saia) ", dodoou a ticket fofofoeledy?y? theyanded d d o ani le.laeret i t tsuch amove bu,u,ecauha pbox offierson on broadway wants toay to joel grey, "i'm loing, ion't see it? >> well, they'd been lined up tside myrtment. >> seth: okay, got. oh, now ople wants y to go get th tickets t t"hilton"? >> i'm in n nebusiss, yes. [ laughter ] >> setet there you go,o,eses
12:30 am
[ laughter >> yeah. >> s sh: now, want to talk@k@k we mentioned you won an n car. won acade ard.e e cat happed. d yeararouon f abaret," al cino f "theodther" was in your category. whenou left that night, what were your expectatns o oyour chance >> none.e. >> seteaeay? d you go so far didjdou writitspeech? did you do any of th? none.e. eth: reay?>> d notng. s what sathatat ntn you hearur namdi>> wl,iaoss was presting, and she said, "a thththcar r to -- [ light er ] jl [ laught ghwagog to pey . set. so, )teadi ki my >> sh: ts oda. >> ad upupn the e age. and di't knonowh i w ying, bus -- i was a happy man. >> seth:hat's s eat.&& congratulaon and thisof course, a you'd alrdy played and
12:31 am
ananyou di obvbvuslyt of singing g the film, b b bouluid not art yourararar yod inng tt corrrr >> n n was like cob emblbl. et oeay? soatr nng.>>o,as same as h neears set rlly? eath'syoyot yoree s s sed @>> puthasdin my etkee d. h:t' le, tnini-year-powev >> yh. [ lahter ] >> sh: a d t siing ar d u ardointcb f? o, w -- left ev w eas aacto h: okaka andnkinat tt was myonly wisanayn ifif b t t t tatereros erwano theatererhe.>>h: s youul ecked ouen laugug m >> weler - -mymyhemick kz, got jspike joned lier > fansticic>> yeah,wae one is
12:32 am
pungk . ught ] well,hat's f >> seth: yr ther i i io e whdiththxhn e jojoe? oh, i didndneali tt. at's fanstic. >>eaeaeat went --[ fuy nonoeseses& [ laughter ] seth: that's s interesting skill to find out you have.@ [ lahthr ] now, you did -- so, you thehe film of "cabaret." you originate the rolef th emcee on broadway. w it's film. bob fosse's recting it.. he's known as a exag d director. you ve history. you've already played the rtn you obsly some & rstandin ho ay idiy u bt ads wh y actu s srtngn lm? >> wel we didn butt hes. weweidt evev butt or head. [ laughter ] we did nothing. he rused to fororhe role. >> seth: :eally? oh, w just ing to cast an actor from -- in the bininin >> he wanted to create a star, himselfn >> sh:ow, so, how did d endnd up gng tyou? well, the producers were so of on my side.
12:33 am
and thereas meeee s pwere ty we t ch. d b sse lked iansa"wel tsiis the menen ofruthguys. 'sitheel grey or me." >> seth: wow.. >> and marty baum, the pducer, id, "then it's joel grey." seth: w w. what a- > i d't tnk that's everer hahaenen. >>eth: yea that's very rarar >> because theirector is king. >> seth: yeyh. e, firtoou surbefo hsaha-- ht whainappen. hehocheck with the producers a ead of time and be like, "hey, i do this, you guysysot my back, ririt? bbuse thisisisgoing bvery awkward d r mehen i go back k t. so, yoyo actlly -- so yoyo-- the filarard, you sort pof knew thatou hadhe backing of the pcers. thushaveeen nice. >> it was nice, buit was rrible with him. >> seth: oh, t t thole time? >> well, challenging. setet and then, whehethe lm cos ououd the film sceeds, d you have aent with h , "w we n causorket"?
12:34 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: tt'good.. it's goo-- s setimimt'good to hold grudges.[ lalahter one of the oer -- >> i was g to tell you about the night that i.. i livenext door to larry gman. >> seth: larry hagman, the star of "as >>. sh:es. asgrt,reat p p. d aws goinofto t tacy awds3: ithe ternththsand. and i came homomwithwi totally happy. in fnt omy dr, therere was this enormous hy, and it& was s s aveded- "tjoelelely,y, the best [ bep ] ]ghbor r award." [ laughter ]he ad d would comeomemhaed. laer haa frie >>eth:has a friend hope you immedte handeit back to him and id, "thi
12:35 am
[ laughterndndpplause ththgs aboboboour book, you talklk about your sexuality. and u'veveg er hemaart" es peth: you werinthe al art"n brdway. whh is abobo -- yoplay an a.i.d. activivt, a gay book aboutyoyoknow, the struggle to dede wther or pnot t come out. likel%what was your decision to not then? >> it was s different time. >>eth: mm-hmhm >> the p pt five, x, s sen yeyeyeheve been amazing, and i thought -- i was being rvd fofoa plpl zi past y aranwas abouareer. aa, hi is " frien a i a d id t mf
12:36 am
s s i" >>ell, j j s s sou di and it'so wrfou di[ chrsnd alaus] thank u soucfofog re.( ch an honoyochchrsrsrs apprsrs


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