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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 1, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ cheeee [ cheers and a alause ] steve: from sdi6b in roelcentern the hearofew york ci, it "e night show starr mmfallonon
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pmichael ke -- science expe kevevelel -- and featurininthe legendary roots crcr. >> questtove: : >> steve: and no here he is, mmy fallll! @ ee chrsusrsee applaus yeye hello, welcome. welclce, welelmememe"thehe totoght show."." this is it. [ cheers and appus] welc oh, darn, grgrt owd. thks so much for being here. here's what everyo'salking abou
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tuesday. [ chee ] and cou be -- yeah. this could be do or die for a lot of the candidates includg ted cruz, who could be knocked out of thrace depending on h thingngwent tonight. [ cheers ] cruz saithat dropping out would allow him to spend more time with his family. then his family said, "we gotttt get this guy some votes." laughter i can't -- i can't deal with it. [ [ plause ] me on. get out ther actuly tront-rrs for the publicans e marco rubio and donald trump. and if you haven't been following the election so far, this iwhere we're at right now. large rs. the biggest ears've ever seen. >> i don't understand why his hands are the size of some who's 5' have you seen his hands? iave never en any human being sweat like this guy. >> you know what they say about men with small hds. this guy couldn't be elected dog catcheright now if he ran. >> donald is not gonnaake america great. he's gonna make america orange.
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>> steve: come o >> jimmy: i feel like we're just day away from -- i know you are, but what am i. i know you arebut what am i? i know you are, but what am i? i know youre, but what am i? [ slurng words ] steve: peewee. >> jimmy: with today bei super tuday, mons of americans head to the polls to support candidates in stata imaries ancaucuses.` and on their out they received a sticker that said "i voted." this year ththe were actually a a variety of stickers th were gigin out. let ssw you what i mean. is s4scker sd "i"ioted si coulbe late for work." laughterer yeah. thne says sj participapad d in the(upcoming g g alypse [ lauger ] [ chee and appppus >> s sve:`i'll te o >> jimimit's e eit e end.xts tught the vototg g g booth h s s changing room and used ito tryryn br ugueer applalae ] d finally"i v vedor
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voting booth when i epinindemoking a a aararing,g, we c c co thisisheasy way orb the rdrdrd." [ ughter and appuse ] this ipr b b. 's'sei reportetethat " "e new york t tes" s a bombshell audio tape of donaldrump that could deal a serious bloo o himpai. yeye( f f ty refu to relee e e the e pebuwe were ableo pupu a few strings and g a coco. >> stete: really? w. w w how forornate. [ cheeee andndppuse ] immy: isn't t atatmamama. we h he e best p pducececendndnd researchs out t ere. >> s sve: : w. >immy: and they got it. well, here, take a listen to record now, right?t? >> yeahd s se. >> pw. i can finay takehis dead badgerff my head. ad? wt else am i gogoa dousus stles? >>o, of cocose not. think most of us just d like thear some e ecifics, you know, withthegards to your polili o oimimgratatn.n. you. i 100% have e idea what i'm saying out tre.
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and lethe words y ouofy fafa hole. >> so then you're not going to ild a wall? >>o way, jose. i just like saying the word "wall." trit. >> uh,all. >> no, no, like this. wall-l-l-l. wall. >> now you gupn tave. >> both:all-l-l. >> thahas close enoughghclose enough. how's it feel? >> feels nice. >> yeah, here. hold my eyebrows. [ applause ] >> jimmy: he velcros his -- that's a bombshell audio tape. >> steve: thank god we got it, ah. >>immy: oh, this is pretty amazing here. navy s.e.l. edward byers received a med of honor yesterday. and i saw, yeah -- [ cheers and appuse ] azing. saw one of the things he did afghanistan was leap across the ro to protect a hostage from gunfire w wle simultaneously fighting a a taliban guard. thether hand, i saw a a s id i imy a artmeme and i
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hahave to move." [ laughter and appuse ] it was hairy! it w hryry pew oh, m sleepi i kitctcn. enough. here's anoth story o of washington supremcourt justice clarence thomas spokokduringng oral argrgents yesteay for e first timeover ten years. yeah. i guess his exact words were, damn, that was some good weed.d.[ laughter and applaus] wow. note to self, dot hangut with wlie nelson. [ ughter so celebrity news,s, kim kard kim kardashian spoke out about kanye west's ttter rants a says she wantstsryonto be as honest as kanye. then peowere le, "okay, , wewe'tnow why you're famous." lauger ]
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nothth hones not thatonest. @meadwhile, kylie jenner r lookinto trademark her first name in the u.s. the singer kie minogue is ghti it sang that would confr fans. pta a look hat shsaidgritli trng ttrademe name kylie. ter she said that, several pother celeitiewere asked to comment t(ay.y. miley cyrus said, "i agree wh kylie ababt lie." [ lauguger ] noah wyle said, agr with mimiy abououkylie ababt kylye." foer nbabaoaoaap r r saidid"i agreeith wywy abaut miley about kykye ababa@kylie." gaga shohoho guymimiy ia 4 i ree e th@hileyeybobo wylu aboumimimiabout t"t"e about wilele. coyote sai"i agree with smiley about riley about wyle aboutem a a k kie about t lili& apaplle nealsa, s" i gus heas ae >> stete: waselel? to dinner with patey. 0i i t t owlwhy he was s t.
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the very first boeing 727 ever dedeack in 1962 was scheduled e ititlala flit)t)dada 0ssenererlike, "cl, i'i' takakakxt flioi""laughter ] ] ] good odth t tt old ou. ifou have kids, you might wao@listen t@ i sa efeort t bettererepepseseern familiey, , go c catad a atay atatatdadadaguguguguonon it t the e c, , we [ lalahter a apppbususususus that's right, lego created a a stay a&& stay ahomo d d digig ppppayayayhomomomomops s so` otr gogoand sonaps`s m m m m doesor a a a ling.hter i'm rkrkg ont!t! and finally, lawmake i i iw hampshire are now backing a a bill that would make it
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theieibreaeaublicausus ey say in huhu tourism. nrlrlns said,abab abobobohaha"[ laht a alala] n't know. we have a great ow. give it up for the roots. eersndndppppuse [ cheers and applause ] t&t& im: thths my`n@mixo @ee sitititth roros. [ cheers a andndpplalae beaul,eautifull autil, b bifululul a portrtn o& the @roceces from
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ecitututut thk u so mucf/r,dodo atatatat >> thank/y, jiy.eersrsrs appe ] >> steve: wo jim: b b week of owahea 00morrow night oals s na f fndachel maddow w w her@.veveme o [ cheend appppuse ]>>mynachch and i g debututut-n calald "k"kw it all@" i%seid. ihihhursrsy y gototomething cool.u guysysw w l the ththe e songs from tgif, "full h," "step p step," y mamuer a w months agoe reached outo l l guy yho wrorond san all @ @hem. his names jee fredericand kekehim e'writita e ng f "totoght showow d it. it i iinin d thursday we're goa dethatatong th t ifsiong cred rs and appuse e itit b -- - gus ptaleleed.pus, we'l'lhahaha arreililams, we have priyanka chopra and lorettnnthththow>> steteyeah>>mj: ititnae e apsesebut t t ing us tonightht 0e e e he stars of hiskey
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itjpiti i eaears this friday, , , @ ta, the e rg rgotote is stoppg by. [ chrs andndndlause maot and i are going to talk about t skey tgo foxororor thththe'll play a round of whisper chlenge. sticicararnd f fhat. yeah. time we p p pipipip >> s sve: righgh >immy: anani don't remember who wo >> steve: : u don't remember who won? i think she won. >> jimmy: one of us won. but don't know. >> steve: oh, i thoughshow n. >> jimmy: what up? >> steve: i thought sh-- jmy: no, i didn't -- i didn't see theho right ther >> jmy: i dndn see the show that night. >> steveshe won i belie. i didn see the show. >> steve: no, you were working on the -- i seem to recall you flipping t cup a a losg. >> jimmy: i didi't see it. >> steve: oh, okay. flipcup. >> jimmy: from the hit show "better call saul" my man michael mckean is here. [ cheers and alae ] love michaelckean. [ applause ] funny dude. talented dude. and then we're going to blow stuff up. it's the most fun. [ cheers ] our resident science expert kevin delaney is back with som cool stuff that yodon't wanna
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cannot waifor that. hey guys, time to take a look at t storiesaking headlines todaand weigh the good with the bad. it's time for prosnd cons. here we go. pros and cons and pros and cons and os >> jimmy: tonight we'll be taking a look the pros and cons of facebook's new emojis. yeah, they just added a bunch of new emojis so you can react to ptsn other ways instead of just clicking like. yeah, so let's take a look at the pros and cons of facook's new emojis. here we go. pro, facebook's new reactions include love, ha, wow, sad and angr cons, there's still no emoji foour babys ugly. [ lalahter andpplause maybin the next update -- >> steve: maybe. - >> jimmy: mae in the next update they'll do that. pro, we can now communicate by stinsimple drawingon other people's walls. con, so basically we've`gone back to being caven. [ laughter ] >>teve: there you go.
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pro the emos a e round, yellllardr facacachahaha ppjm laughteteto anger t t psmsming ryin con, it's like watching cman have a complete nervous breakdown. [ ughter ] ckckacka, wacka.a. cliliing like aftft g out ananldriend t a a new b.b. n,n,licking ve after findg out t t ot f f. can't t l be working for you buddy. pro, there's now an easier way poke somee. con, it's called signing up fofo tindndnd ohoh prpr ccking wowoon your r iend's e frnd'sngngen con, becau tn't have a a wow, thougou'd be ngle fever button.n. nod idea. and nay, pro, if something makeyou happpp you prere like button. if something makes y laugh, you press thhahahaututn. con, if sosothing that mak you go h hha at fifit, then it starts doing well in t polls
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real funny anymore and ts could actually happepe then you press the trp button. there u go -- [ chchrs a applause ] that is the e osnd conon we'll be right back with margot r rbi [ cheersnd applaus] getting getting unlited data for ur family a struggle. other carrrs either don't offer , or it's too pensive! not t-mobile! introducing the best data plan ever! get ree lines unlimited lte data for just fifty bucks each, and get a fourth line, free! yup!we'll give you a fourth line at noxtra cost. so tell those other guys you'redone worryinabout data. get three lines of unlimited data for fifty bucks each, and fourth line on us. hurry, ly at t-mobile. fos, you can make this sff up. ur bandits chose a pus as their getaway car.
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thatne they gave authorities the slip, in a prius. now the fofoososwanted menen in theorldeang oeas. is thaha? i think public sport isatat fevevevitch.. at started a amamaureist is now a global phenomenon. one do have to w wder, how lolo c this chase go on? look, we're trending!
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yota. lego plas., , [ cheers and applause ] >> jinmy: you u o first gugut this evening from qualititfeaturfififisuch as "t wolf of wall street" and "focus." anin theats s arting this friday you can see her oppositit naey in a movie called "whiskey tanan ftrot." plplse w wcome babk a a ntet @ dy. here's margot robbie.p[ chehrsrs cheers and apppppppp p >> jmymy >>immythth lyo eyeyovyoun [ chee alause ] comen. >> thank you >> jimmy: this is a hot s s \ \ \
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avavavscscnce exrt kekekedelay. i heard. that e e eing.g.g. jimimimyeyew 're e e e b%bbb blowiwththgsgsgs >>icked. >> jimmy: are u good in science? were you good in science in olololol i i in'n'it defefitity y sn my y rono pot. fact,last science exam m m evid -- - caususi wa't'tggtwtwtqscience as0a subject q q ononheheinalalxam inilild o&o&oing exam, i ended upust writitg likeke a long n ne toxo mscieec r and --$ >> jimmy: you wrote a letter? >> kind of explained this isn't my forte. [ lala d, know,ut jusushopepe is i i't aisheafafning exaxa for you to mark. it w wn't t t 's me. all that stuffnf >> jimmy: it's notou, it's p >> and it was mimimito stmama s s srew a little chrimas thing in, have a good hoday. ad so u u u u u u, bubuth ote like a nicicli te back and smilililace. imiyiyyofail, bu yeyey--talklklkovovh ototr ] thank goodnene youto acacng b bause we're hap. >> yeah,h,ur out i didn't t t.
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but he's gatatu'll love e e he e es later. hehelo this s and s. >> lovth. jimmymyu' f fm pststa, but y'v'v'vn .lo f litite. .>>myso it to4cyo a pipiure. yoyo to ipty.your friend's a p p p ght? and th have e photh at the pay. >> yeah. i i ouldldtay y of those @ @.. thingsgs >my: : : i i ink ititndeded&&( t t w w c c c y y ysys a a havav at g gat. noain -->>tong i i it t e e e oto.o. jimmy: thatas la theme there e ah. who o yiend, ley rusu ght hter rigig >> jimmy: who's party was i ?? >> it suki. sukipiatathoushe waw hg house warming partrt >> j jmys@s@you jusvsvto this party and you run into . i'ig got tchow tn.n.00 pe't'tinin&& o. odod >> jim: expl.i mebowewe the door, right? >> no -- yes, someone was kind of holding the door.r. i wawalililiohcan i help you. f had things sn hands. ohn n helpouou i gogoyeah, , anksks
10:57 pm
goininin here2e2e6like yeaea ohohool , o.o. >> jiimy: !n!nyoyosounund d d polite. >>s s lylyic >> jimmy: then turns out it was prince harry. >> yes. light laughter ] >> j jmymymymymyrincncharry. y y imimththuyuy [ laughtus]th's pe y! wh talalng adout? n't ow p p p pharry y is? he's thelest. you go to a party -- i know he's not dressed like prince harry. he 't wearing arown though.. i didn't know heheas a prince. jimmy: liking an n impressi off david l ltermam orororethingi don'n'know wha 's'soing. he's'sn n bobobandnd i w like, i iididi kn s seran was at the party. uger and`he gotlry y fended. >> jimmymymy, hehe n n. >> 8e's sjkekehut up.. you know he lip syncs in h bem. that was p p p pfun. >>hat's so e e essing. >> jmy: i hahaen to see you and tocars the otr r ght. u lookededorgeou congngnglalala t tt. thananyou. >im: he's a aoooodu rsnd appusus] >>e's the best.. >> jimmy: "suicide squad" is a
10:58 pm
cheers andndpplalae e eang o o about "suicide e e uad." and d heard th and tel i it true. t d d toi heard fo a a ap gift or sometethe gogoeveryone a pseut he gave it to e e ee e cracter. >> y y, thwr gts w%we e e e arar >> jimim: what did he g%t you? >> i g throughout the shoot ana sortnt of f ft mymyirst gift was ve ratattt >> jimmy: he gotouou r. >> i ictuay on tcan't sasa whwh the oththiftstwererughoututhe s sote wr gt jimwh d d you do oi the rsi was like, ohhis dgustg.(( >> jmymy. becau it jumped ome so i iotot frit.t. -and we got offo o rougug ststt. bubuthther that -- >> jmy: svchch rouou srt. yeah. >> but wasasike, well,t do i io with it? everyone's like i n't know. kill it, i guess. oh, i'm not going to kill him. d so i ended up keeping him a aet. and d atatld my cracter do? ishshgot ananhingrom the e ker,he would, , u know
10:59 pm
eed to l le this.. nni ende getting aweet litt play pepeananlike slide and mechanicic a a this stuff and little leash becse i wanted to take him to set and pwawa him around. >>immymyhehe ngb h hsterr a puppy. >> it was so cute.e. ^immy: didiyo it?t? >> ratat. ghlyrinal. >> jimmyra > b b then andlorat place e was staying g g d out. me oontimeound out hahara 's le that's o >>im: cuse me sorry. yeah, youon't mind, apeciate if you don'breed ra here. roacacs e fine. @particurly a rodent ithe house. >> jimim: where is ratat now? >> found a cfortable homwith guillermo dededodod. >> jimmy: he has rat rat? rat r i ia leamam& enen m%m%m%m4men zi, and -.-.pwee arard ofofh hbd viouslananme ahehehe ntnto jaja jai passesimimlo and one of the wardrgbe girir have been workinon guillermo del torro'o'last moej
11:00 pm
harry from a party at the -- incecears hanging out th r r right now.. rat rat is p p p poo.. jimmy: rat rat is everywyeye. >> i told you rat rat's a fame whe. >>immy: i know love rat rat. let's talkbout "whisisistao foxtroro" >> talk abt sothing important. >> jim: yes, yes, this is finitely -- our pal tina fey, you know i loveinfey. >> i i iw.w. >>imim: thatat mgirl. she'e the b bt. jimmy: : : u owbefore t t movie. yeyeyeyou apapcheers and appuse e ( yeah,lap ti i didndn know r r fofohand.d d d viouslslwassive a fan,n,ike e erne i ppi -. yeaeaea i felt how amang it t t o ge a ance to rk with her. >> jimmy: e's a art cookie. 0 >teve: : : veveto woror she's a a rkrk. y yh,hlnd s s susususal p ff a a >> jimime'a\ good atat wo >> s @rodtthe e lm.stars in the f ds other r tvhows o o o o o. everything s does is like really, reallylyood. jimim: itit f f to watch you guys tet basically you are a journalist, wartitetjoururliststnd she's brnek and you're helping her understand ws going on. >> a bit of roleleev
11:01 pm
me e way. jimmy: that's wt do wh y're by tinor oprah. 's wt you do.. show me the way. tch h raree time a ek. ght lauguger ] i haha a clip p re. here's marart robbie explaining the rules s& tina fey in "wskey tango ftr" in theaters friday. check this out. >> ;an i isk i i >> absololelel free to say no. >> yeah sure. >> iatto evevebring it u u i feel so rude asking thth. can i sex with your security guy?>> oh, balmes. >> aouust sayihat bebeole? >> n n)nwoul.. i'not. p e en ck >>t would never r r pppp. , you're good. c i s s that,t,ou could have nick. u're serious piece of asas>>hankou, oh, that's nice. >> because youe like seven x,even in new york? >> yeah.
11:02 pm
>> wt are you here like a 15? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: it'sny. 's's igood. i ket. was woering if youanted totolay gaga. we py gamesew w d d en on this@shoho ya,icked ur ass last ti soso's ditit jmy: ishat ri >on't you remember? >> jimmy: i didn't see the sw th n nht. >>robly y unk bybyhe time you fish y yr r ers. >> jimmanoi was not. o bes, yeah,h,xactly. didndn use real bebe on the & ow. i thihihat s great. anho wchcd tt th re real beers. > jmy: : ah, they're re. rgotobbibie playin e whisisischallelee after is. newame. ick arou ..'s gna be good. it'sun. chrs and appus lme lemem get a mick there's a t w deal o mcdonalds mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick. now pipi any two of your favoritetelassics
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ight, geicemerncy roadside seseice is there for youou mumuc: "chche"y james brown hethere, canan hp u withnynyinin y sisi, what's at&t&t&tatest fe oh, i dodot t ink that s si can... ririt now, switch to at&t fofo an iphononand gegeone free. wow, is that right? ye, 's'sasally.... yeat is the rrent ofr from at. okay si, you d d't know everything. wewe, , , ow you asksk call you the &t hostess with t t mostest.
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[ cheers andppuse ] >> jimmy: welcome ba, everyb we're hanng outut wi margot robbbb. [ chee a a applalae ] she ststs alongside main freeman a tina fey in hiskangooxtrot" which h hits theaters thth fy. rg and i are aut to play the whisper challeng --hereree [ cheers a applause ] >> whier chage >> jim: now, ,hesper & chlengrkke this. one personuts o heahones wi loud music pling. the other personhen picks up the cardnd reads theheandom phrase othe card. the persononearing the hephonesas to trtrand ess whwh they aiaiai ll put oththheadphes rst. u ree a and i'll try totoss what you're saying.hoho o o he princharry, how a you doing,an?-[ laughter ] ]ou can'tear r say - >> j: all righgh here we go. read >> o oy,kay.- ese witheroon. >> jimreese witherspoon?
11:08 pm
>> you cheated. jimmy: i didn look. i loveee wherspoon. that f f fstic. >> next time i'i gonna go -- >> jimmy: don't t haha dn.ow -- yorehe we e . ye, th'sood. bondi beacaf bondi i& bondi beach. > buz >> a auzzi beachch a zz b. >: bondi beach. >ananbe jimmy: bondbeac >> bada bebe >> jimmybondi h.h. >> badbebeh. immy: bondi ach. >> badadba >> jimmy: bondndbeac ingorse.. i know. >> jim: she'spki italiaiaw. sorr sorry. here we go. bondi beacac ba . [ laughter ] so hd. >>immy: bond
11:09 pm
know'm not sing anhing. >> jimboi beach.h. >> bush in a beach. >>my: bush in a beach. no, , ndi beach. >>ondi beach. jimmy: ohbondi. sorry, bondi. course, i'm sayininit wrong. >>as i yelling? >> jimmy: bondi -- no, not a all. l ght laught ] [ applau ] right, come on, wewean do it. he we go. >> i don't even know what i sa. this i iso much harder than ou forget aboutt. forget about it. >> jimmymymy >> j jmi: think about .. >> fort abt it. forg about it. >> jimmy: think ouit. >> forgrt about itj >immy: forget about i [ cheersla] e ing i'm ahead. ink k out t .. i helped you with this. jmy: the gegeur helel alalght, i'll esesreon one. >> no, d't. it will probobly me meorse.. >> jimmy: ah, here wgo.
11:10 pm
are we good? that's good. labradoodl >lama >lama shoo. >>lama sue. >> jimmy: labradooe. >> laber -- sorry. [ ughtht ] ] >> jimmy: adoodle. it los like llala shoo. know you're not ying that. immymyno, not llama shoo.. >> st shoo.. jimmy: no, no. ready. nonothat wasn't realal labradoodle. >> one >>ne mor >: labrbrooe. [ lahter ] ] >t t oks like lma shoo. laught >> jimimit's nototlama shoo! labradoodle. >> lhasa shoo.o.
11:11 pm
>> jimmylabradoodle. doodle, odle >> lla shoo. it looksike llama sh eve time. i ow you're e t saying it. >> j j >> jimmylaa -- labradoodoe. lavavshoo. >>1z: do. >>hoo. >> jmy: do. >> shoo. >> jimmy: do.>> sho >> jimmy: [ laughter ] le. [ cheers and applause ] plabradoodle. >> lapping dogog >> jimmymyyeah, , g. >> turtle. psoun l le a popole.. a labradooooe?>> jimmy: yes! [ chehrs and applause ] ot robbi goee margot d tina fey hiskey tango foxtr eaters this friday. more "totoght ow" ter the e k! stick around, , eryby.
11:12 pm
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[ eerend applause ] >> j jmy: ouounext g gst is an credibly funny and very tateteed actoror&& u know h n nm the show "lne a srley" anan [ cersrsnd applaus] i know, he's the bes and moviesike "this is sna tap," " est in show," and "a mighty wind." you can see m in the h series "better csaul" which airs mondays at 10:00 p.m. on c. [ cheers and applae evererodpleaseelcome michael mcan. [ cheers and applause ] jimim: lce to the show. >> tnk - >> thank you so ch. >immy: l youcrededs pgot a rod of applalae e wh isays fun. . >> yeah. nobody mentioned "clue." [ cheers and applaus]
11:18 pm
i didi't bring up "clue."" >> a lototf cluests out erer>> jimmy: i wanted to talk rerely quickly about "lavern and shirlele and how you played -- [ cheers and applause ] an!ey and squququ) i meco on. >> i w w c carly the sex symbobo inhat t nch. [ lilit laughter ] >> jmy: yoreally were. >rara burning blue eyes. >>immy: yeah. bubui mean, this is your first tvtvt's s@ur first re. >> y%yh, 4 4yearsrago.o. my fst screen actors gld b. oh my god. [ cheers and appuse ] >> jimmynywas 40 yes? >> yea 40 yea this jajaarth, it was 40 years.p >> jimmymydo you remememr how you got t t gi >> i don't desperately pleading. [ light laught ] no, dadalander i iad been doing ose e aracacrs for ne yes. >> jimmy: gosh, he is a y dude.. h,e'amaminin >> jimmy: yeye. >> he'e'an aming guy. . [ chrs and applause ] squig, sigman. and we we in colle together. ananwe did these ccter and this is e leas coercial thing we do. but nny so thehehow. and her brother gary marshal >>immy: yeah. >> and lowelelga and
11:19 pm
shsh a they had d is successful spin-off from "hahay dadada but they rereookiki for some supportrtg asorirs.& so thehiwritits d ididaybe you sneakakour pchacacrs in. so we e k themthe firsrs ow. lilililaughter ] writing. [ lilit l ughter ] jimmyyeah. >> yeah, we stucucaround and ix was great. >> jimmy: i even he e e album,lenny and squiuiones." >> oh my lord, do o@u u ly? ablulu. yeahl yeah, yeah. >>oo >> jmy: : u we like a a comedian but also weren't you roomtes with christopr guest? yes, that was before e we weo u together, s gugui. d ound up in situauaon i wasuddenly h heleses and he said, wetl come on, me in wit. ananwe startededededng s totother. >> jimmy: serious songs? >> and makineachther lau. ye, kind of.[ light laughter ]&& kind ofolky songs ananstuff. >> jimmy: did yoyohave aame of a group? >> yeah. we were puttingrgrp togeth and we wanted to play folk stuff a also rock 'n' rolltu. soe nted real catc name." so there were two s#hooldown ininhe west villagwhererwe were living.
11:20 pm
fofo andaritime trad e mb td became & ouououdyf food andndime. [ laug ] >> jimmymyveryerious. [ apapause ] wought rolled off the tong nely.y. i thk the cret agenda was that we have an excuse if we didn't make it because - >> jimmyyeah.- looat the name. jimmy: the me'swfulul me o oeah. wee already stararng. this is an uill bale. pyeye.@ but then you went on to dodo "spinal tap" together. >> that's righevevalal, ah. [ cheers anb applause ] >> mmy: wi treat rry shrer as wl. > yeaea >immy: i an hlwlwun, , st amazg. viouy, iked to youasas titi backsta when yowere as "spinal p." as david s s hbins.p >> that't'righgh >> j nmy: it wreat. but wh y see e ery band goesoh, yeah, this is whatat happed to zeppelel. th i iout us. h. in somcases itasasbout them. it just hadn't happened d t. ght t t hter ]rt of the ot.>>'s l le an m.c.@escherf drdring. ye, yeah, ye. part t thelot was s at
11:21 pm
gifrfrnds takes over ath manar ofhe banandnstarts to reroute the tour using trology. >immy: yeah. >> well, tt t same thing ppeneneverer years later, , pand they just hadn't seeeethe e movivi guess. or they hadaand theyeyere inired. mybut the thg whe u get st backstage?thad n n important? tt happened no, no. that has happened, iaw a film of tom pty and h band tting lost in n ise tertainment compmpx in rmanan anudnly --wind upn a tennisrt.[ er ] pno a ance there. andnon b.b. king's 808h bihdayt e apollo, jeff becaneric clapton were both on the bill and they t lolo under the sta at the apollo. [ light laughter ] jeff told me the was aeal "twilight zone" moment. e in thahamovie! p[ [ ughterer jimmy: we've me the movi yeah. >>my: and so- he ngratulalaonon "bett call l ul." >> thank you.
11:22 pm
>> jimmy: u'tatata in the e ow.. phe good, man. >> thanks. >> jimmyyou wererereste -- a spiofffof "brereing d." >> jmymyand you wewen n age with bryan craraton.n. >> i was doing a play brbrdway yalled "all the way" where bryan was playing lbj. >> and was playing j.j.dgaroover. >> jimmy: yeah. >> it't'good to get know w yo hoes from within. [ laughter ] so w wwere about to we e d an entntnce together. d wewee about to go o o d he turnso o and says, yeah, you should really play e brother in the fbrkiki d" spinoff. we got tgon. i wali, wait, ho. thenhato do the scene. aerwa he fillede . he said d ahahey're do this thing it wld bre g gd d d to a do ts. they're e ininin ge yoaa call. >> jimmy: well, it all works. >> i' great, thank y. >> jimmy: its's' gre show.and you' awesomeit.t plplse come back whenever you want to. [ cheers and applause ] we lovyou. michael mckean, "better callll ul" mondays a a :00 p.m. on amc. we'lbe rightacwith our scieiee exrt kevin delanan, everybody.y
11:23 pm
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[ chcers and alause ] >> jimmywelcomomba, perery. r next guest is ininus from tttuseum of discovery in little r rk, arkrks.s. [ cheeee and applause e an's here to teach us about ieiee. please welco s ien expert kevin delaney ght there. [ cheers and applause >> hey, evevybody.y. jimmy: we alws lo when you me on.n. what dididou b bng fs isis time? >> i broughthty fafari spore. i ought mymyavore spe. >> jimmy: ah. oh man, i'like to list a m favorite sre which onis ts? >his is lycopodium you know copodidi power? >im: lycodidi >> okay, so a a ng time ago they used se flashder in cameras for old timey phltos... >> j j j: oheah. >his is it.t. >> jmy: it's a sporere >> yes. 's auay a spore. and sohis the powder from inside.@we'r'rgoing tot w fire. [ cheers and ause ] sosoow, r)ght now thererno oxyg in here. there's not a lot t oxygeto keke it burninbuweant to spread it out. want toperse it b owing it in the air. firir, i'm going tototoht soso candles. may i liliyos first?>> jimmy: yeahahplease. light thcandle. okay. [ light laughter ] >> so now -- what you to
11:29 pm
>> is yoyore going to take that t tututuherere jimmy: ay.. >> and when@i count toto, we'r'rgointo bloloin be. n'su from e tube. lilier dobreathe in. pjustake e dede breath th bl o o. m going to lightht srkler fofoyou, too. jmy: this is gogo. >> okaka sot the. jim: exhale. >> yes... and i got ne. readad >> j jmymyyeah. >ne, , o, three. [ cheers and appppuse ] >> jimmy: let's sea replay of th. ok at how that looks, good right theryeah! [ applause ] >> i like it i i ke it. i ke it. >> jimmy: that's good eciel -efefcts riririth >> lodium.& lycopodiumumowder. >> jimim: cpopopm.m. i'm lycopodium laughter ] hahaing your mind t spores myyeye and balloons are xt. >> jimmy: of cours yeahah>> so if we we ttakene ban n d you wereo std on it, what would ppen t tthe ball jimmyi would d p. >> yeah, it would. because you'u' putting all@lr ight on thatne jimmy: okay, great. s g/ to the next thing. [ light laughterer >> i wanyou totata on the
11:30 pm
your w wghnicend evenly. guys, bring out the table. we're gng to flip thi tae upside down. hihi can y ce sp us. justrathe other de. okay. so now, theke babaoonsnsre all going toxosupportingour weig, not june. sosoe'reoing to even t weight distribution d we shouldn't p e balloons. so jimmy, go aad andndtep up t center there.e. [lit ught ]go ahead. don't scare caful.l. >> jim: i know how this ends. >> but be [ cheers and applausus] ep.. okay. okay. [ cheers and applause working well. >> jimim: they're just balloons. >> think we ne more. we need some roots, come here. riq, get on therer kiki, come here. >> jimmy: l gh >> go ahead and ep u thereryou gogo >> jimmywatch it, buddy. ->> we e@ed some bass. markcomemen, buddy. >> jimmymywhoaoawhoaoawhoa. >eah, yeah. get on there.. ay, have e y bans popped yet?i i vev't heard any. immy: no.
11:31 pm
ppscscaming ] >> jimmyfrighthting. >> b you're weighththt all strid ninicecend e ey eo e babaoooooooo they y dn't p unununone. you. lilit laughter ] thatatas a little e t o o sorry, buddy. ah, yeye, ah. i juju hugged kirk. needou t tgo ovethat way. to be fun. over thatayay experiment he? what are we doing. o oy,o no--ow pjng-p-pg balls. >immy: pingong ball >> ping pong bls. >> jimmy: we go from spores to balloons to pi-pong ball >> yh, exactly. normal this. >> jmy: : ah. r ry regular ings. im: yeah. >>o here's'a ping-pong b b is weis abouthe grams. >> jimmy: yeah. >> iterrible.& it's a terribly -- it's no aerodynamidegn to is atal. >> j jmy: it's fun. >> it't'funv ifif were to this at you. p>> jimmy: yeah. >> would it hurt you >> jimmy: sure. >> can i try it. [ light lauger ] >> jimmymyi'd rather you don't. >>kay, r rdy?? e, t t -- [ lilit laughterer >> jimmy: okay. thanu. >>ow, , at if >> jimmymyit's great to be the just makes@you u el good. [ [ ght t u#u# >> r rht. so i b browed this from@purdrd iverty from our pressor ch and his s sdentcraig g
11:32 pm
can i introduce you? >> jimmy: yeah. [ cheers a a alae ] >> craig, jimmy, jimmy, cr jimmmmimmyjiy, j jmy. jimmy: : , craqg,i, jmy.. frurduduersity. >o we're g/ing g throw a pi-pong ballt 920 miles per hour than to is ftaic n nzle th you might find on a a supersonic jet engine. so, okay. so this is what i'm going do o first. first we have, this tubebei' g totoet all their out. i have aacuuuupump down here.@ >> j: so take the ait t t of this s s s >> yeaea take the ou thisise. we'll wait until the needle ops. >>immy: yeah. it's almost there. >>my: you know what's soing >> i4is goining to stsrt oscillatin >> jimmy: 's'soing to hihithe padd i'm gog g g et hursohow. >> okay.y. so now the@e's no air left i thtube e's thin t way.. >> jimwhat it doing? >> the's no restce t jimmyokay, ye. >> so aleed to o th v vve aalthr nd theg-ng ballslsil 920 mileper hour. okay? >immy: 920 miles per ..
11:33 pm
little lou so e"ebodyover your . ifou d't havear muffs. >> jmy: ah, , ah, yeah >o o o he count of three. >> jimim: just over maot robobe right now? >> are you ready? >> are y y all readydy [ cheers >> jimmymycover your ears.>> don't standndn n ont. we're good where we are.&& i was worried you were goingngo jump ifronof it. >> just ststigig herer ay, , ady? jimmy: yup.>> one, tw tee bang ] [ ba ] >> jimmy: oh, my godight eren [ cheersrsndlause ] >> now. jimmy: turn ioff? >> yes. let me turn this sff.. now, i m going to d on this.> jimmy: why am i doing that? yeah >> and see what happened her >> jimmy: look at this. oh, my goodness. that's a ping-ng ball did this. [ light laughter ] >> so if youant to play ping-pononusing these, youave to borrow it from m rdue unersity. lighlaughter ] >> jimmy: can'teplay y at right there? look at this. [ cheers andpplause ]
11:34 pm
>> jimmythat is awesome. whoa. that is awesome,e,an. i wawawao o tthe xt keg rtat p pdue university. [ laeaerer >> me, t t. jimmy: ththks for stoppin kevin dedeney, ebody [ cheers and applause yore t best,al.. >>'rthe best iml l r bk more "t"ththtw."
11:35 pm
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